My Short Story


This story of mine is a short one, and I want to share in this forum.

The motivation of sharing is because something drastic took place last weekend.

OK. Here goes.

I am currently a year 3 local University student. During the year 2, I came to know this girl in my lab group.

After you go pass the year 1 stage, the lab mates will more or less remain the same as they are sorted by student ID.

People who are in this you will know this. This girl, let’s call her Judy, has a healthily-tanned skin as she plays water sports.

She is a chirpy person who will make the group lively. You know, when working in a group with people you don’t know, it’s awkward.

She doesn’t have good assets, B cup at most. Butt also so-so. But she has a slim waist and looks chio. I realised that she always wears those $10 for 3 t-shirts.

Those t-shirts are quite thin and translucent.

So during the first lab class, I went to the lab, but the first girl I noticed was not Judy. Rather, it was this girl who is petite, yet has a gorgeous pair of boobs. She is also quite chio looking. I came to know her name, let’s call her Sofian, because the chirpy Judy was saying “Oei Sofian, keep quiet la, its lab leh.” The lab class will always have 10 people, but it will split into 2 groups of 5 each. And unfortunately, Sofian was not in my group. But Judy was. So after being in the same lab group with Judy for a year, we got to become friends, but still the hi-bye kind only. And because I was not in the same lab group as Sofian, I didn’t really become her friend. Most of the time I will see Judy in the Lecture Theatre. But she has her group of friends (Including Sofian.) And I have mine, so we don’t sit together during lectures. But I will always beo the two of them. And she stays in the hostel. Then there was this day, which I went to this hall to have lunch with a friend, I saw both Judy and Sofian. Judy was in a singlet and Sofian in a normal T-shirt. It is hard not to notice a girl’s huge racks when she’s wearing those small size t-shirts. You know what I mean.

And so I went up to Judy and said hi.

Note – The conversation below are not 100% correct as I would have already forgotten what she and I said. But the content is almost there.

Me: “Hey! You stay here ah?”

Judy: *A bit shocked to see me* “Yah! You too?”

Me: “Yah lo! You never see me before right?”

Judy: “Yah lo! Which level you staying? Can play mahjong at night!”

Me: “Haha! Gotcha! I am not staying here la.”

Judy: “Chey! I thought I really blind, never see you here before despite being so active in hall events. Then you come here for what?”

Me: “Wah lau so fierce. Never stay here cannot come here eat meh? Need clearance pass, then can come is it?”

Judy: “Yes! You don’t know meh? You have to clear through me first!”

At this point, some dirty thoughts raced through my mind. How to clear through her?

Me: “Wa serious. Then got application form?”

Judy: “Got! In my room.”

Again, I was thinking if I can go into your room, you are doomed.

Me: “Wa lau, ok la, and then I leave now la.” *Pretend to leave*

Judy: *Grabs my arms* “Haha joking la! So why are you here?”

Me: “Eat lunch la. What’s nice here?”

Judy: “This one, that one not bad too, I always eat.”

As she was pointing here and there, I accidentally glanced at her chest area. She has a deep cleavage even though I mentioned earlier she does not have huge racks. So I was thinking was it that she hides it well all along, or she pushes it up? I reckon it couldn’t be the former because most girls will try to flaunt rather than hide their assets.

Me: *Composing myself after seeing the cleavage* “That one nice ah? Ok, I shall try.”

Judy: “Let’s go buy together then!”

So after ordering, we stood there and continue our conversation.

Me: “How do you find lab classes so far?”

Judy: “Ok lo. I am the only girl in the group, a bit sian.”

Me: “Aiyah, our course is like that one mah. More guys. Why you never go into Biz Admin or Finance?”

Judy: *Pretends to stare at me with killer eyes* “Obviously, because ‘A’ levels results lousy la!”

Me: “Errr, ok ok. Don’t angry can. Mine also lousy, that’s why I am here.”

Judy: “You are considered lucky because you come this course and then get to know me!”

Me: “Errr… Whatever la. Siao one you.”

Judy: “Haha! But lucky lab class got you. The other 3 guys are like 宅男.”

Me: “Wa heng ah. In your eyes I am not a 宅男!”

Judy: “At least you dress nicely in t-shirts and jeans with sneakers! They are like, unwashed polo shirts and torn cargo pants!”

Me: “You can’t blame them la. They are CAT.”

Judy: “What is CAT?”

Me: “Chao Ah Tiong!”

Judy: “HAHA! You see! At least you can joke better than them!”

Me: “Haha! I guess that’s the only thing I do better than them! But hor, they are smart leh. They always produce the results during lab. We are like free-riders.”

Judy: “Aiyah, they want to impress the tutor and get First Class mah. Aiyah don’t talk about them liao la.”

Me: “Ok, ok.” *Thinking of new topics to talk when I saw Sofian buying drinks at the drink stall.*

Me: “Eh your friend.” (As I do not know Sofian personally, so I did not say her name outright. Cannot let Judy know I have been observing her.) “Also, this hall one ah?”

Judy: *Turns around and see which ‘friend’ I was talking about* “Oh Sofian, yah she’s my roomie.”

OK, at this point, tell me you are not thinking of a threesome with the two of them.

Me: “Oh, so she is Sofian ah.”

Judy: “You mean you don’t know?! She’s in our lab class also you know?!”

Me: “I know, I know! But she’s not in our group mah, so never notice her. Furthermore, that other group got 2 girls, how I know is she Sofian or is the other girl Sofian. You think I take note of every single girl meh?”

Judy: “You sure not? Sofian is famous in *** one leh.” (The *** is our course.) “Chio and you know…” (Referring to her boobs.) “She took part in Hall Beauty Pageant in year 1 and won the most sexy accolade.”

Me: “Really?! Siao liao, I think I am as 宅 as the cats in our lab group.”

Judy: “Oei ~ 说好了 don’t talk about them liao!”

Me: “Ok, ok! Hmm… But hor, I think you look better than her leh.”

Judy: “Err… Ok… Thanks.”

I think I shouldn’t have said that. Because awkward silence followed after that.

Me: “Don’t get me wrong. Not trying to jio you or what. Personally preference la.”

Judy: “Hehe, I got boyfriend liao, want to jio also no chance!”

Me: “Aiya! There goes my chance!”

Judy: “I thought you say don’t want jio me?”

Me: “That was just to test whether you got a boyfriend or not! And the test proved to be successful!”

Judy: *Shows me her clenched fist.*

Store auntie: “Here’s your food. $6 for both.”

Me: *Gives auntie $10* “I pay for both.”

Judy: “I only have $10 leh. You got change?”

Me: “Aiya. Never mind la. Next time you treat me back lo.”

Judy: “Onz! We can have lunch before lab every week! Before lab I got 1 hour free, but Sofian has tutorial. So I am alone.”

Me: “Wa lau! So 巧! I also free! Every time eats Mac alone, you know! So pathetic!”

Judy: “Onz! So tomorrow I call you!” (I remember that sem’s lab class was on a Tuesday.)

So almost every Tuesday since that day, Judy and I will meet for lunch at 12:30 pm before proceeding to the lab at 1:30pm. It came to a point where I actually was looking to lab every week. Those who know, the lab is a scheduled 3 hr class. If you are lucky, the AP will let you go after 1+ hr if you have finished everything. But most lab classes will drag to 2+ hr because you have to do the experiment, analyze the results and do reasoning and explaining. And if the experiment went hay-wired, you have to re-do.

If the lab that day is in the workshop, Judy will wear jeans (Required by workshop technicians. Else will be scolded and asked to change into long pants/jeans.). If it’s the normal air-conditioned lab, she will wear shorts. But no matter what lab it is, she will almost certainly come in those 3 for $10 t-shirts. Just for your info, there are a lot of bazaars held on campus selling these kind of shirts.

If I never remember wrongly… We meet every week for lunch before lab till the end of year 2. As lab’s attendance is very important, so sick / injured / die / bai ka also must try to come. We had too many conversations that I couldn’t possibly list them all down here. But there were 1 or 2 occasions which I remember vaguely what we talked about. Nothing sexual though, but it helped build the relationship between us.


I sms her: “Mac for lunch?”

Judy sms: “Ok! I am at canteen above buying fruit juice. Any for you?”

My sms: “No need la. Mac meal got drinks. Thanks anyway. What do you want? I order first.”

Judy: “Mc-chicken burger. No meal.”

She always eats that as she always claims she’s on a diet (You know how girls always thinks they are not slim.) And the burger is cheap. Only $2.

After buying and finding a seat, we had our usual lunch-cum-talk-cock session.

As usual, the conversation below not 100% to what was really said.

Me: “You every week eat this not sian meh? I buy this for you also sian liao.”

Judy: “Why will sian? Nice what.”

Me: “Err… Whatever. You got read up on today’s lab not?”

Judy: “Got lo. Something on thermal.”

I remember this conversation because she was wearing this blue t-shirt and through the translucent cloth, she was wearing a black bra. It was very obvious from the back. On the front of the t-shirt got graphic, but still managed to make out the shape of the cup. When talking to her, I will ‘accidentally’ sweep across her chest to steal a look.

Me: “Thermal? Wah lau. Chim topic. I don’t even know what the ******” (Module code for thermal.) “Lecturer was talking about. And all the formulae. Don’t know will tabao or not.”

Judy: “Same. But I think this lab has got nothing to do with the lecture. Obviously you never read!”

Me: “Aiya, you will read and tell me one mah, I what for read! Anyway, read already also won’t understand, read for what? The CAT will do the experiment then we copy lo!”

Judy: “Hopeless leh you.”

Me: “Oei, what hopeless. My GPA almost 4 one ok? I chiong a bit will hit 4 after this sem, then become 2nd upper.”

Time flies when you’re alone with a chio girl. But as we stood up and leave, I will always try to walk slower behind her and see her bra. Always.

And the first action starts here. Almost end of year 2, last few lab classes.

Judy sms: “Subway today?”

Me sms: “Ok. I am at Mac, I go chop seat?”

Judy sms: “Chop your head. I am here already. Come now.”

Wooo… She’s asking me to ‘come now’. Doesn’t that sound seducing? I don’t know why, but every little thing she says I will think in the wrong way. And even up to this point, I know I still want to know Sofian better through Judy because I thought Sofian has no BF. Judy was just an eye candy.

And so I went to subway. I remember her wearing this yellow t-shirt that says ‘I am the little Princess in this crowd’, or something along that line. And as usual, the see-through material of the t-shirt makes me drool upon seeing her bra. She was in jeans.

Me: “Eh? Today’s is workshop ah?”

Judy: “Yah. Was that a question or a sentence?”

Me: “Question. Because you will always wear jeans when it is workshop.”

Judy: “Wa clever! You have been observing me!”

Me: “Wah lau, your pattern standard leh. Workshop, jeans. Lab, shorts. And your bazaar t-shirts.”

Judy: “HAHAHA! You exposed me!” (These were her exact words. I remember because I REALLY WANT TO EXPOSE HER, literally.)

Me: “So what you want to eat?”

Judy: “You getting the meal? Then can I take your cookies?”

Me: “Ok, ok.”

After buying, I passed her the cookies. There is this scene which I will never forget. She took out 1 cookie and held it in her hands, then she was on the phone talking to someone. Imagine this: She held the cookie in front of one of her left boob and right hand holding phone to ear. The cookie was almost covering the boob, as though asking, ‘you want to eat cookie, or my boob?’

After she finished her phone call, I asked her:

Me: “Have you realized?”

Judy: “What?”

Me: “The circumference of the cookie is as big as your…” *Pointing to her boob*

Judy: “WHAT LA! You stare at my boob for what!”

Me: “HAHA! You put your cookie there shake here shake there, very hard to not see leh!”

Judy: “Really meh?!”

As though inspired by what I said, she brought the cookie closer to her boob again to compare.

Judy: “Mine’s bigger ok?!”

Me: “Errr…. This is public leh… Don’t do this can…? Paiseh.”

Judy: “Opps!”

And she quickly moved her hands away. Although she is tanned, I can see a tint of red on her face.

Me: “So, what size is the cookie? B or C?”

Judy: “I don’t know about the cookie, but I am a B ok!”

Me: “Ok ~ ~ I am not doubting!”

Judy: “What’s that supposed to mean? Too big for me?!”

Me: “Err…. Let’s just finish eating and go for lab la!”

Judy: *Throw me the killer eyes look and bites off a chunk of the cookie.*

Whenever she does this, I always find it adorable and sexy at the same time.

A disclaimer: All conversations are not 100% of what was really said. But the content is 99% accurate.

And so we went to the lab. Basement 3, near an open space car park.

After the experiment, we were supposed to plot 2 graphs. We do not have any graph papers nor does any one of us brought laptop. Judy went over to Sofian’s group and asked for graph papers, but they do not have it too. What they had was a laptop. Which means they can plot it on the spot and send it to the AP.

So our pathetic group came to a compromise.

Me: Judy and I will go library and plot the graph, then the three of you do up the report?”

CAT 1: “Ok.”

CAT 2: “Give us your names and student ID.”

I was like WTF, lab together for so long liao and you still don’t know my name.

So I gave and before we left, I asked:

Me: “You have our phone numbers right?”

I remember Judy gave me the look ‘if they don’t have, I am not going to give them. You will give your number!’

CAT 1: “Give us.”

I was like WTF again, because I remember us exchanging phone numbers in emails before. So I gave and went off to library with Judy.

Me: “You know how to use excel right?”

Judy: “Yes. You don’t know meh?”

Me: “No. Excel not my strength.”

Judy: “You study *** and you don’t know excel?!”

Me: “Cannot is it?! I strong in autocad ok??? You so good later you plot la!”

Judy: “包在我身上!”

And so we reached the library and searched for a long time for a PC station before finally finding an empty one. Judy sat in front of the PC since she’s good at it, and I sat beside. I was at her left hand side. Later you’ll know why I remember which side I sat on.

After doing for some time, she got stuck.

Me: “I thought you very 厉害 one?”

Judy: “I remember the x-axis is this… Y-axis that one…”

Me: “Let me try.”

Without swapping seats, I stretched my right arm across the keyboard to hold the mouse. As I was figuring out, Judy saw her friend across the PC and she stood up to say hi. After finished talking, she sat back down. AND, her boobs hit my elbow. As soft as the boobs are, the impact was hard. Now you know why I remembered where I sat?

I tried to pretend I didn’t feel anything, but I couldn’t because my face was turning red.

Judy: “That was an accident ok?”

Me: “Err… Ok.”

Awkward. I just kept on trying to plot the graph. And help came. Sofian.

Judy: “You have finished yours already? Help us!”

Sofian: “Lucky I paid attention to what my lab-mate was doing.”

So I gave up my seat and she took over. I stood beside her. And I looked down. Sofian’s CLEAVAGE. Her singlet gave way when she bent forward slightly to reach for the mouse. And for the next 5 minutes or so, I just kept finding chances to look down her valley. And I compared her’s with Judy‘s, really a big difference. This made me hornier as I was already horny that day. Recall the cookie-boob talk I had with Judy earlier.

So after saving the graphs and emailing it to the AP, the 3 of us left library together. Sofian was talking to Judy and after walking down the stairs, they said bye. Judy and I need to go back to the lab to take our bags. All the while I was behind them, staring at Judy‘s bra and recalling Sofian’s valley. And because of this, the hard-on I had while staring at Sofian’s valley remained. Worse of all, Sofian made a turn to go down another flight of stairs, I stole a glance into her valley again. I had to release, but I have to hide the hard-on in my pants. So I was acting a little bit weird trying to cover up.

Judy: “Why you look so weird?”

Me: “I do? Why?”

Judy: “Why? Ask yourself why!”

Me: *Blank look*

Judy: “Is it because just now that incident…?”

I wasn’t thinking clearly at that time already. To me, the moment she re-mentioned the incident, I thought she was opened to sexual talks.

Me: “Nothing. I just…”

Judy: “Uh-huh. Then?”

I moved my mouth near her ear.

Me: “I have been fantasizing.”

Judy: “Me????” *She moves her head away from me as she said that.*

Me: “Yah…”

And beyond my wildest imagination, she laughed and asked…

Judy: “What about me?”

Me: “Oral sex.”

I REALLY said that out, no joke. But not loud. I have mentioned, I was not thinking clearly, and I thought oral sex was a better term than blowjob.

Judy: “Waa… Ok.”

No strong retaliation was a good indication.

Me: “I know of a toilet where there is nobody.” *Pointing to the opposite block.*

This toilet, is at the top level, only accessible by stairs. Once you come out of the stairs, the male toilet is just straight in front about 5 meters away. The female toilet is on the left. On the right, there is this office with glass doors. I have never seen anyone walking in or out. Whenever I need to take a poop, I will always come to this toilet. And I have never encountered anyone going into the toilet.

Judy: “Huh???”

I didn’t say anything. But my facial expression was like ‘please?’

And bingo, because I heard her murmured ‘Ok’. I walked towards that block, and I was hell nervous. I peeped back to ensure she was following me. And she was. When going up the stairs, I didn’t have to look back because I could hear her footsteps. Once we are out of the stairs, I pointed to the male toilet.

Judy: “Male one? And there’s an office here…”

Me: “I have never seen anyone here before… I used this toilet a million times…”

Judy: “You sure?”

Me: “Yes.”

Judy: “You go in and check if anyone’s in there first…”

I went in and see, no one. I could tell that the usual chirpy Judy was nervous. Maybe scared. Maybe confused why a friend would ask her for such a weird request. I was equally confused and scared as her actually, because she agreed too easily. But my small head was in command already.

So after checking the toilet and ensuring that it is empty, I went out and signaled her to come in. I remembered her being a little hesitant, but in the end she still came in. We brisk walked into the left cubicle (There are only 2, but the left one is equipped with the sitting toilet bowl.). Up till this point I was still unsure if I wanted it, actually, because I do not want this friendship to turn sour. But once we are inside the cubicle and locked the door, I knew I couldn’t just walk out without doing anything.

She pointed to the toilet bowl cover and asked me to put it down, and so I did. She sat down, and then gave me a look, telling me unzip. I have no experience in this, so I was a little slow. I bet it was her first time too, doing such thing in public. I unbuckled, unzipped and my jeans dropped to knee level. She then slowly pulled down my underwear and reveal my stiff rod.

The next thing she did was a bit funny and embarrassing – her face cringed and then immediately took from toilet paper and wrapped around my cock. I didn’t ask why, but I guess that it was smelly. She then removed the toilet paper and threw it behind her and then she looked at me, and her mouth slowly inched towards my cock. Finally, my cock slid into her mouth. It was my first ever BBBJ. First ever BJ in fact. 23 years old already, am I slow…? I always fantasize admiring a girl’s face while she gives a BJ, but the porn I watched are all fake. I don’t know why all the guys’ cock in porn don’t point upwards?! My stiff hard cock points up, so I can’t see her face when she blows me.

At that point in time I could only close my eyes and enjoy. I didn’t really think much. It was after a few days, then I realized that the moment my cock went into her mouth, it fulfilled a few fantasies: 1) getting blown by Judy, 2) sexual acts in public. Next would be to fuck her, I guess. That, I will elaborate later on.

Back to the cubicle. All her motions were slow; moving up and down the shaft, slowly sucking, and slow tongue movement.

I remembered a precious moment where she came out of my cock and held it with her hand, stroking it slowly too. She then went down to my balls and gave it some sensual licking. That was when another of my fantasies came true: Able to see her face when going down on me. I could see her licking my hairy balls, then slowly up the shaft and to the tip of the head. All the while continuing to stroke my rod. The next moment was brilliant: holding the lower part of my rod, she put my small head into her mouth once again, and then focused all her attention on sucking it. A few times her teeth contacted my dickhead and caused a little pain, but no pain no gain. The pleasure totally overwhelmed the pain. I let out a moan and suddenly realized that the action stopped. I looked at her, only find her frowning and placing her index finger to her lips.

I forgot we were in a public toilet. I apologized, and she resumed her BJ.

I bent down slightly, placing my right hand on her boobs and cupping it gently. No resistance. Great. Thus I gave it a gently squeeze. Still no resistance. That was when I started to fully feel her boobs. The more I touched, the bolder I became. I slowly bent down more, and lifted her t-shirt up. I didn’t remove her t-shirt, only lifted to her chest level, so that I can feel her boobs better. At that point in time, I thought that was the best moment in the world – getting blown by a girl and grabbing her tits. I knew I wanted to slide my hands into her bra, but don’t know why it wasn’t as easy as in porn because the bra was so tight. I gave up and just continue feeling her tits with bra on.

Then, I remembered another of my fantasies: Pushing her head to get a deep throat. I didn’t want to make it obvious, so I started by stroking her hair, gently swiping it.

And then… My hand phone rang.

I am not kidding. The moment my phone rang, we frantically wanted to dress ourselves up and hide. But then she was composed enough to pull down her shirt, and I pulled up my underwear and jeans. I took out my phone and saw an unfamiliar number.

Me: “Hello?”

The other party: “你在哪里? 我们做完了.”

It was CAT 1.

Me: “我们在路上.”

CAT 1: “你们的背包在这. 我们先离开了.”

Me: “Ok. Bye.”

I stared at Judy, she pointed twice at the door. I was like, “Huh?” She whispered: “Check outside.” As blur as I was, I opened the door slightly and peeped. Empty. We checked our dressings again, then we slowly walked out. Out of the toilet, into the stairs area. She was in front of me, keeping silent. Very awkward silence.

Once out of the stairs area, I said:

Me: “Err… Are you ok? Did I make you uncomfortable?” (I know it was dumb to ask that, but I just wanted to break the silence.)

She said nothing. A few seconds later, she turned towards me, smiled and shook her head. I felt a huge sense of relief.

After retrieving our bags, we made our way up again. Every week after lab, I would straight away go home.

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