JC Orientation Dance


I never knew that school could be this exciting, or sexciting for that matter. I was never the really adventurous type, but it took just one encounter to change my life. It all started when I was beginning my second year in a rather ‘respected’ JC well known for students’ hard core mugging and good grades. I had been placed as one of the orientation group leaders tasked with managing a bunch of newcomers fresh from the secondary schools, but I wasn’t keeping my hopes too high as muggers tend to be less-than-normal looking. In any case, months of hard work had been put in by the team of organizers from the student council and it was time for the fun and games to begin.

As part of the tradition, the group facilitators’ prank called each member individually. I looked through the list of nineteen names and decided to start with a girl called Vera. I looked up her Facebook and Instagram before dialing her number and I must say she looked really pretty yet innocent, probably one of the few in this in-coming batch of students. Based on her pictures, she stood at around 165 cm. She had a gorgeous smile and a fringe that flowed down to the side of her face, ending at her left cheek which made her absolutely adorable. She didn’t have huge boobs, but whenever she’s not in uniform she would be wearing spaghetti tops and skater dresses that hugged her slim figure perfectly, allowing her breasts to stand out without the need to be large. Her fitting tops would be accompanied by tight short shorts and FBT’s or skirts that ended half way up her thighs, showing off her smooth and toned legs.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for her to pick up the call.

“Hello? Is this Vera Tan?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“I am an investigating officer from the Media Development Authority of Singapore. We’ve recently found that a computer user has been accessing banned websites and downloading video files from those sites and traced them to your computer IP address. We also understand that you are under the age of 18, in which case your parents will be notified of your behavior. Legal action may be taken for the possession of pornography in your computer should a search turn up any evidence.”

“Oh my god, please don’t tell my parents please. They’ll kill me if they found out! I only did so because I was curious as to what my friends were all watching and must have accidentally clicked on the download link. Give me a second chance, I will delete everything. I will do anything you want,” she said in the most innocent voice I had ever heard.

“In that case,” I responded, “WELCOME TO ORIENTATION 2015 HAHAHA! You’ve just been pranked. Report to the multi-purpose hall at 7.40 am on Monday for the first day of fun and games! My name is Ryan and I will be your facilitator for the next three school days. Just look for the banner that says ‘That’s what she said'”

“Jeez, I was just playing around with you. Of course I knew it was a prank. See you there!” She said almost frustratingly, before hanging up on me. I guess I had unintentionally discovered a dirty little secret of hers…

Fast forward to day one of orientation.

The multi-purpose hall was packed with J1 students. It was 7.38 on the hall clock (Which the dean claimed was synced with atomic clocks via the internet so I guess it was pretty darn accurate.), and I thought she was going to be late. Then I saw Vera. The green school skirt she wore was much shorter than nearly every other girl’s, ending at – you guessed it – half way up her thighs. Apparently she didn’t purchase the school’s PE attire in time for the orientation, but had time to alter her skirt. She bounced energetically towards the rest of the group that had already gathered and stretched out her hand to shake mine, saying enthusiastically, “You must be Ryan!”

“Indeed I am.” I winked.

“You dirty boy,” she whispered as she tip-toed to match my 1.8m height.

I was a little taken aback by her comment there and then, but I guess it was no surprise considering what she had revealed to me over the phone. I already fantasized about her jerking me off the moment she put her hand out to shake mine… I got horny that quickly just from her simple act of greeting.

The day proceeded, and the first year kids played lots of games that involved running around the school and learned the first few steps of the batch dance. Since there were only nineteen people in the group, I partnered up with her for the dance. There was plenty of body contact during the dance so the whole time I was praying that I wouldn’t get an embarrassing erection (Thankfully my prayers were answered.). By the time it was late afternoon and time to go home, everyone was exhausted except Vera who shared that she was a dancer when it was time to introduce ourselves to each other; she was able to pick up the dance moves pretty quickly too. After dismissal I asked her if she wanted to stay back a while longer to ‘perfect the dance’ and she readily agreed, to my surprise.

As everybody else headed home, I led her up a spiral staircase right outside the MPH that lead to the second level of the hall. We went in and I locked the door behind me softly so she wouldn’t be able to hear it. After a good twenty minutes of practice, we were both perspiring as the air-conditioning in the hall had been switched off and decided to take a break. The white blouse stuck to her body and I could see her white bra as the blouse had become translucent.

“Are you staring at me?” She said in her extremely seductive voice.

“Uh, yeah. How can a guy look at you in this state and not admire your figure?”

Upon seeing her blushed, I decided to take the chance and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her in. Her eyes opened wide in shock as I pecked her on the lips.

“I know you were genuinely desperate when I posed as the MDA personnel. Besides, I have been fantasizing about you the whole day and I just can’t wait any longer. You’re so hot.”

She didn’t respond verbally, but I could tell from her body language she wanted more. Vera closed her eyes and we kissed slowly for a good three minutes before I gradually took things to the next level by prying open her mouth with my tongue and gently massaging her tongue. Another two minutes had passed and we paused to take a few breaths before resuming. I never knew kissing would be this draining.

I moved my hands unhurriedly from her neck to feel her shoulders and arms before reaching her waist again, breaking the kiss by suddenly spinning her around to have her back faced me. “Someone’s getting turned on eh?” She said as my rapidly growing bulge pressed against her ass. I quickly unzipped my pants and let the huge meat rest on her buttocks while I kissed her neck. She let out a soft moan of pleasure, “Ahhh…” And slowly stroked my penis with her right hand which made pre-cum dripped from the tip. While she worked her magic, my hands proceeded to casually fondle her firm breasts and I could feel her erect nipples through her bra. She quivered, letting out louder moans as I went on to pinch and circle her nipples with my thumbs.

When I lifted her skirt to expose a pair of boy shorts, she said weakly, “Wait, no penetration please? I don’t want to lose my virginity yet.” To which I responded, “No worries.” It was a sight to behold. The boy shorts tight around the roundness of her ass made sure to show those curves and she even had the added bonus of a thigh gap. Things could not get any better than this. I stuck my now fully erected cock beneath her underwear, in between her thighs and started to thrust back and forth. The sensation brought about from rubbing my penis lubricated with pre-cum between Vera‘s smooth inner thighs and silky boy shorts was intense. After a couple of minutes of thrusting, I spun her around and inserted my dick in between her vagina and shorts, so I could get to feel her pussy without penetrating her. More thrusting caused her moans to echo through the empty hall, forcing me to lock our mouths in another long kiss that involved our tongues in order to quieten her.

“I’m… Cumming…” I panted.

She hastily withdrew herself from me and went down on her knees, engulfing my penis in her tiny mouth and blowing me rapidly until I came. I came so hard that once her mouth was filled I took it out and splattered more on her face and blouse. She swallowed everything and collected the cum from her face and clothes with her hands, only to lick them up and swallow those too.

We quickly got dressed and made our way out before anyone discovered us, and I spent the night imagining what we had in store for the next two days of orientation…


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