My Pretty Sister


Story submitted by: Wilson

Having my pretty Sister is always my pleasure in my life. My Sister is granted with a wonderful body, which in my mind, the most attracting female body I have ever seen in my life. She is 23 years old with a height of 165 cm. About her body size, meanwhile, I guess would probably be 34-24-34. Being a brother of hers, I think that would be one of the most valuable gifts given to me in my life. Every second she is at home, I would take that opportunity to admire her body from top to bottom, even her hair would make me mad.

One day in the evening, she returned from having fun with her friends outside. Usually, I didn’t bother much about her during the time she came back home. But that day was quite different. I didn’t know why actually. She was wearing a white t-shirt with a black long trousers. Sounds not interesting, right? But her movements just made me felt a little bit different that day.

After putting off her shoes at the side of the main door, she walked in while her left hand was holding a plastic bag. During that time, I was pretending watching television, but my eyes were actually constantly watching my Sister‘s movement. She walked in with a few steps, then dropped off the plastic bag on a table located not far from the door. Then she sat on the chair beside the table and removed her socks.

What made me surprised was the thing she did after removing her socks. I saw her stood up and walked towards her room. Before reaching her room, I saw both of her hands holding on the lower part of her t-shirt and pulled up in a move to remove her t-shirt she was wearing. It was that time I can see her blue bra strap on her back as well as her smooth and white skin. It was the first time I saw her that way and instantly made my cock erected. In my mind, I decided to see her even more even though I knew that was my Sister.

After she changed into a short and fit green t-shirt which revealed her belly along with a short pants, she went to the toilet. Her fit t-shirt made my eyes couldn’t switch off watching her as her huge boobs were bulging out and I could see the outlines of her bra clearly. Then I could hear the sound of water, indicating that she was taking a bath. Slowly, I walked slowly and tried my luck to see whether I could look inside through any holes that might be available at the door. Unfortunately, there was no hole that allowed me to execute my plan. I sat back on the sofa in the living room and made another plan in my head.

On that night, she wore a black blouse and a short skirt at home. It was quite unusual she wore such a way at home. Curiously, I asked her, “Jie, why you wear so beautiful tonight? You want to go out?” And she replied, “No lah, I am trying new blouse and skirt I bought yesterday. What do you think?”

Because I always surfed the things related to girls and women across the internet, so I knew something about women’s clothes. Instantly, I got the idea and tried my luck.

“Your blouse looks beautiful and your skirts made you look even more gorgeous.” I said.

“Really? Thanks.” She replied.

“You just bought these two pieces of clothes only?” I asked.

“I bought this blouse, skirt and two bras and panties. Why?”

“Oh nothing, just simply ask. Why don’t you show me your new bra and panty also?” I tried to make a joke with my Sister. She didn’t reply and walked away to her room.

That night I didn’t sleep well because I was thinking of a plan so that I could see my Sister‘s body even more, possibly every inch of her body.

The next morning, I saw her sitting in the living room while reading newspaper. I walked towards her and wanted to start my plan.

“Jie, what are you reading?” I asked.

“Of course newspaper, don’t you see it?”

“Haha, I know. I mean what news that you are currently reading now?”

After talking to her for some time, I turned on the television. Then I saw an advertisement showing a very beautiful model wearing a bikini at the beach. I turned to my Sister and asked.

“Jie, I haven’t seen you wear a bikini, don’t you have one?”

“Bikini? I have one but never have the chance to wear it. I keep it in my cupboard inside my room.”

“Oh, I see. I saw the model look very beautiful wearing the bikini.” Trying my luck, I asked her, “Jie, may you wear your bikini and show it to me?”

“For what?” She asked.

“Maybe a chance for you to wear it as you said you don’t have the chance to do so, right?” She was silent for a while and I continued, “Maybe I can take some photos of you just like a model in a fashion show.”

“Hmmm, okay then. I also want to see whether the bikini still fits me or not.” She then got into her room. My heart was beating fast and eager to see how her sexy body would be.

“Are you ready, di?” She shouted after a few minutes in her room.

“Okay, jie.” I replied.

She then came out of her room wearing her sexy bikini. Both her hands were put in front of her breast and she looked shy.

“Jie, why you cover your breast with your hands? Don’t shy, you look beautiful.”

She put her hands down, revealing her sexy cleavage with her two boobs hiding behind the smooth bikini. I took my phone and took a few photos of her. She made a few different poses while I was taking photos. Her legs and her heap just drove me crazy looking at her.

“Jie, do you wear bra?” I asked.

“No, this bikini already has one.” She told me while her fingers pointing at her breasts.

“This bikini made you look so sexy.” I praised her. Bravely I continued my words. “Jie, can you teach me one thing?”

“What?” She asked.

“Jie, can you teach me how to wear a bra?” I said it shyly.

“You want to wear a bra?” She asked while smiling at me.

“Not me, of course. That day, my girlfriend, Xiao Mi asked my help to hook her bra and I just didn’t know how to do that.” I explained to her.

“Now?” She asked.

“It is up to you, jie. Whenever you think suitable.”

“Okay, I think now is better because mother hasn’t returned yet. Wait a minute.” She went to her room and then came out with a blue bra in her hands.

“You want me to tell you how to hook and unhook a bra only?” She asked.

In my mind, I said to myself, “That’s would be not my plan.”

“Can you teach me the full steps to wear a bra? I also eager to know how to adjust the bra straps, for example, and other stuffs as well.”

She thought for a while and said, “Then, only because you’re my brother, I will teach you.”

“Thank you, Sister.” I smiled at her.

Suddenly, my house’s main door opened. Unexpectedly, my elder Sister had just returned.

“Wao, why you wear so sexy.” She asked my second Sister.

“Long time didn’t wear this bikini, so want to try it to see whether it still fits.” She replied.

“Then why you hold a bra in your hand?” My older Sister asked again.

“Oh shit. My plan has failed this time.” I said to myself.

My second Sister told everything I said to her to my older Sister. My heart beat fast and I was afraid of any negative responses from her.

My older Sister looked at me and smiled. She said, “I want to bath after this, let me teach you, okay?”

“Ok, that’s would be great also, da jie.” I replied.

My older Sister unbuttoned her shirt one by one slowly revealing her black bra she was wearing. Then she removed her shirt and leaving only her bra attached to her upper body. She came towards me. My second Sister came forward and offered her help to explain to me.

One by one, the bra was unhooked and then removed from my elder Sister‘s body. During the process, I watched the sexy boobs my Sister had and sometimes touched them to feel the soft breasts. It was so fast because she quickly finished teaching me the whole sequence of steps. By covering her breasts with her hands, she went to the bathroom and took her bath.

Next morning, I saw my Sister sitting in the living room again while listening to the radio. I wanted to continue my plan, so I started the conversation with her.

“Jie, I still remember how beautiful and sexy you are yesterday wearing the bikini. I even dreamed about you.” I told her.

“Really? Thanks.” She smiled at me.

“Jie, have you ever try to wear just bra and panty at home?” I asked her.

She looked shocked and answered, “Why you ask such question?”

Thinking of a reason, I said to her, “Because yesterday I came across an article saying that girls wearing bra and panty only at home not only looks beautiful but also can increase girls’ confidence in their bodies.” But actually I had never read such an article.

Shyly she looked at me and said, “Yes, but only with me alone at home during that time.”

“Why don’t you try it now?”

“Don’t want, I am so shy to do so. Especially you are a boy.”

“Never mind, jie. I am so curious to see how beautiful you are when you wear in such a way. Now only you and me, it is the most suitable time to show your beauty to people around you.” I persuaded her.

“Hmmm, don’t want.”

Nothing to say, I sat beside her and read the newspaper I found on the table. After some time, my Sister got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the sound of the shower and I knew she was taking her morning bath. After taking her bath, she moved straight to her room. Next I saw her wearing a t-shirt with a short pants coming out of her room and then sat beside me.

“Have you take your breakfast?” She asked me.


“Why you look sad? Because I refused your idea just now?” She asked.

Pretending to be disappointed, I said “Yes, quite a bit. I always admire your gorgeous body, you know?”

“Okay, don’t be sad.” She then pulled her t-shirt up showing her pink bra and slowly removed over her head. My eyes stared at her boobs which were covered by her pink bra. Then she stood up and pulled her pants off. Now my Sister was half-naked with only her bra and panty covering her most sensitive parts of her body. I couldn’t control myself and my cock instantly erected.

“Do I look great?” She asked me.

“Definitely. So sexy.” I replied.

“How about you?” She looked at me.

Without saying much, I stood up and removed my shirt and shorts leaving only my underwear. “What happens if I could see her full naked?” I thought to myself. Then I slowly pulled down my underwear and my already erected cock was showing up in front my Sister.

She looked a little bit shocked while looking at my cock.

“What you think about my body?” I tried to ask her.

“Your cock surprises me very much. So long and hard.”

“Because of you only then my cock could be like this. Thank you also. Can I see yours, jie?” I asked.

“What you want to see?”

“Maybe your pussy and breasts, may I?”

“I haven’t shaved my pussy since last week, so is shy to show it to you.”

My cock erected even longer once I heard that. What a wonderful moment in my life.

“Never mind, I just want to see it as natural as possible. If you want, I can help you to shave it also.”

Without waiting for her response, I walked towards her and sat beside her. I put both my hands on each side of her panty. Slowly I pulled it down until it was removed through her white and smooth legs. Her wet pussy had been just that attractive with the hole ready to be investigated by me. Then I moved my hand to her back and unhooked her bra and then removed it, showing her firm breasts with the already-hard nipples. Now she was completely naked. She crossed her hands to cover her bare breasts.

I moved her into my arms and started kissing her. Moving my hand to her pussy, I started rubbing her as she let out soft moans. I started licking her very hard.

While my left hand was exploring her pussy, my right hand started to move towards her magnificent mountains. I felt her soft boobs and squeezed them gently. I slowly moved away from her lips, kissing her ears, neck, then reaching her small and round nipples. Sucking like a baby, my Sister said, “Ssssss… Don’t be like that, please.”

While my right hand was harassing her breast, I put my fingers into her wet pussy. She opened her legs wider so that I can put my fingers even smoothly into her inviting hole. Finally, I held my cock and put directly onto her pussy and was ready to dig in.

“Oh, don’t, it will make me pain.” She moaned slowly.

I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy inch by inch. The feel was so unimaginable which made my cock even harder and longer. Only when I wanted to push even more into her pussy, I heard some sound from outside my house which I thought probably was my mother. Quickly, I pulled out my cock.

I took my shirts and shorts and wore them back. My Sister meanwhile, took her bra and panty and got into her room.

The following day I didn’t talk to my Sister as I thought she was angry with what I had done to her yesterday.


Source: Wilson

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