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After my O levels, I was posted to a neighborhood JC for my first 3 months. While I had no plans to attend the 3 months tryout thing with JC, I was forced to attend school by my father. So with no choice, I had to go.

Life was boring in JC. I made it clear to the teachers that I was forced to come and that worked out pretty well. Most if not all of the teachers would excuse me from the lectures and I spent most of my time in the library. And that was where I first saw this particular girl. From her uniform I knew she came from an all-girls school.

I was puzzled why she also spent a lot of her time in the library and not attend the lessons. I was kind of interested in getting to know her as she was pretty and had quite a good figure despite being petite. But I dare not make any moves at all cost I was still green at that time. Until one day, when she dropped her bag and had books and papers all over the place. I went over to help her with her stuff and smiled at her.

“Thanks for your help. I am Peggy. How about you?”

“Er….. My friends call me Ronn.”

“Hey I am going to the canteen for a drink. Care to join me?”

Wow I was surprised. Things did work well. All I did was help her pick up some papers and now I got to know her name and within seconds she ask if I was interested to join her for a drink.

“Sure. Why not?” Haha….I would be a bloody idiot if I reject her invitation.

So that was how I managed to know her name. So while on the way to the canteen, we were quiet. So when we reached the canteen, I asked her what she wanted.

“What do you want for a drink?”

“Anything. You decide for me la….” (Knn last time dun have ‘Anything’ n ‘Whatever’ if not just get that for her.)

“Erm you mind if we go to the end of the canteen? Maybe sit at the area near the tennis court? I need to do something” I asked her when I returned with our drinks. She gave me a blank face and just followed me. We walked all the way to the end of the canteen and just behind the canteen the tennis courts were there. I found a nice shady bench under a tree and took my cigs out.

“Ay. How can you smoke in school!”

“Aiyah never mind one lah. Now everybody in class. Won’t get caught one lah.” was my reply to her….

“Wait kena caught then you know. And dun get me involved!”

Wah this girl like chilli padi ah. Pinched me as she said that.

“Ay why you always not in classes one?” I started the conversation going as she seems unhappy that I was smoking with her around.

“No la. I wanted to go to the science class but dunno why ended up in an arts class. Feel very bored so told the teachers I am not interested la. What about you?” she asked.

“At least you better la. I kena forced to attend this first 3 months one. Actually I rather stay at home to sleep lor.”

“Seems like we are in the same boat lor.”

Suddenly I had a good idea in my head.

“Ay Peggy why not we keep each other company lah. Since we got no choice but to come to school. Might as well dun waste time. If not I everyday 1 person in the library very sian one leh.”

“Ok lor”

“Wah liew. Dun sound like I force you one leh.”

After my smoke and our drinks, we went back to the library as it was damn hot outside. We chatted like long lost friends and I got to find out more about her. Like me she stayed in the east side, so I made arrangements to meet up in the morning and go to school together. Also I found out that she didn’t do well in her prelims and got posted to this neighborhood JC. While all her friends are in other schools. She is the only daughter and her parents got divorced recently. She told me a lot about herself and before we knew it, it was time to go home. Well at least it was legal time to go off as the rules state that students are only allowed to leave only after 11am.

Peggy you got any plans later in the day?”

“No leh. My mum is outstation and I got nowhere to go.”

“Why not we go home first to change then meet up again later?”

“Ok lor. But I got to be home at 8pm because my mum will call home to check on me.”

“Ok la should not be a problem. We meet at Bedok interchange at 2pm ok?”

And that was how I got my first date with Peggy.

Went home, showered and took a nap. Before I knew it my hand phone kept ringing non-stop. Woke up and realised it was already 2.30. Shit! I was late! Quickly changed and rushed to the place where we were supposed to meet. And there I saw a red faced angry Peggy.

“Sorry sorry. I overslept”

“Sorry your head ah! Make me wait for so long.”

“Ok lah dun angry lah. I treat you go see movie lah ok?”

“You say one hor. I want to watch Titanic.”

“Wah lan dunwan lah. We watch other movie lah. I go watch Titanic wait fall asleep how?”

“I dun care. I want to watch Titanic!”

So lan lan no choice. Took a train to Bugis and bought the tickets. Nothing much happened until the movie started. Bought the usual popcorn and drinks and proceed to watch the movie. Mid-way through the movie, just when I was about to fall asleep, Peggy leaned over and I realised she was crying. This is the first time we were so close. I could smell the fragrance of her shampoo. I could feel some reaction going on with my bro as she leaned on me. I tried a bold move and I put my arm around her shoulder. Letting her lean on my chest. Wah the feeling shoik man. At least for a greenhorn like me at that time lah.

Well the movie ended with nothing much happening. We went to the nearby fast food restaurant to have a bite before going home. It was then Peggy said something that shocked me.

“Ronn you ever have a girlfriend not?”

“Aiyoh no lah. I good boy never have girlfriend before leh.” Well at the time I was more obsessed with motorcycles than girls actually.

“Then will you quit smoking for your girlfriend?”

“Aiyah I dunno lah. Now also got no girlfriend how I will know. Quick la eat liao go home liao. If not you cannot make it home by 8pm I dunno lor.”

She gave me a face and continued eating. It was on the train home when she started asking me weird questions again.

“Ay tell me leh. Will you quit smoking for your girlfriend or not?”

“You very lor soh leh. Just now already tell you already. Got no girlfriend now how would I know wor.”

“Then will you quit smoking for me?”

I was shocked and didn’t know how to reply. Peggy just looked at me with her big round eyes. I was lost for the moment. Never had I expected that she would popped this kind of question to me.

“Why you wanna be my girlfriend meh? If you want then I quit smoking lor.”

Well it was too hard a temptation to resist. For the first time in my life a girl actually hinted me to be her bf. And that was thrilling for a 17 year old. Peggy didn’t reply but she just reach over for my hand and held my hands in hers. Well that was how I ended up with my first girlfriend of my life.

Sent Peggy home and before she went into the life, she actually kissed me on the lips.

“Ok see you tomorrow morning same place. And please dun be late hor. I hate to wait for people.”

“Ok lah I promise I will not be late again. Ok?”

Went home after that. Everything seems to be like a dream for me today. And it seems too good to be true. Well I will get to know tomorrow morning if it is a dream or not. That night I couldn’t sleep. The smell of Peggy‘s shampoo keep coming back to my mind. No choice took out my porn collection and PCC. But this time it was different. I imagined I was doing it with Peggy. And after cleaning up the mess after I PCC-ed I fell into a deep deep sleep.

Next morning woke up as usual, washed up and went off to school. And there she was standing there with her hair let down still damp from her morning shower. So it wasn’t a dream after all. I was quiet throughout the journey to school. Enjoying the refreshing fragrance from Peggy‘s hair and also wondering what on earth happened in the last 24 hrs. Well I concluded that if you do a good deed, no matter how small and significant it might seems to be, you will be rewarded. In my case, it was just a simple help of picking up a few pieces of paper and books. Well since I cannot figure out what I have done to deserve this, I might as well enjoy myself to the fullest.

When we got to school, I told Peggy that I would look her up at the library when I get something’s done. So after the bloody flag raising ceremony, everyone proceed to class and I went off to my favourite spot of the school to light up. Was just about to light up when suddenly a hand just appeared from behind and took my cig away. Deep down I thought I was caught by some teacher who happened to pass by. But when I turn around I saw Peggy.

“I thought you say you would quit smoking if you had a girlfriend? So you don’t want me as a girlfriend?”

“No lah. Where got people quit smoking overnight one. Must at least give me some time to quit mah.”

I tried to reason out with her. And also I didn’t like the feeling of someone trying to take control of my life. So I tried to slow talk her and finally succeed. You know those little girls theory of today smoke 5 stick then tomorrow smoke 4 and so on. I just agreed to prevent any arguments and also I don’t want my first relationship to end prematurely because of some stupid issue. So next time when I am with Peggy I will just have to control and not smoke.

After my smoke, we went off to the canteen to grab a bite before heading to the air conditioned library to cool off. While at the library we were playing around, writing messages on post it pad and passing it around. After a while I didn’t know how we ended with the topic Sex.

“Have you ever done it?”

“Never leh. But I got watch porn before la. And sometimes after watching I PCC lor.”

“What is PCC?”

“PCC = Play Chinese Chess.”

“Oi tell me lah!”

“Ok got chance I show you ok. But I show you what is PCC then you show me wat?”

Above are among the question we asked each other. Soon before we knew it, it was 11 already. And a usual, I would leave early and Peggy followed me.

“So how today like yesterday huh?”

“No lah no need la. Today I got bring clothes out. So can go out straight.” I replied.

“Ay you stupid leh. You bring clothes but I never bring. I still need to go back mah.”

“Oh ya hor. Never thought of that.”

“Aiya since my mum not at home, why not you come over?”

“Sure or not? Really nobody at home meh?”

“Have la. Only my maid. She is ok one.”

So we went over to her place. Didn’t know that she lived in Bayshore. And one of the top level units. Though not a penthouse, but the view was beautiful. Her maid was pretty shocked to see a guy following her home but didn’t ask much. She even cooked lunch for us. And it was such a hot day, we decided to stay at her place. So after the lunch, we retreated to the air-con confines of her room. That was when she popped the question.

“Ay I thought you wanna show me how to play Chinese chess?”

“You also dun have Chinese chess set. How to play?”

“Oi you promise one hor.”

“Ok lor I show you. Then what you show me?”

“You show me how you PCC then I show you how I play with myself ok?”

“Ok lor. Whatever you say lor.”

Without further delay, I pulled her over and started to kiss her. Just like in one of those PCC session which I fantasized. And soon my dick was getting hard and uncomfortable in my briefs. I pulled her hand to let her have a touch. And she was like wah so big and hard.

“Wait till you see those blacks and ang moh ones. Even bigger and longer ah. But hor theirs not as hard as Asians one”

“How you know?”

“Aiyah next time I show you my porn collection lah. You see then you will know liao.”

That was it. I couldn’t take the uncomfortable feeling down there, unzipped and released my little bro. Peggy was pretty amazed. And I started to jerk myself off. Many a times I tried to kissed Peggy. But she keep breaking the embrace up to see what I am doing to my dick. Since she so interested to see, I pulled her hands and put it on my shaft and hold her hand to PCC for me. The kind of feeling is so different from doing it myself. I dunno why, but it seems to be human instinct. But before I know it my hands were on her boobs. And she seems to be enjoying it. Soon I could feel the sensations building up. And before I knew it, ka putt..

She let of a scream.“Yucks! What’s that!”

“Wah lau. Sperm lah. Want to go science class but dunno how sperm look like.”

“Ay go wash up lah. So dirty.”

So we went to wash up. And while in the adjoining toilet, I asked her “So when you going to show me what you supposed to show me?”

“I show you but you cannot laugh at me ok?”

“Ok ok. I promise I won’t laugh.”

So she stepped in the bathtub and took off her shorts and panty. When she took off her panties can see that she was pretty turned on by my stroking just now. Got a wet patch on her panty. She took the shower head and adjusted the shower head into the jet version. When she turn on the shower, water squirt out in form of jets and she aim it at her pussy. Can see that she enjoying it. And I decided to join in. Join in and started to stroke her boobs. Slowly took off her top too. Her breast were just nice. Not too big, just a handful. Good enough for me. Tried to remove her bra but she was leaning against the wall enjoying herself. So I just pushed her bra up and started to lick her nipples. Can see her enjoying it very much. Soon she started to shiver and moan lightly. And I knew that she had her orgasm. She looked at me, face flushed and just hugged me after that.

We washed up and lazed around her room. “Dear promise me ok. What we did today can only stay this way. We cannot have sex. Because I am afraid that I would get pregnant ok?”

“Dun worry lah. I will not do anything that will hurt you ok?”

Went home that night. I couldn’t sleep again as what happened earlier keep flashing back in my mind. No choice but to PCC myself to relieve the tension building up and went to sleep after that.

The next few day were spent like usual, meeting Peggy in the morning and then going off at 11. Then going out till evening when she had to be home. We were getting closer as the days go by. But I knew that things would not last. As she would be going to another JC while I would be attending poly soon after. But I just enjoyed myself, spending as much time as I could with her.

Time really pass fast and soon it was just 2 weeks away to the end of the 3 months course. I was kind of glad to see it end but on the other hand I knew my time with Peggy was running out. Kind of felt sad when I think of that. Over the past couple of months, I have grown attached to her more. Though she never said that we would break up after the course, but I kind of have the feeling that things would slow down when she goes to her new school. While I will be working for the next 3 months or so before my course starts at poly.

Nothing much happened until the last week in school. Peggy told me she had a surprise for me. And told me to arrange a day to stay over at her place as her mum had gone overseas again. So that Friday, I told my parents that I would be going to a chalet with friends and staying over. That night happened to be the first time of my life…………

Peggy started to behave in a different way. She became more daring with her dressings started to tease me more often. Many a times leaving me hard and dry. And every time without fail I would need to go home and play will my little bar of soap.

It was until Friday. We went for a swim at the pool and after went up. It was then she suddenly pounce on me and started to kiss me like a mad woman. I was taken back but enjoyed myself. After some deep sensational kissing, she took a package from her bag and passed it to me. I opened it up and saw that it was a box of condoms.

“Ay you give me condom for what? Also cannot eat. Then you say cannot have sex also.”

“Well I want to try it. The other day I was talking to my friend who is in another JC. She told me how wonderful it was and I just wanted to try it out.”

“Huh you sure or not?”

“Yeah. You wear the condom then I will not get pregnant. I just want to try it out.”

Well I was all hard from the kissing just now and even harder now after hearing what she said. We started to undress and went into an embrace again. After a while I decided to put on the condom and do it for the very first time of my life. Fumbled with the condom and finally managed to put it on.

I laid Peggy on her back and slow positioned my dick just outside her hole. Well I didn’t really know what to do but from what I saw in the porn, I rubbed my dick on the outside of her pussy. I could see that she is enjoying it. And I slowly started to enter her. Not too sure if she was too nervous but she was pretty dry. Normally when we petted she would be quite wet down there. But I just tried to enter her. Could see that she was in pain.

“Dear you relax ok. I think the pain will go away.” I said not wanting to end it because she felt painful. So I slow inserted into her. Half way in, I felt resistance. And feeling frustrated and horny, I gave a quick thrust. Peggy screamed. But I didn’t stop. I just move slowly. I saw tear dripping down her eyes. But I just continued slowly. It wasn’t before long that I could hear soft moans from her. Seems like she is starting to enjoy it. She started to grab me and wanting me to go faster. So I sped up a little. As I did so, I could feel the tension and sperm building up. Being a first timer, I stepped up the pace. And Peggy started to moan more loudly. Soon I exploded into the condom. I collapsed on her and hug her tightly. And that was how we handed our first time to each other. We were shock to see blood on the sheets. Quickly cleaned up and went out for dinner. Later on that night, we did it another 2 times to finish up the condom. After that I was sore by all the inexperience and rough handling. No choice and had to rest after that.

The next morning, I felt like a real man. Seems like sex makes you grow up. And I had the feeling that after we had sex, Peggy became very sticky. Always wanting to know where I was and who is was with. Soon, the 3 months course was over. Peggy went to the JC of her choice and I started to work. We meet up less often and every time we met up it was for sex. Seems like we were addicted after the first time. But chances to meet up slowly became few and far between. As school got busier for her and I had to do overtime more often. Slowly we drifted apart. But we still do meet up sometimes.

It was soon before Peggy told me that she felt strained over the relationship. And told me she needed a break. But later I found out from her friends that she was together with another guy in school. Well I didn’t blame her. After all I spent all my time at work and didn’t have time for her at all. The most important thing was, I was her first man………..

As things kind of came to an end with Peggy, I concentrated on work. Though the time we spent together wasn’t that long but it was the most memorable period of my life. Though it seems to be a fact that she 2 timed but I wasn’t a wee bit angry with her. Maybe it all happened too fast and seems like a dream. Well anyway after I got the job, I dun have much time to see her too. Day in and day out, all I did was work. And soon it was almost time that my poly start. Made arrangements to work while I school. It seems that I was obsessed with making money that time.

About a week before school starts, I signed up for the orientation camp. Didn’t know why I signed up too. But I guess it was to get to know more friends. Time really pass fast when one is occupied. Before I knew it, it was time to go for the orientation camp. Packed my stuff and reported to camp. It was at the camp which I got to know more friends and more gals. Really never regretted signing up. Throughout the orientation, I was always on the phone due to work. And also I had to take time off from the camp just to go to the nearby mall to meet my clients. Like I said I was too obsessed with making money.

It was a 3 days 2 night camp. And on the second night, which is the final night, we had this function. We had to invite a member of the opposite sex and attend a dinner. As I wasn’t really interested, I didn’t actually make an effort to ask around for gals to be my partner. Even when gals in my group asked me to be their partner, I told them I had someone in mind (Which of course is not true). Didn’t know why, I started to think about Peggy. It was like the first time I actually thought about her after since we last met a few months ago.

It wasn’t until almost 7pm when the function was about to start, my orientation leader Nat came over.

“Hey big businessman! Got your partner already not? Party going to start soon. Still dunwan to get ready ah?”

“Wah you more naggy than my grandmother leh. But I got no partner la. Dunno why leh today no mood leh.”

“You sure or not you got no partner? I thought just now got a few gals from your group asked you?”

“No lah. I already said mah. Not in the mood liao. Dunwan to spoil their day with a sulking partner mah.”

“Ok lah dun worry ok. I be your partner tonight. And you dun sulk liao lah. Go and get changed lah. Party going to start soon.”

Well I am not sure why, but I actually felt better after Nat came over to talk to me. So I went to change and got ready.

Nat is 1 year my senior and she would be doing her 2nd year when school reopens. She is pleasant looking and nothing much special about her. Just that she is the type of person who is very caring. Actually I kind of find her cute. Though there are many gals who are much prettier and with better figure approaching me to be their partners for the night, I was happy that Nat is my partner. Maybe that night I just wanted someone to talk to. The party started, and with the usual games and dances, they kind of end the day with slow music. Nat pulled me up to join the low dance. We were dancing (Actually just swaying with the music) at a corner of the hall where there is lesser people. And it was when Nat started to talk to me.

“How come you always on the phone?”

“Cos I working mah. Client call so have to be on the phone lor.”

“Working? Then when school starts how?”

“When school starts also like that lor. My hours are flexible so not so bad. If not how to have money to come study?” (Not true lah. My parents still pay for the fees and gives me allowance. Just that I wanted to save up and buy car. Haha.)

“Wah like that very hard on you leh. Need to study and work at the same time. Poor boy.” Nat pinched my cheeks as she said that.

“No choice la. What to do. Life got to go on right?”

“Ay I tell you something you cannot tell people ok?”

“What? Just say lah. My mouth look like loudspeaker meh?”

“You look very cool leh. When you sit there deep in thoughts.”

“Wah you stalk me ah. I sit there thinking about things you peep at me ah!” I joked.

“Haha not only that ah. At night when you sleep you also look very cute.”

“Ay you very pervert leh. Look at guys when they sleep. So tell me what other things you found out about me. Wah you dangerous woman leh.”

“No lor. You then dangerous lor. Like lady killer. So many gals in your group come to ask me if I know anything about you.”

“Ok lah dun say liao lah. Wait my head grow big cannot walk out of the function hall ah.”

We kind of ended the conversation and continued dancing. It was then when Nat put her hands on my shoulder. Bringing our bodies closer to each other, without thinking, I wrapped my hands around her waist. It was only then I realised that she have a very small waist. Well we danced that way till the music stopped. And soon it was time to call it a day.

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