Not Too Long Ago… Jaime


I have a steady girlfriend Jeanie who is the type of girl that will have sex but does not like it that much. It is not my fault, she just has some emotional problems and is not a very sexual person. Don’t get me wrong, she is an extremely attractive 19 year old ex convent girl with nice straight and long hair, a fit and sexy body from playing netball for the school team. If I am not mistaken, she is approximately 32B 24 34 (Got to know her bra size when I messed around in the laundry in the past.). She is also great to be with but sexually, she is quite frustrating, and yes, I have not had my poor little bro in a girl’s mouth for a very long time.

I have been with her for almost two years and have got to know her mother and 18 year old sister very well. In fact, her sister Jaime, is totally comfortable with me like my own sis. I know this is true because of the way she walks around the house in her spaghetti top braless without caring that I am there. Her favorite spaghetti top that she wears at home is this beige one that has lace as the strap, therefore the lace will be stretched after a few washes and become longer, making the top very much lower and looser. (Most girls are very self-conscious of their body at that age.)

It is hard for me to be just as comfortable when she does this because the tops she wears at home are pretty loose and thus very revealing. This wouldn’t be so difficult if she didn’t have a body like her sis, Jeanie is about 1.65m tall, and Jaime is slightly taller than her sis. She has the most perfect and amazing long legs. They are so long that I can imagine the way they would wrap around me. Her toned bod is amazing too… With what I think is 32B in the loose spaghetti top, I really don’t know whether I am lucky or unlucky to have such a sight at my disposal. Can you imagine the feeling when you’re all fired up by looking at this sexy little thing, has your girlfriend next to you, you can’t touch the sexy little thing and your girlfriend doesn’t like sex!!!

Of course she doesn’t help my sexual frustration when she wears the tiniest shorts at home that shows her lower butt cheeks sometimes. This girl will ‘kill’ lotsa men in a couple of years.

Over the last year I can’t help not to spy on her while she watches television on the couch with her legs spread open and her panties showing through the sides of her shorts. She wears those female boxer shorts from this new shop ‘WH’ in Ngee Ann City. Guys who shop there with their girlfriend will know how thin and sexy some of the shorts are with lace trimmings and loose at the opening. Went shopping there with Jeanie and her. I knew that she was a very sexual 18 year old when she casually asked me that day whether I experienced erotic dreams before. After probing, she finally admitted that she had one the previous night. That somehow gave me the ‘Evil’ start of fantasizing about her…

Once when I was sick, I fell asleep at my girlfriend’s place. The door was ajar and Jaime had just finished taking a shower. She knew I was in the next room, but thought that I was still asleep. She walked past the room topless and I caught a glimpse of her perfectly rounded firm breasts. I had always imagined that they would be great to grab and hold, and cum all over. I always had a perfect side view of the soft and fair curve of her breast when she watched television, sitting on the couch with her legs crossed, head resting on her hand when her elbow was on her knee. Although I was sick, I still managed to grab a hold of my bulging cock as I unloaded, thinking of that wonderful rare sight.

The day came when I sat with my girlfriend on the couch and Jeanie was on the floor (Prone position.). I peeked out of the corner of my eye at Jaime‘s perfect ass that always got me hard. It was the type of ass that was small and firm.

I always dreamed of entering her from behind, with my hands grabbing her soft breast. She broke my fantasy when she got up to go to the toilet. From where I was sitting, I could barely see the door of the bathroom around the hallway corner. Jaime must not have noticed this because she left the bathroom door open.

I took this chance and walked to the toilet with my dick stiffened immediately. I pretended not to know that she didn’t close the door and just stood at an angle peeping. She was standing up and faced towards me with her shorts at her knees as she wiped. For that 5 second period I saw what I always dreamed of. Her pubic hair was scarce and neatly trimmed. Her hips were tan and she rotated them ever so slowly in my direction as she pulled her shorts back up. I almost came in my pants at this gorgeous sight and walked back to the television immediately before she walked back, not knowing what she had done to me.

Jaime wanted to sit on the couch so my girlfriend and I sat on the floor. Now I had become comfortable around both of these girls so I put my hand in my shorts pocket and pretended to dig for my phone. You guys know these Nike shorts become loose at the elastic band after a few washes, when I did that my shorts kinda opened and pulled away from my waist, anyone who sat above and behind would definitely be able to look in. I wanted to show Jaime my hard rod… I knew that Jaime could see what I was doing.

I knew she was watching television, but kinda hoped she had looked down to see my hard dick. I wanted to return the favor. I heard Jaime shifted on the couch and I imagined that it was because she wanted a better view.

Just then Jeanie, said she was going to run to the 7-11 at the shopping mall across the street of her block to get soft drinks and tidbits, asking me to go with her. I told her that I would rather watch this show and so she tried to ask Jaime along but Jaime said she was lazy, in the end went by herself. Jaime got up and went into her room. I just had to put my hand in and fondled my dick now that I was extremely turned on and was finally by myself.

Just when I was about to give it a soothing massage, Jaime‘s sweet voice came from her room and was asking me to come and help her with something. I got up and walked toward her room. I noticed that her door was shut. I moved closer to the door and heard her opening and closing some drawers. I opened the door and she was there looking into her drawers for something…

“What can I do for you sweetie?” I asked.

“Can’t find my , got a mosquito bite.” She replied.

Taking any chance to be in close proximity with her I rushed towards her and started searching through the drawers for the ointment for her. She didn’t move and stood really close to me, my right elbow brushed the side of her breasts now and then but she didn’t move either… Suddenly she just moved to sit on her bed and asked me to look into the lowest drawer as it could be there, she guessed. I knelt down, rampaged through the drawer searching. She playfully kicked my bum while sitting on her bed and after searching for a good one minute, I was about to give up when I heard a faint buzzing sound. I turned and I almost died when I saw her almost naked body lying on the bed with a massager in her hand!!!

She was only in her spaghetti top pulled up and her white panty stretched to the side, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy!!! The vibrator was halfway inserted and buzzing. She moaned as she asked me to come closer. Shocked but excited, I turned my body fully facing her. She left the vibrator inside her and used her hands to reach towards my bursting rod! Quickly, she pulled down my Nike shorts, and my rock hard dick sprang out. She looked at me and with her eyes widely and said, “Been waiting right?” I was speechless!!! I had no idea how to respond or react in that moment!!!

Slowly, without waiting for my response, she began to fondle my cock with her hands as the vibrator buzzed inside her. She then pulled me onto the bed and slowly positioned her mouth in front of my bulging cock. Her lips parted and her tongue moved up and down the sides and top of my dick. She then inserted my entire dick in her mouth and started to move wildly.

The vibrator was still buzzing and she must be feeling the pleasure as she moved faster. I could feel her warm wet mouth took my entire dick as I began to cum. She didn’t even flinch when I came into her mouth. She sucked harder and swallowed every drop with pleasure!! Jaime then experienced a great orgasm from the vibrator and the excitement of sucking me off. All this while I had not touched her… Can you believe it!!?? I was still in a state of shock, although enjoying it… The back of my mind worrying about Jeanie returning!!!

She moaned loud and clinched her hands on my ass. Jaime removed the vibrator and pulled me towards her. She then got on her hands and knees and begged me to fuck her from behind.

“You’re not just gonna let me do everything are you?” I paused a moment, knowing that this was my girlfriend’s sis!! But my dick throbbed at the sight of her ass awaiting my entry.

Before I could think another thought, Jaime guided my cock into her and I quickly felt her warm pussy. It was wet and tight. I started to move as she moaned loudly. I moved closer to orgasm, and so did she. The sex became more wild and I was pumping her like no tomorrow, kissing her silky smooth back and fondling her soft tender breast from behind… Then the door to the bedroom opened!!! I knew that’s it and I turned around and saw the eyes of my girlfriend, my heart stopped. What had I done? All these happened and Jaime was still moving her hips to my already ‘dead’ cock and moaning!!!

Jeanie didn’t say a word… Looked straight into my eyes and just stood there motionless…

Jaime finally came to her senses and stopped.

“Sorry…” She said.

And ran to the toilet. I, totally nude, still on my knees on Jaime‘s bed, staring blankly at Jeanie

She turned and walked out of the room… I got back into my stupid Nike shorts and tee and sat on the bed wondering how to explain the unexplainable situation… Still without a clue, walked out of the room and Jeanie was just sitting on the couch staring at the television…

“Darls, I am really sorry…” That’s all I could muster.

Seeing the situation I was about to grab my shoes and leave when I saw Jaime coming out of the toilet. She looked at me with a guilty look, in only a towel wrapped around, shrugged her shoulders, opened up her towel and showed me her full naked glory before running into the room. Jeanie was staring at the television and didn’t see that naughty little nymph did that to me!

I was walking to the door…

“Managed to get your favorite Lays sour cream chips.” Jeanie finally spoke!

My heart ached like the sour cream when I heard Jeanie said that!!! I didn’t think I had experienced this kind of guilt before! I just went straight to her, kneeling in front of her and kept repeating, “Sorry, I am really sorry…”

“Bought Coke, can make me a glass with ice?” She said.

I literally ‘flew’ to the table and made a glass of ice cold Coke for Jeanie and we just sat there for the next 30 minutes staring at the television. Her mom came back from work and asked how our day was and Jeanie just replied “Ok.”. I just smiled…

Dinner was a quiet affair… All four of us sat there eating and no-one spoke.

“I will be going to Jakarta tomorrow for 3 nights, come over to look after these 2 devils if you can.” Their mom said to me.

Their mom was a regional manager for some cosmetic company, traveling almost 3 times a month. Their dad passed away when they were young.

In my heart, I was thinking damn… Don’t even know your daughter will ever see me again…

The next day, Jeanie called and asked if I was going over! Jeanie had never mentioned about the incident and I thought this was the night she wanna really talk about it.

Reach their doorstep at about 7 after work and my phone rang.

“Where are you? My shoot overrun and I will only be back at 10” Jeanie said, she was a part-time freelance talent for print ads, her good friend was a producer for some advertising firm and always had assignments for her to earn extra money. Not too bad, about S$200 – S$400 per shoot.

I told her I was at her door already and being sensitive to what happened yesterday and don’t wanna be alone with Jaime (Not what my little brain would say.), said I will go grab some dinner and come back at 10. I told her to call me when she’s done so I can meet her at her block and go up together.

Before I could walk to the lift, I heard laughter from her place and curiosity made me look in through the window. Their place was a 4 room corridor unit. Jaime was there with 2 of her Poly friends, one I had met before, Lenni, a Malay girl with an ‘Artsy fartsy’ tattoo on the wrist, petite little one, about 1.6m small breast and slightly heavier bottom. The other I had not met, innocent looking in rimless glasses and denim skirt, the kind that was popular 5 years back. Doing projects I guessed… My ‘little brain’ activated my evil thoughts!!! No!!! I turned and walked to the lift… Before I could reach…

“Hey, you’re here!!!” Jaime yelled!

“Err… Hi… Doing project?” I entertained.

“Why? Scared to come in because Jean not back?” Jaime shot at me.

“Not really… Just… You know, after what happened yesterday…” I said awkwardly.

“She didn’t say anything to me after that and if you’re still allowed to come here means everything’s fine right?” Jaime said with a shrewd smile. “Come la… Join us… You’ve met Lenni right?”

Lenni was now standing behind Jaime.

“Lenni brought a bottle of Bombay Gin, we gonna try it after our project. Can you go buy a few bottles of 7-Up for us, please…?”

“Ok…” My little brain replied!

I was like possessed, ‘flew’ to the 7-11 opposite their block and ‘flew’ back within 7 minutes!

“Thank you sweetie!!” Jaime and Lenni exclaimed at the same time!

“Remove your tie la, so hot after work still have your tie on!?” Lenni shot!

I removed my tie and sat on the couch while all 3 of them clearing up their files and stuff. Watching television while suddenly Lenni handed me my Gin with 7-Up… Took a sip and almost flipped!!!

“You’re supposed to add a little Gin to the glass of 7-Up and not the other way round!!!!” I shot!

They all laughed and said they didn’t know… I realized that the other innocent little girl was very shy and never said anything since I arrived. I just went to the back and prepared the drinks for them instead. Got all our glasses and all cheered and drank. The innocent girl finally introduced herself as Nicky and we talked about my school days and they told me their likes and dislikes for a good 30 minutes.

We had downed at least 4 glasses each by now. We are all sitting on the carpet in the living room and can see that Nicky was pretty wasted. She started to be really relaxed with me around and throughout this session I was trying to look under her skirt whenever she moved… Lenni started a joke and Nicky laughed and bent backwards, allowing me the perfect chance to steal a glimpse of her white panty… Oh, oh… Little brain starting to grow and evil starting to drown me more than the Gin!!!

“Truth or dare!!” I shot!!

Lenni championed, “Ok!”

Jaime clapped and Nicky just showed me a ‘Not so keen’ face…

Lenni shot at me, “Truth or dare?”

I chose truth as I wasn’t sure what these girls are capable of.

“Do you with Jeanie in this house and which spot in the house was the most daring spot?!”

Nicky kinda shocked by that question and my eyes immediately locked with Jaime. She gave me the ‘Stupid question’ look.

“Errr… Yes, we did it in the house. We never got out of the room.” That’s boring Jeanie for you.

“So boring.” Both Jaime and Lenni teased.

Knowing time was not on my side, snatched the next turn and knowing Jaime was no longer shy with me, Lenni was naughty and Nicky… Never mind the almost non-existent.

I shot at Jaime. “Truth or Dare?!” Hoping she’ll choose ‘Dare’. And yes!!!! She did!!! “Ok… Jaime… Since we know each other ‘so well’ already and these are your close friends… Do you dare to show all of us how you look in your bra and panty?”

Knowing she didn’t use a bra at home… She was my only chance of heating up this ‘Party’. If she chose to do it, she would only be in her panty!

Lenni and Nicky both looked at me quite shocked! Jaime just stood up, crossed her hands in front of her body and reached for the end of her spaghetti top and pulled up slowly showing to all of us her 32B gorgeous breast!!! Lenni started clapping and Nicky had her hands to her mouth… Jaime proceeded to bend down and wriggle herself out of her boxers!!! I swore my cock could withstand a bowling ball being dropped on it then!

Standing before us in only her black panty… Looking at this gorgeous 18 year old with soft perky breasts and pink nipples got Lenni hot too, as I can see that she never took her eyes off Jaime. Nicky was so nervous that she kept drinking from her glass.

Before we can say anything, Jaime, still standing, shot at me, “Truth or Dare?!!” Knowing this was getting really hot… (Yes, you’re right guys…).

“Dare! Give you chance to revenge la.” I replied.

I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect!!!

Jaime still standing in front of us in only her panty said, “I dare you to take off everything except your underwear and dance with me and Lenni!!” I looked at Lenni as she just exclaimed that it was not fair to get her involved.

I was laughing inside!!! After cheering her on, Lenni took a sip of her drink and stood up saying, “Ok la! But must dance and strip at the same time!”

Hiding my excitement and pretending to be unwilling, I stood up and started to sway to the jazz music that’s playing. Getting real close to Lenni, smelling her hair… Letting her feel my breathing on her neck and taking off my shirt at the same time…

She was also swaying to the music and Jaime was also joining in beside us… Only Nicky sat there shocked. After taking off my shirt, I unbuckled my pants and dropping it slowly as I lowered my pants as I lowered my body… My face moving slowly from her neck down right in front of her breasts gave her a kiss on her chest and proceeded down to her crotch and got out of my pants.

Back up swaying in front of her, I pressed my body on hers and we swayed in 1 motion! Her hands started to go round my waist and knowing it’s within my controls, I moved back and said, “Ok! Next!” I can see Lenni yearning for more.

I looked at my watch and it was 8.45!!! Not wasting time and before Jaime can get her clothes on I pulled Nicky up, and woke her from her shock by telling her it’s her turn… She hesitated and asked Lenni, “Truth or dare?” I was expecting a boring one and yes… Lenni chose ‘Dare’ and she dared Lenni to hug me… Making the best out of this I hugged Lenni back and pressed my already metal hard rod on Lenni and gyrated for a while…

Lenni couldn’t wait her turn and immediately shot at Jaime as the 2 of us were still in our underwear… Jaime, to continue the fun I believe you should choose Dare!”

“I dare you to hug each other and kiss… Wet one!!” She said in a sexy tone.

Bingo! I was laughing in ecstasy inside!!! Jaime looked me in the eyes and we just grabbed each other and started french kissing… My hands just stroking her back to make her high and we were just lost in our own world for a good 3 minutes of french kissing… I licked and kissed Jaime‘s neck and she did in return. While she was at it, I shot at Lenni, “Truth or Dare.” And naturally I dared her to strip to the same state as Jaime and I and continued my conquest of Jaime‘s tender lips and tongue.

I turned and Lenni was already in her black G-string and Jaime and I both just went at her and teased her about her sexy underwear… I went to dance behind Lenni and kissing her back while Jaime looked upon swaying…

Jaime just said, “My turn.” And looked at the both of us. “Truth or Dare?” with a wicked smile… Dare of course… “I dare the both of you to take off your underwear.” For you, looking at me… “I want you to kiss my breast.” and Lenni, “I dare you to kiss his brother.” Lenni opened her eyes wide and stared at us!

I was like in Heaven!!! I just proceeded to Jaime… Guiding her to sit on the couch, kissing her neck and moving slowly to her pearly white boobs… Her nips were already standing and used my tongue to good cause and she started moaning… I moved my hands under her panty and started to gently feel her wetness… Her panty was so wet that I could smell her there… I was seated on Jaime‘s right side licking her breast while my right hand in her panty fingering her.

Before I could turn to see what Lenni and Nicky was doing I felt someone seated on the carpet at the spread legs of Jaime. I could see at the corner of my eyes it was Lenni… She moved closer and I could feel her hand reaching into my underwear and pulling my rock hard cock out… I looked into her eyes and smiled… While still fingering Jaime

Lenni smiled and knelt in front of Jaime, positioning herself to ‘kiss’ my throbbing cock!

Soon I can feel Jaime moaning louder and shudder… She came! Lenni, who was only kissing my hard shaft had now the whole thing in her mouth!!!

Jaime and I turned in unison to look at Nicky and she was just sitting there looking…

I whispered to Jaime, “I wanna taste you down there.”

And she brushed Lenni’s hair, smiled and signaled for her to move as she turned her back to me, half standing on the couch and literally sat on my face while I was seated on the couch!

Now I was seated on the couch, hands on Jaime‘s thighs while Jaime was gyrating her drenched pussy on my face! Soon after I could feel Lenni holding on to my hard cock and sucking real hard for a good 15 – 20 minutes I think. And I was about to cum and I moaned loudly to signal to Lenni. She didn’t stop and I shouted, “I am cumming, harder Lenni!!!” Jaime continued to move even faster and shouted she was cumming too!!!

Jaime and I moaned and came at the same time!!! Lenni just continued sucking and I presumed she did swallow some as my cock never left her mouth.

Damn! That was by far the best ever experience! I had never eaten a pussy for that long a period!

Jaime got off my face, sitting on me obviously tired her with weak knees… She rested her head on the left side of my shoulder allowing me to give her a kiss on her ear… Lenni was still holding on to my semi hard cock… Just gently stroking… I can feel that Jaime was actually touching herself…

Kissing Jaime‘s neck and looking at Lenni… Lenni just smiled and guided my cock into her mouth again so seductively… Now she had not only my cock, but Jaime‘s pussy was also staring at her… “Are you sucking me or licking Jaime?” I joked. She just continued sucking and in no time I was hard again!! She just looked at me with the CFM look and released my hard cock from her mouth with juicy lips… And started to guide my cock into Jaime‘s hot pussy!!! Jaime moved into position, head still on my shoulder, she lowered herself to allow my hard cock to enter her… With the help of Lenni.

I can feel the heat of Jaime‘s neatly trimmed pussy… The tightness and feeling of a sexy 18 year old can’t be described in words! Jaime‘s moan was soft and sexy… She just turned and kissed my ear and moaning into them at the same time… The gentle and sexy kinda moan… The type that would make you wanna be gentle with her and not hurt her. I continued to move slowly… In and out for about 3 minutes and another first ever experience occurred!!

I could feel Lenni stopped me from moving and held Jaime‘s waist, signaling her to move instead… While Jaime was moving up and down, Lenni proceeded to lick my balls and suck on them!!! That was phenomenal!!!

I was seated on the couch, with Jaime fucking me with her back facing me, her hands supporting herself on the couch and her legs controlling her movement. My hands fondling her breast gently and Lenni knelt in front of us… Licking and sucking my balls!

“Len… That feels incredible! Why don’t you try to lick Jaime and my cock at the same time, let Jaime try the sensation?” I told Lenni.

Lenni did as told and the feeling was equally fantastic! Jaime started to moan louder and moving faster… In about 5 minutes, with me inside her, Lenni licking, Jaime exploded again!!! She just slumped on me and turned her head to kiss me and said that was really her best experience. She moved to my right on the couch and before I can do or say anything, Lenni climbed onto me… Facing me and started kissing me. Having some feelings for Jaime already after these 2 experiences, I turned and looked at her and she somewhat understood my gesture and moved towards me, kissed me on the lips and smiled… Lenni guided me into her hairy pussy and started to move up and down…

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