My Happy Life


Name: Henry

Age: 49

Gender: male

Profession: businessman

Ride: Mercs S-class

Place of residence: freehold 3-storey bungalow

Family: happily married with 2 sons, aged 25 and 24, with my father still healthy at age 68

Above is my bio-data.

It’s obvious to most people that I am living a very good life…family, money, children, career. In fact, I am very proud of my achievements in life as I built my career from scratch.

I am the eldest son born to my parents who have 6 kids in total (It’s common to have a lot of kids and to get married and give birth at very young age in those days). My parents reared the 6 of us by selling duck rice at hawker centre. Life was not easy but I managed to ace my studies, graduated from nus with a good degree (Degree is a big thing in my times) and carve out my own career by first working for a mnc and later setting up my own business. Now I am the proud boss of a local logistic company with our own shipping vessels and warehouses in Singapore and regionally.

My mother passed away a few years back and my father is now staying with my family. My wife is a full-time housewife after my business took off and she looks after the whole house dutifully and effectively. I am the ceo of my business while she is the ceo of my household. I am very proud of my two sons, Ryan and Rex. Ryan, my elder son, is now studying medicine at nus and he is the academic genius in the family. Smart, mild-mannered and gentlemanly. Rex, my younger son, is not as good academically as his brother, but he is the sunshine of the family. Handsome, athletic, eloquent and street-smart. Rex has just graduated from smu business and is working at my company now. Ryan’s aspiration is to be a top surgeon so I am hoping for Rex to take over my business one day.

The two brothers are very close to each other although their characters are very different. Possibly it’s due to my wife’s upbringing of the kids that the family is a very close-knitted group and all of us live together in the same house. Although I can well-afford for them to stay closer to their college, it was never brought up to us that they want to stay outside on their own or at hostel.

As usual, we were having dinner together at home on a Sunday evening. It’s a family tradition and a rule I have set that every Sunday, the family must gather together to have dinner no matter how busy each one is. So this is just one of those Sunday evenings…

Ryan: “Pa, ma, the Sunday after next will be ma’s birthday. Shall we go to ma’s favourite restaurant to celebrate?”

Me: “Sure, that’s a good idea, why not”

Rex: “And me and Ryan are going to give you all a nice present that day!”

My wife: “So nice. What’s the present? Bringing your girlfriends to see us?”

Ryan: “Wow ma, you are so smart! How did you guess that?”

Rex: “Ryan! I thought we agreed to keep it as a surprise?!? Why did you let slip the moment ma tries to lure you to reveal it?”

All of us started laughing. That’s the character of my two sons… Ryan is always the straight and go-by-the-book type while Rex is the fun and energetic one.

Time: Monday morning

Location: office

Today marks the beginning of an important date in my company. It’s the day when the annual batch of new graduates starts work at my company. My company counts as one of the top 3 logistics company in Singapore and every year, we will take in around 50 graduates from the 3 local universities, staffing them around the various departments.

I have high expectations of my people and anyone who joins my company must be of certain calibre, in terms of both brains and looks. The world is all about packaging, if you can’t package yourself, how are you expected to be effective in your work? Hence my hr department always go into overdrive to ensure we get the best graduates and my company has no lack of qualities to attract these new joiners. In fact, it is like a dream come true for many of the local graduates to join my company.

To be honest, I don’t usually have much to do with the new joiners as I leave the job of welcoming them to my hr people and department heads. At most, I will give them a pep talk along with my department heads on the first day and they will get assigned to the various departments, and that’s about it. I nod to them in the hall and ask them how it is going from time to time, but I don’t really come into contact with the new joiners nor know them well. Until this year, that is.

There are two reasons why this year is special.

First reason is that Rex is joining the company among this batch of new joiners. Although Rex is my son and I intend to hand over the business to him one day, I never want him to come into the company with special privileges. Hence our relationship is kept a secret and he has passed the hr interview and got into the company purely on his own merits. Other than a few of the senior management who were with me for many years, not many knew about his status and we intend to keep it that way, so that Rex can work his way up and learn the basic foundation like anybody else.

Second reason is that our company has recently started a new ‘Management trainee’ program. Under this program, the company has hired 5 candidates and they are to be handpicked and become understudy/executive assistants to the ceo, coo, cfo, cio and engineering director. Some of them hate the thought of having a bunch of clueless 20-year-olds wandering around the office wasting our time, but I think it’s a workable idea. They have a lot of ideas and energy, and they have not yet become tainted by ‘Conventional wisdom’. Hence I am a strong propagate of this program and I hope our new understudies can be nurtured into future management staff as well as bring some new inventions to the organisation.

Obviously, with Rex’s calibre, he is among the 5 candidates under this management trainee program.

So here we are in the boardroom, me the ceo, along with my top management, looking at each of the 5 management trainee taking turns to do a presentation to all of us, so that each one of us will pick one to be our understudy as a executive assistant.

For some reason, Angel really caught my eye. It’s hard to say exactly why. Angel is a young, pretty lady, though she is perhaps less noticeable because she lacks the ‘Qualities’ that the men in the office so adored: mainly large breasts, flirty behaviour and revealing clothing. Angel has none of those, though she is very presentable with her long, jet-black hair and bright dewy eyes. She wears plain-looking clothing which pretty much covers all of her small, but well-proportioned body. She is very sweet and well-mannered, but many of the other female candidates are as well. There is just something different about her. Her long hair is tied up neatly in a bun behind her head. She has a pair of captivating eyes and her smile is demure with a slight dimple. Her voice is deep and well-controlled. Her dress is a silky, white piece with red patches designs, that stops nicely just above her knee. When she sits down, her dress is pulled up nicely around her thigh level. Her complexion is fair and simply flawless. Yes, I think it’s her complexion. She just seem so smooth and silky and I can’t help but to rest my eyes on her. I found myself looking at Angel again and again without even realising it.

So you would have guessed it, Angel is my handpicked understudy management trainee. Of course I would have my pick first as the ceo. As it is, Rex becomes the understudy to the coo, as I would not want him to be under me as well.

All of us leave the board room with our selected candidates and go back to our respective room. I am now sitting behind my table while I get Angel to sit down at the sofa in front of my desk, briefing her on some of the duties and work that she can get started with.

After finishing with the brief, Angel is to get back to her own desk just outside my room to start her work. At this moment, Angel uncrosses her legs to stand up and within that 1-2 seconds when she uncrosses her legs, I caught the view of the triangle between her legs. It is black colour. It just matches her white dress and pure fair complexion perfectly.

My manhood rises together with her, watching intently at her back view as she leaves my room. All my attention rests on her little ass as she walks out, with all my imagination visualizing the black panty she has under that white dress… It has been a while since I am so attracted to someone in my own office.

Time: Monday night

Location: living room at home

The family is lazing around in the living room, watching tv together after dinner.

My wife: “Rex, how is your first day at work?”

Rex: “It’s good. Pa’s company is huge and well organised. I have a few close schoolmates from smu joining today as well. Pa, how is your ea (Executive assistant), Angel? She is from my school too.”

Me: “Oh really? So you know her well? I’ve seen her grades, 1st class honours like you. Smart girl?”

Rex: “Yes, very smart. Capable too. She is well-known in school for her excellent project work and presentation skills. Pa, you made a good choice in choosing Angel as your ea. She is also the belle of our course, very pretty huh?”

Me: “Ok that’s the first impression so far. But it depends on her work performance. You must not disgrace me too. Uncle lim (My coo) is a very strict boss but you can learn a lot from him too.”

Rex: “Don’t worry pa. You know I have never failed you.”

Our conversation drifted to other topics including the upcoming birthday dinner for my wife… the dinner reservation, Ryan’s and Rex’s girlfriend invitation, the dress code and so on… but my mind is on our earlier conversation on Angel. Smart, capable, belle of the course… I had wanted to ask Rex if she has a boyfriend but it’s just so wrong to discuss such things with my son… my mind kept drifting to the black triangular patch and her Angelic face.

……………………………………………. ………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ………

Time: Tuesday morning

Location: my room in office

The moment I step into my room, a familiar aroma greeted me. It’s the smell of my favourite blue mountain espresso.

I sit down onto my armchair and press the phone to call Angel in. I look at Angel coming through my door. She is exquisite: creamy, porcelain skin, long, curling hair that matches her expressive, doe-liked eyes framed with long curly lashes. It is her eyes that I liked most, mirror-like and innocent, almost like an Angel.

Angel is dressed in a power-suit: a beige jacket over a white, silky spaghetti top that hugs her petite body frame, with a matching beige min-skirt. This girl has good dress sense. Sexy but not revealing.

Angel: “Good morning, Mr. Henry.”

Me: “Morning. Thanks for the coffee. You are observant. Anyway, I need these papers on my desk by 2 pm. Also, make sure the mcgrath document is amended based on these requirements and included…” blah blah blah continuing with my brief to Angel on her workload today.

Angel takes over the files and documents from me and quickly looks through them.

Angel: “Mr. Henry, where can I find the mcgrath document that you mentioned?”

Me: “Oh, it’s on the shelf over there.” I walk over to the shelf at the far corner, with Angel following close behind.

I take the file from the shelf and quickly turn around. My mind go blank when suddenly, my elbow bump into something soft.

“So sooory Mr. Henry” Angel stuttered, nervously biting her lip and tucking her hair behind her ear. Taking one quick, anxious glance at me, her eyes quickly return to the ground where the files and papers have dropped. Angel drops to the ground, gathering and picking up the papers she has dropped when my elbow bumped into her.

This is when I get a good glimpse at her down blouse. Her spaghetti top has opened up at the top when she bends down to pick up the documents. I can see from her neckline all the way into her chest and see two creamy buns forming a nice cleavage. Her breasts are not huge, a small b-cup at most, but they are very well-proportioned, just nice for her petite body frame. Angel is wearing a light-blue lacy bra. The bra is hugging her two mounds nicely, how I wish my hands can replace the bra…..

Sure that I look like a fool standing there. I become painfully aware of the provocative position we are in, with me standing there, facing a squatting Angel. I take a step back so that I won’t do anything irrational. The sight of Angel on her knees, in front of me, with a nice view of her down blouse is more exciting than I like to admit. But I must control myself. This is my office. I am a respected boss and I have a good family and my son is schoolmate with this beautiful girl. No, I must control myself.

“Ok, Mr. Henry, I got all the documents.” With one last bite of her lips, Angel stands up, greets me politely and turns around me to walk out my room.

Watching her leave, I take the time to admire her, the sway of her hips and the intoxicating aura about her. Her beige mini-skirt fits like a second skin and her beautifully rounded ass looks so amazing. How nice if I can see her bending over from the back. And I think I can make out her sexy panty-line on her ass. Not very clear but surely visible.

Time: Tuesday evening (Same day)

Location: office lift lobby

It’s 6 pm. I am waiting for the lift at the lift lobby together with a number of the staff. I am a boss that always believes in work-life balance and it’s the company culture for everyone to knock off on time at 6 pm.

The door opens and since I am the boss, the others will always let me into the lift first. I thought that’s a stupid practice as I will be squeezed all the way at the back of the lift. But knowing Asians, if I don’t go into the lift first, nobody else will. So as usual, I am standing all the way back in the lift. Our company is on the 45th storey, so by the time it reaches midway, more and more people are squeezing into the lift.

It is stuffy as hell in that lift as usual, mostly due to the fact that it is an ultra-old lift with poor ventilation and also partly due to the fact that it is jam-packed with people. 15 people are packed into a lift designed to hold 10 comfortably. The way we are crammed in together, you can’t even breathe without jostling someone. I am stuck at the far back, and the only difference today is that Angel is standing in front of me.

The lift opens up at the 28th storey and there is this bunch of Japanese people who just force their way into the lift although it is already packed. I think Japanese people are just so used to packed lifts and trains. With the extra crowd coming in, Angel is forced to squeeze further back and it is at this moment when our bodies come into contact with one another, with Angel‘s back leaning into me.

It’s nature. Angel is pressed so tightly against me, her warm soft body rubbing so nicely against mine with every subtle movement. Her head turns to check the lift display to see what floor we are on. I can sense that she is getting uncomfortable with the situation. I have tried to control myself but my dick starts to inflate with her rubbing up against me causing quite a stir down south. It is now grown to a rigid state, hard enough to rest comfortably in her butt, finding its way between the two butt cheeks and anchoring itself onto her butt crack. I am sure Angel can feel it as she is becoming more uncomfortable and starts fidgeting. Well, not that her fidgeting helps in anything but to get me more and more aroused.

I can’t do anything much in that situation other than trying to think of something else in my mind to distract myself from the arousal. But the more I tried, the more Angel‘s images flashes into my mind. I feebly attempt to whisper to Angel in front of me “Sorry, the lift is too crammed.”

As if to acknowledge her awkwardness with the situation as well, Angel turned her head slightly and murmured softly “Don’t worry, Mr. Henry. I understand.” Her fresh breath blowing across my face.

It is supposed to relieve the awkwardness but somehow her acknowledgement of the situation arouses me even more. My new ea, young, pretty, smart. Her sexy butt that I have been ogling is now nestled in front of my raging hard-on and she knows it, and yet we can’t do anything about it. Stimulating.

Suddenly, the lift jerks to a stop. Angel looks around in worry, her scented hair brushing my face, giving me a fresh breath of fragrance in this lousily-ventilated packed lift. The lights go off and the ventilation fan swirls slowly to a stop. There is a lift failure. Someone in front is pressing the alarm religiously, thinking that the more you press, the faster help will come. But it only serves to create more noise pollution and annoyance for everyone in the lift.

People are getting impatient and annoyed and uncomfortable and a lot of shuffling in the pitch darkness of the lift. In order to make oneself more comfortable, everyone is shuffling and jostling to get more space for themselves, as if a little bit more space will make their situation better. All these jostling only serves to push Angel more and more into me and cause her to jostle as well.

I try my best not to, I really tried, but the weight of her butt resting on top of my shaft, causes the little sucker to grow and grow and to my absolute horror, it is now at its hardest and thickest state, almost forcing my trouser open. It is now pointing skyward, finding its natural spot in the butt crack of the sexiest butt I have ever seen. Almost subconsciously and naturally, I start to slide my shaft subtlety up and down her ass crack. As more blood poured into my rod, I am now hissing in agony when the thick head is trying to worm its way into some hole or crevice.

At this moment, my eyes glow in the dark when I feel Angel reciprocating my action. I am pretty sure Angel feels it and is getting aroused by it. As slowly and subtlety as it is, Angel‘s butt begins to move in tandem with my rubbing. The friction of those warm, soft butt rubbing the side of my cock is tantalizing. We are now masturbating each other. Angel‘s movement is slow, like a caress. Her warm butt is heaven against my cock, and the slowness of each movement is almost torture. I am pushing harder and harder into her. My hands move around her body and grab them. Soft and subtle. Perfect size. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I think I heard a soft, barely audible, moan from Angel.

I am now grabbing and kneading Angel‘s breast like a prized possession, and rubbing my shaft up and down her butt. I am smelling her hair and tries to blow into the back of her ears. Angel tries to turn her head but her body has no space to turn at all. I manage to kiss the side of her face and starts to lick her ear. I know Angel is totally aroused like myself now. If we are in a room by ourselves, I am sure we will jump into bed right away and fuck each other silly.

I can hear Angel letting out a barely audible soft gasp, and her body shuddering into me. Is that her orgasm? That thought proves too much for me and my cock erupts in a violent explosion. Did we both orgasm almost at the same time?

Eeeewwww, the ventilation fan starts rotating again and the lights flicker back to life. The lift starts to continue its descent. Me and Angel are now standing as normal. The lift finally reaches the ground floor, and people start pouring out from the lift. Angel quickly follows the crowd out and walks away quickly, without turning to look at me nor attempting to make any acknowledgement of what has just happened… but I know I have one of the most sexciting orgasm in my life.

Time: Wednesday morning

Location: office

I wake up at 6 am and decide to go to work much earlier than usual this morning.

Firstly, there is a very important 9 am meeting where we are meeting our company’s top client to discuss about renewing our contract for another 2 years. This deal itself is worth about $25 million. Hence the whole management team will be there and I am personally doing the pitch to ensure we win the account.

Secondly, I can’t really sleep well throughout the night. Somehow, those images of what happened in the lift kept flashing back to my mind and Angel‘s face kept appearing in my dreams. Maybe my old body and mind have not been exposed to such intense sexual stimulation for a long time. I mean, how much rendezvous you would expect from a 49-yr old man? I have always been the dutiful husband and responsible father and I am a well-respected figure in the business community. Hence I have not had much rendezvous for the longest time I can recall. Sure, I am not exactly a saint, and I have engaged socialites and gone ktv before, but those were in my younger days. When my business grows bigger, my attention and energy are all expended on the business and my family. Furthermore it is always my mantra not to get involved with anyone from the company as things might get complicated with me being the boss. I have a family and reputation to protect. But somehow, Angel just feels different.

I reach the office at 7.15 am and obviously, at that hour, I am the first and only person in the office. I switches on my laptop and check my email, standard procedure for every morning.

16 unread emails. One particular email catches my attention.

Sender: Angel

Time of sending: 5.10 am

Subject: good morning

I pause and look at that email. Did not open it as a thousand thoughts and questions go through my mind. Why is she sending email at such unearthly hours? Is she mad at last evening’s incident and sending in her resignation? Did she have a sleepless night as well like me?

I summon the courage and click on the email.

“Hi Mr. Henry,

I know the company is having an important meeting with corfume at 9 am this morning. Hence I have prepared some information about them which I thought might be useful to you……”

And the rest of email goes on to talk about the pitch later.

For a moment, I just find this girl so sweet. Don’t know why I feel that way. Is it because she did not kick a big fuss over last evening? Is it because she is so serious about her work? I just can’t explain, but a wave of sweetness just overcomes me.

Angel. Interesting girl. I am getting more and more intrigued by this girl.

I stand up from my desk and walk out of my room. Angel‘s desk is right outside my room. Her desk is neatly organized. I open her notebook, her handwriting is very neat. I open her drawer, in it are some hr handbook and stationeries. Then I see a photo frame with Angel‘s photo in it. Think she doesn’t want to put it out onto her desk yet as she is still too new. It is a very nice, close-up photo of her. I scrutinize at her photo. Very pretty features. Perfect complexion. Flawless. My libido just twitches on its own without warning. Damn pervert. I am actually getting turned on by a photo.

I don’t know what come over me. I unzip my trousers, release my suppressed cock from its restraint and begin tugging at it. This must be the craziest thing I have done in my life. Or second craziest behind the lift incident.

I can feel the tension building up. I am fantasizing about Angel by just looking at her photo.


That’s the sound of the lift reaching our level. Someone is coming. At a world record speed, I push back my cock, zip up and go back into my room and sit down. Phew! I made back to safety. Can you imagine someone seeing their boss masturbating in office at the photo of his young female subordinate? I would be dead meat.

It’s Angel coming through the door.

Angel: “Good morning, Mr. Henry. You are here so early.”

Me: “Hi Angel. Yeah, preparing for the presentation later.”

Angel: “I guess as much. I hope my information does help a little.”

Me: “That’s very diligent of you, Angel. Thanks for that.”

Angel is behaving ever so naturally. I guess, that in a way, dispels off any awkwardness of last evening’s incident. I go back to preparing for my presentation (Although my heart and adrenalin is still pumping at crazy speed) and Angel is starting to settle down at her desk. From my seat, I can see Angel clearly from the glass panel of my room overseeing the whole office.

Angel has a puzzled look on her face, standing by her desk. Her hand reaches out and takes up a photo frame. She glances swiftly in my direction.

I am staring at my laptop screen. I don’t dare to look up at her direction. In my hurry, I forgot to put back her photo into the drawer. I am going to find a hole and hide myself.

Nothing much happened between me and Angel after those embarrassing moments. Of course, she is always on my mind. Her Angelic face, her petite body, the soft, warm feel of her butt against my cock, her sexy hip, her sweet demeanor. Everything about her just keeps coming back to my mind every moment. In fact, she has become the only fantasy target of mine when I am relieving my built-up sexual tension every now and then. Angel is now my number 1 masturbation target. I have to masturbate to her images every night, especially after facing her every day at work. During weekend, I will start to miss her…

I know it’s impossible for me to get too close to Angel. I am older than her by 20-plus years. I have a wife, two sons and I am a reputable businessman. I don’t even know much about her, but I am just so strongly attracted by her youthful beauty.

And in all my years of being a boss, I always hold by the mantra that I cannot get entangled with anyone from the company as things can get very messy.

Time: Sunday evening

Location: wife’s favourite restaurant celebrating her birthday

Today is an important day. My wife’s birthday. I mean, a birthday isn’t really that important for people of our age. In fact, we are getting afraid of birthdays as we aren’t exactly that young anymore.

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