An Illicit Office Affair

My company would employ those interns / on OJT as slave labor and due to the nature of my job, I would always be in contact with them.

There was this new gal that came in, an NTU fresh grad. My first impression of her (To protect her identity, I will call her Clara.), was that she’s super tao / unfriendly / very proud or something. However, Clara‘s dressing would be these tight blouses / tops and stretch skirts, showing off her assets, and what assets! Her height was about 1.65m, about 50 kg (Which was exactly what I liked because super curvy.), and these perfect pair of boobs which I suspected to be D cuppers that would heave with every breath Clara took (More on that later.).

Anyways, I didn’t really care because I was happily attached to my wife.

About three months after she joined the company, we had to take over an urgent project that was due in eight weeks.

During these eight weeks, she had to work very closely and she slowly warmed up to me. We would go for lunch together or if we had fallen back on our timeline, Clara would run out to dabao lunch and sometimes even dinner and we ate together in the pantry and then back to work.

Our relationship would be more or less strictly professional, but I would still have the chance to send her home because by the time we knocked off every night, it would already be late, so I would drive from Suntec to her home in Serangoon, near Chomp-chomp.

I am sure you brothers know how is it like to work with someone so closely for extended periods of time, it would become a daily ritual our lunch and sometimes dinner dates and I would drive her home.

During this time, me and the wife were more and more distant because I was never home.

Too soon, the eight weeks were up and as I was uploading our project to corporate HQ, I felt so relieved that I said out loud to no one in particular, “Thank fuck this is over, I would kill for a bloody drink!” Joe looked at me and said, “Ya, we need to cut loose!”

So I asked Clara out to the wine bar (Any brothers know the name?), at Hotel Phoenix (Of course, before it closed down.).

I decided to go there because:

1. Clara‘s never been there.

2. I had never been there.

3. None of our colleagues or my circle of friends would go there. (Naturally, I didn’t tell her this, kekeke.)

We ordered a bottle of red wine and started chit chatting. I found out that Clara went to a SAP school, prestigious JC and then to NTU. She said that her parents would always push her to study and she’s the only child.

By then, I had already had a couple of glasses of red on an empty stomach, so I just started coming more to the point and asked her about her boyfriend. She said, “Hai yah, don’t talk about him lah, we broke up because of this job.” Her boyfriend wanted her to go with him to Australia while he continued his studies. She said no way, she wanted to stay in Singapore and just landed her first good job, so they broke off. I said to her, “Wah, career girl, I am impressed.” But inside I was thinking, “No wonder she so fucking buay song in the beginning.”

We continued to share our thoughts and it got more and more crowded at the wine bar, so she shuffled her chair closer until our knees touched. I extended my leg, pretending to stretch out, but rubbed up against her and she didn’t siam but continued to talk. Hmmmm, these two months no boyfriend, must be deprived a bit, tonight was I going to be lucky?

As I was talking to the waiter to bring us another bottle of wine, she said, “Wine again? How about something a bit stronger… You like Long Island Tea?” My little head said, “Oh fuck yes, I like LIT!”

As the night progressed, I found her more and more cute and sexy. She had long wavy hair with tinged light brown ends (Highlights or something.), smooth complexion and these so cute dimples whenever she laughed. Half the time I was staring at her and nodding as she talked to me.

Our conversation got more and more flirty, she would put her hand on my arm to make a point, and I would brush her soft hair away from her eye. She even asked me if I knew how to give her a foot massage because her feet were hurting! I almost swallowed my cigarette.

Feeling a bit high already from the LIT, I asked her…

Me: “So how? Two months no boyfriend, can tahan or not?”

Clara: “You say leh?”

Me: “You so pretty, sure have guys lining up around the block mah…”

Clara: “Then you leh?”

Me: “Who me? I am different, I am a ‘gentleman’.”

As I said that, I purposely leaned forward lecherously trying to get a better look at her massive cleavage. She laughed and said, “So perverted.” And leaned her head on my shoulder and turned a bit, I think to stop me from peeping down her blouse to those ripe melons.

With my face flushed, I could smell her perfume, not those floral types, but a bit more ‘spicy / musky’, which was something that I was really turned on by.

I did the old but gold trick of stretching my arms, but put it around her. Pretending that the table behind us needed more space, I pulled her closer still, our thighs were touching and her left leg was riding over my right (Like overlapping like that.).

She gave a soft sigh as I put my hand on her knee.

Clara: “Wah, so warm…”

Me: “Ya, I always feel very warm when I drink, especially liquor.”

Clara: “Is it? Let me taste.”

Wow, she daringly kissed me, I could taste the sweet alcohol on her saliva as we frenched, her tongue so soft and velvet-like.

Clara: “Ya… Very warm…”

Me: “Haha… Let me warm you up some more…”

We frenched this time more passionately, oblivious to the people and the live band playing around us, my hand riding up her thigh to the tip of her skirt, her hand on my arm, squeezing. Her breathing was getting heavier as we frenched, I swore I could feel her heaving boobs rising to a quicker tempo against my chest. It was going to be a good night for both of us…

We kissed long and hard, letting some of our pent up feelings and stress for the past two months melted away. All I could feel during those moments was a sense of raw fire. My dick strained against my trousers for so long, there was a throbbing ache as I stroked her face with my other hand, letting it cup her face while her hand found its way to my waist.

Clara: “Phew… Wait… No… We shouldn’t be doing this… This is wrong…”

(Now the next sentence I said to her, I knew would make or break my night, thank god I had watched enough movies to know this next line…)

Me: “If it’s so wrong, why does it feel so right?”

Clara: (Silence, breathing heavily.)

Me: “Do you want me to stop?”

Clara: (Looking at me while swallowing her last drink.) “Let’s go…”

I threw money down, grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the wine bar (Any brothers here remember the name?). I had no idea where to go next, I never even anticipated that we would get this far.

Clara was already high, her walk was unsteady on those cream four inch heels that led to the smoothest pair of legs this side of the equator. Legs that disappeared into a very sexy black knee length stretch skirt. Her light brown tight blouse’s top button wasn’t fastened, exposing her necklace that plunged into the curvature of her firm, almost milk white breasts and I was consumed with only one thing on my mind, I had to have them in my mouth.

We stumbled a little over to where I parked my car in the basement, me dropping my car keys a couple times.

Clara: “Hey, are you ok or not? Can you drive?”

Me: “Ya, I am fine, let’s sit in the car a while first.”

As I opened the car door for her, leaned into her back, pressing my already at attention dick into her back. She did a little double take, but smoothly got into the car, I could see she had a smile on her face. Oh boy, my mouth got really dry and I hurried over and got in, turned on the car and air con. Before I could do anything else, she grabbed me by the shirt and frenched with a fervor that I didn’t expect!

Her soft yet hot tongue lusciously rolled into my mouth as my hand ever so gently made its way down her hair and caressed her huge breasts. Even through her blouse, I could feel her nipples hard. Without stopping kissing me, she pulled my hands away a couple of times, but it always found its way back there.

We broke off to take a breather, but I didn’t want to let the moment slide, so I kissed her face and neck. She was squirming in her seat as I forced my tongue down into the collar of her shirt and painted her. The slurping sounds seemed to have turned her on because she gave these soft sighs and moans as if it was the first time she had felt this.

Clara: “Mmmm… Nice… Ohh…”

With one hand on her boobs and the other on her thigh, I slurped my way down her to her cleavage, occasionally rising back up to her neck but always attacking downwards. Her arms were over me, hugging and her hand was in my hair. I tried to unbutton her blouse with my teeth. Of course, it was impossible, but who knew, she suddenly reached down and unbuttoned it for me! Her scent was driving me crazy as I dove deeper and deeper inside. My tongue wiggled its way into the top of her bra and she gave this long sexy moan, which only spurred me on to continue licking the tops of her breasts. I could not stop myself from unbuttoning the rest of her blouse and letting it fall away as I buried my head in those silky soft melons.

Clara: “Don’t… Someone will see…”

Me: “Hmmm… There’s no one…” (Muffled because I was still attacking her boobs.)

With one hand I reached around to her black lacy bra snap and deftly unhooked it. As I did so, her breasts bounced a little, her bra was on so tight, I could feel the imprint on her back.

Me: “Oh… So tight, you poor thing…”

Clara: “Hmmm…”

Her eyes were closed, intensely enjoying the moment of my warm hands on her back. I continued to lick and slurp at her boobs, lifting her bra out of the way. In the dim light, I saw that she did indeed have D cuppers with pink eraser nipples that were already erect, signaling me to carry on my work. Without hesitation, I sunk my head into her bosom, both licking and sucking her nipples while I alternately used my hand to cup and play with them. Her moaning got more intense and she was arching her back as I twirled my tongue around her nipples. She leaned away from me for a moment and I thought that oh no, she was changing her mind, but she was just getting more comfortable, her skirt was already riding up way past her knee as she put one leg over to my side.

I continued nursing greedily on those heavy melons while sliding one hand up her skirt from her outer thigh to her fleshy ass. I could feel her panties and I slid my hand under them to cup her ass while I continued to twirl on her nipples. Her moaning got more intense and a little louder when I started using more teeth and less lips on her nipples. She was enjoying every minute of it, her breathing was now in short, shallow bursts and I was hoping that she wouldn’t try to push my hand away again, because I was too high already. Nothing short of a nuclear attack was going to stop me.

But just as I was thinking that, she suddenly pushed my head away, folding her arms over her sizable boobs and untangled her leg from mine, while hissing, “Someone’s coming!”

True enough, four guys were laughing and making a lot of noise as they walked towards us, seeming intent for the car right next to mine!

I started to fiddle around with the car audio while they got in, cursing my arse luck. Clara surreptitiously buttoned up her blouse (But her bra was still undone.), and was staring out of the passenger side window.

Clara: “This is wrong… We can’t do this… You’re married…”

Me: “I am not going to judge. Right or wrong, I can’t stop kissing you, I don’t *want* to… Can you?”

Clara: “… What do you want me to say?”

Me: “I just want you to tell me the truth, I think I deserve that…”

Clara looked at me with her doe-ful eyes and her already flushed cheeks reddened further.

Clara: “I… If you want… No, I don’t want to stop… But let’s just not right now, i’m… I want to think this through…”

Me: “Oh, all right… Sure, that’s fine.”

My mind was spinning every way, I was high on Long Island Tea, made out and more with as close to a perfect ten as I will ever get and all because of a bunch of noisy guys, I could feel my chance slipping through my fingers!

Forgetting that my car engine was already turned on, I cranked my car engine again, felt more of a fool and drove out of the car park with the intention of sending her home.

Clara: “Hey, you’re not angry… Are you? Don’t be… I… Can we just take it slow?” (Her cool hand was on my arm as she turned to face me.)

Me: “No lah, of course I am not angry, we can take it as slow as you want.”

Yes, those words rang so hollow to me too. Slow? My dick was about to start bleeding, that’s how hard I was. To this day, I didn’t know how I managed to play it so cool.

It was late, so without traffic I exited the PIE at Paya Lebar within minutes and drove up towards Serangoon. There was some tension between us, I knew our relationship had changed. What I didn’t know was that if it was for the better? I tried to make some small talk, office gossip, etc. Thankfully, she took the bait and the mood considerably lightened.

As I pulled up into her car park, I thought to myself that I got to go back home and face the wife nagging, “Why you home so late, you drink so much, and you don’t care about us anymore.” And etc. I really was not looking forward to that. This night was already a bust, I thought I might as well give it my last shot.

Clara was about to get out of the car, having said goodbye to me. I shot my hand out, hooked her waistband and pulled her back into her seat.

Clara: “Wha…”

Before she could utter another word, I pulled her in towards me and kissed her lips deeply. There was some resistance at first, but she melted almost immediately. As we frenched, my hand yet again found her breasts, her nipples were still hard. Our lips were glued together as I tasted her sweet saliva and continued using my tongue to rub against hers. I unbuttoned her blouse frantically, trying to get my hands on her skin as soon as possible. As I did she gave a soft moan. I cupped both her heavy breasts, lifting them up slightly and rubbing the soft skin underneath. She was twisting in her seat, her hands groped their way to my waist… To my trousers… To my dick…

I gasped a little, as she rubbed my already throbbing for so long dick through my trousers as I grinded against her. I was so hoping that she would take the initiative and unzip me but she didn’t. I wanted her to want to, so I delved back into her gorgeous tits as my hot mouth zeroed in for her nipples. I flicked them with my tongue, never letting either nipple escape from the attack. I nudged her ripe breasts with my nose upwards and licked the underneath part of her massive boobs, there was a lot of area to cover.

Her one hand was digging into my back while the other was still caressing my cock through my trousers. I slid my hand up her smooth legs, up into her skirt, reached her panties and slid my hand underneath it. Her pussy was so warm, I could feel the heat emanating as I reached her mound. Her pubic hair was so soft to touch and very sparse, I barely knew my fingers were at the right spot. Clara was arching her back, giving me the sound, “Mmmhhhh.” Just as I traced my fingers through, my lips still locked around her nipples, her fingernails digging into my shoulder now. I started making little circles on her nipples with my tongue and mimicked the motion with my fingers as I inched my middle and ring finger towards her clit. As soon as I caressed her love button through her hood, Clara gave a short sharp gasp and a shudder. I continued synchronizing my tongue to circle her nipples and fingers to circle her clit, but ever moving downwards towards her lips. Clara made short, sharp spasms of her body when I found her lower lips to be so wet. So wet that the back of my hand was also moist because her panties were stained through. Her pussy was so slippery, my middle and ring finger slipped through and was engulfed by her so hot yet so tight pussy while my thumb continued circling her clit. Every shudder Clara made squeezed my fingers deeper and into her…

With Clara writhing a little more each time, I started tugging her panties down with my other hand. She wiggled herself left and right to help me get them off, they were boy shorts. Although they were not as sexy as thongs, to me, at that moment, it was every bit as sexy as a G-string.

She kicked off her heels, extending her legs over to me. I was practically on top of her, pinning her back to the car door as I now moved up from her breasts to her neck and ears. Kissing and licking my way, sucking on her earlobe, probing the back of her ear, alternating between that and teasing her nipples and breasts. With her shuddering and then she started gasping very quickly, in and out, each gyration of her hips brought her closer to the brink.

Her lips moved as if to say something, but no words formed other than her softly, “Urh… Ummm… Ammm… Mmmhhh…” These moans came faster and faster and each time I heard it, I grinded up against her hand harder. She found the zip to my trousers, unzipped me in an instant and fondled my cock, trying to find a way through my boxers, finally getting her hand through my waistband, grabbing my swollen cock, wrapping her hands around the shaft and then…

Clara: “Uh… Ehmmm… Ummm… Hmmmm… I’mmm… Huhhh… Cum..min…g…”

She orgasmed right under her block in the car park. I continued to lick and suck her boobs, but she tapped me on my back, kind of signaling me to stop without me cumming at all.

Clara‘s face turned red, an even deeper shade of red. It wasn’t the alcohol, it wasn’t that she just came, I could tell that she was deeply embarrassed. She fished out her panties, and tried to put them on as discreetly as possible for fear that someone would see.

Me: “Hey… What’s wrong…? What is the matter?”

Clara: “No… Nothing…” (As she bent over to put her heels back on, she pulled her hair behind one ear, I could see that it was beet red.)

Me: “You shy? Shy for what? There’s nothing to be shy about lah…”

Clara: “Huh? You won’t be shy is it? I… You took advantage of me!”

When I heard those words, I almost shit a brick, but she said it with a crooked smile that I could see in the faint light.

Me: “You took advantage of me, how could I resist that perfume of yours?” (Smiling.)

It was at *this* moment that some higher being decided to play tricks on me, my fucking phone started ringing!!!!! I had to blame technology for this, my hands free kit automatically picked up any calls when I was in the car. At after 2 am, who else will be calling except my wife!

I scrambled for my phone to get it off the speaker. Clara quietly gathered up her files and handbag (Those super big type that can hold a wardrobe even.), opened the door as quietly as possible and eased out of the car. I grabbed her by the arm, mouthing to her silently the word, “Wait.” But she shook her head, mouthing the words with hand actions, “No… I go up… You go sleep… I call you, ok? Bye…”

Clara held the files in front of her ample breasts, she didn’t even do her bra back on. My mouth got so dry, watching Clara‘s curvy figure walked away from me, I felt like the lottery that I struck just picked itself up and said ‘Bye bye’ to me. She walked to her lift lobby, gave me a wave and went in as I was listening to my wife yak non stop about how late it was, how irresponsible I was, etc, etc, so on and so forth. Dutifully, I droned on to her on the phone, “Ya… Yes… Ok… I am wrong… Etc.” As I pulled out of her car park because I didn’t want to fight. I wanted to cum!!!

I hung up after the requisite amount of time and was cursing my arse luck, cursing everything under the fucking sun when Clara sms’ed me…

Clara: “Hi T, is everything ok? Did you get a scolding?”

Me: “Everything’s fine… How about yourself? Did you have a good time tonight? Hee hee…”

Clara: “You know I did…” *Blush*

Me: “Haha, yup. Do you want to have breakfast tomorrow? Pick you up at nine?” (The next day was a public holiday.)

Clara: “No, I can’t… I am going JB with Karen (Another one of our colleagues.).”

Me: “Oh, no worries then. See ya soon!”

Clara: “Okie, good night, take care.”

I drove home slowly, my mind swirling with thoughts. The truth was that I wanted to tell her more. A lot more than just something so casual. We shared a very intense moment together and I felt that I just cheapened it with something so banal.

Just as I reached my home, I got blasted by the wife again. She was screaming at the top of her voice as usual. I didn’t even tell her to lower her voice, it was way past the witching hour, the neighbors could probably hear every word, but I didn’t care. Clara was the only thing on my mind. Not this lunatic screaming in my face.

I hopped into the shower, toweled off and hit the sack in the guest room. It was quite a while since I shared a room with the wife, much less any intimacy.

As I lay in bed, I was consumed by the thought of Clara. Tossing in bed, I thought, “Did I do the right thing? Is this Pandora’s Box? Where can this possibly go? Do I want to stop?” The only question I could answer was a resounding no, I can’t stop this.

The two months working so closely with Clara culminated tonight into more than just pure sex alone. I also felt guilty. Good marriage or not, I was still married. Every person reading this will know that, to guys, sex can be just sex. But now I was feeling more than pure lust…

When we went back to work, Clara kind of pretended that nothing had changed between us. We went to lunch as usual and throughout it, I was spacing out and staring at her. The curve of her lips, the light in her eyes, her silky hair… She was drop dead gorgeous and it was written all over my face.

Clara: “Hoi! You listening to me or what?”

Me: “Hmmm? No, nothing. It seems so trivial to talk about anything else now…”

Clara: “You want to talk about that night is it?”

Me: “…”

Clara‘s face changed. Almost imperceptibly, but her expression softened somewhat.

Clara: “We both know what we did was wrong. You’re married and I don’t want to come in between you and your wife…”

Me: “You’re not… What I had with her has long since died…”

Clara: “I don’t want to be the other woman… It’s wrong, what will people say?”

Me: “I don’t care. I don’t owe anyone any explanation… Don’t tell me you don’t feel anything? That night was more than just something physical. Tell me if you think it is…” (Daring her.)

Clara: “No…” (Eyes downcast.)

Me: “Fine, let’s just take it slow. That is what you said, right? Clara?”

Yes… Slow…

And so, this was how my affair started in earnest with Clara.

I would never speak too much to her during the day, but there were times that I could not take my eyes off her. I would surreptitiously look at her from across the office during meetings, catching her eye, giving her a lusty dirty look, she’d give a faint smile and looked quickly away.

A couple of weeks after this, Clara and I wanted to watch a movie after work. She was wearing a black tube top and a cream jacket and knee length skirt combination. As you all know, Suntec Eng Wah was a nice cinema, but a ghost town during weekdays. As the movie started Clara leaned her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her. But my hand was not on her shoulder, but lower, just under her arm with my hand caressing her breast from the side.

Clara rested her hand on the inside of thigh and she worked her way towards my groin. Needless to say, my dick was already semi-hard at her touch. It was more than two weeks since our hot and heavy sexperience at Le Chateau and I did not have any release since then. Was today now going to be the time?

I wasn’t paying any attention to the movie and I was sure Clara wasn’t either. She adjusted herself, taking off her cream jacket and gave me more room to maneuver. I could not resist and I reached over with my other hand, raised her face and guided her lips to mine. We french kissed deeply, that tongue of hers was so silkily probing mine. Clara then unzipped my straining trousers, her cool hand slipping into my boxers yet again and encircled my hot cock. The feeling was electric, I could only think of her sweet mouth around my throbbing dick…

I slipped my hand down her tube, feeling her lacy bra and forced my way down to her juicy melons. My palm over her nipples, cupping her ample breasts and alternating flicking her eraser nipples. Clara pulled my cock out and ran her hand down the length of my shaft, her thumb at the top of my dick, making small circles, lubricated by my pre-cum.

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