My Poly Classmate



This is a story about my days in poly and the ‘relationship’ with Jeanette that lasted close to 2 years.

The story revolves around Jeanette, a pretty, tanned and fun loving girl (in my opinion at least) in my lecture hall. The size of my cohort is around 120 people (split into 6 classes) and hence everybody sort of know each other. Jeanette didn’t really have a good reputation and wasn’t really popular in the LT, perhaps because she seems to change boyfriend every semester. There are some rumours that she slept around while on the other hand, there are a few I know that admire her liberal, open and honest views. I have notice her since year 1, but couldn’t get to know her better as there wasn’t much interaction.

We got to know each other better when she was transferred to the same class as me (due to attachment and FYP placement) in the 2nd semester of year 2.My class is so disgusting, full of study nerds that camp in the library after school.. Jeanette, me and 2 other Malay guys seems very much out of place in the class. In between breaks, Jeanette and I will hang out together while the 2 Malay guys went to find their ah-bangs. Naturally I was attracted to her, but she was attached and hence I can only suppress my feelings and try to be her good friend. In a way, as we always hang out together, she treated me like a ‘sister’ and we talk about everything under the sun including her boyfriend and even sex. Despite spending out school days together, Jeanette and I had not went out after school as she would go and look for her boyfriend or go chong which is expensive for me.

One day during lunch break, Jeanette is sharing with me her problem with her boyfriend. She felt that he doesn’t really love her and sex wasn’t really great as well. “That day I blow job him and after all is done and dusted, he told me not to do it again! I felt so insulted, and when he’s horny, he just tear off my clothes and fuck me, no foreplay at all!” She complained. As Jeanette was saying all this, I am visualising every single moment and this gives me a hard-on. She went on and describes the difference between her previous boyfriend (who understand her well but possessive) and the current one (handsome, rich but uncaring) “Hanqiang (her ex) is such a wonderful lover, he would kiss my ears, neck and stroke my thighs and make me so wet before sex. He would then remove my clothes slowly while caressing my boobs and back. I love the way he lick and suck my nipple, and tease me down there, and when he goes down on me, he lick like it is the most delicious thing he ever eaten. Many times, he makes me so high that I would beg him to stop and start fucking me”

As Jeanette was relating the incident to me, erotic images were flashing through my mind – Jeanette giving a blow job, her being pussy licked and her having sex and moaning and screaming loudly. She seems not to know that guys are visual creatures, and the more she descript the hornier I get and I would try to fish out more details. I couldn’t concentrate on my lunch at all, yet I could see she was frustrated so I try to create a lighter mood. “Remember to wear the rubber can already, I don’t want to attend your wedding dinner so soon ah” As soon as Jeanette heard that, her face turn a little red and she whisper to me “I’m eating hormone pills for my skin ma, so won’t get pregnant one, that’s why I get to enjoy sex the whole year round and I think the pills make me a little horny”, she joked. “Ask you ah, do you guys all love to cum inside the body? Every time during sex and I was about to climax, I would tell my bf to cum in me and within 10 seconds, he really cum liao.” I imagine her moaning “Fuck me” “Ahhahh cum in me aahahh” and I couldn’t take it anymore, I can feel the sticky pre-cum already. My cock is already reading to burst out from my jeans. With 15 minutes to the next lesson, I quickly excuse myself to go to the toilet and try to cool down. (Thought of wanking in the toilet, but the food court toilet at lunch hours isn’t a very place to be)

The next lesson is horticulture and it was our 1st practical lesson at the greenhouse. The greenhouse is like an oven especially during lunch hours. The teacher had warned us that it is going to be hot so he advised us not to wear long sleeve or jacket. Being good students, most of the girls in my class wore spaghetti and three quarter or skirts. Upon entering the greenhouse, Jeanette took off her jacket and reveals a purple spaghetti top that matches well with her blue demin skirt. While the teacher was briefing us what to do for this practical lesson, I was standing beside Jeanette and looking down at her B to C cup boobs. From my angle, I can see clearly her cleavage and her black colour bra. I thought to myself that today is a wonderful day. Never did I expect that the day would be even better.

First job in the greenhouse is to wash the hydroponics tub as it was left untouched since the last semester. Most of the study nerds in my class immediately went into hiding. (go toilet or pretend to talk to the teacher regarding the fore coming test or ask about the stuff “They dun understand”. The 2 Malay guys sneak out of the greenhouse to smoke, leaving me and the girls to do the washing. We started to connect the water host and each would stand beside another with the sponge to wash the 10m long tub. I then went off to on the tap. What happen next is beyond my wildest imagination! When I rejoined the girls, I realised that all of them zaogeng in front of me! They were bending down in their spaghetti top scrubbing the tub and what a glorious sight it is in front of me. Cecelia and Ashley with their B cup boobs, Zan’s pink colour bra was a bit loose and I could see her pinkish nipple. (More of Zan later, she is another cho bu of the highest quality. She is a A cup, but her SYT looks more than compensate for that.) I pretend to scrub around and my eyes were wandering between the girls cleavages when it stops at Jeanette’s. Her boobs were virtually bouncing around! She must be venting her frustration of her bf on the tub. I remembered she told me that she always buy bra without wires, and her lacy black bra certainly turn me on! For the next 30 minutes, I was enjoying all that I can and my pre cum is oozing out like never before!

Suddenly, Jeanette hp rang and she went out of the greenhouse to answer the call. I took a look of all the boobs in front of me and zoom in on Zan’s exposed nipples. I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to the toilet beside the greenhouse and wank off. From Jeanette sex stories to Zan’s nipples, lots of cum flew down the toilet bowl in no time! I came out of the toilet satisfied and saw Jeanette standing at the staircase looking upset. Her sunshine smile is a feature that would melt many guys’ heart for sure. “Hey, what’s up? Are you alright?” I asked, taking the opportunity to put my hand which I used to wank on her shoulders. Even though it was just for a few seconds, I can feel that her skin is so smooth and soft (must be the hormone pills she eating) “Nothing, just quarrel with my bf on the phone. Ignore him la, btw who are you going to do the project with ah?” Project!? What project? Obviously earlier I was concentrating on Jeanette’s boobs that I totally miss what the teacher is telling us. “Ooh, the project, haven’t really find partners yet. There are 20 of us in the class, 3 per group, so there will be a group with only 2 people” I try to analysis the situation.

As mentioned earlier, Jeanette didn’t have a good reputation when it comes to study, hence finding project partners is going to be a bit hard. “Would you do it with me?” She asked. The way she asks the question is so misleading and so compelling.. Even though I knew I would probably spend more time on the project and risk getting lower score. I agreed immediately. I was already fantasizing the amount of time we are going to spend together doing the project and listening to more of her private life. “Ok set, tmr after school you come my house to discuss more of the project. Also, we can do the lab report for today’s lesson together.” I of course did not refuse her invitation.

The next day, school end at 11am. Jeanette and I went to the macdonald’s near school to have lunch as she wanted to try the double mcspicy burger. She also ordered the 50 cents cone ice cream. We started discussing about the project and what we are going to do. Of course my mind isn’t really focusing on that. I was letting my imagination run wild about what is her room like and how is she dress at home. Maybe I open her wardrobe and see all her bra and panties. Erotic thoughts started filling my mind and I try to brush it off as we were talking about school work. I had just managed to steady my mind when I saw Zan coming into Mac with her group of friends. Immediately, images of her exposed pink nipples from yesterday incident rushed into my mind and my cock begin to feel aroused. Zan was wearing a white tube dress that enhances the effects of her long and slender legs, I wonder if I can see her zaogeng again haha. My eyes wander back from Zan to Jeanette and I was glad that I did not miss the sight. Jeanette was licking the cone ice cream. Her eyes were focused on the ice cream as she masterfully licks it, turning around the cone as she lick around all area. Some of the ice cream was on her lips, OMG she look like she had finish her blow job and cum was left on her mouth! Now I can virtually imagine the ice cream as a cock and she was enjoying every bit of it. Needless to say, my cock come to a full erection and is ready to burst out of my jeans.

After lunch we took a cab to her house in Bukit Batok. Jeanette lives in a condo with her business man father and Majong crazy mother. Jeanette had previously confessed to me that she did not like to go home as she would be very lonely. Her father is always flying around for business and her mother would virtually camp at her friend’s house playing Mahjong. Jeanette say she like to go chong as she would not feel so lonely. 2 things instantly come into my mind. With boobs like her and such a pretty face, every guy would give her the attention she badly need and of course there is only going to be the two of us in her house!

Upon entering her house, I could see that she indeed come from a rich family. The Mediterranean design and decorations, and everything look so cozy. I certainly wouldn’t mind accompany her to study at her home everyday. Jeanette then led me into her room. Her room was painted pink (her favourite colour) with white door and balcony. She even had her own attached toilet “Oei you entertain yourself while I go shower ok. The air con controller is over there, if you thirsty can just go grab anything you want in the kitchen, it is a fucking hot day ah! I think I will take a while so you want can start surfing for information for the project. I had obtained our senior’s lab report so later we can just copy everything” With that she grab some clothes from her wardrobe and close the toilet door.

With not many option, I on the air con and begin to surf the net for project info. I wasn’t really concentrating on the project as my mind was going overdrive imagining things. I fantasize looking at her naked body was she showered and how she caress her boobs while she soap herself, thinking if her pussy is waxed or not. I look at her bed and imagine her boyfriend and her having sex, her licking cock as like what she did to the Macdonald ice cream cone, eating up all the cum and licking it real clean. I also thought of opening her wardrobe and see all her sexy lingerie but was afraid that she might come out from her shower and caught me in the act. With all the erotic thoughts around I started stroking my own penis and sticky pre cum starts flowing out.

After around 30 mins, Jeanette finally came out of her shower. “Ooorrh, surfing porn is it?” She asked teasingly. I try to erase all the dirty thoughts about my fantasy away and attempt to give her the not guilty face. “No la, I finish searching the info already, now all we have to do today is to print out and read them. You think I stupid or what, surf porn also won’t surf at your house right?” Jeanette was elated at my efficiency in finding info. “Yeah, that mean I can go chong tonight!” I could see that she was happy, I was even happier when I realised that she was braless! She came out of the shower wearing just a white spaghetti top and a skimpy black shorts. “Haha, you want to surf porn then you surf lor. Actually I never see porn before. My bf always don’t let me see, he say got live one you don’t want, want to see porn for what? I tried google ‘sex’ and all it come out is those rubbish sex health websites. Starhub ban all the adult website is it? You sure know of some porn sites one right, can we watch it together please? I want to see” She was tugging my sleeve as she say it, my mind is already weaken. I never knew she was so liberal and open. I quickly type on the address bar and we watched 2 videos together. I realised as we watched, her nipples were poking out of her top! The first video is a blow job scene, at the corner of my eye, I could see her tongue gently circling her lips, it look like she enjoyed the video very much. Not wanting to look horny, Jeanette pretend to rub her nose, but I noticed she slid her hands down her boobs and place it on her inner thighs after “Rubbing her nose” The second video is about the guy going down on the actress. “James (her current bf) never do that to me! Sex with him isn’t nice at all. Hanqiang (her ex) is so much nicer ah. I haven’t had a nice fuck for a long time man, next time I find bf must get someone willing to lick there one. Bloody James, say there dirty don’t like. His cock not dirty meh?” I can see Jeanette was frustrated, playing along with her topic, I asked “Why he don’t want to go down on you? Maybe he like waxed pussy, like those ang mo one?” Upon hearing that, Jeanette immediately defend herself “No lor, my there no hair one, I go IPL the hair off, so it is clean and smooth. My armpit also go IPL one ma. See, nice and smooth also” as she lift up her hands and show me her armpit area. I wasn’t looking at her armpit of course, my eyes automatically zoom onto her breasts and nipples as she lift her hand up. My pre cum is already starting to soak my underwear and my cock is about to explode. “Chey actually porn like that only ma, don’t why the stupid James don’t let me see” She said unconvincingly before getting up to connect the printer. Her nipples were still erected and how I wish I could touch them and circle them with my tongues.

Wanting to play safe, I asked if her bf would mind if he know I come to her house do project. “No la, he don’t even care about me one. Even I have sex with you now, he wouldn’t even care and I want to break up with him already, make me angry all the time.” Fuck la, why must she say such things all the time? She just make me to visualise the 2 of us having sex together, how I wish I can rip off her clothes now and fuck her hard! I try to remain calm and control myself, remembering that she like it gentle and lots of foreplay during sex. I try to escape from further imagination. “Oei, I use your toilet for a while okie, I want to wash my face, it is a bloody hot day. You start printing the info out lor, later we go through them together” Jeanette back was facing me as she bend down to put in the plug for her printer. Her firm butts look so nice to squeeze and caress. “Okie, feel free to use my facial foam, don’t be shy okie”

I quickly rush into the toilet and unzip my jeans to release some pressure on my cock. I look around and realised her toilet is quite spacious. A full length mirror, toilet bowl and sink with another small mirror and a bath tub! Then something caught my eye, beside the bath tub are the clothes that Jeanette wore today! I quickly walk over there with my jeans still unzipped. I took the dress she was wearing today and buried my face into it. Oh my, it smell so nice. My cock was fully erected by then and there is no way now I can wear back my jeans. I then took her bra out and cup it, imagining it is Jeanette’s breast I am cupping. It was a white strapless, lacy Calvin Klein bra, and the material felt so smooth and silky. The finale is her matching panty, I begin touching the wet area where her pussy is supposed to be. There are some stains on it, it certainly look like her pussy juice to me. I smell the panty and kiss it; it is the closest I had gotten to Jeanette’s pussy. The kiss is like an indirect kiss at her area. By then, my penis is crying out for some attention. I immediately cover my cock with her panty and masturbated with it. I was so excited that I cum after 30 seconds, luckily I shot most of my cum into the bath tub if not it would be pretty obvious when she see it.

Knowing that time is tight, I quickly went to the sink area to wash my face. I realise her cosmetic products are pretty much on the high end side. Among the brands she used are Anna Sue, YSL, SK II, there are also sun tan lotion as she love to go suntan. She even got the Oral-B professional sonic toothbrush. While looking at her facial products and make up stuff she used, I stumble upon a ordinary looking box. I open the box thinking it would be some make up stuff or fake eye lashes, to my surprise it is actually a pink vibrator. I tried to on it but to no avail. Already happy from masturbating with her panty, I quickly put the vibrator back and rinse my face before opening the door.

“Hey, I printed out all the info already, got one website you found contain all the info we need. Look like this project would be a breeze heehee. Nah, here is all the stuff, I had highlighted a few important stuff, you take home read then maybe we can discuss it tmr or some other day? The next time you want to come here do or me to go over your house? Now we can copy our senior lab report and tata we are done for the day!” “Okie sure, I think we will do the project at your house la as my block is undergoing some upgrading so it will be noisy.” We started copying the lab report and started chit chatting.

“It is really very hot today, feel like going to the pool downstairs to chill out. But you don’t have anything to change to right?” I certainly don’t want to miss the chance to see Jeanette in her swim suit, even though I might melt at the pool. I gave some lame excuse and encourage her to go for a dip. “Okie great, let me change first” as she close her bathroom door. I was eagerly anticipating what she would look like in her swim suit. When she open the bathroom door, I was stunned as she was wearing a black bikini and I could see clearly her body shape and started visualising her naked. It was the first time that she had shown so much flesh to me. “Nice? I bought this in Australia last year.” She asked as she turned one round in front of me. We then went down to the condo swimming pool and there wasn’t anyone there. “Hey, can you help me put the sun tan lotion on my back? I let you have this privilege la. You want to massage me also can heehee” I was pretty much stunned by her directness. I quickly apply the lotion on my hands and begin to rub it on her back. Luckily her back was facing me, if not she would surely notice the erected cock budging out from my jeans. He skin was so smooth and I naughtily rub and massage it in a way that touches her sensitive areas. I begin circling her shoulders, den gently squeezing her neck area, deliberately touching her ears and collarbone. I could see she was enjoying the massage as I can hear her moan softly. I continued touching her arms, circling around the triceps area before going down on her sides and lower back. Jeanette look like she really enjoy it as she was breathing slightly rapidly as well. “Thank you, you really know how to massage a girl.” After sun tanning and chilling out for 30 mins, we went back to her room and she change back to her spaghetti top and black shorts.

“You want to go chong with me tonight? Accompany me leh, my friends all bringing their bfs and that stupid James is not free.” Jeanette asked. I rejected her offer as I didn’t want to spend too much on drinks. Jeanette gave me her disappointed face, so I offered to choose a sexy dress for her. “Confirm got guys treat you drinks one. If you get less than 5 drinks, I treat you dinner next time. The restaurant you choose.” Jeanette’s eyes brighten up when she heard that. “Great! I always have a hard time choosing what to wear. You decide for me then I can save a lot of time. Let me show you my wardrobe and you help me choose.”

I couldn’t believe my luck as she said that. I picked the sexist clothes I can find and ask Jeanette to try it on to let me see. Seemingly trusting my taste, she went into her toilet and change. After 2 attempts and while I am still deciding on the third piece, she suddenly went into the bathroom. I took this opportunity to look at her lingerie, caress them with my finger, she certainly got lots of G-stings and translucent bra and panties. Again, I got a hard on, it certainly look it is going to be a good semester for me. Jeanette came out of the bathroom, I noticed she had put on her bra. Maybe she realised her nipples were exposed to me for a long time. I passed her the 3rd dress which I think is nice. It is a one piece black colour dress that would make her look elegant. “So troublesome to go to the bathroom all the time” she begin to remove her top and shorts in front of me. “You see me in bikini liao, bra and G-string the same la.” Jeanette explained as she try on the dress in front of me. T

He sight of Jeanette clad in only bra and panties certainly turn me on! The way she take her top and shorts off is so teasing, almost daring me to touch her. My cock erected again. I decide to let her try a few more dresses as I would be able to see her in bra and g-string more. Finally we decided on a nude colour one piece dress. “This one I like, but I don’t have bra to match, hee maybe don’t wear bra go there.” Jeanette was happy that she manage to decide what to wear in 20 mins instead of the usual 1 hour and gave me a air kiss. “Muack Muack, I love you so much, you have been such a great help” Seeing Jeanette looking so stunning and sexy in that dress, I change my mind about saving money and told her I would be coming along after going home to change. Sadly, when I arrive at the pub, Jeanette was surrounded by guys and seems to forgotten about me. I left soon after disappointed but overall happy with what I experienced with Jeanette today. Before I went to sleep, I recall what had happened today and I masturbated again. I am already looking forward to what might happen for our project discussion over the next few days.

Jeanette didn’t come to school for the next three days. She sms-ed me to say she broke up with her bf and has no mood to come to school. I think she would have no mood to do the project, so I quickly do finish the report and presentation slides. I asked if I can come to her house on Saturday 3pm to ‘do the project’ and also to pass her a chicken pie that my mum baked (I told her that I baked the chicken pie, and she was impressed hee)

“Hey sorry this few days didn’t go school to do project, how is it going?” I wasn’t really concentrating on what she’s saying. Jeanette was wearing a olive green spaghetti top and the FBT shorts when she greeted me at her door. I can see that she is braless again, my penis begin to erect with anticipation of more good things to come. I notice a plaster on her left shoulder. “Accidentally cut myself when I quarrel with the stupid James, we broke up already.” Being rather kay-poh, I asked how she injure herself. “Bleah, don’t tell you.” Jeanette replied as she led me to her room. I entered her room and saw a sexy pink night gown on her chair. Not satisfied by her answer, I asked again, “I do the presentation slides and report if you tell me le,.” I knew Jeanette is not good in computer, so she hate typing essays or doing presentation slides. I can see she was tempted. “Ok lor, no big deal, I tell you. James and I quarrel, then I wanted to break up with him. Then suddenly, he grabbed my butt with his right hand and kisses me like mad. The next thing I know he pulls up my top and ripped off my panty, and we had break up sex. He rammed damn hard that day lor, now my there still a bit sore, then during the course of action, my left shoulder hit the side of the bed la. Stupid James ah, ripped my panty now the rubber loose liao cannot wear already, lucky the top (pointing to the top she’s wearing) still ok.” I looked at her top, how I wish I can pull it up like James did. I can see her nipples erected as she described the break up sex, aroused by her own thoughts. “But we still break up la.”

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