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Before the start of this story, I want to talk a little bit about myself. Hopefully, some of you can relate and have a better insight to the various spectrum of my mind during my adolescent sexual exploits.

In the summer of 1999, my best friend died in a traffic incident and a strange uncle constantly tried to sexually harass me whenever I walked to school. My parents had unreasonable high expectations from me and various incidents happened. It made me emotionally divorced and isolated from people. Anyway, I will go on with the introductions and won’t bore you with many details. I was a shy, introverted guy with really low self-esteem. I grew up autistic and to boot, really short.

Like 156 cm short… Thankfully, God takes some, but he also gives some. I was a pretty boy with cat eyes, soft features and thin lips. By no means that I was handsome, I was just… Well, pretty. Boys reached puberty late, so I was really popular back in school. What I meant was that many guys were short until they hit fifteen or sixteen and had their growth spurs. Since that’s the case, girls picked the one with the pretty face.

So you could imagine… Most people saw me as an isolated, quiet, enigmatic pretty boy (And somewhat arrogant.). I was like the kind of character that you saw in comics and fantasies. Once I entered secondary school, I began to notice that many girls, older or younger were quite interested in me. The more aloof and detached I was, the more they crushed over me. Which was, frankly, still very puzzling to me up till today.

My first girlfriend was Jiayi. We met after I was allocated to top class, she was the class monitor and the teacher was worried about me. Being extremely quiet and apathetic to most things, Madam Sum thought it was best that the outgoing, cheerful and optimistic Jiayi would balance things out a little. Jiayi was everything I was not. She was taller than me, about 172. Tanned, athletic and friendly.

I was smart and she’s dumb. Well, not really. She did really well in her studies but once she was allocated to the top class, her performance in comparison to all the top students was dull. So one day, she asked me to help her study and I said yes.

Jiayi was on the track team. She had runner legs, a toned body and a pleasant face. Her face was egg shaped, big oval eyes and a slightly stubbed nose. Her breasts were still not fully developed, probably B cup. Her eyes were a little big, but it complimented her face naturally somehow. I loved how she wore a ponytail and how she re-tied her hair once in a while. Jiayi‘s hair would fall all over, scattered behind her long nape and she would pull it up messily and nonchalantly. But what turned me on the most was that she spoke near perfect English. Jiayi stayed in Canada during her childhood and her parents moved to Singapore for some reason. I didn’t know about you, but I loved it when a girl spoke well and fluently.

We started dating on and off since fifteen. Nothing sexual happened during that time. I came from a poor family and her family was really well off. But the killer was, she was Christian and she mentioned that she really wanted to save herself until marriage. It wasn’t important though, I wasn’t interested… Yet. I guessed I was just a late bloomer.

Fast forward two years, we both completed our O levels and got in the same junior college. Jiayi and I were separated into different classes. I began to notice girls. I didn’t flirt with any of them though. I was already in a relationship with Jiayi so I made a constant reminder to myself. See but touch no evil.

The first girl that caught my eye was Cherylene. She was short but still slightly taller than me. She had neat center parting hair down to her neck, slender body and a ridiculous rack. Jiayi was a C cup by then, but Cherylene was D. I never bothered to ask, but it was obvious she had Caucasian blood. Cherylene had big round eyes, sharp, but short nose and a dimple smile. And yes, she spoke good English.

Cherylene would constantly tease me about my height and my soft features. Whenever we hung out, she would introduce me to her friends from other class as her girlfriend. I kept faithful to Jiayi but I began to notice that we would pull apart and then back together. On and off, like most first loves. I started noticing guys trying to flirt with Jiayi and she would teasingly reciprocate.

What really angered me was that it felt like Jiayi tried to hide me away from her classmates. Somehow, it felt like she was ashamed of me. A tall, dark athletic girl dating a mismatched short pale guy always breed negative wind. The worst part was her conflicting religion against mine non-existing one. Jiayi tried to convert me to Christianity all the time and I always had some snobby sarcastic remark to make. We started to have serious screaming matches.

There were too many words so I will just lead off with the last one. “You are incapable of loving anyone but yourself. Do you know how hard it is to be in a relationship with you? It is just like you, to make a joke out of everything.”

As expected, I had the terrible time at school the next day. I saw Jiayi in the canteen but she ignored me. I didn’t sleep well and my mood was starting to show.

“Hey girlfriend.” Cherylene stepped over and patted my head. I kept silent but was burning inside. She didn’t read the atmosphere and rubbed my chin.

“Stop it.”

“Stop what? Stop growing taller?”

“Cheryl, not today.” I covered my face with my palms and breathed deeply.

“What’s wrong?” Cherylene inched forward but unsure of what to do. I didn’t reply.

“I am sorry… Don’t be mad anymore…”

“It’s not you, just that some things happened and I am not feeling well because of it.”

During class that day, I could feel Cherylene glancing at me constantly. I felt a little sorry then, to have made her worried. Jiayi still didn’t text me and the nagging feeling couldn’t go away.

“Let’s go watch a movie.”

“No, I am busy. Another time.”

“Cmon, you owe me.”

“For what?”

“Nothing yet. I am using my future favors.”

At this point, I was pretty bumped out so I decided to go out with Cherylene. After school, we went to a HDB void deck and sat down. For the first time, I had a long talk with a person. I talked about Jiayi and our relationship, but didn’t go into details. Cherylene listened. At the end of it, I didn’t feel any better, but I managed to gain some clarity. We went on the watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2. During the movie, Cherylene leaned her head against my shoulder and I could smell the mango-ish scent of her hair. My heart pounded a little and every so often, I glanced at her collar to try and sneak a peek at her breasts. The theatre was dark, so I didn’t see much, but I was excited. My erection pushed against my pants and I shifted uncomfortably throughout the movie. I can’t recall a bit of what I watched then.

After the movie, we walked towards my old secondary school. It was planned for renewing and renovation, so it was empty. The students went to a temporary school in Bedok. It felt good to be nostalgic again. We walked to the front gates and saw the security guard sleeping.

“Let’s sneak in.”

“What? No way.”

“Way. Let’s go to the back and climb the fence.” Cherylene dashed off and I followed suit.

Anyone who had PE lessons that involved running around a school should know how far it was to run to the back of the school. I arrived panting and heaty, I could feel the sweat coming. We found a spot on the fence with spikes cut out. Some punks probably did it to trespass and graffiti all over it. Cherylene gave me a whimsical smile and motioned me to climb first. I went over fairly easily and watched as she climbed.

“Don’t look at my panties.” Cherylene said as she crossover-ed the top of the fence. I turned the other way, but sneaked a peek. She was obviously having trouble climbing over with a skirt, but it gave me some good time to look. She was wearing a light blue undie with a small teddy bear north of her butt. I had another erection and tried to push it upright so it was not obvious.

She finally landed. I couldn’t tell why, but I was getting so turned on by her. She was a little sweaty and her hair was mapped messily against her forehead. The slight smell of her hair, sweat and body was too arousing. At the back of my mind, I kept thinking of Jiayi but my cock was near exploding. It was swollen and struggling against my tight pants. I looked at her cherry wet mouth and I never wanted more, but to shaft my cock into her mouth.

I snapped myself out of it and led her around. It was nothing like my old school anymore. The classrooms were there and the places were the same, but all the tables and chairs were messed up, dusty and dirty. Graffiti were all over, but it was strangely comforting. Nobody was here except for the old sleepy security guard at the gate. I led her to the school hall and we sat down at the backstage.

It was near evening and it was getting too dark. I fiddled against the lights and on the backstage lights. The old spoiled piano was still there where I sat against it for four whole years nearly every day during recess. I would sneak in there alone and quietly thought about all things non important. Cherylene sat where I sat in her uniform. She was picture perfect. I leaned against the wall opposite of her.

“I love this place.”

“It’s not gonna last.”

“Hmm… How long have you been with Jiayi?”

“Three years.”

“Are you happy with her?”


“Want to know a secret?”


“A few girls in our class have a crush on you.”

“I suspect some boys do too.”

“Hahahaha, I am serious.”

“Who are they? You know, I am always curious that if girls have the same crush and they’re friends, how would that work?”

“Oh, everyone knows you’re in a relationship so you are very open to discussion. You aren’t available to anyone so we girls can just talk about anything.”

“What do you girls talk about then?”

“What can we talk about?” Cherylene flashed me a sly grin and winked.

“Who are they?”


“My lady admirers.”

“Jia Qi, Xiao Yan and Elly.”

Now for the sake of your imagination, I will give a brief description of them. The only person out of the three I ever had intercourse with was Elly though, and that was eight years from this point of the story. Jia Qi was about 162 cm, tanned and slender. She kept her hair swept back into a ponytail. She was fairly quiet and I never did notice her much. She had the sharp office lady kind of look, sharp eyes, stout nose and thin brows. The kind of ah lian that turned over, studied hard and became an OL.

Xiao Yan was the girl next door kind of lady. She’s pretty with homely looks. Small breasted but had good weight, not too skinny, not too fat. Her hair was long down till her waist. She’s fairly talkative and about 165 cm.

Elly was… Not comely. She always had a pimple on her face, when one went, another popped out. Her hair was wavy down to shoulders and she was the tall freak of the class at 177 cm. There were guys taller than her, no doubt, but when a bunch of us hung out and she wore heels… Anyway, she had a pretty good body. I meant, it was hard to have a bad one when you were that tall. She also had braces.

I was always nice to Elly though, because she was especially nice to me. Guys teased her about her height, pimples and bracers. It was hard to believe, but kids can be really cruel sometimes. I grew up short so I kind of empathized with her. We had nice chats and fun together. She eventually grew out her crush for me and dated other guys. We would eventually hook up, it happened last year, but I was getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to the story.


“What, that can’t be surprising to you.”

“No, guess not. Jia Qi is though.”

“I know right?” Cherylene paused for a while and started giggling.


“I just had a mental image of Elly fucking you.”


“You know, like carry you and prop you up on a sink and starting to undress you.” I slid down and sat on the floor, Cherylene did the same and sat opposite of me in the narrow corridor.

She continued. “Then, like forcefully suck your dick while you scream ‘No, stop, Elly, don’t.'”

“Shut it, you’re grossing me out.” Cherylene sat with open legs and it was a sight-ful. Her full blue panties showed, her eyes intense against mine. Her knees pressed against her full breasts and her slender fingers hovered over her shin. I didn’t know if she’s purposely doing it, but it was working, all too well.

“She’ll throw you down on the bed and start undressing. Then grab your hands, stop your struggling and shove your penis up her vagina. You keep screaming ‘Stop it’ but you are enjoying it and orgasm all over her pussy in the end.”

My cock bulged against my pants. I couldn’t cover it. It was out of control. If I stood up now, it was too weird. If I stayed in my position, my erection was painfully obvious. Cherylene‘s eyes went down and stared my erection. And if that was not embarrassing enough, she kept staring.

“Oh god, that turned you on, didn’t it?” I didn’t reply, just coughed nervously.

“What? Elly’s tight pussy is too much for you?”

“Hey, it is normal for guys to get excited.”

“Have you ever done it with Jiayi?”

I tried to think of ways to change the subject, but I was flat out of ideas. The hall had no fans and it was getting hotter. I saw sweat glistening on Cherylene‘s neck and my cock got even harder. I wanted so badly to push her down and fuck the crap out of her. I needed to cool down.

“No. She’s Christian.”

“Some Christian girls are easy.”

“Not her. We don’t do anything more than a light kiss.”

“Do you masturbate then?”

“What? Of course not.”

“Oh my god, you are a complete virgin. Physically and mentally.”

“Shut it.” Yeah, that was my best comeback. Great work. Cherylene shifted up a little and I could see a camel toe pressed against her panties.

“So you mean to tell me… You’re eighteen, but have not shot semen once?”

“Not exactly… I pressed against the pillow at night and think about Jiayi.”

“So you do masturbate!”

“Not sure if that counts. It is not convenient though, I make a mess on my underwear.”

“It counts.”

“Stop staring.”

“I wouldn’t if you didn’t have one.”

At this point, it was getting torturous. I felt I would go off at the slightest provocation. Imagine cumming in front of Cherylene prematurely. I will never live it down.

“Do you… Want help with that?”

I was shocked. I can’t describe it. Imagined the first time you got laid, kind of like that but… More than horny, I was a little scared, a little ecstatic and mostly confused. My heart pounded like a padded drum.


“I mean, do you want me to masturbate you? Get it out.” Cherylene gestured her hand into a roll and moved up and down.

I couldn’t reply. Jiayi‘s image kept coming up and I felt incredibly guilty. What would you have done in this scenario? Before I could resist, Cherylene was already in front of me, she lowered her lips down to mine. I felt a bit of her drool slid down my chin. She kissed me passionately and rubbed her hand from my cheek to the back of my head. Her left hand clumsily tried to undo my buckle and zip. Strength left me and I just closed my eyes. Her tongue was coming in.

It was nothing like I imagined. She felt rough, thick and heavy. I didn’t know what to do so I just followed her motions. Cherylene was an incredible frencher. Her mouth tasted like warm and sweet. She opened her mouth and pulled back a little. She needed two hands to undo my pants, but I couldn’t wait and I went in for another kiss.

Cherylene pulled out my pants and I awkwardly tried to take it off. She started necking me while her hand rubbed against my shaft outside my underwear. As she kissed me down, she undid my shirt buttons. She licked away the sweat on my collarbone into a bite. I heard her heavy breathing and she moaned softly. Her breast pressing softly against my chest, but suddenly, without notice her left hand went inside my underwear.

Her warm fingers wrapped around my testicles and she began playing with them.

“Ha… Ha… You’re shaven.” I flushed, I didn’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

“You’re way too cute.” Cherylene continued and rubbed my testicles. Her face was leaning against my shoulder and I felt her hot breath on my neck. I could smell her hair, sweat and clothes and it was too much to bear as I moaned out softly. I wished she would stop teasing me and let me cum already.

Her mouth took my nipple and her right hand caressed my back. A drip of sweat rolled down from the side of my face to her cleavage. I didn’t know when but she had already undone the top two buttons of her uniform. It showed a matching blue bra with spillage of cleavage.

“I can’t… Jiayi…”

Cherylene didn’t reply and just pulled my underwear out. She took a slow look at it and used both hands to rub my thighs.

“Wow, it is pretty. Everything about you is pretty.” Cherylene wrapped her right hand around my shaft and started moving. Her head went down, but stopped midway, she took a look at my face and opened her mouth. A trail of saliva dripped down to my cock. When it was exhausted, she rolled her tongue around to gather more saliva and spit on it. Her right hand motioned across my cock and covered it in spit, her left palm pressed tightly against the tip of my penis head.

I will be lying if I said I didn’t want to cum right away. I wanted to control it and last longer so I didn’t look the fool. Cherylene smashed her mouth against mine and kissed me even deeper than before. I lasted twenty seconds at best. Semen flew out like a jet. It sprayed across my chest. The second wave was coming as she held my cock upright, I came all over her breasts, leaving a trail from her chin down to her breasts.

“So fast.” She laughed.

“It’s my first.” I turned away to hide my shame.

“You’re still rock hard…” Cherylene leaned forward to lick my lips and the sexiest moment of my life up till then happened. She rolled her tongue into my ear and her hands continued to work on my cock. She began licking my cum off my chest and making slurp noises as she went down. Her hands gathered my semen from her chest and rubbed them on my cock. Those motions were fast now. Whenever she gathered enough cum, she would spit it out on my cock. Her hands lubricated my cock with cum efficiently. Before long, her head was down, eyes up looking at me.

Cherylene stuck out her tongue and began licking my penis head and semen overflowed.


“Urgh… That’s just pre-cum.”

She smiled and worked down. Her mouth was warm, wet and rough. She sucked in once in a while and I could feel my penis tightened. She didn’t stop until she licked off every last drop of semen.

Cherylene sat up and opened her mouth and I could see a small pool of my semen inside. I could feel my already solid cock hardening more as she closed her mouth and eyes. She made a difficult face and gulped it down.

Now… For this next part… I was not particularly proud. I lost control and stood up.


Before she could say a word, I shoved my whole cock into her wet mouth. I grabbed her head with both hands and rammed it in. I didn’t care, but just did it over and over again. I could hear her gagging and her hands were slapping my thighs. She finally used some strength and pushed me off balance.

“Haa… Haa… Haaa…” Cherylene heaved heavily, her cleavage bouncing in subtlety.

I could see tears coming out from her eyes while she kept coughing and made gurgled noise. I grabbed her head again and attempt to face fuck Cherylene again. She closed her lips and eyes tight, but I pinched her nose until she couldn’t hold her breath any longer.

“Haaa… Haa… Mmm-“ I was inside her again. This time, I used strength and rammed her fucking face down my cock. I didn’t stop until I exploded. I kept my cock in for another few seconds, I wanted my fucking semen to gush down her throat. She shoved me off and gagged.

“Haaaaa… Haaa…” Cherylene kept coughing and cum dripped out of her mouth. She gagged and started spitting out the rest of the semen. I just lay down and heaved heavily. Cherylene slowly regained her breath.

“Urgh… You jerk.”

“I am sorry… Did I hurt you?”

“Yes, now you owe me big time.”

It was 8.30 pm and was getting too dark. We dressed up quickly and sneaked out of the school. We didn’t really talk much, I was worried if Cherylene was mad, but she kept glancing and making a coy smile at me. When we got out, I was still aroused.

“You owe me a favor too, you know…”

“What? After what you did, you should be glad I don’t castrate you.”

“Your panties…”

Cherylene smiled and gave me a tight hug. She backed off and pulled out her underwear sexily from one leg to another.

“You fucking pervert.”

Whatever. I stashed Cherylene‘s panties carefully. I hailed a cab for her and made my way home. Halfway through, my phone rang. It was Jiayi

“I am sorry…” She said slowly.

Jiayi and I made up after the phone call. I stopped replying to Cherylene and her advances. When you are eighteen years old, you can never have the right mentality to deal with emotional issues. I soon realized it was pretty one sided on my part however. Cherylene didn’t appear angry, upset or appalled. It made me kind of upset, I made up all sorts of reasons and analyzed her in every microscopic detail. I guessed I just didn’t enjoy likelihood that she didn’t want to date me either. That made me want her more, I spent my days alone sniffing her panties and masturbating.

I felt disgusted with myself and threw her panties away. Those few weeks were a torture. I found myself waking up in cold sweat, having panic attacks. Cherylene acted like nothing had happened and we eventually remained friends. The topic of that ‘incident’ was never brought up again. Like it never happened. Life’s not a drama, skeletons didn’t get found all the time and things did solve themselves sometimes if you ran away.

In December, Jiayi‘s birthday came and I lost my virginity. She was popular and some douche named Steve, who had an uncle in civil service helped him rent one of those expensive chalet houses to celebrate her birthday. Over forty people turned up and twenty of her classmates and I stayed over then. I could see Steve trying to flirt with Jiayi and calling her god-sister and all that nonsense kids did. I shot her a killer stare and she shot back a ‘Baby be cool’ look.

Cherylene showed up later with a bottle of Chivas and we all started drinking. It was a normal night, no orgies, no coupling up. One of Jiayi‘s classmates started to force alcohol into her and since I was her boyfriend, I was the obligated white knight. I drank her share. I didn’t know what happened and blacked out.

The next day, I woke up naked beside Jiayi. I lost my virginity in the dullest, most anti climatic way. She was still asleep so I peeked under the blankets. Shapely C cups and neatly trimmed pussy. My head pounded like a busted fire hydrant so I just laid there until she woke up.

“What the fuck.”

“Hmm… Love you too.”

“I thought you didn’t want this until marriage.”

“No, but since it happened…”

I had to say… Jiayi had a fantastic body and lovely face, but I wasn’t that turned on. I had an erection of course, but it was not the kind of desire I had felt towards Cherylene. Jiayi was like the ideal girl you pinned for and when you did get her, it was like… Beauty in process kind of way. I was not sure if I was making sense but whatever.

She slipped my cock into her mouth and began to blow me slowly and steadily. Her loose long hair shined in the morning light like golden silk. She had love in her eyes. Jiayi‘s blowjob wasn’t nearly half as good as Cherylene‘s but it was beautiful in its own clumsy awkward way. She concentrated on her task and her hands were just pressing on my shin. After a while, I lifted up her chin and kissed her deeply. It was our first french, it was musky and syrupy. She laid me down and tried to ride me. She really was a virgin after all.

Jiayi spent like few minutes trying to slip my cock into her pussy. She was really wet and her pussy tightened. It didn’t feel as good as her mouth and I was strangely calm. She pounded in over and over again and moaned my name softly. I watched as her firm breasts bounced up and down while her pussy roughed up my cock. Her weight was pounding on to my waist too, and it was starting to hurt so I turned her over to missionary.

I pumped into her quickly. On top my head, I was thinking of Cherylene. I inched forward for a kiss and Jiayi extended her neck forward. I twisted her tongue over and bit her lips slowly. She had to move back and forth to rest her head, however, because I was shorter than her. Jiayi wrapped both her hands around my neck and pulled me down to her breasts. I took her left nipple with my mouth and massaged her clit with my free hand thumb while my cock pounded her pussy. It took me twenty minutes before I came inside of her.

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