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Story submitted by: Josiah

‘A’ levels was just over and Jodie was allowed by her parents to have a sleep over with her best friend, Rachel, at her house as a reward for all her hard work. Rachel was in Jodie‘s school and was also the same age as her.

Rachel: “Hi Jodie, so glad you could come!! We’re gonna have lots of fun together!! I also invited another friend, Michelle, she’s going to be here soon.”

Jodie: “Sure.”

Michelle arrives and Rachel introduces her to Jodie. As it is still in the morning, Rachel send her maid out to buy them some breakfast. The girls watch some TV, but soon become bored.

Rachel: “I’ve got an idea, let’s watch something else!”

Jodie: “What are we going to watch?”

Rachel: “You’ll see…”

Rachel brings her laptop out of the room and brings up some porn videos. She shows them to Jodie and Michelle.

Rachel: “How’s this?”

Michelle: “Mmmm…”

Jodie: “Ewww, I can’t believe you watch those kind of stuff.”

Michelle: “Don’t worry Jodie its fine. Everyone’s watching it.”

Jodie: “Really?”

Rachel: “Don’t worry about it Jodie, let’s go to my room.”

They go into Rachel‘s room and close and lock the door. Then they climb up onto Rachel‘s large queen-size bed. Michelle goes up to Rachel and starts to stroke her hair, and then kisses her. The two of them lock in embrace while Jodie stares at the computer screen, amazed at what the people are doing.

Rachel: “Come join us Jodie.”

Michelle and Rachel crawl over to Jodie and begin to touch her. Michelle removed Jodie‘s T-shirt and bra, revealing her perky white tits, while Rachel removes her shorts and starts to touch her pussy through her pink panties. Jodie knew it was wrong to be touched by girls, but the feeling was so good. Michelle and Rachel stripped off all their clothes, leaving them fully naked in all their glory.

Rachel was maturing much faster than the two other girls and had B cup breasts. Her pussy was clean shaven with cum dripping out from it. Her tanned body was perfectly toned as she was an accomplished ballet dancer. Michelle’s breasts were ‘A’ cups and her pussy was not shaved, but her face was like that of angel’s, innocent and cute. But underneath that innocent and cute look was the horny and kinky side of her which not many knew about. Jodie also had ‘A’ cup breasts and her pussy was also not shaved. She was slim and tall with beautiful long hair. Both Rachel and Michelle were naughty sluts. They had lost their virginity in Secondary 3 and had proceeded to fuck anyone willing from students to teachers. They also went around commando, offering lucky people free views of their private parts. Jodie, unlike the two was a class monitor and had a stellar track record of good behavior.

Michelle brought her mouth to Jodie‘s breast and began to lick it, twirling her tongue around her erect nipple. Rachel on the other hand went down, opened Jodie‘s legs up and started to kiss her thighs down to her wet pussy. After some time, Rachel then brought out her vibrator, turned it on and positioned it at Jodie‘s pussy. The vibrator touched her clit, and immediately sent waves of pleasure over Jodie.

Jodie: “Mmmm…ohhhhh…yesssss..Feels so good…yeah…..ohhhhh”

Rachel then covered the vibrator in Jodie‘s pussy juice and stuffed it into her mouth. Jodie at first balked at the taste but eventually got it down.

Rachel: “Mmm that’s my naughty little slut. Say it after me Jodie, I am your naughty slut.”

Jodie: “I…Am…. Your… Naughty….Slut.”

Rachel: “That’s right.”

She then slowly thrust the vibrator into Jodie‘s pussy. And after that was pure bliss…


Source: Josiah

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