It All Started with a Kiss


I was still in secondary school, taking my O levels that year. I was a fat boy, had a loyal bunch of bros but never had any luck with girls in my age range. Yeah, was sixteen then.

I loved to visit beaches alone, I visited Sentosa like at least once a month. It was then I met her. Let’s call her O.

O: “Hey there, can I place my bags under the shelter too?”

“Yeah, sure, please do.”

‘Holy shit’, was probably going on my mind. She was in hot pants, singlet with her black bikini bra strap sticking out on her left shoulder. Around 162 cm tall, 40 – 41 kg. Very skinny, probably max B cup. Her sweat glittered, found along her shoulders and arms when the sunlight hit her. I never forgot this sight of my first love.

O: “Thanks, you alone?”

“Yeah, as usual.”

O: “Ahhh, I see.”

She walked to the other side of the shelter, placed her bags on the opposite side of my bags.

And she happily took out her towel, placed it neatly on the hot sands and sat on it.

I never cared about her after that.

Soon later a group of guys asked to allow them to place their bags under the shelter too, they visually raped O when she was slowly rubbing herself neck down to her hands with sun block. It was then I noticed she took off her singlet already. I saw her sexy curves, very firm small sized boobs and her small tattoo on her back.

That sight was amazing and it sent a tingling sensation down on my little bro.

I turned away and ignored the whole scene. The guys started playing Frisbee far away and I continued my sun bathing.

Near evening, I decided to leave. I packed up my ‘ba long long’s and went off.

By the time I reached my apartment door steps, then I realized my Nokia 3000+ was missing. (3320 I think. That phone was the kind with the ball in the middle one.)

I grabbed my mom’s phone to text my own number, “Hey, this is XXX, and I lost my phone. Should any kind soul who picked it up, please tell me where to collect from you.”

My first love replied; “Hey XXX I am O! Remember the girl in black bikini? I have it with me. Tell me your address, I bring it over for you!”

Without hesitation, I called my phone.

A very distinct cute lady’s voice was heard through the speaker.


“Hey, where are you right now? I will head over to wherever you are.”

“I am like at CCK and I almost reached home. I tried to find you after those sickos saw your phone that is on the sand under the shelter and they did nothing about it.”

“Okay, I meet you at CCK MRT station, is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, okay! I will wait for you! See youuuuuu!” As she dragged her high pitched voice across this great communicating tool, my heart was beating rapidly.

It was the first time I ever spoke with a girl like that. I never had a girlfriend before and I started to know what was masturbating by thirteen. I was a forever alone, with my hand those years… I was addicted to Japanese porn with the cute girls screaming ‘Kimochiiii, yameteh kudasaiiii’. I bet you bros love it too. Sora Aoi was my love goddess.

I grabbed my wallet and sped off to CCK through stupid MRT train… And I met her.

“Thanks.” As I panted really hard.

“Dinner’s on me.” Were the words I said to express my gratitude for her kindness.

Where to find such a girl?

“Really? Yes!! Let’s have sushi later!” She smiled happily, “But I gotta shower first! See you later!”

She took my phone number before I even asked for it. Damn.

Sounds not convincing right? But yeah I really had Sakae Sushi with her at Bukit Panjang Plaza later.

Nothing hot, just a normal date to you. But it was meant to be my most memorable day ever for me.

I was in a simple berms and a tee shirt with slippers on. I didn’t care how I dressed. I met her at the bus stop, moved on quietly and awkwardly to the mall.

She was the one leading me, “Table for two!” She smiled as she said it to the staff, trying to allocate seats for us.

“Why are you so nervous? I can see you sweating! Is this your first date?”

“Yeah, I never dated anyone like this before.”

“Well… Chill! Let’s have fun!” She smiled again.

We introduced ourselves, it was then I realized she was three years older than me. Going twenty that year, waiting to enter NTU. I was just a secondary five student and I’m dating a girl who finished her junior college, awaiting University education? No way!

Our night ended when we bade farewells at that fateful bus stop right next to BPP.

She tip toed and gave me a peck on my lips, smiled and said, “You’re a really good guy, and you will be a great gentleman that will attract lots of girls in the future! Gotta slim down though. Work hard!”

I was shocked. Not at the peck on my lips, but the fact that a girl that was so stunning right in front of me, giving me such encouraging words…

She giggled.

My bus came and I said my final goodbye to my angel.

*My Ayumi Hamasaki message tone echoed throughout the bus.*

It was O. “Thanks for the dinner treat my silly blur boy, remember to check all your belongings before you leave!”

“Oh, haha, okay, I will. Thanks for everything.” I replied.

“Free tomorrow noon? I show you all my movie collections that we talked about just now.” I could imagine her voice and beautiful smile as I read the message.

“Oh cool. Sunday noon is all good for me. Where?”

What a kind of question I never regretted asking…

O’s message notification came, “My house of course.”

So the innocent me didn’t think about anything and just said yes.

Next day arrived and it was a hot Sunday noon. I made myself to her flat that was a few blocks away from Lot One. O fetched me over to her apartment.

“I live together with my sister, mom and dad have issues, doesn’t live here anymore. Sister is out for work right now, thus we are home alone!”

“Wow, okay.”

Her apartment was very neat, clean and tidy. Well furnished, large home theatre set, marble floor and walls painted with bright colors.

She took out her laptop, as I make myself comfortable on the couch. Then O brought out a bottle of Chivas, green tea and cups filled with ice.

“What’s that? Alcohol?” I said.

“Yes! I’m trying to get us a little tipsy and set the mood right.”

“What mood do we need here?”

Then she unlocked using the password on her laptop, it revealed one whole collection of ang moh porn videos. Little bro stood at attention with immediate effect. She was watching these before I arrived!

She gave me a cup with the liquor mixed and O downed her own entire cup of Chivas on the rocks. It was then I saw her hard erected nipples protruding out from her tee shirt.

I was astonished. I raped her using my eyes, from her face till her slim thighs.

“Drink everything! You will feel good later. Heee!” She demanded.

I held my breath and drank all of it while she double clicked on one of the icons. I knew what’s going to happen now. I stuck to my little devil, telling myself it’s okay.

At the same moment, her legs went over my flabby thighs as she grabbed me by the neck and stared into my eyes. Her gaze was amazing. The pull from her arms got me even closer and our lips met… Our Chivas coated tongue met.

“Follow my rhythm, in circles.” O commanded as the porn video’s sound echoed through the living room. “Ahhhhhh yeahhh.” Those American girls… Too loud.

The naughty me gestured her to sit on my lap while we continued my first kiss. I held onto her waist while I conducted tongue synchronization with her. She stood up, grabbed my tee shirt and took it off for me while she gave me that smirk on the face. She then sat down beside me and started prying hard on my belt and then my jeans. I arched my back to let her pull down my pants to knee level.

“I never did this before.” I exclaimed.

“My dear boy, I knew you are new to this. I have the whole afternoon to guide you slowly.” Upon hearing that, my little bro was so hard. I struggled with my jeans and everything dropped to the floor.

“Wow, you’re thick.” She boosted my ego as she stroked my protruding dick on my boxer. “I saw the exact same thing on the beach yesterday from far before I asked for your permission to share the spot.”

She stared at my dick with such intensity that I could blast my white commandos on her any moment.

She let go of my hard cock filled with so much pre cum on the head. O removed her top and her short pants, revealing that twenty cent coin hard nipples on her chest and naughty red g’s. (I never knew what was a G back then.)

She shifted that little piece of cloth aside and aimed for my cock. She was wet, it went in after four attempts as her entrance was really tight. I felt her warmth and that juices that came showering me with her love juices. She guided my hands to her boobs and I gave it a hard squeeze without hesitating.

I moved my hands to her waist and started thrusting her while she rode on me. “I am almost there…” I said as I almost reached my orgasm.

O stood up immediately, the silvery glittering threads of juices caught my attention. My expression changed when I realized I was doing it raw. Unprotected sex.

“I am on pills, don’t worry. Come to my room now!”

I tailed along behind her while her firm perky butts were bouncing. Her room was filled with perfume scent, it made me feel calm. O jumped on her queen sized bed, arched her back, turned over and gave me that intense look again.

I grabbed her ass that I wanted so much few seconds ago, placed my dick at a wrong angle which caused her to reach backwards to guide me in. The air con dried her love juices that were on my dick, I went in very roughly.

She let out her moan again as she arched her back even more. I humped her slowly, pulling her to my manhood when I shifted my groin forward for deep penetrations. She screamed, “Arghhhgh.” I could feel her juices came oozing out, her vagina walls pressing hard on my full erected cock, I knew she came.

I picked up speed on my repetitions as I breathed heavily and looking at her flawless fair skin body. I took my final breath and went as hard and fast that I could, slamming my thighs on her butt cheeks and I came everything inside her.

The both of us fell flat on her soft, furry bed. Gasping for air, I tilted my head to face her.

“I will take care of you…” I said.

She laughed. “Told you I am on pills. I won’t get pregnant, so chill my boy. But it was breathtakingly good for a virgin boy. You probably lasted ten minutes max.”

We giggled like little kids as I told her how I felt about the whole encounter.

“Oh, I gotta teach you what a foreplay is. You don’t come ramming on a girl without the mood! You should be glad that I prepared myself beforehand, or else it will probably be even rougher and painful!”

I had no idea what she was talking about. My boring life ended on this day, the day this girl unlocked the inner demon in me. Which I would touch on, in later posts. All my sexual encounters with my five ex-es and 20+ poly and university flings.

My life changed after that day.

O would meet me after school for dinner and ended up fucking each other.

During class, my mind was so distracted as images of naked O came flashing back.

It was then I started to look at my crush in a different way.

I was a very good friend with this chio bu from Malaysia, let’s call her X.

She quarreled with her girlfriends and got ‘exiled’ within their clique.

I took her in my clique as I found her to be a really poor thing, some even thought I was in love with her, which I really did.

She was a typical JB ah lian, vulgar words came out as soon as she opened her mouth.

But I always had something for such girls. I started to look at her being a good opportunity to have sex with.

So I was messaging O, or you would say sexting, I had a very hard one. The shape of my dick was pretty obvious on my pants.

X, sitting beside me, happened to notice it.

“Eeee, why are you steaming?” She replied with disgusted looks.

“Ohh, nothing much la. You see what my girl show me? How to not get excited?”

“Wah, ni de nu peng you ji gou li leh.”

Then I became really daring and shameless…

“Ya lor, make me steam until so hard. You help me can or not?”

I swore I saw her swallowing her saliva down, this image had been imprinted in my mind till now.

“Recess okay? Twenty more minutes only, tahan ah!”

Ding dong ding dong, rang the school bells indicating change of the class period.

I was still very hard, X told me to find her at the staircase at the extreme end of the corridor.

After the crowd went off, I made my way to find X. I walked against the direction of the class monitor who locked the classroom to avoid him seeing my dick.

I picked up speed and ran to my naughty ah lian, who was waving at me.

“Hahaha, why need to run? I did not know you so horny de. And since when you got a girlfriend? Never tell your jie jie!”

Oh, she was older than me by one year. And I called her jie jie sometimes.

I did not bother to reply her and placed my hands on the back of her head, lips met and started kissing her.

Our tongue battles were very intense, saliva dripped and she sucked all of it.

“Jie jie, do you know I liked you since three years ago? I love your pretty smiles. I knew I had to help you ever since they (Those bitches.), got angry with you.”

“I know la, no other guy bothers except you stupid di di. Now I return my favor for you.”

She reached for my pants and had her palm cupped on my dick. Moving up and down, rubbing that poor guy inside.

I reached below her blouse and slowly caressed her tummy and eventually reached her boobs. Grabbing those B cups was my dream these three years.

I gave her gentle squeezes, which made her let out a soft moan.

“Can we finish this fast? I also quite hungry… Need to eat before recess over.”

I went down and pulled down her panty in a swift moment, reached for my wallet and got the rubber.

I handed her the Durex condom and started to finger her. Her juices were dripping all over my hand, X was definitely enjoying the product of what O taught me after my first sex.

O spent hours, teaching me how to have a sensual foreplay with a girl before sex. I was just purely molesting her boobs and fingering the whole time that I did not pay much attention to her. She had at least four orgasms that very day. Everything came to light when I did my researches on the internet.

X pulled down my zipper, dropped my pants and boxer. Jerked my manhood and put on the rubber for me.

I placed her hands on the railing, pushed her gently to bend over and started poking her while grabbing her butt with her skirt on.

‘Piak, piak, piak’ sounds were made so loud that it echoed through the entire staircase.

Her pussy was quite loose, I knew she was a horny ah lian back in JB.

Her moans were so loud that it completely shrouded over my deep breathing.

X suddenly closed up the gap between her inner thighs and started vibrating while trying to squat down. I knew she came.

I continued to hold her butt, while ramming her, not giving her a chance to squat down.

I took a deep breath, pulled her butt to me and rammed her very hard. It gradually slowed down to a final deep penetration after I came into the rubber.

Feeling every pulse of the orgasm while depositing all my cum with my dick still inside her. Her moans eventually subsided after I came.

I pulled it out, threw away the condom at the back of the staircase and wore my pants. X did the same and we spent our last ten minutes feasting on the food.



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