My CILF (Cousin I’d Like to Fuck)


I have 5 aunts and 3 uncles on my mother’s side, all born during the baby boomer era of the late 50s – early 70s. Needless to say, I have a lot of cousins, all of which are around my age.

There is this female cousin of mine, in particular, who is the same age and was in the same Secondary school as me – let’s call her Mel. However, we were not particularly close at all, despite seeing each other every weekday – I was in a particularly ‘cool’ clique and had a reputation for being happy-go-lucky, while she was a more introverted person and didn’t confide in people easily.

This all changed in Sec 4 and ironically, it was my first girlfriend who brought us closer together. Apparently she was a childhood friend of Mel as well, one of her first real close friends. So when we went out together half of the time we will jio Mel along as well. At first she scared she 3rd party will interrupt us, but actually none of us minded, so over time, we became close, to the point where we were actually meeting up 3 – 4 times a week to study together.

So after a while I realized that while she’s quiet to most people, she can get really, really chatty once she’s become acquainted with someone. Needless to say, we chatted a lot about our lives during meet-ups, mostly on innocent stuff, until one day, 2 months after we started studying together, she asked me this question, super out of the blue…

Mel: “So… You and Cheryl (My girlfriend.), do it liao?”

Me: “Do what?” *I acted blur, but in my heart, I knew what she’s talking about. KNN.*

Mel: “Aiya don’t kay siao la you know what I am talking about… Hanky panky…”

*At this point in time I was thinking, wa lau this Mel, who on the surface liked anime, nice shoes and all those cutesy stuff and baking and super innocent will ask this kind of question? Similanjiao?*

Me: “EH! This kind of stuff should be personal ok… How can let you know one…?”

Mel: “Aiya don’t like that la… Or you shy? I not shy you shy for what? Hahaha…”

Me: “Ok la ok la we just kiss here kiss there only la… That’s all…”

Mel: “Really meh? That’s not what I heard from Cheryl…” *Giggles*

*Wah KNN she also got asked my girlfriend… Wonder what my girlfriend told her…*

Me: “Oi wa lau you also got ask my girlfriend about this ah… So, since you asked her already still ask me for what?”

Mel: “Aiya because she never give much details mah… Only say you got lick…”

Me (Interrupting her.): “Lick what lick?” *Waving my hands animatedly* “Lick her neh neh ah?”

(She was laughing non-stop and I was quite pai sei already, and to be honest, she had that kind of infectious girly laugh that was sibeh turn on…)

Mel: “Eh, I also never say lick neh neh… I was going to say lick her ear… So you confess to licking her neh neh lah?”

At this point in time I cock-stand a bit already…

Me: “Wa lau… You trick me sia…”

Mel: “HAHAHA eh tell me more leh!!!”

Me: “Aiyah… Standard stuff lor… Touch here touch there… Kiss here kiss there…”

Mel: “Did you do this?” *She made a circle with her left thumb and index finger and stuck her right index finger through it.*

Me (In shock.): “NO LAH! She still underage leh!!” (1 more month to birthday heheh.) “Siao arr…”

Me: “Eh, why you today ask so many funny, funny questions ah?”

Mel: “Aiyah… Nothing lar…” *Smiles innocently*

Me: “Go back study lar…” *Heaves a huge sigh of relief* “Later I must scold my girlfriend liao.”

I thought it was over, but it was far from over. It was barely the beginning, the tip of the iceberg…

It was late at night when that study session ended. As I said, since we were studying in the same school, we saw each other again the next day. During recess, we had lunch together, along with some of our mutual friends.

Mel: “Eh, sorry ah… Yesterday ask you so much personal stuff…”

Me: “Never mind la… Eh, but if you so curious, why don’t you get a boyfriend? Then you can hanky panky all you want mah…” *Winks*

Mel: “Aiyah… Guys dun want me mah…” (Which I knew wasn’t true because a few people who knew I was her cousin had told me that they liked her in the past, and told me to set them up with her, which I couldn’t because I wasn’t that close to her at that time.)

Me: “Sure or not?” *Gave her that incredulous look* “Is they don’t want you or you don’t want them? You so pretty, how can it be 没人要? Some more your boobs so big…” *Pretends to stare intently at her chest.*

And actually our uniform top was white and was hence a little bit see-through if you looked very closely, and I could barely see that she was wearing a green sports bra on that day. And though her boobs appeared pretty small-ish, about B cup, she had a penchant of wearing tight sports bras, so I suspected that her boobs were actually larger than what I made it out to be.

Mel: “Eeyer you damn tiko lei.” *She instinctively covered her chest with her arms, even though there was nothing to cover really, and she was blushing at this point as well.*

Me: “Haha… So you got like anyone or not? You canoeing one mah… Surely got a lot of hunks right?”

Mel: “Yeah la… I not sure leh… That Jonathan (Their team vice-captain.), looks quite ok… Aiyah I don’t know lah…”

From her body language and words right there and then, I could tell that she wasn’t really interested in anyone, or at the very least, not someone I knew.

At that point in time, suddenly some random guy I knew who had a reputation for being a loudmouth who blurted out the first thing that came to his mind walked past, and seeing the both of us in such close proximity and chatting so heartily and animatedly, declared out loud in my face:

“Wah Andy boy so fast change girlfriend liao ah!?!?!?!?!?”

Then my friend from across the table shouted back, “Eh, she is his cousin lah you idiot.” And that comment only made us laugh out loud even more. It was then that I realized that she had her arm around my shoulder – I had no idea how long it had been there – and I could feel how well toned and muscular her arms were (Not surprising given she’s a canoeist.). Right after she stopped laughing, she looked up at me with her big eyes and what I perceived to be a CFM ‘I want you’ look for a moment that really turned me on and made my cock marikita a little… But then I thought, “Eh wa lau she’s my cousin leh how can I be thinking such stuff about her?” And I forced those thoughts out of my mind…

Mel: “So study session later?” *Winked at me*

Me: *Sian later I got soccer training* “Erm… Cannot lah aiyah… I got training… How about tomorrow? Tomorrow, Saturday we got one whole day to study together!”

Mel: “Sigh, ok lor tomorrow…” *Disappointed look* “This time you come to my house ah!”

Me: “Ok set!”

So the rest of that Friday passed by uneventfully. I went for soccer training, but for the whole training session I was feeling distracted. In my mind, I was like, WTF why I got soccer training today. All of a sudden I felt like getting closer to Mel. It didn’t help that she had this secretive and mysterious aura around her that attracted me either. In fact, I suddenly wanted to be with her much more than my girlfriend.

I had trouble sleeping that night – the events of the past 2 days kept playing out in my head. 3 months ago, she might as well have been a complete stranger to me, now here we were, talking about sex, love and relationships. I had always thought that I would only fantasize about girls that were slim, pretty and wild, but here I was, unable to get my geeky, bespectacled and rather muscular cousin out of my mind. (Okay, she wasn’t exactly geeky, she looked nerdy and was bespectacled but she really had that kind of gamer chick kind of nerdy cuteness if you guys know what I mean… Aiyah…)

I guess I really might be a sicko after all lol.

Saturday came along and I went over to her house. When she opened the door, the first thing I noticed was she looked like she had just woken up. Oddly enough, I found that just-out-of-bed look with messy hair quite attractive. I also realized that she was naturally pretty without any makeup on – no offense some girls just looked awful without any makeup. The next thing I noticed was that – SHE WASN’T WEARING BRA! OMG! Not sure why I only noticed that now, I mean, I had been over to her house to study a few times (Though most of the time in the past it’s in a public library or at my house, because she thought my house was bigger and more comfortable.), but in the past I had never noticed her not wearing a bra at home. Maybe it’s because I had never looked at her in a sexual manner, until now. Or maybe it was because she didn’t wear a bra to sleep. Without a bra, her breasts definitely looked bigger, closer to a C cup. All those thoughts running through my mind made me stunned for a while and my cock stiffened a little.

Mel: “Eh… You never see pretty girl before ah? Why you so stunned? Quickly come in leh!! Haha!”

All this while I had the impression of her as an insecure girl who had never called herself pretty, even if it was a joke… I guessed she’s really comfortable with me right now, I thought.

Me: “Ok la ok la…”

Mel: “Eh go my room and study… My room got on air-con… Today hot day sia…”

Me: “Ok, let’s go go…”

She shared the room with her younger sister, and her house was a 3 bedroom executive flat. The other 2 rooms were used by her parents and paternal grandparents. All the bedrooms were down a hallway.

So we spent the first hour actually studying, then we got bored, so we started chatting and gossiping about people.

*After chatting on a bit of random stuff*

Me: “So what did you do after school yesterday?”

Mel: “Canoeing training lor…”

Me: “I thought you no training on Friday?”

Mel: “Suddenly got lor… So sian… Now my whole arm and back aching liao…”

Me: “Wah, poor thing…”

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.

Me: “Eh, how about I give you a massage?”

Mel: “Ok, good idea!!” *Smiled happily*

Me: “Ok, you turn around.”

Mel then tried to turn around, but then she said,

Mel: “Eh a bit uncomfortable on the chair… Move to the bed can?”

Me: “Ok.”

Once we were on the bed, I started off by massaging her shoulders and neck muscles. As I moved up to the sensitive areas behind her ears, she closed her eyes and mumbled softly, “Eh Andy… So nice…”

I then moved downwards to her upper arms and at this point, feeling her supple and firm body, I was feeling really turned on liao. I continued massaging down her well-toned arms and down to her hands. At this point she was all limp from the pleasure of the massage on her aching body, and after I was done with her arms, she asked to lie face down on the bed while I massaged her.

I restarted the massage with her feet and I tickled it a bit and she moaned slightly and cried, “Eh Andy stop it…” Even though she was clearly enjoying it… Apparently her feet were ticklish…

So I continued on, going up her legs, using my knuckles and elbows to rub into her muscular legs… It was clear she enjoyed a nice and hard massage from the sounds of pleasure she was making. I did not dare go too far up her legs though, stopping midway up her thigh about 10 cm below her buttocks.

Next, I moved on to her back. I started with the centre down her backbone, then she said, “Eh Andy harder leh…” So I used as much force as I could without breaking her into half, and she said, “YES! Shuang!” At this point, it was worth mentioning that she was quite big sized for a 16-year-old girl, about 167 cm, and I was barely taller, at 173, and she was actually the same weight as me at 54 kg (I was more of a lean runner kind of guy rather than muscular… I played soccer anyway…), so I guessed I had to use more effort than normal to ‘satisfy’ her haha…

So I continued massaging the rest of her back, but when I jabbed my fingers into the side of her abdomen, she jolted up suddenly, shouting and laughing at the same time, “EH I TICKLISH LA!!! You purposely one!!” She was super super ticklish.

Me: *Instinctively* “Eh, sorry…!” *Pretends to think for a while…*

I then had a naughty idea and gave an evil laugh…

Me: “Heh heh heh heh.”

Mel: “Oi… What?”

Me: “Now I know how to punish you for asking so much about me and my girlfriend on Thursday…”

Mel: “Wha…”

Before she could finish, I proceeded to tickle her, HARD, with her still lying face down. She proceeded to scream and laugh and cry at the same time with tears in her eyes and tried to get up and fight back, screaming, “Please stop! Please stop!” I replied, “NO WAY!”, and was trying my best to use all of my weight to pin her down but I was laughing non-stop and being the strong canoeist that she was she managed to flip herself over and I lost my balance as well and landed on her bed. In the process of trying to free herself from my tickling she inadvertently jabbed her left arm into my side. I twitched a little, and she noticed it. (Yes, I was actually ticklish as well.)


She then got on top of me and proceeded to tickle me hard, and this time it was my turn to scream laugh and cry. At this point in time we were making so much noise that if anyone else was in the house they would have probably heard us, but thankfully due to some retarded good luck, her parents were out shopping with her grandparents and her sister was in school. She had that naughty look on her face and I was struggling to get her off me and I was like: Omg WTF she’s damn strong… WTF. I figured the only way to fight back was to tickle her back, but somehow I couldn’t because she was in something like a cowgirl position on top of me and my arms were pinned between her legs and my side. After much struggling I managed to free my arms and tickled her back and in that instant that she loosened her grip on me due to her being tickled I fought back and freed myself.

So this tickling and counter tickling continued for a while until we both stopped, panting and sweaty, with her on top of me, breathless and eyes closed. I then took this brief moment to relax my body a bit. Well, most of my body, except my cock, which was super rock hard and can be felt very obviously through my pants, and I was sure she felt it as well, but either she’s super ignorant, or pretended she didn’t notice (More likely it was the latter.). In fact, I could even feel pre-cum on my underwear… OMG… With her in such close proximity, with my arms around her waist and her arms around my neck I could detect her girly scent and sweat fragrance and that only served to turn me on even more… I then moved my hands down to her hot firm ass covered by that mini shorts of hers and she didn’t resist as well…

My right hand was now on her ass and I gave it a light squeeze while kissing her neck at the same time, causing her to moan slightly into my ear, a clear sign that she was enjoying it, which prompted me to squeeze her ass harder, causing her to draw a sharp intake of breath. At this point a myriad of emotions ran through my head, ranging from immense pleasure to guilt and shame for even thinking about doing this to my own cousin.

Me (Without stopping what I was doing.): Mel… This is so wrong… You’re my cousin…”

Mel (Still breathing heavily.): “But we’re both enjoying it right?”

She then reached down to my groin and grabbed my already rock hard cock through my pants causing it to stiffen even more.

Mel: “And look at you… You’re already so hard… And wet…” (Pre-cum had seeped through my pants.)

Before that fateful Saturday I would have never, for the life of me, believed Mel was capable of talking or acting in such a horny manner, but seeing, or in this case hearing was believing. That was it. I flipped her over onto her back and planted my lips onto hers and she responded by shoving her tongue into my mouth. We frenched passionately while my right hand reached for that bra-less breasts of hers, squeezing it, causing her to squirm under me. This carried on for a minute or two, then she got up, flipping me over and getting on top of me, and removed her shirt, exposing her shapely tits and juicy pink nipples, I stared at it and was stunned for a couple of seconds, amazed at the sight before me.

Mel, who was suddenly self-conscious of her naked upper body, looked down and asked me: “You… Like it?”

My mind was in a blank at that time, and all I could mumble was: “Yes… You’re so beautiful… Yes…”

Wasting no more time, I ripped my shirt off, brought my head to her chest and began sucking and licking those nipples hungrily. She moaned even louder and used both arms to clasp my head to her chest while I sucked and licked vigorously. At the same time, I reached down inside her shorts. Her pussy and panties were already wet, and I massaged her wet clit underneath her panties…

“Andy!!! Don’t stop… Please!!!!”

I flipped her on her back and removed her shorts and wet panties, exposing her shaved and well-trimmed pussy. The sight of it was too much for me. I immediately put my tongue to her clit and began licking and sucking her wet pussy as well as I possibly could, trying my best to emulate those porno professional pussy lickers. Sweet pussy juice mixed with my saliva as she clamped my head with those muscular thighs and grabbed my hair, indicating how wild she was. It was as if she had been yearning for sex for such a long time, and all that sexual desire and energy was waiting to be unleashed at her very first opportunity – now.

“Andy!! I am cumming!! I am cumming!!”

With that, she came, spewing her love juices all over my mouth. I got up, and with warm pussy juice all over my tongue, we frenched passionately once again, falling over each other. With me on top of her, I pulled off the remainder of my clothing, freeing my cock from the constraints and shackles of my tight CK underwear. Now, it was her turn to stare at it, stunned and wide-eyed, but it wasn’t before long when she snapped out of it, and, staring at me straight in the eye, she said just two words: “FUCK ME!”

I gladly obliged. I spread her legs violently, and, unable to think straight anymore, driven by animal desire, positioned my tool at her entrance and plunged it straight into her warm, tight and wet pussy drenched with my saliva and her love juices. In and out it went vigorously, with her screaming and shouting, “YES!! YES!!” And me going, “UHH!! UHH!!” I was fucking her like a madman, and she was moaning and screaming like a mad woman.

Mel: “Please!!!! HARDER!!!!… UHH!!!! I am cumming!”

As soon as I heard that I felt her pussy tightening around me and I could feel her juices pouring down upon my cock. I could hold it back no longer.

Me: Mel!! I am coming as well!!! I am cumming!”

Mel: “Yes, cum inside me!!! Cum!!”

I then shivered in ecstasy as my cock throbbed and I shot my white army into her pussy. Spent and utterly exhausted, and still reeling from the high and pleasure, I collapsed into her arms, on top of her. I had just lost my virginity to my cousin. And she had just lost hers to me.

Me: “Eh, shit I just realized… Fuck… Will you get pregnant or not?”

Mel (Laughing.): “At most I go abort lor… Hahaha… But aiyah actually just 3 – 4 days left until my menses so won’t lah…”

Me: “Haha, okay… Heng ah…”

Mel: “Haha, okay… Eh, let’s go shower leh? We both super sweaty liao…”

Me: “Let’s go!”

And so we went into her bedroom toilet to shower…

We entered the bathroom, still wobbly from our physical exertions and passionate lovemaking, leaning on each other for support. I fondled her breasts a little, squeezing her nipples gently, while she played with my cock.

“Wow… Your cock is still standing tall and hard…” She stared wide-eyed.

“That’s because you’re too hot and sexy.”

“Really meh…” Mel smiled, but blushed and looked away. Apparently she wasn’t used to receiving compliments from others.

I helped her into the bathtub and climbed into it myself. Grabbing the attached shower head, I turned on the water and sprayed some into her face playfully, blinding her temporarily.

“Oi wa lau… You want me to tickle you issit.” Mel said, rubbing her eyes.

“Not if I tickle you first!” I retorted, jabbing a finger into her side.

“Oi!” Mel exclaimed. She looked cute even when she’s annoyed.

Oh well, call us childish… But what can you expect from two 16-year-olds?

I then put the shower head back into its holder and we enjoyed a deep, passionate kiss with water running down our naked bodies.

I then got the soap and shampoo and soaped up Mel, while she soaped me. I ran my hand through her hair, shampooing (Is there even such a word?), it. Her hair, when let down, was long and silky, ending just above the waist.

“You look better with your hair let down, instead of having it ponytailed all the time.”

“No choice lor… School say must tie mah…”

“But you outside school also never let down…”

“Habit mah… Ok lah next time in your presence I let down ok?”

“Yay!” I said, embracing her.

*Still soaping each other* Mel: “Andy…”


“You know… I’ve got a crush on you since 2 years ago…”

I felt a myriad of confusion, joy and bemusement and suddenly didn’t really know what to say.

“Erm… Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, cuddling her slippery soapy body in my arms.

“I scared mah… You were so popular back then… I am not close to you back then and also don’t know how to 接近你 (Get close to you.)…”

“Eh, you also popular lor…”

“Where got?”

“Do you know that so many guys like you, but they say you don’t like them…?”

“Really meh? Who?”

“You don’t know? A, B, C and D all got ask me set them up with you before leh… Haha.”

“Seriously ah… Aiyah but I don’t like them lah… Never pay attention to them at all.”

She then hugged me tightly, and we were still slippery with soap. We then frenched deeply again. It was so awesome.

Turning on the shower again, we proceeded to wash the soap off each other. I proceeded to caress her warm body, rinsing it with water. The fragrant citrus scent of the soap filled the air. She bent down a little to wash my lower body. When she reached my dick, however, she knelt down and started licking it.

Me: “Oh my god… You’re making me horny again…”

“Your dick is still so hard,” Mel said as she continued licking my dick and balls…

She then took the entire length of dick in my mouth, going in and out, sucking it hungrily, and deep throating it even. Her tongue swirled my dick in her mouth, making it feel even better.

“Omg I need to lie down.” I said, getting down to a lying position, with her on top of me and still blowing me.

“I want to taste your cum.” She said, sucking my dick even harder and more vigorously. “I want you to shoot it my mouth.”

They say girls are actually hornier than guys when it comes to the person they really like, and I actually believed it was bullshit. Until now.

Me: “Oh my god… Mel… It feels so good…”

Mel, turn around!!… I want to finger you!!”

She turned around and I reached up to grab the shower-head before lying back down. We were now in a 69 position, and she continued to suck my cock hungrily. I sucked her clit for a moment before starting to finger her with my right hand. I adjusted the shower head such that the water sprayed out only from one point at high pressure, I focused it on her clit with my left, causing Mel to moan loudly.

“Andy… Harder please… Don’t stop… Please!!!” Mel mumbled with my cock in her mouth. She then proceeded to suck my cock even harder.

“Yes… Yes… Mel… I am cumming!”

I then shot my cum straight into her mouth and throat, thrusting my cock deep into her mouth for good measure. As my cock throbbed and sprayed her mouth with cum, I fingered her as hard as I could and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and as she came, I raised my mouth to her pussy to lick it clean, sucking up some of her love juice in the process.

We then turned around, sat up and frenched passionately, with her pussy juice in my mouth and my cum in her mouth, swirling it in each other’s mouth, letting it drip all over our lips and bodies, ending with her swallowing what’s left in our mouths. We then cuddled for a good couple of minutes, enjoying each other’s company in silence, broken only by the sound of dripping water from the nearby tap.

When everything was over, we washed up and dried ourselves and headed out to the living room. I went to grab some water from the kitchen when I heard the doorbell. Mel‘s sister was back.

Our study session finished without any more incidents because we weren’t alone anymore, save for the occasional loving gaze that she gave me when our eyes met. As I left late in the afternoon, several questions that puzzled me lingered at the back in my mind…

Why didn’t she feel pain when I penetrated her for supposedly the first time? Well, if she did, she certainly didn’t show it in any way. That was super weird.

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