It All Started with a Bump

Story submitted by: Mark

This is a Korean inspired story and resemblance is either intentional or coincidence.

Haejin never had a girlfriend. He was not bad looking, but no girl ever took notice of him.

One day he came with a friend who invited him to watch Mcountdown. His friend was a huge fangirl of PD101. She had been supporting the male trainees of the show. Since he had a major crush on her so he just accompanied her to the studio because of her. He didn’t know a thing about these idols.

He listened to several famous songs, but he really couldn’t understand how these fans went crazy about these idols. They were just human beings like us, he thought.

During their visit to the music show he saw many idols, male and female alike. He couldn’t deny that he’s attracted to these pretty female idols. They all looked so hot on their miniskirts and very short shorts.

While walking along with his friend, he accidentally bumped with Pristin leader Im Nayoung. She was rummaging in her bag that time, so when they collided, her possessions flew out of her bag.

Apologetically, he helped her pick up her things. Nayoung was very prim and polite. She’s also apologetic for not looking straight while walking. His friend as well as Eunwoo and Roa helped collect her things. They didn’t last long, Pristin members bade their goodbyes and gratitude as they went in the opposite direction.

During the commotion, without anybody else noticing, Nayoung slipped a piece of paper into his hand. He looked at her, her face impassive and unreadable.

The music show ended and he sent his friend home. Walking along the street, he checked the slip of paper given to him by Nayoung.

“Burn this after saving my number. Let’s meet. Don’t throw in the garbage.” Below this, Nayoung‘s phone number was written.

He followed Nayoung‘s instruction as written in the paper. Haejin saved her number and burned the paper borrowing someone’s cigarette lighter.

What was she playing at? Why did she ask to meet me? These questions ran through his mind as he lay comfortably on his bed as 12 midnight chimed.

His curiosity won and he sent a text message to Nayoung.

Haejin: “Hello, this is the guy who bump with you this morning. I burned the paper already.”

Nayoung: “Send me your address. And when are you free?”

Haejin: “Why?”

He waited for an answer, resending the same question, but three minutes, five minutes passed she didn’t reply. So he sent another message.

Haejin: (His complete address with his schedule for that week.)

Nayoung: “Thank you.”

Haejin: “That’s all?”

She didn’t reply again.

He thought it was weird that she didn’t leave a proper reply. He waited two weeks but she never as much appeared on his doorstep. His anticipation thinned until he completely forgot this peculiar conversation. He got so busy in university that he stayed up studying until early morning.

One Sunday early morning, he was reading a thick set of books, reviewing for an exam one month from then. 2:30 said his clock. A doorbell rung and disturbed his concentration.

Who the fuck visits at this time!? He almost blurted out. It didn’t matter if he shouted at the top of his voice. His apartment had good soundproofing. He chose this address because of their soundproofing that no one can disturb you except by pressing the doorbell.

Still fuming with anger he checked the door monitor to see who pressed the doorbell.

It’s Im Nayoung! What these hell was she doing here? At this hour at night? Haejin opened the door to find out.

Im Nayoung greeted with a polite bow and a soft ‘Hello’. Haejin replied with equal politeness, but he’s rather awkward.

Inviting her inside, locking the door again and directed her to his small sitting room.

She’s wearing a large gray coat as she entered. The coat was so huge it covered her whole body. She smelled so nice too. He can smell her sweet flowery perfume. Haejin was almost addicted to her smell already.

“You can sit here.” Haejin pointed to the small sofa facing his seat. “What do you want to drink? I only have instant coffee and hot chocolate for now. I haven’t gone to grocery for a while now, busy studying.”

Nayoung sat comfortably placing her small clutch bag onto the small living room table. And she stripped off her coat jacket, placing it on her arm rest.

Haejin’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets looking at the girl in front of him. Nayoung was wearing a white short-sleeved blouse. A bit see-through since Haejin can make out her white bra underneath and few buttons were left open so he can unmistakably see her cleavage. It was matched with a creamy-white coffee colored short skirt which blended well with her fair skinned killer thighs that you can almost think she’s wearing nothing below.

Nayoung was aware of his eyes scanning her whole body. Who can’t resist looking at her beautiful proportions? Everyone’s saying she had perfect proportions just like her fellow girl group leader Sowon. She wondered how she’s doing now. She missed her already after their short date.

To answer his question she said, “Just give me a glass of water.” Her lips curved into a smile. Her eyes staring back at him. And she crossed her legs almost making him see her matching white lingerie she’s wearing underneath.

Haejin, dumbstruck from her melting stare and seeing a glimpse of a white underwear, he clumsily went into the kitchen (Which was just an extension of his living room.), and got a glass of water from the dispenser.

His hands shaking, Haejin placed the glass of water onto the table. Before his hands left the glass, Nayoung touched his hands as she reached for the glass of water.

Her hands were so soft he thought. Nayoung didn’t let go of his hands as she drank the water, her eyes looking back at him.

“Um, Nayoung? Nayoung is your name right?” His heart pounding violently in his chest.

She nodded in reply.

“W-why did you g-gave your n-number and came h-here a-alone?”

“You don’t want me to come here?” She replied, left eyebrow raised.

“It’s not that I don’t want you here. But this is so sudden and I don’t even know why you’re here.”

“You need me and I need you, as simple as that.”

“I need you? And you need me? Like how?”

But instead of answering his question, Nayoung stood up, circled the small table and sat side-ways on Haejin’s lap. She coiled her arms around his neck and her lips closed his gaping mouth.

Haejin was so surprised to even react. He just sat there frozen as Nayoung sucked his lips, her tongue searching for his tongue. Her arms were tight around his neck as she pressed her chest hard on his body. And her ass was grinding his growing hard mound under her butt.

Forty seconds passed as Nayoung awakened the sleeping beast inside Haejin’s body. Their tongues met as Haejin started answering her kiss. Groans and hot deep breaths echoed as they exchanged their saliva in their drooling mouths.

Slowly Haejin’s hand began stroking Nayoung‘s legs, gently rubbing her inner thighs, slipping into her skirt, reaching deep into her crotch.

Nayoung didn’t stop his hand. She’s rather enjoying it. His hand felt ticklish on her crotch. Her hips reacting whenever his finger touched her camel toe.

Haejin noticed that she didn’t stop him from touching her under the skirt. He also noticed that her kisses became more intense whenever his fingers touched her sensitive place. He became more aggressive, he let his other hand get busy stroking Nayoung‘s soft breasts.

“Uuummmhhh, haaaaa~” Nayoung‘s groans dominated the whole room. Her hands touched him here and there with the intent of increasing his desire to fuck her. She wanted him to enjoy her as much as she enjoyed him. His touches aroused her so much, she felt her nipples erecting hard as they rubbed in the fabric of her bra while Haejin’s hand was squeezing them. She also felt herself sweating and her thong sticking into the lips of her moist cunt as her fluids began lubricating her tight hole making her ready to receive his hard cock.

Nayoung, you’re so wet already.” Haejin hissed between breaths while they were kissing. “I can feel it from the tips of my fingers.” To express his point, he drew a line along her crack with a stroke of his finger. The result was immediate. Her thighs closed tight on the hand that flicked her pussy as well as her hands clenched on his clothes.

“It’s because of you Oppa.” Nayoung breathed hotly into his mouth, her breasts heaving after each heavy breath.

Haejin increased the excitement by finally slipping his right hand into Nayoung‘s lingerie. He felt her thin bush with his hand and his fingers got moist in no time after inserting his middle finger into her waiting fuck hole.

“Nnngggg mmmmmnnnnn,” Nayoung‘s trembling groans spread throughout the room as Haejin played both her insides and her clitoris.

Haejin made her hotter when he inserted his ring finger along with his middle, then he formed a hook with them rubbing her vagina with the tips of his fingers while his thumb was busy flicking her clit. Nayoung‘s breathing became heavier and her groans louder as he hit her G-spot. Nayoung can’t explain the pleasure he was giving her just by the use of his fingers. She enjoyed rubbing herself too, but his fingers were so good she felt like cumming immediately.

Haejin was aware she’s enjoying his fingers a lot. He felt her pussy hole tighten whenever he flicked her clit. Being aware of this, he paused for a minute, unplugged his hand off her drenched pussy to unbutton her blouse.

Nayoung helped him undress her. She stood up facing him and began unbuttoning her clothes off.

“Fuck Nayoung, you look so hot.”

She indeed looked so hot. She sexily danced as she removed her buttons. Haejin also moved to action, undressing himself from head to toe. Both of them didn’t remove their stares as they striped on the spot.

Nayoung finished unhooking her bra, showing off her beautiful round tits and their brown nipples standing stiff in the excitement of their lovemaking. Nayoung was about to remove her skirt when Haejin placed his hand on her wrist to stop her.

“Leave it, just remove your panty.” Haejin smiled and kissed her, finally removed all his clothes, kicking his boxer away. Then his hand, still holding on to her wrist, pulled her hand and guided her to hold his huge bat.

Nayoung granted his wish just leaving her skirt on and stripped her underwear while her other hand was stroking his big D, her thumb rubbing his head. Her thumb got wet and sticky rubbing his head as pre-cum secreted out of the tip of his penis.

Haejin’s body felt the electricity coursed through his whole body as Nayoung beat his cock. Her soft hands pumping, he returned the favor by resuming in fingering her. He also guided her to sit on his lap again.

They continued their ministrations, both of them naked. Their bodies rubbing and their groans rising. Haejin didn’t leave her tits vacant. He started munching on her large soft breasts, sucking and slurping her nipples while his left hand were squeezing and kneading them.

Nayoung, who can’t bear the pleasure filling her inside out, clawed at his back. Her fingernails digging into his skin. Haejin felt this. Though her fingers hurt his back this was nothing compared to the delicious feeling of her hand stroking his cock as well as her breath on his neck as Nayoung licked and sucked his ears and jaw.

Nayoung was enjoying his mouth and his fingers so much. She’s been fucking with her Pristin members, but she never tried making out with any of the seventeen members. She thought she could try that. What if she did it solo? Thirteen of them fucking her. Or an orgy with her members? Not a bad idea too.

She’s been thinking these while Haejin was kissing her. Thinking about her plans of an orgy made her more excited.

Nayoung paused. Haejin, curious on what she’ll do, let her stand up. His hands were holding Nayoung‘s waist.

Nayoung knelt down in front of him. Haejin knew what she’s going to do so he spread his legs apart to welcome her. He had been waiting for her to do this a while ago while they were still dressed up. He wanted to see his cock inside her sexy as fuck lips. He wanted to see her face as she sucked the hell out of him.

The two of them stared at each other as Nayoung‘s hand wrapped around his gun barrel. Her hand was so warm on his cock.

Meanwhile Nayoung felt the veins of his cock pulsing under her hand. She can feel the hardness and the warm of his huge manhood. And the smell of pre-cum, oh my goodness, it made her dizzy with excitement. She can’t wait for his cock in her mouth.

Still staring into his eyes, Nayoung dropped her lips on his head. The effect was instant, Haejin jerked with a start.

“Fuck, Nayoung. That feels good already.”

Hearing this, she opened her mouth a little and let the head entered her mouth. Haejin clenched his fist on the sofa. I needed to get my grip. How can I last and enjoy this longer if I was already like this. This thought crossed his mind so he endured the pleasure his body was experiencing right now.

Nayoung accompanied her lips with the hot lewd licks of her tongue. Lashing and coiling up and his pole. Her other hand didn’t leave his balls vacant too. Nayoung played them around her fingers as her mouth swallowed him whole until the root of his cock, sucking.

Haejin felt himself melting as his head reached down into her throat. Her mouth was so hot that his cock felt like an iron melting in a furnace. It was driving him crazy.

Nayoung-aaaaaaaahhhhh, mmmffffmmmhhh. Fuck.”

After about five minutes Nayoung stopped her felatio and tapped him to stand up. “Do me Oppa.”

Haejin nodded in response, stood up and made her lay comfortably on the love seat, lifting her skirt up to her waist and opening her thighs wide.

For a while he scanned the obscene figure in front of him. He stared at her round jugs for a while, but stared longer at her drooling cunt.

Haejin kneeled down between her thighs and lowered his face onto her wet mound, licking her outer lips first.

Nayoung arched her back on contact, her thighs tried closing together, but Haejin forced them open as he caressed her inner thighs with the tips of his fingers, adding up to the excitement Nayoung was feeling as he ate her nut.

She also felt her body melting from every flick his tongue did to her clitoris. Haejin also gave her the occasional kiss around her crotch and the frequent slurping of his lips on her twitching cunt. Haejin made it hotter as he licked the gap between her butthole and her glistening pussy.

Nayoung loved it so much that she groaned and moaned as she held tight on his hair, her fingernails scratching his scalp, pushing his face towards her fucking wet vagina.

“Oppaaaahhh ooohhhh it is so g-good aaaahhhh!!!” Nayoung growled while her hips moved on its own, responding to Haejin fiercely sucking and gently biting her clit while his two fingers dug her tight tunnel.

Nayoung felt her insides clenched, her body trembling as a hot gush of cum filled her vagina first, then violently squirted out while Haejin was fingering her. Haejin didn’t let her love juices go to waste. He had his mouth catching every splash of liquid coming out of Nayoung‘s cunt. Licking off her cum that flowed out on her butthole.

When Haejin finished cleaning her with his mouth Nayoung said, “I am ready Oppa.” Her eyes staring intently onto him, pleading for him to finally invade her with his huge gun.

Haejin didn’t hesitate. Lifting Nayoung a bit, he kneeled on the cramped sofa and guided his penis as it entered into her waiting fuck hole.

Both of them felt it. Nayoung‘s pussy muscles immediately closed right away as it accommodated the large object that was pushing its way deeper into her. Haejin moved his hips, pulling and pushing his cock as it rubbed smoothly inside her soaking wet vagina.

Haejin and Nayoung groaned and roared for every thrust and push. Nayoung thought her cunt was going to be torn apart, his cock hitting hard on her womb on each thrust he did.

“Hah hah hah ha~” Their voices breathed in harmony with the rhythm of their bodies.

Nayoung, fuck, you’re so tight.”

“O-oppa you’re so big. I felt like cumming again.”

A couple of minutes later, she indeed climaxed again. Haejin felt her fluids enveloped his cock as it flowed out of Nayoung.

Haejin felt his hips got sore in that position. He stood up unplugging his cock off Nayoung‘s vagina. He turned her around and directed her hands holding the arm rest. He aimed his cock again into her cunt, his cum still trickling down her thighs and thrusted his way back inside her.

“Ah ah ah ah aaaaahhhh~” Their breaths echoed inside the room once again as Haejin pounded Nayoung‘s ass. Nayoung felt his cock hitting the right spot as it repeatedly rubs her inside. It was a glorious feeling. Both of them were full of lust.

They were half way in their love making when they heard the ring of a phone.

“That’s mine.” Nayoung said while Haejin was still ramming her back.

Pausing for a while, Haejin reached for her bag without unplugging his cock from Nayoung‘s hole. Nayoung answered the call.

It was her manager.

“Yes, manager-nim. I just went out to get a fresh air.” Nayoung said through the phone.

While Nayoung was talking with their manager, Haejin decided to continue fucking her. Slowly at first he moved his hips again.

Slightly taken aback, Nayoung endured the pleasure she’s feeling while she answered the phone. She thought it was so sexy, the prospect of being discovered through the phone increased the lust she’s feeling right now.

Haejin hastened his pace. Nayoung was alarmed by this, his powerful thrusts started to shake her voice.

“Why is your voice shaking?” The manager asked through the phone. “Are you running?”

“Y-yes man-nager-n-nim. I-I am j-jogging r-right now.” She made a rhythmic breathing to act her point.

“Oh, just get back to dorm quickly. I will let you off this time.”

“Yes, thank you m-manager-n-nim! Bye.” Then she dropped her phone and resumed holding tight on the armrest. Her breathing louder now that there was no danger of being discovered.

Still pounding her Haejin said, “Jogging? Or you mean fucking?” He sniggered in between heavy breaths.

“Just d-do it faster. I need to g-go back im-meddiately! Aaaah.” She said a bit irritated but still enjoying him.

“I am near Nayoung. Just be patient.” He quickened his pace, his cock pumping like a car engine as his momentum built up.

Nayoung‘s body rocked harder as Haejin rammed her with more powerful thrusts. More fluids filled her vagina to lubricate her from his violent push. Her pussy felt sore yet her muscles clenched tighter to suck his cock further.

Her body gained more heat from his pounding completely simulated with lust for the man fucking her. She also moved her body to receive every blow his cock did to her womanhood. Lust overwhelmed her that she barely felt the pain as his cock was hitting her cervix hard. She’s on the verge of fainting when she felt a gush of hot sticky liquid filled her womb until she’s too full to contain him. She clenched her vagina to squeeze out the cum out of his cock. It was a splendid feeling. She felt like she’s in paradise as Haejin’s sperm seeded her.

She wasn’t worried, she drank pills on the way here so that she can fully receive his lust for her.

Nayoung‘s arms and legs buckled as exhaustion washed over her. She collapsed on the sofa and Haejin’s cock came out with a plop. Haejin can see the cum leaking out of her reddening cunt. She’s too spent to even turn to a more comfortable position so with Haejin’s help, he hoisted her sitting upright on the sofa, her breasts heaving quickly.

Haejin exited the sitting room and went back with a roll of paper towels. He then crossed the kitchen to hand her another glass of water.

Nayoung, with her still trembling hand, accepted the glass of water and gulped all its contents. Haejin got himself busy whopping off the cum on his penis as well as the one leaking down Nayoung‘s thighs.

“Thanks.” Nayoung said weakly.

“You’re drinking pills right?” Nayoung responded with a slight nod. “Continue drinking at least for three days just to be sure you won’t get preggy. Okay?”

“I know, I know. But thanks still.” Nayoung‘s voice is still weak. “Can you get my clothes for me? I am too tired to stand up.”

Haejin helped her get dressed. He watched her as she put her clothes in the right places. His cock even went hard again as he watched her put on her bra and her panty. It was a sexy scene. She slowly pulled it up her long legs, her eyes looking straight at him. He also helped her hook her bra to her back. He pecked her neck and her shoulders as he fumbled with the hook.

After a good short rest, Nayoung bade her farewell to Haejin by giving him a last round of five minute mouthful kiss.

“Thank you so much. I enjoyed your company a lot.” Nayoung pecked her last.

“Me too, I wish we can meet again.” He pecked her one more time, hugging her tight.

It was 3:51 when Nayoung left his apartment. After ten minutes while he was still reflecting on what happened today, he heard his phone ring.

He read the message, “See you next time.” With a heart emoji after the text.


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