Master and Servant


It was almost 12pm. It would be another 10 minutes’ drive before I reached Kuala Lumpur. It had been almost a year since I last came here. This place certainly brings back lots of memories in my mind, both happy and sad. I could still remember the roads clearly. And just as I expected, my hand phone rang. I put on my earpiece.

“Joe… are you reaching?” A sweet voice asked. She was May, my ex-wife’s youngest aunt.

“Hi… I am almost here…” I replied. There were some other voices behind her.

“You better be quick… someone here is losing their patience…” she said.

I smiled lightly. Before May could finish her sentence, I heard someone grabbed over the phone.

“Kor…Why are you so slow…?”

I knew who it was. Candy was my ex-wife’s step sister. I think she is going to finish her poly studies.

“I am sorry… Perhaps I should change a new car.” I said. “Young people like you should have more patience.”

“We are starving… hurry!” She managed to finish her sentence before the phone was snatched away again.

“Kor… as a punishment for being late, you should buy supper for all of us.”

This time it was Rachael, the younger sister. She was in the first year of poly.

“No problem. Supper will be delivered in half hour time.” I smiled and turned into the usual place where we usually had our supper.

“Joe… be careful on the road.” I heard May‘s voice before Rachael hangs up the phone.

The way to May‘s house doesn’t change much. I stopped beside the guard house and rolled down my window. The guard approached near me.

“Hi… I am going to block B unit 10 – 12.”

“Oh yes… I just received Ms. Lee’s call. You must be Mr. Pang.” He smiled and activated the barrier up.

I nodded my head lightly and drove in. From a distance, I could see 3 familiar faces waiting.

“Yeah… here comes our supper!” The girls opened my door once I had parked my car.

“Hey… I thought you were waiting for me?” I asked.

The two girls giggled and hugged onto me. I could smell them clearly, and felt their warm and soft bodies pressing hard against mine. It was wrong, but I am clearly excited by their scent and touches.

“We miss you so much!” The girls said and hugged me tighter.

“I miss you too.” I replied, and stroked their silky hair lightly. “My…you girls are growing fast!”

“They insist to wait for you here.” May walked near towards us and said.

I looked up into her and smiled. May was in her late thirties, only a few years older than me. But I thought she appeared much younger now, and prettier.

“I am sorry to make you girls wait.” I said.

“Girls, help your kor kor to carry his bag.” May said, as she helped to carry out the supper inside my car.

“It’s ok. Let me carry, the bag is heavy.”

When we were inside the house, I put down my bag and looked around the house. Nothing had changed much. Usually I would walk straight into the guest room. But this time was different. May sensed my awkwardness and helps to carry up my bag.

“Come… the room is ready for you.” She led me into the guest room. I followed behind and entered into the room.

“Joe… I understand your feeling. But please make here your home. Just like before.” May said as she put down my bag.

“I am very happy to be here again.” I took a deep breath and sat on the bed, I once used to share with my wife, Iris. There was a moment of silent. We could only hear the air-con sound.

“Hey…Could we start eating? I am starving…” Rachael appeared at the door and broke the silence.

“Come…Let’s eat the food before they turn cold.” May said.

The food was finished not too long. I stood by the window enjoying the wind breeze while the girls clean up the mess. My minds were filled with past memories.

“What’s on your mind?” May appeared behind me and asked.

“Oh…Nothing.” I turned and smiled.

“Here…Have a glass of red wine.” May said.

I still remember May loved red wine. I never failed to buy her a bottle whenever I visited her.

“This wine taste good.” She took a sip and said.

“I know you like this brand.” I replied.

“Aunty May…Can we have some wine too?” Candy asked.

“I think it should fine…Get yourself a glass.” May said. Normally she would not allow this.

“I want some too…” Rachael pleads.

May stares onto me. I gave her a slight smile.

“Ok…You can have some too.” She then replied.

It was not too long before I realized we had finished the entire bottle. May was still sober, but Candy and Rachael were flushing red, their eyes appeared drowsy.

“Girls…You have a bit too much. Go take your bath and sleep.” May ordered.

“See you tomorrow kor…” Both the girls entered into May‘s room and shut the door.

I was alone with May again. I could feel my body burning hot.

“Are you tired?” May asked. “I have another bottle of wine. Let’s finish it.”

“No…I mean I don’t mind having some more wine.” I explained.

May smiled and proceeds into the kitchen. She was back shortly with the wine and we drank more down.

“Aunty May…I am very happy that you could still accept me.” I said.

“It was a pity…But I respect Iris’s decision. But that doesn’t mean you should stop seeing us, I mean the girls.” May said. “You know they like you a lot.”

“So…Any plan to settle down again?” May asked.

“No…Not now.” I said. “What about you?”

“Me? You know it is hard for me to find a man. Someone I could really trust.” May gave me a weak smile and poured more wine into her glass.

“Unless I could find someone like you…” She added on.

My heart beat skipped for a second.

“Me? You must be joking.” I tried to laugh it off.

“I think you are great…” Aunty May looked into my eyes for a second before she stared back into her glass.

Then she finished off the entire glass of wine. I think it was her six glasses of the night.

“Aunty May…It’s late. Let’s call it a day.” I suggested.

“Gosh…It was almost 3am. Let’s keep this half bottle for tomorrow night.” She quipped.

“Let me clear the mess here.” She added on.

I retreated back into the room to prepare for my shower. My mind was still reeling with Aunty May‘s words. Was she speaking with any hidden meaning? Or perhaps she was just making the remark out of courtesy. I had a hasty bath and hope for a good night’s sleep. But I saw Aunty May in the room.

“I was thinking if your blanket is too thin…So I bought you another one.” She said.

But I could sense her anxiety. I walked nearer to her.

“Are you feeling alright Aunty May?” I asked.

She burst into tears almost immediately. I panicked. I wondered if I have said the wrong things. May hugged onto me and buried her face into my chest. I was not sure where I should put my hands. I lowered down my head and touched her silky hair lightly with the tip of my nose.

“Joe… I know it is not right.” May murmured. “But I need you… badly.” Her voice shivered lightly.

I was worried we might be seen by the girls, who should be soundly asleep in May‘s room. To be safe, I stretched my hand far, just barely enough to reach for the door and closed it. The closing door sound seemed to assure May that we were now in a slightly more privacy situation. She lifted up her tearful face and our eyes met.

May and my ex-wife, Iris shared some similarity in their features. May grabbed my neck and planted her lips onto mine. Her lips locked onto mine with such force and hunger. Her tongue snaked out and wriggled wildly against mine. It was only now that my hands had moved onto her back and pressing her body tightly against mine. I could feel her bra missing. Her soft warm breasts were mashing hard against my chest.

May slowly led me near the bed and pushed me down. She straddled onto my hips and continued to kiss me wildly. Her hands tugged hard on my t-shirt and pulled it off over my head, breaking her kiss for a moment. I returned her the favor by pulling off her t-shirt as well. I gawked hard, staring at her beautiful breasts for the first time. May blushed lightly and lowered her chest onto my face, buried her soft breasts against my face. I cupped them with my hands, turning my face from side to side, enjoying her warmness and softness, and at the same tasting her huge erected nipples one after another.

“Ohh…” May grabbed my head and feed her breasts hard onto my face.

Underneath, she was grinding her groin hard against my hardening meat. I could only thrust up my groin helplessly, rubbing hard against her. I bite lightly on her nipples, swirling my tongue around it. May was in complete ecstasy. Her body weakened and fell onto mine. I tried to sit up to further my assault on her. But she pinned me down and released her saliva wet breasts from my mouth. She started to kiss her way down, from my neck and slowly down my chest. Just like what I did to her, May sucked on my nipples hard. Her long silky hair flowing down and tickled on the sides of my chest. I caressed onto her flawless smooth back and bundled up her long hair. She begins to kiss further down and at the same time tugging on the side of my short. I lifted up my butt lightly as she could better pull down my short. My meat sprang out and hit onto May neck. She grabbed onto my huge meat and strokes it lightly. I gasped and oozed out a huge gob of precum.

May looked up onto me briefly before she lowered down her face and soaked my cock deep into her mouth.

“Arrgghh…” my hips shivered and I groaned hugely.

My cock felt so warm and wet. May slowly released my cock out of her mouth, leaving a huge trail of saliva along my thick shaft. My cock felt a sudden cold and jerked hard. But not for too long, as May popped my cock back into her warm mouth and slurped hard. Her mouth began moving up and down, with her soft lips locking tightly against my shaft. I had to breathe in hard, watching my wet meat sliding in and out the May gulping mouth. It was totally beyond my wildest imagination.

I had to stop her before it ended early. I pushed her down onto the bed and positioned between her legs. May looked down onto me, her eyes showing a mixture of uncertainty and anticipation. I pulled her short down along her legs. She unexpectedly lifted her legs up so I could slide her short up along her slim legs and off her feet. Another pleasant surprise – she was without her panty as well. I parted her legs wide and drove straight onto her neatly shaved burning hot cunt.

“Mmmmhhhh…!” May reaction was huge and almost immediately, as soon as she felt my mouth onto her soft tender cunt lips.

My big fat tongue split apart her lips and penetrated deep into her already soaking wet cunt.

“Godddd…yeeaahh!” She lifted her chest and arched her head deep against the bed.

Her hands grabbed tightly onto my hair, pulling me harder against her soaking cunt. I slurped hard, and my tongue stabbed in like a little cock. May was kicking wildly, her groin bucking hard. I had to hold her legs tightly and savored every single drop of her sweet juice. My mouth and chin was soaking wet. My mouth began to feel sore. I released my mouth from her and positioned my cock near her gaping cunt. May looked up onto me with her dreamy eyes, her hands grabbing hard onto my hips and urged me on. I sunk down my butt and popped in my cock head.

“Arrrghhh…!” May fingers dig into my hips, her eyes tightly shut.

I pushed more of my meat in, filling her up inch by inch.

“Joooeeee…” May cried as I soaked in my whole length. But it was more like a cry of joy.

“Oohhh…ssooo biggg…sssoo warmmm!” May grabbed tightly on my hips, her legs locking around my back.

I locked my mouth onto hers, and slowly lift up my butt and sunk down again. I grabbed her shivering body tightly against mine and was contented on just stabbing my butt up and down.

“Mmmmmm…harderrrr…harrrdderrr…” May pulled my hair hard and murmured into my mouth, urging me on.

I increased my strength and pace, stabbing my huge hard meat deeply into her pulsing cunt. The bed rocked hard, our bodies slapping hard against each other. I lifted my butt high up and slam down hard. My cock stabbed in fast and wildly.

“Yeaaahhh…!” May was bucking her groin up against me.

My cock began swelling bigger and harder. I could only manage a few more thrusts before I sensibly pulled out my cock and poured my hot cum all over May‘s flat belly.

“Arrgghhh…goddd!” I stroked hard on my jerking cock and milked out the remaining hot cum.

I had to collapse onto May and we hugged tightly against each other.

I wasn’t sure how long I have slept. But I could feel someone sitting on the bed.

“Kor… wake up… wake up.”

I opened my eyes slowly and saw Rachael sitting near me. I turned and lay on my back, feeling my throat very dry.

“What time is it?” I asked very softly.

“It is near 9am.” Rachael replied.

“Where is Aunty May?” I asked.

“She had gone to work. Today you shall be our chauffeur of the day.” Rachael quipped.

“Aunty May is working today?” I was puzzled. Perhaps she had forgotten to inform me yesterday.

“We are starving.” Rachael nudged me on my arm.

“Ok… let me get changed.” I reluctantly got down from the bed and walked into the bathroom.

“Kor… you look tired.”

I stopped and turned around. It was Candy.

“You and Aunty May must have a long chat last night.” Candy winked and went into the kitchen.

I didn’t take much notice of her words. I brought the girls out for breakfast and we did some shopping the whole afternoon. In the evening, May met up with us for dinner before we head home for a rest.

That day May and I didn’t talk much. Instead, I was grateful that the girls did most of the talking. It actually helped to ease off some uneasiness inside us.

“Gosh… my legs were killing me.” I threw myself onto the sofa.

“Rachael… would you help to pour me a glass of ice water?” I asked.

“Sure… no problem.” Rachael happily got up from the sofa and walked into the kitchen.

Candy switched on the television and scanned through the channels.

“So boring…” she changed from channel to channel.

Rachael came back shortly with a glass of ice water.

“Thanks Rachael.” I said.

“Hey… why don’t we play some card game?” Rachael suggested.

“Great… I will get the card.” Candy said.

She returned shortly and pulling May along with her.

“Here… let’s play the UNO game.” Candy said and started distributing the card.

I knew the girls were good at the game, but today I was in luck. I won the first few games.

“It’s boring to play without any forfeits.” Rachael said.

“Let’s play master and servant. The winner shall be the master and loser be the servant.” She added on.

May and I looked at each other. I wonder if we should be playing along.

“Hmm… something interesting.” May surprisingly thought so.

“I am in too. Kor…you must join in too.” Candy demanded.

I agreed without much choice. But this time Rachael won.

“Yeahh…I won!” She jumped in joy.

“So… what’s your order master?” Candy said and giggled.

“Hmm… I order you and Aunty May to strip off kor kor’s clothes.” She winked at me and replied, much to my horror.

“What!?…No way!” I said.

May was taken back slightly by Rachael’s order too.

“Girls… this is getting a bit too far.” May said.

“But I thought we agreed to it. How can you go back on your words?” Rachael said.

“I can do anything but not taking off my clothes!” I said. “This is crazy.”

“Just for fun kor kor…” Candy pleads.

“It is not fun Candy.” I started to get more serious.

“Ok… we will play one more round. Whoever loses must obey the rule of the game.” May suggested.

This time Candy won, much to my agony.

“Yeahh… this time you have no excuse.” Candy giggled.

“No… how could I possibly do that?” I insisted.

“Well… Joe… I guessed it would be fair that you do what they say.” May said and smiled, much to my surprise and shock.

I have never expected May to agree on this, neither am I able to figure out the girl’s intention. Suddenly I realized it was not as bad as I thought. One was someone whom I had just fucked yesterday night and the other two were girls in their teens, something that every man would fantasize and yearn for. I knew it was not right, but I have nothing to lose. However, I was careful not to show my willingness. So I put on a reluctant face and stood up. Both Rachael and May walked near me, and stood by my sides. Candy can’t help but burst out laughing at my expression.

“Haha… kor kor you look so funny.” She clapped her hand and laughed.

I felt May started to pull on my t-shirt. I closed my eyes to fake my uneasiness, which in fact I do feel a little bit of it. I felt my t-shirt being pulled up and I had to lift up my hands. I felt a sudden cold and fingers began to unbutton my jeans. I cleared my throat lightly and sensed my jeans sliding down to my feet. Someone lifted my feet lightly, one after another and removed my jeans away. It was getting awfully quiet. I wonder how the girls would react next. Would they stop the forfeiting now? But I doubt so. My last piece was slowly peeled down to my feet and off. I heard a soft gasping sound.

“So? Are we done with the game?” I asked, still with my eyes shut.

There was no reply. I wonder what’s next. Should I open my eyes? Then I sensed someone moved. I felt a hand on my chest. It was a rather small hand, so I guessed it could be either Candy or Rachael. I panicked a little. I never expected this. Should I stop them? The hand caressed across my chest and down slowly. Before it could make its way down, another hand had grabbed onto my soft meat.

This can’t be true… for the worst I feared had happened. Something the devil side of me had been fantasizing about, but also something the other side of me would violently object. Whatever is running in my mind, my erecting cock was starting to betray me. I thought I had lost count, but I think the third hand had also made its move on me, caressing on my butt. Soon there were more. If my mind was still working, there should be six hands in total. All of them working on different parts of my sensitive body.

I had to let out a soft gasp. My cock was growing hard and huge in one hand. I was tempted to open my eyes, but fear it might end this game prematurely.

“Argghhh…” I gasped louder. Whoever the mouth belongs to, it certainly brings me to heaven.

With one hand on my shaft, I felt a tongue swirling around my cock head before making its way up and down my blood filled shaft. Next another mouth took over the task of sucking on one of my nipples, and not too long, another one keeps herself busy with the other. Never in my life had I experienced this. And finally I thought this should be the right time. I opened my eyes slowly. My vision was a bit blur in the beginning, but as it gets clearer over time I was instantly captivated by the gorgeous scene in front of me.

In front and kneeling down was Candy, licking and tasting my erect cock. She still had her glasses on, something which excited me more. On my left was Rachael, sucking and nibbling my left nipple and one hand stroking gently on my sagging balls. On my right was May, who now was giving me a wicked smile, and planted her lips onto mine. My one hand moved over Rachael and stroked her short hair gently. My other hand moved onto May and grabbed her waist, pulling her nearer against me. I could sense the little tongue working its way up from my shaft to the tip of my meat and engulfed it.

I moaned deeply into May mouth, and our tongues tasted furiously. Then I lost my grip on Rachael. I sensed her kneeling down and before I could know, I felt another wet tongue flicking onto my sagging balls. I parted my legs to allow more room for both the girls. I am not sure if they planned this, but I could feel both their little mouths nibbling and slurping hard on my shaft and cock head. I had to release my mouth away from May and took a glance at this rare scene. Two teens reaching puberty, sharing and savoring on my huge meat. May took this chance to undress herself and kneed down beside Candy. She bundled up Candy long hair, which allow me to have a clearer view of watching her licking and slurping on my cock.

“Suck him deep in your mouth.” May said to Candy.

I directed my huge cock towards Candy, who slowly soaked my cock deep into her mouth. I groaned and jerked my cock hugely. Candy could only take in slightly more than half the length before she gagged and released it, leaving a huge trail of saliva down my shaft.

“Your turn.” May said to Rachael.

Rachael looked more determined. She stretched her little mouth wide and soaked my cock deep in, but as much as she tried, she also could only take in about half the length. I pulled out and soaked it into Candy mouth again, and changed to Rachael again.

“Aunty May… your turn to show us.” Candy said and slowly made some room for May to move in.

May winked at me and took my meat deep into her mouth. She paused for a second and pushed more length in, almost soaking my entire length in. Rachael and Candy stared in great amazement.

“Come… you girls should join me and Aunty May.” I gasped and said.

Both Candy and Rachael stood up and began to undress.

“You are so beautiful.” I drooled hard on their almost fully grow bodies. Candy had smaller breasts, but was peaky with nice pinkish nipples. Rachael, though younger, had bigger and fuller breasts.

“Come and join your Aunty May.” I said.

They kneed back in front of me and took turns to join May.

“Here… you girls take care of the front. I will take care of the back.” She smiled and moved behind me.

Before I could figure her intention, May parted my ass cheeks and worked her tongue towards my ass hole. Fuck… this is getting crazy, I thought. I parted my legs wider and bent slightly down. I grabbed onto Candy and Rachael hair to balance myself a bit and felt my knees weakened. May slurped hard on my asshole and was snaking her tongue hard into it. In front, both Candy and Rachael worked their tongues together on my meat, turning turns to soak my cock deep into their little warm mouths.

“Master… would you like me to do something for you?” I bite hard on my lips, trying to ease off my urge.

Candy looked up onto me, and nodded lightly.

“Now, you and Rachael…. Kneed onto the sofa and stick your ass high in the air.” I instructed.

Both the girls stood up and did so. I pulled May up and positioned ourselves behind each beautiful ass. May had Candy while I had Rachael. I caressed Rachael’s ass lightly and gave her a little smack. She moaned lightly and giggled. May did the same to Candy, and she wriggled her small ass lightly. I gently parted Rachael’s pinkish tender cunt lips. She shivered instantly at my touch. I stick out my tongue and slid across her slit.

“Ohh…goddd.” She gasped hard.

“Ohhh…Aunty Mayyy…” Candy buried her head into the sofa as soon as May snaked her tongue straight into her little sweet hole.

“Kor…pleaasseee…moreee.” Rachael pleads for more.

I realized I had neglected her for a second. Without any mercy, I locked my mouth tightly onto her flooding slit and pushed my tongue as deep in as I could.

“Ohh yessss…!” Rachael too buried her face onto the sofa and screamed in joy.

Her ass pushed back against my grinding mouth, and moving her cunt up and down along my mouth. On my other side, Candy’s excitement escalated higher when May stick her middle finger deep into her cunt, working together with her tongue and mouth.

“Mmmm… you taste so good.” I grabbed hard onto Rachael’s wriggling ass and parted her ass cheeks wider, pushing my mouth deeper and harder against her gaping cunt.

“Joe… you don’t want to miss this delicious meat too.” May said.

We exchanged positions and instead of going straight at her burning cunt, I pushed my tongue deep into the Candy little ass hole.

“Yeeaahhh…goooddd!” Candy weakened instantly.

I lapped up and down, from one hole to another. The thought of stuffing my meat into this wet tight hole was too much. I stood up behind Candy and rubbed my cock head along her wet slick slit. I pushed my butt forward slightly and popped in my cock head.

“Arggghhh…!” Candy arched her head up and groaned into the air.

I slowly pushed in more of my cock. She was so fucking tight and wet. Candy looked back onto me.

“Ohhh…kor…you are so bigggg…!” She gasped.

I breathed in hard and pushed almost my entire meat in. On my side, May was doing me a favor to loose Rachael tight hole, sliding her middle finger in and out Rachael tight cunt. I soaked my cock deep in Candy’s tight slick hole, my mind swirling with intense pleasure. I saw Rachael sluttish face turning back onto us, her envy face, wishing it was her turn almost soon.

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