Our Little Secret


Story submitted by: Mesieur

Her name was Charmaine. She was fifteen, a year younger than me. She was this little cheerful girl that I got to know through the council board. Me being the president of the council board, I knew almost everyone by their name and face. But her face stuck out among the rest. She wore black, full framed specs, had long black hair and a banging hourglass body. I couldn’t understand how someone her age could have B to C cup breasts and a nice ass. She was always cheerful, and never had a boyfriend (As far as I knew.), so I thought why not give it a go right?

During the introduction of the new batch of SC’s, I was to make an opening speech. I walked to the room where the rest of the recruits were sitting, and she was there holding the door for me. Unknowingly, I looked at her with a straight face and said, “Go in.” She did as instructed and went to sit down. I was known for my strictness in whatever I do, in my CCA and the SC board, so I stood in front of them, and they immediately went silent. I heard my fellow executive committee (Exco.), members saying “Whoa.” when they heard the immediate silence. I looked at all of them, scanning through their faces. Again, her face popped up like a sore thumb, only that the thumb was a fair, well dressed thumb with lovely lady lumps (Check it out.). I looked at them again, and laughed,

“Why you people so silent? Scared I kill you issit? Relax lah wei, first meeting only.”

They all laughed, but when I looked at her, she was biting her lips, as if signaling to me something, I brushed it off, as I wasn’t really close to her, and it was my first time seeing all the recruits. But I always remembered the lip biting.

Fast forward a few weeks later, during a night parent-teacher-conference, the SC were on duty, and I had to manage everyone. I paired us together, and in very secluded, private areas too. By that time, I had already noticed her banging body, and she was ever so close to me. Our shift started, and we began making rounds and welcoming parents and their ‘heavenly’ children. I noticed that when we walked, she left no gap between us, often our hands ‘accidentally’ held together, and when it did, she just blushed it off. When we were the welcoming party at the general office, she took my hand and spun me around in circles, I just played along, not wanting to turn her down. Her best friend, who was there too, looked at me and smirked, giving me the ‘I see what you did there’ face. When night fell, we were patrolling the science labs, in a secluded area of the school.

“Eh M, very dark leh. Got no lights ah?”

“Why? You scared ah?”

“No lah, where got scared…” She turned and looked away from me.

“Scared for what, you have the president with you, nothing will happen to you when I am around.” I said, offering my hand for her to hold.

To my surprise, she didn’t only held my hand, but hugged it, she was my shoulder height, making my arm touch the side of the left breast. She hugged it tight, as if it was her bolster, and said,

“You sure ah…”

We walked slowly, as if it was our wedding, down the dark corridors, going through every level, to make sure no stragglers are hiding. We talked along the way, with each conversation, her grip on my arm was looser, but her grip on my hands were stronger, tighter. Our conversations were about her, mainly. I learnt that through the various dates I had, always talk about her, and if she asked, talk about yourself. The corridors were clear of people, well except for us.

“What time is it?”

“Why you ask me? You have a watch what.”

“But you have my arm.”

She blushed and held my arm up to check the time, 9:30 pm, just in time for our break. Our next shift was at 10 pm, and it was the last shift before we checked out. I took out the walkie-talkie from my blazer and called up my vice-president.

“Stacy come in, M here, over.”

“Stacy here, go ahead M.”

“My shift ended, could you get Brendan and Joshua to report, please, over.”

“Roger, I will get them to report to you, Stacy out.”

I loved talking like that, made me feel badass, besides, I was the president. We waited by the fourth level benches, waiting for Josh and Brendan. She was very tired, and fell asleep on my shoulder instantly. I loved the feeling, seeing a beautiful lady sleeping on your shoulder. I looked at her, and mysteriously, her tie was gone and the top two buttons of her shirt were open! I couldn’t help it but to look. She was wearing a black push up bra, which was obviously too small for her, despite the size of her breasts. The oversized bra revealed her nipples, they were hard and pointy. Her C cup breasts were so tempting. I could just squeeze and suck on them forever, but I withstood. Instead, I slowly buttoned her shirt, trying not to wake her up, but to no avail. She awoke! I looked at her and she saw what I was doing, but instead of pushing me away, she just smiled and went back to sleep. Strange, I thought, but that would soon serve as a message for the green light. Five minutes later, I hear Josh and Brendan’s footsteps and woke Charmaine up, to avoid any misunderstandings.

“Wah, what you two doing ah sit here in the dark?”

“Waiting for you two lah! Come so late.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry boss.”

I liked that, they respected me in a good way. Anyways, Charmaine and I walked slowly to the SC room, but somehow we didn’t. Charmaine was so tired she was barely walking!

“Wa lao why you so tired wan?”

“I never sleep last night.” *Yawn*

Frustrated, I carried her by the legs and neck, like in the movies, where the groom would carry the bride after marriage. I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing us, as the only SC’s left were Josh, Brandon, Stacy, and us both. The rest had finished their shift and went home, while the teachers and parents were busy discussing politics in the classrooms.

“Hold on, might not be a smooth ride home.”

She gave a soft moan in acknowledgement. I looked down, only to see her breasts squeezing against each other, and a wet spot on her skirt in the groin area. The great view gave me a hard on. I embraced my hard on and didn’t try to turn it down, besides, no one was around to see it and Charmaine was asleep. I walked down the stairs and my boner naturally went down. Once outside the SC room, I placed her down on a chair, which woke her up.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.”

“How did I end up here?”

“You flew down here while you were sleepwalking.”

Confused, she didn’t reply and went back to sleep on the chair, laying her head on the table in front of it. I took out my key and opened the SC room, only Stacy and I had the key, for safety purposes (And other secret stuff.). When I turned the lock, I heard some rustling in the room. I opened the door to find Stacy half naked, with a dildo on the floor. I was surprised, but played it cool.

“I am gonna let you finish up here, next time tell me first lah so I won’t disturb you.”

I closed the door and sat down beside Charmaine. Stacy was my age, which meant she’s going through or hit puberty. She had a nice body, B cup breasts, face quite okay, but she had a flat ass though, which turned a lot of guys off. A few minutes later, Stacy came out, with her belongings, heading home.

“Don’t tell anyone please, we’ve been friends for so long now, I trust you.”

I nodded and smiled at her. It was true, we had been friends since Primary five, in fact, we were the presidents of the prefects at that time, and now we’re presidents of the council board in secondary school. I never had feelings for her, as she always treated me like the gay friend in a group of girls. I was fine with that, as long as we were still friends, which we were. I woke Charmaine up, and told her to rest inside the room. She woke up, but went to the ladies instead. I went into the room, turned on the air conditioning and turned off the lights (I liked the privacy it gave me.). I laid back on the L-shaped couch and set my timer for fifteen minutes, which was when the conference would be over. Charmaine got back, with her face still tired as hell.

“You want to on the lights? Since you’re scared.”

“No need lah, I have you can already.”

She then proceeded to lock the door and lay down beside me.

“Why you lock the door?”

“So I can do this.”

She inched closer to me, placing her head on my chest and wrapping her arms around my body. Her breasts pressed against my hips. Again, my little brother woke up and was standing at attention. She noticed it, and giggled subtly. I knew where this was going, and it was the wrong time and place, despite her banging body. I ran my finger across her face, and told her to get some rest. She fell asleep instantly and soon after, I did the same.

My timer went off, signaling that it was time to pack up. I stood up slowly, letting Charmaine slept on the couch. I dazed upon her beautiful body, her huge breasts and bubble butt. I went up her skirt to find out that she was extremely wet, for some reason. I thought about how I could abuse her right now. I unzipped my pants, revealing my hard on and started masturbating. I circled my six inch penis around her breasts, getting the very shiok feeling. Suddenly, I stopped. I was the president, I had a reputation, I thought. If anyone found out, I would be dead. I stopped, zipped and woke her up. I got her up and we packed up for the night. I didn’t know if I made the right decision, but the decision had already been made. After packing up, we made our way home.

As usual, I was with her, the rest had left and it was around 10:30 pm.

“Eh, it is getting very late, let me send you back ah. Skali something happens to you.”

“Huh? Okay.”

She gave me a very cute smile, like how those little girls would smile at you, then wrapped her hands around my arm. We walked to her place. She lived near to me, but the path on the way to it was very dark. Throughout the whole journey back, we never broke contact. Her hands were tightly wrapped around my arm. It felt good. It felt really good. I felt loved. I came from a very troubled family. My dad left me when I was four, and I had been living with my ever-so-busy mother ever since. The feeling when someone loved you was very, very, very relieving, especially with all the stress that I was facing. On the way back, I asked her out.

“Eh, you wanna go watch a movie or something? I very boring ah at home.”

“Haha, so eager ah you. I am free Saturday night, my parents are out. You can come over to my house we watch movie.”

I automatically agreed, seeing where this was going. Once we reached her doorstep, her maid opened the door.

“Welcome back maam.”

“Seri, I want you to meet my friend, his name is M.”

Seri bowed at me, I bowed back awkwardly. I felt weird, she referred me as her friend. Was I friend-zoned? By a girl a year younger than me? This can’t be. I so desperately wanted to ask, but I didn’t, knowing that it’ll affect our friendship for sure, so I kept quiet. She kissed me goodbye (On the cheek only.), and thanked me. I walked home, as my place was a couple of blocks away. I felt as if I was being used. I wasn’t so sure. Last time I felt like this was a long time ago, by my ex. (She left me after three years for a rich ang mo, what a bitch I know.) I got home, showered and laid in bed. All I could think about was her luscious body. (I know I may sound like the biggest pervert here, but we’re all here for a reason.). I knew I could get with her, but I had have to do it slow. Earn her trust. That was my mission from now on, but then again, I wasn’t so sure if she was that type of girl. I wasn’t sure if she was daring enough. She was still fifteen, and she had that little girlish face. That made my mind twist and turn. I decided to find out if she was that type of girl. Seeing what happened today, I was sure she’s that type of girl.

The following week, I was concentrating on my coursework, I took food and nutrition as my elective subject, and boy was it a joy to handle. Although I loved cooking, the theory was as boring as a pair of grandma’s saggy tits. Suddenly I got a message from an anonymous number.

“Hi M, it is me, Charmaine. I just wanna say thanks for sending me back the other day. I have never had a boyfriend before and what you did really make me feel like I have one. Nobody has ever done that to me before.”

At this point I didn’t care how she got my number.

“Hey! Nah, it’s fine, I didn’t want anything to happen to you, so I thought I had to send you back. It is no hassle, really.”

“Anyway, you never check your wallet ah? Got secret inside…”

I checked my wallet, and turned out there was something out of the ordinary. I pulled out the small pink colored post-it note.

“I think you’re a really nice guy, you’re muscular, handsome, tall, strong, and smart and you can lead.”

“I saw the note, hahah, you’re really sweet to say that to me.”

From then on, we talked throughout the night. I felt so happy talking to her, it was as if I had a girlfriend myself. This continued for as long as I could remember. We were ‘whatsapp buddies’ as society would call it. During those text messages I tried to tease out her other side, to see if she was ‘that kind of girl’. But I didn’t have to.

“I know what you did to me the other day ;)”

In my mind, I was panicking, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, she knew! I was dead… Never mind, act blur act blur.

“Hahah what thing? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t act blur lah you, act cute only haha.”

“Serious, I don’t know what you’re talking about heh.”

Then the unthinkable happened,

“Your dick feels really nice on my tits.” *Image*

She sent me a picture of herself, from waist up, naked! She was wearing her school skirt, but nothing up top. She posed with her breasts freely hanging out. As I guessed, C cup breasts. She had small, hard nipples, sticking out. A small mole could be seen just above the nipples. My dick stood up so fast, pre-cum came out. Luckily, I was in my room. I didn’t reply for a few minutes, instead I was staring at the picture.

“Haha speechless issit? Let me show you more.”

She sent another file, this time a video. I hit download faster than the mamak flips your prata. While the video was downloading, I locked my bedroom door, just in case. I pressed play. She started off showing her ever so pretty face, then she sucked her finger, in and out, I imagined the finger being my dick, just slowly going in and out of that beautiful, delicate mouth. She rubbed the saliva-covered fingers onto her breasts, circling around the nipple. Then she moved to the love tunnel. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a cute little triangle. She teased, rubbing her fingers around the vagina. She had a tight, pink vagina. Virgin, I thought. Then she slowly, inserted one finger into the vagina. She let out a small moan, then the moans became stronger as more fingers entered her love tunnel. Her speed was slowly increasing, it was as if a jackhammer was pounding her vagina. She let out one final moan, and fluids came squirting out her vagina. She rubbed her vagina again, her stomach going in and out, as anyone’s would after an orgasm. She wiped her pussy juice with her fingers, placed it in her mouth and sucked on it. She bit her lips, and winked at the camera before ending it. I was so shocked, and aroused by the video that I came, in my pants. I cursed, but then again, I got to see Charmaine naked, so it was a win-win situation. I didn’t know how to reply, so I said what anyone would say.

“Wow, I didn’t know you were that type of girl.”

“Everyone has their secret side, and you’ve seen mine now.”

“Thanks, I guess haha.”

“Remember our date Saturday night, ah! My place, 9 pm. Don’t be late.”

Oh shit, it was the day after tomorrow. I had to get something ready! I wanted it to be special, since it was our first ‘date’. I could prepare it tomorrow, I had a lot of time, but there was one special piece of equipment that I will need to get for tomorrow, if things went the way I planned. I called up my brother from another mother, Eric.

“Eh Eric! It is me M. I need a favor ah, can help me? Anyway, you owe me after that acting to be that ah beng for your classmate Ann.”

“Sure bro, what’s up?”

“I malu (Shy.), to say this lah, but you can help me buy condom?”

“Wah brother! Getting it on so early ah? Wah si bei sian, congrats, congrats.”

“Serious lah Eric, I need it by tomorrow night, pang wo (Help me.), leh.”

“Hahaha, sure thing bro, no problem. Any specifics you want? Durex? Pleasure for her or for him? What size? XXXS don’t have lah bro.”

“Wa lao eh kanina sia you, pleasure for her, and normal size lah please.”

“Joking only lah brother, lek lu lek lu. I will pass it to you tomorrow.”

Tomorrow arrived. I got up early to prepare my ‘special gear’. I went down to Uniglo with Eric to get a new pair of clothes, a nice top that showed off my biceps and a pair of jeans. I went to the flower shop and bought a rose for her as well, to sweeten up the deal. Suddenly, I received a call.

“Hello?” *Sob* “M? Can you come to my house tonight? I… I need…” *Sobs* “Someone to talk to. Please?” *Sobs*

I was taken by surprise. She was sobbing and sobbing, begging me to come, obviously I agreed, how could I miss on a chance to make our ‘relationship’ better?

“Yea, sure, what’s wrong, sweetheart?”

I always talked in a very sweet language to girls who seemed to be sobbing and needed help, in this case, I thought why the hell not. But this time, she hung up. I texted her in confusion, but no reply at all. I brushed it off and went home, waving Eric goodbye. I proceeded to head to her house. 9 pm, I arrived at her front gate and messaged her that I had arrived. I never really described her house, for obvious reasons, but it was a bungalow. A small one with two stories. She said the gate was unlocked and told me to lock the gate and the house door behind me. My sick mind was thinking that I was going to get laid tonight, seeing that she told me to lock the doors. I brought the condom along with me, just in case.

I went into the house, it was really nicely furnished. A huge L shaped couch, with a 75 inch Samsung television hung on the wall. The dining table was small, but decorated with a colorful cover, and fruits in a bowl. Seeing that it was really clean and furnished, I expected to see her maid Seri, but she was nowhere to be seen. While looking around, I heard loud sobbing and then followed by cries. My first thought was that there was a Pontianak somewhere, but then I remembered why I was here, Charmaine! I ran up the wooden spiral stairs, following the sobbing and crying noises. I ended up outside a door, labelled ‘Charmaine‘s room’ decorated with girly stickers, hearts, flowers and animals. I knocked then opened the door slowly.


She was sitting on her bed, head down, her hands covering her face. She was crying, badly. Her room was the same with the rest of the house, very well furnished. She had a queen sized bed, pink and red walls, a 40 inch television, an Acer desktop on a huge corner table, and a make-up table (I don’t really know what you ladies call this, but it was basically a table, chair and a huge mirror in front of it, with tons of beauty products on the table.). She was wearing a night gown, a long dress with thin straps around her shoulder. She was wearing a red and white push up bra under that night gown. I sat down beside her, wrapping my left arm around to her left shoulder. Instantly, she went closer to me and rested on my chest, hugging me tightly.

“Hey sweetheart, what’s wrong?”

No reply, the sobbing continued. I lifted her face up by her chin, and placed both my hands on her cheek. I wiped the tears with my fingers, and kissed her on the forehead.

“What’s wrong?”

“My boyfriend…”

Wait, what?! Boyfriend??? She told me she never had a boyfriend!! I was shocked.

“My boyfriend left me, I saw him cheating on me with another girl… He was kissing her on the lips.”

I was shocked and paid no attention to what she said, I just sat there thinking that she had a boyfriend all along. All the things that she’d done, the images, the videos…

“I don’t understand… He never showed any love to me. He used me… He never kissed me, never held hands, never went on dates.”

I clicked and realized something. Her boyfriend wasn’t really a boyfriend, this was my chance! But then again, it seemed like a dick move to just snatch up a girl after she just broke up. Play it slow, once again.

“Well, at least now he’s gone right? Look on the bright side, he’ll never disturb you ever again.”

Again, no reply. A light bulb glowed above my head, I put her in a headlock, wrapping my arm around her neck.

“If he ever disturbs you again, guess what I will do to him.”

“Huh? What?”

“I will do the unimaginable, I will do this!”

I began tickling her hips, working my way to her tummy, then her armpits. She giggled away, tears dripping from my magic fingers tickling her. Then she pushed herself back, causing us both to lie down on the bed together. The tickling stopped, and it almost seemed like we were in a movie. We were lying on the bed, her head on my chest, her left arm wrapping on the surface of my body. I could feel her breasts on the side of my half-tough abs. I got a half stub.

“I am glad he’s gone. Now I have you.”

“Well, it is better than nothing right.”

“Thanks for coming, I didn’t know who else to call.”

“Anything for you, swee-“

I was interrupted by her finger on my lips.

“It’s time I returned the favor.”

She got up, and sat on my thighs. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. We were french kissing for about a full minute. She pulled away, releasing the kiss. She pulled my shirt off, revealing my six pack abs and mountainous biceps. She massaged my body, with her soft, smooth hands. My stub was becoming a full rock hard blown balloon, almost exploding out of my jeans. She took off her night gown, and I swore I was on cloud nine. She was wearing a Pokémon bra, with the little halo positioned around her nipples. Her panties were red, with a small star that read ‘Only for you’. She leaned forward and continued to french kiss me, this time, she lay down flat, supporting her body by using her elbows, each placed beside my head. She placed her hands on my cheeks, and kissed me passionately. I reached around her body, and tried to unstrap her bra. I knew how bras worked, and I never tried to unstrap one before, but I tried my luck. I heard a small click, and her bra fell off. I flung the bra aside and caressed her breasts. Squeezing then massaging it softly. She let out a small moan. She released the kiss, then moved down towards my body. She kissed each nipple, then licked my belly button. She got to my pants. She unbuckled my belt, and pulled my jeans and boxers down. My dick sprung out and hit her cheeks. We both laughed. She gripped the rod, and moved up and down slowly. It felt good, having someone else’s hands on it besides your own. She spat on it, and sped up the process.

“Close your eyes, use your imagination.”

I did as instructed, and shut my eyes. Suddenly, my dick felt warm, warmer than usual. I thought she had placed the rod between her breasts. I opened my eyes, and found out something much better. She placed the tip of my dick into her mouth. Her tongue licking the bottom part, the most sensitive part. I moaned, that was a much better feeling. She slowly inserted more of my dick into her mouth, and boy did it feel good. I grabbed her hair in a ponytail, and pushed her head all the way to my balls. It was obvious that she wasn’t alien to this, so I went all in. She gagged, tears dripping down her eyes. Her gag was warm. She released my dick from her mouth, and spat on it again. Then she went all in, she gave me a blow job that was out of this world. She was moving up and down my dick, and it felt good. Really good. I was in heaven at this point. I sat up, pulling her with me. I reached with my left arm down into her panties. I licked my finger and teased her pussy, rubbing my fingers around the love tunnel. She moaned, and I could feel the vibration of her moan on my dick. She was moving faster and faster, and eventually I came. She released, and swallowed everything, literally. I was amazed by what this fifteen year old can do.

“My turn.”

I lifted her, and threw her onto the bed. I got onto her and returned the favor. I sucked on her breasts, and massaged it at the same time. She moaned and moaned. Her moan was a cute Asian girl’s moan, which turned me on even further. I moved down to her tummy, licking her belly button, then I moved to the forbidden area. I gave her my finger and she sucked on it. My wet finger then massaged the perimeter of her love tunnel, getting her wet before going in. I licked the perimeter of the vagina, which got her really wet. I inserted one finger, then two, and soon three fingers. I went in and out, slowly. My fingers were bigger than the average sized fingers, so she had to get used to it. As I went faster, her moans were stronger and louder. I switched my fingers to my tongue. I inserted my tongue, and moved it in circles. Her moans were even louder. She pushed my head further into her groin area. I reached with my right hand to her breasts and started squeezing it. With my left hand, I inserted two fingers, while still licking. This kicked her off, in a matter of seconds, she came. Her tummy spasm-ed, moving in and out. My fingers were covered with her pussy juice. I felt so satisfied, but I wanted more. I went up to her face, and kissed her lips. She pushed me onto the bed, and sat on my thighs, then moved up to my groin area. She rubbed my dick between her clit, and she was about to go for the penetration. I stopped her.

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