Kelly, My Charming Hong Kong Colleague


March 2005, I was then 35 and a senior events manager with an events organizing corporation in Singapore. I was already with the company for about 3 years and was known to be friendly, jovial and approachable by most of the company’s approx. 100 staff housed within our 5 storey building situated near the city. Most, if not all in my project department liked me and knew when it came to work I was dead serious, especially when an assignment was on tight schedule.

It was a typical Monday morning when a routine work progress meeting was held. In the meeting room on the 4th storey sat my entire project team comprising of my site manager, 2 production managers and 6 site supervisors. They were there to report on the work progress on 2 concurrent huge projects that were on tight schedule.

Joewi Iranto, my Indonesian Chinese boss in his early 50s joined us at the meeting that day as he was quite concerned for one of the event which he had secured by ‘snatching’ from our competitor for the first time. Towards the end of the meeting, he had made known that he would like me to focus on that event so as to ascertain success while arrangements were made for another colleague from Hong Kong to join us see through the other project which we had organized for 5 successive years.

The following morning, Joewi intercom me to his office and as always, started asking how was I and my family, how was work, blah blah blah… Then with a grin he went to his point for sending me. He said, “You know Kingston, Hong Kong office is sending us their newly engaged female events manager to take charge of our xxxx project.”

Me: “Cool, but is she really new?”

Joewi: “Well, all I know is she is 29 and graduated UCLE in Architecture and had 2 years of working experience with Sun Hung Kai properties in Hong Kong as a design consultant in the marketing department, so I think you might have to standby keep an eye on the project just in case the project needs your ‘attention’… You know what I mean?” he finished saying with a weird smile.

Me: “Nggg… It is ok, I will get Ah Lim (My site manager, my right hand man; he is an old bird in our industry, in his late 50 but very temperamental.), to go full time on that project.”

Joewi: “That would certainly help ease some concerns” He smiled.

Just before I left his office, he told me to get Cindy (our young project coordinator.), to clear the room directly opposite mine for the Hong Kong colleague.

On Friday morning, a site supervisor dashed into my room, smiling cheekily he said aloud, “Ah tow, wowww… Ho seh liao, you know what I saw… This manager from Hong Kong is a zabor arh! She is here now with big boss… Walau, sipeh chio leh!”

Just this minute, the intercom sounded “Kingston you free? I need you here” Joewi asked. “Okay, I will be there shortly” I responded.

Up on the 5th floor while walking past the passage towards Joewi’s room, I noticed unusual smiles coming from the colleagues there, especially the males. I reckoned it must be the ‘chio’ colleague’s effect!

As I enter Joewi’s room, I could see ‘her’ sitting and chatting with Joewi. I closed the door behind me and as I walked over, they stood up and Joewi introduced me to her, “Hey Kingston, come meet KellyKelly, this is Kingston, our events manager”.

My description of Kelly on my first sight of her is she was about 1.69m tall, weighs about 55 kg, body of an athlete 34-26-35 with a handful of B cup boobs I guess and has relatively tanned complexion for a Hong Kong-er. She had shining bronze dyed straight shoulder length hair, and look a close resemblance to Claire Yiu 姚嘉妮. (Appreciate any senior brothers here help with posting of a Claire Yiu photo, thanks!)

Kelly: “Hi Kingston, nice to meet you” Extending her hand for a handshake, coupled with a gentle and sweet smile that comes with 2 lovely dimples on her rosy cheek.

Me: “Nice meeting you too, Kelly I extended my hand to shake hers and weirdly, my heart started pounding as I held her smooth and soft palm. Her fingers were slim, thin, long and ends with neatly polished nails. Our eyes looked deeply into each other for the first time.

Joewi: “Come Kingston, pull a chair over” Then, looking at Kelly he suggested, Kelly, you might like to make yourself feel comfortable, Singapore’s weather is hot and humid… Go ahead, take off your coat if you want.”

Kelly: “Hmmm, sure… Errhh, that would certainly be good for me” She looked slightly blushed for the over-dressing.

Kelly wore a thick dark grey suit with a tight skirt that proudly showed off her roundish perky butt (I love her butt’s shape, those best for doggie.), and although her legs were tanned, they were spotless, smooth and glossy with almost no sight of hair. Slowly and gracefully Kelly stood up on her high-heels to remove her coat. Looking away with a slight blush, I could see her concealing her shyness as she ‘strip’. She looked cute and decent, sweet and feminine.

After some blah…blah chats with Joewi, explaining mostly what to expect of Singapore. Joewi requested that Kelly and I join him that evening for a welcome dinner, then told me to lead Kelly to our project section to brief her on the project she was to handle.

I led Kelly to the 4th storey, introduced the colleagues to her one at a time, then led her to her room and left her to settle in. As I had some documents to firm up (Actually, I was also expecting a call from my sis-in-law who was in japan then.), I did not join Kelly for lunch but got my girls in the department to company her instead.

That afternoon, I had Ah Lim brought in all the blue-print plans, the production designs, specifications and documents of the project to brief Kelly. While both of them interacted, I observed Kelly to assess her experience and noticed she was rather tensed up as she seen rather unfamiliar with such project management, posting not so relevant questions that many a times Ah Lim had to pause and was lost on explanation and I had to intervene to move on the discussion. At the back of my mind I was telling myself, jialat liao… This lady might screw up the project! So I suggested she brings back the rolls of papers and if time permits, to browse through over the weekend.

That evening I drove Kelly to Joewi’s favorite restaurant at Allson hotel for dinner. Along the way, Kelly told me she was in Singapore since Wednesday and was housed in a company rented apartment along Kent Road. She had also gotten more comfortable talking to me, confessing her inexperience in our trade and that her previous experience in Hong Kong was mainly in property layout and design. So I asked if she was confident in delivering the project, in which she pondered and replied, “Should be ok ler since you are by my side” she said with a teasing smile. “You won’t abandon me when I need you, right?” she said, looking for my assurance. “Well, I don’t know if I would help because I usually only help friends” I said jokingly with a laughter. She paused, pondered awhile before catching my silly joke and laughed along.

When we arrived at the Chinese restaurant, Joewi was already there sipping his red wine. Waving at us over to the table, he quickly got us each a wine glass and filled our share while informing us what he had ordered for a meal. The dinner was rather formal, we ate and drank (Joewi was a heavy drinker and talks nothing but work.) And as we spoke, Joewi unknowingly kept pushing Kelly to drink. By the time dinner ends, Kelly was already highly intoxicated and had admitted to Joewi that she had reached her limit. Joewi teased her that he expected Hong Kong ladies to have good drinking stamina and said it is not a working day tomorrow anyway, so she should drink to the occasion. Kelly obliged the boss and poured another few glasses of wine down her throat.

Kelly was obviously trying to hold herself together when we left the restaurant. She was hardly walking straight and was acting within control when we parted Joewi whom drove off soon after we reached the basement car park. While walking to my car, Kelly suddenly lost control of her stomach and puked before she could kneel down. She vomited quite a bit and dirtied her skirt. I walked over and patted her back to help her relieve the puking. She spent another minute trying to puke out more while I continued rubbing her back. Then, as I gently stroked her hair and asked if she was okay, she slowly turned to look at me. With rather wet eyes coming from the puking she tried smiling (Her face totally blushed and her cheeks rosy.), and gave me the dreamy and yet innocent look, especially with her dimples, “I… Am ok ler… But I think… I need your help to the… Car, please!”

I bent down to wrap her arm around my neck and lifted her up. Kelly was really tipsy as she did not pardon her weight throughout the journey, which I literately had to carry her. I could see her grinning momentarily and softly smiling with dreamy expressions while mumbling to herself with her eyes comfortably shut.

At my car, I opened the door and allowed Kelly to collapse to the seat, then lifted her legs by the calves into the car and positioned her straight. I closed her door and when I was in my seat, I overheard her mumbling to herself, “Hmmm… Ho high arh…” With her eyes shut and her face tilted to my direction and smiling cheekily. “King-ston… Don’t worry, ler… I am only 70% drank… I still know what is happen…ing… Gar… Hehehe.” she giggled.

I took a few pieces of tissue, “Nah, tissues ar… Clean your puke ler, high… High your head lah” I said laughing. Still smiling, Kelly narrowly opened her eyes, “I am… Such a nuisance when I am drunk erh… Hmmmm… Very mischievous, very… Playful gar. Weiii… I feel like I am… Floating now erh hahaha.” She giggled while grabbing the tissue from me with a heavy hand to clean her puke at the thigh area but found it difficult to wipe under the influence of liquor. She was laughing at herself when she didn’t clean properly and looked at me childishly for help with a teasing grin.

I lost my patient waiting, grabbed a few more tissues I helped her wiped her skirt at the entire thigh area without thinking much. While unknowingly lifting her skirt and wiping her upper thigh area, Kelly suddenly opened her eyes and stared at me with sparkling eyeballs. Gradually the staring became seductive and her grin soon subsided before she muttered, “Kingston, I am feeling warm, I want to take off my coat, can?” as she arched her body forward undressing her outer layer, which in the process protruded her wonderfully shaped boobs on display and the in between the gap between buttons revealed slight and mystifying views of her tits meat enclosed with her black bra. That sight immediately sent blood swelling my didi.

I quickly evaded looking in that direction by unwinding the window, threw out the tissues, start the car engineer, buckled my safety belt and swiftly drove off while my saliva built in my throat as my mind kept replaying the sight of Kelly‘s body. Damn me!

I avoided thinking and stayed focused on the road as I had also drank quite a bit and also rather tipsy. Fortunately, Allson hotel was just 10 minutes’ drive to Kelly‘s apartment, somewhere near Rangoon Road. On arrival of the apartment’s car park, Kelly was already asleep. I couldn’t wake her, so I had to struggle with tugs and pulls to lift her out of the car and literately carry her on my back to her flat. Gradually regaining conscious (Fortunately, no one was in sight throughout the journey to the unit.), Kelly dug into her bag to retrieve her keys and mumbled “#03-xx” and went back to sleep on my shoulder.

At the unit, I had to slowly squat down and placed Kelly on the floor, (Luckily my back can still ‘tahan’ despite the regular ‘exercises’ with my wife and my SIL.). Then I went test open the keys one at a time on the padlock and wooden door. After opening the door, I again lifted Kelly and carried her into her flat before throwing her onto the couch. Kelly slowly regained conscious then struggles a little on her composure with narrowly dreamy eyes whilst making small movements to adjust her body to sit straight. She smiled at me when she sees me, looking grateful.

“Hey sweet lady, if you are okay, I will go down to fetch your coat and the drawings in my car,” I said as she responded with a gentle nod. I swiftly left the flat and came back with the stuff. When I returned, Kelly was no longer on the couch, so I placed her stuff on the shoe rack after closing the door and started looking around for her. As I walked past her bedroom which was ajar, I peeped in to see if she was there. The next images were the most shocking vision of my life!

From the narrow gap, I could see Kelly‘s back facing me and she was just dropping down her skirt after unzipping it. Somehow I didn’t move away, and till now I don’t know if I was then caught shocked or was it the amazing sight that I had chosen to uncharacteristically stand on to watch. Kelly was obviously struggling to balance herself and grumbling softly to herself as she unbuttoned her blouse and threw it to the floor. Her entire attire of black high-heels, skirt, white blouse, and now her bra was all over the floor after she reached behind to unclasp the hook and threw them uncaringly to the ground.

My eyes combed Kelly‘s almost nude body from shoulder down, her body’s complexion was smooth with evenly tanned, which suits my taste. Her figure was even more mesmerizing, the cleavage was unbelievably gifted!

On the body, she was left with a sexy black thong that only cover half of her ass, revealing clearly the butts lineage and shape of her two fully filled gorgeous round and non-sagging butt cheeks. Above the pantie, I noticed Kelly had two obvious hip dimples, I told myself, “Gosh, this body must be heaven-sent!” (I love girls with hip dimples as a friend once told me that girls with them are usually those with high sex drive.).

Further down, was her pair of firm thighs and nicely filled calves. The proportion, the shape and length of her slender legs sent a stimulating request to my easily arouse mind (Because I have a fetish of licking girls beautiful calves and thighs.), and quickly made my ignorant little protruding didi harden to the hardest again. My nose almost burst blood lah…!

Kelly stumbled her way to the cupboard for a tee-shirt and shorts, but had to really struggle to wear them, she even had to sit on the floor just to put on the shirt. After wearing the shirt loosely, she tried pushing herself upwards to put on the shorts. While one leg was in, Kelly attempted to raise the other, but tripped and collapsed completely with head down first to the ground, hurting her head in the course. She shouted loudly, “Arrr… Ouch!” and kind of starting to sob.

Instinctively, I dashed into the room to help her. She was softly rubbing her temple and tearing and certainly still stoned and still hadn’t gained control of her body as the intoxication probably at this point kicked in at the fullest.

I applied some strength to lift her arm and was surprised to find full cooperation from her. Seemingly Kelly found sudden energy and was quickly pushing her body up to embrace me, landing her head between my chest and shoulder. She muttered with eyes closed, “Don’t look… Down Kingston, I am… Not wearing… Proper below”. I wrapped my hands behind her and gave her soothing rubs on the back, saying “It’s ok, I am not looking… Anyway, I don’t know if I will like what I see!” I said, then made soft cheeky giggles. It took Kelly few seconds to digest the message and later grinned along with her eyes closed and weakly slapped my forearm a few times.

“I actually wanted to come into the room… To quickly change before joining you at the hall while you were down… But I didn’t know the kick could be… So severe.” Kelly muttered on my chest, “Kingston… Don’t mind maintain this posture for a while, my head is spinning… Badly, I don’t think I can move… For now”, Kelly requested. So, softly I spoke on her hair, stroking them “Ok, close your eyes, I will be here till you feel better.”

I was in knee-sitting position while Kelly was seated with her complete body comfortably tilt-rested on my chest, her legs straightened and flat on the floor, the shorts still dangled between one of her leg’s calf. Her hug on my body gradually eased off as she slowly fell asleep. After a few minutes, her hands were totally off the embracing… But at the same time, as her muscles relaxed she shifted her body slightly and unknowingly spread her legs wide apart, revealing her mysterious thighs area near her pantie crotch. Little Kingston nearly burst like an overly inflated balloon when I saw the heavenly pussy-line recessing in along the outer of Kelly‘s pantie.

While appreciating the magnificent sight of Kelly‘s lower body, and little ‘mighty’ decided to strengthen at length and wide, my immobile body (As I didn’t want to wake Kelly from her much needed doze.), had no choice but to make adjustments to accommodate little Kingston untimely growth as Kelly‘s weight was resting on her elbow which was just above my penis. Didi was choking!

My lower body’s movement might have caught Kelly‘s attention and her elbow could have felt my miserable ‘growth’ as I did sense her switching her body weight to another part of her body, easing off the ‘burden’ on little Kingston. Kelly then made a sudden huge intake of air like those of a person just getting awaken, “Hmmmmm…” And delicately her hands were softly holding my back again. With her eyes still closed, Kelly could be fantasizing romance, as her warm palms begin gliding on my back; very gently, very delicately feeling my body. I felt her intended connection, my heart pounded involuntarily like a turn-on generator sending all the energy down south!

Carefully, I stroke Kelly‘s hair as she slowly opens her eyes, mumbling, “Ho xue fuk errrh (Cantonese, very comfortable.)” then gradually her dimpled smile came onto her cheek as she looks up to me. I then tenderly asked her, “You feeling better already?” where she replied, “Yes, my head is not spinning already… But still very heavy”.

“Can you sit up straight? I help you massage your head” I suggested. “That’ll be good… Thanks” Kelly replied while lazily in semi tipsy condition, she adjusted to sit straight with her legs crossed, forgetting she was still on pantie only. There was a huge sigh of relief on little didi as the weight pressing on it was lifted permitting it to expand normally again.

Skillfully I applied two thumbs to Kelly‘s temple and started pressing circles. She jerked slightly before tilting her head slightly backwards to absorb the pressing pleasure.“Hmmmmm… Chan hai ho xue fuk erh! (Really comfortable.)” Kelly muttered lustfully while starting to pant a little.

Me: “You usually don’t consume so much alcohol do you?”

Kelly: “Nggg, I don’t drink a lot and can’t drink much… But today I was kind of being forced by boss.”

Me: “Force? Why?”

Kelly: “Arrr… Nevermind ler, I think it’s ok.”

Me: “No, tell me if you don’t mind.”

Kelly: “Actually, it is because… I need this job… I am on probation.”

Me: “Does that mean you must drink?” I paused, pondered before asking.

Kelly: “Hong Kong’s economy is still very much in a recession, I need this job… My last job retrenched me… My boyfriend… Left me… My housing loan repayments… Cannot fail gar…” she broke down and started to sob.

Me: “Sorry.” Sensing she was tearing.

Kelly: “I am ok Kingston, I feel relieved I have someone to speak out to… I was so tensed when I know I have to travel here, and had been stressing and worried I can’t cope. The minute I stepped into the office today, I was all tensed up and felt edgy throughout, as I don’t know what and how to have myself prepared… At the dinner; the questioning, the formality, the liquors just made it worst for me… As I fear boss would be disappointed and give a bad remark to Hong Kong” Kelly struggled with expression while letting off steam and tears.

Me: Kelly, you are doing well… Don’t worry, relax and don’t put so much pressure on yourself” as I moved my thumbs to her neck, rubbing.

Kelly: “Thanks Kingston, I am glad you are the first person I know in Singapore… Hmmmm yes… Yes, it feels good… Slightly… Harder can?” Kelly reacted to the pleasure on her neck.

My penis gotten stiff like it was never going to ease off when I heard her say ‘harder can?’, as I applied more strength to her neck. My heartbeat went uncontrollably faster and so did Kelly‘s I believed as I did overhear and saw her panting. Then when I shifted my fingers to her shoulders, Kelly tilted her head backwards, looking to the ceiling with her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation. After a while, my fingers moved to her back… She swiftly bent forward to allow for a complete back massage.

Me: “Hey sweet lady, are you feeling better already? Is the pressure ok?”

Kelly: “My muscles are like all cramped together, maybe I am still tense.” she said, still sounding tipsy.

Me: “Okay, close your eyes, relax your mind and enjoy while I ease your muscles.”

Kelly: “Ngg…” responded with nods.

After a few rubs and presses and apparently feeling good, Kelly requested in almost moaning voice, “Could you place your hands inside… You can press my skin easier, I would feel better…”

I was stunned, concerned that I might have heard her wrongly, so I stopped my pressing momentarily before thinking perhaps Hong Kong-ers are more open minded. So, slowly and delicately I shifted my hands to her hips area, went under her loose t-shirt and started massaging her from bottom up, pressing and rubbing her aching muscles and spine along the way. As higher and higher my two hands worked their way upwards, more and more of Kelly‘s superb body revealed. Her skin was soft, silky, and spotless, and the color tone homogenous… Her body curvature was simply fascinating!

My breathing went heavier, my blood could no longer be trapped just south… They started ‘rebelling’ upwards and rushes to my head, my face was filled with blood and I was feeling peculiarly hot in my body system! I could no longer ‘tahan’… Somehow, due to the enormous body lust, my lower body just shifted to Kelly‘s butt… Allowing my now rod hard penis to press against her butt cheek while my hands reached out fullest to the upper end of Kelly‘s back, massaging her. Kelly didn’t complain.

The mental fascination was killing me as my bloods seem to need to burst out from somewhere, my mind lost its rationale, not wanting to be bothered if she was only my first day colleague, not bothered if she would be offended… My mind just wanted me and my fingers to give it a shot! And so, I did.

From pressing hard I gradually weaken the squeeze, from massaging slowly I changed to caressing as I kept a watchful eye on Kelly‘s reaction, again she didn’t complain… But instead responded with intermittent body shivers and made natural faint moaning coming from her chest and lips. I followed on with gentle wavy fingers to caress her, then with soft, delicate nail scratching her back to itch her, as she moaned more obviously. She then slowly raised her body upright, loosening the t-shirt’s grip on her body, concealing my hands inside again. Next, I shifted my palms to the sides of her body, caressing her soft silky fresh from just under her armpit downwards. Kelly moaned very femininely, seemingly enjoying the touch sensation, and was really unwinding her tenseness.

She raised her head slowly, facing the ceiling with her eyes closed, she took a deep inhale before dropping her body further back, letting my hands glided past her arm… (She was making use of the body gesture to test if I would do her the honors of comforting her physical lust without needing to ask, for fear of rejection I guess.) I hesitated temporarily, and then landed my palm just under her breast base, lifting them tenderly. Instantly Kelly moaned aloud, then unreservedly lean the back of her head on my shoulder, allowing her body to contact mine… And for my hands to be fully accessible to her gorgeous twin spongy ‘paos’, she muttered shyly, “Grab me… Kingston” as she started breathing irregularly in anticipation.

I obliged and wrapped my palm just over her bouncy breast… Fondle, squeeze and then rubbed till they got firm and perky while Kelly swayed her body, moaning away in pleasure. Then, using my two index fingers I started pumping both nipples in and out, and then pinching them till they were stiffly erected while I shifted my ‘mighty’ stiff rod tightly to her butt.

Sensing my hardness, Kelly gave me a fair share of the sensation by moving her butt cheek to ‘polish’ my cock… We both made heavier breathing. I soon found myself kissing her neck, her ear while Kelly was moaning away. Her moaning noises really excited me. Kelly continued rubbing her soft butt meat over and over my shaft area till she heard me groan in ecstasy and then quicken the moves like she was pumping me… She got faster and faster with the rubs while I groaned louder and louder till my cock got harder and harder… Finally, bom! I ejected, unloaded, burst, and exploded my cums… Exploded inside my pants.

I collapsed my body on Kelly‘s, signaling to her I was done, but continued embracing her and started panting while Kelly slowly eased off her pumps and sat motionless. She was probably thinking how to react when we face each other. I slowly shifted my body to face her anyway as she raises her sparkling eyes to look at me, both speechless and blushing then she embraced me saying, “It was just a moment of lusts and urge, don’t need to take it to heart” Kelly mumbled. I was speechless; as I knew whatever I say will not sound good to her. But I knew I must say something just to break the ice, even if it was stupid. “You were great, your backside was great… Errrhhh, aiyah, I don’t know what I am saying la… You know what I mean?” I uttered. Kelly burst into laughter upon hearing me, “Sor loh! (Crazy fellow.)” She giggled, then shyly asked, “Did you really cum?” as she looked down at my pants and laughed again. I felt embarrassed, “What!?… Don’t laugh, ler, I lousy right? I came without making you ‘enjoy’ much.”

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