I Never Knew, I Had Hot Neighbors


It was a Thursday night and I was lazing on my sofa surfing my Starhub channels, and it was getting pretty darn ass boring. I was watching some music video on MTV and I was about to doze off when…

“Oi, send me.” My sis’s head appeared from the top of the stairs. KNNB disturb my sleep. Damn shiok sia the feeling when you were about to konk then she had to wake me up. “Go where?” I asked. “Tampines. I am going to stay over at my friend’s.” She replied. “Ok, ok. Wake me up when you’re ready to go out.” I replied. Unfortunately… I didn’t get the chance to sleep because she bounded down the stairs five minutes later. Grabbed my car keys, my wallet, and phone and got out of the house to the lift landing.

The lift came and we entered and headed to the ground floor. At level two, the lift stopped and two gorgeous ladies entered. They were on rollerblades, so the first thing I saw was their asses. They could not be far apart and judging by their facial similarities, they were Sisters. (Which I got to know later on.) Early 20’s, could not be far apart, great figures. Not plump, not too thin, just nice. Nice pair of tits on both of them. Not too big, not too small, but definitely on the bigger side. With such great asses to boot, god damn they got me sprung in three seconds. One was wearing a white top, another was wearing pink (What I judged seemed to be correct, the pink was the Younger Sister.). Their clothes were pretty much hugging so I could not take my eyes of them, both of them. But I had to keep cool and appear nonchalant, my sis was there. What a spoiler, I hated her at times like this. But I was feeling fucked up, there went my chance to chat them up and since I never saw them before, I was pretty much tongue tied. Well, too bad then.

Sent my Sister to her friend’s house, her friend was kind of hot too. But my mind was somewhere else and I met my friend to chill for a coffee and some smokes. It was around 11 pm when I was parking the car.

I saw the two Sisters sitting at the table under my block! Hallelujah this was my lucky day. I purposely walked from the car park to the table, which was a ten seconds walk straight from the lift landing. I summoned my courage, took a peek at the Younger Sister‘s nice tits and stopped at the table.

Me: “Hey ladies, I am sorry if you’re busy chatting and all, but could I join in for a smoke since this is the only table with the cool and sexy people around here?”

Older Sister: “Hahaha, sure thing, aren’t you that dude in the lift just now?”

Me: “Yeah, I didn’t know you were a stalker?”

Older Sister: “What? You’re a prick and I don’t even know you.”

Me: “Whoa hold it there tiger, I am just pulling your leg…”

So the Older Sister seemed like a PMS-ed bitch so I turned to the Younger one:

Me: “Sorry if I may, but I will let her cool down. Are you two, Sisters?”

Younger Sister: “Hahaha, no, that’s just her. She’s not angry.”

Me: “Well, whatever, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

Younger Sister: “Oh yeah, we are. By the way, that was your girlfriend in the lift?”

Me: “Oh no no no, that was my sis. Had to drop her off somewhere.”

Younger Sister: “I see, well nice to meet you mister.” (How fucking cute.)

Me: “Nice to meet both of you, pleasure’s all mine. I have never seen you two around here before.”

Older Sister: “Yeah to think about it, we’ve never seen you either. How long have you been staying here?”

Me: “To date? Twenty years.”

Younger Sister: “Oh wow, we’ve only been here for two years.”

Older Sister: “Yeah, kinda surprising we never bumped into each other before…”

Me: “Glad we did. I have never really seen anything interesting around here, so it is a welcome change to finally have you both. Not praising you both though, when there’s nothing around, a little something’s good enough, hahaha.”

Both: “Hey, you’re bloody mean.”

Me: “Hahaha, love me or hate me, I don’t care. I have gotta head back, mind if I get your numbers, my lovely new friends?”

Younger Sister: “Sure, we should do this more often.” (Typed in her number.)

Older Sister: “I don’t even like you. But here…” (Typed in her number.)

Me: “Come on, here’s a peck to soften your heart.” (I took her hand and planted a kiss and winked.)

She blushed a crimson red and the Younger Sister just giggled.

Two numbers, two hot hot hot Sisters, maybe I should love my sis for bringing me out of the house. Well, I was just about to sleep when I got two text messages, one from each girl. “Hi, you wanna chat with us?” I replied, “Nope, not when one of you seem to have a period. Goodnight.”

So three days later I decided to text the Younger one back.

Me: “Hello new friend.”

Younger Sister: “Hi mister! How’re you?!”

Me: “I’m alright, how about you?”

Younger Sister: “I am doing great! What a surprise to get a text from you.”


Me: “Let’s meet up for coffee sometime this weekend?”

Younger Sister: “I would love to! No one’s at home. Family’s off for the weekend, but I gotta work so I have to skip. Boooo but yes! How about… Saturday… Eight-ish?”

Me: “Got to look through my schedule, but since you’re so enthusiastic I will try my best to fit you in darling.”

Younger Sister: “Whaaaaat! Noooo way! You do just that and I will treat you to a cheesecake.”

Me: “You had me at cheesecake. Gotta run darling. Saturday it is.”

Awesome. A date!

She called me at around six.

Younger Sister: “Hi you!”

Me: “Hey darling.”

Younger Sister: “Teehee. Where’re you?”

Me: “Chilling at home, why?”

Younger Sister: “Really! I am at home too! Shall we go together? But I take a long time to change, probably half an hour?”

Me: “I will give you 45 if you would put the extra effort.”

Younger Sister: “Deal! Ehehehe see you!”

She sounded really excited. Well 45 minutes was a lot of time, so I took a nap, bathed, changed into a polo tee and jeans, sprayed my lucky eau de toilette, took what I needed and left. Chilled at the void deck, lit a cigarette and I waited. A while later I saw her coming out of the lift. A knee length skirt, a tank top with a cardigan, hair tied into a pony tail and white shoes. Cute, stunning, gorgeous, hot all wrapped up into one. A faint trace of powder on her face, and that’s all. No make-up. And she smelled really good.

Younger Sister: “Hi mister!”

Me: “Ah heyyy, someone’s all dressed for the occasion I see. Not too bad, you look good.”

Younger Sister: “You’re not too shabby either.”

Me: “Well. I don’t need 45 minutes to get ready.”

Younger Sister: “Hey!” (Slapped my arm.)

Me: “Girls. Shall we?”

So we proceeded to take a bus and decided to hit a mall. Walked around for a bit, but in the end, we decided to chill at Starbucks. It was around nine. We ordered our stuffs and sat at a table, where I was sitting opposite her.

Me: “So what are you working as?”

Younger Sister: “I sell clothes.”

Me: “Oh? A joint venture with a friend?”

Younger Sister: “Mhmm yes yes. But it is tiring.”

Me: “Which work isn’t tiring?” (A smile.)

Younger Sister: “Hahaha yeahhh.”

So we continued talking over coffee and a cheesecake. Flirted around with her and she flirted back. Then I asked her if she wanted to take a walk, since there was a park connector nearby. So we took a stroll and I found out she actually had a current boyfriend. Not surprising, but well since I was already out with her right? We decided to sit on a bench. It was near midnight and the place was pretty much deserted.

Younger Sister: “When are you heading back?”

Me: “Why? Early morning for you tomorrow?”

Younger Sister: “No, just asking. This place is nice, never been here before.”

Me: “I see. Want to play a game?”

Younger Sister: “Sure! What game is it?”

So we decided to play a game. It involved a lot of eye contact, with me holding her hands. It had a little sexual innuendo in the game and given the time of night, it had a spellbinding effect on her. She was in her comfort zone and took everything at face value. And every chance I could get, I would stare into her eyes for ten seconds explaining something and it continued. After the game we just stared into each other’s eyes.

Me: “You have a gorgeous pair of lips.”

Younger Sister: “Don’t make me blush.” (She blushed, damn cute.)

Me: “But that makes you even more gorgeous.”

Younger Sister: “Hehehehe.” (Girly laugh. Horny already la.)

Me: “Could I taste your lips, darling?”

Younger Sister: “If you want to…”

Me: “I would love to.” (So I inched closer to her, but I didn’t go all the way. 90% and I stopped, all the while staring into her eyes.) *A scene from the movie Hitch.

She gave in and went to my lips and I was in heaven. She had very soft lips, faintly tasting of caramel and coffee, strangely erotic. And she was wanting more, her tongue poking and prodding, her hands at the back of my head pushing me more towards her. Of my own accord, my hands began circling her back. Roaming her sides, just faintly caressing her boobs, not much. And she was wanting more. She shifted her body to accept me fully, but I pulled away.

Her eyes, they were suddenly worried. I could sense if she wondered whether she had done something really wrong. I smiled and said, “Sorry darling, we’ve gotta stop here.” Her hair was all messed up, god, she looked so awfully hot. But I had to control. She snapped out of her trance and started straightening out her skirt and top. God those boobs. “Come on darling, let’s head back.” I said with a big smile. She just nodded and grabbed my hand that I offered and we walked to the main road to hail a cab. She cuddled in the cab, like a cat. My gosh.

Dropped her at her doorstep, gave her a peck on the cheek. She thought I was about to kiss her, but no. 😛 “Bye darling, have a good night.” I smiled and winked at her.

“B-b-bye…” Was all she could muster.

Finally, it was the weekends. Woke up late, felt refreshed and had a pleasant surprise. My pretty neighbor had left me a message half an hour ago, wishing me a good morning. Should I ask her out today? Should I reply to her today? So many questions. So I decided to take a long hot morning bath, shaved, brushed my teeth and refreshed myself. Then I decided to reply her.

Me: “Good morning to you darling.”

Younger Sister: “Just woke up sweetie? Did last night knock you out?”

Me: “Oh no, no, don’t flatter yourself, dear. I was up and about… Just got to my phone though. Early riser aren’t you?”

Younger Sister: “I am like that. Any plans today mister?”

Me: “Hmmm, it depends, not at the moment… How about you?”

Younger Sister: “None! But would you like to go cycling? It is not that hot out now anyway.”

Me: “Hmm, that sounds good. I don’t have a bike though.”

Younger Sister: “You can use my Sister‘s!”

Me: “Sounds like a plan then. I will meet you outside your house then?”

And she gave me the unit number. So I changed into my shorts and shirt, got my Oakleys and my shoes and headed out. I wanted to be free so I thought I would leave my keys in her house. Took the lift to her level and proceeded to her unit. There she was, unlocking her bikes. She looked hot in her black FBT’s, white top that I think must be her Sister‘s, a white cap and Adidas shoes. God, that top and her boobs. And god, her legs. I had a very low tolerance for sexy people. I got horny real quick.

Me: “Hey sexy.”

Younger Sister: “Hi dear. Give me a moment with the bikes.”

Me: “Need help?”

Younger Sister: “No, it is okay. Just a little tangled.”

Me: “Sure thing, could I leave my keys and my phone at your place?”

Younger Sister: “Of course! Just put it on the rack there.” (Pointed inside.)

So we got that all done and dusted. Got my bike, a good one at that from what I can see and decided on where to cycle. We settled upon a short cycle to a park connector and then all the way to the East Coast. I was imagining her in sweaty clothes, fuck!

And so… We cut to the chase.

We cycled for the best part of two hours? Flirting, racing, and nearing the end my legs were dying. She had some stamina, boy. After that we cycled to a nearby place to where we lived for lunch. The best thing was, I left my wallet at her place so she paid for everything. (As it turned out, till now I had not paid her back, come to think of it, shit…) Over hot food and cold drinks we talked about a lot of things. I found the most random things were the best things to make subjects out of.

Me: “You’re pretty brave staying at home alone.”

Younger Sister: “No lah, it was quite scary last night, but I just run to my bedroom.”

Me: “Awww, if only there was something I could do…” (Heh.)

Younger Sister: “Why don’t you… Accompany me tonight!”

Me: “Oh? And what do you have that’s so interesting?”

Younger Sister: “Walauuuu never mind. Okay? After you bathe come over and we’ll watch a movie or something.”

Me: “Mmmm, okay. Wanna go out for dinner too, later?”

Younger Sister: “Oh, I have plans, but I am kinda lazy. Dinner sounds fine! Bring another set of clothes for dinner too, you don’t need to go up and down so much.”

Me: “Sounds like a plan.”

So we got back to her unit, parked the bike and took my stuffs and I went up to my unit. Got home and saw it was almost four. I went to PCC and bathe. She kept me horny the whole time I was out, buay tahan already. Got into shorts and a polo tee, packed my jeans, a nice formal tee, and got all my wax and stuffs ready into a bag and left my house and headed to hers. Rang her doorbell, she opened the door and I was left with a girl with an oversized shirt and shorts with her wet hair all over the place. Hot.

She brought me up to her room. Pretty darn nice. A television, a Mac, a big queen sized bed, air conditioner was already on and it smelt pretty nice. It was a neat room with a big bed, let’s say that. She beckoned me to make myself at home and I took her desk chair and sat on it.

Younger Sister: “Oi sit here.” (Pointed beside her bed.)

Me: “Oh yes, ma’am…”

Younger Sister: (Giggles.)

Me: “Plan cancelled for the night?”

Younger Sister: “Mhmm turned out kinda bad, so please make my day.”

Me: “Oh sure, I am pretty good at that.”

Younger Sister: “Yeah, I could see that.” (Mumbled under her breath.)

Me: “Sorry?” (I pretended not to hear, but I did.)

Younger Sister: “Oh, nothing, nothing…” (Giggles.)

So we sat against the wall and watched a movie. Street Kings was it? I think so. But I was too distracted with her leaning against me, her boob was resting on my arm. So…

Me: “Darling.”

Younger Sister: “Hmmmm?”

Me: “I would rather watch you than the movie.”

Younger Sister: (Looked up.)

I lowered my head and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth readily and there went the movie. My hands were all over her back, her hands were in my hair. I was wild, her lips, and her ears. Nibbled her earlobe, went down to her neck and licked her all the way to her jaw line and to the other side. I went up to her earlobe again, then back to her lips. She made small moaning sounds that turned me on. My hands pulled her shirt from under her ass and crept under it. Found her waist. Her skin was on fire, circled her hips, her belly, and her belly button and crept up higher. She was moaning against my mouth. I finally found her boobs. She had no bra on, another bonus. Her boobs were just slightly bigger than my grasp, with her nipples pushing against my palm. Kneaded those buns gently, I could not believe I was holding them. They felt soft and yet, felt so right. My two IC was standing and hurting against my boxers.

She pulled her shirt over her head, and I could see the color contrast of her skin against mine. So fucking erotic. Those milky white boobs against my tanned hand. It looked right, it felt right. Another moment later, my shirt was off. I could not stand it, my mouth lowered down her jaw, to her collarbone, blowing small little kisses that made her moaned. Went even lower to the place of my dreams. The valley of her boobs. She smelt good, she tasted even better. Got one perky nipple between my teeth and laved it with my tongue, she was just moaning and moving her hands lower to my waist. I moved myself to the other peak, while her hands went into my pants, into my boxers and started stroking me.

I pulled away and started to take my shorts and boxers off, while staring straight into her eyes. Her hair was messy, her look was wild, and she was hungry. While I took my shorts off, she slid her shorts down her legs to reveal a smooth shaven pussy. “Baby I shaved it just for you.” She said in a sexy, sultry voice. I grabbed her head and pulled her lips against mine. “Baby I want you to suck me. I have been dreaming of those lips on my dick, baby.” I murmured against her lips. She pushed me down and gobbled me up. Her hands were all over my chest, lightly scratching me and turning me on even more. Her mouth was heaven, she sucked and licked and did whatever made me feel good. She gently squeezed my balls and licked the top of my dickhead. “You like that, baby?” I could only just nod and she kept sucking. Up and down, up and down her head bobbed and I had my eyes rolling into the back of my head. God this girl could really suck!

I sat up and got her on her back. First and foremost, I attacked her boobs. Those milky, soft, tender boobs that tasted so good. Had my mouth on both nipples and slowly kissed my way down to her belly button. I stayed there for a while, licking her belly button while my fingers were already stimulating her clit. She started moaning louder, pressing against my fingers. With that, one finger slipped into her and she just went ‘Uhhhhhh…’ I went even lower and started licking her clit. She tasted nice, she looked after herself well. I continued probing her with my finger, with my tongue and she was in heaven. I could feel her clamping my hand and she was murmuring to me. “Baby, I am gonna cum. Baby, I am gonna cum.” So with that, I slid up her body and kissed her. Got on my knees, spread her legs, rested them against my shoulders and I inserted. She was tight, really tight. (I am not a very big fella, very average.) Then I started to rock her world hard. I was slamming hard against her pussy, she didn’t care much. She was moaning and thrashing her head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her warmness. She was clamping my brother and I could not stand much longer. “Baby harder, I’m gonna cum baby. Harder baby.” She was urging me on. I pounded like a madman and with her last resolve broken, she exploded. I could feel a warmth gushed over my dick and she was clamping down hard, I was very near myself. I slid out of her and stroked and sprayed cum all over her body. Lucky I wanked before that, not so much cum.

Stared into her eyes, panting. She was looking straight back at me. She smiled widely, “That was good. So very good.”

“Baby you drive me crazy.” I confessed.

Younger Sister: “Gosh, I’m a mess.” (Looking at her belly.)

Me: “Yeah, guess we gotta bathe before dinner huh?”

Younger Sister: “Yeah, I want to bathe together with you.”

Me: “I want that and maybe something more.” (I winked at her.)

Younger Sister: “You’re so naughty, baby.”

So she brought me to the toilet. I actually asked her if I could take a photo or a video for myself but she declined. Dammit. I could have wank to it right now or something. It was quite a toilet. Once you entered you could see the cubicle and if you turned left you’ll see the toilet bowl. She got into the cubicle and I followed suit, my eyes on that nice piece of ass she had. I could not resist the urge, but squeezed a cheek and she turned.

Me: “Can’t help it baby, it is too perfect.”

Younger Sister: “Mmmm. Hot or cold?”

Me: “Somewhere in the middle, would be perfect.”

She tuned the shower so that the water was just nice, rinsed herself and rubbed her hands all over her body, her hair, her face, her tits, her belly to clean my cum, rubbing her pussy and her ass. Then it was my turn, so we swapped places and I stood under the shower head and got wet. Looking at her immense body got me hard again. I was starting to feel the urges and my brother started twitching. She looked down with an evil smile…

Younger Sister: “Oh, you naughty boy.”

Me: “Mhmmm…” (Smiled.)

Younger Sister: “How about this…?”

Then she kneeled down in front of me and started sucking me off again. God her mouth was really, really good. I turned the knob and stopped the water and stood there like an idiot with my hands by my side, while my little lady was on her knees. Her hair all over her face, dripping wet and her boobs jiggling, bobbing her head up and down my dick. Her mouth was warm, her tongue was naughty and she got more and more of me inside. I could not take it, so I started to hold her head, and coordinated my thrusts and her mouth together. It didn’t take long when I was flying so high, her mouth driving me crazy while I fucked her mouth hard.

Me: “Baby, get up, bend over.”

She got up, turned around and bent over, holding the cubicle door. Her ass was there for the taking, the fine round globes brushing against my dick, it looked so delicious. She started gyrating her hips to rub against me, while I put my hands on her butt cheeks and squeezed. They were soft, yielding and all mine. I positioned my brother to her hole and in one swift thrust, I got it all in. It felt so good and so warm, her ass perfect against my groin area. She moaned. I started to move my hips, in and out, in and out. The slapping sounds of her butt cheeks and my skin were so good, it made me harder if that was possible. I pounded her butt, slapped it once and she moaned. Man, this girl was amazing. Horny as fuck and a sexy moaner, you just could not get better than that.

Younger Sister: “Harder baby, faster. It feels good, god… Squeeze my butt.”

Me: “Uh uh uh uh uh godddddd.”

Younger Sister: “Baby I’m gonna cum soon, rub me please.”

One arm snaked to her glorious boobs while another found her clit. Two sensitive peaks and another ultra sensitive nub, and she was moaning even louder. I loved the sound of her wet skin against mine, that slapping sound was fucking erotic. She moaned, she clamped, and she moved with me, my hands all over her delicious wet body, we were in heaven. She clamped down hard against me, while I could feel the rush of wetness and warmness deep inside. I could not hold it any longer, I was shaking. I got out and shot straight at her ass, while I shivered with a feeling I can’t explain in words.


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