My Story with My Girlfriend


After reading all the stories, I have decided to contribute mine. The truth in my story is decided by you guys. It is up to all of you to believe it or not.

Studying in secondary school had always been exciting. Seeing girls folded their skirts and wearing colored bras. Every day was a test to hide your hard-on.

During those days, it was normal for everyone to have a girlfriend and it was normal that students made out at the staircase at the opposite HDB block.

I can remember clearly the day when my girlfriend, Nedra, and I went to the HDB block opposite our school. As innocent as all secondary two students were, it was the first time we went there. We hit the highest level and went straight to the staircase, trying our best to draw as little attention as possible. Once we reached, we made sure that no one was around before we settled down on the stairs. Not knowing what to do next, we talked and chatted like how normal couples did. As we continued talking, we got closer to one another. Soon, hand gestures to express our feelings was being used. My hand went behind her back and held onto the waist. Her head fell on my shoulder as we continued to talk.

Our normal conversation soon became more open. We started to tease one another with our favorite game of that time. ‘Truth or dare.’

Nedra: “Baby, let’s play truth or dare.”

Me: “Ok!”

Nedra: “Ok. We will decide by scissors, paper, and stone.”

Me: “Anything for you my dear.”

The game started and we started to ask each other questions. I will skip to the questions that led up to the actions.

Nedra: “Baby, do you watch porn?”

Me: “Yes. You?”

Nedra: “Never watch before. Hehe.”

Me: “Hmm. You got try making yourself high before?”

Nedra: (With a shy smile.) “Where got people ask like that one.”

Me: “Means have la. How you make yourself high?”

Nedra: “Erm. Just like how everyone does it lor.”

Me: (Getting more curious and decided to probe.) “How la? You use your fingers?”

Nedra: (Shyly nodded.) “Uh-huh.”

The game continued having dirty questions leading to dirty answers. By now, we were now very close together, my hand was roaming her back. I decided to bring it to the next level.

Me: “Baby, enough of questions. Let’s play dare.”

Nedra: (Having a hesitant look.) “Ok dear.”

The first few dares were those normal dares. I will skip to the more exciting dares.

Me: “Hmm. Now I dare you to flip your skirt in front of me.”

Nedra: (Having the stunned face.) “Cannot la baby. I am shy.”

Me: “Aiya. Nothing to be shy about. After this, your turn.”

As Nedra lifted up her skirt, then she pulled it back down quickly. I was shocked by what I saw.

Me: “What the…”

Nedra: “I told you le. I will shy de.”

Me: “Why you never wear anything?”

Nedra: (Shy look on her face.) “Ok. My turn le. I dare you to take off your pants.”

Me: “Wah. Ok lor. If you say so.”

In just one pull, my pants dropped to my knees.

Me: “Happy?”

Nedra: “Wah. You got something poking out de.” (Giggles.)

Me: (Pulling my pants back up.) “You don’t act blur la. Hehe. My turn to dare you!”

Nedra: “Come la.”

Me: “Ok. I dare you to unbutton your shirt and close your eyes.”

Nedra shyly nodded her head and slowly unbuttoned her shirt with her eyes closed.

Nedra: “Ok le mah?”

With that, I leaned forward and kissed her. Taken aback, she kissed me back. As we kissed, our hands started roaming everywhere. Soon, I found my hand at the bra clip. With a twitch, I unclipped and the bra came loose. My hands came forward and went in to touch her breast for the very first time. With our lips still locked together, she let out a very soft moan. I started to play with her nipples and kissing her on her neck. I heard some squashing sound and curiously looked down. There, I saw her fingering herself as I pleasured her on top.

Me: “You like it right baby?”

Nedra: “Yes, dear. Don’t stop.”

My lips soon started to attack her nipples with my hands going down to support her action below. Suddenly, we heard footsteps. We looked at one another and decided to call it a day. That was the first time we made out at the staircase.

I remembered it was a fantastic afterschool. Nedra and I did quite well for our common test. Note that she entered the secondary school with the highest aggregate score in express while I entered with the lowest in normal academic. It seemed like our public actions didn’t affect her result and actually improved mine! Anyway, we ended classes that Wednesday afternoon at around 1 pm. The sky was dark and it was obvious it was about to rain. We decided to have some action at the HDB block opposite our school. Hand in hand, we strolled to the usual spot, but still remaining alert that no one was following. Just as we sat by the stairs, it started to drizzle. We sat and stared into the sky, watching the raindrops becoming larger and the rain becoming heavier. The cold wind blew and we hugged each other as we shared our heat.

Soon, things started to really heat up and got hotter despite the rain. Her bra was on her bag and the top few buttons on her shirt were already unbuttoned with my hands roaming her naked breasts. Her hands reached out to feel my manhood forming up under my pants.

Nedra: “Baby, you’re so big now.”

Me: “I know, and my little brother is suffocating inside.”

Knowing what I meant, she unzipped my pants and brought out my fully erected manhood.

Me: “Dear, I think he got suffocated for too long. I guess he needs a CPR.”

Nedra: (Giggles.) “When did you become so cheeky?”

Her head went down and I felt a wet kiss on the tip of my penis. Her head then started running up and down with her tongue licking the sides. Savoring every part, she licked and sucked on my penis. All of a sudden, she engulfed my erected manhood in one shot, all the way to her throat. My hands held onto her head as she continued to deep throat.

Me: “Baby, I cannot take it anymore.”

Nedra: (Nodding her head.)

Things from there went up to a whole new level.

She pulled her head back and stood up. Lifting up her skirt slightly, she proceeded to remove her underwear. Catching a glimpse of her well shaven pussy as she removed her underwear, I was getting myself ready to enter her. The moment her panties were removed, I stood up, turning her around.

Nedra: (Stiffened as she felt the cold winds blow against her bare chest.)

Me: “You’re so dead today. Bent over.”

Nedra: “Baby, can don’t enter me. No condoms.”

Me: (Smiling to myself.) “I will try, baby. I will try.”

Rubbing my penis head against her wet entrance, her moans sounded muffled as it was pouring heavily.

Nedra: “Baby, remember hor. Don’t enter me ok?”

Me: “I know baby. Don’t worry.”

However, there was something else in my mind. As she moaned in ecstasy, she didn’t notice that I was pushing my penis head inch by inch into her. Bending forward to cup her breasts, I continued my rubbing movement. Just as my penis head had fully entered her pussy, I stood back up, forcing my penis into her in one push.

Nedra: (Gasp.) “Ba…by…”

Me: “Sorry, my dear, I enter by accident.” (Now pumping away.)

Nedra: (Moaning.) “You… Cheeky… Boy… Ahh…”

I continued to pump her doggy style and she was moaning away in paradise. The rain was still pouring heavily, but we were perspiring.

Voice: “Nice to fuck in the rain aye?”

Shocked by the voice, we awakened from our utopia and looked behind us. A young man whose age was between 20 – 25 looked at us with a narrow eye.

Man: “Seems like both of you are from the secondary school across the street.”

Nedra and me: (Nodded as we did our best to cover and wear back whatever we can.)

Man: “Do you mind giving me your student card?”

Me: “Why do you need it? Are you reporting us?”

Man: “No obligation for giving. Just that I can’t make any promises that I will not report to your school if you don’t.”

Both of us took out our student cards as we heard what he said. After exchanging looks at each other, we reluctantly gave him our cards.

Man: “Well, thank you. You guys can continue. I will be making my leave now.”

Me: “What about our cards?”

Man: (Throwing out a name card.) “Ask your girl to call me when you want your cards back.”

As we watched the man walk away, we were at a loss. From then on, we knew that our life would never be the same again.

A few days had passed, school went on. Nothing was announced, but Nedra and I was still worried.

Lying on my bed, we looked at the name card. Eugene Tow, business associate. Thoughts flashed through my mind liked a race car currently in second place.

Nedra: “Baby, what are we to do now?”

Me: “I don’t know. What do you think we should do?”

Nedra: “Do you think he will tell our school?”

Me: “I doubt so. If he wanted to, he would have done it long ago.”

Nedra: “Then what do you think he wants from us?”

Me: “I am not very sure. Don’t worry. I am sure we’ll be fine.”

During that few days, we didn’t even have the mood to have sex. I could see that Nedra was getting worried, but I couldn’t do anything about it. However, Nedra had something else in mind.

Nedra‘s account

It was 12 midnight at night and I couldn’t sleep. Rolling on my bed, I remembered the name card. I took the name card home secretly without my boyfriend knowing. I had to do something. I didn’t want anything to happen to us. I didn’t want anything to happen to him.

Picking up my phone, I dialed the number. My heart raced as it rang. After a few rings, I was glad that no one picked up, until I heard a voice.

Voice: “Hello?”

The voice sounded terrifyingly familiar. I was lost for words. I was afraid. I was so scared that I just hung up. Dropping back onto my bed, I didn’t know why I called. I was confused. I buried myself into my pillow as if it will block out all the thoughts.

A sudden ring on my phone woke me from my confusion. I picked up without hesitation thinking it was my boyfriend.

Voice: “Hello. Who called just now?”

It was that familiar voice. I was shocked.

Voice: “Hello? Anyone there?”

Me: “Erm… Hello?”

Voice: “Oh, hi. Who called me just now?”

Me: “Erm… I did. Is this Eugene Tow?”

Eugene: “Yes. May I know who this is on the line?”

Me: “Erm… I am Nedra.”

I didn’t know what was going through my mind. I didn’t know what I was going to say. Words just blurted out.

Eugene: “Oh. Hi. You’re the girl right?”

Me: “Yes. I was wondering if you can return my boyfriend and me our cards. We are having trouble going to school.” (Yes, what an excuse.)

Eugene: “Oh sure. Don’t worry. I was wondering when you might call. I have no intention in keeping them. Just wanted to teach you guys a lesson. So when do you want the cards back?”

Me: “Oh. That’s great. When are you free to return?”

Eugene: “Hmm. How about you tell me where you stay, I will drive by to return the cards to you later. This way, you can go to school easier.”

Me: “Great! I stay in block xxx, xxxxxx road.”

Eugene: “Ok, I see you under you block in about 25 minutes time?”

Me: “Sure! I will see you then. Give me a call when you reach.”

I was delighted when he said that he wanted to return to us. I should have done this earlier, or should I have just ignored…

Nedra‘s account

It was 12.15 am. I was dressed up and all ready to go out. Sitting by my desk, staring at my phone, I waited for the call. I didn’t want to tell my boyfriend anything yet, lest he got worried.

12.25 am, I was still waiting. Is he still finding his way? Is he lost? Should I call him?

Just then, my phone rang. I hurried to pick up the phone.

Me: “Hello?”

Eugene: “Your place is quite hard to find. Anyway, I am under your block now.”

Me: “Ok! I will go down now.”

Tiptoeing towards my main door, I sneaked out of the house. The time passed inside the lift felt like hours. Once at the car park, I saw a black BMW. A man in t-shirt and bermudas sitting on the car hood turned to look at me.

Man: Nedra?”

Me: “Yes. Eugene?”

Eugene: “Yup.”

I walked over thinking what I should say or do. Before I could do anything, he passed me two cards.

Me: “Erm… Thank you.”

Eugene: (Smirked.) “Whatever for?”

Me: “Returning the cards to us.”

Eugene: “Just don’t do things like that again. I am hungry. Just ended work. Want to grab supper?”

Me: (Shocked by the question.) “Oh. Ok. Sure.”

Eugene: “Anywhere to recommend?”

Me: “Just down the road there is a 24 hours prata store.”

Eugene: “Let’s go.”

The journey to the store was quiet. We talked a bit in the prata store, but were just passing conversation. However, things were more than what I expected after the meal.

Nedra‘s account

We went back to his car, and he started driving. The journey was unfamiliar.

Me: “Where are we going?”

Eugene: “You’ll find out soon. Don’t worry. Not going to sell you off.”

Me: “Erm. Ok.” (Smiling reluctantly.)

Eugene: “So how long have you and boyfriend been together?”

Me: “About six months.”

Eugene: “Wah! Six months and you guys are doing such things!”

Me: (Smiling to hide my embarrassment.) “Erm… Ya.”

Eugene: “Teenagers nowadays are so different man.”

The journey carried on with him telling me about his secondary school life. The car started going upslope and passed a signboard, Mount Faber.

Me: “Mount Faber!” (Remembering the time.)

Eugene: “Yup. I used to come here with my girlfriend when I was younger.”

Me: “Oh. You’re single?”

Eugene: “Sadly, my job doesn’t allow me to have other commitments.”

Me: “That’s sad. You look like a nice guy.”

Eugene: (Smiled.)

The car stopped at a secluded car park and we sat in the car continuing our conversation.

Eugene: “So, your boyfriend and you does it a lot?”

Me: “Does what?”

Eugene: “You don’t act blur la. You know what I mean.”

Me: “Huh? Oh. Erm. Ya. Quite.”

Eugene: “Always in the public?”

Me: “Erm. Ya.” (Answering shyly.)

Eugene: “Why? Got the thrill and shiok is it?”

Me: “No! But yes. Aiya.”

Eugene: (Laughing away.) “Someone is shy is it!”

Me: “Ya la! This kind of things, will shy one leh.”

Eugene: “So where you guys done it before?”

Me: “Staircase, public toilets, library, Mount Faber?”

Eugene: “Mount Faber? Here? Haha! Doesn’t it bring back memories?”

Me: (Giggles.) “Ya.”

Our conversation continued and the topics revolved around my sex life. The conversation soon got hotter.

Nedra‘s account

Eugene: “Ever thought of doing it in the car?”

Me: “Huh? We’re so young, where got thought of doing it in the car before.”

Eugene: “Haha. So got think before?”

Me: “Erm… Ya. But we also got no car.”

Eugene: “Then what you’re sitting on now?”

Me: “Huh? What you mean?”

Eugene: “You know what I mean.”

His sentence took me aback. What did he mean by that? My mind was going wild with thoughts and I felt a tinge of wetness.

Me: “Erm… I…”

Before I could say anything, he bent over to kiss me. I tried to struggle but was locked down by his weight. His left hand was roaming around my thigh with his right on the controller lowering the chair. Just as the chair reached the maximum, his right hand went into my loose t-shirt and groped my stomach. As much that I didn’t want this to happen, I was actually enjoying his touch. His hands soon found its way to my back and unclipped my bra. At that moment, his hands pulled off my t-shirt and bra with ease. My hands came forward to cover my modesty, with him admiring my now half naked body.

Me: “What are you trying to do?”

Eugene: “Fulfilling your fantasy.”

With that, he pulled my hands away and licked my erected nipples. I was feeling shivers down my spine as I tried to fight back the ecstasy and enjoyment.

Me: “Stop. We’re in the public.”

Eugene: “You like it in the public, don’t you?”

Me: “But… Mmm…”

He continued to attack my breasts and my hands went around his head. I had lost to the ecstasy…

Nedra‘s account

Soon, my panties were wet with him rubbing through my FBT shorts. I was trying my best to cover my moans and before I knew it, he took off my FBT and panties. I was naked in a BMW parked on Mount Faber, with a man who I knew for less than a day. His fingers went on to rub my clit and I was moaning away.

Me: (Moaning.) “Stop. You’re making me wet.”

Eugene: “I know. Your hot body is making me hard.”

He then started to finger me and I could hear wet naughty sounds. His fingers went hard and fast, making me feel like cumming. Suddenly, he stopped. I opened my eyes, seeing him opened his door and walked out and over to my side. He opened my door and looked at me.

Eugene: “Blindfold yourself with your t-shirt.”

Me: “Why?”

Eugene: “So you can enjoy more. Don’t worry.”

In the midst of enjoyment, I agreed to him. Just as I blindfolded myself, he resumed to fingering me with my pussy now facing outwards. I felt his tongue licking my clit as he fingered me. I used my hands to cover my moans. He was good at what he was doing. At that moment, I totally forgot about my boyfriend. He suddenly stopped and there was a long wait.

Me: “Erm, are you there?”

Eugene: “Yes, I am. Don’t worry.”

Me: “What are you doing?”

Eugene: “Going to finger you again.”

Me: “Ok.”

With that said, I felt his fingers rubbing my pussy. This time, it was slow, but great. He inserted one finger, then removed. He then inserted two, and I felt my pussy stretched. He then removed it again. Then, he inserted in again, but this time, it was thicker. It slowly went in and I could feel it stretching my pussy.

Nedra‘s account

Me: “Ah…”

Eugene: “You like it?”

Me: “Yes. Deep…er…”

Eugene: “As you wish.”

He continued to push in and soon, it filled me. I could feel it hitting the base of my pussy and felt really thick. He bent over to kiss me and I felt his fingers go in deeper. With that, he took off my blindfolds. I felt his hands on my breast. At that time, I found out he wasn’t fingering me at all. I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw his manhood inside me.

Eugene: “Like what you see?”

Me: “I thought you were fingering me.”

Eugene: “That’s what you thought.” (Pushing it deeper.)

Me: “Ahh… How… Could… You…”

Eugene: “You were the one who told me to push it in deeper.”

Right after that sentence, he started pumping me. His long and thick manhood went in and out of me smoothly as I was really damn wet. I was now being fucked by a man who I knew for less than a day. I covered my mouth as he fucked long and hard. His manhood was a lot longer, thicker, and satisfying than my boyfriend’s. He then stopped again.

Eugene: “Come out.”

Me: (Nodded and followed as he led me to the boot of the car.)

Eugene: “Bend over.”

As my pussy was begging to be entered again, I followed each and every of his commands. As I bent down, I felt cold metal touched my nipples. Jumping back slightly due to the cold, I felt his manhood entered me. I let out a loud moan. He resumed pumping me doggy style which reached in deep. I was lost in enjoyment.

About fifteen minutes passed and I was on the verge of cumming.

Me: “Eugene… I’m… Cumm…ing…”

Eugene: “Me too.”

He started to pump me faster and deeper. As it stopped to hit the base of my pussy, I shivered as I had an orgasm. Then I felt warm liquid filling my pussy as he pushed it deep. He came inside of me. As he pulled out of me, I felt liquid flowing down my thigh. We cleaned up and dressed up. I didn’t worry about pregnancy as it was the safe time of the month. And that marked my first sex experience in the car and first experience having someone to cum inside me.

Nedra didn’t share her account with me. I was kept in the dark all the way. But that wasn’t the point. There was this account that I had in the brother’s chalet. His name was Mike.

I was invited to his birthday party and I decided to bring my Nedra along. I kind of wanted to show off that ‘I got a girlfriend!’ Who didn’t at that point of time? Anyway, we reached xxx resort hand in hand, clearly forgotten about the incident with Eugene, and so I thought after we got back our student cards.

Mike’s chalet was not hard to find. Loud music and screaming girls, great mix of hot secondary school girls in spaghetti straps and FBT’s with guys in the typical beer singlets. That must be the one.

Mike: “Coffee! Glad that you could make it.”

Me: “Bro, what’s up!? Happy birthday. Anyway, this is Nedra, my girlfriend.”

Mike: “Wah! Grow up already hor, got a girlfriend. And not bad looking too.”

Nedra just gave a sweet smile and a tiny wave. At this point, it was very clear that Mike was checking my girlfriend out. I felt a tinge of accomplishment.

Nedra was wearing a miniskirt and a white tank top that night. With her appearance to the chalet, it was very clear that all eyes were now on her. Even the girls were now stealing a glimpse of her. The night was pretty much like how a chalet party should be. Loud music, screaming girls, and loads of booze and smoke. Nedra and I were sitting at a corner of the living room, sipping our vodka away and watching the guys play Fifa when Mike came with two cups of drinks.

Mike: “Bro, why look so sian here? Come, drink this. Good stuff.”

The cups of drink looked like nothing I had ever drank before. The dark liquid with foam floating on top looked so death threatening that you could make out an image of a skull.

Me: “What is this? Looks dangerous bro.”

Mike: “Don’t worry bro. Try, it’s good stuff.” (Down his cup.)

Seeing him down the cup with ease, I thought to myself that I cannot lose out to this fellow in front of my girlfriend.

Me: “Ok bro, I trust you.” (Down my cup.)

With that, I could feel a warm sensation going down my throat. The drink tasted better than Graveyard, but you can tell that there was more kick in this one. In a few moments, I was high. I brought Nedra to the bar top and we got ourselves more drinks.

Nedra: “Baby, don’t drink too much already can? You drank quite a lot le.”

Me: “Don’t worry dear. We are here to enjoy isn’t it?” (Down another cup of vodka.)

Mike came by with his face flushed.

Mike: “Dude, there is a beach party going on down the road. Want to go down and have fun?”

I turned my head to look at Nedra. Her eyes looked at me with anticipation. I turned my head back to Mike.

Me: “Why not? Let’s go!”

A few of us then went out of our chalet and proceeded to a party that we will never forget.

As we proceeded to the party, Mike was walking behind us with the rest of the guys and girls. I can hear the guys whispering things to each other, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. All I guessed was that they were checking out my girlfriend from the back. The girls on the other hand was bitching about everything and anything.

From a distance away, we could see lights and heard blasting tunes. We were now very close to the beach party. By the time we reached there, I saw this ridiculously long queue of people waiting to enter the party. I turned back to look at Mike.

Me: “Bro, now how? I think by the time we enter, the party would already ended.”

Mike: “Don’t worry bro. I am on the guest list. But I can only bring three girls in.”

There were a total of seven of us there, which meant only three of us will have to queue.

Mike: “Ok. How about this. Jodi, Linda and Nedra will head in together with me. Then the rest of you take the queue and say you all want to open bottle?”

Brandon: “Yeh. I guess you all just go to the side and say you all want open table. I believe that would be faster.”

The rest of the guys nodded their head in agreement. Nedra then went to my ears and whispered to me.

Nedra: “Dear, I queue with you la. Like that we can go in together.”

Me: “Don’t be silly. You go in with them first. I will join very quickly one.”

Nedra: “But I don’t know them.”

Me: “You go in will know them le lor.”

Nedra reluctantly nodded her head. By that time, Mike was already walking to the entrance of the party. Linda and Jodi dragged Nedra and followed suit. As soon as they entered, I lost sight of Nedra in the crowd.

Brandon, Darryl and myself proceeded to head to the front and proceeded with the plan. It took us about fifteen minutes before we reached the front and started to bargain with the door bitch. It took us quite a while before we could come to an agreement. After another 30 minutes of bargaining, we were finally in.

The three of us looked around trying to find the rest of them, but the crowd was overwhelming. The next thing that came to my mind was if a fire was to break out, which direction was I supposed to run. We should always look out for emergency exits just in case. Safety message aside, the three of us decided to split up and find the rest of them.

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