I Took Advantage of a Girl Who Liked Me

I still remember this past experience of mine, when I was still an undergraduate in NTU. I lived in Hall 10 with my friend and the only bad thing living in Hall 10 was that a lot of lizards would casually show up in our room.

I remember it was during the first semester of year three, that my ex and I broke up. I was emotionally drained and devastated, at some point I was really in a depressed state that I could not get up to class and lectures at all. My mind was wandering in some really dark places and I felt hopeless.

But then before we broke up, when the bad signs started to show themselves, I frequently chatted with a gal friend and sought comfort from her via texts. I felt she had some feelings for me, but sadly, I had none for her.

In terms of a person’s character, she was not my type as I found her being a bit bland. She was a normal girl who enjoyed internet memes and did sports a lot, but she lacked the depth in personality. She was not too complex, not dark enough in personality, which something I was drawn to at that young age of mine. I used to like girls with complicated emotions and dark thoughts. Haha, typical thrill seeking lover.

But sexually, she aroused me way too much. She was very petite, almost only 153 cm, but due to her frequent sports activities, she had a great body ratio and great shape. Her waist was so slim, that was no need to mention how great it felt when I put my arms around it. Her ass was round and firm, with enough meat that made a typical sexy ass when she wore tight jeans. Due to her short height, her B cup breasts were very pleasant looking.

In a nutshell, she was someone I would really love to fuck, but not to fall in love with. Yet I had to admit she was a wifey material, just not that type of exciting girlfriend material.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she was a Malaysian Chinese girl.

So when she knew I broke up, we texted each other more often and we started to flirt in a more explicit way. Then when she mentioned she was having a few days off in her college in Johor, I asked her to come to Singapore to visit me.

She agreed but she didn’t know any cheap place to stay. Despite staying in a hostel, it was often safe to have someone not from the hall or even the Uni to stay with us. So I blatantly asked her to stay in my room and I reassured her my roommate would not mind.

I had to point out at that time, I was not over my ex yet, but I knew I had to break loose from her. So having a new girl would be a great way, although it would be really unfair to this girl from Malaysia.

When she arrived, the first place we went together was Zouk. We were very intimate with each other as I wrapped my arms around her waist and danced. She was a shy girl but she held my hands when we were shuffling around the dance floor, brushing past the crowd. I was having an erection when I held her close. She smelled so nice and it had been almost a few months that I did not have sex.

So then after we were done with our clubbing, we took a cab and went back to my hall. At that time, there was no Uber nor Grab, so yeah it was quite expensive. I let her sleep on my bed and I said I was ok to sleep on the floor. She was a bit tipsy, and soon fell asleep.

But then I could not sleep at all, my roommate was snoring as usual and I was pondering what exactly was I anticipating because the closer I got to her, the more I thought of my ex. This whole shit was frustrating.

Then, almost an hour passed by and I was not asleep yet, she woke up and extended her hand, asked me to come sleep in bed with her softly. We only had single beds in the halls and so inevitably, we had to be physically close to each other on the bed if we wanted to sleep together.

I hesitated for a while and thought to myself, fuck la just go up there and see what happens. So I nodded in the dark pointlessly and climbed into the bed. At first, I was facing the other side, staring at my roomie’s back like a gentleman. I was the one who invited her to Singapore, and yet there I was being a chicken.

I could sense that she was facing me. The thought of what could happen gave me a hard on instantly and I took a deep breath. I turned around and faced her. I could sense her breath on my face and her face was so small.

I could feel her breath, a slight warmth and a smell of fruity chewing gum that she had eaten in Zouk. She was closing her eyes and so I observed her facial profile openly. She looked so nice, if only I could love her the way I loved my ex, but now it was all lust.

“If I kiss you, you ok?” I whispered. In the darkness, I could still see her eyes opened.

“But you say you haven’t moved on from her,” she replied softly.

“Do you like me?” I asked, she had expressed that she liked me all this time, but she had not said it bluntly before.

“Yes,” she said shyly.

Well, that was enough for me. And she wanted it anyway, I guessed. I didn’t know, but I just wanted to have sex.

So I moved my face closer to hers and kissed her on her soft lips. I could taste the remaining sweet chewing gum scent. She kissed me back passionately, she put her hand at the back of my head.

I caressed her face with one of my hands while the other hand of mine was surfing her back beneath her tight top. Yes, we hadn’t changed our clubbing outfit. We french kissed passionately, the sound made by our lips was blending well with my roomie’s snoring sound.

I grabbed one of her wrists and pushed it roughly over her head on the pillow side. I kissed her neck, sucked her ears, while my other hand was fondling her beautiful breasts. I could hear her squeak and moan softly when my hand was groping her tits with animalistic force.

I shifted my body and rested all my weight on top of her. She protested with some rougher moans but as great Czech writer Milan Kundera said, ‘The woman longs to be weighed down by the man’s body.’ So I didn’t give a shit.

I separated her legs with my legs and pressed my steaming lower body onto her soft, tender and moist crotch. She wore an extremely short denim pants, revealing her butt cheek even she was just standing.

She obviously felt my throbbing cock on her underwear and she looked at me right into the eyes, with joyful surprise and with a little bit worry.

“What are you doing…? Your roomie is here,” she said.

“Oh, err, we can do it quietly, can you?” I asked, while I was still awkwardly rubbing my erection against her.

“I am quite loud,” she said apologetically. I bit my lips and closed my eyes.

I cursed silently to myself. “Fuck, seems like she doesn’t want it,” I thought.

I was still young at that time, so I gave up quite easily. I rolled away from her and lay speechlessly back on top of my side. I sighed deliberately.

She didn’t say anything for some time, but she did whisper sorry a few times I guessed. I didn’t know. I got up from the bed because right now, my ex was running amok in my mind again. All the previous intimate acts I just did with this girl reminded me once again of her. Fuck life.

I grabbed my pack of cigarette and went outside to take a drag. By the way, I smoked Lucky Strike red. It was the smoothest cigarette yet that packed a great punch I would ever have after trying Marlboro, Pall Mall, Camel, Dunhill and Mevius.

I guessed I did something terrible to her, since she was so nice to me. After all those kissing and touching, I walked away to smoke. Typically, an irresponsible man.

After I finished smoking, I went back in and lay down on the bed carefully since the single bed was small. She turned around and looked at me. This time, I didn’t turn to face her.

She put her hand on my chest, fiddling aimlessly. Then, surprisingly, she moved her hand slowly down.

I was caught off guard. The sensation of a woman’s hand moving down aroused me instantly. I didn’t say anything. She stopped right before reaching my cock, on top of the button of my pants. She tried to unbutton but failed.

I took a deep breath and unbuttoned it myself, and pushed my pants and my underwear down to my knee clumsily. She giggled.

I turned my face and looked at her. She gave me a shy smile and looked away.

But her hand started her work. She was giving me a hand job.

She grabbed my shaft and fondled like it was her Barbie doll. Her thumb was rubbing gently on my cock head. She wasn’t a pro, I could tell. But it was feeling so damn fucking good. I started taking deep breathes, I even let out a moan uncontrollably.

“Is it ok?” She asked.

“Yes, keep going,” I demanded.

Soon, I felt like I was going to cum, but I didn’t feel like telling her.

I blew a hot load out and a lot of my cum was on her hand, while the rest was on my stomach and the blanket I guessed.

It felt so good.

“Thank you,” that was all I got to say.

But I still could not love her like I loved my ex. At least not yet, that was what I told myself.

That was the first sexual benefit I got from her, a girl who liked me when I didn’t. This hand job, started her on a path of becoming my personal cum container, my whore later down the years before she pulled the plug and left me.

The other morning, I remembered we both slept until the afternoon. My roomie had already left the room to work for his FYP, most probably.

I woke up and took a bath. She was still sleeping, like a baby. Her face was burying deep in the pillow and her ass was facing upward. I flipped over the blanket and I could see her sexy ass cheeks were both exposed.

I took out my phone and snapped a few pictures of it. I took pictures of her sleeping in my bed. Then I saw she had a tattoo on her back, two angel wings were inked on the lower part of her spine. I imagined I could be riding a flying horse if I banged her in doggie fashion.

In the evening, we kissed and she left Singapore, back to JB. Although some part of me was feeling ashamed to have taken advantage of a kind sweet girl, another part of me was proud and cocky.

I sent the photos I took to one of my best pals to share my lucky experience. That was a bad decision.

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you guys the name of her. Let us call her Yi Xin. By the way, the friend that I sent her pictures to was Allen.

Allen was my NTU CCA pal, but we were very close because we had known each other since our NS and then we were at the same CCA club, so bobian.

When she was in JB and I was in Singapore, she would frequently take pictures of herself and send them to me. Some were revealing, some were just photos that told me what she was up to.

My friend that received the photos of her from me was very interested in our progress. He already had a girlfriend at that time, but still he said she was very chio.

“Are you gonna be serious with her or not,” Allen asked.

“I don’t know, I think I am trying to be, but I can’t promise anything yet,” I said.

“Harr but she gave you a hand job already leh,” he said.

“Errr, yea but… Yea, I don’t know,” I said.

He suggested that we did a double date with him and his girlfriend. I was not sure if this was a good idea, because it may send wrong message to Yi Xin that I was getting serious with her. But still, I brought this up with Yi Xin and Yi Xin was more than happy to be able to know more Singaporean friends.

We decided to meet up in another club near Clarke, a club named Attica. I had never met Allen’s girlfriend before, he said they met each other via playing Maple Story.

I was like so shocked. “What the fuck! You so old still play Maple Story!”

“Ei can find girlfriend there leh, don’t simply look down on Maple Story okay,” he gave a fairly good rebuttal.

His girlfriend name was Susan, the name sounded so ah lian, but made no mistake, she was hot as fuck.

Susan’s face was really normal, I would say average, and to some could be below average. But her figure was no kidding, her bust was hot. I thought she may have C cup. Yet, she was very slim and slender, as tall as Allen. And Allen was a bit taller than me.

They both were taller than me and Yi Xin, making us the shorties during that night. Allen was excited to meet Yi Xin since he already saw her ass pics, thanks to me.

Yi Xin was really sexy that night. I suspected it was because Yi Xin didn’t want to embarrass me in front of my friends. Such a sweet girl.

We went into Attica, got a corner with table and sofa, and ordered some shots and opened a bottle of vodka. It didn’t take long before all of us got really tipsy, Susan was almost drunk because she started to mumble words. Yi Xin was so tipsy that she was supporting herself against my body. My arm was around her waist and we held hands.

I felt that there may be a chance of me falling in love with her. But whenever such thought popped up in my mind, like trying to force me to love her, I would feel so bad and things got back to square one.

Allen was an experienced drinker, so he was the most conscious one among us. He and Susan showed us some public affection and then he brought her to dance pool. Yi Xin and I decided to chill on the sofa.

“You okay?” I asked, because I was feeling a bit nauseous. I was not a great drinker.

“Umm,” she made a noise I could barely hear due to the loud music in Attica.

Somehow we dozed off on the sofa because vodka was too strong for both of us. Allen woke me up and said it was time to go. The plan was to stay at Allen’s condo in Tiong Bahru because his parents were overseas. So in that case, Yi Xin won’t have to spend the night in my cramped single bed again with me.

Yi Xin was sleeping all the way, until we reached Tiong Bahru. Susan could not even walk straight, she had to support herself by pressing against the wall. Allen just led the way, somehow not gentleman enough to help his own lady.

This was my first time at Allen’s condo, it was very spacious, unlike my HDB house at all. Despite being very drunk, I managed to spot a Playstation in his living room, too bad I was too tired to play it now.

I crashed onto the sofa with Yi Xin together, while Susan went straight into Allen’s room like it was her room. Allen was in the bathroom for a while, then he walked sluggishly into the kitchen. He brought out some more beers and a bottle of liquor that I had no idea what was it.

“We cannot drink anymore,” I protested.

Allen just grunted and opened it nonetheless. He poured into the cups and drank alone. I was dozing on and off, I didn’t realize Allen was checking out Yi Xin secretly.

I didn’t know since when, Yi Xin regained her energy and they both started drinking and chatting, while I slept away on the sofa at one side. I only woke up abruptly in the midnight, the lights in the living room had been turned off, and I could not even find my own phone.

I looked at my G-shock watch and realized it was 5 am something. Yi Xin was not in the living room with me, I was left alone on the sofa for god knew how long.

Then, I heard some strange voice from the rooms. My heart was pounding real quick because I didn’t know what to expect at that moment.

I saw the guest room’s door was left open. I went in and Yi Xin was sleeping on the bed. Alone.

I was relieved to see that because I was imagining something far worse. So the strange voice was actually from Allen’s room.

Allen and Susan were fucking. I closed the door and climbed into the bed.

“Is that you?” Yi Xin asked silently. She must be awakened by me, I thought. I whispered yes and said sorry for waking her up. I felt so comfy in the bed and I felt so fragile all of a sudden. The pain that my ex left me stranded in the emotional turmoil was aching again.

I held on Yi Xin close, breathing in her scent that was mixed with alcohol and her fragrance. She was facing me, eyes half closed. We kissed passionately. I climbed on top of her body and again, let all my weight laid on her.

My emotional pain was fucking up my mind and all I wanted now was to fuck.

Suddenly, I realized her face was wet. I was shocked.

“Are you crying?” I asked, stunned.

“It’s ok,” she answered, and then kissed me to stop me from asking more. At that time, I didn’t suspect anything else, nor did I really care why she cried. I only wanted to have sex immediately.

I proceeded anyway. I took off her tank top and noticed she had already taken off her bra before I came in. Maybe it was because she wanted to sleep and so she took off her bra, I thought it was not unusual anyway.

I cupped her perky B cup tits and they were so beautiful. Her nipples were erect already and I sucked them deliciously. She pressed her hand on the back of my head and moaned. I freed one of my hands to take off my pants and underwear clumsily. She helped me while I was too busy sucking her tits.

The tits felt so warm and soft in the cold room. They were fuller than my ex, her nipples were more tender than my ex too. I tried sucking her whole tit into my mouth and she moaned louder.

“It hurts, your teeth,” she mumbled.

I didn’t care, I was feeling so dominant to have most of her tits inside my mouth, and I did some tongue action around the nipples and the areolas. She was breathing in a very sexy way in response. Moaning and deep breathing.

I touched her pussy and rubbed gently. She was already having a mess down there, it was all wet and sticky. I inserted my two fingers into it and the pussy was sucking them in aggressively. I was so hard that I didn’t bother to finger her well before the penetration.

Since she was so aroused by me, at least that was what I thought, I spread her legs open and thrusted my hard cock into her. Raw. Unprotected.

Fuck, it was so tight, the tightness inside her was something I could still remember now.

I fucked her like an animal. For almost twenty minutes, I was banging her so hard in missionary position. She was so helpless as both her hands were pressed against the bed by me, her legs were surrounding my waist and I pumped madly.

The sound of a squishy pussy being penetrated continuously filled the room. Her moans and my gasping of breaths were so beautiful. I saw her tits bounced around gracefully. She bit her lower lip and her brows were knitted together because the pleasure was overwhelming.

Before I could change our position, I cummed inside her. It had been almost seven months since my last sex with my ex. I blew so much load inside her, my body shook rhythmically with my every blow. Her legs were twitching because she was having an orgasm.

I could feel her pussy was contracting so hard, taking in every drip that I had. We hugged each other closely while I was still inside her, still cumming.

We hugged each other tightly until I pumped out my last drip in her. Then my cock slowly deflated and slid out of her sticky wet hole. She was really, really tight, her pussy was like a living animal that could suck and contract, very inviting. I supposed it was because of her small frame size, which made her hole tighter and her sporty body, which had good muscles.

I kissed her on the lips, then on the forehead. I held her face gently, and I fucking said thank you, which probably was the worst line after a hot sex.

She kept quiet, unusual for her because she was chatty most of the time. I was a bit worried to see her remained silent as this was our first intercourse. I felt that I was a shitty person because we had sex even though we weren’t in a relationship.

So I decided, why not, why not just give us a chance.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” I asked, my arms were around her, hugging her close to me.

She looked at me, for the first time her eyes were wide open after all the fucking. She then broke a weak smile and nodded.

Well, so we got together on that night.

In a relationship with her was nothing bad to me, but I knew it was all bad for her. Because in this relationship, clearly I got the power over her. I got the upper hand in this relationship, which was my first time ever to gain control in a relationship.

Most of my previous relationships, I was the giver. I tolerated and I was the typical say sorry first guy. I tried my best to be a nice boyfriend and in the end, they all left me. So this time with Yi Xin, I guessed it was time for me to try something new. To try to be the one at the receiving end instead of giving.

The other morning, Susan was still asleep in Allen’s room. Allen opened the door for us and bade goodbye to me and Yi Xin. Yi Xin had to take the early bus back to JB. She said to me that she was finishing her course in culinary soon, most probably she would take up a job in her brother-in-law’s restaurant in Singapore, near Toa Payoh.

Then, we could see each other more, she said sweetly.

I smiled. Sure, I look forward to that day, I replied, half-heartedly.

Our relationship lasted for almost a year after that day, and it was only after we broke up, that I was told by her that Allen had been manipulating and abusing her since that night. I didn’t realize until it was too late that this whole double date and staying at his condo was actually Allen’s evil malicious plot to blackmail and control her.

I remembered when we first got together, she really wanted to see me often and she would always come to Singapore on Friday night, and stayed until the weekend was over.

Yet the frustrating part was that my roomie was a typical otaku, he would stay in the room all day long. Even though he was a really nice guy who didn’t mind her staying in our hostel because he had every right to report to the office and had me evicted, but still with him in the room, there was one thing we couldn’t do.

We couldn’t have sex.

I could not bring her back to my home either, because my family was there, I didn’t want them to listen to our noises made during sex. Basic respect to my family, you know.

But she did a lot to make up to me. She would either give me a hand job, or a mind blowing blow job. Sometimes, I had the urge to ask her why was she so good at giving heads. Her tongue could do amazing work.

During midnight when my roomie was asleep, we would fool around. I remembered I found so many ways to play with her pinkish nipples. I would take the teaspoon I had and placed it on her nipple.

She would pinch me so hard because it was so cold. The sudden cold from the metal would get her nipples erected in a lightning speed, then I would lick and kiss and suck like a baby. Her nipples were very sensitive. A few minutes of nipples playing, her pussy would be flooded with juice. I touched her pussy and rubbed it, it was warm water leaking out of it.

I would finger her while she would fondle my cock. I was excited to see her leaking out white sticky stuff whenever she had orgasms because of my fingering skill. Then she would go under the blanket, and sucked my cock like a sex slave.

She was good at deep throat. I would push my cock so deep into her mouth. The tightness and warmth felt so good, I guessed blow job was one of the purposes of life.

Her face was small, and seeing her face struggled with my cock inside her throat was stimulating. I didn’t take long every time before I blew all my load into her mouth and she would swallow them. Unless it was too much and the cum would drip on my thigh.

I kissed her after blow jobs. She was touched, she said very few guys would do that after blow jobs. She said she loved me. I couldn’t say it back, but I kissed her passionately in return. I was grateful to her.

During the year when we were together, I eventually discovered Yi Xin had been making excuses and lies to me. She would not let me see her phone, she would go MIA for a few days. She would make excuses and lies not to come see me. And the real answer was actually because of Allen. She was busy dealing with Allen.

The following events happened between Yi Xin and Allen. Yi Xin told me all these during the night when we broke up, she cried and cried, begging me not to leave her. I was so disheartened and angry because she kept it all from me. If only she had told me earlier about what happened, maybe I could do something to help her.

In fact, after our night in Allen’s condo, when she was back to JB, Allen had been in touch with her. He texted her and told her that he was planning a staycation in JB alone, and wished that Yi Xin would come to be his company.

“I don’t think Susan would be happy to know that,” she texted back, feeling anxious.

Allen took it as an implicit yes, because Yi Xin didn’t right out say no. In Allen’s opinion, Yi Xin was a total slut to him. He had established this judgement since that night at his house. While I was drunk and blacked out, Yi Xin continued to drink with him.

He sat closer to Yi Xin on the floor while I was out of consciousness on the sofa. He told her his days in NS, he told her about how life was in Singapore, while listening to Yi Xin sharing about her culinary classes in college. Yi Xin liked to share, but the problem was that I was never interested in any of her sharing.

Allen was a good listener, and with alcohol, Yi Xin opened up and she thought he was such a nice and fun guy. She was okay when Allen sat closer to her, his arms were around her shoulder when he talked about his previous failed relationships. Yi Xin thought he needed consolation.

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