My Lonely Neighbor


I have to change some names and details… Hehehehe!

My wife and I had lived in our current apartment for about eight years now. We paid a yearly fee which paid for landscaping upkeep, a gym and a small pool. I enjoyed it so far because of the fact that I didn’t have to mow the grass. I also liked it because there were a lot of young people just like me, so I felt a little more comfortable talking to my neighbors.

Whenever I walked my dog, I tend to see a few people and I generally said hi to them. Usually it didn’t go beyond that, unless they initiated the conversation.

One beautiful sunny day, I was standing outside waiting for my dog to go to the bathroom (Makes you hot, right?), when I noticed another woman outside with her dog as well. I waved to her and she waved back with a smile. After a few minutes of silence, she took her dog back inside. After a few seconds, I did the same.

A few days later, while taking out my dog again, I noticed the same neighbor outside. We exchanged smiles and she eventually walked up to me. While the two dogs were getting to know one another, we tried to do the same.

Her name was Lynn and she recently moved to Kuala Lumpur from Jitra, Kedah. I told her I was from the Penang as well and we talked about how nice the weather was down here which was a big bullshit conversation starter. Lynn brought up her husband and I talked about my wife. After a few minutes, she went back inside. At this time, I finally noticed how sexy she looked. She had smooth dark skin and short brown hair. She was about 140 pounds or so and was a few inches shorter than I was. She was wearing extremely short shorts with a yellow tank top. She looked pretty damn good and after talking with her, I couldn’t wait to see her again.

She seemed like a Thai to me, but spoke fluent English with an American slang. Woww! But in order not to probe further into her personal thingy. She had an American husband working with our local petroleum company.

A few weeks passed, Lynn and I continued to talk every time we saw each other outside. I met her husband on one occasion and he seemed to be a pretty decent guy (A white guy.). He was gone a lot, Lynn confided in me, and it was something she wasn’t too pleased about. She explained to me how bored she was sometimes waiting for him to come home. Every now and then he went on short trips for work where he was gone for a few days. She said she enjoyed talking to me and loved it when I made her laugh. I told her I loved to talk to her and I wished we could talk more often.

After about a month or so, our relationship began to change. While I would say for the better, our spouses might think differently.

A few days ago was when it happened. All because of a measly egg.

I was watching the Supernatural series, which I started watching a few days ago, when I suddenly heard a knock on the door. My dog started barking like crazy so I put in her crate as I always did when someone came to the house. As I was walking to the door, I began to play out in my head how I would handle the likely solicitor. Should I play along or should I just close the door? As I slowly opened the door, I noticed my beautiful Asian neighbor, Lynn. She was as beautiful as ever, wearing an aquamarine summer dress. Black tights covered her long dark legs. She looked amazing and her smile made it even better.

“Hey Lynn, what’s up?” I said with my body leaning towards the door.

“Not much. I started making cookies a few minutes ago and just now noticed that I was missing an egg. I don’t feel like driving all the way to 7-11, so I was wondering if you had one I could borrow.”

“Uh, sure. I think I have a few eggs if you really need them,” I replied kindly.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it,” Lynn said while stepping into my house. She closed the door gently and began following me to the kitchen.

“Where’s Samantha?” Lynn asked as we walked up the stairs to the main floor.

“She is attending her best friend’s wedding and she went early to help out,” I replied while checking out Lynn‘s ass as we continued upstairs.

To get to the kitchen, we passed the living room where the television was still on.

“What were you watching? Did I disturb you?” She asked quietly with a nervous expression on her face.

“No, not really. I was just watching Supernatural,” I replied earnestly.

“Really, is it good?” She asked me while we both stood in front of the television. “I’ve heard it is a really nice series.”

“Yeah, it is. I have seen better, but it is still pretty good, well, if you like supernatural stuff that is.”

“I love supernatural stuff!” She exclaimed, “Have you seen Grimm?”

“I loved it! I watched the whole series in just one week,” I answered while taking a step towards the kitchen.

Before I could take another step, she asked: “Can I watch an episode of Supernatural with you? I just want to see if I should rent it or not.” Mmm… What should I reply, I thought to myself. This was, after all, the first time I ever had a woman alone in my house with me (Besides my wife of course.). My wife was not coming home until the wedding was over and I did not join her as her all ‘female’ friends made me feel out of place with girl’s stuff… Handbag, fashion, cheating husband… OMG. I definitely couldn’t tell my wife that Lynn came over because my wife would go crazy thinking that I cheated on her or something. At the same time, it was only 1 pm and an episode was only twenty minutes or so.

“Sure,” I said enthusiastically. “But we should probably start with the first episode.”

“Ok, sounds good to me,” she replied while taking my wife’s seat on the couch. I sat down on the other side of the couch. There was a two to three foot gap between the two of us.

I used the remote to find the first episode on my cheap multimedia player AVF and then sat back waiting for it to load.

“I really like your house,” she said, filling the silence.

“Yeah, my wife decorated it. It looks nice, but it was pretty expensive. I guess it was worth it,” I stammered, feeling a little uncomfortable after mentioning my wife, especially with a good looking woman sitting three feet away.

“Well, it looks nice. I might have to have her come over to my place to help me out.” She said just as the show finally began.

After a few minutes, I began to feel like I was doing something wrong.

Luckily, Lynn found it a pretty nice story line in the Supernatural first episode. I noticed her engrossed in the show as if she did it for the first time watching a movie with so much enthusiasm. I was too nervous to say anything – I mean, who would? I just sat there… In silence, watching the show. First episode ended.

Then she asked whether I had any love story movie of which I had but then it was a XXX uncensored movie of which I downloaded but had not seen yet.

When the show was about seventeen minutes in was when our relationship changed from being just friendly neighbors. Just to let you know, that was when the ‘sixteen’ years old girl had sex with David, the main actor. As the scene went on, I looked to my right towards Lynn. Holy shit! I thought to myself, she was actually touching her breasts. At that moment, I noticed that her nipples were hard and anyone, even a blind person, would be able to see them through her dress. At the same time, my dick began to get hard. I stopped watching the show and began to imagine what could happen between Lynn and I.

What happened next wasn’t in my head – it was 100% real.

As I looked towards Lynn, I noticed that she began to slowly move closer to me. She looked at me with her dark brown eyes and used her finger to lightly touch her nipples. She then moved her finger to her lips. The tip of her finger moved slowly around her moist lips while she began to moan quietly. As most men like me would do, I stayed completely still – I didn’t want to wake up from this dream.

I then noticed that she was right beside me. Her dark legs were touching mine (I was wearing shorts.), and she then put her hand on my right knee. My dick immediately got hard. Although she couldn’t see my hard cock, the look in her eyes made it seem like she could. She smiled while looking at me and then began to creep her hand slowly up my thigh. I started to squirm, feeling that maybe I should leave (Especially after noticing the picture of my wife on the table close by.).

“No, don’t move. Don’t worry, everything is going to be just fine,” Lynn said in her sweet and sexy voice while kissing my neck. Damn, she knew my weak spot. I immediately slumped back ready to enjoy what was about to occur.

She softly kissed my neck while rubbing her hand across the bulge in my shorts. She kissed my cheekbone and then our lips met. Her lips were so soft and wet. Her tongue felt even better. I mixed my tongue with hers and we moved together in a circular motion. She then took her tongue out of my mouth and used it to trace the outline of my lips. Damn, she felt so good. I instantly wanted to cum.

I then began to cup her breasts softly with my right hand and then moved my left hand slowly towards her thighs. She opened up her legs. I could feel her yearning for pleasure. I moved her dress up, just a little bit, enough for me to reach the holy destination. I slowly moved my hand higher up her thigh and felt a warm stickiness that I had never felt before. Never, not in four years of marriage, had I ever felt anything like this on my wife’s thigh. It made me want to cum right at that moment.

I moved my hand slowly, brushing her cotton panties. Damn, they were so wet. I wondered if she got this horny every time, I thought to myself. I slowly traced my fingers over her panties, hoping it would make her feel good. I used one of my fingers to lift up her panties near her thigh. I slipped a finger underneath and began to wiggle it around slowly. I then took my hand out and slowly took her panties off. I noticed them as they hit the ground – they were white with yellow polka dots. Damn, that was so hot. I then moved my hand slowly back up her left thigh. I teased her for a little bit, moving my fingers around her vagina, but not touching it, or her clit, directly.

I then put one of my fingers in her wet pussy. It felt completely drenched, so I didn’t feel bad when I added another three fingers. Her eyes instantly lit up and she began to kiss me even harder. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth. I wanted her to keep it there forever.

As I moved my four fingers in her hot pussy, she began to squirm in her seat. She wanted to cum so bad, I just knew it. So I took one of my fingers out and used it to touch her clit. I rubbed her soft clit with my finger slowly picking up speed as I went along. I used my other hand to touch her soft body. I felt up her legs, all the way to her neck. I brushed my hand against her neck while my other hand vibrated her clit. Eventually her body shook as she climaxed. Her tongue felt so strong in my mouth, I could tell that she would be aggressive in bed if we ever got into that (I was hopeful.).

I moved my hand out from below her dress and sat there ready for my turn. She put her panties back on and then, to my dismay, stood up.

“So how about that egg?” Lynn asked, while licking her lips.

After she left, I did what any mature and intelligent male would do – I jacked off. Damn, I better get lucky next time, I thought to myself after I came in a mere thirty seconds.

Real or fiction… Leave it to you to decide!



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