“Bye Nicolette!” Her friends waved goodbye to her as she headed home after a long day at school.

Nicolette was known in her junior college as a sweet young teenager, her smiles always making all the male students’ hearts fluttered. She stood at 1.65 meters, long black hair, and a round cute face. But what made her a more pleasant sight to most people, was her body. She was blessed with B cup sized boobs despite her petite size, making her irresistible to many. Many of her male counterparts had approached her, but as she felt that exams and studies were more important, she did not allow herself to fall in love. Her parents were against her having a relationship too, and advised her to only find a partner when she was in university.

“So tiredddd…” She yawned and made her way back home, while thinking about her plans later, which was to go home, take a nap before starting on her homework that was due the next day.

“I guess I will take a shortcut today, so that I could take a longer nap.” She mumbled to herself as she approached a nearby car park. Little did she know that this shortcut home would take a lot longer than expected.

The car park was deserted, since it was only 4 pm, the hour where people were not coming home from work, nor most schools. There was just a particular delivery van in the car park and there was a guy who seemed to be loading oranges into the van. That man was no ordinary man. A serial kidnapper, his plan was always simple; get someone to help him load oranges into the van and the victim was his to take. As he heard footsteps in the car park, he took a quick glance and saw Nicolette approaching. He let out a quick smirk and thought to himself, “Here’s my chance!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” A man screamed nearby, causing Nicolette to jump a little. It sounded like someone got hurt and Nicolette being herself, rushed towards the sound to see a man lying on the ground, with his box of oranges beside him and a few rolling oranges that fell from the box.

“Are you okay?” Nicolette asked kindly, while picking up the oranges and placing them into the box.

“Yes, yes, but I think I have hurt my back… Can you help me place this box of oranges back into the van? Boss is so gonna scold me again…” Deep inside, this man was smiling because Nicolette fell for the trick, as she picked up the box of oranges and went into the van.

“Here Uncle, is this mmmmmmphhh!”

Nicolette tried to scream as she felt a hand to her mouth and another on her wrist. Her screams were muffled immediately and she was pinned down in the van. The man quickly took a ball gag and stuffed it into Nicolette‘s mouth, securing it behind her head. Nicolette tried to use her hands to take out the gag, but her hands too, were soon tied up behind her and the man ensured that the ropes were secured tightly. Her ankles and knees were tied together too, before using a cloth to blindfold her. Nicolette knew that it was too late and she had no way out. The man looked at her while she struggled and screamed, lust filling his eyes as he saw that his victim was a hot young teenage JC schoolgirl. He reached out and grabbed her breast, and fondled them while Nicolette cried and scream again, to no avail as the ball gag muffled her screams, and the rope was tied too tightly for her to break free. The man laughed as he then shut the van door and drove away to his hideout.

After what seemed like hours, the van finally came to a stop. The man opened the van door, to find Nicolette fast asleep as her cries had worn her out completely on top of the long school day.

“Asleep uh?” He said as he started unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her lacy bra. He then took two clothes pegs, pushed down her bra, and used the clothes pegs on her nipples. The sudden introduction of pain shook Nicolette up and she screamed. She then realized that the kidnap was not a dream after all…

“Good evening.” The man politely greeted, before giving the clothes peg a tug. The sheer pain on her nipples caused Nicolette to scream again, yet at the same time, she felt pleasure too in the pain she felt and she felt a little wet between her thighs. With the gag in place, no one could tell if Nicolette was moaning or screaming, but the sound she made made the kidnapper more horny than ever, and he could not wait to turn her into his very own sex slave. As he propped her onto his shoulders and carried her, Nicolette continued to struggle, as the kidnapper then walked towards an abandoned house nearby, which was his hideout.

“There you go.” The kidnapper said as he placed her down onto what seemed like a mattress on the floor.

“Mmmmph! Mmmph! Mmm what do you want!” Nicolette screamed as her gag was taken out, and she continued to struggle as she tried to break free from the ropes.

“Well, I wanted money, but after seeing you… I decide to go for something else…” The kidnapper said as he unzipped his pants and dropping them onto the floor, walking towards Nicolette. Nicolette heard the sounds of the zip and she knew that what she feared most was going to happen soon.

“No, no, please! I can give you money, but not that please…” Nicolette begged as she cried, but she knew it was not possible as she then smelt something salty in front of her.

“I want you to suck it now.” The kidnapper demanded, ignoring Nicolette‘s pleas.

“No please, I don’t want to…” Piak. The kidnapper slapped Nicolette across her face as she did not want to obey her kidnapper.

“Suck it.” Another demand. By then Nicolette knew that if she did not obey her kidnapper, she was not going to have an easy time anymore…

“Mmmph mmph mmmph.” Nicolette gagged as this was the first time she ever had a dick in her mouth. The warm meat with a yet salty and musty taste that was filling her mouth was so unpleasant to her, she thought she was going to puke anytime, but she knew she cannot afford to puke, so she had to imagine herself having a long salty cooked fish in her mouth.

“Ahhh so good, so good.” The kidnapper moaned as he continued to fuck Nicolette‘s mouth, thrusting in and out with added pace after each thrust.

“I am gonna cum… Ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh.” Nicolette flinched and released his dick from her mouth as soon as it began to contract in her mouth. This was the first time she ever experienced a male’s orgasm. Her knowledge was all from her Biology and Sex Education classes and had never imagined it to be like this. Streams and streams of warm cum were then felt on her face, lips, her hair, and her breasts which was hanging out of her blouse.

“Ahhhh…” Nicolette screamed again as the kidnapper pinched her nipples with his bare hands.

“I did not say you could move away. Do that the next time and you will be punished very very severely, do you understand?” Nicolette nodded frantically as she was afraid the kidnapper will hurt her, her nipples aching with pain from his pinch.

“It is your turn now.” The kidnapper laughed, as he then pulled down Nicolette‘s FBT from under her skirt, exposing matching undies.

“Nooo nooo mmmmmmph!” Nicolette struggled again to avoid the kidnapper, but the ball gag was then secured back behind her head, leaving her helpless once again.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you slut?” The kidnapper felt the little wetness on her panties as he began to run his fingers along the crotch of her panties, and Nicolette could feel the full sensation of his fingernails that was rubbing on her clit, making her make a soft moan through the ball gag. It was her first time experiencing it and with her studies at school and being busy, she had never touched herself before, not knowing that it would feel this good.

As Nicolette moaned and got wetter, the kidnapper pushed the panties aside, allowing him to stick a finger inside her vagina, slowly and surely, exploring her insides. Nicolette was pushed to her limits and the waves of pleasure flowed through her entire body given that it was the first time she felt this sensation. It was too good for her to resist. The kidnapper began a thrusting motion, a while before he put another finger inside.

As much as Nicolette tried to resist the temptation, the pleasure and lust, she felt her hips moving in sync with the kidnapper’s fingers sub-consciously. She knew she could not last any longer when suddenly, her body started jerking and streams of liquid started flowing out of her vagina, which she thought it was pee.

“Oh, so you came that easily. First time?” The kidnapper laughed as he removed his fingers from her vagina and wiped his hands with her blouse.

“You can rest a bit for now, I will be back for more…” The kidnapper said as his footsteps could be heard, walking away from Nicolette, while she lay there bound and gagged, blindfolded, with cum flowing down her face and chest, breast exposed from her unbuttoned blouse and her FBT and panties pulled down to her knees.

All she could think of now was how the kidnapper will make her cum again, being kidnapped became the last thing on her mind.

What had her kindness done to her?



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