Last Year’s X’mas Party


My name is Sophie Cheng, a 23 year old accountant, and I have something to share. This unfortunate incident happened last year, when my family held our annual X’mas party. At a very young age, my parents divorced and my custody was awarded to my Dad as my Mom had financial issues. My very eligible Dad remarried shortly after when I was 8, to a younger lady who was a divorcee herself. She had a cute and obedient son named Max, who was 4 years younger than me. After marriage, they moved in with us.

Since Max and I were still young, we did not know the complications of the grown-up world. We bonded instantly and got on well while growing up together. He has been like a flesh-and-blood younger brother to me through the years and he even calls me ‘Zeh Zeh’, meaning elder sister. My stepmom treated us fairly, and I grew to love her more than my own distant mom. Life was normal in our family, just like any other. I felt blessed and grateful that my Dad did not have to raise me as a single parent and I had the warmth of a true family.

I have been told many times that I resembled the K-Pop singer Hyuna. With a figure of 32C – 24 – 33, I always got a lot more attention than I would have liked. My height of only 1.65m and my voluptuous assets only served to make my body curvier. My proud, round tits and my firm, perky butt just drives the opposite sex nuts. All the boys at university and then the guys at my present workplace constantly give me weird and piercing stares. I have even caught a few openly gawking lustfully at me when I walked by. Despite all that attention I was getting, my busy work schedule now didn’t allow me to find a boyfriend.

Every year, my parents would organise a party on X’mas Eve and invite everyone they know. Our house would be packed full of guests and there would be food, drinks and games for the kids. Due to the sheer number of guests, Max and I would leave our own friends out of this party. The house would already be so crowded with our relatives and our parents’ friends. Last year, my Stepmom proposed that we do something special like a costume party. Well, it was certainly a welcoming detour from the usual X’mas routine.

Max came running to me anxiously a week before the party. He had bought a 4-armed monster snowman costume off ebay but he had been careless in the details. When the costume arrived on our doorstep, then he realised it was meant for 2 persons. It wasn’t viable to send it back to wherever he bought it from due to the hassle and shipping cost. He knew I hadn’t bought my costume yet, so he begged me to be his costume partner. I was reluctant at first because the monster snowman look really didn’t appeal to me, but knowing that none of our friend would be coming and he had no one else to turn to besides his trusty elder sister, I agreed.

X’mas eve finally came. Due to the stuffiness in the costume, we had a hard time deciding what to wear in it. He settled on a singlet and a pair of boxer shorts. I picked out my flimsiest t-shirt and a pair of FBT shorts. As Max dwarfs me by half a head, I had to take the front so my sight doesn’t get impeded. That also meant I could go braless and Max wouldn’t notice. But I could never stand even a little heat and decided to go for broke. Not only did I go braless, I decided not to wear anything under my shorts as well. There wasn’t any harm, I naively thought.

Before squeezing into the costume, we had to make sure to empty our bladders because it sure wasn’t easy getting out of it. I am not sure if he was oblivious to the fact that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, but I thought it shouldn’t pose any problems to him. We slipped our arms into the 4-armed snowman costume and stepped our legs in. It was unexpectedly tight because it was made up of mainly foam and not much room inside despite its round and bulky shape. My back was basically glued onto his torso in the costume. And just then, I became conscious of the front of his boxers on my butt. I could make out his limp manhood sticking into my left butt cheek through our shorts.

I thought nothing of it. After all, this was my younger brother and I should have seen this coming the moment I agreed to squeeze into the same costume with him. Walking in the costume wasn’t much of a problem. We just needed to time our steps. We practiced a little before the guests got here and we were pretty pleased with our teamwork and coordination. All the while, we stayed cool by staying under the air conditioning. When it was almost evening time, the guests were slowly arriving.

My Dad asked us to stand at the door to welcome the guests as they came in. We stood at the door to greet everyone and handed out candies to the kids. After an hour or so, it was getting warm in the costume. I had started to sweat and so was Max, I could tell. Our thighs were skin on skin and the sweat between us was making it sticky and a little uncomfortable. Because of that, he started to have a habit of fidgeting in the costume much to my chagrin as I didn’t like the way his front was rubbing into my back.

I tried to disregard what he was doing behind me, but he was causing more heat in the costume. And I could feel that sticking point on his crotch pressing onto me repeatedly. I have had boyfriends in school, and I know when a boy has a hard-on. Max was really not helping himself with his fidgeting. I tried to act normal and I didn’t want to point this out and cause him embarrassment.

While handing a candy bar to a little girl, I bent forward slightly while he stayed upright. It caused a pull in opposite directions and the tight costume stretched. When it sprung back, my butt jammed back onto his crotch and his manhood slipped right between my butt cheeks. The both of us kept very silent at this awkward situation. Damn it, I could feel it rubbing on my behind with every little movement we make.

Before we knew it, the guests were really streaming in now. We could not keep up with the greetings and kids running circles around us, eyeing the candies. The guests all came in various costumes. Some were lame and some were creative, none of them genuinely eye-catching. All that constant turning and twisting about in the costume while trying to coordinate our steps were working against us. Our practice hadn’t prepared us for this flood of guests. And it just kept getting hotter and hotter in here.

In the midst of it all, he had stopped his constant fidgeting. That was odd. Then I realised I had a semi-erection between my butt cheeks and it seemed to be hardening. There was no getting out of this situation with the number of people we had to attend to, so I secretly hoped that his erection was due to the heat and when the last of our guests had arrived, we can cool off under the air conditioning.

Max tried to turn to his side to squeeze his semi-erection out of my butt cheeks and did not succeed. He then bent his knees a little to lower himself to find space to maneuver. And what we didn’t expect was that his manhood slip off my butt crack, rubbed along my cheeks and sprung up below my shorts. To make things worse, the thin strip of cloth covering my naked pubes was dangerously exposing my privates to his still-hardening meat.

He realised that too. His breath behind me was quickening, and I could feel his heartbeat on my back beating furiously now. The only option for us was to keep very still and I had to squeeze my thighs together as tightly as I could for fear of his erection rubbing directly on the bottom of my shorts and accidentally making contact with my naked woman-flesh.

That was a mistake on my part. By squeezing my thighs around his erection, I hadn’t counted on the friction slowly and steadily stimulating him to a full-blown erection. All the while we were chatting and attending to guests at the door, we were somewhat successful in mentally blocking out the situation below. It did, however, make it very awkward for us to speak to each other even though we were stuck together in the same costume.

By the time all our guests had arrived and settled, I found myself standing at the door with his obvious, full erection caught between my inner thighs and shorts. There was no way to ignore it now, as every step we took only served to rub his manhood below me. Now that we were finally alone, I whispered to him without turning around, “Erm… Max, why don’t we go upstairs to change? It is really too hot in here. I am sure the guests don’t mind if we just wear normal clothes for the rest of the party.”

He replied, “O… Okay zeh, I need to go to the toilet also. Hi… High tide, haha…”

We took short and slow steps towards the stairs. When we came to it, my greatest fear came true as soon as we made the first step on it. When we both lifted our right legs, that move spread open the spacious leg opening of my shorts and his full erection slipped into my shorts. The tip of his full-blooded manhood was poking on the front of my FBT shorts. Worse was the shameful fact that I could feel him on my naked slit, my strands of pubic hair ticking his hardness.

We immediately froze on the stairs, not daring to take another step. Just then, a kid of our parents’ friends laughed at our weird posture on the stairs and drew attention among some of the other kids. They gathered around us and started hugging and pushing. We could only laugh and giggle with them awkwardly. We were screwed. We could not move from here and their pushing and shoving on us was making rub against each other.

One fat boy ran at full speed and bumped onto us from behind. We bent forward and almost tumbled face first. In reflex, I stumbled my front right foot a step forward and we had to put it a step higher on the stairs. Now, I had spread our legs even wider and the angle we ended up with was just horrible. Max‘s manhood tip was now in contact with my sensitive button as I had spread my lips wide open below.

We had to get upstairs and shed the costume urgently, for I was afraid that I would get stimulated as well. As the kids were still running around us playing, Max heaved and managed to lift our left foot a step up. As the angle of our thighs closed, I hadn’t counted on his erection pushing between my dry lips and directly against my clit. I couldn’t help but let out a moan. When Max heard me, I could feel his manhood twitch below me. That little prick had better not be enjoying this, I exasperatedly thought to myself.

That wasn’t the time for me to lecture him on his pubescent urges. I just wanted to get out of this increasingly desperate and dangerous situation. I lifted my left leg and took another step up. His erection slid backwards between my dry female lips and then bumped on my clit again. This time, a shock of pleasure electrocuted me. This time, I squirmed in the costume and unfortunately rubbed my slit even more on his hardness.

In just a few seconds, a hint of moisture was starting to form below me. At first, I thought it was him. But I was wrong. My lips were getting wet from the constant contact of my naked female slit with his erect manhood. Things were not working in my favor, as Max was starting to lose control and slowly grinding himself under me. I whispered to him embarrassingly, “Stop it Max. You’re making things worse. Control yourself.”

He did not reply. All he did was continue to grinding his erection below. His breathing was getting loud and lustful. I realised then that I could not depend on him anymore. I took another step up with my right foot and again, he rubbed at the door of my dampening slit. My knees almost buckled and I got angry this time. We were not even halfway up the stairs. I reached back with my right hand and hit him on his side, telling him to wake up from his lust and come back to his senses. I could not do this alone with him relentlessly gyrating and grinding himself into my cheesepie.

But I hardly caused him any hurt through the thick costume. A voice called out from behind us, it was my stepmom. Max finally stopped. She was rushing to fill the food plates and finally caught sight of us making our way slowly up the stairs. We looked like we were having some problems, so she asked if we needed help. I just told her I was having some cramps and needed to rest upstairs. She didn’t suspect a thing, but it made me realise that we were drawing unwanted attention.

As soon as she walked away, I said to Max threateningly, “You better cooperate with me or YOU are going to get into soooo much trouble, young man!!” He finally got the message and replied from behind, “Sor… Sorry Zeh, I don’t know what came over me. This is really embarrassing… Let’s get upstairs quick, I mean it. I am sorry, Zeh…”

Never in my life had I encountered such an awkward circumstance and I was determined not to let my younger brother do this to me. We took another step with our left feet. His still-erect manhood rubbed me thoroughly between my wet lips, sliding from just below my anus to my bush in front. Although that was unintentional on his part, God, I really could do without any further stimulation. More pressingly, I was so afraid he was going to penetrate me.

Then we took another step with our right feet. His irritating erection pressed, then spread my moist girly lips and slid in between my folds, very nearly penetrating my slit before bumping into my clit. I almost let out a soft girlish moan again, but I bit down hard on my lips. If he heard that, his hormones would take over again. We were now halfway up those damn stairs. Each step up the stairs seemed to get more dangerous for me, as my pussy was getting progressively more vulnerable to the invasion by his erect cock.

Max… Be careful. You’re… You’re bumping into me…” I said, as we prepared to take another step. He nervously replied, “I… I know, Zeh… I can’t help it. I will try to scoot lower.” And he bent as much as he could at his knees within the constraints of the costume, thinking that would lessen the contact between our genitals.

That was the worst blunder we could have made. From his bent knees, he dipped himself lower behind me and his erected manhood slid back from against my clit and pointed directly at my female opening from under me. When we lifted our left legs to take another step up, I could feel his tip shockingly poised for entry into my womanly depths. I immediately tried to stop him from lifting himself from that step, “M… Max! Stop. Stop right there. I… I can feel you…Noooo… Stop!!… Noooo!!”

It was too late. He couldn’t react fast enough to my warnings. He reflexively tried to take one more step and lifted the both of us up the stairs. His tip pressed against my slit and breached its defenses. I reached both hands behind me instinctively, pressing hard on his sides as I tried to stop him in his tracks. But there was nothing I could do. I felt him enter and slip a couple of inches into my hot opening as I gave out a small involuntary gasp.

“Sor… Sorry Zeh!!! I… I didn’t mean it… I swear to God! I didn’t mean it. I am so sorry!!” But the damage had already been done. My God, it has been so long since I had one of those in me. Although I wasn’t a virgin, Max really surprised me with his length and girth. He was definitely bigger than any of my ex-boyfriends. Even though it was just a couple of inches, I could feel his meat shaft stretching my lips and insides.

My lips were only fairly moist due to the earlier stimulation and my pussy depths were still relatively dry. I could feel a dull ache down there as the tight costume trapped his tip in my pussy. It was impossible for him to take his cock out now, but we could try and prevent the situation from getting worse. And I feared I would get more aroused with each passing second with his hard tip forcefully spreading my vaginal folds.

I tried to sound as composed as I could as I said, “Ar… It’s… It’s okay… Zeh is alright… Just… Ar… Don’t move… Until I am ready…” Wary that he might accidentally plunge deeper in, I raised myself on my toes and bent forward as much as I could. My butt pushed higher against him, shifting the pressure from his crotch to his tummy. I had to use my arms to support my upper body weight on the stair railing while Max remained scooted behind me.

My whole body broke out in even more sweat as I propped myself in this strenuous position. I could feel his hot cock lodged menacingly just inside of my pussy folds, threatening to force into me if I let my guard down. There was no time to lose. I initiated the next step with my left foot and led Max to follow suit behind me. When we put our feet down, all was well. But when we lifted ourselves up, his cock pulled out an inch then drove itself back in.

I whimpered loudly as I felt his cock slide out and fuck itself into my sensitive female opening again. I hoped he didn’t hear that. My arms were shivering on the railing as my pussy spasmed and squeezed on his cock uncontrollably. Although he was still about 2 inches in me, he was making me seriously wet. As if his cock triggered my pussy’s natural defenses, my juices were starting to flow in response to his sudden withdrawal and forced dry entry.

I grit my teeth and put up with the overwhelming sensations below as I prepared to take another step up. There were only 4 more agonizing steps to go and I was determined to see us through this ordeal. Even though we coordinated our steps, we could not totally synchronize our movements in the suit. I was aware that with every step we took, his cock would move within the depths of my hot and rapidly dampening pussy.

When we took the next step, the same thing happened. More specifically, I could feel my pussy dragging along the length of his hard shaft as his cock slid inside me. An inch out, an inch in. I could also feel my taut pussy lips around his girth getting wet as it tried to accommodate him, my juices ironically coating his cock to make it easier for it to fuck me. Although we were moving at snail pace, I was getting out of breath and so was he.

My cheeks were flushed and it felt like I was having a workout. Max was panting down my neck and it was making me uncomfortable. I tried to wriggle my neck away from his puffing breath but the constraints of the costume didn’t allow that. Desperate to get out of the situation, I endured the assault of his hard cock on my pussy and forced myself to take the last 3 steps up the stairs while still on tiptoes.

During those steps, his cock slipped out and went into me again and again. When we reached the 2nd floor, the nearest room we could use was his. It was just about 5 steps away from us. I noticed he was standing a little more upright than when we were on the stairs and he was nudging me a little harder below. It was like he wasn’t trying as hard to pull his cock away from my pussy anymore. But maybe I was being too sensitive, so I ignored it.

I said to him, “M… Max… Let’s go to your room… And change… Okay…?” He didn’t reply. We took small, cautious steps towards his room. As we walked the first 2 steps, his cock was still sliding in and out of me. It was really weird to me now. We could walk much easier on level ground but still his cock was stroking into my pussy. It took me a second to realise that Max was subconsciously pumping his hips as we walked in the costume.

And worse, he was trying to push himself deeper into my wet slit with each step we took. I was totally concentrating on making my way to his room and wasn’t aware that he was already stroking about 2 inches of his manhood into me from behind. But we were almost at his room. I only had to put up with him for the last few steps. Then I am going to strip myself from this costume and give that little weasel a piece of my mind.

I kept my silence and pulled him with me as I took the lead. All he did was take the chance to push his hips against me and drive more of his hard cock inside me. We finally reached his door and just then, my knees buckled under the constant strain of my awkward tiptoed posture. My legs gave way and I impaled my poor pussy on his cock, unexpectedly driving more than half his length into me.

I almost screamed right then as I felt his hardness spread my buttery depths, but I bit down on the foam in the costume and muffled it. It was as if his cock met no resistance from my tight pussy. I realised I had gotten very wet along the way. Max moaned in pleasure as he felt my pussy drive itself down onto him. We stood at the doorway unmoving and a little breathless. I was adjusting to the size of his cock and he was just standing there, enjoying the feel of my velvet folds.

“Oh… Oh my God… Ar… Faark… Max… Arr… It hurts…” I moaned incoherently. It felt like a huge rod rammed into me and it had me completely winded. It was painful despite how wet I was. When I used to make love to my ex-boyfriends, we always spent a lot of time on foreplay to get me adequately relaxed for penetration. The juices seeping from my tight, relatively inexperienced pussy weren’t enough for a cock of Max‘s size. Although I couldn’t see, I guessed he must be at least 8 inches fully erect but I wasn’t in the mood to find out. This is my brother I am talking about!

He moaned softly, his lips very close to my left ear, his breath tickling me. He sounded seriously excited and in heat now. I was really worried that this will escalate into something more so I had to act fast. I lifted myself onto my toes again and bent forward in the costume as much as I could to pull my hurting pussy off his large cock. But as I tried to put some distance between us, he pressed forward with his hips, indicating his unwillingness to let up.

I was fuming and frustrated with him. My whole body was shaking and I was drenched in sweat from my efforts. At least that was what I thought. Part of me knew my body missed the ecstasy of good sex and an erect cock buried in my pussy was unquestionably having a reaction on me. But I was loath to admit it. I wasn’t about to become a slut for Max! I could feel the heated skin of his tummy rubbing on my fair heart-shaped ass from behind, almost scorching my delicate ass cheeks. The smell within the costume was a distinct combination of our sweat and my female juices, and it was causing me much embarrassment. He didn’t need to know how aroused and wet my pussy was.

“Aww… Zeh… Ar… Shiiitt… You feel… So good… Zeh…” he murmured, breathing heavily across the left cheek of my face. He didn’t try and fuck me but his hands slowly reached down and gripped the waist of the costume, hanging on to it as he tried to pull himself into me. I wanted to strip that damned costume off right there and then, and put a stop to this before Max goes too far. I glanced around the corridor and I could see no one else. I could only hear a group of kids playing PS3 in the study room next door. If they came out of the room and saw us, they might get curious. I wouldn’t want that.

I grabbed the door frame for support and started to slowly make my way into his room, dragging him along on my tiptoes. That little bastard took the opportunity to stroke his cock in and out of me again as I struggled to walk in front of him. This time, he pumped me with a couple of near full strokes as my pussy muscles had somewhat loosened up after my own mishap earlier. I bit my lips to suppress the soft whimpers of pleasure coming from me against my will.

In a few short steps, we finally got into Max‘s room. I hastily reached for the door, pushed it shut and locked it. He was still drowned in lust and not helping. With shaky arms, I immediately pulled off the costume’s head, reached for the zip on the right side of the costume and desperately jerked it all the way down. The costume fell away from our bodies, completely soaked and sticky with our sweat. I quickly removed my arms from the inside of the costume and was about to step out of it to end this ordeal when, unexpectedly, Max had other ideas.

He took me completely by surprise when he wrapped his arms around my waist, lifted me off my feet and stepped out of the costume. As my feet hovered above the floorboard, I felt his hard cock drill even deeper into my pussy. The tip of his manhood was touching me in virgin territory and it felt like the night my first boyfriend deflowered me. But it was a little different this time. No man had ever gone so deep, or stretched me out so much. He was almost buried to the hilt inside me, and could have gone deeper if not for my tightness.

I had to cover my mouth with both hands as I screamed into my palms from the stinging pain and sensitivity. Despite the shock from what Max was doing, I couldn’t let anyone find out what was going on upstairs. What would our parents think?! We would be ruined! Our lives would be over! How could we face the world?! I couldn’t let that happen. I had to stay rational, and I held hopes that Max would come back to his senses. But to my anguish, it seemed like he had completely lost his mind.

I tried to reason with him, “M… Max!… Put me… Down… Please!… Don’t… Do this… I am your Zeh!” My pleas fell on deaf ears. He carried me to his bed and threw me face down on it. He pressed my butt with his palms and pinned me down. As he slowly drew his cock out of my pussy, I groaned softly into his mattress. I could feel his burning, lustful eyes looking down at where he entered me, when he gasped in awe. He must have been watching my wet pink lips being dragged out as he unsheathed his meat pole.

I have been told by my ex-boyfriends it was quite a pretty sight, and it always drove them wild. And the fact that I always kept myself fairly shaven, save for a sexy little Mohawk, could have added to Max‘s insane desire. As I felt him vacate my depths, I could also feel my warm, overflowing juices escape from my stuffed female opening, droplets gathering at my pussy lips and running down my inner thighs. Deep down inside, I was fighting the temptation to drive my ass back onto his cock and ride my wet pussy to orgasm on his thick, hard cock. I was determined not to give in to my bestial urges.

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