Li Ann – the Hot-Blooded PRC Ex-Colleague


To all my readers, firstly, this my first time relating a true life incident, so please bear with my poor narration, if any, and also may not update regularly. This happened sometime in 2007/2008.

Li Ann was 23 or 24 y/o back then from Dalian, had a stable bf for almost 2 years who’s almost 10 years her senior, but earning big bucks, and have a nice car. She’s about 1.55m and the ‘meaty’ type, but she have nice rounded and CFM look, and she’s always wearing like the WL in KTV or GL, REVEALING! Been trying to up her the moment she joined, but because of being inferior to the bf in terms of career, all I did was to ogle at her and alas, I got a better offer before I could up her. But we do chat and have lunch together though during that period.

Happened sometime back in 2007, and was working as usual on a boring Saturday afternoon, and gf is on overseas trip for 1 week already. Was feeling tired from the pile of papers that I have to sign off, so decided to take a break. Was scrolling through my list of friends in MSN when I chance upon Li Ann‘s header “So boring, don’t feel like going home early, but bf outstation” so decided to drop her a message:

Me: “Hi, so bored meh?”

Li Ann: “Ya lor, bf in KL now, business trip, and friends all want accompany bf”

Me: “Ur life sounds like me wor, me too, damn sian, gf in Japan on tour now, back in 2 days’ time”

Li Ann: “Your friends leh?”

Me: “All horny, go find gf liao”

Li Ann: “Haha… Then we same, both high and dry”

Me: “Ya lor… Haha… Maybe later go geylang after signing all the documents, since nothing to do”

Li Ann: “Aiyo, don’t go lah, waste money. She (My gf) will be back soon liao mah, ‘ren yi ren’ lah… Haha…”

Me: “Haha… Actually is nothing to do lah, just go there see see look look”

Li Ann: “Aiyo, since like that, u come down find me lah, since I also bored”

Me: “Sure or not! Later ur bf find out, use his car knock me how? Haha…”

Li Ann: “You don’t ‘wu liao’ lah, how, want or not, come find me”

Me: “Ok lor, I should be done in about 1 hours’ time”

Li Ann: “Ok, see you later”

Without thinking too much, I fast hand fast leg sign all the remaining documents, still wondering why so much paperwork required in this paperless era!

When am done, it was about 7pm already, dropped her a message saying am done, and meet at outside mrt station, replied ok. Locked up, lit my cigarettes and slowly walk to her office (Few streets away only, and no, I don’t have car, only got my 2 ‘ka’). When reached, she’s not there yet, sent her a sms saying that I have reached, and waited for about 5 mins before she appeared.

Am not good in describing clothes, so I won’t say too much on it: She wearing a white top, with a low V neck and a ‘sporty’ looking pants. Though not very revealing, but good enough to show me a nice round creamy ‘pua liap’ covered by a striking purple bra. And my bro also active upon seeing her half ball.

Li Ann: “So, where to?”

Me: “Dunno leh, dinner first then decide?”

Li Ann: “Ok. And we headed off for Plaza Singapura for our dinner”

TCSS throughout dinner and decided to catch a movie. So went up, see see look look but no nice show, so just catch a random one. The movie was pretty mundane, with some kissing and bedding scenes (Love story), and midway, she laid her head on my shoulder meantime also grabbing my hand as she claimed she was cold (Ya, right, from North China, scared cold). Anyway, gave her palm a good rub, she said thanks and slipped her arms over to hug mine. And that was when my little head start to wake up also, cause she positioned herself such that my arm was in between her 2 round bowling ball. Thought to myself, quite big sia, and firm too!

Nearing the end of movie, the ending was another frenching scene, at which I decided to try my luck:

“I also want, lips dry dry” I said cheekily while looking in her direction. She looked over my direction, gave me a playful smile and beat my arms, “You so naughty”, but upon finishing her sentence, she leaned over! Our lips met, initially just few small pecks, but decided to push my luck further, held her by her waist while parting her lips with my tongue. Bros, her tongue more aggressive lor! Straight poke it right into my mouth and that’s when we started our slow but wet tongue fight. Mmm, she have a long tongue, thin soft wet and very very active too. That moment, though short, maybe just 1 or 2 mins, but good enough to send my little bro on full alert! But we had to stop, as crowds dispersing

Outside PS, I lit up my cigarette, and chatted while she waited for me to finish it. It was almost 11pm by then.

Me: “Where next? Pub? (Suggested with evil intentions, hehe)”

Li Ann: “Bu Yao La (Don’t want), a bit tired liao, tomorrow still need to work”

Me: “Ok lor, then go home after this bah (Signaling to my cigarette)”

Li Ann: “Ok”

There was a short pause, and being the cheeky me, tried to break the silence

Me: “Want me send u home? Haha”

Li Ann: “Where you stay? Me Bedok leh”

Me: “Wah, I jurong leh”

Li Ann: “Haha, then still say want send me home, later no more last train for u ah”

Me: “No more no more lor, at most I go your place stay, haha”

Li Ann: “You crazy, I rent room leh. Later my landlord kill me”

Me: “Ok lah, I send you home first, after that I go for supper. Don’t feel like going home yet anyway”

Li Ann: “Sure? Ok lor, but later don’t ‘jia jia’ say want stay over cause no last train hor… Haha…”

Me: “Aiyo, won’t lah” (Although little bro was hoping otherwise) “Done. Let’s go”

Headed off for MRT. While in train, I pulled her over, hugged her while chatting away, like what normally couples do. But I also erect liao lor, cause her 2 breasts was pressing on my chest, and sudden jerk of the train make the feeling more shiok! Reached her destination, and walked towards her block hand in hand. Upon reaching:

Li Ann: “Ok lah, am here, good night, and thx for the company”, after saying that, we engaged in another short frenching.

Our lips parted, she gave me a shy but horny (I think) look, and we broke our hug, where she turned and started to walk off. That’s when I think, last chance liao, better try my luck. As she was walking off, I hugged her from behind, a bit too hard actually, and my little bro slam onto her ass! Wah lau, steam lor and can feel she’s a little shocked!

Whispered into her ears “Can I stay over for the night?” “I knew you’ll say that, all guys the same, but cannot lah, I rent room one leh”, she whispered back in the softest but yet sexiest voice I have ever heard from her. “You also always sneak your bf up mah”. There was a short pause, “I think my landlord still awake leh” “Go up see first lah” and after saying that, I gave her ear a light nibble and lick. She squirmed and was a little shock too, and to me, JACKPOT! HER WEAKNESS IS HER EAR!

Li Ann: “Don’t like that lah, wait neighbours see how?”

Me: “Then we go up lor, noone can see liao.” And this time, openly attacked her ear! She kept squirming, and all this while my cock was still at her ass, which sent a rubbing sensation.

Li Ann: “You so hard liao ah?”

Me: “Ya lah, you make me hard lah, just now keep rub ur breast on my arms, then now rub my cock with your ass. Quick, we go up and see.”

She led me by my hand, and we quickly crept up to her floor (She stays in those old 4 storey flats with shop houses below). When we reached, she leaned over the balcony, while one of my hand lands on her waist and the other on her ass, in hope of supporting her, to see if the lights are still on. Darkness, good! She quickly took out her keys, unlocked and opened the door as stealthily as she could, trying hard not to make too much noise. Slowly, she crept in, to her landlord’s room while I waited outside her house and peeping in. She placed her ear at the door, and looking at my direction, placed a finger on her lips signaling to be quiet, while the other hand beckoned me to go over. I tip-toe in too, while she head for her room, trying to open her room door as quickly as possible, in fear her landlord might decide to pop out for a leak. Once in her room, I quickly slip in as she close the room door, and proceeded out to lock the main gate and door. Seconds later, she came back in.

The moment she close her room door, I hugged her from behind. “Phew, stress leh” she said, and I laughed. “I don’t think they asleep yet, tv still on.” Ignoring what she said, I start to attack her ear again, but this time, she broke off. “Don’t want lah, you not my bf leh”, while saying this, she starts taking off her top revealing 2 really nice round bomb, with her bra barely covering her nipples and areolas, to put in the washing machine. NB! AV with me lor! And seeing this, cock straight point to 12pm! (Btw, forgot to mention, she rents the master room and has a small washing machine in her room, a queen bed, and a small wooden wardrobe).

Me: “Don’t want then you still strip in front of me?!” seating myself on her bed.

Li Ann: “Can see, cannot touch, bleah.”

WTF! Bros, at this time my cock dunno want to stay erect or go down sia! And saying this, she unzips, shaking her butts while trying to get out of her pants, revealing a matching striking purple G-String! Was hoping my face was the g-string sia, so I can be buried in her ass and pussy the whole day. Once she’s out of her pants, dumped it into the washing machine, and made her way to the toilet. Stopping at the toilet door, she turned around and gave me a slutty face with a wink and tongue at the tip of her mouth, before proceeding into the toilet and close the door. Ting Ting Ting! Toilet door cannot be fully closed, as the pipe of washing machine was leading into the toilet, leaving a gap of about 5 inches.

Me: “Can I join you? Am sticky all over too”

Li Ann: “I was just wondering what you still sitting there for” she replied.

Upon hearing that, first time thanking my ‘pu bo’ sergeant’s in my heart for his ‘tekaning’ during army days, I stripped bare naked in less than 30 seconds. During army also not so fast ah!

Once in my birthday suit, with my cock looking at the ceiling, I made my way into the toilet, pushing the door aside, what I saw almost made me laugh but yet erotic at the same time. She had already gotten rid of her g-sting and bra, with back facing me, left hand on her left thigh, and her right hand on the wall for support, she was squatting on the toilet bowl peeing, hahaha! (Toilet bowl is the seating type). Seems like she have not forgotten her squatting habits from hometown! But seeing her firm, tight and porcelain white back, nice and firm butts and some baby fats showing at the side (Am a meat lover) almost made me want rush over to rape her immediately!

She faced me and gave me a shy smile, and being the playful me and her in such a compromising position, decided to have some fun. I crept up to her, positioned myself directly behind her in half squat, placed my ku ku at the middle of her asses, and began sliding in and out, visualizing am doggie-ing with her. She left out a soft moan, but yet, turned her head and told me “Aiyo, told you no touch liao”.“Eh, not me touching you, it is my snorkeling tube touching you, haha”. Just then, she peed! On my dick! O.O! That was my first time getting peed on my dick and the warm sensation with ‘gushing’ feeling felt pretty good actually!

Once done, she climbed down from the seat, with me supporting her by the waist, and began our shower. Once wet, offered to soap her (With intention to rub her all over), but she only offered her back to me , done rubbing her back, she turned over, and starts her soaping on me too, starting with my back. Done with my back, I turned over and saw her staring hard at my manhood and me on her mounds. Nice big and round 36C with dark brown areolas’ the size of a 20 cent but nipples are big lor (Thinks most PRC have big nips),“It’s waiting for you to soap him” I said. “Don’t want leh, the more you want, the more I don’t want” she replied cheekily. WAH LAN EH! Real teaser lor! Anyway, she continued soaping my chest, and this time I soaped her too starting from her side and then on her tummy, eh, never reject leh, hor say liao! Roamed further up to Mt. Everest onto her nipples, hard liao lor! She continued from my sides, chest then stomach, purposely avoiding my manhood! Proceed down to my right thigh, my kuku accidentally touched her cheeks (Si beh steam ah) and once done, to my left thigh. Soaping my left thigh down, LO AND BEHOLD! She mouthed my cock! Heaven I tell you! With my cock in her warm mouth, she tickled my pee hole with her tongue and onto the underside of my cock. This went on for a minute or 2 with her alternating between bobbing in and out, tickling my pee hole and trying to deep throat me a few times.

Releasing her mouth from my cock replacing it with her hands (Still with soap) giving my bro nice slow strokes, she stood up facing me, my hands auto roam on her breasts caressing it, both panting heavily and looking deep into our eyes, “I thought you so no touching?” “I didn’t touch you. I was trying to drink from a straw, thirsty”. We both let out a giggle, and we started frenching, all this while, she still stroking my bro with 1 hand the other on my ass, and me playing her breasts and nipples with one hand while the other went down south, alternating between her hole and clitoris (Yes, my hands still soapy too). Lasted a minute or 2, when she broke the kiss, looking at me hornily, she turned around (Hand still holding onto my bro) and bend over, “I feel an itch right inside, can you help me scratch it?” She purred, guiding my cock to her hole. “Sure, guide me to the exact spot of the scratch, ok?” “Sure, try going all the way in”. With my cock nicely in place and hands on her shoulder, lower body gave a nice push while hands pulling her in, there was a ‘PIAK’ as I slammed right in and she let out a loud ‘HNGH’! My cock was fully inserted (Real slippery with soap + juices) (Yea Yea Yea, little bro in the house). MMMMM… Warm and tight!

I held in that fully inserted position, moving my ass, I asked her “Did I land right on the itch?” “Yes, bao bei, and now, start scratching!” She demanded. “Sure, Get Ready!” I said in an evil tone. I was in no mood for slow sensual motions already at this point of time. Finished saying that, I start slamming and jabbing, HARD! Making loud ‘piak piak piak’ each time I enter. “Qing ai de… ahh… hao… shuang… ahh… zai da li… yi dian… ahh… ahh… ahh…(Darling, feeling good, harder pls)” she stammered in between moans. Hearing her pleas with that sexy voice and stammer, almost send my sperm through my nose sia and I slam even with all my might! This lasted few minutes, feeling my soldiers charging back from my nose to base, “I am cumming soon… Where you want it?” I moaned. Hearing that, she stopped, to my astonishment! Standing back upright, turning facing me, she gave me a naughty smile, “Not letting you cum!” WTF!!!!!

She reached for the shower head, turned on the tap, showering off the soap from her body, and started showering me too, caressing my body, finally washing the soap off my cock. “Feeling still there?” She asked. I was still in a half angry and half shock state! “You say leh? You stopped during the highest moment, of course feeling gone liao lah” replying in a half angry tone. “HERN HAO! (Very good!)” HUH??? WTF she meant by that? Didn’t need long to find out.

She kneeled on the floor facing my cock, and started to give me a HJ, with occasional holding with 2 hands and lick with her soft warm tongue. This scene really damn erotic, bro, just like those in porn, and the gal dying to gobble down your cock! Holding her head with both hands, each time she licked me, I tried to push my cock into her mouth, and was rejected each time. Did she want finish me off just like that, or she wants me to CIM or??? Many questions raced through my mind, but nonetheless, was enjoying her soft hands giving attention to my bro. This lasted for a good 5 minutes.

Alas, all good thing have to come to an end. Hearing my heavier breathing and more eager movement of my ass, she might have sensed am cumming soon, and this time, she mouthed me, DEEP, in 1 gulp. Alternating in aggressive and hungry motion between twirling her skillful tongue on my head, licking my shaft with loud slurping sounds, and deep mouthing me, I cannot hold on any longer, pushing her head into my bro, I shot my load into her throat. She gagged a little, but not admitting loss, she continued sucking me hard, even till I have shot every last drop. Yet, she continued sucking me till I felt numbness that I had to stop her. Removing my cock from her mouth, I saw some of my cum slipped out from the side of her mouth, gave my bro head a hard kiss, she stood up and spat the remaining cum on the floor (Not expecting her to swallow). Li Ann rinsed her mouth, and we proceed to clean up.

Me: “I thought you said not letting me cum?”

Li Ann giving a cheeky giggle: “Did I say that? Think there was communication breakdown, I meant ‘Not letting you cum… YET!’ No wonder you look angry earlier”

Me: “Haha… you’re a real teaser”

And that was just the beginning of our crazy night. Had 4 rounds in total, including the CIM session!

We both washed up thoroughly after that and proceed back to the room with me fully naked and rested myself on the bed, while she proceeded to put on her nightwear. Damn! Her nightdress was those translucent black colour ones where if you were look from certain angles, you can see everything inside it. And she didn’t bother to put on any undergarments either. After having dressed up, she crept up to me like a hungry wolf on the prowl, placing herself over me, and me feeling like little red riding hood being shadowed by this wolf from Dalian!

Li Ann: “Tired already?”

Me: “Hmm… still ok… eyes more tired nia, lots of paperwork today”

Li Ann: “Ooo, so you must be stressed up”

Me: “Yea, a little. Never expect being a HOD is such hard work. Used to think HOD only walk around and la ko pi”

Li Ann: “Haha… Here, lemme help you distress”

With that, she proceed to hold my 2IC with her soft and smooth hands right hand while moving her lips towards me. We frenched. Started off with slow sensual tongue exchange while my hands start moving up to her 2 big (. )(. ), alternating between lightly fondling and light flicking on both her nipples simultaneously. She let out a soft moan and her tongue began to thrust deeper into my mouth and more aggressively, her left hand now moved to hold my head while right hand gripping my 2IC tighter and started stroking him in slow but hard gripping motion. I reciprocated her actions with stronger tongue actions while my thumb and index finger twitching both her nipples harder. Her body starts gyrating slowly to the motion of my twitching and her stroking.

We broke kiss. She moved her head slightly and looked into my eyes with a very CFM and hungry look, slightly panting to the attention that I am giving her. Not wasting time, I removed her right hand from my 2IC and placed it on her right breast, hinting her to self-play by copying the actions of my right hand that’s on her left love mound, I moved my left hand down south to her now already very wet love hole. Slowly alternating between massaging her clit in between my index and middle finger, parting her slightly and rubbing her outside her wet pussy, she panted harder and gave me an even hungrier look.

This turned me on even more. I inserted my middle finger into her and started fingering her in and out with thumb on her clit. Doing that, she sat up from her position. Both hands now self-massaging her breasts, I held her tight with my right hands and starts fingering her hard! Squishing and squashing sound with every thrust of my finger, bros I tell you, she’s damn wet! With eyes half closed looking down at me, mouth opened in an O, letting out moans of ecstasy and giving me a CFM looks every now and then licking her lips! Si beh hot sia!

Me: “Shuang mah?”

Li Ann (With a shy smile): “Hao shuang… No hao huai…”

Me: “Nan ren bu huai, nu ren bu ai mah… You’re so wet!”

Li Ann: “Mmm… ppl will shy one lah”

Me: “Want me insert 1 more finger in?”

Li Ann: “NO! I want something else inside! Something thicker and harder!”

With that, Li Ann grabbed my cock and placed it outside her love hole. Once in position, she literally sat right INTO my cock with a loud piak and a sharp “HNGH!!!”. Boy is she deprived and hungry! Having ‘Seated’ into my cock and enjoyed the hard sharp thrust for a short few seconds, she shifted herself to a half squat position and me moving my hands to her ass, she starts pumping her, HARD, FAST and FURIOUS!

Li Ann: “Qing Ai De… Ah… Hao Shuang… Ah… Ni Hao Li hai oh… Ah…”

What she said turned me on even more and I grabbed both her ass harder with 1 hand while the other hand grabbed her breasts and twitching 1 nipple hard (I think I actually grabbed and twitched a little too hard as she complained pain after that round). Pulling her ass down to pump me hard each time each time she ‘Moves in’, both of us moaning in rhythm, I cannot stand it any longer

Me: “I’m… shooting… soon…”

Li Ann replied in half demanding tone: “Shoot it… ah! Shoot it deep… ah.. Into me.. Ah…! I want feel your hot sperm in me!”

And with that, I let out a loud “URGH” and shot everything right in, with Li Ann still continue pumping me in half-squat, draining me and not want to waste every drop I can muster right into her!

Or so I thought!

Li Ann continued humping me fast and furious even though I have ejected every last drop into her. This continued for a minute or so till I buay tahan that ‘Numb’ feeling (I am sure bros who have done continuous sex before will know that feeling), that I had to stop her.

Me: “Stop a while… Very numb…”

Li Ann (Mouth pouting): “Orh…”

She shifted back to cow girl position, hands on my chest whereas both my hands have moved to her love mounds with her continue rocking sensually on my dick, her hands playing with my nipples, still giving me a CFM face. After a minute or so…

Me (Still fondling her breasts): “Have to take out liao…. Getting soft…”

Li Ann: “Don’t Want… I still want it inside me”

Me: “(WTF) But really getting soft leh”

Li Ann: “Like that ah…”

She removed my cock from her cum-soaked pussy, turned around and sat beside me, grabbed my by now soft 2IC and started playing with him again! Started with sliding her index and middle fingers along the base of my shaft with 2IC resting on her thumb, and 2 fingers stopped, thumb moved up to head and down to base again. She was alternating this finger and thumb movement and I was like “FUCK! She’s not giving me a rest, KNN, tonight die liao!”

Having done this action for few minutes and still no reaction from 2IC, she started to wrap my cock with her palm and started squeezing it, causing cock’s head to become ‘Bloated and reddish’. I was in??? With her actions when she turned around, gave me a grin, moved down and started sucking my cock head, HARD (Like how you try to suck a stubborn pearl in your bubble tea through your straw) with tongue tickling pee hole, all this while, still ‘Squeezing’ my shaft! And honestly that was my first time experiencing that. Bros who’ve not tried and have a pleasing other half or FB, get her to try it on you. The feeling is a mixture of ‘Shiok + numb’. Hahaha…

That action definitely had an impact on 2IC, when he started twitching and slowly expanding. But Li Ann is not one to give in easily… The bigger my 2IC expanded, the harder she started squeezing and sucking, till I could literally feel my cock head going to burst! I guess she felt it after a while and in 1 swift action, released her palm and deep-throat me! Her deep throat action was so swift and fast that I think my cockhead knocked her tonsil and she let out a cough. Still not giving up, she held that position for few seconds, lips ‘Nibbling’ the base of my cock while at it and moment’s later, released my cock and faced up gasping for air! Damn she’s such a PRO, better than majority of FL I had!

Still gasping and regulating her breathing, I moved my fingers towards her butt crack (Back facing me) and started rubbing along her butt crack to her wet + cum filled pussy randomly placing and pressing my thumb on her butthole. Enjoying that moment, Li Ann started gyrating her hips again along my fingers and she started to attack my 2IC again giving me a good hard suction blowjob and deep throating, some saliva dripping out of the corner of her mouth while doing it.

Moments later, she climbed on top of me into a 69 position with 2IC still in her mouth, placing her pussy right in my face, shaking her butt hinting me to give her a good painting. Now bros, in case you forget, we’ve yet to clean up after the 2nd round and having shot everything into her, so her pussy is still somewhat ‘Filled’ with my cum. And that was also the first time I tasted my own cum! Even though feeling a little ‘Irked’, however, horniness begets sense and logic, I started to pull her ass down onto my face and started licking and sucking her pussy while her butthole is right on my nose! Technically I am breathing through her butthole! Haha… Her BJ started getting faster and rougher with Li Ann “OM… OM…” with each blow.

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