Innocent Young HR Officer / Others Encounters


These encounters happened a few years ago when I was still with my previous company. I was an account executive in the company and my job required me to travel around Singapore daily, therefore chances of meeting strangers were high.

My company had around twenty over staffs, but the turnover rate was real high. At that point of time, HR, reception and Finance departments got people resigned, therefore the company really short of manpower. My HR officer (This HR was plump and not pretty therefore no need to say anything about her.), had tendered her resignation and her last day will be in two weeks’ time, therefore a replacement will be needed urgently. There were quite a number of interviewees coming to apply for the job, but most of them CMI one. Until one day, there was this young SYT that entered our office. She was nineteen years old, height around 1.55m, waist probably around 22 inches, A cup. In fact, her body nothing to shout of but really got a SYT look (Vivian Hsu look alike.). I was thinking that finally my office got someone that I can target on liao moreover my dream gal still young. I quickly walked to my HR exec’s desk and told her to hire her. (I was in good term with the HR, so if the SYT not too bad, she would hire her.) As I was in a hurry for a meeting, I can’t wait until she finished interviews and see how was the result. So sad…

The next day my HR told me that she had already hired her as an HR officer… Ho say liao… And my office rendezvous started here… Not only one, but a few encounters.

After a week or two after hearing the good news, Vance finally joined us as an HR officer. She was wearing a white blouse with a black skirt on her first day (Normal office wear.), and was sitting only three tables away from me. She had to walk past me to her seat and at that point of time we only greeted each other with a smile. But the aroma of her perfume and her Vivian Hsu’s looks really started the flag raising ceremony early in the morning in my company. Can really see that all my other colleagues also cannot resist the temptation of having her as breakfast that day. I felt that I was like a pervert that kept glancing at her and at some point of time she saw me looking at her but I just pretended that I was thinking of something. After around half an hour, my HR exec brought her to me and said:

HR exec: “Hey Killer, this is our new colleague Vance.”

Me: “Hi Vance. Nice meeting you and glad to hear that you had joined us.”

SYT: “Nice to meet you too. It’s my pleasure.”

HR exec: “Wah Killer so ke qi ah. Vance he is our lover boy in the company, ni yao siao xin huh.”

Me: “Why say till like that?”

HR exec: “Haha. In fact, he was the one who asked me to employ you one.”

SYT: “Really!”

HR exec: “Aiyo, married already still like that.” (I was simply astonished by what she had just said.)

HR exec: “Hahaha. Okie lah, in fact, he is a very approachable guy, anything you are not very sure, he might be able to help you.”

SYT: “Ya, this is what I think too. Next time tuo tuo zhi jiao ok?”

Me: “Sure.”

Shook her hands and off she went to meet the rest of my colleagues. That bloody bitch just pua kang tuo, and said that I was married. Hai. In my heart, I was thinking if you needed any help physically, I would be the first one to come to you. Smelled my hand also got her perfume, really steamzz…

I purposely postponed all the meetings on that day because I want to have lunch with Vance. I knew that it will certainly be possible because I had a good relationship with HR and Finance gals. Once noon, I quickly asked them whether they want to lunch together, they just said, “Wah today so free ah.” But did not question much. As usual practice, the HR exec asked Vance whether want to have lunch together so she can know more about the other colleagues, she agreed and off we went to the nearest eating place.

It happened that she sat just beside me on my right. Wow, what a lucky day. When I turned, I could actually see that she was wearing a light pinkish lacy bra. I kept on peeping and yet at the same time afraid that other colleagues might see. (All those that went for lunch were ladies therefore if they saw that then will be very embarrassing.) During lunch, we will usually joke and talk about anything, at times I will say some dirty jokes and I could see that Vance was flushing. (Her shy look nearly caused me to explode into my pants.)

Me: Vance, are you ok? Sorry if I make you uncomfortable.” (Still looking at her lingerie, really can’t take my eyes off that seducing lacy bra.)

Vance: “Oh, I am okie… You are a funny guy.”

Me: “Funny. You are saying I try to be funny?”

Vance: “No. No. I am trying to say that you can joke well and it’s funny.”

Me: “Haha. Just kidding.”

Vance: “Wei… You are so naughty.”

Vance: “By the way, my friend will be joining us next week, she is more daring than me. Hahaha, by then she can challenge you already.”

Me: “Huh? We need some many HR meh?”

Vance: “Nope. She will be joining us as a receptionist.”

Me: “Really?”

Vance: “Yup, she was my secondary school mate but did not manage to get into poly but we still keep in touch and recently she said that she is looking for a job, therefore I intro her because when I came for interview, I saw some gals interviewing for receptionist.”

Me: “I see I see. She pretty or not?”

Vance: “I thought you are married?”

Me: “I am just hoping that there will be more gorgeous ladies like you to beautify our company.”

I could see her grinning. Fortunately, I twisted it well. Overall can consider that it was a good start as she had quite a good impression on me. It might not be a bad thing that she knew that I was married because I always believed that if gals agreed to play along then great! No strings attached. If don’t agree, then forget it, better than next time treat you like an enemy. We continued our conversation as lunch time had not ended, I got to know that she got a boyfriend and was with him around a year, this was her first job after she graduated from poly. She was staying somewhere near to our company. Got to know some of her hobbies and what she usually did. ‘Zhi ji zhi bi, bai zhan bai shen.’ which meant ‘know her better then easier to up her’ in Samster language. Hahaha, no offense.

Best of all, her friend will be joining my company soon, moreover, she said that she was a daring one… Haha, hope that her friend was as sweet as her therefore if cannot get her, take her friend also not bad.

As per usual SOP, lighted up a cigarette on the way back from lunch. Amazingly, I saw Vance lighting up her cigarette too. I asked her “You smoke ah?” She replied, “Cannot meh… Blap…” (Sticking out her tongue.) OMG, she got a tongue stud. I was thinking, this SYT should be a wild gal that had innocent look. TCSS along the way and got her MSN address.

Throughout the week, keep on MSN her, smoked with her, basically we TCSS about everything under the sun. In fact, she was not that shy when we talked about dirty jokes and some personal matter, it was just that she was not used to it because that day was only her first day. Frankly speaking, I was a very outgoing person (Need to handle clients every day.), therefore, our relationship built up fast and we clicked well. I will call her Darling in front of everyone but she always very shy. (My colleagues did not say anything because I call lots of people Darling in the company.)

Me: “Hey, tomorrow is the weekend, you got any programs?”

Vance: “Nope, you wanna date me ah?”

Me: “Fat hope. Just ask only lah.”

Vance: “As if I will agree.”

Me: “Where you usually go during the weekends?”

Vance: “Stay at home.”

Me: “Huh! Did not go out with your boyfriend meh?”

Vance: “He always stays at home play game, so I accompany him lor, nothing much.”

Me: “Wah, stay at home play what game? SM ah…”

Vance: “…”

Me: “Haha. Don’t bluff me lah, sure got do something one, I married man already you thought I am kid like you ah, it’s very normal one mah. 21st century, my dear.” (Don’t know why young gals always cannot stand people saying them ‘kid’.)

Vance: “Ya lah, you old uncle already, very experience lah.”

Me: “Oh please, I haven’t reached thirty you say I’m uncle?”

Me: “By the way, whole day did not go out meh?”

Vance: “Sometimes the whole day at home.”

Me: “Wah then how many times you all exercise at home?”

Vance: “…”

Me: “Say lah… I tell you mine later. Hehe.”

Vance: “I suppose normal like the rest of other couple loh.”

Me: “Then is how many times?”

Vance: “Around three to four times lah.” (Damn it, her boyfriend was so lucky. If I was her boyfriend, I also don’t want to go out.)

Me: “One day three to four times you say normal ah. Hai… How good to be young.”

Vance: “Aiya… Don’t keep saying such things lah. Se gui. So naughty, I tell your wife.”

Me: “Wife not here, then I naughty mah. Haha… Nan ren bu huai, nui ren bu ai.”

Vance: “Whatever.”

Vance: “Hey. Wanna smoke?”

Me: “Smoke mine?”

Vance: “Idiot.”

Me: “Haha. Okie. Let’s go.”

Went for a smoke with her and discovered something… She got a tribal tattoo behind her neck covered by her hair. OMG… After TCSS with her, she told me that she had another one on her lower back. I was like WTF… Smoke, tongue stud, high sex drive and now tattoo, it was really like an angel turning into a devil…

I did not contact her during weekend because she said she will be with her boyfriend. For me the same thing, will be with my OC. It was good to let her miss my dirty horny jokes for two days…

On Monday morning, as usual dragging myself out of the bed (Monday blues.). The only thing to motivate me was the aroma of Vance‘s body. Never failed to stimulate me when she walked past me. Even thinking of that made my little bro struggling out of my boxer in order to salute me when I was brushing my teeth.

Once I stepped into the office, I saw a CFM face sitting on the couch in the reception area. Wow… What a good day. Can see that she was quite tall for a gal and she had a pair of real long and slim legs. She was wearing a top with a cardigan outside and folded skirt above her knee. Just imagine seeing her long legs with short folded skirt, sitting there and crossing her legs. Wah, nose bleeding with just a few glances. Didn’t dare to peep because she might be our client, in case she thought that I was a pervert. Crazy ideals running round in my mind…

Before I intended to ask those colleagues that came earlier than me, who the hell was this gorgeous lady, Vance entered the office. Wearing her killing office wear again, but of course a different shirt. Damn… She re-bonded her hair, made her look more like Vivian Hsu.

She approached the lady and chatted with her. Really a big question mark above my head. Impossible for HR to meet clients, not likely she needed to interview anyone as she was also new to the company, etc… Occasionally, I glanced towards that direction to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the two beauties. Vance saw that and I gave her an eye signal for her to introduce. She came towards me together with her, OMG my heart almost pounded out.

Vance: “Killer, this is my friend Kylie, she is our new receptionist.”

Me: “Oh, I see. Nice name.”

Me: “Hi Kylie, great to hear that.” (Had a clear look at her now, she was really gorgeous and made me feel like hugging her right away.)

Vance: (Whispered.) “This is the friend I am talking about.” (Evil grin.)

Short description of Kylie:

Big and seductive eyes, thick lips, long straight hair.

Height: Around 1.67m.

Body: 33B, 24, 34 (More to meaty type.).

Complexion: Tanned.

BBBJ: Yet to try (How I wished.).

FJ: Yet to try (How I fetish.).

RTF: Had not try how to RTF… Hahaha.

She was more to meaty type, but she was definitely not plump, she really had a nice body curve. Similar to Taiwan celebrity Xiao Pan Pan type.

Basically working in a small company, you will be multitasked. I always cursed and swore on that. But only this task, I really wanted to thank my company. My HR exec was on MC on that day, I was told to give Kylie an orientation and guide her on what to do as I knew the whole operation well. Therefore, I showed Kylie around the office, upon reaching the pantry, as the pantry was just a small area, I accidentally banged onto her while making a turn. I quickly apologized and she just smiled without saying anything. (What a lucky day, although it was just a slight bang but can feel that it was bouncy.). Introduced her with other colleagues and also my boss, all of them stared like never see gal before. But can say quite true because previously my office gals were either normal looking or some were really fat and ugly. Showed her to her desk and asked whether she got any MSN and bingo. Got her MSN and told her that previous receptionist had downloaded MSN on the computer. She thanked me for the orientation and I went back to my desk. She was sitting on my right side. How to concentrate working while Vance on my left and Kylie on my right?

I added her in MSN immediately and started to chat with her, first day of work, therefore nothing much for her to do, chatted with her some normal stuff in order to understand her more. Hehe. As usual, it was lunch time, therefore I walked to her desk and asked her to join us for lunch, she agreed as Vance had already asked her to go with us. While I was having wild thoughts on how good will it be if I can tarma with Vance and Kylie, at this point of time she took off her cardigan and I could see her two melons (.)(.), and her deep cleavage. I thought she was only a firm B cup, but I think I was wrong, she should have a C cup instead. I was just like lack of oxygen in the brain and my blood only flowed in one direction towards the groin area. Last night just watched Taiwanese entertainment show and saw how sexy Xiao Pan Pan wore and how nice her pair of boobs were and yet now live show right in front of my eyes. She was not as pretty as XPP but her figure and her long legs really resembled her in some ways. She continued with two words ‘shall we?’ I was thinking why not, shall we go for a quickie rather than you meant shall we go for lunch. Hai.

On the way to a shopping center near to our office, Vance suddenly came to me while Kylie was talking to other colleagues.

Vance: “Hey, how was my friend?”

Me: “What you mean how?”

Vance: “Is she pretty? I thought you keep asking me that.”

Me: “Okie lah.”

Vance: “You sure ok only, I saw you keep peeping at her.”

Me: “Oh please. If you got a body like her, I will look at you too. Haha.”

Vance: “Go and die lah. Blap.” (Her signature action.)

(By then, we always joked this kind of dirty joke. I felt that the more you say the gal is not so pretty, the more she will want to dress and make up for you to see. But of course, what I said to Vance and what I thought about her were two different things.)

Me: “How your weekend? How many times? Haha.”

Vance: “…”

Me: “Xiao mei mei don’t dare to say, what’s there to be shy of?”

Vance: “You wanna know for what?”

Me: “That means really got do with your boyfriend lah.”

Vance: “You really very kapoh leh.”

Me: “You tell me yours and I tell you mine, ok?”

Vance: “Aiya, twice only lah, you happy?”

Me: “Wow… Then you must be sad because for you thrice a week then normal. Haha.”

Vance: “Go and die lah. Blap…”

While having lunch, it was quite normal for us to chat and I think maybe they were addicted to my dirty jokes already. Kylie seemed to be ok with that moreover at times she would ‘pei he’ with my jokes.

Some findings for Kylie:

Smoker: Yes.

Boyfriend: Yes (Relationship quite shaky already.).

Virgin: Don’t think so.

Tattoo: Yes. (She told me when I asked her, did not see before.).

Character: Should be wild.

Kylie seemed like an easier catch to me, but Vance was a SYT gem that I would not want to miss. How I wished that there was a gal with Vance‘s face and Kylie‘s body at my office. What I did for the rest of the week was MSN with both of them, TCSS, smoked and lunched together, building up the relationship.

As weeks passed by the relationship of Vance, Kylie and me had already become very strong, we simply talked about anything under the sun. They will tell me their problems at work, with boyfriends and even their sex lives. In return, I will also disclose some of mine to them and gave them some advice. For your information, both Vance and Kylie had problems with their boyfriend as they felt that both their boyfriends always flirted around.

One fine morning when Vance came to work, and as usual we MSN…

Me: “Hihi.”

Vance: “What?”

Me: “What happened? You seem unhappy.”

Vance: “Nothing lah.”

Me: “Tell me lah, I give you some advice. Boyfriend did not give you enough is it?”

Vance: “Go and die lah…”

Me: “Haha, joking lah. I know confirm is BGR again.”

Vance: “Aiya, don’t say le, I am very fan already.”

Me: “Tell me what happen then I help you lah, see you unhappy makes me unhappy too.”

Vance: “I broke off with my boyfriend already.”

Me: “Huh! What happened?”

Vance: “Last Saturday he went out with his friend, but when I say I wanna join, he doesn’t let me join him.”

Me: “Give him some freedom lah, relationship is just like a kite, pull too hard, string will snap.”

Vance: “I know, but he always like to flirt around with the waitress.”

Me: “How you know, maybe just casual sex.”

Me: “Oops… It’s casual friend.”

Vance: “I so sad le you still like this.”

Me: “Aiya don’t be sad lah, if he is like this then broke off also a good thing for you mah.”

I continued to MSN with her and of course also with Kylie for a while, then rushed out for a meeting. They will always call me around lunch time to see whether I can rush back for lunch with them or not. I really think they were addicted to my dirty jokes already. Haha… Unfortunately, on that day I was unable to go back because really busy.

After all the meetings with clients and answering them tons of question really made my mind want to explode. While driving home, I received a call from Vance saying that she was very depressed therefore she asked whether I would like to have a drink or two or not. Although I was tired, but it was the first outing with her alone moreover go pub. Thinking of that made both of my heads woke up. Quickly rushed to her house and picked her up. She was wearing a pants (Those pants gals liked to wear in the gym.), and a white singlet. She was wearing a black thick frame spec, really sporty look man. Fantasizing it was Vivian Hsu wearing a sporting outfit with a spec really made me had an instant hard on. She said her contact lens was dry therefore she wore a spec, but I suspected she cried earlier on.

Off we go to a pub in Chinatown, we had lots and lots of alcohol, I was not a bastard to make her drunk, she insisted on drinking and I tried to stop her. She was so depressed and just wanted relieve pain by drinking. Throughout the drinking, she did go out for a few long phone calls and when she was back after the calls she would drink even more. What I can do to console her was to lend her a listening ear and drank with her. At that point of time, I really got no heart to take advantage of such a pathetic, sweet little gal, the only feeling was to protect her and care about her. I gave her a hug and told her everything will be fine as there were so many trees in the forest, trying to console her etc…

As it was getting late, I footed the bill and we left the pub. On the way to my car, she said she didn’t want to go home first and hope that I can accompany her a little while more. Hai… She gave me those looks how to reject. Bought some more E-33 from 7-11 and up we went to the famous Mount Faber. We went to the peak of Mount Faber to enjoy the scenery and drink more at the same time. After a bottle of E-33, she asked whether she can lay on me? Of course I was more than happy. She then shifted just in front of me and lay on my chest. When I looked down, I can see her cleavage moreover, she was wearing a white lacy bra, once again an immediate hard on. I think she can feel that, but WTF how to control under such circumstances? She suddenly turned over and gave me a peck on my cheek and thanked me for accompanying her. This point of time, small head overruled, I held on to her and kissed her lips. She looked at me and I looked at her for ten seconds, then she moved forward and kissed me. We frenched passionately there. My hand started to move to her breasts as I wanted to feel that lacy bra of her since the first day when I saw her. She immediately held my hands away from her breasts and said, “Don’t want, later people see.” I apologized to her and also told her that I really could not control myself and told her that the first day I saw her I had a good impression of her. She told me she felt the same, but it was just that I was married and she had a boyfriend therefore she was also trying very hard to control. After five minutes of silence, we decided to pack and go.

(During that five minutes, I was thinking whether she rejected me from touching her or she was uncomfortable that other people saw her intimating in the public.)

On the way back to the car, both of us still remained silent, probably it was because both of us were confused why we would actually feel for each other and resulted in such actions. While driving down the slope of Mount Faber, I saw a public car park somewhere in the mid of the hill, I decided to pull over in the car park and tell Vance how I felt. Probably Vance was also wondering why therefore when I stopped at the car park she did not even realize it until I tapped her.

Me: “Are you ok?”

Vance: “Oops… Why are you stopping here?”

Me: “I just wanna tell you how I feels before I send you home.”

Me: “I am really sorry for what I did just now, if you are offended.”

Vance: “Not really. I am just confused.”

Me: “I know I have wife and you have a boyfriend, but I just can’t control myself. Whenever you told me that you argued with your boyfriend, I feel like hugging you and protect you from being hurt. I just don’t bear to see you in this manner.”

Vance: “I am controlling myself very hard too, I understand that we are both attached and should not behave like this, but whenever you mentioned your wife, I would be very jealous. These few weeks my heart was never with my boyfriend, but you, it makes me feels bad, I don’t wanna be third party therefore I am really confused now…”

I was simply speechless and looked at her in her eyes. The ambience and the sentimental music from Class 95 instigated me to move forward to her and gave her a real warm and tender hug. At that point of time, thoughts of boyfriend and wife suddenly vanished into thin air and we started frenching each other like no tomorrow. I did not do anything other than a good kiss as I wanted to let her know that I really cared for her and protected her whenever she was down, not just concerned about sex. We stopped kissing and drove off when a headlight flashed across our car. (I think that place lots of people hangy panky there. Damn…)

In fact, thoughts of having her with me for the night made me erected and I was pretty sure that my precums had already stained my boxer. Small head trying to overrule big head, but big head still trying hard to be rational, mentally struggling to control myself while driving down the hill. Out of the sudden, Vance said: “Stop!” In my heart, I was thinking whether was it that she regretted what she had done just now and want to get out of the car immediately therefore I jammed brake and stopped the car. (Fortunately, no car behind at that point of time.)

Vance: “Do you feel for me?”

Me: “Yes, definitely. Can’t you feel that?”

Me: “What about you?”

Vance: “Yes… In fact the feeling became stronger and stronger after the first few lunches with you.”

Vance: “I know I am stepping out of the line, I don’t want to break up your family but can I have you for tonight? Just you and me for tonight.”

Me: “You sure you wanna do this? I am certainly fine with that because I really feel for you, but I don’t want you to do this because you just broke up with your boyfriend or because you drank a lot just now.”

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