My Mother May and My Cousin Ben


I was born in a rather large and very close knit extended family. This was probably because we all live in the same state and went to the same church so we see each other often. Ben, my cousin, and I have always been closest among our cousins. Probably because we were close in age and had no other siblings. At 16, he was a year older than me, but we hang out all the time because we go to the same school. He was the son of my mother’s eldest brother. Ben was an impressive kid. He was smart, knowledgeable, athletic, and charismatic. He was also a notorious skirt chaser, having been in and out of relationships seven times since he was 13.

He and I share a special bond. Pornography. Yep, Ben was the first one who thought me the joys of self sex, and I will be forever grateful to him for it. In other regards, he acted as an elder brother to me and I looked up to him. Thanks to his charm and boyishness, he was a favorite nephew to almost all our relatives, which was why when tragedy struck, everyone wanted to be there for him.

Despite raising such a brilliant young boy, Ben’s parents eventually decided to divorce. Okay, that’s putting it mildly. The truth is Ben’s mother left his father for another man. Ben’s father was devastated and sank into a deep depression. One day the man just disappeared without a word, leaving his only son behind.

Thanks to his good nature both his father and mother’s side of the family wanted to adopt him. In the end, my parents won custody over him, so he became the newest addition to our family.

But Ben had changed a little from the experience. He was no longer the happy, charming kid he once was. Most of his time was spent in silent brooding. He began hanging out with the bad crowd, dyed his hair deep red, and got a few piercings, and started appreciating the darker things in life. This distressed my conservative church-going parents and relatives greatly.

My mother May was probably the closest one to him. She was the kindest and gentlest person I know. She cared a lot for Ben and it pained her to see his downward spiral. She took great pride in her mothering abilities so if anyone knows how to dole out advice, it was her. As such she was almost always by his side to guide him. She wasn’t alone in any case. My other relatives would often invite him to stay over at their places to talk to him and nurse his wounded psyche back to health.

Eventually, Ben was brought out of his pit and into the light, much to everybody’s relief. Yet I sensed that some darkness lingered in him. Especially when he continued giving me access to his online cloud drive where he stashed his favorite porn. He was into some really weird shit now. Dark shit. Okay, I still fapped to it all the same. Sue me.

Everything was fine and dandy until the midyear holidays. A bunch of relatives wanted celebrate Ben’s recovery. They decided that a family trip to Langkawi would do the trick.

Long story short, we drove up north to the jetty to take the ferry to Langkawi. The group consists of me, Ben, my parents Steve and May, and our relatives Uncle Gary and Aunt Corina, and Uncle Peter and Aunt Florence. Gary and Peter were my Father’s older brothers, but they were familiar with my mother’s side of the family, including Ben. Like I said, we were close knit. Church does that to people.

Even though she is my Mother, it was hard for me not to look at her as a woman sometimes. She had long dark hair which she likes to tie into a stylish bun behind her head. She had a beautiful face and warm smile and a lovely body with full luscious curves, perky C-cup breasts, and milky white skin. She was 32 years old, but was often mistaken to be in her twenties. In many ways, Aunt Corina was like my mother, a curvy motherly beauty with fair complexion, though not as tall. She was an Indonesian Chinese and must have had some mixed blood in her which added a tint of exoticism to her ravishing looks. She kept her hair in a cute neck length bob cut which made her look a bit girlish. She was 34 years old. My Aunty Florence was also a mixed blood. She was Thai-Chinese. She had a rich lightly tanned complexion, though I still considered her fair. Her body was slender but with very alluring tight bubble curves. She often wore her silky hair in a long ponytail. Like my Aunt Corina, she has the exotic south East Asian quality in her beautiful features.

My Aunts and Uncles had children, but they were either at camp or under the care of other relatives. Partly, it was because this trip was about Ben, but they also planned to unwind without the fuss of handling children. I was an exception because I was close with Ben. Lucky me.

When we arrived we checked in and were housed in one big chalet sitting on stilts above the sparkling sea. The charm of the island wore off on me after the first two days. Seriously. There was absolutely nothing to do on Langkawi other than go to the beach and do beach stuff. It was a place where old people go to get away from the bustling city life. We should have gone to Genting or something.

Aunty Florence, ever the fun-loving person, found a pamphlet advertising some special island paradise with crystal clear waters, bleached white beaches, colorful corals and snorkeling activities.

She brought it up with the group during breakfast on the third day. The men weren’t very interested, thinking that it was just going to be another beach. They preferred to spend the day relaxing where they were. However Ben was interested in the idea. Since this whole trip was about him, my mother and my Aunts decided to bring him to the island by themselves. Of course, I agreed to go as well. Anything was better than going to the same old beach again.

We went to change and pack after breakfast and met up at the jetty where we were supposed to wait to get picked up by a boat. I and Ben both wore simple T-shirts and Bermuda shorts. The ladies on the other hand, deserves a whistle or two.

They were each dressed in floral sundresses. My mother’s was a halter dress with blue and purple flowers draping her lovely figure to well below her knees.

Aunt Corina‘s dress was sleeveless with pink and lighter purple flowers which also modestly reached below her knees.

It was Aunt Florence‘s dress which almost made my jaw drop. It was a short dress printed with small pink and red flowers, covering only half of her slender sculpted thighs with a low cut top held up by thin spaghetti straps, showing the heart-racing swells of her nubile B-cup chest.

All three also wore sandals with high wooden heels. I had never seen my mother in such an outfit before. They must have gone shopping during one of the previous days. I guess my mother and my aunts decided to go all out and make this a girl’s day out when their husbands declined to come along. Ben too was visibly stunned the first time he saw my mother walk out of the chalet in her dress and now he was absolutely floored at the sight of his other Aunts at the jetty.

I don’t know if the ladies noticed the extra attention, but they certainly looked excited, whispering and giggling among themselves like giddy schoolgirls.

We were surprised at how crowded the jetty was. It would appear that this island we were going to was pretty popular. We were even more surprised when the boat glided in beside the dock. It was a long boat but narrow with an unsteady looking canopy overhead. There were built in benches lining along the insides of the craft but it was evident that it couldn’t carry all the people waiting on the jetty.

The boatman certainly chose not to believe that. He kept urging more people to cram onto the deck. We were pushed in with the crowd. I quickly went for the closest seat and Aunt Corina and Aunt Florence followed suit. However I lost sight of my mother and Ben. We must have been separated by the jostling crowd.

People who came in after were forced to stand on the deck between the two rows of seats. So I was either staring at butts or crotches. I tried craning my neck to find my mother and Ben. Finally I spotted them. They had been pushed to a corner at the back of the boat. Ben was sitting at the corner seat but my mother didn’t get one and was standing in front of him. I saw him speaking to her and watched her shake her head and put her hand on his hair. I guess Ben, ever the gentleman must have tried to offer her his seat.

Then without warning, the boat suddenly jerked into motion. There were cries all around as people struggled to keep their balance. I saw my mother fall forward onto Ben. She saved herself by quickly placing her hands on his shoulders, but for a split second, her gorgeous round breasts mashed into Ben’s face. My mother quickly pushed herself up straight again. The two of them looked very embarrassed, but they continued to chat and the awkwardness passed.

As we pulled out into the open sea, the boat kept rocking violently every time we hit a wave. The people standing on deck had a hard time keeping themselves steady. My mother was no exception. The matter was made worse by the people behind her whose bodies kept pushing her against Ben.

Finally I saw Ben say something to my mother. She seemed to think about it and then nodded her head in consent. My mother then turned around and sat on Ben’s lap.

The boat hit a sizable wave. It caused my mother to slide up Ben’s lap. Ben quickly wrapped his hands around her waist to steady her. She turned her head and smiled at him appreciatively. The sight of my cousin hugging my mother from behind began to bother me. It looked a little too intimate. But there little I could do at this point.

“Daniel,” Aunt Florence called from my right. I tore my eyes away from my mother and my cousin to look at her. Could she see them too? God this was awkward.

Luckily, Aunt Florence didn’t even seem to be aware where my mother was. Her eyes were fixed only on me.

“How is Ah-ben? Is he doing well at school?” She asked.

“Uhhh… Sure.”

“If you think there might be any problems must tell me hor? We must all be there for him.”

“I think he’s fine.”

“That’s good to hear. We were all so worried for him. I can’t believe his parents would do such a thing.”

“Yeah…” I replied, trying my very best not to look down. Her short floral dress had ridden even higher up her slim shapely thighs. Not that staring at her pretty face or whiffing her perfume did any good either. I felt my own little brother stir to life in my pants.

I guess it was natural for Aunt Florence to pry. In addition to teaching English in our school, she is also one of the school guidance counselors. It was like it gave her a license to be kay-poh. Hell, she was even more concerned about my school performance and who I was friends with than my own parents.

For now, she seemed satisfied with my answer, so she turned to her other side to chat with Aunt Corina. I anxiously glanced back at my mother again. She and Ben seemed to have settled down in a comfortable posture, though Ben was still hugging her waist.

After the boat had traveled for some distance, I noticed that Ben had a very uncomfortable grimace on his face. After a few moments longer, my mother suddenly sat up straight and tense on his lap. Ben’s face grew very red. They maintained their position for a while. It would seem, from my mother’s rigid posture, that she was trying her best not to move on his lap, but the shaky boat wasn’t helping.

Then my mother tried to stand up, but someone else had filled the void on the deck that she left when she sat down. The expression on Ben’s face looked almost painful. My mother finally turned her head to speak to him. She must have noticed his uncomfortable look as well. She spoke a few words to which Ben frantically nodded.

It was like time slowed down on the boat as I watched my mother rise a little and pulled up the back of her skirt almost all the way up around her ass. She sat down on Ben’s lap again with her legs slightly parted. From my position, I could see up her skirt at the white fabric of her cotton panties. Ben looked a little relieved but not by much. I could see why. There was a humongous bulge in his shorts between my mother’s pale white thighs.

I looked around and was relieved that no one else was looking in her direction. My mother turned again to speak to Ben. This time Ben shook his head and looked sheepish. My mother seemed to think for a moment. After a while she said something again. This time, Ben just looked stunned.

Then without warning, my mother rose a little again and reached between her thighs under her skirt and began to fumble with something. Ben raised his butt a little too and I saw him push his shorts lower down his hips. My mother was apparently doing the same to the front of his shorts.

Like a magical mushroom in a Super Mario game, something sprang up between her legs. I couldn’t quite make out what it was. I thought it looked like a cock, but cocks don’t normally grow that big right? Real life and porn are two separate realities right?

The look of utter shock on my mother’s face as she stared at the giant, pink can’t-possibly-be-a-cock between her legs told me how wrong I was. That was most definitely Ben’s big cock. Shit… If it wasn’t my mother who was having it between her thighs, I would have made a joke about Ben and the landmark, Big Ben, in London.

My mother snapped out of her daze and quickly threw the front of her floral skirt over the meaty protrusion while quickly glancing around to see if anyone else saw it. She didn’t seem to be able to see me. Either that, or she wasn’t looking far enough. The distinctive rise in the front of her skirt looked almost comical. Noticing that it was far from discreet, my mother tried to push it down.

Ben had on his ‘syok’ face.

In church, I was told that demons inhabited the deep sea waters and many Christians would testify that they had felt their pull on their ankles when they were frolicking in the sea. Since I grew up in the internet age, I thought it was utter poppycock and that the truth must have something to do with the underwater current. Needless to say, I wasn’t my pastor’s favorite little lamb.

Boy, I wish I had believed him now. How else would you explain why the sea waters grew extra choppy all of a sudden? My mother could not help but slide up and down Ben’s lap. I had no doubt that his thick hard shaft was rubbing against her pussy over her panties. Fucking demons. Pastor Kwan never mentioned they were such perverts.

To her credit, my mother tried to keep still as much as possible, but hey, how much can one really struggle against the forces of nature. Soon she had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. A deep flush was coloring her pretty cheeks.

Ben of course looked really flustered about his predicament. But I noticed how he was no longer hugging her waist to keep her still. Bastard. Fucking Bastard!

“Daniel, you okay?”

“Huh?” I turned to see Aunty Florence looking at me with concern. “Uh, I am fine.”

“Your face is red and why are you sweating so much? Do you feel sick?”

“What? No-no I am just a little hot that’s all.”

“Oh okay. I was worried there for a second.”

“Yeah haha. Sorry.”

She turned to look ahead at the sea. Phew. Close call. I wonder how Aunty Florence would have reacted if she saw my mother and Ben right now. Speaking of which, I glanced back at them.

My mother still looked to be in the same predicament. Except… Wait… Something wasn’t right with her movements. It wasn’t exactly in sync with the frequency the boat was rocking.

I didn’t want to believe it, but it was hard not to when it was happening right before my eyes. My mother seemed to be grinding up and down on Ben’s lap on her own accord. Her face was completely red now. She still had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip, pulling off an incredibly sexy look. It was a look no son should have to see on his mother’s face. I could see her chest rising and falling with her rapid breathing.

This was unreal. I had never known my mother to be sexual in any way because… Well duh, because she is my mother. Besides, she had always been so prim and proper, dressing modestly like every church going woman should, and enthusiastically expounding the word of God whenever she was able.

I had always been under the impression that the women at our church was void of sexual desire. And here I was watching my mother writhing lasciviously against my cousin.

After a while, I watched her arch her back, causing her head to fall back on Ben’s shoulders, her mouth open in a wondrous ‘O’. At that point, Ben finally wrapped his hands around her waist again to support her. She sank willingly back into his embrace, lost in heavy panting. I had to face the fact that my mother just orgasmed while stroking herself on my cousin’s dick.

Speaking of dicks, my own one was feeling a little confined in my shorts. Like flies to honey, my eyes were immediately drawn to Aunty Florence‘s slim tanned thighs beside me. Fuck I was horny.

As my mother was glowing in her post orgasmic bliss, Ben was clearly very frustrated, as evident by his cock still poking proudly from under my mother’s skirt. I saw him glance nervously at my mother in his arms. Slowly, one of his hands moved up from her belly and slid under the front of the halter top of her sundress. I could see the clear outline of his hand claiming her right breast under the flowery fabric.

My mother turned her head and glanced at him in shock. She shook her head at him. Ben didn’t say anything but had a desperate look on his face. He didn’t remove his hand either. In fact, he was clearly squeezing and caressing her breast now. My mother closed her eyes and bit her lower lip again.

Emboldened by her response, His other hand slid lower and stroked her thigh, gradually moving upwards, pushing her skirt higher. My mother stopped him with one firm hand. Ben looked frustrated again. A bit angry even. She said a few words to him which seemed to calm him down.

Ben removed his left hand from my mother’s thigh but his right was still toying with her breast. From the contours on the fabric, I could tell he was teasing her nipple between two fingers. My mother seemed to be resigned to let his hand stay there. She reached down with both of her hands and took hold of his cock, still wrapped in her skirt. Then I watch her began to rub up and down his cock with her hands.

The front of her skirt soon grew damp from his pre-cum. Ben seemed to really like it when her hands touched the tip of his penis. Getting the idea, my mother focused on the top part of his cock. I guess she was trying to get him to cum quickly so that he would calm down.

It proved to be no easy task. Gary seemed to have quite the stamina. My mother was flustered. She began to look anxious and impatient. She must be really worried of getting caught. I saw her turn her head again to speak to Ben. Ben shrugged. She seemed to narrow her eyes at him. Finally Ben seemed to sense that she wasn’t interested in playing games. He asked her something to her which made her blush and look away.

She continued to play idly with his cock for a few minutes. Finally she began to lay back against Ben’s chest. Her head rested on his right shoulder and was turned a little towards his face so their eyes could meet. Her fingers never stopped, moving teasingly around his cockhead under her dress. She then raised her head and gave him a quick peck on his lips.

I could see the cock in her hands lurching with delight as she did. To my embarrassment, my own dick tightened in my pants as well. Ben’s surprise faded quickly and he replied her with a longer deeper kiss. My mother did not resist him.

The minutes passed in agonizing slow minutes as I watched my mother and cousin steal discreet kisses with each other while she jerked him off with her skirt and he toyed with her nipple. I could see their breaths growing hotter and heavier. Seriously, how could no one else notice the heat emanating from the corner of the boat?

The movement of her hands grew more frantic and urgent as were their kisses. Ben had evidently introduced tongue-play somewhere in between, and my mother was soon returning them.

At last, Ben released her breast and hugged her tightly as he buried his face in her hair. My mother held on to his dick like a circus trainer trying to hold down a furious beast. When it was over, my mother released it. Her hands were slick and wet and almost the entire front part of her skirt looked soaked, but thankfully, the bulge was gone.

I guessed beauty had successfully tamed the beast. Little did I know that what I witnessed was actually the birth of a true beast.

We finally arrived at the damn island. The boatman could not fathom why I was glaring at him like I wanted to kill him. He just replied with a look that says ‘well fuck you too’. And then he had the audacity to leer at my Aunts as they disembarked behind me.

We waited until Ben and my mother hopped off the boat as well. Ben looked fine. The bastard had a cocky smile set in stone on his face in fact. My mother on the other hand looked a bit nervous. I guess I would be too. Who knows how many people witnessed what happened with her and Ben.

I was relieved that the front of her dress showed no signs of wetness or stains. It must have dried up considerably on the boat. Besides, I am sure no one will think it odd that someone got a little wet on a boat ride. My mother seemed relieved to see me and came to my side immediately to hold on to my elbow. Ben seemed to get the message and went to escort our other two Aunts. I could feel my mother still trembling through her touch.

The island was indeed a paradise. We had a good lunch and decided to hit the beach later when the afternoon sun had shied away a bit. For the time being we decided to explore the island. My mother seemed to have recovered from her predicament on the boat and was talking animatedly to Ben again.

We went looking at shops, browsing souvenirs and trying on hats and all that. I tried to enjoy my time out with my family, but for some reason, ever since the boat ride, I kept paying attention to what Ben was doing. It was like he was under probation to my senses.

Ben was setting off all kinds of alarm bells in my head by how physical he was with my mother and aunts. He boldly held their hands whenever he could. Sometimes when he wanted to point out something, he would place his hand lightly on their spine just above the curve of their shapely butts and guide them to the location.

Was this normal? My mother and my aunts on the other hand did not act offended or shy away from him. Their hands weren’t exactly idle either. They would often latch on to his elbow when walking with him and slap his arm playfully or pinch him when he teased them. Maybe they had always been this close and I was only beginning to notice it now because I am paranoid.

“Are you okay Daniel?”

I snapped out of my thoughts. Damn, I had a habit of zoning out these days. I turned to see my Aunt Corina beside me. She hooked her hand around my elbow. Her touch felt warm and soothing. It gave me tingles.

“Uh yeah. Why?”

“I feel like you keep daydreaming all the time. You bored issit?”

“A bit lah.”

She chatted with me for a while about some vanilla stuff, school, church, friends, and all that. Aunt Corina was a soft spoken person with a quiet husky voice, which in addition to her exotic fair looks made her the most sensual among the three ladies. She was also quieter as opposed to Aunt Florence who had a bubbly personality, and it imparted a rare degree of charm on her. It made my heart beat faster just being close to her.

She stayed close to me throughout our walk while Ben juggled the attention of my mother and Aunt Florence.

Call it shitty luck, but when we were finally ready to hit the beach, the sun had been stolen away by massive ominous dark clouds in the sky. The wind picked up into a vicious squall and the bright blue sea turned black-blue. The waves became tumultuous, daring only the brave and incredibly stupid to come test its waters and meet their watery grave. We got caught in the initial rain and got soaked. In the end, we prudently retreated to the resort lounge like most of the tourists.

The storm ravaged the island for hours. As a result, the boat ride back to Langkawi was cancelled until the next morning. Luckily, they had payphones so my mother and Aunt were able to call my father and uncles and tell them the news.

The guy in charge of the resort seemed more annoyed than concerned for the people trapped on the island. We were given a cheap complimentary dinner and a room in the hotel for the night. The room was very small as it was meant for just one guest. There was a TV, a desk, and a small bed. That was it.

I had already felt an itch in my throat earlier. Still, I let the ladies use the bathroom first, and by the time they came out, I was feeling feverish.

Everyone became really concerned for me. I was ushered into the bathroom for a hot bath and when I came out, the bed had been pushed to the side of the wall, clearing a sizable area on the floor where my mother and aunts proceeded to spread blankets to use as mattresses. Good thing the hotel room service let us have as many blankets and pillows we needed.

They provided us with bathrobes too as none of us brought any clothing to the island other than what we wore and our swimsuits. Our soaked clothes were sent to the laundry and we were all clad in fluffy white bathrobes when we retired to bed for the night.

I was feeling really sick and the others graciously let me have the bed while they each lay down on the blankets on the floor in a row beside me. My mother was the closest, followed by Aunt Corina and Aunt Florence and finally Ben who lay at the end quite close to the sliding doors leading to the balcony.

As I didn’t feel well, I drifted off to sleep almost immediately after I slid under the covers.

I awoke in darkness. There was cold sweat on my brow and my throat felt chaffed, but other than that, I felt fine. The fever had passed. My eyes adjusted to my surroundings. It wasn’t completely pitch black. I turned my head and saw that there was a dim light coming through the glass sliding doors from the balcony. The roar of the storm outside seemed to mute everything else around me. Just as I was about to drift off again, my ear picked up a noise despite the loud storm raging outside. It sounded like a woman gasping.

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