It Was the PSL Camp During the June Holidays


I first saw Delia in Secondary 1 when we were being interviewed to enroll in the Peer Support Leaders (PSL.). Then, I was still relatively clean and only thought Delia to be a sweet looking girl.

Fast forward to Secondary 3, Delia and I managed to be on the PSL committee. We often needed to work together and as time flew, I was ever more attracted to her sexy curvy body. I was getting very horny.

It was the PSL camp during the June holidays and the committee was to run the camp. We had several water activities and Delia never failed to showcase her wet slender figure to arouse me. Her wet, slightly oversized dry-fit shirt sticking to her slim body. Unfortunately, everyone was told to wear dark clothes for the wet activities. However, I could still see the bumps of her sports bra that covered her miniature breasts under her wet clothes. Although they were small, they still managed to stand out on her slim small body. I stared long enough to realize that my rod had awakened and I immediately excused myself.

Night time came and the 6 committee members were to take shifts to patrol the area. We went in pairs and coincidentally, I was paired with Delia. Then came our shift to patrol. I woke up before Delia only to see her asleep so innocently. She looked so much better when she was asleep. Her loose t-shirt folding and her paper-thin FBT shorts, high on her thigh exposing her turquoise panties. I was ablaze with a raging desire to abuse her small vulnerable body. I imagined how easily I could carry her 1.55m body with my 1.85m and fucked her.

Without even realizing, my boner grew upwards almost jutting out my shorts. I neared her slowly like a predator approaching its prey. I scanned her whole sprawled body and eyed her crotch, moving a centimeter at a time. Then, I heard footsteps from far away and immediately tried to cover up my lust by waking her up.

By the time the previous pair arrived, Delia was already up bleary eyed. I cursed quietly.

Delia and I walked aimlessly towards the classroom block where the juniors were sleeping. We walked around twice and I managed to sneak a peek at the younger girls who were asleep. I saw that some were in their panties! I looked away immediately as Delia turned to look at me. We rested on a quiet staircase and sighed.

“It’s time,” I thought.

I massaged Delia‘s shoulders softly and she huffed a small moan. My palms covered her whole shoulder as they gently molested her neck and a bit of her upper chest. I was surprised that she didn’t react in haste like her usual self. She craned her neck in an oscillation as she enjoyed the pleasure of my massage. In fact, I was actually looking for her bra strap to realize she wasn’t wearing one! So I moved my palms down her back, into her shirt and up her stomach, then slowly crept my fingers up her small tits.

“Ok, you can use me. But only tonight.” She moaned.

I pressed my finger on her nipples and started rounding them. The skin around it was warm and smooth. The softness was unimaginable and I could feel my fingers just barely sinking in as I groped them. And when I did, she turned back to kiss my neck. She must have felt my cock pressing against her back as she had grabbed it with her delicate fingers. It grew harder. I couldn’t wait any longer. I carried her on her feet and pulled down her shorts and panties. Her ass was tight, petite, but ample for her body. I squeezed them slightly and I could already see her nicely shaved pussy. I licked her ass hole as my fingers slid past her undisturbed clit. It was fresh, unused.

“She is a virgin.” I confirmed mutely.

She moaned in utter pleasure only to have my dick slapping her calves. I spun her to face me and took off my shorts at the same time. Then I lifted her up to have her pussy on my face. I ate her up, biting the small hole with my lips. It was difficult to get anything to bite at as she was so tight. At least I could slurp on her leaking juices and licked her unopened cunt. I lowered her waist to my erected penis pressing it against her pussy. Her legs still on my shoulder, I pulled her closer to insert it into her. She cried in joy, but the quaver in her voice hinted pain. I resisted.

“It’s ok. Dayna said it’ll only hurt at first,” she whimpered.

I was startled at her determination. So in one fluid movement, my long rod was in her. Her legs fell to my chest and she wrapped them behind me. She sunk her nails into my back as I went slightly deeper. Our hearts raced and our breaths exchanged. I pounded her hard rhythmically and that synced with her cute squeaks.

I was on the edge and put her down. Almost immediately she grabbed my pole and put it in her small mouth. She didn’t seem to do anything but bit it softly. I asked her to grab my dick and rub it. Her fingers barely touched when she did, I thrusted her head to throat fuck her. As she gagged, I came.

Some warm semen dripped down her chin and I saw her first slutty face. I brandished my dick out her mouth and squirted a little more to her face. We were panting, battling for air. She licked my dick a bit more before standing back up. I helped her dress up and we continued our patrol. Best night ever.



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