An Illicit Office Affair

Me: “Hoi… You not shy suddenly ah? Eh, very cold leh.” (Eng Wah cinemas always had the air con on full blast.)

Clara: “Ya, not shy already.” (Smiling.) “Don’t you like it this way?”

Me: “Very much…”

Clara frenched me again, this time she was more passionate and what happened next, I will never forget. She disengaged herself from my lips, slipping lower into her seat. What was she doing? What was happening? Was someone behind us? She recognized someone? Little was I prepared when she twisted around, leaned over to my side, gave me a look of absolute lust and engulfed my dick into her hot waiting mouth!

The feeling was amazing, like nothing I can ever describe. She went up and down on me, sometimes cupping the head only and vacuuming her mouth, licking the shaft up from the base to the tip and then engulfing my little bro without mercy.

As it was impossible for me to continue caressing her boobs (Yes, I am a boob lover.), I shifted to attacking her cute ass. Without unzipping her skirt, I slipped my hand down her skirt, down her panties and squeezed her butt quite hard.

Clara was bobbing up and down on my dick and moaned while she was still sucking my dick, intensifying the slurping and licking sounds. The feeling of her moaning with her mouth full of my dick was incredible!

I put my other hand on the back of her head and caressed her neck and also guiding her to deliver the pace that I wanted. She was a quick learner.

Just as I was getting really high, someone was coming from the back of us, I could hear them. I hissed, “Someone’s coming!” And shoved her head down further on my dick, impaling her throat with my cock.

It was both ecstatic and dangerous the feeling that someone would catch us.

Each time Clara tried to come up, I would shove her head down, she gave me a deep throat involuntarily and I loved every millisecond of it.

I was so high, it was the point of no return, her suction on my dick changed to squeezing as she used her jaws and tightened around my cock. I gave a shudder, squeezing her firm ass harder and I cummed so hard, my feet pointing, knuckles cracking, my foot hitting the seat in front!

Clara snorted loudly, but the devil in me didn’t let her head up quick enough, I had just came and was savoring the last moments of her lips around my manhood. As I released the pressure on Clara‘s head, she only came up halfway, whispering, “Gone already?” I nodded… She sat back up, with a twinkle in her eye and said, “That was fast…” “Yah… So nice, how could I not be fast?” (Smiling ear to ear.)

As I zipped myself up, I kind of felt around, because I didn’t want my sperm staining the outside of my pants. It was only then that I realized that not only did I come inside Clara‘s mouth, but she swallowed it!

I frenched her deeply, rubbing her thigh and slipping two fingers up towards her warm pussy saying, “I want to lick you… Let’s get out of here…”

Me: “Let’s get out of here…”

Clara: “Where to?” (Grinning.)

Me: “Err… Dunno, just get out of here first…”

As we walked out of the cinema, Clara hurriedly put her jacket back on and for the first time in public, we held hands. It was a strange feeling, so exciting and yet so dangerous, our workplace was right here, we could see our colleagues at any time but I could not let go…

I was seeing red, the only thing on my mind was to strip Clara and explore every inch of her body. But I had to make do with just eyeing and mentally stripping her, my lust for her increasing with every passing moment.

My initial thought was a very selfish one, to bring her straight to the nearest Hotel 81 and bang the living daylights out of her. With a little more control over my dick, I decided against it. I wanted this to be special. Clara wasn’t a working lady, she wasn’t a one night stand, and she was a classy woman. 23 years old (Fresh NTU grad but more on that later.), nubile, flawless skin, absolutely gorgeous.

I thought that she could have just about anyone she wanted… And she wanted me. So going to Hotel 81 was kind of an insult.

I was still thinking this as we got into the car, I had to get out of Suntec as soon as possible.

Clara: “Hmmm… Where are we going?”

Me: “Dunno… You have any place that we can go?”

Clara: “No leh…”

Me: “Ok, let’s check-in first and then order room service.”

Clara gave me a quizzical look, as if I had said something both funny and strange.

Me: “Eh? What?”

Clara: “But I am not hungry.” (Smiling ear to ear.)

Me: “Huh?” (Realizing what she meant) “Oh, but I am.” (Laughing out loud.)

As I got out of the car park, I could see the sign… ‘Conrad’. Perfect, I thought, but a bit stupid. It was just opposite Suntec and we could have walked. The good thing was that my car would not be in Suntec’s car park where the late night owls of my company would see it.

I parked in the basement and was on the way to get us a room when Clara, bright girl that she was, said that she’s going to the ladies while I checked in. I checked in as fast as possible, almost throwing my IC and credit card into the front desk clerk’s face.

Front desk: “Will it be for just one night, sir?”

Me: “Yes.”

Front desk: “Do you have any luggage, sir?”

Me: “No.”

Front desk: “Room just for one?”

Me: “Yes.”

Front desk: “Would you like to include breakfast in…”

Me: “No.”

Front desk: “Oh, all right, would you like to upgr…”

Me: “No, no upgrade. I am in a hurry, here’s my credit card, I will pay rack rates, give me a late checkout, give me my key now.”

Front desk: “All right, sir. What time would you like your late check out tomorrow?”

Me: “I will let you know, where is my room key?”

Front desk: “Do you have any preference for your complimentary newspaper?”

Me: “Straits Times. Please give me my room key.”

I swear, the front desk was purposely trying to fuck up my plans for the evening. I snatched the keycard out of his hand as soon as it was offered and he said something like ‘Have a pleasant stay’ or something, but I was already walking towards the lift.

Clara joined me and we waited impatiently. As the lift lobby was off to one side, away from the front desk and lobby, I kissed her without warning, long and hard. Her mouth meshing against mine. We could hardly keep our hands off each other in the lift, knowing that there had to be a security camera inside, we tried to keep it PG rated.

We got to the room, I fumbled with the keycard a couple of times before it opened, that’s how much I could not see straight.

We got into the room, me slamming the door shut and I grabbed Clara by the waist, pulling her close to me, as tight as possible as we kissed again. She gently bit my lower lip as I pulled her skirt up high over her waist as I caressed her firm ass. It was only then that I realized that Clara was wearing a G-string. Fueled on by my lust, I fumbled on, pulling her G-string aside slightly and cupping her ass, kicking my shoes off, trying to access her pussy. Clara‘s hands travelled from my back to my waist to the front of my trousers, unbuckling my belt and trying hard to get to my dick. My pants were off and I pulled Clara‘s skirt and panties off, using my foot to help her out of it while Clara slipped her dark brown heels off.

Clara: “The window…” (Motioning.)

Me: “Ok…”

I walked to the full length window and drew the curtains while Clara turned off some of the lights and took off her jacket. When I turned around to face her, Clara was naked from the waist down, her breasts bursting to get out of her strapless bra and tube top, her mouth slightly parted, with one hand outstretched towards me, beckoning me to the bed.

We lay down on the bed, Clara‘s mouth finding her way towards mine. With both hands, I pulled her tube top off over her head and almost ripped her strapless bra off. I wanted to suck her nipples so badly…

As I lowered myself on her huge but firm milk white breasts, my mind was on autopilot, my lips and tongue finding her nipples, sucking, painting and gently nibbling them. One hand was caressing her other breast while the other was stroking her sparse pubic hair, guided by the warmth between her legs.

Clara was purring and moaning, arching her back, as I moved my mouth from nipple to nipple, licking and slurping everything else in between. I pulled my shirt off like a t-shirt and flipped Clara around so that she was lying on her stomach. I cupped her breasts under her, all the while painting her back with my tongue, running up and down, between her shoulders, into the small of her back, kissing her perfect body all the time. When I got to her ample ass, I could not resist, I painted, sucked and bit her while she squirmed with pleasure. My tongue dove into her crack, trying to get to her sweet pussy from the back but I was unable to.

I flipped Clara around again. This time, she resisted a little, she knew what I was going to do, and I was intent on it.

Clara: “Wait… I never wash…”

Me: “Mmmm… Never mind…” (Muffled.)

My head was already between her legs, with my hands up alongside her body to her breasts, flicking and squeezing her breasts and nipples. I started licking her from her navel downwards, my tongue working its way to her sparse pubic hair as Clara buckled. I licked her outer lips, slurping all the time and with my tongue, I penetrated her.

It was amazing, Clara tasted so sweet and warm, my tongue probing inside her wet pussy, her lubricant was all over the bottom half of my face and I didn’t care. It was amazing. I licked and sucked her pussy, finding her clit and using my tongue to slip the hood off, I pressed my warm tongue onto it.

Clara‘s hands were by her side, in ecstasy of getting eaten out. Her hands were gripping the bedsheet tightly, moaning and turning her head every other way. I started flicking my tongue on her clit, while I inserted a single finger into her slippery pussy.

Clara went wild, started bucking on her bed, shuddering and moaning, looking up from in between her legs. She was biting her lips, eyes tightly shut, I knew she was enjoying every second of it. And because she was enjoying it, so was I. I wanted to give her pleasure just as much as I wanted to receive it. My cock was so hard watching her moaned, I would have cum just by watching her cum, and it was so intense.

Clara: “Hummm… Mmm… I’m… Cumming… Darling… Cumm…ing…”

Her hips were gyrating against my face, pressing it harder into her clit as I changed the tempo of my finger inside of her, curling my finger up, finding her g-spot, stroking it in a circular motion when…

Clara: “Hhuommooooohhhhhhmmmmm…”

Clara‘s orgasm had her squeezed her legs tightly over my head, I was still working on her, never changing my intensity or tempo.

Clara: “Stop… Dear… Stop, I have cummed already…”

Me: “Hmmmmmmmmmmm…” (Mumbling as I was still on her clit.)

Clara: “Darling… Please… Stop…”

I got up off her, asking her with a raised eyebrow…

Me: “How? Nice?”

Clara: “Yes…” (Blushing.)

We cuddled up under the thick comforter, the touch was cool on our warm skin and frenched long and hard. Man, could Clara kiss. She was the best kisser bar none and she didn’t even recoil at my lips and face, all so thick with her pussy juice. I think she liked the taste of it.

I slung Clara‘s leg over me and we were on our side while kissing her and using my hand to caress her ass and continued downwards towards her sensitive pussy from the back.

Clara‘s hands found my dick easily, it was the hardest thing between us. She cupped my balls with one hand and stroked my dick with the other, still frenching me.

Her thumb was at the head, making circles, lubricated by my pre-cum. She disengaged from me, wiggling her way down. I knew what was coming, but I could not hold my pleasure as Clara put her lips around my dick and started sucking.

Oohhhhhhmmmmm… It still brings shivers down my spine when I think about it today.

Under the covers, her head was bobbing up and down, I pulled the covers back, wanting to look at her sweet face as she gave me the blow of my life! With one hand on my balls, the other on the base of my shaft, Clara went up and down on my dick, licking and sucking, darting her tongue onto the head, surrounding it with her saliva. The sounds of her sucking were incredible, turning me on even further. I had to do something from cumming in her mouth again, it was that good…

So I pulled her ass towards me, maneuvering her legs over my head, Clara not once letting up her onslaught on my dick. We were in the 69 position, I pressed her pussy into my face, licking her clit and the entrance of her cunt, my hands down at her side, trying to access her breasts. Clara lifted herself up off of me, offering me those massive tits, and my hands squeezed around them without a moment’s hesitation.

As I hit Clara‘s sweet spot again with my tongue, she moaned, with my dick still in her mouth. Again, it was amazing, the vibration brought me to a new high. Damn, Clara was cock-hungry. She never let up on my dick, her suction so strong, combined with her sweet cunt in my face, her lovely girly smell. I was going to come and come hard very soon if I didn’t do something about it.

I moved off her cunt reluctantly and pulled her off my dick, flipping Clara around so that she was on top of me, straddling me like a cowgirl. My hand snaked up around the back of her neck, pulling her down to me, kissing her hard, and tasting my pre-cum on her lips, not caring about anything.

I had to get inside her…

Now, I didn’t have a condom. We didn’t think any of this through and I never kept one for ’emergencies’. What married man does?

Of course, with my little head in control, I said to myself fuck it, I can’t stop now. Clara couldn’t either.

She raised herself a little off of me as I guided my cock into her waiting pussy. However slippery it was when I had my tongue in there, it was hard getting my cock inside, she was so tight. Inch by inch, she lowered herself onto me, her back arching, breasts heaving, her breathing different now, coming in short bursts. Her eyes were closed and just as my head mushroomed into her so tight pussy, Clara mouthed, “Ahhhhhhm…”

Her hair was like a veil, draped around my face as she leaned over me, kissing. With both my hands on her ass, squeezing it gently while she rode me at first slowly. Clara grated against me harder now, she pulled away from me while putting her hands on the bed’s headboard. Her luscious boobs dangling in my face as she motioned me to suck her breasts. How could I resist? Her tight pussy felt so good around me as I sucked her. Both my hands were on her ass and I parted it, one finger finding my way to her perineum, stroking her. Clara was so wet, it was even moist and slippery there as I ran a finger up, massaging her perineum and anal cavity at the same time. It wasn’t long before Clara started cumming again, this time I wanted to orgasm with her.

Clara: “I’m cumming darling…”

Me: “Mmm, come together…”

Clara gyrated her hips against mine, meshing us together, all of her upper body weight on me, my mouth opened as wide as possible and I tried to get as much as Clara‘s breasts into my mouth.

Clara: “Harrmmm… Hmmmm… Darling cumming now… Arrrmmmmhh!”

She orgasmed again, but I wasn’t done yet, I was still not ‘there’ yet. With one hand on her ass cheek, the other in between her anus and vagina, I rocked her harder and faster on my dick. I was going to come and come hard, Clara was writhing on top of me, moaning louder and that was all the incentive I needed. I slipped my little finger into her ass, already lubricated with her cunt juice, fingering her just a little as I shuddered and without warning, I cummed inside Clara.

While coming down from our high, I didn’t let Clara roll off me, I wanted to be inside her longer, and I didn’t want this to end. Her skin was cool to the touch now as I stroked her back. I could feel my cum and her juice flowing down between our legs and still Clara didn’t stir, her arms around me.

Strangely enough, I could feel Clara‘s pussy muscles working, squeezing my dick in a spasm. I gently rolled us on our sides, so that I could see Clara, my dick still inside her, still hard.

Me: “Did you cum just now? Once?”

Clara: (Shaking head.)

Me: “Twice?” (Eyes wide.)

Clara: “…” (Nodding while she buried her face in my chest.)

We cuddled a bit more in bed, neither of us wanting to go wash up, kissing and touching each other. Clara was amazing. Not just because of the fantastic sex we just had, but because there was no guilt attached to it. We cuddled and talked, a bit about work, also gossiping about other couples in the office that we thought might be screwing, etc. Innocent pillow talk, I supposed.

We washed up together in the tub, laughing and enjoying each other’s body. Clara was and still is perfect in every way I thought.

We dried off, I ordered room service, Club Sandwich for me, a Chicken Caesar Salad for her and beers for the both of us. I raided the minibar, found four bottles of Heineken, opened two of them and we sat on the bed just like a couple, flipping channels on the television, draining our beers quickly.

The doorbell rang and Clara hid in the bathroom while I hurriedly put on a bathrobe and opened the door. Our supper had arrived with more beers. I shut the door and Clara walked out, naked with the light against her, silhouetting her body against the darkness.

God, she’s perfect, I thought.

We ate a little, Clara relaxed in her birthday suit, my eyes roaming over every inch of her body. I was hard again, just looking at her.

We finished our supper, both of us having three beers each. It was late and I didn’t want to go home tonight, so I very prudently switched off my phone, damning the hell that would follow soon enough.

Clara and I fell asleep in each other’s arms, her body pressed up against mine.

When I woke up the next morning, Clara wasn’t there and neither was her clothes…



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