My Story: Garena Chat Room


It was 19th June 2013 that I first started chatting with her online.

That day, I was bored playing my DOTA in Garena and decided to rest for a moment while smoking in front of my computer. Suddenly I noticed a girl with a very lustful nick (It caught my attention the moment she entered the chat room.), and well, I felt the intense urge to PM her immediately.

Me: “Are you new to here? I have never seen you before.”

Waited for some time before she started to reply me, so I thought she wouldn’t even reply me, and when I was just about to close the conversion window, she replied.

She: “Ya, I am new to here and I have recently created an account in Garena to play online with my friends.”

Me: “Is there any game now? Could I have the honor to join you for a game?”

She: “Yes, please wait for a while as my friend is trying to get into the room.”

Me: “Ok, I will wait for your friend to create the game.”

Me: “Could I ask you something?”

She: “What?”

Me: “Your nick is very special.”

She: “Yes, I can’t think of any good nick, so I pick this nick.”

Me: “Is there any meaning to your nick? It is quite arousing you know!”

She: “Haha, for me to know, for you to find out!”

Me: “Wah… Bully sia! How I suppose to find out? Is it due to your high sexual desire?”

She: “My friend is here, join his game, we chat in the game.”

So I joined her friend’s game and teamed up with her together. In the game, had some decent chat with her and managed to dig out some information like her age, her height, weight, workplace, hobby etc…

She’s 28 years old, height about 155 cm, weight about 50 kg, and she was working in the city area.

I was really enjoying my game while chatting with her inside. I knew she’s a newbie to DOTA and she’s not good at playing it. Hence, I was always beside her character during the game to prevent her from feeding.

After the match, even though we lost quite badly, however, she was thankful for my effort protecting her (Actually, don’t want her to die and feed too much.).

After several DOTA gaming sessions with her on that day, she got tired and went off to bed. I saw the clock on the wall and it was about 2.00 am.

In order to maintain contact with her, I asked her for her hand phone number, so I could message her tomorrow for a game again. What I didn’t expect was that she just gave me her number upon asking.

The next day, when I reached office in the morning, I decided to drop her a morning message. We chatted for a while in the whatapp and asked her out for lunch. Her lunch time was from 1 pm to 2 pm. At that time, I was very curious on her looks and I had intensive urge looking forward to meet her in person.

I left my office about 11.30 am to ensure I reached her office before her lunch time, so I could have more time to chat with her. However, due to traffic jam and losing my way, I reached her office just nice about 1 pm.

I waited at her workplace lobby for her to come down. When I first saw her, she was wearing a white shirt (Spaghetti.), with her bra strap revealing outside. She had a sweet looking face, had a nice figure with a 34B cup boob.

After the lunch with her, we had a chat and inevitable that we started talking dirty stuff.

Me: “What’s your boob size?”

She: “B cup, you want to see? Or feel it? LOL.”

This response raised my sex desire and I could feel my rod expanding.

Me: “Tempting me arh?”

She: *Giggle*

She: “I have high expectation and high sex drive. I will need my guy to be able to cum two times to satisfy me.”

At this moment, my rod was full with blood and I could feel that she’s hinting something to me.

Me: “Are you tired, I have learned some massage skill and I believe I am quite good at it. Are you free later after work?”

She: “You so fast want to eat me up arh?”

Me: “Just want to try to see if I am able to satisfy you or not ma.”

She: “There’s a Fragrance Hotel nearby here you know?”

Me: “Is it? How about I come fetch you after work later to take a look?”

She: “Okay, see you later again. I need to go back to work.”

As per promised, after my work, I straight away rushed down to her workplace. And again, I lost my way and reached her workplace a bit late due to traffic jam. Upon reaching her workplace, she was already patiently waiting in the car park for me.

When she hopped into my car, I felt so nervous. At the same time, my sexual desire reached the max boiling point. Foreseeing that we will have some fun later together, I kept thinking about how to start the conversion with her.

She: “Ehh… Why are you so quiet? Let’s go to the hotel!”

Me: “Ok.”

To be frank, I didn’t do my homework to locate the nearest hotel nearby her workplace. Hence, I took out my phone to search for the nearest hotel. But didn’t know if I was suay (Unlucky.), that day, the first hotel we went was full, so we went to the second hotel to try our luck. But damn it, the second hotel was full also. So we went back inside the car to source for the next nearest hotel. When we reached the third hotel, I was damn upset, as it was also full.

But fortunately the fourth hotel we went to have room available for us, I was so happy. While we were checking in to the room, I was busy looking around for the metal machine.

She: “What are you looking for?”

Me: “Ahem, I am looking for the condom dispenser.”

She: “Why do you want to buy the condom?”

Me: *Shy* “I thought we are going…”

She: “You are going to massage for me isn’t it?”

Me: “Oh ya!”

We collected the key from the receptionist and walked up to the room. Upon entering the room, she began undressing herself to have a bath in the toilet. I was so shy that moment and thought of undressing myself to join her in the bath too. However, my eyes were too busy concentrating and waiting for her to strip her bra off.

When she’s totally naked after the stripping session, I was stunned there. She had a slim, firm body and her pair of lovely shaped breasts with perky nipples was what I had been dreaming to die for.

Before I could complete my visual examination of her whole body, she went into the toilet to bath, with the toilet door slightly ajar.

While she was bathing in the toilet, I could feel my rod pressing through my trousers, and I was busy peeping through the gap she left open ajar. In my mind, I was thinking this time ‘Jialat liao, what should I do when she come out?’

My hard-on rod was pressurized with blood, knowing that my underwear was unable to contain it. Hoping that she wouldn’t notice my erection, so I loosened my belt slightly to conceal the activity going on in my trousers, worrying that she might tease at me when she came out from the toilet.

Then she came out of the toilet with a towel wrapping around her body. I quickly put my hand into my pocket to prevent my rod from making an obvious lump in my trouser. She looked up at me, her soft tone of voice.

She: “It’s your turn to bath.”

Me: “Ok, you rest on the bed first. I will be out from the toilet soon.”

Before I entered the toilet, I could see her sitting onto the edge of the bed. The towel wrapped on her did not block my view from peeping onto the area between her legs. This situation made me feel very lustful and aroused, I could not hold it much longer.

After my bath, I came out from the toilet naked with my erected rod facing her. She had removed her wrapped towel and was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Me: “Yeah! I am done. Could you lay down on the bed with your back facing me?”

She: “Why?”

Me: “I am going to give you a relaxing, soothing massage.”

She obediently got up and I could see her firm and round breasts bounced off beautifully. She was too absorbed in looking for a good spot on the bed to lay down and never noticed I was staring at her. My rod twitched and I felt a dribble of liquid oozed out from its slit. She crawled up onto the bed and lay down.

She was lying comfortably on the bed, so I got up on top of her. She was in between my leg and I was wondering where to rest my rod. Her butt was in a clear view, so I positioned myself near to her tight and firm backside and sat just below her butt and mounted my rod on the cliff of her backside.

She wriggled her ass strongly and turned her head around.

She: “Ohh… Somebody is cheeky ah? So hard already.”

Me: “You can feel it? Are you comfortable that I rest my rod here?”

She: “Ahh… Yes… But don’t penetrate in.”

Me: “Ok, relax your muscle, I will not thrust in.”

And so I began to massage her back. She was resting comfortably while I massaged her back and I could feel that she’s enjoying it. Molten pleasure engulfed me and I started to move my hand nearer to the side of her breasts. Gently caressing the side of her breasts, I could hear her soft moaning sounds.

It was too difficult for her to stand that sweet torture, I could feel her sexual desire as she was twitching her body non-stop and I could notice some of her moisture trickled down. I slowly got up and moved myself downward.

Me: “How’s my massage? Do you like it?”

She: “It’s great! I am loving it!”

Me: “I gonna stop arousing you by caressing your boob. Could you spread your leg slightly open so I could massage your leg?”

She: “Uhhh…?”

Me: “Relax! I am going to massage your leg to let you enjoy more.”

She: “Don’t make me horny, you will regret.”

After she finished her statement, she spread both of her legs slightly open. I started to massage her leg and slowly reached her inner thighs. I paused for a while at that area and slowly moved up to her pussy area. She did not stop me and was enjoying it.

As I was moving my hand up to her pussy, she moaned and tightened her leg. At this moment, I knew she was aroused and wet.

Me: “Relax your leg muscle.”

She: “Mmmm… Hmmmm…”

I didn’t care about her and pushed her leg wider. Moving my hand near to her and I could feel the wet pussy juice streaming out. Massaged the entrance of her pussy and applying more pressure to arouse her.

She: “I cannot stand it already, please stop.”

Me: “I just started the massage only.”

She: “You are caressing my sensitive area, I cannot stand it! I need something to fill me up!”

Me: “You want me to finger you?”

She nodded her head. And I slowly inserted my middle finger into her. She twitched and moaned loudly. With my finger inside her pussy, I could feel her G-spot area, it was so soft and I played at that area for a while.

Me: “Could you turn around?”

She obediently turned herself around and I noticed that her juice had wetted part of the bed. She looked shy and tried to use her hand to cover her boob.

Me: “You enjoying?”

She: “Yeah.”

And she spread open her leg for me to get into missionary position. I stared at her breasts, it was indeed very lovely, the erected pinky nipple of hers were pointed and my urge to caress her breasts tempted me to push her hands away.

Trying to turn on her more and made her more lustful, I positioned my dick just directly outside her pussy, and only inserted the dick head into her pussy.

She: “Why don’t you thrust in?”

Me: “I wanna let you enjoy more before the final finale.”

I moved my hand toward her breasts and circled my finger around her nipple. The sight of her beautiful breasts and pointed nipples aroused me. Grabbing her breast hard, I began to lower my head to suck her nipples.

While I was sucking and licking her nipple, I could feel her whole body trembling, her heavy breathing and her aroused moaning sounds. This moment, I could feel that I was halfway on the route to heaven.

As my dick head was just on contact on her pussy entrance, I could feel the tension in her pussy. There’s many times she had tried to move herself lower to force my dick to penetrate in deeper into her pussy.

She: “You are naughty! You’re making me super horny!”

Me: “Heehee…” (Giggled at her.)

She: “Don’t torture me already, I cannot stand it!”

Me: “Is it comfortable? How’s my tongue skill?”

She: “It’s great, I like it. But I cannot stand it, it is too sensational.”

Me: “Really?”

She: “Yeeeaaaaahhh!!!” (While she moaned.)

She: “Dar, how about you rest a while and let me service you?”

Me: “What are you going to do?”

She: “You rest on the bed while I give you a blow job, I am very good in it and I am sure it’ll satisfy you.”

I smiled at her and slowly rested myself onto the bed beside her. Immediately, she pounced up onto me and grabbed my shaft with her hand. She was gripping my shaft so tight that I could feel that the blood on my dick was trapped.

She: “You don’t have a condom you know?”

Me: “Yeah. So I cannot have sex with you today. You are bad!” (In a joking manner.)

She: (Giggled.) “I love to have sex without a condom, I don’t like the plastic skin of the condom.”

She: “This is why I stop you from buying it just now, I prefer raw so I could feel the warmth of your dick.”

While chatting, she used her other hand to caress my ball. The feeling was definitely irresistible. The tightness of her gripping the shaft and her finger gently circling around my ball. This was definitely a non-forgettable moment.

I twitted my dick a few times and she knew that I was hinting her to start on her blowjob. She slowly lowered down her head and started blowing and sucking my dick. While she was sucking, she grabbed my hand and placed them onto her breasts.

I was enjoying her blowjob and at the same time, busy fondling and squeezing her breasts. Her asserts were wonderful, soft and bouncy. Especially her erected nipples, loved to circle my finger around there.

She: “How’s my blowjob?”

Me: “It’s wonderful. You are great!”

I closed my eye to enjoy her blowjob. I could feel her mouth and tongue working on my rod. And she’s sucking it very deeply. This was the best moment and I felt like I had arrived at the doorstep of the heaven, waiting for the gate to open. Her soft moan at every blow was causing my endurance to dissipate.

Her blowjob was awesome and it was too shiok, the feel of her lips wrapped around my rod and the pressure she used her tongue to push my rod. Her hands were also busy working back and forth on my shaft while she blew. That felt amazing and I was about to lost control of myself.

Me: “Dar, I ‘m going insane soon.” (Moaned in pleasure.)

She: (Giggled and smiling mischievously.)

She held her position and licked the head of my dick and sucked hard on the tip of my dick. She began twisting her hand around my dick, she twisted up as she slid up my shaft and then sucked hard as she ran her lips and tongue down to my dick. I could feel that she’s trying to deep-throat and knew I was going to explode soon.

Me: “I am going to cum soon.” (Groaning quietly.)

She stopped the activity on my shaft and gently caressing my balls with her fingers. Slowly she moved herself up to my dick and positioned herself to her cowgirl position. I was feeling too shiok and didn’t notice she had actually positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy. And when I realized it, she was already lowering herself onto my dick.

She: “Ohhh… Arhhh…” (Moaned loudly.)

Me: “That was good. You came in without letting me know.” (Panting.)

She: (Giggled.) “I am a naughty girl you know?”

I could feel that she had completely got my dick inside her and my dick could feel her juicy wet cunt, her pussy was so tight, the feel was just like I was poking into a virgin. She paused for a while once my dick was fully inside her. Suddenly, she gave a few quick and hard thrusts. Oh god, it was too sudden and without control, I released a long moan to let her knew that I liked it.

It’s obvious that she knew that I liked it a lot and she was moving up and down on my dick like no tomorrow. Her bouncy breasts, it was just too irresistible, could see both breasts bouncing non-stop in front of me while she’s rocking. I was truly enjoying it, she had the power to rock the whole bed moving.

Me: “It’s too great, I am cumming soon, and I cannot endure anymore.”

She: “Hold on a while longer dar, I know you can endure it.” (While she thrusted harder onto me.)

Me: “I really cannot control le!!!!!!” (Moaning and screaming!!!)

She hurried to get herself up and prepared to jack me off. Using her hand, she tightly tugged and pulled my dick violently. I was like a fucking volcano, erupting my load out. She continued to shuffle my shaft till I relaxed my whole body. When I was done, she smiled at me and massaged my balls for some time.

She: “Was it good?”

Me: “I just went to heaven, but got teleport back.”

She: “Still thinking about the game, arh?”

Me: (Smiling.) “It’s very shiok and I simply loved it.”

She: “You know what?”

Me: “…?”

She: “You rest for a while, we still got another round to play.”

Me: “Whattt??? You serious?” (I hesitated.)

She: “I told you! You will regret if you make me horny. Didn’t I?”

I rested for a while and got up for a bath to wash off the sticky load on me. She stood up and followed behind me to the toilet. I turned on the water to my desired temperature and looked at her. She smiled back at me with a satisfied look. I guessed she did enjoy the session just now.

Pressing the soap dispenser, she wasted a handful of soap and poured them onto my limp dick.

She: “There’s sperm on your dick. I got to make sure you wash these well.” (Giggled.)

Me: “You naughty huh? Be gentle, ok?”

She: “I am always gentle, I will take good care of you.” (While she started to massage my soapy dick with her hands.)

Me: “Thanks dar, you are so great.” (Whispered in her ear.)

I shut my eye half-closed as I savored that wonderful, sensuous feeling of complete relaxation and wrapped both arms around her. Knowing how sensitive my dick was after the hard time, she was actually providing a soothing massage for my dick, gently squeezing and massaging it.

She: “How’s this dar? Is this better compare to your own self masturbate?”

Me: “Yaaa, it is better.” (Relaxing my whole body.)

Slowly, she got her lips closer to my chest and licked around my nipple. This moment, I could feel my orgasm building up deep inside my ball and my dick was growing hard again.

She: “Dar, if you feel the feeling of cum, don’t hold back, just cum.”

She: “I want to see your hot cum shooting again.”

Me: “Huummmmm…” (Sighing in pleasure while nodding my head.)

She: “Just maintain the way you are now and relax your body. Could you feel the climax? Could you feel your hot cum boiling?” (Whispering.)

She: “Make your rod harder a bit, it is getting warm, my pussy is missing your rod.”

Actually, I didn’t intend to release myself again, I only wanted to enjoy the moment of massage from her hands on my dick. But somehow her sentences inducted a mental message to my brain. And the lust of cumming was stronger and stronger. (I wondered if she’s studying psychology at her university.)

Ultimately, I could not bear it any longer, let out a shriek of pleasure and tightened myself. I knew I couldn’t control myself anymore and twitted my dick a few times to signal her to faster a bit. However, she immediately placed her hand over my dick, stopping me from cumming. Bringing me to the very point of climaxing and stopping when I was about to release.

She: “Shiok right? You are cumming soon hor?” (Teasing me with a seductive look.)

She: “Just now you make me so wet with your massage, and don’t want to fill me with your dick. You make me suffer so terribly just now and now is my revenge.”

Me: “??????????????” (Looking at her with a stunned look.)

She: “Just kidding la, I am saving it for later part.”

She: “Later on will be very exciting, I don’t wanna to stress you out.”

Me: “You are already making me stress now, don’t tell me you wanna to make me regret making you horny wor later!”

She: (Giggled.) “Later sure satisfy you for sure.” (Took the shower head and rinsed off the soap on my dick.)

She: “Ok le, you go wait for me first, I need to wash my below also.” (With her super seductive look.)

Obediently, I took my towel and walked out of the toilet. After drying myself, I laid down onto the bed and took a rest. Wondering in my mind, what’s she thinking? What’s she going to do later? She’s full of surprises and I couldn’t guess her.

After a while, she came out from the toilet. She turned off the light and made the room very dark. And I was more curious on what she’s going to do next. She slowly walked over to the bed and used her hands to touch around the bed to find me.

Me: “Dar, why did you turn off the light till so dark?”

She: “For you to have a better atmosphere to sleep ma.”

Me: “How can I sleep when I am so excited now?”

She: “You just closed your eye and try to sleep.”

I listened to her and closed my eye pretending to be asleep. Then she climbed onto me with her breasts resting on my face. Slowly, she positioned her nipples onto my lip, the sensational feeling of her pointed nipple rubbing against my lips. They were so hard! So I opened my mouth slightly, allowing her nipples to enter it, gave her a suck on her nipples.

She moaned slowly and moved her hand desperately to locate my flaccid rod, caressing my rod till I got almost erected. At this moment, I could feel her pussy flooded with her wet glistening juice around her bum and thighs.

She: “Dar, could I sit on your face? I want to suck your dick.” (Brushing her nipples against my lips.)

Me: “You wanna 69? I have never tried it before. Will you squirted onto me?”

She: “Don’t you like it that way?” (Pumping my rod faster with her hand.)

Me: “Ahhhhhh…” (Moaned in pleasure.)

She moved herself up and turned her body around. Sliding her nipples from my chest to my stomach. Soon, I could feel her tongue running down my shaft, gracefully licking my rod. Her movement was so swift that I didn’t have any time to reject her. She seemed to love blow jobs a lot and her blow job was super good.

Facing her pussy, I tried to stick out my tongue and circled it around her clit. Immediately, she released a loud moan of satisfaction, slid my rod deeper into her throat and I could feel her nose pushing against my ball. I knew she loved it, so I pushed my tongue with more strength onto her clit.

During this moment, I could feel her pussy twitting and her body was trembling. Hence, I tried poking my tongue deeper into her pussy. Immediately, she let out a loud moan. She was enjoying this moment and blew my dick stronger.

By this point, I could feel my cum was queuing up, waiting to be released. Trying to hold back wanting to play with her a while longer, I used the tip of my tongue more rapidly nudging across her clit. Uncontrollably, she slowed down her blowjob as she was unable to catch her breathe with my dick in her mouth. She was moaning while my cock was in her mouth and she took short yelped breathes every time she let my dick slid free.

Suddenly, I could feel that her thighs were clamping my head tightly and her speed of blowing was faster and stronger. As her blowjob was too good, I couldn’t control myself anymore and I was not able to hold back anymore. I let out a long loud moan and twitted my dick a few time in her mouth.

Upon hearing my moan, she started to blow even more violently knowing that I was going to release soon. This moment my body lost its strength and my cum was oozing out from me. Uncontrollably, my cum erupted out in her mouth. She continued to glide her lips down my shaft till I completely finished my explosion.

My whole body completely weakened and rested on the bed helplessly. She got off the bed and went to turn on the light. I opened my eye and looked at her, she came closer to me lying beside me and opened her mouth to show me her tongue with my cum on it. I gave her a smile and she swallowed my load down her throat.

As I was over-weakened, I wrapped my arm around her and fell asleep.



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