My Naughty Life – Bintan


I went with Jasmine and 2 other friends to Batam before CNY. It was so fun! The four of us were in our bikinis playing in the waters, eating and gossiping throughout the trip. Yes, we were sun tanning, fooling around, and putting really sinful food into our mouths. Have to work out a bit, after coming back ๐Ÿ™ Throughout the trip, although we wore very little most of the time, there was no opportunity to be naughty! NO CHANCE AT ALL. SIGH! There were many ideas in my head, but it was wrong timing.

After coming back, I went to the travel agent to book another trip, this time going all by myself! *Evil look in my eyes* I can be as naughty as I want. But then the agent said Bintan is on promotion, and asked if I interested to go. Since I going alone, I guess no choice but to go for any cheap alternatives there are. Should be the same place right? So, I booked a date a few weeks back after CNY, going by myself this time.

I went on to pack my stuff for the 3 day 2 night trip, and brought along bikini top and bottom, bra and panties, and chose from the skimpiest collection that I have. I even went to shop for some sexy swimwear, and BF won’t be seeing me in them, since he be going for reservist. When it was time to set off, I wore a pink baby tee, and short skirt with panties. Then I carried a small sling bag, and the strap pressed against my breasts, causing my nipples to protrude out slightly. My baby tee was not thin, but it was tight enough to reveal the shape of my breasts! I didn’t think much of it, but when I reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, can feel everybody’s eyes on me! Somemore, the terminal itself was air conditioned, and with me getting a bit nervous, my nipples started to erect! Got a bit conscious and started to fold my arms once in while. I could have sworn there was this guy who was walking behind me, started to overtake me and stare at my chest! Was it because he saw my legs barely covered by my short skirt or the lack of bra straps behind my baby tee?

Then after checking in and inside the boat, the journey became something I did not expect. Dunno why this time, the seas were more rough than usual, the boat began to go up and down on the waters. It really was nothing for most passengers, except I WAS NOT WEARING ANYTHING UNDERNEATH MY TEE!! Without the support of my bra, my breasts began bouncing up and down each time the boat took a dive! It was embarrassingly enough with the movement of my boobs, and the awkward thing is, each time the boat rocked, my nipples started to rub against the material of my tee, and got me more aroused! Can feel the passengers around started to look at me. I pulled my tight tee down further, exposing the shape of my nipples even more, teasing them, then subsequently took a jacket to cover myself. I dunno if there’s a patch on my panties, but I kept my legs closer, for fear of overexposure. I think it’s enough they get an eyeful of my legs because after I sat down, my skirt started to ride up my waist, and I did not adjust back ๐Ÿ˜›

Subsequently, I arrived and settled down in my room. ALL BY MYSELF!! ๐Ÿ™‚

It was around 4pm plus, when I reached. The first thing I did was STRIP NAKED and roam around in the room!! HA! It felt so free!! I explored the bathroom, the bed, television, and even more daringly, I opened the window and looked out without a stitch of clothing on me! I was on the 2nd storey, don’t think anyone will look up right? Then I spotted the pool, and it looked so welcoming. I went to my bag, and put on my bikini. It was a light blue 2 piece bikini. I had taken out the padding on my top, so it’s actually only one layer of material hugging my breasts! The moment I put it on, can see my nipples protruding out! It feels like just a thin strip of cloth around my breasts, I walked around and my breasts were just bouncing as if I not wearing anything at all! Next, I tied my bikini around my waist, strings on both side. I didn’t tie them particularly hard, maybe it will just ‘drop off’ accidentally? ๐Ÿ˜›

The moment I opened the door, my heart started beating faster! I had a towel with me, but just sling it over my shoulder instead of covering myself. Didn’t wear my slippers ’cause I want to be as naked as I can. Then started to walk towards the pool wearing just my bikini! On the way, a couple walked past, and the guy just stared at me like the eyes nearly popped out! But he can’t see for long as his gf was by his side. Hee! I got a bit embarrassed, but proceeded on! As I reached the pool, I realised there was a counter for signing out towels. Stupid me! But the counter was at the other end of the pool, I just put my towel on an empty beach chair and walked over. The pool was a bit crowded and the people there started to turn their eyes on me!! With the towel and keys at the beach chair, the only clothing on me, were my bikini barely supporting my breasts, and strings which was loosely tied. Felt a bit pai say but at the same time, felt like a supermodel walking by. HA! My breasts were still bouncing with every step I took, and the nipples were just two protruded dots through the material. I can’t walk fast, as I don’t want my boobs to bounce even more, but I really don’t walk to walk that slow ’cause I starting to get a lot of stares! ARGH! Dilemma!

By the time I got the towel and back to my beach chair, I got a bit intimidated with all the stares and quickly decided to get into the pool. As I walked towards the pool, I stopped! With the bikini I’m wearing, I began to imagine how it would turn out, if the material touches the water! OMG! I really did not test out before I decided the swimwear. But a bit too late liao, I was halfway between the beach chair and the pool, and felt a bit awkward. Then quickly, I plunged into the pool, and began to swim a little. The pool was very very big, and I got to this corner and started checking myself out. WALAU!!! My top became transparent!!! The light blue piece became even paler in colour and thinner after been drenched, and you can make out the shape and colour of my nipples!! OMG!!! My bottoms still OK, and gave me some relief. Now it feels like I’m in the pool topless! I walk-swim around the pool for a while and teased some of the people there. Most were minding their business with their family and friends, but the ones who saw, really stared! IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING!! MY BREASTS WERE JUST A THIN MATERIAL AWAY FROM BEING NAKED AND COULD BE SEEN BY EVERYONE THERE!! I tried adjusting my top, but it wasn’t the angle, it was the entire sheer piece that turned transparent and bared my nipples! I remembered this piece already being skimpy as it is, and taking out the padding really means everything is exposed! But the pool was really nice, and there was this nice beach view, which distracted me for a while.

The beach can be seen from the pool, and I thought maybe should explore that area as well. As I returned back to my beach chair, I realise I got to return my towel first. As I got up from the waters, my bikini sticked to my body, totally exposing my figure, but I wrapped the towel around my body, and this time walked towards the counter with ease ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I was really stupid that day, the moment I returned the towel to the counter MEANT I HAD NOTHING TO COVER MYSELF WITH!! OMG!! I started to walk back to my beach towel ONLY IN MY BIKINI!! I was still wet, and was dripping a path of water behind me, and the worse thing is, my breasts and nipples were exposed again!! I got a bit conscious and folded my arms all the way to the beach chair, where I took my towel. I glanced back and saw a number of people still looking in my direction!! SO EMBARRASSING!!!

As I walked to the beach, I realise it was more quiet than the pool. Maybe the waters were more clean at the pool? Anyway, with less people, I got more bold, and started walking with a little more ease. Although my nipples were still showing, it really didn’t attract much attention because there were only ang mohs there. Maybe seeing breasts and nipples were a norm to them. After walking along the shoreline of the beach, I decided to go back to the room. I showered, then rested on the bed, surf the internet with my ipad and relaxed in complete nudity! As the evening sets, I decided to check out the restaurants. I wore a black colour oversized Tee that barely covers my butt, and then I left the room, wearing only just that!! Of course, I had my slippers on too, but this time I was underwear-less and going to a place where everybody was properly dressed! HA! As I walked past, nobody really didn’t seem to pay me any attention. Perhaps it was already dark. The wind occasionally blew my tee up and exposed my vagina, but I didn’t really panic ’cause there were no one there. I didn’t check if anyone were looking out their windows though. Then don’t know how, I stumbled to the counter, and asked if they had room service for meals. They said yes, and I immediately retreated back to my room, ready for one last naughty idea!

After I returned back to the room, I ordered my dinner from the food menu. Then I took off my tee, and changed into a set of g-strings! Not wearing any bra, my breasts are just as bare as the sheer piece of material clinging onto my crotch! It’s not a new idea, and I’m just gonna receive my dinner wearing just my strings! I continued to surf my ipad, and after waiting for a while, dinner still did not come, and I slowly found myself rubbing myself. It was so easy because there was no one else in the room, and the comfortable aircon temperature made my entire body, including my private part rather soft and smooth. My hands started to rub against the strings and I soon found myself wet with a patch on the material. My nipples became erected and hard, AND THEN SUDDENLY THE DOOR BELL RANG!! I got so into the mood, that I totally forgot about dinner! OMG! I forgot what I should do next, and walked to the door wearing only my strings!! Then slowly, I opened the door!! The staff was surprised to see me, but very professional. He asked if it’s OK to come in, I was in a aroused half-daze state with my erected nipples in his plain sight!! OMG!!! Got a bit embarrassed and signalled him ok to come in!! Does he know what I was doing before I opened the door?! He walked past me, NEARLY BRUSHING MY BARE BREASTS as he carried this big tray, and I followed behind. I was still aroused, and since I was behind him now, I slid my hand inside my strings and continued digging myself! CRAZY!!! He started to lay the tray and prepared the dinner on the desk, as I quickly took my hand out! I really can’t be bothered by how much he saw now. As he went to set up the dinner/cutlery on my right, I just sit on the bed pretending to watch TV, with my breasts totally exposed to him!! He glanced a few times to my side, but didn’t really stare. I looked down and saw that my nipples are still erected!! Dunno if it’s from my own arousal or the excitement that someone is watching my naked breasts! I saw a wet patch on my panties and without giving a second thought, continued to rub it, TOTALLY FORGETTING ABOUT HIS PRESENCE!! I let out a soft moan and it was only when I heard the sound of cutlery knocking against each other, then it startled me and I pulled my hand away! WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING?! I WAS PLEASURING MYSELF IN FRONT OF THIS STRANGER!! SO EMBARRASSING!!! I controlled myself, until he finished, quickly closed the door after him, immediately returned to my bed, and continued my self-pleasure! HA! After that, I took off my panties, cleaned and left it to dry, and took my dinner in the nude ๐Ÿ™‚

I wasn’t able to finish writing the previous post, because it was too long. Here’s how the night ended. I finished my dinner and continued watching TV and checking out Facebook. The time was only ard 11pm. Time passed really slowly when you’re there.

The used plates and cutlery from the dinner were still inside my room, and I thought I should place them outside for the staff to collect. I was wearing my panties, and still topless. Had to wear something, so that my vagina stays clean. But my breasts really had a good time breathing. HA! This could be the longest time i’ve gone without a top or a bra ๐Ÿ™‚

Deciding to put the used plates away, I thought if I open the door, I should at least do it naked. I slipped off my panties, and proceeded to the door. Have to open the door wide open first, so that I can move the plates all in one shot. As soon as I pulled the door open, it reminded me of my naked-ness. My heart started beating faster again. Then I went back and took the plates to the door, checked a bit, then tiptoed out and placed the stuff on the floor. I was completely nude while doing all this! At the same time when I put the plates on the floor, I heard some noises a few doors away and startled me! My instinct is to run back to my room and hide myself!! But then it didn’t sound like the neighbours. Could be housekeeping.

I decided to try one crazy stunt before the night ends. Still wearing nothing, I took small steps towards the noise and thought I should ask housekeeping to clear my stuff IN THE NUDE! I didn’t bother to cover my breasts or pussy, and just walked away from the door, without anything to cover myself!! My breasts started bouncing, as I walked and slowly I saw the staff standing outside the room!! My heart was beating so fast!! I did nothing to hide myself, and MY BARE BREASTS, NIPPLES AND PUSSY WERE TOTALLY EXPOSED TO HIM!! THERE WAS NOT A STITCH OF CLOTHING ON ME AND I WAS SO NAKED!!! I got a bit conscious, looked down and saw that my nipples were erected IN FRONT OF THIS STRANGER! The staff looked stunt to see me! THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING!!!

Standing about 1.5m from him, I pointed to my room said, “Later can you help clear my plates?”

WHAT HE ANSWERED STUNT ME: “Sorry I not staff.”

I HAD MISTAKEN HIM FOR HOUSEKEEPING STAFF, AND BARED MY NAKED BODY IN FRONT OF HIM!! ARGH!!! SO PAI SAY!!! I got conscious and covered my breasts immediately!! BUT MY PUSSY WAS STILL EXPOSED TO HIM!! I said “SORRY!”, and quickly turned around to walk back to my room. As I turned, my bare buttocks was exposed to him, I glanced at him a bit, and he looked away for a second and then looked back!! THIS IS SUCH AN EMBARRASSMENT!! I walked back with my hands covering my breasts, my face burning red, and quickly closed the door behind me! My face wasn’t the only part burning, I touched my vagina, and felt my warm wet pussy juice had leaked out!! I must have been aroused by the experience more than I thought. I just lied on the bed, and started pleasuring myself slowly, before I end the night with an orgasm ๐Ÿ™‚


I woke up at about 6+. A bit early, but I was keen to explore the beach. Yesterday, while walking along the beach, I noticed how little people there were, and thought I should go there and take a look. I change into my bikini, put on a white singlet and set off for the place. My legs were bare, but at least I’m properly clothed, not semi-nude or something. As I walked to the beach, I saw one or two passerby, they reminded me that I have to go for breakfast later. I walked to the far end of the beach and sat down on the sand to enjoy the sunrise. The waters were really inviting, so I took off my singlet, left it with my slippers and key, and stepped into the waters. It was really refreshing! ๐Ÿ™‚ I walked until the waters had reached my waist, then looking around and seeing no one, I took off my bikini bottom while in the depth of the sea. SO EXCITING!! I held onto my bikini and walk-swim adjacently along the water-shore and explored the sand base. It wasn’t too cloudy, and you can see little fishes swimming around. I can even see my own pubic hair through the waters! But I know I’m quite safe, because from a distance at the shore, you wouldn’t be able to see if the person is wearing anything or not. Somemore I at the far end of the beach.

Then I checked again, and still seeing no one, I unhooked my bikini top, and this time continued to walk-swim in the waters COMPELTELY NAKED!! HA! Can’t tell how long I was in the water, but I was about 500m away from my belongings. It got a bit tired, as I was trying to balance myself against the waves, and moving in the water took a lot of energy as well. The sky also began to look like it was going to rain soon, so I decided to head back. Instead of walking in the waters back (and wasting more energy), with my hands still holding onto my bikini, I SLOWLY WALKED UP THE SHORE COMPLETELY NUDE!!! I watched myself as the water slowly revealed my shoulders, breasts, nipples, stomach, vagina and my bare legs! EVENTUALLY THE WATERS WERE AT MY ANKLES, EXPOSING EVERY PART OF MY NAKED BODY!!! I knew there was someone at the far part of the beach, he looked towards my side for a moment, then looked away. I guess too far to spot whether I wearing anything, but my hands holding to my bikini by my side should be a give-away, right?

It was so exciting, my heart was pounding so fast. I looked at the water dripping from my breasts, and the streams of water rolling down my bare skin uninterrupted by any form of clothing!!! Instinctively, I tried to walk faster to my belongings, but after a while, when I realised there was no one around, and I started to relax to a slower pace. IT FELT SO EXCITING AND FREE at the same time!! The times where I had to sneak a nude stroll, it would either be at ulu HDB flat corridors or at Jasmine’s condo, but this time I was COMPLETELY NAKED OUT IN THE OPEN!!! My breasts bounced as I walked towards my stuff. I wondered if anyone had seen me from behind? It would be strange to see a girl unclothed and exposing her butt, holding on to a set of bikinis, right? After I reached my stuff, I threw my bikinis to my stash, and ran back into the sea for one more naked swim! IT FELT SO GOOD!! The sea covered every part of my naked body, and then after a while I slowly walk back and wear back my bikini. I only wore my bottoms, didn’t wear my bikini top and just pulled the singlet over my head. Because I didn’t bring any towel, and I wore my top over my wet skin, the singlet was soaked through the wetness from my body and exposed my nipples through the thin material. But I not worried, since no one around ๐Ÿ™‚ I walked back to my room, with my breasts in full sight through my white singlet to a few passerbys who walked past me! The time was about 7+. Still early. Then I showered and rinsed my bikini and slippers because there were sand particles inside. After showering, I saw that it was raining outside, heng I come back early. I changed into my normal clothes and proceeded to have my breakfast. Wanted to have my meal in peace, and not people staring at me, so I was a good girl for that part of the morning ๐Ÿ˜›


What I did after breakfast? I slept! LOL! Thought of teasing the housekeeping staff who would come to clean up my room, but decided against it, as the case of mistaken identity gave me enough naked excitement last night. Actually after eating, I went to the pool there for a short while, to look at it more thoroughly. Yesterday, I was barely wearing anything decent and plunged into the pool there, and didn’t have time to explore, before people started staring at me. Now, when I woke up from my nap, I already had a naughty idea! I took my panties, and using a scissors, cut a small hole on it, on the spot where my pussy would be! I wore to test it, and check myself out, and my vagina was exposed through the small hole! It wasn’t obvious when I stand up, and if I’m inside the pool, certainly no one would know! I touched myself and can feel myself getting warm and moist before I even left the room. HA! I didn’t pleasure myself further and proceeded to wear a bikini top that would match my panties! I was clad in a combination of pink this time. My panties was not that thin, and my bikini top would cover me appropriately. Without wearing any shoes, I took my keys and a book, put on the ‘make-up room’ sign, and left wearing only my slippers and my bikini with the cut hole!

It was getting exciting as I didn’t bring any towel to cover myself. I quickly chose a beach chair by the pool and sat down. The book that I brought was actually just for pretending…haha! I wasn’t going to read anything, as I laid on the chair and relaxed for a while. A few people walked past me and stared a bit, but I had kept my legs closed and not revealing anything. Maybe they were admiring my sexy figure ๐Ÿ˜› Felt happy that I work out enough to keep myself in shape. Then slowly, I moved my legs apart, exposing the small hole on my panties!! Suddenly, out of nowhere, this guy walked past as my legs were just away from each other, and HE STARED AT MY PANTIES!!! SO EMBARRASSING! HE MUST HAVE SEEN MY VAGINA THROUGH THE HOLE OF THE FABRIC!! I panic and quickly moved my legs closer again. Deciding this was too dangerous, I stood up and went into the swimming pool. The bikini I wore kept me sufficiently protected this time, but I had another crazy idea in mind. I looked around, and the pool wasn’t really that crowded, I walk-swim around the pool, until I reached this corner where they had a mini jacuzzi with strong jets of water shooting up!!

Yes, I already had this crazy plan, since the jacuzzi was so convenient. As there were many bubbles created by the shooting streams below, no one can actually see much below the waters. I slowly opened my legs wider and sat down on top of the shooting jets of water and it instantly hit my vagina right through the hole of my panties! WOW! I CAN FEEL MY NAKED PUSSY ACTUALLY AROUSED BY THE PUSHING AND RUBBING OF THE STREAMS OF WATER SHOOTING BELOW!! THE WATER CONTINUED TO POUND CEASELESSLY AT MY NAKED VAGINA!! I tried to control myself and moved away, but it was too stimulating!! When no one was looking, I quickly touched myself to check, but the streams of water was so strong, it pushed my finger into my vagina and aroused myself even more!! I quickly withdrew my hand and checked around. I think I got a little too crazy because the pool was a public place, and there were still other people and families in other parts of the pool, and I just lost myself there at the jacuzzi!! But I was at the mercy of the jet streams hitting my private part and soon, I FELT MYSELF COMING TO A CLIMAX, AND DON’T CARE LIAO, I PUT ONE HAND DOWN, AND QUICKLY RUBBED MYSELF, BEFORE THE WAVES OF PLEASURE OVERCAME ME, MY BACK ARCHED, AND MY EYES FLUTTERED AS I LOOKED UP, LETTING OUT A SOFT MOAN INTO THE SKY!! GOSH!! I had masturbated myself in front of everybody!!! WOW!!! I sat away from the water stream, and relaxed myself after the public erotic stimulation just now. I looked around and saw this guy from the distance, who looked back and seemed to know what I was doing. I just looked away in embarrassment and pretended like nothing happened!! I doubt he would know there was a hole in my panties, where I just had a naughty experience right in front of everyone! HA!

I sat there for a few minutes to rest and when I tried to move again, I felt weakened! The orgasm just now must have exhausted me more than I realised. I started to move around in the pool waters, carefully avoiding the path of that guy who spotted me earlier on. Then got a bit bored and tired, I went to the beach chair to retrieve my book, and returned back to my room, showered, and collapsed onto the bed for a nap, half-dazed but sexually gratified ๐Ÿ™‚

Late Afternoon

When I returned to my room just now, I saw something which piqued my interest. There was this big blue basin near the pool, when they had foam sprayed out from a machine. It was like a mini-foam party, but you had to climb into the basin to actually touch and play with the foam bubbles! After I woke up, checked my facebook, and surfed the internet a bit, I looked out my window, and saw that the foam basin is still there. I quickly changed into my strapless bra and panties, and checked myself in the mirror. Both were pink in colour and barely covered my private parts. I hope no one know I not wearing bikini ’cause they were a bit lacy. I opened the door, and with my key in my hand, closed the door behind me! This time, the only items I have are my bra, panties and my keys! Didn’t wear any slippers, since the sun not so hot now. I walked slowly to the basin, but it was not that scary, since my bra were supporting my breasts ๐Ÿ™‚ It was the tiny set of panties that made me worry. The lycra material was very thin, and was a bit translucent, and under the correct angle and light, my pubic hair can be seen!! But no choice had to wear it, as it was matching in colour to my bra. I reached the basin, and realised that there were several people inside playing with the foam, and I couldn’t get inside yet. So, trying to act normal, I continued walking to the pool instead!

A few things were going in my mind, and after reaching the pool, I instinctively dived into the waters for some cover. Only after I was inside the water, then I realised that my panties were not meant to touch water at all!! OMG!!! I looked down, and the entire piece became transparent!!!! WAHHH!!!!! I tried to adjust my panties, but the more I pulled it up, the more my vagina was exposed. The lacy material had formed a camel toe on my private part. I got so conscious that I faced the wall of the pool, with my back towards the water. Think my butt can be seen through the transparent panties now, but at least they not getting a view of my breasts or pussy ๐Ÿ˜› I waited until the foam area got less people, then I looked around, and quickly got out of the water! I looked down and saw my pubic hair exposed through the thin layer of panties!! It was just sticking to my skin and revealing each inch of my body!! There were a few people nearby and they just stared! SO EMBARRASSINGGG!!! I tried to cover my private part without looking awkward, but gave up, and fastened my pace to the foam basin.

It was quite a lot of fun seeing the people play just now. They had foam almost all over their body, and some even got it on their head, like a snowman. HA! I climbed into the basin to play with the foam bubbles, and quickly hid myself away from the stares looking at my panties! Although there were 1 or 2 person inside, it was not that crowded. My heart started to beat faster at what I was about to do. I waited until no one was watching, then I reached behind my back and unclipped the hook of my bra!!! Both cups loosened and fell from my breasts, exposing my nipples!! THE BRA JUST FELL TO THE BASE OF THE FOAM AND WAS IMMEDIATELY LOST!! NOW I AM LEFT WITH JUST A PIECE OF TRANSPARENT PANTIES ON MY BODY!!! Feeling a little scared, I quickly gathered all the foam and laid on my naked breasts, forming some sort of cover!! I turned my back and tried to get some foam on my back, but it was difficult! I was moving around, grabbing all the foam I can find, and put them on my chest. As I was doing that, I saw 3 guys laughing and climbing inside the basin! I got very nervous, and tried to look down to search for my bra, but IT WAS NOWHERE IN SIGHT!! Deciding it was getting dangerous, I decided to leave the area of the basin, and walked back to my room WITHOUT MY BRA!!!! Making sure I have enough foam on my breasts, I climbed out of the area. One of the guys saw my awkward movement and stared a bit at me. Then as I turned my back towards him, he looked on even more stunt! MY BARE BACK must have been exposed to him as there was no bikini strap of any kind on my back!! HE MUST HAVE KNOWN I’M TOPLESS! THIS IS SO EMBARASSING!!!

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