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The Story of Karen

This is a true story of my friend Karen and the ‘relationship’ we had which lasted 2 years. The content of the story is true to the best of my memory, but the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved. She is after all happily married now. The story started a few months after I graduated from NUS. I was then working as a project coordinator in a large MNC (Let’s called it ABC Company). As I was a fresh graduate, I was...


Missing Him

It was nightfall and he was on my bed next to me. I turn to face him and slowly kissed his cheeks then his lips. It was soft the way I never expected. His lips parted and I could feel his tongue prying my lips apart. My breathing got deeper and my lips parted. I started to suck on his tongue which gave me a tingling sensation. I was starting to feel horny again. His hands started to roam the back of my blue tube top and his...


Louis’s Tales – Growing Up

The start Being the youngest of the family has its perks. First of all, my parents dote on me since birth. They get all things for me, from toys to food and everything else. Secondly, I get to learn a thing or two from my older sister. Alice is four years my senior and she is very caring towards me. She thought me everything she knew even though she is only just four years older. She also thought me things unknowingly, by that I meant she thought me...


Banging Chio Babes through Mind Games

Bros, this was a fun and pretty hot story involving a few chio babes and interesting context, so hence the share! There is some build-up to give you character development of the bros involved, but it will flow into the fun. Disclaimer: Names are fictional. The story may or may not be true.. You can judge for yourself Also involves some fun and games with hypnosis so do not try this at home! Ok, so we begin: My friend ‘Joey Lim’ and I (‘Mike’) had known each other...





Until Now I Still Can’t Forget Her

I have been struggling whether to write this incident that happened to me many years ago. Finally, I decided that it may be a good outlet to pen it down as I have been keeping it in my heart for so long. Except for those who are directly involved, no one knows, even my OC have no knowledge of it as I have never mentioned it to anyone until now. The events are 100% true but it is been so long, I will recall as much as I...


My First FL

A few years ago when I first got divorced, I decided to go to MBS, and wanted to have some fun. I went to a casino, went to the bar, and bought a drink before I did anything when I am approached by a beautiful woman. She asked me if I liked to have fun and I said yes, she then told me she would give me a hand job for 500 dollars and I laughed and said “500 Dollars!? Why that much?” She then whipped out her...


Li Ann – the Hot-Blooded PRC Ex-Colleague

To all my readers, firstly, this my first time relating a true life incident, so please bear with my poor narration, if any, and also may not update regularly. This happened sometime in 2007/2008. Li Ann was 23 or 24 y/o back then from Dalian, had a stable bf for almost 2 years who’s almost 10 years her senior, but earning big bucks, and have a nice car. She’s about 1.55m and the ‘meaty’ type, but she have nice rounded and CFM look, and she’s always wearing like...


Promoting to Sales Manager

Katherine looked around her new office and grinned widely. She did it. She made VP of Sales. The last quarter had been grueling, absolutely grueling. She and three other managers in the office had all been in the running, but everyone knew the real race for the promotion was between her and Ryan. They were the top performers for their division for the last two years, always coming in first and second. The positions flip flopped; sometimes she was first, sometimes she was second. But this time, when...


My Mother May and My Cousin Ben

I was born in a rather large and very close knit extended family. This was probably because we all live in the same state and went to the same church so we see each other often. Ben, my cousin, and I have always been closest among our cousins. Probably because we were close in age and had no other siblings. At 16, he was a year older than me, but we hang out all the time because we go to the same school. He was the son of...