My Naive Classmate (SG)


This is my true experience, decided to share it as to keep my memory fresh on her.

During a period of my life. I was going through a tough patch. My girlfriend left me for a douchebag, taking along my broken heart, my soul and my wasted cash. I could not get into any courses I wanted to, without any directions, I wanted to join the army till a particular ‘JC’ decided to take my poor ass in. Without much hesitation I went in. Well, a lil background on me, I am not exactly a very studious person, or rather so, I am not so ‘JC’ kind . I have no idea how I got into that place anyway. So things started getting foreign to me as soon as I stepped in that place.

Being a person, more attracted to the darker side of life. I smoke, drank and basically wreak havoc everywhere I went. In my previous school my life was wreaked with late night outs and going after ah lians . So I was worried, that coming in this school was the wrong choice or not.

So comes orientation. I won’t go into detail, just briefly explain as too much details would expose my school.

With my lanky long hair, piercings, dressed up like basically like an asshole. I went to school for the orientation. Dragging my feet I reach the atrium . Bla bla bla, I was blasting my ipod, wondering what i’m gonna do afterwards. So they were distributing classes and batches.

I was getting irritated, while waiting, I feel that somebody is on to me. I look up, trying to find that person who is staring at me. Frowning, and glaring my eyes caught the eyes of her. Like i’ve been hit by a freakin freight train, I lose my balance literally, my mind went blank. Her eyes, big round eyes that glisten under the sun, warm eyes that don’t seem to be able to fend for themselves. I melted.

After a short while, she turns away, giving me a chance to regain consciousness, this time I took the chance and tried to catch her whole features. Lil bit of ears pokes out adorably behind those smooth Long jet black hair, smooth porcelain skin, and luscious lips with a glint of wet pink gloss.

She wore a black tight fitting spaghetti top, complete with a very short black denim shorts. It would be blasphemy for a man not to check out her body, so I did the right thing, having a rather small build, she has these curves at the right places, adorable curves. Her breasts, for someone her size is very more than ample, sweetly curved mounds looked full and soft, throbbing breasts that jiggles abit every time she fidgets.

Her legs long smooth, slight curves at every section. Glistening under the sunlight. Her ass, firm and lush, but tender at the same time. It seems she did spent time on her ass.

When my eyes slowly u-turn and traveled up again. She turns at the same time probably realizing someone is rubbing her mentally, and caught mine, I panicked, I wanted to look away, but I froze like a dumbass. Then she . . . .

Turns around and caught my eye again this time, with a look of confusion and innocence. In a quick glance, she quickly turns her head, staring at the ground, while she turns around I caught a glimmer of her smiling in embarrassment.

As the dumbass that I am, I am still staring at her, and I saw her porcelain cheeks started to blush in slight pink.

While brushing her silky hair back from the side of her face.

Shaking away my primal instincts, I regained my moral self. Holy shit, this may just be my kind of school. I thought to myself. While grinning like Charlie when he receives the golden ticket, only at this case its me and the poon factory.

Faintly in the distance I hear my name being called, and the class that I am in. Then I realize if I were to have any chance of knowing her, its only being in the same class at her. So there goes the lanky chao ah beng to an attentive school boy, trying to catch her name and class. I waited and waited.

“Sandy ***!. . . . . Wah. . Nb, monster”

“Alice ***~! . . . . Wah, Wah, dinosaur, “

Claire ***~! . . . Wah TAO BIO! Jack fucking pot!”. .

She was a lil startled, when she heard her name called, she bends down to pick up her stuff, elegantly bending down, the shorts stretched a bit, outlining the sexy cleavage, hair falling perfectly in place, in return I stared elegantly as well.

As the classes were separated, every one was standing in different groups, as she walked towards my group. In the mass of monster inc. Casts, she introduced herself to one of the monsters, which would as time goes by remains the all common ‘Ugly girlfriend of an attractive girl’.

Some dudes started talking to me, hoping to break the ice between the boys. Soon enough she was not in my view anymore, as slowly I was engulfed by all those puberty boys.

The usual geek crap soon ensues. Being the minority, I just have to go along sadly. As they goes on about how razor mouse would enhance their game play, I was thinking how my mouse would enhance her south holiest of holies.

Surprisingly, I was actually looking forward to the much loathed ice-breaking bullshit we had to go through. Disappointed, the teachers finally got smart realized it really does not fucking works at all. AND CANCELLED IT!

“Balllssss~~” I thought to myself.

So I took the initiative, to do some recon of my own. Roam around with some my new found friends, each having their own purpose such as lecture hall, library, toilet, canteen, for me motherfucking CLAIRE.

Oh~. . Mama there she is, as due to the tedious job having to tour the school, everyone one was relatively sweating a little. And she did what any non-monsters girls would do. She tied her hair up in a bun, in a you know ‘I just had a massive orgasm , I feel hot and tired so let me mind fuck you with this hairstyle’ style.

The snowy flawless nape of her neck, gleams of those little tiny perspiration, blushing from the heat. She smiled innocently, as to every bit of rubbish spewed out by the orcs.

As we walked nearer, the orcs got excited by the prospects of fresh meat and started asking us mindless questions on, I can’t even bother to type it out.

While attending to the bullshit of the orcs, my eyes periodically glaze towards Claire, she seems bored, blowing her fringe away from her long eyelashes, while staring aimlessly at the floor, every breath she took, her beautiful mounts seems to tease you while going up and down, noticed a gleaming bead of perspiration slowly slides down from her smooth neck towards her deep cleavage, deliciously traveling through the sexy curves, leaving a line of wetness throughout, “Ohh mama. . . “ I thought to myself.

So when the orcs started attacking my fresh geek friends, I tactical movement a lil close to her, as I goes closer, my heart beats like a woodpecker on speed.

Claire?” I smiled.

“Which school were you from previously?”

She turns around with such sophisticated movement, eyes that seems to reach out to you. She looks dumbfounded, her cheeks started to blush.

She smiled, still staring at me with her big round eyes, she paused a while, bite down her glossy pink lips, whispered something softly and almost too adorable, almost too sweet, almost incoherent, heck, I wasn’t even gonna pay attention to what she says anyway.

So I just nodded like a dumbass.

Soon my friends finally activated their other brain and started to hang around her like vultures, her orc friends realised she aint getting any meat pulled her away like any ugly friends would do.

So I went home, feeling I have found a new motivation to start school asap.

Being the non-stalkish, gentlemen action a man would do.

I went straight back home, switched on my computer, went to a certain social network typed in Claire ***”

Her picture appeared

I stared in disbelief and disappointment

. . . Wearing a skin tight white dress, with a cute ribbon just above her ass. , presumably in a club, holding an apple martini. But. . She is not the only one in the photo . . .

Her body in the picture, was leaning towards a dude, the guy had his hand all over her. Shell shocked, I glanced at her current status. DAMN, she is in a relationship. That didn’t broke my heart, but it is definitely a kick in the balls.

That dude, standing probably just a few inches taller than her, had tattoos all over his arm, complete with a look that says “Hey, I’m a gangster. . . At least I tried hard”.

Not too shabby looking, but just not the kind you would see her with.

Now I foresee a competition.

School soon starts. Everyone was getting relatively well with each other before school actually starts, due to the self ice breaking we had.

I was only look forward to how she would look in her uniforms.

As expected, she didn’t dress to fail.

Her uniform, was probably 1 to 2 size smaller then what she supposed to wear. Her ample breasts stretched across her chest threatening the buttons to give way.

Her skirt tailored to be ass hugging, and so short that it exposes her smooth tender thigh.

Now, everything goes pretty the same, same routine. . Till one or two days later, the school dudes got wind of a certain hottie in my class, and all of them started to flock towards my class in hope to catch a view of her.

She remains very firm on ignoring any other guys that were not in her class. Though the guys in my class were too afraid to talk to her.

Now I was certain that if she were to remain attached, it is not exactly a exactly a bad thing, that would actually help to keeps the flies away, while the friendly classmate (your sincerely) gets to take his shot.

I didn’t exactly have a written plan, but I have it roughly sorted out in my head. So I decided I should not waste my time.

*we didn’t talked since the previous time*

Me: “Yo Claire, morning. “

Claire: “Hello! Morning. “

Me: “Looks like there are few guys outside, waiting for you leh!. . Never fail one. “

Claire whines:*blushes* “No laaa! Don’t tease me leh Cody. .” (yes Cody, hi guys)

Orcs: “Yea lor!. . Later her bf jealous!!”

Claire: “Shh. . .”

Me: “Ahh . . You got a bf?. . Wah, poor thing la those guys. . “

Claire: giggles*

ORCS: “Today friday leh , Cody, we got a unofficial class outing today, you wanna come!?”

Me: “No booze no talk.” *laughing*

ORCS: “Confirm have, we are going to club &^*&%^!”

ME: “On.” (of course on la, after confirming Claire is going as well. )

Let me sidetrack abit, school was a drag basically, but it wasn’t that bad having some lookers in the school itself.

But it was a chore finding a good spot to light one up, so I have to constantly move around every day finding any potential spots. Finally, I found a pretty secluded area, sat myself down. Realized I wasn’t fucking Einstein after all, there was butts lying around, someone found this place earlier than me. Halfway through my stick, I heard the sound of footsteps gradually increasing. “Fuck, got so suay mah” I thought. Threw my cig away, start to get the fuck out. Stand up, tried to “DI GONG DI SIAO” (basically act like a dumbass) once I pass the corner, someone was there sneaking to my location. Both of us humped, jumped I mean.

There stands a girl of a tall build, straight black hair with gold highlights, she was dressed in her athletic attire, white oversized tee, with the usual fbt shorts. She tied her fringe up just above her forehead. Like a miniature pony.

Noticed she has a piercing on her nose (fashion victim I know) she has very sharp features, a relatively small face, nice straight small nose with small lips, and sultry smokey eyes. Though being very slim, I could see two perky firm tits poking out through her relatively wet tee, could see she was wearing a light smooth pink bra.

I saw something rolled to my feet, it seems she dropped her cig when I startled her. She stares at me still in astonishment. I bend down and picked up her cigs. “Wow, she really has a toned, tanned leg” I thought to myself. Gave her back, and she smiled embarrassingly.

Me: “U scared me there. . “

Her: “Sorry laa, didn’t know anyone was there, you also scared me leh. . “

*powderful language, chao ah lian. * I thought to myself

Me: “Paiseh I didn’t know your turf ma, ha”

Came running a guy with thick specs, bones and flesh I thought.

I lighted another joint and we started chatting.

Don’t think you guys would be interested in the stick and bones dude.

So I shall speed through

– Robert is his name, height: unknown; weight:10kg or more. Special steeply IN love with *Cigarette girl*but banished to BFF. Role to play: Important.

Her: “Whats your class leh?. . You like new leh. . “

Me: “Ya, new leh, new batch, class $^#$%#$ man. . You?”

Her: “Class $#^#$% I am your senior!. . You which year one?”

Me: “Ooo. . 19** you leh?”

Her: “19**” (1 years older)

Me: “Wahh. . Don’t look like it leh. “

Her: “Dun lie lar you. .” *giggles*

Me : “Whats your name leh?”

Her: “Danielle , but my friends call me *uber ah lian*xiao ning lor”

Me: “Oorh” *really must add the xiao meh* I thought.

Xiao ning: “You got join any clubs ma. Want join my track and field club??Got chiooo de xmm for you laaa. . .”

Me: “Wah more Xiao’s ar. Can lor, I think about it” (i was waiting for Claire to make her decision on which club she wants to join)

After awhile, I went back to my class, looking forward to seeing Claire, but my (XIAO cody was tingling from meeting Xiao ning)

While going home, I was thinking to myself, Claire Claire Claire, I gotta do something, ever since I saw her , she propelled straight to the top ‘I want to fuck them crazy’ list of mine already.

Decided that club night, would be a perfect setting. . . And off I go. . To club *******

While on the way towards the club, I tried every way possible to be near her, trying to dig deeper. Getting her a lil more comfortable with me.

So we ordered two bottles of martell, as soon the dance floor was gaining a crowd, my orcs and geek friends started to move to the dance floor. She seems to be staying put.

She lets her hair down this time, wore a black cardigan over her black tube which don’t seem to cover her bursting breasts. With a black denim mini skirt with black heels. Through the cardigan, I could see her bulging tender breasts forming a deeper cleavage every time she moves her hand inwards.

Me: “O you want to dance?”

Claire: *she shakes her head, while smiling* “Not with so many people. You go ba.”

Me: “Mm, if u aren’t dancing, I won’t be.”

Claire: *Blushes* (hits me in the arm and looks away smiling)

So I tried to turn the amp up a little, challenge her to some drinking games,

Claire: “5!. . . 15! . . “

Every time before she calls a number she looks at me with those big innocent eyes, before calling, distracting me.

And her ample tender breasts vibrate with every movement, rubbing along the fabric of her black tube.

As time goes by we got a tipsy, we laughed I was enjoying myself, I thought of starting a ‘DARE’ as a foul. Then the orcs came back “BALLLLLSSS” I thought.

Orcs game ensues , playing their orc games forcing us to join.

Claire got the worst of it, bunch of the geeks were getting her to drink. I grabbed a chair, and quickly as her to sit on it, fearing she might lose her balance.

I sat beside her, still playing their game.

I glance down and saw her black mini skirt starting to slip up, every time she crosses her leg, exposing her smooth tender fair thigh.

Suddenly, she bends pick up her bag, and started to make way to the exit. We were startled for a while, one of the orcs, asked me to go find Claire with them. Of course la I agree!

#Now it’s the matter of who can find her I thought#

So tactically, I ask the orcs to search another exit, that is amazingly far away. I’ll search the other one. Once I exit the club, searched high and low, and finally found her under a hdb block. Away from all the hustle and bustle.

She has her head down, her hair was swaying along with the breeze, as I walked closer, and it has a very nice fruity shampoo smell. She turns around and saw me, she pressed her finger to her lips, asking me not to say anything, apparently she was on the phone. I moved slightly away, lighted up a cig, and watches her from afar.

20 mins passed, has her hair down covering her face now. *Nope this is not a horror story*

from her shoulders I could see she is breathing heavily. As the night’s freezing breeze is blowing without mercy, I took my jacket off, walks over and covers her with it, she didn’t even turn over and say thank you or what. “WAH sia lan” I thought.

So as I wanted to walk away to my guard duty position. She suddenly screams. I jumped, -. – . Luckily she was still back facing me.

I quickly rushed over, kneeled down beside her, holding her shoulder, ask her in my most faggoty pussy gentle voice Claire , whats wrong?”

“Its fine, you can tell me. . “

Being this close, I could smell the fruity smell of her hair combined with her perfume, which kind of smells like gummy bears. Delicious I thought.

She slowly parted her hair, tilts her head up. Being so close to her, I noticed she look even gorgeous. Almost flawless skin, a small mouth but with such pinkish lips. .

Her big round eyes, is now glittering with tears, as it welts, a few drops of tears falls on her smooth milky thigh, while her eyes glimmer more under the florescent light.

She suddenly stretched out her arms, grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me to her , buried her face in my chest, her slender arms around me, crying even louder. Now I feel wetness slowly forming both on my chest and my dick.

Though there is a small gap between her bulging breasts and me I could feel through the soft fabrics the soft lacy material of her bra.

Dammmnnn I thought. .

“My . . . My . . Boyfriend just don’t trust me at all. . I am so tired, he thinks I am not with my classmates, and he wants to come down to check on me, I can’t take it anymore”. . . . . Claire said while sobbing. .

“Its fine, maybe you guys are just going through a rough patch dats all, shit runs down hill, it will be ok soon Claire. . “ I said.

“We don’t know each other so well yet you are so nice to me. . Thank you cody. .” Claire mumbled. .

“I couldn’t possibly just leave you here alone can i?. .” I jokes.

She giggles abit, slowly moving away from my embrace, sniffles abit, smiling now.

“Thats all? Fark. . I can’t let it end this way” I thought

Using my hands I reached up to her face, while looking dead in her eyes, and tries to wipe the tears away. There wasn’t any actually, but hey, who knows. 😛 her pearly white skin, seems so soft yet so firm and smooth. She looks at me with her round big eyes, innocently. . Her smooth fair cheeks now starts to blush a little. Her pupils dilates a little.

I thought. “NOW CODY!!!”

I moved a little closer to her face, she is still staring at me innocently. . My two hands is still caressing her face. My heart fell into overdrive. Blood rushing to my dick, giving it life of its own.

Now I could feel her sweet hot breath.

Slowly I kissed her forehead.

She seems shocked now, stares at me innocently, without pushing me away.

“This is my lucky night!” I thought.

Now I moved downwards, moving towards her pink adorable lips.

I plant my lips on her soft lips.

Her lips, creamy and soft, almost like pressing your lips against a cotton candy.

She seems startled, but she did not move away or reject my advances. Slowly, her lips parted slowly, then I slowly slid in my tongue, I felt her cute wet tongue, feeling the wetness. After awhile, the kissing got a little more passionate and furious. Her tongue moves mischieviously around my tongue.

One of my hand moved to hold her small hand, caressing the smooth skin.

Another hand I realized. . Free auto roaming leh. .

So I decided to roam slowly. Brushing her hair, slowly slid across her cute ear, reaching her nape of her snowy neck, her breathing got faster and heavier.

I shifted my hand, stopping directing above her bulging throbbing tender breasts.

“Fuck it”. I thought.

I tried by brushing casually through her magnificent breasts, feeling the soft fabric, of her tube, could feel the outlines of her lacy bra.

She didn’t move an inch.

So I attacked.

With a slow movement I rested my hands on her creamy breasts. I realized its much bigger than I thought, more than a handful, , seems soft and heavy. She didn’t stop my advances.

So, grabbing it, I gently squeezed her aching throbbing soft yet firm breasts. In a random semi-circle direction, I caress her beautifully formed breasts, I could feel the tender breasts now seems to get a little warm. The feel of the outlines of her lacy bra behind the soft fabric, is killing me. While caressing her jutting round breasts, in my palm I felt something slowly erecting, poking and teasing through the fabrics of the bra and tube. Its small soft and adorable, nipple alert I thought. Like a small pencil eraser.

Her breathing now got furiously fast, feels her heart pumping.

Using the between of my thumbs and index finger, like a veneer caliper, I secure her cute nipple between them, now her nipple is fully erected, I slowly exert force teasing her nipple by moving both my fingers. Gently twisting in.

Through her lips, which is still on mine, she lets out a cute soft sweet moan. “Mm~. . . “

After hearing her sweet soft moan. It’s enough to drive me crazy. I tugged lightly on her cute protruding small nipples through her top, pulling it outwards, and due to her smooth top, it slipped through my fingers, teasingly. I could feel both her luscious tits and nipple starting to swell. Every gentle tug I made, she shivers with excitement, her body jerked with every movement of my fingers. Her naughty tongue slowly loses it energy from the distraction of my fingers, while trying to stop herself from moaning, she kept her small delicious mouth on mine. Trying to muffle her moans. Now at this time, my manhood is throbbing through my pants, threatening to explode. I open up my palms and with a grabbing motion, I tried to fill my hands with her huge tits. And they were huge, much bigger then what I imagined and mind you I have big hands. And I was barely able to fully grasp on to those sweet melons. They were soft to touch, but yet firm and bouncy. Which I come to know later on, that she could fill in a D cup without hassle. With a beckoning motion I squeezed and fondle those sweet Alps. I took a glance at her cleavage, her sweet fair skin along with the outline of her magnificent Melons, pushes up in a upward motion, her rest of those sweet round buns seems to be pouring out of the remaining of that top. For someone her age and built it was really impressive, to have such huge jugs. Through her lacy bra, I could feel her tits were now getting warmer and warmer. At this time, she suddenly grab my hand that was rubbing her tits, and with a soft gentle voice and said. “Please. . I feel. . Very. . Warm. . , it feel so wrong. . “

I tilted her head up to me, and said “Warm. . ? Let me cool u down k? “

I reached for her cold can drink, using my index finger and thumb, I pinched at the cold hard can, till my fingers were now cold to touch. And immediately reached for her protruding nipple.

With that, she. . . .

. . She tighten her hands around my shoulder, her body trembles, she pulls away from my lips, eyes closed she let out a loud sweet moan. I slowly slide my hands from her shoulder to her hand feeling the goose bumps on her fair skin, I grabbed her hand and lead her slowly to my thigh. During this moment, through her lacy bra, I could feel her nipple now swollen and tender. She was shy at first, her hand stationary on my thigh, but as I slowly start to let my hand wander freely around her other parts of her body. I could feel her massaging my thigh and a very slow shy pace. I could not care much about if there was anyone watching, I was too engrossed at ravaging her body. .

I slowly placed my hand on top of her chest, just resting on top of that fine deep cleavage. I slowly moved lower and lower, stopping now and then to sense for any signs of rejection. When there is none, with a swift motion I slid my hands, no literally dived into her beautifully formed breasts.

Immediately sliding in her lacy bra, those warm aching bosoms, I cupped them in my hand, fondling, and like a motion of testing the weight of the breast. I laid my hand on the base of those sweet soft tits. I reached out to those sweet perky sensitive nipples. They were small yet felt suckable. They were now tender and swollen and begging for attention. I gently squeezed her sensitive nipples and with every squeeze she lets out her sexy yet naive moan.

Now I slowly guide her hand to my throbbing manhood in need. . . And she. .



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    you had an awesome night did you 2 still see each other anymore?

  2. Harry says:

    just do it but with caution. make sure its both willing or you will get into trouble. Play safe both ways.

  3. brandon says:

    hello cann u pm me her numberr??

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