My Pretty Tuition Teacher


This was a story which happened to me some time ago man. But come to think of it, I really miss those days being tuitioned by her. Time flies, but memories didn’t just fade away. So here I am, just to share with bros about my 1st time in my teenage years.

It happened when I was 16. My science was terrible, especially chemistry because I had no clue on how to do those chemical equations. It really sucked to the core because I had totally no foundations on the subject. It was beginning of the year when my teacher actually spoke to my parents and advised me to drop science so I could focus on the other subjects. Wtf science is an important subject to any o levels student. My parents refused of course and told the teacher they would seek help for me.

Initially they hired this tuition teacher that would come over to my hse to teach. But couldn’t teach for nuts. Taught me for 1 mth and I felt it was useless thus, I wanted to change another one. Ended up they got me this nus undergrad. Miss Jessica. At first I hated the idea of having tuition because it meant less play time for me. Worst, for this one, I have to go to her house which was quite near to my place. No choice la. My parents said either I go for tuition or they’ll cut off my extra allowances I get on weekends to go out. So lan lan. Go lor.

My first lesson was on a weekday, I couldn’t remember on which day, but I remembered it was a normal school day because I had to go in uniform straight after school. ‘Ding dong’ a pretty young lady opened the door, “Hi, is Miss Jessica at home?” I asked while I looked at her with a silly gaze. “Yes, I am, you must be the new student that your parents arranged right? Come on in.” I stepped into her house and the place was really neat. Her brother was at home that day too. Of course we carried on with our introduction about ourselves. She asked me wad was my main problem with chemistry and I told her. Everything. I just didn’t understand about the subject at all. She begin her lesson from the 1st chapter, but I wasn’t paying attention, instead, I was stealing glances at her pretty face.

The lesson carried on for a few weeks and everything was going fine. I felt she was a good teacher and I slowly begin to understand. (bros, I know you all must be thinking i’m keep looking at her right? But I didn’t la. At that time I had a girlfriend anyway

My girlfriend

I had a girlfriend at that point in time. But apart from just hugging her and kissing her, we didn’t do anything at all. I came from an all boys’ school you see and I didn’t know anything about a female. And I was afraid if I went too far like touching her anywhere, she’ll scream molest or rape. Young ma.

She was just average looking figure was alright. Still growing up la. She’s the same age as me. 16. It was both of our 1st relationship. Just meet up one week once, during weekends and mainly through pager and phone calls la. Never really quarreled and stuffs. I also dun noe whether I really love her or I just want a girl to be beside me to act seh la. Hee hee

So ya. As I was saying things were pretty much normal. The normal kind of relationship a tuition teacher and a student shd have. Of course got to know each other a little better. I noticed that every lesson, at least one of her family members would be around, either her brother or parents. Was never left alone with her. Really can’t help it man. Till today I still remember her pretty face. Very unique features. Sharp and nice. Wheet. The best part was, my results were improving and my parents were very happy with her. However, because school came up with stupid extra lessons after school, I had to push my tuition to weekend. Sucks la. There goes my time with my girlfriend. Because it was in the afternoon, 2pm till 4pm sometimes dragging till 4.30. So really didn’t meet my girl at all. Initially, it was still alright. She was alright with it. Then after 2 weeks she became impatient. I kept giving in to her, let her say, nag nag nag. I’m sure lots of bros have this experience. But I told her I was having tuition, not as if I went out with girls or something bad. All she did was to demand more time. Sigh. Young girls.

Of course, expected, she broke up with me on a friday and got together with this really fugly guy man the very next moment. I tell ya. Pimples all over. Maybe to think of it now, she did it to spite me. But compare me to him, i’m damn 101% sure I looked better. There goes my 1st love man. And it happened that this Saturday when I was having my tuition, Jessica‘s boyfriend came over. He was in army uniform and well I just reached her place, the boyfriend was about to leave. He’s not bad. Tall, tanned, well built, very boyish face. When she closed the door behind me, I asked:“Boyfriend ar? Not bad eh. Quite a good catch. “ “He’s ok only la. But no time for me. “ Jessica replied me. “Ya. Need to spend more time together, else, sometimes things cannot work out. “ I said as I took out my textbooks ready to study. Although I was still a little upset about my break up, I didn’t say anything nor put a sad face. Just normal. Maybe beside Jessica, I felt rather warm. I wasn’t sure if that’s the kind of warmth u get from a sister. But I liked her presence. That day, her parents were at home. I remembered because her mother baked cookies and offered some to me smells really good.

Throughout the week, I was still thinking about my girl. Really upset that she left me over some fugly creature. But life goes on. I tend to think of her when i’m on my way to school, I wish i’ll bump into her on my way home, I wish she’d understood my problems and encourage instead of quarreling with me. Sigh. Was feeling really dejected. As if something was missing. I’ll look at my pager and wished she’d msg me sweet stuffs and i’ll rush at every beep wishing it was her. The feeling of lost sucks to the core man. Hated it like fuck. But I told myself, i’ll have to get over it and concentrate on my studies. It was o level’s year after all.

Common test week

Finally, my 1st test of the year came, the common test. And of course the much awaited chemistry paper was waiting for me. It was in March. Just before the school holidays. I took the paper and for the 1st time in my life, I understood the questions. Not wanting to let Jessica down, I really put my heart n soul to the paper. Making sure my answers made sense and there was no careless mistake. And for the 1st time in my life, I passed the chemistry paper even my chemistry teacher was shocked. Haha. Got all the results on friday before school holidays. My overall results were quite good. Can’t wait to share the good news with Jessica. Hoo.

Once I reached home on friday, I quickly put the chemistry paper in my bag, so I won’t forget to bring it for tuition the next day. Haha. Played games and for that moment, I totally kinda forgot I just broke up with my girl 2 weeks ago. So bros, that is why I wonder if I really did loved her.

On that Saturday, I happily made my way to Jessica‘s house. Saw her boyfriend again, but this time, he looked really unhappy, and fierce. I avoided his path, his face really looked damn fierce, like want to eat up people. We walked passed each other on the corridor and I quickly went up to see wad happened between him n Jessica. Kaypo ma. When I reached the door, I saw Jessica crying. She saw me, quickly wipe her tears and put up a strong front, opened the gate for me and sat down at the table. I dun noe how to react at all. All that was in my mind was, what should I do? So I went over, sat down and just stone there. Then I asked her softly Jessica, do you want to change the tuition lesson to another day?” “No, just give me a minute to cool down. We’ll start in 5 mins” she replied and made her way to the toilet to wash up. When she came out. I already put my test paper, textbooks all on the table. She gave a little smile and said:” oh, u passed your test, happy? See I told you u need to just put in some effort and u’ll be able to do well” “Ya, thanks to your good teaching methods, by the way, tell you what, since I just finish my test, and its holiday next week, we’ll take a break today ok? We’ll just chit chat. “ I asked her also noticed that today nobody was at home just her. “Hmmm, why not, ok, we’ll just celebrate today because u passed your test. And u’ll come next tues for a make up lesson. Let me get some snacks and drinks. “ and walked off to the kitchen. Somehow, I just feel a little heartache to see her force a smile on her face although she was feeling really bad inside. She came out with coke, some potato chips and other snacks, signaled me to go to the sofa. I went there sat down. And helped myself to the snacks.

“So you just quarreled with your boyfriend?” I enquired

“Hmm, well, since u saw, i’ll just tell you the whole story. We’ve been dating for a half a year already. He’s been a caring boyfriend all along. Very caring, very honest, very nice, a boyfriend girls would die for. But recently, he changed, he dun contact me much and sometimes even don’t answer my calls. I thought he was just busy with his army work and didn’t have enough time for me. But I kept asking myself would sending a sms take very long, probably less than 3 mins and he couldn’t even do that? But I didn’t confront him, just kept everything inside me. Finally, I asked him if there was a third party yesterday on sms. Told him that he just needed to come clean with me. He finally replied on sms saying he was confused because he liked someone else.” when she said all these, her tears come down again. I felt sad for her too, as in how you would feel when someone really close to you cried.

“Then why did he come today? Shows that you still meant something to him right?” I asked her. And moved my body closer to her.

“Ya. He still come today, at first he asked me if he could be together with me but at the same time like another girl. He says he’s still young and he wants to try going out with different girls to know who’s suitable for him. Of course I didn’t allow him to. And we quarrelled. He said that I was being selfish. I didn’t know how to react and I just told him to go and never come back. And that jerk actually told me to remember wad I said to him. He told me not to come back to him as well. “ upon finishing that sentence, she cried.

I went over to her 2 seater sofa and hugged her. Told her not to cry and its ok. She’ll still have friends and pple who love her and would not hurt her. I said all the things a normal person would say to a person who just fall out of love. Then I told her, I ain’t much better. Also just broke off with my girl because of another guy. Bla bla bla.

For that day it was like a crying tuition instead of a normal one.

We just sat on the sofa pouring sorrows out and well. I just had the feeling like she was a good friend, or my sister. Maybe really the sister part more. I broke the hug and said with a weak smile:” tell you what, there’s no use feeling upset over people who dont treasure us, today we shall eat potato chips and drink coke till we’re full. Come on!” “Alright. Come lets eat. “ was what she said. So we ended up eating hell lots of potatoes chips. A total of 3 lays 2 pringles. And I left. Told her not to think so much, and she told me the same. Haha. Funny. I got sore throat the next day. Sucks.

Tuesday came, and I went over to her house. “Oei. Jessica. “ she opened the door for me and I went to the table as usual taking out my books and all. Today, her brother was around. So we didn’t say anything about what happened on saturday. She seem pretty much better. The lesson was going on until 3 plus her brother put on his soccer jersey and told Jessica he was going for trainings or something like that. The lesson was kinda weird because we became closer like siblings and the way she spoke to me became more casual. Yup. Really liked that feeling. Like a sister giving her brother tuition. When her brother left. After a while more I asked her if the boyfriend apologised to her or something like that. She said no but she told me she’s gotten over it. Although I know she’s lying. Haha. Girls. Then she asked about me. :” you leh? How? Got try to win her back?”

Me:“Aiyoh, how to win her back. Also no time for her anymore. I think just let it be lor. I know I miss her, but as long as she’s happy its alright already ma. No point to keep brooding over it right?”

Jessica:” ya. I also think of it this way. Eh ask you something ar. “ she paused, waiting for me to give the green light.

Me:” cannot. . . . Ok la. Ask la ask la. “

Jessica:” I don’t know la, because he was my 1st boyfriend and I only started dating at the age of 20. You two so young then what you all do when you all go out?”

Me:” hmm, watch movie, eat, play arcade, shopping, hangout with friends. What else, most normal couples are like that one mah. Sometimes we go ktv lor” last time ktv wasn’t famous yet. Not like today got kbox and all, but in serangoon gardens there’s this violet quite popular back then.

Jessica:” that’s all? Like do you all. . You know?”

Me:” we wad?”

Jessica:” like hold hands or wad la. “ she got a paiseh face now.

Me:” ya hold hands only ma. Eh just be straight forward la. We’re like siblings now already. Ok one la. “ I told her.

Jessica:” ok. Cause I really curious, do you all kiss? French kiss?” she eagerly looked at me.

Me:” yup. We do that. Watching movie that time lor.”

Jessica:” aiyah, I just ask la. Like what’s the furthest you all go?”

Me:” we? Hmm, jurong point and changi airport. Singapore quite small. “ I act stupid.

Jessica:” dun act stupid la. You know what I mean right. Like apart from kiss what else? Got. . “

Me:” don’t have la. I scared later she scold me or wad. Think the most we did was just kiss ba. I also never bring her home before, and never go to her house, we have never been left alone. Eh then you leh?”

Jessica:” me? We. . .” she blushed the moment.

Me:” orrrr. U n him. .?” I pointed my index finger at her and smiled.

Jessica:” no no. Not that la. Hmm we kissed and he fondled with my body. I never gave to him. Aiyah, u still young la. Dun wanna pollute your mind. “

Me:” we’re only 3 plus years difference. Not say generation gap ma. Also don’t know why you wanna ask then so paiseh. Ar bo don’t ask. Den say things say halfway paiseh. Ar bo don’t say. Hai yoh. “

Jessica:” hmm ok la. We were naked and we just had oral sex la. I didn’t allow him to go further than that. Although sometimes he do get carried away. But I stopped him. Maybe I was scared la. “

Me:” scared of wad?”

Jessica:” cause I am not his 1st girlfriend and before me he had 6 girls. Its not his 1st time. And I think sub consciously I do mind about that fact la. “

Me:” orh. Lucky u never give him la. Else u’ll be more heartbroken now. “

Jessica:” that’s not the point la. The point is that he had sex before already. I feel he’s dirty. “

Me:” what sia. Sis, u siao ar. “

Jessica:” its just me la. I just feel its kinda dirty. Like he did it with his other girlfriends before. Well next time u grow up, dun go playing around. Just 1 girlfriend and she’s the one liao. “

Me:” ok la mummy. Naggy. Haha. “

We both laughed and I made my way home. Feeling that we’re more than just teacher student, more like siblings. Quite a good feeling.

Following, my mum actually bought a handphone. My first handphone 8310. As a so called present for doing well. U know that time, got handphone like king like that, can hao lian, but in lesson must keep it, else kana confiscate sian liao. Gotta beg the teacher not to take and promise not to use it. Haha, remember? A little like pager like tat also. Haha.

Jessica also had a handphone, so there was one time, I msg her a forwarded goodnight, she msg back :“Not sleeping?” so we msg a little, seriously, I don’t feel much teacher student feeling with her anymore. She’s someone I feel I wanna take care of n she’s like my sister. I was sure its not those boy-girl love kinda love.

Came saturday she called me, tell me she needed to postpone her lesson to sunday because she had something on. So that saturday, practically played game. At that time was counterstrike. Haha. In the evening, I msg her, :“Is everything alright?” she replied that yes it is, and would tell me more about it come the next day.

Tuition time, I went in the house, today whoa. The whole family was around. So I figured cannot talk to her much about her private life. Our lesson was normal, till half an hour or so later, the doorbell rang. Her mum answered it and greeted the visitor very loudly. Apparently some overseas relative came over to Singapore and made a surprise visit to them. There was a total of about 5 adults and 2 children. It was only after Jessica addressed them that I know they were her relatives. She rolled her eyeballs and showed me a note she wrote – they are irritating. From batu pahat, talk very very loudly. The kids are super irritating!~ I just smile at her and we continued, while her parents and brother were busy entertaining them. After a while, Jessica‘s words came true, they really speak damn loudly, laugh also loud. To think of it now, its how you’d speak to your fren when u’re clubbing. Jessica had to take frequent pause to allow them to finish their sentences followed by a loud laughter. I think she was frustrated, she told me :” hey, do me a favour, bring that foldable table and follow me. “ she pointed to a table and start packing the stuffs. I can tell she was pissed, normally she won’t be like that, but I think something was bothering her apart from the noise pollution. I just followed wad she said and brought the foldable table then followed her. She led me to her room and told me to close the door. I was wondering whether to lock it, but I didn’t la. In case she thought wad I wanna do sia. Took a quick look at her room, rather neat and nice, she sleeps on a single bed too, lots of thick books, most probably her textbooks. Now that we were alone. Suddenly, the door opened, it was the kids. They were running around the room and I supposed they were playing catching. Jessica stopped them, told them nicely that she was giving tuition and hurried them to play outside. She sent them to the door and locked it. She walked back to the table with an extremely unpleasant look on her face. So I asked her if something is bothering, then she nodded her head and started unpacking the books and all. I asked her whether she wanna talk about it? Then she told me, actually saturday her “Boyfriend” asked her out for a talk. He put forth asking her to see whether things could work out between them. She wanted to hear what he had to say and agreed to it, they met up at a cafe in town and when she went there, he was with this other girl on the table. She thought that maybe is his friend he bumped there so just went to his table. Unexpectedly, he introduced Jessica to the girl seated there too. Initially, he was a little uncomfortable at 1st but later he changed. He told Jessica that she was the other girl he’s been seeing. He said that he wished that Jessica could accept their triangle relationship. Then the girl said:” ya la, its very common now what, the better girl wins lor. I also don’t mind, u mind for what? We can even be good friends. If u are that good to him, then accept his decision lor. No harm what. “

Me :“Then what you say?”

Jessica :” I scolded the both of them and I told him i’ll never want to see him in my life again. “ and tears were rolling down her eyes.

I kept comforting her and I held her in my arms, she kept crying. I didn’t know exactly what to do. I was also looking for tissue paper. Sigh. Hate it when woman cry. I stroke her hair, like sayang sayang her, tell her its ok la. Its his loss that he didn’t treasure the relationship. Bla bla bla.

Then at that point I mumbled, :“Actually, I miss her too. But I know I must move on in life. “ this sentence caused her to look into my eyes.

There was a deep silent stare. I was totally calm too. Not nervous or anything. Very slowly, our heads moved closer, and we kissed. Not a fierce one, but very gentle. Very loving. I hugged her tightly in my arms. We broke the kiss and our heads rested on each other’s shoulders. I felt her arms were now wrapped around me too. She broke the silence and whispered :” is what we are doing now right?” “Well, maybe we both just miss someone and we are replacing that person with another person now. I don’t know if its right or wrong. All I know is that I feel really peaceful and secured now. “ I replied her softly. Our heads then left each other’s shoulders and our eyes locked, followed by another gentle kiss. Jessica then broke the kiss and our foreheads were touching. She held me, and tried to stand up and I followed, being led by her, we just took a side step and sat on the edge of the bed. Still in the forehead to forehead position. I didn’t feel weird, because she was the one in power. I was her little brother and I let her control the whole situation. She looked at my chin again and we kissed. This time, we leaned down to the bed and eventually, we were lying on the bed on our sides, still kissing and hugging each other. She rolled on top of me and broke the kiss again. She looked into my eyes yet again. Then she whispered :” right now, I don’t care whether its right or wrong, because what you said do make sense, I feel really safe and comfortable right now. “

We were hugging each other now. She was on top of me. Next thing I know, she was licking my neck. 1st time in my life I was so close and so intimate to a woman. This time round, I just followed my instincts, I rolled her over and I went to nibble her neck too. Kissing her periodically, and nibbling her ears all over. Her hands were rubbing my back and then slowly, she took off my t-shirt then rolled back on top of me and she begin licking me on my neck, slowly making her way down to my nipples. It really feels good on my 1st time. I sat up, still with her on top of me and I reached for the base of her t-shirt, took it off too. Also my 1st time taking a woman’s top off. I begin kissing her and necking her. (guys, u’re going to love this part. ) my hands caressed her back and it reached the bra strap. I had no exposure to how to remove a bra. And I thought it was a button, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to remove the bra and at the same time kissing and necking her. I just couldn’t release the hook. She must have felt it and broke the kiss. Smiled at me and her hands reached for the back, a mere 1 second and the bra strap was off. I took her bra off and in front of me were the 1st pair of breast i’ve seen. It wasn’t that huge nor small. It was just nice. Personal taste. I really don’t know abt the size because I had no experience prior to that. I started fondling her breasts and my mouth made the way there to suck it gently. She let out a very soft moan and it really turned me on. I think my pants were gonna explode. All this was done seated up and she on top of me. She done pushed me down gently and she assaulted my nipples again. This time, slowly licking her way down to my tummy and had hands were now rubbing my balls in a circular motion. She looked at me, giving a very gentle smile and whispered. :” close your eyes. Use more of your feelings. “ I did so, closed my eyes and laid back. My hands were at the back of her head now. She unbuckled my pants, followed by a ‘zip’ sound, slowly and gently pulled down my jeans and boxers till the knee level and next thing I felt was something warm wrapped around my not-so-little bro. At first I thought it was her hand or something because I had my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and looked down. She had taken the tip of it into her mouth. She didn’t look at me, just facing down. Her hands were stroking the base of the shaft and her mouth was just covering the tip. Slowly, more n more of my bro disappeared into her mouth and I could now feel her tongue flicking the pee hole. Really very shiok and erotic. My 1st time. Then she stopped stroking the shaft, left the hands massaging the balls and her head bobbed up and down. Sucking it. Oh boy for that moment, I thought I was in heaven. The feeling of the 1st blow job. The suction was good, and her tongue constantly disturbing the peehole and flicking the base of it. I closed my eyes again leaned back and enjoyed this never been felt feeling before. Plus it’s done by such a pretty face. Next, the suction became stronger and faster then she just sucked the tip and used her hands to jerk the shaft. I knew I was about to come. I just moaned and told her : “Coming out already” she didn’t seem to care and continued the action and the next thing, I cummed. A lot. A lot. Wave after wave, shots after shots, all into her mouth. She didn’t stop the action until my bro went off to sleep. She spat out my cum and told me, :“Its the 1st time I tasted semen. And its yours. I know its totally your 1st time too. But I just wanted to give you something thats my 1st time too.” I hugged her, but at the back of my head, I was considering really hard whether to kiss her and taste my own sperm or not. I paused and looked her in the eye, I wanted to kiss her, but she ducked, :” I know a guy won’t want to kiss someone who had his semen in her mouth. Don’t be silly. “ she said with a smile. We dressed up and we were 20 mins overtime from our tuition. There was no questions asked, nothing said after that, we packed the stuffs and we returned the table back in place, she opened the door for me and I left. All these, without anymore words. I think its mutual understanding that she knows I feel a little weird now and I know she too feels a little weird.

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