My Auntie and I


The subject is the wife of my uncle who is my mother’s elder brother. The story starts when I was in secondary two, way back in the 70s. I was 15 then and my aunt was 33 years old. My uncle was 41.

My aunt was about 5 feet 4. She has well-rounded boobs and a baby-month pinkish white complexion. What attracted me to her was her curvy slim white legs with long slim well-manicured toes. I particularly liked her white smooth feet. She was modern for her age, liked to dress in tight singlet (The forerunner of today’s spaghetti strap) and white shorts. She used to come over to my house to chat with my mother about twice a week. She would stay for about 2-3 hours. I usually would be at home doing my homework, and would steal glances at her white feet.

My mother was working as a seamstress then. She used to sew SAF army uniforms for an old uncle. I think he probably had a contract with the SAF – I don’t know. Anyway, since my mother worked at home, my aunt would come by to chitchat. I slept on the upper deck of a double-decker bed shared with my brother who slept on the lower deck. Sometimes I would be able to see some cleavage when I looked down from the top – I used to read my books while lying on my bed. It was a three-room HDB flat.

I believe my aunt might have noticed my interest in her and at that time I guess that was the reason why she dropped by so often. My uncle was a serious old-fashioned man who was more focused on his work then on his much younger sexy wife. At that time, they were still childless.

Anyway, I learnt how to masturbate when I was in secondary one and I use to masturbate thinking of my aunt’s white legs and white feet. It started I guess because I also used to sleep on the floor. One day I was sleeping when my aunt came. She was sitting on a chair just beside where I was sleeping. I woke up and when I opened my eyes, her feet was just beside my face. Her white toes, with bright red toe nails, were just inches from my face. There was a slight pungent, leathery smell emanating from her toes which surprisingly turned me on. I pretended that I was still sleeping and sucked in the smell, getting a solid hard-on in the process. I also opened my eyes slightly to admire her white smooth feet, slim ankle, and smooth clean heels. After that day, I would masturbate often while thinking of smelling her white red-tipped toes and licking them. I guess that is why up to today, I have developed a fetish for slim curvy white legs, white feet, and long slim toes with red toe nails.

The request came when I was in secondary two.

My Auntie, who was still childless then, approached my parents to ask whether I could become her Godson. As my mother and her brother were close, it was not a problem. Hence, my Auntie became my Godmother.

Personally, I was not too bothered with whether I was Godson to anyone or not. It was just that the feeling was quite weird – the object of my sexual desire had suddenly become my ‘Mother’, so to speak. After that, I decided not to think of my Auntie anymore. I would refrained from looking at her white legs and smooth feet whenever she came to my house. I also stopped masturbating thinking about her. Instead, I changed my focus to my pretty form-teacher Miss Sim.

My Auntie and uncle treated my family to a nice dinner at Chinatown People’s Park one Saturday evening to celebrate the auspicious occasion. After that, my Auntie and uncle would bring me out with them whenever they went out for any weekend outings. They would also buy things for me – as I was quite a studious bookworm, I mostly asked for books instead of toys or clothing’s. I also started going frequently to their home, also a 3-room HDB flat. Sometimes, I would go straight to my Auntie‘s house after school to spend the noon there, doing my homework, before going home.

One day, I stayed on for dinner and then watched TV with my Auntie and uncle at night. It was a Friday night and as it was getting late, my Auntie asked me to stay over. She called my mother who said it was ok. That was the first time I was staying over at my Auntie‘s house.

I slept in the spare room. Like the design of old HDB flats that time, the doors of both rooms faced each other. My Auntie and uncle did not close the door when they slept. There was a door curtain but it was tied to the door frame and not released.

Before I fell asleep, at about 10.30 pm, my Auntie came in to bring me another blanket and to ask me whether the bed was comfortable. I told her it was ok and in fact it was more comfortable than my own bed at home. In the dim light, as I looked at her, my heart started pounding away and I could feel my dick stiffening. My Auntie was wearing a lacy black short night gown, down only to her mid-thigh. I thought I could make out two round whitish orbs with two brown spots (Her boobs!) But dared not stare and lingered. It was however, her shapely white legs that blew me away. They looked so smooth and silky at night. I could also make out her lacy black panties underneath her night gown.

I closed my eyes, grabbed my bolster hard, and willed my hard-on away.

That night, I woke up with a start and wondered where I was. The room, the bed, the smell of the blankets… All were unfamiliar to me. After I shook off my sleepiness, I realised I was at my Auntie‘s home.

I laid on the bed for a while, adjusting my eyes to the darkness. Then I decided I got to go to the toilet. I stepped off the bed and onto the cold floor. Then I walked out of the room. Instinctively I turned to look into my Auntie‘s room. The reading light beside her bed was left on. My uncle read a lot for his work and he often read himself to sleep and left the light on.

I decided to go into the room to switch off the light for them. I stepped in noiselessly. My uncle was fast asleep, covered in his blanket. My Auntie was asleep too, but her blanket was by her side. She looked so peaceful, so innocent, and so serene when she was fast asleep.

She was sleeping on her side, her left leg crossed over my uncle’s body. Because of this, her night gown had ridden up to her waist exposing her thigh all the way up her hip. I couldn’t take my eyes off the full length of her white shapely legs. Her skin was so smooth, so silky. I looked at her feet, so smooth, the greenish vein underneath the thin skin so sexy…

I had overheard her telling my mother that she applied moisturizer to her legs every day and scrub them once a week. The result of taking care of her legs is evidenced by the sheer smoothness of her legs. I felt like running my hand on her legs. My dickie was beginning to get hard again.

I felt so bad thinking those thoughts. I quickly switched off the light and left the room. I went into the toilet but couldn’t urinate as my dick was rock hard! I had to wait a long while before it soften and I could urinate. When I went back to the bed, my thoughts went back to my Auntie‘s long white curvy legs again. My Godmother’s long white legs and smooth feet occupied my mind again for a long time, until I finally drifted into dreamland.

This next morning, I was awakened by my uncle. It was already 9 am. My Auntie had gone marketing. My uncle said she would be buying my favourite ‘lor mee’ for my breakfast. I washed up and played a game of Chinese chess with my uncle. Before the game ended, my Auntie was back.

She was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of track pants. Nothing much to see. In a sense I was also glad. I didn’t think I could take it if I continue to see her long white legs and lust secretly after them.

Interestingly at that stage, I never really thought of having sex with my Auntie. I mean, the thought of it never entered my mind. I was only turned on by her lithe body, round boobs, and most of all, her white shapely legs and white feet. Seeing them, thinking of them, gave me a hard-on and I could jerk off just on that. The thought of making love to my Auntie at that time just didn’t figure in my 15-year mind.

Many stories that I have come across in this forum usually end with the author and his object of lust having sex very soon after – one encounter and they hump away. I am always very amazed by that.

I always feel that in real life, things don’t happen like that, at least not to me. Perhaps I am the unlucky one?

Anyway, after spending one night at my Auntie‘s home, I returned home to my own sanctuary. My mother asked me whether I could get used to sleeping in another place and whether I slept well. What could I tell her? That I woke up in the middle of the night, and saw the full length of my Auntie‘s curvy smooth legs, and felt like running my hands on her silky skin?

My Auntie continued to come to my mother’s place to chat and I always looked forward to her visits. We were still traditional Chinese and we don’t hug each other when we meet, unlike westerners. And I did feel at that time that my Auntie looked upon me only as a small schoolboy, her Godson, and nothing else. I was the pervert who kept lusting after her slender form and white curvy legs.

After the night spent at my Auntie‘s house, nothing eventful happened until about three weeks later. It was a Saturday morning and my Auntie called and asked whether I would like to attend a wedding dinner with her that night (I believe it is now the Red Star restaurant at Chin Swee Road). One of her relatives was getting married and my uncle did not want to go. It was not a close relative and he didn’t really know them too well. That time, I seldom had a chance to go for such dinners and I agreed, after checking with my mother who said ok.

That evening, my Auntie came over to my house to pick me up. When I saw her, I was bowled over by her beauty. Except for the wedding photos in my Auntie‘s house, I have not seen her with make-up. The only thing she would apply is just some lipstick to her lips. That evening, she had eye-shadow, mascara, pink cheeks, nice hair-do, jewelries, and looked completely different. I couldn’t help it but told her that she was very beautiful. She was extremely pleased to hear that. She looked like a movie star to me.

What was even more attractive was her cheongsam. It was not the usual long type but stopped just above her knees. It was white with red and pink floral patterns. She was wearing a pair of white high heels (The old fashion closed type, not open-toe type). It was when she walked that I noticed the slits by the side of her cheongsam. The slits went up to just above the mid-thigh and the teasing show of white smooth skin when she walked was very arousing indeed. She was not wearing any stockings. Her bosom was jutting out, probably due to the tightness of the cheongsam and the bra she was wearing. Her boobs seemed bigger than normal, probably accentuated by her tiny waist.

We went to the restaurant in a cab. We both sat behind and along the way, I kept stealing glances at her exposed thigh and curvy tapering legs all the way down to her slim smooth ankle. My loins were stirring. I also noticed that the cab driver kept looking back at the rear view mirror, probably attracted by my sexy Auntie. He tried to start a conversation but my Auntie didn’t respond much and he stopped soon after and just drove us to our destination.

At the dinner, I sat on the left of my Auntie. I didn’t know anyone at the table. They asked my Auntie about me and she told them I was her nephew and Godson. One or two of the Aunties there commented that I was good-looking but that was that. There were other attractively attired ladies at the dinner but I had eyes only for my Auntie. I commented to my Auntie that the bride was quite plump and she chided me for being rude.

Towards the end of the dinner, the bride and bridegroom and relatives came over to take photo with the guests at the table. We were all squeezed together so that the photographer could capture all of us. My Auntie and I were still seated but I was pushed towards my Auntie and my right hand ended up touching her left thigh. The contact was electric. Her skin was so silky to the touch! My dickie immediately started to harden. I remembered having to shift a bit and the back of my hand rubbed against her thigh. I looked at my Auntie but she obviously didn’t notice anything. She was busy smiling prettily for the camera.

Halfway through the dinner, my Auntie had told me that I would have to follow her home. She said it was more convenient then for her to bring me home and then go home herself. Also it was quite late and might not be safe for her because of the jewelries. She said she had already sounded out my mother earlier.

After the dinner, we took a cab home. My uncle was still awake, reading something on his bed. My Auntie told me to shower and to sleep as it was getting late. My uncle and Auntie had previously bought me some t-shirts and shorts kept at their house. So clothes were not a problem. After I showered, I went to bed, tired and sleepy, hardly noticing my Auntie‘s white legs as she moved to the toilet to shower. I fell asleep soon after.

I was awakened later by some noises. I opened up my eyes and slowly adjusted to the darkness of my room. However, there was some dim light outside. My Auntie had drawn the curtains of her bedroom door. My uncle’s reading table light was still on and that was why some light shone out. I heard some moans and it sounded as if my Auntie was in pain. I got worried. What was happening? Could my Auntie be having stomach upset because of the food at the dinner? The moans came and went and then I also heard my uncle grunting. What was happening? Curious, I crept out of my bed quietly and moved towards my Auntie room. I didn’t know why I was moving stealthily, perhaps it was an instinctive feeling, but I was glad I did the moment I peeped through the small gap being the curtain and the door frame.

I quietly peeped into my Auntie and uncle’s room and eyes quickly adjusted to the dim light. I drew in a deep breath and my heart almost stopped beating at the scene. My Auntie was on her back and her milky white shapely legs were spread wide open, her knees bent and her feet were pointed such that her legs looked very straight and so much longer. Her smooth feet looked so porcelain and her red-nailed toes were clenched tightly together.

My uncle was in front and in between her legs, facing her. His hands were resting on the bed on both sides of her body. He was pushing and thrusting hard against her and grunting heavily. I could hear the sounds of the two bodies slapping against each other.

My Auntie was moaning with each thrust made by my uncle. She was naked and I could see her breasts jiggling violently forward and backward with each thrust. Her brownish nipples were pointed and hard. Her breasts looked slightly sunken, probably because she was lying down, but they were still round, perky and were so suck able.

My dick immediately stiffen at the salacious and forbidden scene and I could hardly breathe. My heart was beating so hard that I felt my heartbeat could be heard by my uncle and Auntie. I couldn’t help it but started to rub my dick head which had become very engorged. In my young mind, I knew that my uncle and Auntie were making love and I felt that I should not be watching them. I was also very afraid then of being discovered. What would happen then? Would they throw me out of the house? Would my uncle beat the hell out of me? But the sight of both my uncle and Auntie naked and making love was erotic, so enticing and so surreal that I was rooted to the spot.

Suddenly, my uncle’s grunting became louder and he was really thrusting hard and deep. My Auntie‘s moaning sounds became louder but changed into a ‘mewing’ sound. I could hear her say “Harder, harder!” I could also see her head flaying from side to side, her face contorted as if she was in pain. My uncle then uttered, “Argghh, arghhhhhhh” and his body stiffen and stopped moving. He stopped there for a few seconds, then moved back and slumped onto the side of the bed.

At that moment, I saw my Auntie‘s pussy for the first time. It was hairy and her pussy lips were fringed by soft downy pussy fur all the way down. I could make out her thick pussy lips. They were pinkish red and I could see milky fluid seeping out of her pussy hole. The sight was so arousing and forbidden that my dick started jerking and I spurted out a huge load of cum, wetting my shorts. Luckily I didn’t make any noise. My eyes continue to stay transfixed on my Auntie‘s quivering and clasping pussy lips. She didn’t move for a long while, then she reached over to her bedside table, grabbed a handkerchief and used it to wipe her pussy lips. My uncle, with eyes closed and looking totally satiated, groped for his table lamp switch, found it and switched off the light. The room was plunged into darkness and woke me from my stupor.

I could hear some shuffling sounds and I believed my Auntie was putting on her clothes. My uncle, already sounding sleepy, told my Auntie that she looked very sexy and beautiful that night. My Auntie replied that she knew and also told my uncle that a lot of men were looking at her at the wedding dinner (It was true and I remembered that well), even the taxi driver. I guessed my uncle must have been turned on by my Auntie‘s attractiveness that night, after she came home from the wedding dinner, in her sexy short cheongsam. She looked so ravishing – how could any man resist?

I moved very slowly and in a backward direction, back to my room. I crept very very quietly back onto my bed. My shorts were damped and uncomfortable from my cum, but I dared not make any noise, and thus could not change my shorts. In fact, as I laid on my bed, my dick became hard again, as I thought of the scene that I witnessed just a moment ago. It was so unreal…I didn’t know what to think of it. I actually saw my uncle and my Auntie in their most intimate and private moment. Doing something that no one else, least of all me, should have seen. I was still very young then, totally immature, and didn’t know how to react. I was very aroused, but at the same time, was frightened by the experience.

Whatever it was, I knew that I would never ever look at my Auntie the same way again. How was I going to talk to my uncle and Auntie the next day? From my guilty look, would they find out that I had peeped at them? I wouldn’t know until morning. But as I slowly fell asleep, my thoughts were on the scene of my Auntie, naked and vulnerable, her curvy white long legs spread open, smooth feet and toes pointed, her pussy lips open, with my uncle’s semen slowly oozing out of her pink pussy…..

The memory of that night continued to haunt me days after I witnessed it. I had left the next morning after and returned home on my own. My Auntie had offered to buy breakfast for me but I was feeling out of sorts and told her that I was still full from the wedding dinner and didn’t want to eat.

After that, it was back to school for me and life more or less returned to normal, even though hardly a night went by without my thinking of the scene of my uncle and Auntie together. Three months later, I was at home doing my homework when I received a call from my Auntie. It was a Friday afternoon. She told me that she was supposed to go to Pulau Tioman with my uncle for the weekend but my uncle had to return to work on Saturday and thus could not go with her. She asked whether I would be interested to go with her. I asked my mother who said it was ok, and I told my Auntie that I would join her. She told me to pack my things and she would meet me at my house the next morning at 7 am.

I could not concentrate on my homework after that. Somehow, the thought of going to Pulau Tioman, which I had not been to then, was quite exciting. But what was even more exciting was the thought of going somewhere foreign together with my ‘Godma’ Auntie for the weekend. The salacious thought of my Auntie and my uncle making love three months earlier immediately came back to me and I felt a stirring in my loins. I still remembered the image of my uncle’s semen slowly seeping out of my Auntie‘s pink pussy and the thought immediately caused my dickie to rise and became stiff straightaway. Oh, my, what was I thinking?

I packed up some clothes in my Adidas leather sports bag. At that time in the 70s, haversacks or backpacks were not common. My mother went through the things I packed and insisted that I brought a sweater as it might be cold at night. I could hardly wait for the day to pass. I was both excited and apprehensive as to what might ensue the next two days.

Saturday morning finally arrived, and not too soon. At 6.30 am, my Auntie called and asked me whether I was ready. I was already up at 5 am. She told me to wait downstairs for her at 7 am. I wondered if she could hear the eagerness in my voice. After saying goodbye to my parents, I went down at 6.55 am. My aunt arrived almost on the dot at 7 am in a taxi. The moment I saw her, my dickie started to stir again.

My Auntie was wearing a red t-shirt which was cut low to the tops of her breasts and when she moved, I could see where the straps of her brassiere joined to the cups. She was wearing a pair of tiny black shorts and surprisingly high-heeled sandals that made her long white legs even nicer and more shapely than before. I was surprised by the heels because she had told me that we would be roughing it out by staying in a longhouse in Pulau Tioman. Her legs looked very smooth and shiny and I guessed then that she had probably just shaved and waxed her legs the night before. I had heard her telling my mother that she moisturized her legs every day and scrubbed and waxed them once a week to keep them smooth.

Her face seemed to be newly made up, the bright red lipstick accentuating her full-lipped mouth. As I stepped into the taxi, I could smell her perfume which enveloped me. The whole effect was devastating and, if I could possibly believe it, might even be partly for my benefit, which was incredibly flattering. But somehow it made me uneasy, but it definitely was arousing. I sat beside my Auntie in the back seat of the taxi. I couldn’t help myself and stole quite a number of glances at her white thighs. Once, I caught the eyes of the male Chinese taxi driver in the rear view mirror and I was afraid that he knew what I was doing. I believed that he, too, was trying to steal glances at my sexy Auntie.

We alighted at some place in Singapore, I couldn’t remember exactly where, and took a bus from there all the way to Mersing. The journey was about three hours long and my Auntie and I sat together on a two-seater behind. Occasionally, her white satiny thighs would rub against mine and caused my dickie to stir. At one stage along the way, my Auntie seemed to nod off and she rested her head on my shoulder. I glanced at her chest and could see her cleavage. The top of her milky white breasts looked so smooth that I could hardly restrained myself from reaching out and caressing them. I could remember clearly that along the journey in the bus to Mersing, my dickie became hard quite a number of times and once even felt like exploding. I was very glad that my Auntie could not notice that because my bag was resting on the top of my thighs and hiding my lust.

Being so close to my Auntie somehow made her in a way more accessible. The thought interestingly terrified me and turned my legs to soft plastic, but also automatically had the opposite effect on another part of my anatomy. The bloody thing had a mind of its own and even as I concentrated on controlling it, it pressed with increasing urgency on my white school PE shorts. I was glad when the bus finally arrived at Mersing.

From Mersing, we took a speedboat to Pulau Tioman. It was a small boat. We were told it would take about one and a half hours to get to Tioman. There were some other passengers and I couldn’t tell whether they were also from Singapore. I only noticed an elderly Chinese couple in their 50s because the man kept looking at my Auntie. I thought he knew my Auntie but later I realised that he was more focused on her white legs. And the ‘sway’ thing that happened was that when my Auntie was getting into the boat, she lost her balance and tripped and fell, hurting her left ankle in the process. Her left heel had gotten caught in a gap on the wooden floorboard.

My Auntie sat down on the floorboard and started to massage her left foot. I dropped my bag and went to her aid. At this moment, the elderly Chinese man intervened. He squatted down beside my Auntie and said that he was a trained Chinese physician and knew how to treat bone and muscular injuries. Without even asking whether my Auntie was willing to let him help, he grabbed her left leg, lifted it slightly and started to remove her shoe for her. His action was too swift for any of us to react. He put down the shoe and started to squeeze my Auntie‘s left white foot. He groped around her foot and then said that she would be ok as it was a minor sprain. He then pressed hard on my Auntie‘s left foot. I could tell he was using a lot of strength and I could see my Auntie‘s pretty face grimaced in pain. He started to massage her ankle area and the top of her left foot.

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