My Music Students – Ann and Bobo


It was years back when I teach music as a part time and pastime..

I teach the piano and the guitar and during those time, most of my piano students are gals and mostly is conducted at their premises and only a handful at the music school then. Well, most of the time I teach my students either on weekday nights or weekends as i’m still a student back then.

During my first month of teaching, there are only 2 student under my care. One is a gal name Ann and another is a boy (not interested keke).

First lesson is conducted at the music school with another instructor by my side to monitor and to see if I need any guidance or assistance. First look at her, hmm.. Not bad, she got big blinking eyes and have a cute small mouth. She’s about 1.6m tall and have a shoulder length hair and dress in a black top and a knee-length white skirt.

Me: “Hello, I’m The Animal, i’ll be your teacher for your first guitar basic course”

Ann: “Hi, ok” (She smile and we shake hands)

So the 1hr lesson started and I begin my duty teaching her theory part first and then demonstrate to her all the basic stuffs. She’s very enthusiast on playing the guitar and all the while I was concentrating teaching her all the guitar stuffs and never talk anything else(Maybe then the instructor was sitting besides us).

After about half an hour or so, I asked her to practise a few basic open chords by herself first while I excuse myself to the toilet. When I came back, I sat down (i was sitting opposite her) and pick up my water-bottle from my bag on the floor and I accidentally saw her zaogeng. She was cross-legged holding the guitar and I could see her white panties under her skirt. I take another peep and drink my water smiling. Then I put down my bottle and take another peep, hehe nice view

So first lesson was over in an hour..

Receive a call from the music centre informing me that my next lesson with Ann was the coming weekend on Saturday noon at her place.

Saturday noon came and I reach at Ann‘s doorstep. I pressed the door bell and no one open the door. I know on the door and still no one responding. I looked at my watch and I was punctual at 1pm. I decided to make a call to the music centre and suddenly..

“Hey sorry, I went out to ta bao lunch” (hear a sweet voice behind me).

I turned my head and it was Ann smiling at me with a packet of something in her hand.

Me: “Oh its ok, I just reach not long ago, I thought I got the wrong time haha”

Ann: “Haha nola, correct time”

She opened the door and asked me to make myself comfortable in the living room. Her house is very bright and clean, everything was neatly arranged. So I sat down on the comfy sofa and put down my guitar bag.

Ann: “Have u had ur lunch yet?”

Me: “Ya, I had it before I came, you carry on with ur lunch”

Ann: “Hehe ok, i’ll get u a drink first”

Me: “Oh thanks”

She hand me a can of coke and went back to the kitchen to have her lunch.

Me: “No one at home?”

Ann: “Oh, my parents working, they normally be back in the evening” (She reply my question while munching her rice away)

Me: “Oh I see. You don’t have any siblings huh?”

Ann: “Nope, i’m the only child”

Me: “Oh I see”

She smile and continue with her lunch and I flipped through a mag on the table and drank my coke.

Ann: “Weather is damn hot outside today”

Me: “Yalo, I was sweating while on the way walking to your house”

Ann just smile and see her finishing her lunch and throw the packet into the dustbin.

Ann: “Sorry ah, u wait a short while more, I go take a quick bath, so hot”

Me: “Ok, no worries”

Saw her take her towel from her room and she went straight to the bathroom in the kitchen. I take this opportunity to explore her house. Walk around her living room and see all the display stuffs and deco and then take a peep outside of her parent’s room and hers. Both room are neat and clean. Then I head to the kitchen see see, can hear the water splashing sound in the bathroom Kitchen was also very clean and neat. Then I take a look-out of her kitchen windows and look out the scenery, hmm nothing much though. Then I saw some clothes hanging outside, saw a pair of matching white colour bra and panties and another set of pink ones. I’m guessing the pink ones must be belonging to Ann cos they are of a smaller size hehe.

Then suddenly she came out of the bathroom door beside me.

Ann: “Hey u looking for something?”

I was stunned.

Me: “Er, I wana throw the coke can” (finding an excuse).

Ann: “Haha just leave it there la”.(She point at the small dustbin)

She was wearing a blue singlet and a black short shorts and she smells good while walking passi me.

Ann: “Wait ah, I go take my guitar” (She walk into the living room to her room)

Me: “okok”

I take this opportunity to put my hands out of the windows to feel the pink pairs of white bras and panties, ooo it feels silky hehe

I went to the living room and get ready to teach her..

We chatted on our stuffs while teaching and I get to know her background more. She’s a very friendly and sweet gal always with the friendly smile on her face. She will be said she’ll start to prepare for her Os exam sometime next month, so she’ll try pck up some basic of guitars first. Lesson goes on..

During the lesson, I recap to her some of the stuffs i’ve taught her previously and I demo some stuffs and playings let her see and she pick up quite fast. While trying to strum a 3-chord progression i’ve just taugh her, she seems have some difficulties in it. So I told her her right-hand strumming posture was abit akward and wrong and when I move my hand to hold her right-hand to move her hand to the right position posture, her right-hand was just strumming up and it hit my hand to accidentally touch onto her left breast. It feels soft hehe

Me: “oops sorry”

Ann: “hehe its ok” (she smile shyly)

After about 45min, I asked her to practice the chords and stuffs while I go to the toilet. In the toilet, I saw her clothes she was wearing just now before taking her bath on a basket and saw a pair of black colour bras and panties in another pail. I took the bra up and it feels damp(i think its her sweat) and see her cup size was a 35B hehe. Then I take up the panties, also feel damp and I see the size tag, it show M, then I smell it, it smells salty though hehe. I felt a sudden hard-on and thinking of pcc there. I think for awhile then I open the bathroom door..

Me: “Erm sorry Ann, I think i’ll make a big business here, will take about 10min or so, paiseh ah haha” (i call to her at the door)

Ann: “Haha okok, take ur time doing ur business” (She reply back from the living room)

Excited, I quicky closed the door and started to smell her panties and feel the texture of her bras. Both are silky and I think she love wearing these silky type of bras and panties hehe. So I sat down on the toilet bowl and started pcc with one hand holding the panties and another holing my hard-on didi. After about 5-7min, I shoot out and I quicky take the toilet paper to clean up my hand. I carefully place back her bras and panties nicely back to the pail. Oh yeah it feels good then.

I opened the bathroom door and wash my hands at the basin outside and proceed to the living room to continue teaching her.

The time passed.

Ann: “Thanks for teaching and advising me on all my strumming faults heehee” (She smile)

Me: “Ahaha its ok la, you just make sure you practice and practice and you’ll get the hang of it”

She smile and send me to her doorstep

Me: “See you next weekend, any change of date and time just let me know ok”

Ann: “Ok, most prob be Saturday same time”

Me: “Ok, see ya byebye”

Ann: “Bye bye” (She smile again)

Received a call from Ann that she would want to delay the lesson on the coming Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at her place.

Saturday came, as usual I make my way down to her house. This time round she’s at home and she giv me a sweet smile when she opened the door for me. Today she dress in a white t-shirt and a black short shorts. We chatted for awhile and the lesson starts..

I was thinking of going to the toilet again before starting, so I excuse myself first to the toilet. Saw a black pair of bras and another white pairs, the white pairs must be belong to Ann(cos of the size hehe) hanging outside of the windows. In the toilet, didn’t see any clothes (sian 1/2), so do a quick pee and go proceed with my lesson.

Ann: “U know how to play right here waiting?”

Me: “Oh that richard marx song rite?”

Ann: “Ya, nice song”

I pick up my guitar and play for her to listen. I saw her eyes blinks with admiration.

Ann: “Great!” (She clapped)

Me: “Haha, once u’ve get all the basics right, i’ll teach u this song ok”

She nodded and suddenly saw her eyes went red.

Me: “Er, are you ok?”

Ann: “Ya, im ok, just feel a sudden sadness”

Me: “Oh.. What happen? Mind to share?”

She hesitated a while then nodded. She told me that she and her bf was quarreling just now at her place before I came blahblahlah.. At this point of time her tears was rolling out of her eyes and she started bursting out crying. I move nearer to sit closer to her and comfort her by patting her shoulder,

Me: “Relax, don’t feel sad about it ok, everything will be fine later”

She lay her head on my shoulder and I pat her.

Me: “Don’t feel so sad, cheer up abit”

Ann: “Trying to..” (sniffing)

Then I take this opportunity and move my hand down from her shoulder to her waist area, (on the way brush pass the side of her bra). She did not response so I just rub my hand on her waist area andd console her at the same time.

She suddenly hug me.

Ann: “Thanks for listening to me..”

Me: “Oh, its ok haha” (i was abit stunned)

She raise her head up and smile at me and lay back on shoulder and her hand placing on my thigh suddenly. I got abit excited and run my hands around her back area still trying to comfort her.

Ann: “You’re a nice guy, got gf?” (She suddenly asked)

Me: “Er, currently nope”

She giggled and place her hand closer to my groin area.

Ann: “Really or not? Haha.. “

Me: “ya, really don’t have gf now”

She then move her other hand to hug me tighter on my waist. I roam around her back and waist area and move to her abs area.

Me: “You got a tone tummy sia haha”

Ann: “Of cos la, I from netball school team one leh, excercise regularly one”

Me: “Haha..”

I continue roaming her abs area and my heart was really pumping very fast by now. Sensing no rejection from her, I slowly move my hand up to her breast area, can feel the silky bra she’s wearing. I just roam the outer area of the silky bra and whisper to her,

Me: “You got nice breast too rite”

Ann: “hehe donno wor”

I saw her blushing shyly.

So I slowly move my hand up into her bra from below and slowly feel her warm breast inside., it was soft and smooth and my fingers slowly tickle her pointed nips. No response from her, so I move both my hand inside. She suddenly moan softly.

Me: “ too excited”

Ann: “ok..” (she was closing her eyes replying softly)

I can’t take it anymore, so I pull her t-shirt up and saw a pair of black bra covering her breast, then I slowly unhook her bra from the back and the silky bra just slipped down and in front of me display a pair of nice round-shape boobs with 2 really pointed light-brown nipples. I move my head to her breast and started licking her nipples then suck it slowly. She was moaning more by now.then I move down from the sofa and slowly pull down her short shorts.

The matching black panties really feel silky nice when I roam my hand around it. It was damp when I roam my fingers slowly around the front area. She moan more and her breathing getting more tense. Slowly, I roll her panties down and in front of me display a nice bush. Her bush hair is those soft kind, just like her hair. I was really hard-on by now and I slowly move my head down. I can smell the salty smell of her pussy, it was moist and I twirl my tongue licking outside of her pussy and she moan loudly and grab my head.

Ann: “Ahh..”

Me: “Feels good?” (I was licking and asking at the same time)

Ann: “ya, very nice..” (I saw her face already blushing and red like tomato hehe)

I slowly move my tongue inside and can feel the watery feel and taste. It was paradise!

Then I really cAnnot tahan liao and I quicky strip down with my didi already pointing up. Then suddenly, we hear knockings on the door..

Me: “Oh shit”

Ann: “Oh no, its my mum” (She quickly find her clothes around and quicky wear it back)

Me: “Oh damn” (I was lost and disappointed)

Ann: “Hold on mum, i’m coming~!” (She reply back while pulling up her panties and shorts)

Ann: “What are u waiting for, faster dress up!” (She quickly throw my jeans at me)

I quickly responded. In about 30seconds, she see everything ready and she go open the door.

Ann‘s mum: “What are you doing? Why take so long to open the door?”

Ann: “oh haha I was talking to my friend on the phone”

Me: “Hi auntie” (I greeted)

Ann‘s mum: “Oh hi, u are the music teacher right?”

Me: “Ya auntie”

Ann‘s mum: “Why your face so red? Weather very hot outside right”

She turn to her daughter,

Ann‘s mum: “Why u never turn on the fan and give him some drinks?”

Ann laughed and quickly go turn on the fan and wanted to go get me a drink.

Me: “Er no need its ok auntie, i’m making a move” (I grab my guitar and bag to get ready)

Ann‘s mum: “Oh why so fast.”

Me: “Oh, cos i’ve finished my lesson with Ann liao haha”

Ann‘s mum: “Oh ok, u wana stay for dinner?”

Me: “Aha no thanks auntie, I got another student to attend”

Ann‘s mum: “Oh ok, thanks for teaching my daughter., she got give u any problem?”

Me: “Oh no no, she’s doing very good” (I look at Ann and smile, she was blushing and giggling)

Farewell to them and I was thinking to myself “Damn why the timing so chun? Even I buy 4D also not so chun!”

So sian, so I proceed to the nearest singaporepools to buy 4D to try my luck.

Receive a call from Ann in the night telling me it was an embarassing earlier on. I told her i’m really caught by surprise and disappointed and she giggle and tell me that it would not happen next time. Heard this sentence, I got excited and tell her hopefully we’ll nail it haha. We chatted for quite long on the phone and decided to meet up for lunch the next day.

Ann was dressed in a red tank top and a short white shorts and was smiling when we met. During lunch we continue our chats about our lives, study, family, friends and everything.It was a Sunday noon and the places around are quite crowded and we decided to go find a quiet place to sit down and relax ourselves. We got up a double-decker bus and head straight to the top and to the end of the seat. We chatted and at some point during the journey, we kisses and our lips locked, it was the first time we kissed each other. My tongue was twirling hers and we have quite a long french before the bus suddenly haul at a traffic light.

Me: “So where are we going?” (i spoke in her ears softly)

Ann: “Anywhere that is quiet lo heh..” (She smile shyly)

I was looking out of the bus windows to see if there’s any quiet place for us and Ann was tickling me making me feel more excited. Suddenly I saw a block that is about 25storey high, so I decided to get down and go there.

We go up the lift to the top floor and we sat down on the staircase. We start to french and our hands were all over each other’s body. I pull up her red tank top up and she was wearing a red bra.

Me: “Wah, red sia, makes me even more hot haha”

Ann: “Hehe u’re so bad!” (She remove my t-shirt too)

Me: “You like wear these silky lingerie rite?”

Ann: “Yalo, very comfortable mah hehe”

Me: “Nice hahaha”

I fondle my hand around her bra area and slowly pull down her red bra and was kissing and licking her light-brownish nipples. She started to moan and she slowly lay herself back on the wall.

We continue to french and our hands were all over each other. I slowly to pull her shorts out and there she’s wearing the matching red panties with flowery patterns on. I slowly roll her panties out and spread apart her legs. Now I got a clearer view of her nice pussy. I move my fingers to spread the lips apart and it was watery wet. I put one of my finger in and she began to moan and her hands were holding my finger.

Me: “Is it painful?”

Ann: “Your nails too long..”

I looked at my fingernails, shit forgot to cut. Then I move my mouth towards her pussy and began licking and kissing her already wet pussy.It smells and taste good and my nose and mouth area were wet by her juices hehe. CAnnot take it anymore, I pull down my jeans and underwear and she began teasing my erected didi.

Ann: “Wah so long, but cute hehe..” (She began rubbing my didi)

Me: “You want to try taste it?” (I asked her softly)

She looked at me with her blinking eyes and in a few seconds, my didi was inside her mouth. She lick it slowly and suck it softly. Suction was not strong, but it feels gentle and sensual hehe.

After about 10min of blowing, I can’t take it anymore and I hug her down on the floor and wanted to start the action.

Ann: “Wait..” (She suddenly pull out my didi from her pussy)

Me: “Why? Whats wrong?”

Ann: “You forgot to wear condom”

Me: “Oh shit!” (i growl)

Ann: “Hahaha.. “ (She laughed loudly and tease my stranded didi)

Me: “Wah how sia like that?”

Ann: ” Go buy lo “ (She’s still teasing my didi cheekily)

Me: “wah sian”

We quickly dress up ourselves and go down the lift to find a shop. After we combed around the wulu place for about 20min, finally found a mamashop and I bought a pack of condom there.

Me: “Yes, finally got it liao haha” (I show the packet of condom proudly)

Ann blush shyly and we are heading back to the same block to continue our mission.

Just then, Ann‘s phone rang and she talked a while on the phone.

Ann: “Sorry, I need to go now”

Me: “Why? Why so early and sudden want to go back?”

Ann: “My dad call say my mum fall down from the stairs and her legs are fractured”

Me: “Oh I see, sorry”

Ann: “Its ok” (Her face beams up again)

I send her to the hospital to look for her parents and wave goodbye to them.

Before I go, I whisper in her ears,

Me: “This packet how?”

Ann: “Keep it first lo hehe” (She smile shyly and push me away)

Ann: “Go back la u so bad”

Me: “Haha okok, anything just call me ok”

Ann: “Ok..” (She smile)

Ann and I have talked on the phone for the past week and her mum is discharged from the hospital and is now staying in-house. I suggested to her of coming over to my place for her last lesson for the month on the coming weekend and she agreed.

Come Saturday.. “Ding dong ding dong ding dong” the door bell rang and I opened the door and saw Ann smiling at me carrying her guitar.

Ann: “Not inviting me in ah? Hehe”

Me: “hah wait I go get the keys”

I was scaning her from top to bottom then and was surprised she’s wearing so skimpy today.

Ann: “Weather very hot and humid hor” (she sat down on the sofa and place her guitar beside)

She was wearing a yellow tank top and a short white mini skirt today. I catch a glimpse of her cleavage when she bend herself down to sit down on the sofa hehe.

Me: “Ya, very humid and hot” (I sit opposite her and pretend to take her guitar beside her and catch a glimpse of her upskirt between her legs, she was not aware of this as she’s laying back on the sofa resting and her legs did not close very tight, she was wearing a yellow panties hehe)

Me: “Wow you just change your guitar strings”

Ann: “Yalo, yesterday night change one”

Me: “I go get you a drink”

Ann: “Ok thanks, no one at home?”

Me: “Nope, only 2 of us” (i hand her a can of ice-cold green tea)

She smile and drink her green tea. I took out my guitar and begin to show her some of the techniques and explain to her all the tips and tricks etc..

After some 20min, she complained her fingers are painful while doing these techniques i’ve just taught her.

Me: “Haha you’ll get the hang of it, starting it was like that”

Ann: “Pain lo” (she blow her fingers)

Me: “Let me see if got blisters or not” (I go over sit nearer to her and hold her hand to see)

Me: “Ok la, abit red only, you must endure this abit”

Ann: “Hehe okok”

Then she put her guitar down and hug onto me.

Ann: “So tired..”

Me: “How come? What you do last night?” (I ask cheekily)

Ann: ” I chiong the summer snow jap vcds lo, sleep at about 5am leh” (she hug me tighter)

Me: “oh that show, the gal is cute hor haha” (I begin place my hand roaming her back area)

Ann: “Got as cute as me meh?” (She giggled and poke my waist with her finger)

Me: “Hahaha.. “ (I felt the itch and move away from her)

She continue trying to tickle me and we were playing and ended up laying on my room’s bed perspiring.

Ann: “wah hot..”

Me: “yalo, you la, play play play haha”

I go hug her and our lips automatically locked. I move my down into her thigh area and started roam around. We were frenching passionately and our hands were all over each other. She was busy messing up my hair and I was busy roaming her body.

I took off her yellow tank top and she was wearing the pair of silky yellow flowery bra.

Me: “Wah you really like silky stuffs haha” (I roam my hands around her bra area)

Ann: “ya, they are comfortable, you like it? Hehe” (She got up and take off my tshirt)

I unhook her bra and began to service both her B cup breast and 2 light-brownish pointed nipples. She was moaning and grab my head with both her hands as if gonna crush it haha.

Then I guide her to stand up and both of us were frenching again. I slowly move myself down and kneel on floor and began unzip her mini skirt from the back and pull it down. In front of me display and nice pair of yellow flowery panties, without hesistation, I roll it down and I began kissing and fondle her butt area. She automatically move her legs apart and allow my hands roam below. We have heavy petting and my underwear was no where to be seen at this point of time.

I was cat-bathing all over her sweaty body and tasting all the salty sweat and juices. I spend more time on her pussy area and I suddenly realised there’s are tiny little mole at the side of her pussy lips hehe. She was moaning like no tommorow when i’m servicing her most sensitive area below. I began looking for my packet of condom i’ve bought that day and wear it.

Me: “there you go” (I pose my super erected didi in front of her)

She did not reply just look at me with the shy and sexy look. I began slowly insert into her. FINALLY! We change several styles and she was moaning and grabbing either my hands, back or head all the while. When doing the doggy, the sound of piakpiakpiakpiak of wetness is really loud and clear and I move my body forward to grab both her breats while my lower body doing the vibrato hehe

Ann: “Ahh ahh yes there ahh..” (she was moaning )

I really can’t take it anymore and released on the doggy style and both of us were laying on the bed hugging each other perspiring.

Ann: “Ah, so hot..”

Me: “ya, lets take a bath together ok?” (I speak softly into her ears)

She nodded and I carry her to the bathroom. My bathroom was small and there are no bath-tub, so we were standing all the while. I wash her body she washes mine. My didi is still standing as she suddenly kneel down and give it a lick and giggle looking up at me. In a few seconds, she’s already putting it into her mouth gently licking it inside twirling her tongue around. It feels great!

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