Indecent Proposal

This happened some years back when I was working for a MNC IT firm. My company annual dinner and dance was coming up and everyone in the office was abuzz with expectations and anticipation about what to wear, who to bring, which colleague to make the move on etc. Me? I was senior management and therefore was always busy with my work running around in meetings and conferences. I wasn’t really getting very much woman action outside of the office and thus, I was prepared to go for the Dinner and Dance on my own, like most unmarried department heads.

Three days before the function, a colleague of mine, Derek, approached me with a proposal. He had the hots for this colleague, Grace, and wanted to ask her for the Dinner and Dance. But she would not go with him as she had already made a ‘pact’ to go with her girlfriend, Cheryl, a girl working in another department. Grace did counter-propose to Derek that if he could find another date for Cheryl, then they could all go as two couples. That was why Derek approached me. He was my smoking buddy and we got along quite well, him telling me about all his escapades while I told him all my nights at home watching cable. He told me that it was going to be fun and if I did him this favor, he would return one in kind the next time. Now, getting favors from Derek was a good thing, because he was truly a woman’s man and was very resourceful for everything that you needed. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I agreed.

And this was the beginning of a very intense, exciting change to my life…

Now, a little introduction about the two ladies. Grace, the one that Derek wanted to get his dick in, was in her early 20s. Soft-spoken, sweet, a little ‘blur’. She had shoulder length hair, nice big brown eyes, and a smile to die for. Her body was curvy, but not voluptuous, more like a runway model, pleasing to the eye, but no Pamela Anderson.

Cheryl, on the other hand, was the department’s ‘Big Sister’. She was in her mid 20s and had been with the company for four years. So she took it upon herself to indoctrinate and lead the younger ones in her ways. She had the right curves in the right places, with the distinct trademark of wearing low cut spaghetti strapped tops that showcased at least half of her 36C (That’s what Derek told me then.), globes. I was told that everyone in the office had tried to get her out, get her drunk and get her laid. But I was also told that everyone who tried got her out, got themselves drunk, and got home alone…

So I was not anticipating any hot sex action from this ‘sister’, as I was only going along for the temptation that Derek (Another department head.), now owed me one.

Was I going to be wrong on all counts…?

On the day before the function, Derek came into my office and explained that he had booked a room in the hotel where the function was going to be held. This was so that we could relax and bring our party dresses and suits instead of wearing them. Also, we could chill in the room before the function and even took showers to freshen us up. Of course, I knew that he was thinking with his lower head and guessed that he booked the room for his own Dinner and Dance with Grace after the function… Nevertheless, I welcomed the idea of having a place to chill before the dinner.

Derek also told me that he would be fetching the two girls from their homes and that I only had to make my own way there. The day of the function was an off day for most of us, less the front line staff, so I decided to do some shopping before proceeding to the room. So I told Derek that I would be there roughly an hour after they would.

With that, I finished up my work, gone home, prepared my suit and went to sleep, not knowing that the next time I wake up, life would hold a totally different meaning to me…

I woke up just as normally the next day, took a pee, brushed my teeth… Ok, ok… For the sake of all the bros here, I will not bore you with my boring life routine and cut to the chase… So fast forward: dressed, ate, shopped, and went to the hotel room…

I was told the room number through an sms from Derek and proceeded to the room. I was about to knock when I reached the door, but then I heard muffled noises coming from within the room. It sounded like girls were screaming, giggling and… Bed creaking… Damn! Was Derek starting his action already? With Cheryl too??? I contemplated for a while outside the door and decided on the next best option. I called Derek on his mobile. Surprisingly, he picked it up within three rings (Haha… Good corporate practice.), and I told him that I was outside the room and whether it was convenient for me to come in, else I could go somewhere first till he finished. “You nuts? I wasn’t bonking the girls! You think I am Casanova or something? Taking two at the same time… We’re just playing truth or dare…”

Phew… At least I wouldn’t have to go on a Dinner and Dance date with a girl who had my colleague’s juices dripping from inside of her!

Now I must tell you that Derek did not tell the girls that the other guy was me. He told the girls that it would be a secret and to trust his judgement…

So when I entered, the girls screamed out in unison… “Sir!!!!”

I was taken aback by this welcome and simply waved to say, “Hi, girls…”

“How come..?” Was what Grace said when Cheryl cut her off with, “So, sir, you’re my date?” (Giggle.)

Trying to be the gentleman and still feeling like their boss, I reached into the bottom of my brain and came out with a lame, “Yes Cheryl, and the honor is mine…”

Damn… What kind of a loser says things like that? But I could not help myself seeing how the two beautiful girls were dressed only in tight tops and shorts, sitting crossed legged on the bed hugging a down pillow in front of them? Think Jap AV and you would know what I meant…

“Join us!” Derek said. “It is just a silly game to pass time.”

So I took off my sandals and plonked myself beside Derek, only to be yanked by Cheryl, who took my hand, and said, “Come sit between Grace and me, sir…”

From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a playful, teasing wink from Cheryl

Grace reached over the side of the bed and poured me a glass of wine that Derek ordered.

“So, how do we play this game?” I asked.

“Simple, I ask you ‘Truth or dare’, you choose one. If you choose ‘Truth’, then the next question must be answered truthfully. If you choose ‘Dare’, then you must do whatever punishment we mete out to you… Simple! So, sir, ‘Truth or dare’?”

Not having many exciting secrets in my life, I obviously chose ‘Truth’.

“Ermmm… Let’s see…” Grace started. “When’s the first time you had sex?”

Huh???? I wasn’t so used to private questions like that and was stumped, when Cheryl came to my rescue.

“Aiya! You can’t ask this type of question! So boring!” She said.

I was about to thank her when she continued: “Sir, come, I ask the question. Are you going to have sex within the next 24 hours?”

I nearly choked on my Merlot as the words left Cheryl‘s lips!

“Of course not!” Was my answer after swallowing the gulp of wine.

“Wrong! Liar!” Cheryl screamed, which made Grace screamed, and Derek laughed out loudly.

“Punishment! Punishment!” Was all I heard after that…

I had no freakin’ idea why my answer was wrong. I was sure there was no one in my life now, and sex was the last thing on my mind, definitely not in the next 24 hours too! Unless… Unless! Oh my god! Was Cheryl teasing me again? Or was there a hint in what she said? I wanted to protest, but I guess that was not the point of the game.

‘Punishment’ was the point of the game… And was I in for some…

“Now, sir, you have to do whatever we tell you to… Because you answered wrongly!” (Giggles.)

Being a sport, I attempted to play the game, and asked what my punishment was.

Cheryl thought for a while and looking at Grace mischievously, said: “I want you to unzip Grace‘s shorts… With your teeth!”

WTF! Now most of you would jump at this chance and prone in position in front of Grace‘s shorts waiting for the word ‘Go!’.

But my bigger head (Well, I must say the small one was also growing a bit…), was telling me that I was their boss, and if this ever leaked out, I would lose my job!

As if she could read my mind, Cheryl butted in and said, “Sir, don’t worry… This stays within these walls…”

I tried to protest more and said, Grace has to agree to it before I…”

“Agreed!” Shouted Grace as she threw her pillow away, faced me, leaned back with her hands behind her supporting her body, and… Spread her legs wide!

Now let me pause to describe this scene…

Grace was wearing a pair of tight khaki shorts that exposed almost all of her white, smooth, long thighs. And her shorts… Well, her shorts were tight. And as she spread those lovely long back grabbers, I could see the material stretching against the little rounded mound where her love box was. The seams of the tights also started to stretch her crotch, dividing her mound into two halves, making my imagination go wild about what the actual two halves they were hiding really looked like…

After staring at this beautiful region for what seemed like eternity, I looked up at Grace‘s face, cocked to one side like a sheepish little virgin, and she said:

“So, what are you waiting for, sir?”

Not forgetting that Grace was Derek’s date, I looked at him, hoping that he would disagree, and the game would end there.

“Go ahead, Joe, it is your punishment!” Derek said with a wink.

With all the approval papers signed and contracts endorsed, I slowly lowered myself to Grace‘s crotch level and approached her…

She assisted by arching herself forward and with two fingers, undid the button above the zip! “Na, sir. Like that easier!” (Giggles again.)

Cheryl meanwhile got into a laying position beside me and squeezed herself under one of Grace‘s thighs. “I want to see the action up close!” She explained.

So I was about to do the one physical act that will ‘open’ the zip to my new life…

Getting within ‘teething range’ of her zip, I reached forward and using my tongue to flip her zipper, got a hold of the zip with my set of front teeth. And with a little bit of pressure, started to tug downwards…

As God would have designed the human body specifically for this purpose, our noses are above our mouths. And as I unzipped her, the first thing that was revealed to me was a sweet, musky scent escaping from within her shorts. I involuntarily closed my eyes, stole a short breath to take in this wonderful aphrodisiac that I had not tasted for a long time…

Again, kudos to our creator for designing our eyes above our nose, for when I opened my eyes, what greeted me was the sight of soft, white, translucent lace patterns, of flowers and twirls, filling up the entire spectrum of my vision. It was like the opening scene of a movie and I swore I could hear an orchestra playing a full ensemble in the background!

Being the detective that I was, I tried to decipher if I could see anything else that the lace was not hiding.

Nothing! The lace was hiding nothing! She was clean shaven! I had never seen a shaved pussy before in my life, saved those on the internet and porn magazines, and this was a new high in my sex life (Loser, huh?).

At this point, I had to steal a shift in my position, as my own tool was waking up from a long slumber and was making me uncomfortable poking into the bed.

It was also at this point that I remembered… Cheryl was lying next to me, staring at me!

“Wa, sir… That was so intense…” Cheryl said. And leaning even closer to my ears (Another of God’s great creations.), she whispered, “I think you just got me wet…”

Unzipping a girl, unzipping her in front of others, smelling the sweet musk, tracing lace patterns, and now, a girl telling me she’s wet… Talk about firsts!

As my face turned red from embarrassment, Grace topped off my fantasy and said, “Sir, haven’t finished! Only halfway! Not counted!” And with that, she gave a little thrust with her pelvis, and my nose dug right into her crotch!

The feel of the lace on my nose, followed by the soft depression that my nose made on her crotch, almost made me cum like North Korea detonating the nuke…

With my brains all over the floor, I stupidly unzipped her all the way, with my nose trailing the little crack, enjoying the sinful friction, sight, and smell all rolled into one lustful experience…

Grace, Cheryl and Derek starting cheering and said that I was a good sport. It was at this point that Derek’s phone rang and broke the weird scene in the room. I pulled myself up and reached for my wine while Derek answered his call.

“Har? Where? Now? Fuck la… Ok, ok… Ten minutes… Bye.”

Derek cursed and told us that his sister had locked herself out of her house and needed Derek to bring his keys for her.

Derek had to leave.

Leave me with the two girls.

Oh no…

Oh yes!

After Derek left, the game was ended. Grace wanted to go take a shower (I wondered why…), and Cheryl said she wanted to go try on some new clothes she got that afternoon.

It was about three in the afternoon and it was still about four hours before the Dinner and Dance. I decided to chill out on the bed with my wine and reminisced about the encounter I just had. I promised myself that I would go to the toilet to jerk off after Grace had used it…

So I turned on the television, channel hopped while Grace turned on the bath and locked the toilet door.

Cheryl went to the corridor leading out of the room, which was out of view from the bed, and told me that she was going to change into different clothes and that I was not to peep!

Two minutes later, Cheryl shouted that she was going to show me something she bought and that I was not supposed to laugh. Then she walked into view, in front of the television and paraded herself for me. She had bought this light blue halter neck dress, that ended nicely halfway down her thighs. The back was bare and the material formed a nice ‘V’ shape that pointed towards the valley that was the beginning of her ass. I didn’t know that it was bare backed and when she turned again, did I realize that her two nipples were aching to break through the thin lycra material of her dress!

Man, she had the nicest globes I had ever seen, perky, gravity defying, with two perfectly placed taut and erect nipples surrounded by proportionate areolas…

“Nice.” Was all that came out of my mouth.

She giggled and ran back into the corridor and I swore, if I could see the way her chest bounced again, I will never cut my hair for the rest of my days. (You will know later that I didn’t keep this promise… Haha.)

Not being able to take it anymore, with a full on hard member poking hard at my underwear, I reached my hand into my own berms to ‘adjust parking’. (Bros you know what I mean when the hair gets pulled…)

When I reached in, I realized to my amazement that I was totally wet! There was pre-cum all over my naval and underwear. I felt my glistened dickhead and started caressing it without thinking, hoping to release some of the tension that had built up from this crazy day. One thing led to another and soon I was stroking the shaft of my tool from inside my underwear…

“What about this dress? Do you like…” Cheryl‘s voice trailed off as she stood there, in a new dress, looking at me, with my hand in my pants…

“Sir! Eeee!”

“Erm… Shit…”

“Why you scream, Cher?” A voice came from inside the toilet.

“Nothing, nothing!”

Checkmate. I was caught. Nothing to explain. The one thing that I did privately in the confines of my own home was no longer private. And it was embarrassing. Total loser.

We both stopped for a while, not knowing who’s move it was next, half smiling in surprise and amusement…

She made the first move. Towards me.

(The next thing that happened is going to sound cliché, but I am retelling it as it happened.)

Cheryl walked over purposefully, got onto the bed and knelt beside me.

“Were you turned on by the zipper thing?” She asked.

“Well, in some way…” I muttered.

“Let me help.”

So, having never struck 4D (Not even consolation.), or Big Sweep, this was the ten million Chinese New Year Toto!

Cheryl, never making eye contact, unzipped my berms and lifted my underwear to release the pent up meat that was now semi-hard due to the shock of being caught…

With both hands, she lifted my dickhead away from my berms, leaving a trail of pre-cum from my naval, some landing on her fingers. She then used her wet fingers and proceeded to apply my pre-cum on the rest of my dickhead.

That was definitely getting a reaction from my little bro, getting harder as she rubbed the lubricant all over the underneath of the head. With one finger, tracing from the pee-hole, around the underside and coming back to the pee-hole again.

With the other hand, she was holding my dick up and began a slow, sensual motion up and down my shaft, occasionally going to my balls, cupping them in her one hand and giving them a light squeeze.

She continued this until my entire dickhead was totally covered in my pre-cum and with a swab of my head, lifted up a finger and sucked it from the nail to root, closing her eyes as she did it.

“Mmm… It tastes sweet…” She mumbled softly.

I knew the moment was imminent, as she flipped her hair backwards, spread my legs and proceeded to kneel between them. With one hand still holding my shaft, she bent down low and gave my balls a long, wet lick. Her eyes were locked on mine as she did that, and I must say it was a great turn on, as her stare threatened to burn through my eyes, while her tongue was as soft as wet marshmallows.

From the balls, her tongue traced the entire length of my tool in what seemed like an eternity. Her skillful tongue applied the right pressure along my shaft, sometimes flicking from left to right, sometimes up and down. She was careful not to come near the head, teasing me for a great build up. All this time, her eyes stared at me, communicating with me to lie back and let her bring me on this journey…


In one swift motion, Cheryl jumped from between my legs, pulled the blanket, ducked right beside me, hid under the blanket and screamed in embarrassment…

Me? I lay in my last known position in shock… With a hard on losing its hardness in record speed.

“Err… Hehe…” Was all I could utter, as I stared at Grace, with one towel wrapped around her hair and another around her body.

I found out later that Grace had finished showering, but found that we were suspiciously quiet. So she decided to unlock the toilet door silently and tiptoed to find out what the fuck we were up to.

Well, we were not up to ‘fuck’… At least not yet…

Back to the crazy scene in the room again… Grace broke the silence with another “Cher!” Although not as loud this time and Cheryl returned with a sullen, oh my gawd I got caught. Grace… Hehe… Just playing only la…”

“Sir, how could you?”

“Errr…” (This was beginning to be a phrase that I would use many times since then…)

“How could you unzip me, but let Cher do you?”

Huh? What kind of a question was that? And how was I supposed to answer? But before I could, Grace continued, “Cher you told him ah?”

Told me what???

“Cher????” Grace screamed again.

“I didn’t tell him la.” Came a muffled voice from under the sheets.

“Tell me what?” I asked. It was my turn to get some airtime into this seemingly confusing conversation.

Cheryl flipped the blanket away, exposing her face and started to speak.

“Me and Grace made a promise that we would share things… And we would only share men if the man himself wants both of us… I forgot to ask you…” Cheryl said almost apologetically.

“So do you want both of us?”

Imagine the Flying Dutchman in ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ waiting for your answer with the imposing music in the background…

“But you’re with Derek!” I said, trying to find excuses why I would not want to bonk these two fine specimens of womanhood at the same time.

“Derek’s just a playboy.” Grace replied. “He’s been trying to get into my panties for the longest time. I will just be another kill for him.”

“There’s another thing we didn’t tell you.” Cheryl joined in.

Damn… This was getting really confusing, like some movie drama with twists and turns…


“We made a bet that Derek would ask you to be the date. Because we know the two of you are close colleagues. We just thought you were always the quiet type and wanted to find out what kind of a person you were. But you know it is difficult for us to ask you to bring us for Dinner and Dance because you’re the boss, so we cooked up this plan and made Derek the proposal, hoping he’ll ask you.”

The air seemed to clear a bit after that explanation and we could all feel the tension leaving, making the scene like a big brother hearing an explanation from his two sisters after they’ve done something naughty.

But the respite in tension was short lived, as my blood pressure shot up again, as I felt a hand touched the side of my thigh, travelled to my now soft manhood and started gently caressing it!

And I heard a soft voice on my right said, “So do you want the both of us?”

I answered by closing my eyes to the sensation of that soft touch on my now growing again manhood and let a little moan slipped from the corner of my mouth. My brain wasn’t thinking anymore and I was not going to let any stupid words spoil this incredible change of events…

Seeing that everything’s fine and the two girls won’t get fired (Yes, they told me after that they were afraid I was going to fire them!), Cheryl snuggled up close to me, turned on her side and draped on her leg over my right leg, stroking my shin with the sole of her foot.

Grace, also taking the cue, smiled and walked to the other side of the bed, raised the blanket and slid in underneath it, on my left. I could feel her fumbling with the towel that was wrapped around her body, and soon, all I could feel was smooth skin rubbing against parts of my body that were naked (I was still fully clothed if you recall.).

The two girls now rested their heads on my arms, which were holding their backs as they faced me.

“So how do I do this?” I asked, truly innocently.

“You don’t do… We do…” And I found the blanket flying to the floor near the edge of the bed…

Cheryl slid her way down to my stomach, like a slithery snake moving towards her prey, while Grace turned to look at me, her breath lightly against my face. I leaned forward towards her and she naturally parted her lips to accept mine, and we engaged in a kiss that was growing in intensity. Our tongues were slowly exploring the crevices of our mouths and exchanging the sweet juices. I could feel Grace‘s hand on my chest, caressing my upper torso as I reached over with my left hand to start my own exploration.

Then I felt it. With my eyes closed, lips locked with Grace, hands embracing and caressing her, I felt it.

A warm, wet, indescribable feeling engulfed the head of my tool. It was Cheryl. I could feel her tongue swirling in her mouth, trying to accommodate my dickhead while licking and sucking it at the same time. I could feel the familiar squeeze of her hand on my balls and her hand on my shaft stroking it with firm, slow, steady strokes.

Her mouth began to explore deeper down my shaft and she started bobbing rhythmically on my dick. It was like a well oiled piston, fitting perfectly, moving like a dance.

I let out a little moan in the midst of kissing Grace and continued with my exploration of her curvy terrain. I reached for her breast with my right hand and managed to find that soft but firm mound, nicely fitting the palm of my hand. Surprisingly, she felt bigger than she actually looked, but I was not complaining. My fingers probed towards her nipple, and discovered that it was taut and stubby, nicely rounded at the tip. I brushed my finger across her nipple and could hear her let out a little moan as she pressed her hip hard against my left thigh.

Slowly, Grace broke away from the kiss and as I opened my eyes to look at her, I caught a glimpse of a sheepish smile, and saw her head leave my face and started kissing, nibbling and licking my ears. Moving like a caterpillar down my neck as she continued to caress and kiss my chest, before proceeding to my nipple.

She then gave me a little bite, which caused me to jump a little and almost caused Cheryl to choke! The three of us stopped for that little while and laughed, before Cheryl went back to licking my shaft and Grace continued on her ‘Journey to the South’…

Soon, Cheryl was joined by Grace down at my member and if I had a camera, this was the million dollar picture. Both girls were looking at me, cheeks barely inches from my tool, with their elbows propping their bodies up, giving me their best cheeky smile.

Without saying another word, they both stuck out their tongues and lightly brushed along the length of my shaft, one on the right, one on the left. And this was the beginning of the best blowjob of my life, up till that point, at least!

I must admit that the size of my boner was a little above average and it provided enough room for the two wandering tongues to maneuver. Before long, both girls were flicking, licking and kissing at my now rock hard member. At some point, I could have sworn that the two girls were kissing with my dick between them! They took care not to put my dick into their mouth, only playfully servicing it on the outside.

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