My Story – Betrayal of a Buddy


I have always advocate that while all of us comes out to play, we need to abide by certain moral values relating to brotherhood but unfortunately, I regret to say that I myself have broken this value the day I fucked my buddy’s wife.

Jason was a good buddy of mine. We first got to know each other while working in the same company and honestly, it never occurred to me that we would become great buddies. When I first started to befriend him, it was never my intention to become good buddies, but merely because by being with friends with him, it would give me the opportunity to see more of his sexy wife. I remember it was about 5 years ago when Jason joined out company and I first got to meet his wife, Alicia during our company annual dinner. Until that point, both Jason and I were simply colleagues and nothing else. We hardly talk other than for work and I had never joined him and the rest for their regular Friday drinks. However, during that fateful night, I saw Alicia for the very first time when he brought her along for our annual dinner and I was smitten by her at first sight.

Until this day, I can vividly remember that night. She was dressed in a low cut figure hugging short dress that showed off her ample 32B boobs and perfect ass. Her slim body was just perfect for those B cup breasts. Clearly, she was the limelight that night as no other girls present could hold a candle to her. It was no surprise that she was easily selected as the most well dressed female of that night. She was the talk of the night and most of our male colleagues were making crude remarks about her body and how they wished they could fuck her. I stayed away from all these talks as she was in my eyes, the perfect woman. I was madly in love with this woman, despite being a happily married man and all I could think of was how I could get to know her better. By chance, I found out that Jason had brought her regularly to the Friday night drinking session and I made up my mind that very night that I had to join them at all cost.

Slowly but surely, I started mixing with Jason and the rest of the gang and became a drinking kakis. Without fail, I would join on the Friday night drinks, eagerly waiting for Alicia to appear. She didn’t always join the sessions but I was contented to see her every now and then. Over the years, I became very close to Jason and even started to have family gathering with them, just so that I could see Alicia.

Fortunately or unfortunately, our constant gathering had fostered my friendship with Jason. It was never my intention but as time went by, he started to refer me as ‘brother’ and in order to stay in contact with Alicia, I played along, offering help and assistance whenever he needed it.

Time passes quickly and I was soon promoted and became the GM of the company while Jason continues to treat me as his closest friend. I admit that over the course of the past years, I have grown to accept that I would only be able to observe her from far. Whenever Jason tells me about how they made love, it was like a knife plunging deep into my heart. I could only smile and praise him for having such a great wife. In fact, every time that I made love to my wife, all that I could imagine was me fucking Alicia as I push my cock in and out of my wife. I was on the verge of giving up hope on her and in fact was ready to forget her and merely treat her as the wife of a close buddy, as I have slowly come to accept that Jason was indeed a great buddy, until that fateful event made me become the devil that I am today.

It happened about a year ago. Due to some problems with an overseas customer, both Jason and I had to make an urgent oversea trip. Jason had informed me that he had already planned to take leave as it was their wedding anniversary but as the problem was critical, I suggested that he brought Alicia along and once we settle the problem with the customer, he could stay on with her at the company expense. To cut a long story short, she agreed to the arrangement and we were soon in Shanghai attending to our customer problem. After much trial and error, we manage to resolve the problem and I remembered clearly that it was the eve of their wedding anniversary that we had a dinner celebration with our customers where Alicia also joined. I had not planned for anything other than just another opportunity to see Alicia again. However, during the dinner, our clients was continuously trying to get us to drink and Jason being the good drinker, was constantly being challenged to down one glass of red wine after another. By the time we finished and got back to the hotel at 11pm, Jason was already dead drunk and both Alicia and I had a hard time to carry him to their room.

Soon, I was back in my room and had just taken my bath when the phone rang. It was Alicia and she said that she was feeling bored and asked if I wanted to join her for a drink at the hotel bar. What a question! I would be crazy to reject an opportunity to be with her alone. In a matter of minutes, I was down at the bar, waiting for her to arrive. She turned up a few minutes later; still wearing her lovely low cut short dress that she had worn for dinner.

We chatted and chatted while we sip on our wine. We then started to play dice games as it was getting boring and she ended up drinking more that she could handle. By the time we left at the bar at 2am, she was just as drunk as Jason. I held her as we returned to their room and I admitted that I took advantage of the situation by holding her around the chest, allowing me to feel her great bosom.

Once back into their room, I gently lowered her on to the bed beside Jason and checked on both of them. Both were dead drunk and wasn’t responding to me gentle whispers. I stood there and stared at the beautiful Alicia for a few more minutes before starting to make my way to the door. Evil thoughts began filling my head as I near the door. Damn, this was a chance of a lifetime. I don’t think I would ever have a second chance like this to get to see Alicia bare body. I stood at the door fighting hard against my moral and lust. I knew that whatever I plan to do was wrong but my lust for her was taking control. Finally, I succumbed to my lust and started walking back to the bed.

I sat on the bed beside Alicia and started to shake her lightly to check if she was still in a state of comatose. She didn’t show any response and I started to slowly unbutton her dress. One by one they came off and I flipped open her dress to expose her bra. My heart was pounding hard as I slipped my hands to her back to unclasp the bra hook. Even second that went by was a heart stopping moment as I was afraid my action would wake her up. The few seconds that it took for me to unhook her bra went pass agonizingly slow. Finally, it was unhooked and I gently lifted her bra up to her neck, exposing those pair of creamy and succulent breast of hers. That ecstatic feeling of seeing her bare breast was indescribable. I kept staring at them for a long time; not knowing if I should touched them. I was even of the contemplating to leave as I have finally gotten to see her beautifully shaped breast. However, the lust in me was insatiable. I had to feel them, taste them. I finally gathered enough courage and started to gently massage them. I kept looking her to ensure she was woken up by my movements. The minutes went by slowly as I continued to fondle her breast, while my cock cried out to be release from the confines of my pants.

I quickly unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants and underwear to my knees as my cock sprang upwards as it was finally released from captivity. I started rubbing myself as I continued to massage her boobs. All these while, my heart kept pumping faster and faster as the fear of either of them waking up remain. It must have been at least 10 minutes before I stopped and checked on the state of both of them. They were still deeply in sleep and I pluck up enough courage to move to the next level.

Trying to be as gentle as possible, I started to pull her panty down as her neatly trim bush slowly came into full view. I took extra care to remove her panty from her legs and gently spread her legs. Her sweet little pink pussy was now fully expose and I started to use my finger to rub along her clitoris. Sensing no movement from her, I lowered my head and started to taste her sweet juices as my tongue push deep into her pussy. It was heaven for me. Here I was finally licking the sweet pussy of my dream gal. The gal whom I could only fantasize in the past was being licked in real by me. My cock was hard as steel as I licked and licked like there was no tomorrow.

I started to massage her succulent breast as I continued to lick her love hole. The minute pass slowly and I was in heaven, as her love juices flow and flow. By now, my cock was dying for some action and until today, I really don’t know where I found the courage to attempt such an audacious move but all I wanted was to fuck her now. I knew it was a big risk but I couldn’t take it. My lust for her overcome all my ability of rational thinking as I climbed on top of her and position my cock just in front of her pussy. I checked once more that both of them were still dead asleep before I gently push my cock into her pussy. Inch by inch it went in as I kept monitoring her for any signs of waking up. There wasn’t and in a flash, my cock was deep inside her pussy. It was surreal as I finally gotten my cock inside Alicia pussy. There was no turning back. I started to pump her as my cock went in and out of her wet pussy.

As I continued to fuck her deeply, she stirred slightly and started whispering Jason’s name. I was unsure if she was awake or merely dreaming. I didn’t care as I lower my body on to her and continue to fuck her hard as I suck on her beautiful breast. She was making light moaning sounds and I convince myself that she must be in her dreams. I really didn’t care as all I could think of was to fuck her as hard as I could. Within a few minutes, I could feel the tight sensation building up in my balls and I knew I was going to explore any moment. Knowing that she is on the pills, I gave one last big push and exploded my millions of sperm into her love hole.

I had finally gotten to fuck my dream gal. I didn’t care she was lying there like a piece of deadwood. All I cared was that I have fucked her and shot my thick cum inside her pussy. My senses quickly came back to me and I knew that there was one last thing I need to do before I leave. I pull out my cock and quickly used the bed sheets to wipe myself clean before standing up to put on my pants. All these while, I could see my thick white cum flowing out from her pussy and the joy of seeing that spectacle was truly amazing. Once dressed, I quickly moved to Jason and gently remove his pants and underwear. He was still dead asleep and the task was easily completed. The final task has been completed and when they both wake up in the morning, they would think that somehow in their drunken state, they had ended up having sex.

Taking one last look at her, I quickly got out of their room and return to mine in doubly quick time. I wasn’t sure what would happen tomorrow morning when they woke up but I was just feeling great having just fucked Alicia. Let’s deal with it come tomorrow but for tonight, I was just going to savor my satisfaction.

I was up early the next morning and was having breakfast when Jason appeared. He looked like he was still having a hangover. I made some casual talk and tried to find out if either of them found anything amiss. Apparently they didn’t as Jason told me that he was so knocked out, he couldn’t even remember having sex with Alicia. However, they both believed they did as they found themselves semi-naked the next morning and there were dried semen stains all over the bed. I was relieved that everything went as planned and soon we were joined by Alicia. She behaved normally and didn’t broach on the subject of what happened the night before.

We parted ways as I made my way back to the room to check out and return to Singapore while they continued on their holiday. Life was good.

Things resumed as normal when we were all back to Singapore. There weren’t any signs that they suspected anything was amiss and we continued to meet regularly while I continue to admire Alicia from afar. My initial satisfaction was soon over as I begun to lust for her even more. I wanted more. I was no longer satisfied that I had fucked Alicia. That fucking session now seem lame to me. No, I wanted a real fucking session. I wanted to hear her moan and beg me to fuck her. I wanted her to ride me as my cock pushes deep into her pussy. I begin thinking of all sorts of ways but alas, I could find neither solution nor opportunity.

When all seemed lost, the global financial meltdown suddenly presented me with the golden opportunity. I knew from my wife that Alicia had previously been buying substantial amounts of the mini bonds and I was sure they were now worthless and she would have made a huge loss. At the same time, I was forced to make employees cut due to the drop in demand and that was when an evil idea came to me.

I called Jason in to my office sometime in Nov and told him that unfortunately, due to poor sales results, the Singapore office would have to lay off our sales staff. I told him that even though I was his buddy, work is work and that he was one of those selected to be layoff. He was taken aback and pleaded with me to help him as his financial commitment was too high and even though he will be getting a retrenchment benefit, he was afraid he won’t be able to find another job in the near future due to the current situation. I pretended to be understanding but that my hands were tied and there was nothing I could do. However, he continued begging me to help him and at the last moment, I told him that I could arrange for him to be posted to our Indonesia office but at a reduced salary and also we won’t be able to afford to provide housing for both Alicia and him. The only thing I could do was to allow him to share an apartment with 2 of the other staff there but that would mean leaving Alicia back in Singapore.

He went back to discuss with Alicia and came back the next day to inform me that he had no choice but to accept what I could offer to him. I felt like a down right bastard when he thanked me continuously for helping him when it was all just a ploy to get him away so that I could plan my next move on Alicia. It was downright despicable of me to betray my ‘brother’ so that I could get the opportunity to fuck his wife, again.

Time passed quickly and we were approaching the end of the year while Jason has already been away for 6 weeks now. I knew Alicia was starting to feel lonely but I refrained from meeting her often in order not to give rise to suspicion. However, the few times I met her, I knew she was having trouble financially as she told me she had been drawing cash from her credit cards to repay her losses and she now finding it difficult to meet the monthly card payments. As she didn’t want Jason to know about her losses, she had been trying to find her own solution but I knew it was only a matter of time where she would need external help. I was now playing a cat and mouse game, waiting for the right opportunity to strike and knew it won’t be long before she came to me for help.

True enough, I received a call from her one late afternoon asking if I could meet her as she had some urgent matter that needed my help. She sounded rather desperate on the phone and I decided to play on her fear further by saying I was busy that evening but if she liked, I could drop by her place after my appointment but it might only be after 11pm.

I went out for a drink on my own and was thinking hard the whole night as to how I could plan my move. Several evil plans came to my mind but somehow, I just couldn’t find one that I felt was good enough. I finally decided that the best was to see how the situation develops and plan as it went along. I made my way out of the bar and reached her place on the dot at 11pm.

She greeted me at the door and I was disappointed to find her dress in simple Tee and track pants. Damn, it would have been nice if she had worn some sexy nightwear. We exchange the usual greeting and were soon seated on the sofa discussing the problem she was facing.

She told me that she hadn’t been paying up on 3 of her credit cards for a few months and the banks were now pressing for full payment and she was at her wits end. In summary, she pleaded with me to help her out by giving her a 10K loan but I told her there was no way I could draw out such a large sum of money without my wife knowing. She was at a loss as she didn’t want Jason to know about it and I told her it was impossible to hide it from him once my wife knows. I was playing on my luck when I kept suggesting that she should let Jason know though I knew that if she agreed, my opportunity would go up in ashes.

We deliberated on a few different method of how I could help her without Jason or my wife knowing but none of it seemed good enough. Finally, I decided that she was now reaching her desperate point and started to play my triumph card. I told her the only other solution was for me to borrow the sum from my other friends and repay them in smaller sums on a monthly basis which would then allow me to hide the matter from my wife. She was delighted at my proposal but I started to pretend to show some reluctance on using such a method because it would make others think I am hiding something. She kept saying that she understood my position but pleaded with me to help her and even went about to say that she will do anything to repay the favour.

I smiled to myself. Things were slowly falling into place. It was now a matter whether I dare risk it by making the first of my advances. I told myself it was now or never. I doubt I would have a second chance. I decided to gamble it all.

I asked her softly if she meant what she had said earlier about doing anything. She looked at me with a caution and asks me what I had in mind. It was time to put my acting skills into action. I pretend to want to say something then hesitated a little before saying it was ok and I wasn’t thinking of anything. There was a moment of silence as we both kept quiet. The silence continued for what seemed eternity before she finally broke it by asking me if I was thinking about sex.

I continued my acting by saying no and that I wouldn’t dare ask for such a thing. I did it in hesitant tone so that she would perceive that I wasn’t telling the whole truth. Just as I expected, she probe further and tried to make me say out what I actually wanted. I kept the conversation going without giving any real hint until I felt it was the right moment before I dropped the bombshell. I told her that while any man would die to have sex with her, I knew it wasn’t right but I hope she could help me by giving me a blowjob. She kept silent on hearing this while pretended to feel uncomfortable by fiddling with my fingers. I waited for the right moment before I stood up and told her I was sorry for making such an immoral request and ask her to forget everything that had just been said. I told her to get a good rest and slowly made my way to the door. It was a gamble now. If she didn’t make any further response, my plans would have failed and I would have to walk out without achieving anything.

The slow steps I took towards the door were the slowest and heaviest steps I ever took. My heart was pumping hard as every step took me nearer to the end of a fruitless quest. Just as I was about to reach the door, she suddenly stood up and told me to wait. I turned around to face her and waited for her next response. She swallowed her saliva and then asks me whether I really wanted her to give me a blowjob. I looked down and kept silent for a few seconds before saying yes, but only if she was really willing. She asked me to return to the sofa and I sat down waiting for her next move. We were both unsure of what to do as we sat there in silence. She finally spoke up and said that she would do it for me if that was the only thing I wanted. She had finally relented and it was time for me to activate my second step. I told her that it would be good that while she was giving me a blowjob, I would also be allowed to touch and feel her private parts. There was silent again before she finally nodded her head.

I was now in heaven. My dream gal has agreed to what I have asked for. We both sat there waiting for each other to dictate the first move. I wasn’t sure how we should proceed. Sensing no response from her, I then suggested that I could go take a quick bath to clean myself up while I hope she could go put on one of her nightie. She nodded her head and started to make her way to the bedroom while I followed her. I told her I will take a bath in their master bedroom bathroom and ask her for a towel. She handed me one from the wardrobe and ask if there was any preference as to which nightie I wanted her to wear. I selected a short low cut chemise from her collection and handed it to her before making my way to the bathroom.

I took a quick bath and wrapped the towel on my lower body and made my way into the bedroom. She has already changed into the chemise and was seated on the edge of the bed. She looked so sexy in that outfit and I told myself that I must find ways to let me fuck her eventually. She stood up as she saw me coming out and told me that we should go back to the hall. I told her we should just do it in the bedroom which she objected. I pleaded with her to let me have the chance to savor this one and only occasion and she finally relented.

She sat back onto the bed as I stood in front of her. My cock was already at its maximum stiffness and was poking through the towel. She slowly removed my towel and my cock was facing her now. My heart kept pounding as I waited for the heavenly feeling of having my cock inside her sweet mouth. Holding my cock in one hand, she slowly lowered her head slightly and started to put my cock into her wet mouth. It was really heavenly as her warm mouth engulfed my cock. She then started a slow sucking motion and it was the most joyous moment in my life. My dream gal was now finally sucking my cock and all my fantasy is turning into reality. I continued to enjoy the moment as she started to increase her tempo and suction force and it was the bet blowjob I have ever had in my life. I slowly slipped my hands down her chemise and massage those wonderful breasts of hers. God, the feeling was so different from that last time when she was dead drunk.

Alicia was not only pretty and sexy but her BJ skills were incredible as well. Jason has always been telling me of how much he had enjoyed BJ from his wife and now as I experience it for myself; I had to admit that it was really out of this world. The way she expertly controlled her sucking strength and knowing when to curl her tongue against my shaft was plain heaven. Her oral stimulation of my cock as I continued to fondle her incredible breast was too much. I could sense I was going to explode soon. I knew I couldn’t allow it. I needed more time to tempt her. I needed to get her to feel horny. I needed her to beg me to fuck her as I knew she must be desperate for a fuck since it had been so long since Jason left.

I savor her sucking one last time before I took it out of her mouth, much to her surprise. I told her that I wanted to lick her as well and suggested we do a 69. She nodded her head as I lay down on to their bed while she turned her butt to face me, before placing her knees on either side of my body. She slowly lowered her head down to my groin and began sucking my cock again as I used my fingers to spread her pink pussy and push my tongue as deep as it could go into the abyss of her sweet love tunnel.

Her pussy was still dried, indicating she wasn’t feeling turned on yet. I knew it would take more from me to get her horny enough to cast aside all her apprehension and allow me to fuck her. I began to slowly lick her clit and anus while she continued to suck me hard. I focus my attention on licking her so as to delay my own explosion as I knew I wouldn’t last very long if she continued to suck so expertly. My efforts were finally rewarded as after a few minutes my licking, her juices started to flow. Boy, pussy juice never tasted that sweet in my life as I continued to lick and lick her pussy.

Another few minutes passed and I could feel my cum dying to be released from my balls. Again I knew I had to delay it as I didn’t think she was turned on enough yet. Her pussy was now quite wet but I was sure she had not reached to the level I needed her to be. I motion for her to stop and turned her to lie on her back. I told her that I wanted to enjoy her body a little longer before I cum and was elated when she didn’t showed any objection. I lowered her left strap to expose her breast and could see her erected nipples. I gently suck on her breast and lightly nibble on her nipples as my hands went towards her pussy to rub her clit. She immediately spread her legs to facilitate my movements and in no time, I was fingering her hard as I increase my sucking pressure on her tits. Her pussy was getting wetter now as my double stimulation began to have the desired effect. Her eyes were now closed and I could see the pleasure on her face. I knew my plans were getting closer to reality as soon she started to moan lightly. I inserted another finger and began fingering her faster. Her moans were getting more intense and I asked her if she liked it. She nodded her head and even asked me to go faster.

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