Our Ten Most Read Stories of 2015


There are a total of 157 Singapore or Malaysia adult stories published in 2015. Of these 157 stories, the following ten gems are the most read. We have included a small paragraph from each of these best stories.

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Number 1: Fifteen

Selene: “James ah, don’t mind you head back first ar, Cidney and I need some alone time.”

Beng Soon stopped thrusting and got Cidney up, he turned her around, asking her to sit down on the sofa, but the moment Cidney sat down, she stood up again, she seemed like she was refusing a position Beng Soon wanted. I was feeling a little sad that Cidney was gone, but on the other hand, with Cidney off my twisted mind, I began thinking about Selene. I totally saw Beng Soon checking Selene out in front of Aaron and I was damn aroused when I saw Selene laughed and subconsciously brushing back her hair. Now there was a 50-50 chance of Selene agreeing to go for lunch with Beng Soon, I had actually planned for Aaron and her to join Beng Soon, and the plan was for Beng Soon to flirt and shower Selene with attention.

Number 2: My Pretty Tuition Teacher

I think it was a mutual understanding that she knew I felt a little weird now and I knew she too felt a little weird. Then after a while, being the 1st time, very shortly, little bro was overwhelmed and I knew I was cumming, I quickly pulled out little bro and cummed on her tummy and I collapsed. I didn’t wanna pull my little bro out, so I closed my eyes, and hugging Jessica, we turned to the side where little bro was still inside, slowly becoming smaller, we were still connected and hugging her, after the exercise and the alcohol, we drifted to sleep. And finally, when little bro felt it, I increased the speed by a little, Jessica knew I was cumming. Turned to the side, this time, her legs were hugging my waist and little bro stayed inside his personal room, quite secured.

Number 3: My Poly Classmate

I imagined me stripping Jeanette off and licking her hairless pussy, after which Jeanette will unzipped my pant and wrapped her delicate hand tightly around my cock. I was getting horny from my own imagination, and was hoping that Jeanette can help fulfil me, I decided to play along by telling Jeanette everything about Zan and hoped that she will get horny. Her enthusiastic licking pushed me to the edge and I was about to cum (Perhaps it was also due to the excitement of doing it in the lab.). Not wanting to cum so fast, I sat on the ground and licked her nipples as I placed my fingers on Zan’s wet pussy, this made Zan squirmed with arousal and moaning as I flicked my tongue on her nipples. Seeing Zan sweating and breathless, made me even more horny, I inserted my right hand index and middle fingers inside her tight pussy while my left hand caressed Zan’s soft breasts and pink nipples. I could feel the sexual tension rising in the bathtub, I also knew that Jeanette had been jealous of Zan and whatever Zan can do, Jeanette would want to win her.

Number 4: Just Now My Aunt Sat on My Lap

Hoping that my Aunt didn’t notice, I peeled back the top of my shorts to expose my KKJ head to try to masturbate a little. Bloody hell, there was another bump and this time, my Aunt was lifted up by the force and unintentionally sat back down on my very erect KKJ. I tried to pull off her right hand on my KKJ again, but his time I accidentally grazed her cheesepie lips with my fingers. As I adjusted myself on the seat with my Aunt on me, my KKJ made a jarring probe up into my Aunt’s tender cheesepie. She could see how hard I was thrusting my hard KKJ into my Aunt, our mixed juices overflowing from her saturated tight hole, down my balls and inner thighs, and onto the seat.

Number 5: My New Neighbour

I released my cock and looked at Jenny’s panty, now filled with my hot cum and looked over at Jenny. The way Jenny controlled me was especially horny and I couldn’t imagine Jenny talking dirty to me until I finally witnessed it myself. I lay naked on the bed in Jenny’s room with my dick in full exposure, stroking my dick and feeling up Jenny whenever I wanted. The teasing on the dance floor, the night I ‘raped’ Jenny, the way Jenny teased and blew job me, how I fucked her in the cinema theatre and how she masturbated me on the plane. Jenny started walking ever so slowly on the stairs and I didn’t care if I looked like a pervert, but I bent myself lower to look up her skirt.

Number 6: Me and My Sister-in-Law

I came out of the room to find Patsy and her younger brother in the hall whilst my wife and her mum in the kitchen, Patsy’s hubby still in his room. My dick would steepen without reservation, and because the music beats were quick, I found myself and Patsy danced literally like hopping to the rhythm with lots of fun. Seeing my wife dancing behind Patsy and was looking at the DJ direction, I suddenly couldn’t hold myself together and hopped towards Patsy to embrace her uncontrollably, both hands caressed her back followed by going down to grab and squeeze her perky butt cheeks and pressed her lower half against my already solid hard cock. Then turned to me and asked what time did Patsy returned (Patsy really read them well.), so I told her whatever Patsy had already taught me to say, but re-engineered the sentence a little, “I think about 4 pm la, don’t really know, I was in Bob’s room (My bro-in-law.), reading my book, but heard some noises outside.” I could see Patsy butt cheeks bounced and vibrated like agar-agar (Jelly.), each time I pumped my rod into her. With both my hands on her hips I increased my pounding deep inside Patsy, many a times hitting her G, “This is driving me crazy you are killing m-eee!” He took his time with the cards, frequently glancing at Patsy with grins to stress her while Patsy held her both hands tightly, kind of praying and stressing up because she actually bet $4000 of my chips on that hand nabzz, back of my mind I was beginning to feel irritated by that asshole’s presence.

Number 7: Forbidden Fruit – the JC Girl

Lilly placed her little hand on the base of my hard cock and looked up at me. I placed my hand on the back of her head and forced my cock deep into the mouth cave. I kept convulsing and Lilly kept licking away as string after string of cum shot from my cock into her mouth. Lilly looked a little disappointed to release my cock from the deep constraints of her pussy. She squatted down and licked the head of my dick and I smiled, noticing how innocent she looked with that cheeky smile on her face and a cock in her mouth.

Number 8: My Affair with My Hot Young Maid

Expectedly, she kept her lips closed but didn’t pull away, so I just continued kissing those sweet lips of her, then whispered to her that she should part her lips slightly, to which she did, and I continued, kissing each individual lips, then both lips, then gently sucking each lip. As I mentioned earlier, I like to take my time, so I was all about concentrating on teaching her how to kiss up to this point, meaning I wasn’t going to distract her (Yet.), by touching her other parts, but when I sensed Da was getting the hang of the kissing part, I moved my hands to her breasts, squeezing them gently, which Da let out soft moan after soft moan. I laid her down on her bed, then started to kiss her all over, starting from her face, delicious lips, to her firm breasts, then down to her flat stomach, licking, kissing, and sucking her everywhere on her soft skin. I kept on kissing, moving down, kissing her thighs, ankles, feet before heading up again, kissing the back of her thighs, then spreading her legs, concentrated fully now on her sweet, soaked pussy. Da grabbed it, then pulled it quickly into her mouth, sucking it furiously, and soon I was fucking her sweet little mouth, Da was gagging at times, but never pulled away, just kept holding on to my dick while I pumped her mouth at pace.

Number 9: Bonking My Sweet Cousin Away

Cousin Samantha was really eager to please this big cousin of hers, she immediately gave me a smile and the CFM look. I wanted Cousin Samantha to have my entire load in her mouth. I again pushed the back of her head to hold my dick in her mouth (I think bros know what I mean here.). Positioned Cousin Samantha to face the mirror and my dick outside her pussy, I thrusted in my hard dick into her. I started to withdraw my dick fully out of her pussy and started to play with her outer pussy then gave her good hard pumps into her. Lucky for me that I maintained my firmness and tried to divert my attention to keke talk to girlfriend and tried to push the hand away because for sure this hand belonged to my cousin.

Number 10: Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

Andy saw Sandy walked off and decided to follow her, his mind was full of the images of him hugging Sandy just now and feeling her soft and warm and supple body against his. At this time, Joe, Sandy’s son approached the toilet looking for Sandy, wondering why his mother took so long and had not returned yet. Sometimes when the struggle would cause Joe to see Andy’s large cock as Sandy twisted and turned to get out of Andy’s grip. Andy could not take it any longer and pushed his cock right into Sandy’s pussy from behind, all the while with Joe hiding and watching. He pulled Sandy’s dress over her head and cupped her breasts while still grinding and moving into and out of Sandy from behind.

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