How My Fiancée Becomes a Sex Addict


Lily was only 21 when I first met her. She was still the innocent studious gal type. Studying in one of the private colleges. What attracted me to her was how innocent her face was… With her glasses. Wide lips… Small button nose… Brown eyes. Probably due to her Dutch dad and Malay mom combo. She always had this long messy hair, which strangely I always found it cute and sexy.

But… Despite that innocent cute face, she had a devilish body which was always well hidden with her simple clothes… Until she turned 24 last two years.

Now this is a story of what triggered her to bring out the nympho in her.

2012 June.

Me: “Hey dear… Your birthday is nearing… What do you want? Let’s go holiday in July. We never go overseas together…”

Lily: “Hmmmm… I want to… But scared my mom noisy again as always…”

Me: “Never mind… I ask her for you.” (I was friendly with her mom so she trusted me.) “We tell her we are going with few friends. Hehehe.”

Lily: “Up to you, dear…”

Following weekend…

Went to her place… For small family gathering… So took the opportunity to ask her mom. (By the way she was raised by her mom only.) Her dad passed away when she was 3.

Me: “Auntie. Ermm… You know it’s Lily birthday next month. I wanna ask your permission if we can go holiday to Thailand… It will be us and some friends…”

Her Mom: *Smiles. “Yes sure… It’s about time I let her have more freedom. Plus auntie knows you surely will take care of her… And you better make sure. When you plan to go? Got tickets… Lemme know I treat you your flight tickets for both…”

Me: “Oh! Really? Ok, thanks auntie. I let Lily talk to you…”

Went home that night feeling excited as it was in Singapore we barely bonked. She was against going to a hotel. She thought it was disgusting. So we had to end up waiting for chances when my place was empty.

Suddenly sexual ideas and plans started to creep into my head…

One day before flight during dinner…

Me: “Baby… You finished packing already?”

Lily: “Yeah… You know I don’t like to procrastinate… Unlike you.”

Me: “Ya laaa hehehe ok ok tonight I pack. Guys pack easy what… Don’t worry. Baby did you bring enough bikini?”

Lily: “I brought the one piece swimsuit. The purple one. That’s enough. I can wear board shorts with it.”

Me: *In my head* WTH… So boring. Hah? So auntie the swimsuit… Ok lorrr…

(Little did she know I shopped for her bikini previous week… Bought her two sets.)

What I had planned was to remove her swimsuit from her luggage before we fly off and making it look like she forgotten to pack it…

Me: “Baby later tomorrow take flight wear something sexy ok? Your birthday must look good.”

Lily: “Hmm, you eh… Ok, fine… What do you want me to wear?”

Me: “Yes!! Hahaha wear that long black summer dress! But don’t wear bra!”

Lily: “What!! Don’t want la…”

Me: “Black la… Won’t see.”

Lily: “Fine, fine! You eh!”

With that we finished our dinner. And made our way home… All the while plotting to fuck her like rabbits every day during our holiday… Can’t wait for that…

Morning of flight

Took a cab in the morning to her place to fetch her and went up to her place. She was already all ready and packed and eager to go…

I took this chance to carry out my small plan. As she was in the toilet I then proceeded to open her luggage and removed her only swimsuit that she brought along. Success!

We left for the airport. All the while I can sense she was super excited… And I was too… But for a slightly different reason…

I was hornier than usual that morning, taking every chance I had to feel her body and groped her when she least expected…

Lily: “Dear… Your hand today can’t keep still eh.”

Me: “Baby you look sexy la today… Making me horny…”

Lily: *Smiles*

Me: *Cupped her butt cheek with my left hand while we were queuing to check in.*

She swatted my hand away, but at the same time giving me this super sweet innocently slutty look.

I was having a hard on right now… So as we were queuing, I moved to stand directly behind her ass and placed my raging hard on in between her butt crack. What made it perfect was she was wearing her black dress…

She felt me on her ass and started to turn her to me…

Lily: “Baby… Stop it la… You are turning me on… Making me horny too.”

Me: “What!!?!?” (*I was shocked because that was the first time she said she was horny.)

At this point I knew we were gonna had a good time…


As we checked in… I was so distracted by her. Lily listened to my request and wore that long black summer dress. And braless! And for the first time she was especially flirtier with me…

Fast Forward…

Journey in the plane was uneventful as I was too tired and slept for half the flight journey. While she read her book. Soon after we landed…

We reached our resort in Thailand and I checked in the reception… She waited in the lobby for me… Just within my eye view. As I was standing there waiting for the resort staff to find my name, I was looking in her direction.

And I noticed there was a Caucasian guy standing near where she was seated. Kept glancing at her and when she glanced at him, he gave her a smile. Happened a few times.

Strangely, I was kinda turned on by how she returned his smile with her own sweet smile.

Then the Caucasian guy started to approach her and they began talking. I could see she was giggling as they were talking… And it made me rather curious.

They shook hands and he left.

Me: “Ok baby… We are done… Let’s go up the room.”

Lily: “Yay! I wanna shower first k later…”

Me: “I join?”

Lily: *Sticks out her tongue… With her thick geek glasses.*

Me: “Eh… Who was that just now…?”

Lily: “Oh… A guest also in this resort. He said hello and introduce himself as Francoise. Asked me who I’m here with and all… He said he is here alone.”

Me: “Oh… Yeah la you giggle so happily… Good looking rite.”

Lily: *Sticks out tongue again.*

Me: *In my head* Wait till I get you to stick your tongue on my cock.

Me: “Ok baby lets go up…”

In the room…

She soon put her luggage down… I helped by putting it all aside. And I plonked myself on the bed.

ME: “Ahhhh heaven…”

She started removing her dress and soon she was in her panties only. This was the first time she undressed freely. Usually she will be quite conservative even in undressing in front of me…

I was not complaining. Just enjoying the view and at the same time rubbing my hard on.

Looking at her… Moving about the room getting her stuffs… Half naked… Wearing those boy shorts… With her cute little perky butts. I can’t take it anymore!

So quietly I started to plan how I can get us to have sex all the time and made her actually want it more…

I was lying on the bed… Gazing at her. Her movement… Her long messy hair. Her thick black frame specs… Topless… Wearing her boy shorts. She squatted down beside her luggage. Looking through her stuff. She squatted in a way that her ankles were close together. And that made her body look so sensual and even more so she kept adjusting her specs. My sexy geek…

I could not take it anymore, so I got off the bed, walked slowly to her from behind. She was still in her squatting position. As I approached her from the behind… She suddenly started bending forward while squatting. I quickened my steps and placed myself nicely behind her cute perky ass. My cock was already getting a hard on now. And as I parked my crotch in between her ass she was caught off guard and she jolted in surprise a bit.

Lily: “Baby!” *She turned her around to me and gave me a cute shy smile.*

Me: “I can’t help it. You look so freaking sexy in this position.”

Lily: “Baby… You are already so hard now.”

Me: “Baby… BJ? Please?” *Grins at her*

Lily: “Mmmmm…”

Without waiting for her to answer I stood up and dropped my shorts. I continued standing behind her so this time my already harden cock was directly behind her head as she was still squatting.

I continued brushing my cock at the side of her cheeks from behind.

Lily without urging stuck out her tongue and let it touch the tip of my cock as it brushed her cheeks.

I held her head and turned her around. This time still in the squatting position, she faced me and her ankles were wider apart. From where I stood, I could see all the glory of her camel toe despite the black boy shorts underwear.

(One great thing I liked about Lily was… She had chubby pussy. Every time she wore a tight panties, I could always see her camel toe.)

The sight turned me on even more and with her starting to suck me faster, alternating between her hands and her mouth. I could not hold my cum much longer. I gave her a nod. And she moved her head away. (Usually I would cum on her breast as she never swallowed.)

I did not know what came over me, but I just held her head with both my hands and forced my hard rock cock back in her mouth. Thinking I wanted her to continue sucking she obliged. But the moment it was inside her mouth. I pushed it further in and held it there…

I came in her mouth and she tried to struggle a bit, but then suddenly she gave in and started to give my cock suction while it was in her mouth…

And then suddenly it hit. My innocent girlfriend just swallowed my cum like I always wanted her to…

And that was Lily first time of many swallowing my cums… And other cums.

And so… After the cum swallowing session we had after checking in, I was yearning for more BJ from her even more. So without wasting time I started my plan…

Me: “Baby… After you shower. Change into the swimsuit. We go chill by the pool later.”

Lily: “Oh, alright…”

20 minutes later, after her shower, she stepped out and in her towel… Sat down by the bed and looked through her luggage for her swimsuit. She started to look flustered.

Lily: “Ehhh, I forgot to pack my swimsuit.”

Me: “You mean your old fashioned one piece swimsuit?”

Lily: “Tsk! Yeahhh. How?”

Me: “It’s ok baby… I bought you two sets last week.”

Lily: “Huh? Why never go with me? You brought it along?”

Me: “If I go with you… You won’t agree to what I had bought you. Yeah, I brought along. But must promise me you will wear ok?”

Lily: “Ok, see first. Faster show me.”

With that I brought out the two bikini from my bag…

She took the paper bag and checked the bikini out. She seemed to love the two piece.

Lily: “Hmm, thanks baby. I love this one… The black one too sexy, but I guess I won’t mind. Ok, so which should I wear first?”

Me: “Wear the two piece!”

Lily: “Ok…”

We walked towards the pool. Holding hands. Being all touchy feely, more than ever. We got to the pool and there weren’t many guests. There were only another Asian couple and another Caucasian guy sleeping on one of the pool chairs.

So we set ourselves up on the pool chair… She started to lay down and brought out her suntan lotion.

I proceeded to order drinks and turned to her.

Me: “You want help?”

Lily: “Ok, can… Do my back first…”

I took the bottle from her and started rubbing the sun tan lotion all over her back… Moving down to her lower back just above her ass.

I pressed a few drops of lotion and spread on her thigh. Rubbed it all over and slowly moved up her thighs. My fingers were close to her pussy lips now. Looking at her camel toe got me aroused again.

So I purposely rubbed it near her pussy so my fingers would light brush her side of her pussy. She squirmed a bit.

Lily: “Baby, stop being notti. I know you purposely.”

Somehow I knew she was kinda enjoying the rub so I continued to massage her leg instead. Moving up occasionally and massaging near her pussy lips.

I looked around and noticed other guests at the pool were minding their own business. I looked to my left and I noticed one of the pool service staff was looking at my direction and gave me a smile. I acknowledged him and continued massaging Lily.

He then walked by us and from the corner of my eye I saw him eyeing Lily as my hands worked on her ass and her thighs.

The sudden thought of a guy checking Lily out got me aroused.

That’s when I leaned forward and whispered in Lily‘s ear.

Caressing her back, I pushed her bikini slightly aside and revealed her chubby wet pussy. I continued rubbing and slightly inserting the tip of my finger. Teasing her. Not wanting to go too crazy. She started to squirm more in the bikini. Looking around once more, I then inserted the whole thumb inside her pussy while my index finger played with her asshole. This drove her crazy.

Lily: “Baby, stop please. Let’s just go the room.”

Me: “Wait, ok. Just enjoy it. There’s no one.” *Lying*

Then suddenly from behind me…

Guy: “Hello guys…”

Me: *Shocked and turn around* “Hey hello…” (At the same having my right thumb just slightly inside Lily‘s pussy and grabbing my t shirt and placing it on top of her ass.)

Guy: “Are you guys from Singapore?”

Me: “Oh yeah, we are… You could tell?” (At this point Lily stayed in the position on her tummy and she did not turn so as not to arouse suspicions.)

Guy: “My name is Francoise. Yeah… I was talking to your wife earlier.”

Me: “Oh yeah, you did?” (Pretending not to already know.)

Guy: “Ok, just saying hello. Enjoy your holiday guys.”

Me: “Thanks…” (At the same time, somehow I had my thumb inserted further in Lily‘s pussy and this made her squirmed not just there but upwards a little. Sliding the t-shirt off her ass revealing my thumb in her pussy with her bikini slipped off to the side.)

Francoise: *Smiles*

At this point Francoise had his sight on Lily‘s ass and saw that I had my hand under. I returned his smile and acknowledged what he saw and he smiled again and to my surprise he sat himself down on the pool chair to my side.

Francoise: “Go on… I won’t get in your way.” *Winks* “Just pretend I am not here.”

Me: *I nodded.*

The adventurous and horny side of me creeping out and I leaned forward to Lily‘s ear again and whispered…

Me: “Baby… Phew, he left already.”

Lily: “Oh ok…”

Me: “You want me to continue?”

Lily: “Uh uh.” *Gave the slightest nod and squirmed her butt upwards.*

With that I took the t shirt away from her ass and it revealed her ass and her pussy lips more.

At this point I knew Francoise was checking the whole actions out as he was just beside me on the pool chair and I just pretended he wasn’t. This excited me even more to know someone else was checking out my hot geeky girlfriend…

Getting more daring… I slipped her bikini half way down her ass and started to rub vigorously on her pussy. This made her raised her butt slightly up in the air and squirmed even more and gave the softest sexiest moan. I carefully inserted my index finger and started to finger her faster. By now she was already so wet and I knew an orgasm was coming her way soon. But I did not want her to get that so easy so I stopped. Doing so will make her want it more later.

I stopped and pulled her bikini bottom up and gave her kiss on the back of her neck.

As I sat up… A voice came up behind me.

Francoise: “Your bitch is fucking sexy.”

Me: “Errr, thanks man…”

With that, he got up and left.

I then told Lily to get up and let’s have a swim.

She stood up, looked at me with this sexiest innocent horny look which hinted that she wanted more.

She then walked slowly to the pool and dove in.

It got me more horny.

After the little sexy incident by the pool… We had a pretty relaxing day just chilling with each other company. Although at the back of my mind, I was already thinking how to get her to do more daring acts.

At night we decided to retreat to our rooms and just cuddled in bed and watched movies on our Ipad…

I then started a little conversation.

Me: “Baby today, you really surprised me. You should try doing more daring stuffs.”

Lily: “Hmmm… Dun want… I was scared actually just now. Errmm… But it does feel a bit thrilling…”

Me: “See! Told ya. Shall we go to the beach and do it now?”

Lily: “No!!! Dun want… Got people right.”

Me: “Remember I told you I have always wanted to try doing it on the beach with you.”

Lily: “I know, but… Hmmmm.”

Me: “Ok ok I won’t force you. You know that. But shall we do something exciting?”

Lily: “Like?”

Me: “Ok, come…” (I got off the bed and took her hand and walked her to the balcony.)

I did not waste any time and pulled her by hand and brought her in front of me and pushed her against the balcony railings. I came up close to her from her back and had my already hardened cock against her tight butt. She was wearing her white cotton boxers with purple panties and her red loose singlet. I had always loved this singlet because I can see her side boobs.

I then started to grab her boobs from behind and brushed my cock against her ass.

Lily seemed to be enjoying it. What made it more sexy was we were on the balcony with the hill view in front of us and night breeze. All the more sexy.

I did not want to waste any more time, so I pulled out my cock and turned her around and pushed her head down, making her kneel. She started giving my head little licks on the tip and after a while teasing and playing with me. I could not wait so I pushed my cock in her mouth and started to give her light mouth fuck.

This was the first time Lily seemed to be enjoying giving me a BJ. And to top it… She looked so much sluttier tonight still wearing her glasses

I ended it by coming on her face. And unknowingly somehow this was the start of her becoming more daring. Because right after I came on her face, she said something that I would never imagine she would.

“Baby… Fuck me please.”

That night we fucked each other like we never before… It was full of lust. There were moments it felt like I was fucking a prostitute. She was so wonderfully different…

The next day…

In the morning, it was about 10 plus when I woke up. Both of us were still naked in bed under the blanket… I woke her up.

Me: “Baby…” *Kissing her ear* “What do you want for breakfast?”

Lily: (Gave me the most sluttiest sweetest smile.)

Lily: “Up to you baby…” (While giving my morning wood a slight touch.)

I leaned forward to her and we kissed… I was hungry and lusting for her. Never was I so sexually attracted to her in this way.

That was when an idea came to my bigger head…

Me: “Baby… You know that website I show you before? That web site…”

Lily: “Yeah, why…”

Me: “Wanna do a reenactment of those videos…”

Lily: “Ermmm… Really? Is it safe?”

Me: “Ok dun worry, I plan something simple…”

Lily: *Sudden excitement in her eyes* “Ok why not. It will be interesting.”

(For bros who don’t know. Nakedpizzadelivery had videos of exhibitionist of girls being naked when receiving delivery or when receiving plumbers or room service.)

The next 10 minutes was me planning what to order from room service and after taking our camera and placing it somewhere in the corner to record the whole incident.

Me: “Baby… I want you to stay in bed ok… But don’t use the blanket to cover yourself.”

Lily: “Then you? I can’t cover a bit?”

Me: “No need la cover k. Ehehehe. I pretend to be showering so I open the door and let him in but I will go back into the shower.”

Lily: *Smiled again and pulled the blanket over herself and started giggling.*

For that one second I felt like pulling the blanket away and just giving her a good fuck again.

*Knock Knock*

*Knock Knock*

Me: “Ok baby you ready…”

Lily: *Nods* and she pretended to be sleeping…

Told her to try to position herself in the most sexiest manner possible.

I was already in my towel and I purposely wet the top half of my body. I opened the door.

Me: “Sorry was in the shower. Can you bring it in and put it on the bed.” (I walked back to the shower.)

Room service: “Ok sir.”

I purposely told him to place on the bed as I wanted him to see Lily in that state. Plus the camera can record better.

As he walked to approach the bed, I peeked out of the toilet to catch the whole action.

He slowed down a bit and hesitated… Maybe more likely to stop and take in the view of Lily‘s glorious perky ass and her shaved pussy.

He placed the tray slowly on the bed at the same looking up. And what happened next shocked me as I wouldn’t think he will be that brave.

He looked behind to see if I was around. Thinking that I was still in the shower… He leaned forward to Lily‘s ass and smelled her pussy. Almost having his lips on it. This made Lily squirmed her ass a bit.

He stood up and called to me that he had placed it on the bed and if there was anything else. I went back in the shower and pretended to shower and shouted.

Me: “Can you wait a few minutes? I am almost done. Need to ask you a few questions.”

Room service: “Ok sir. Not a problem I will wait.”

I then heard his footsteps walked back to the bed. So I peeked back out the door to see what was happening.

He got braver this time. He moved to the other side of the bed to check out Lily‘s boobs. He got closer and started smelling her hair and body. Seeing Lily‘s panties on the floor, he grabbed hold of it and smelled it and proceeded to put it in his pants pocket.

At this point Lily probably sensed that something was happening so she purposely suddenly shifted herself to another position as such exposing her pussy in full glory.

He got excited watching Lily in her new position and started rubbing his crotch from outside and within seconds he pulled his dick out and started moving beside Lily‘s face and lightly brushed it on her hair and moving down to her nose and lips.

At this point I did not know if Lily would react and would stop continue being in her role. So I continued enjoying this scene…

I hid behind the toilet door and continued peeking at the staff violating Lily as she pretended to sleep.

He continued lightly stroking his cocking against Lily‘s face and mouth. I was thinking of what to do next or should I stay hidden…

So I went back in the shower and shouted.

Me: “Hey, do you mind waiting longer… I got stomachache now… Need to let go first. I be out in 5 mins.”

Room service: “Oh… Sure, sir I wait here, don’t worry.”

I opened the shower tap knob bigger and then inched back to the door and started peeking again.

The room service staff was now sitting on the bed beside Lily. Looking at her body while stroking his dick from his zip opening. He stroked it a few seconds more while staring at Lily‘s body.

His next move shocked me and probably Lily more.

He stood up, removed his pants to slightly above his knee and leaned forward and brushed his now rock hard dick on Lily‘s nips. Knowing Lily‘s extra sensitivity if I touched her nips… This got her turn on big time for sure. She started to squirm, but pretended to adjust herself when she was actually squirming because she enjoyed. Seeing this he moved his dick to her face and started playing it on her mouth.

I noticed that Lily had her mouth slightly open when he placed it on her lips. He looked up to see if I could be coming out soon. Seeing that he was clear to proceed further. He slowly inserted the tip of his cock into Lily‘s mouth. I was surprised that Lily actually opened her lips and let him probe it in further.

He continued inserting in and out lightly of her mouth and the occasional brushing against her lips. I could see he was about to cum because he grabbed hold of his cock tighter…

He then moved down to her thigh and suddenly cummed on her thigh and near her pussy. I was kinda shocked but at the same time letting this scene play out in front of me… It got me super excited and was sure Lily was somehow excited and turned on by this.

The staff then pulled his pants back and started walking to the door.

I went back. Off the tap and rushed out

Me: “Hey, sorry. Thanks for waiting. Here’s your tip.” *While reaching out for my wallet.*

Room service: “No thank you sir. What is it you wanna ask me?”

Me: “Ohhh, never mind its ok… I do it later at the reception.”

Room service: “Oh ok, no problem. Thank you again, sir.”

He then walked out of our room…

I closed the door and walked to the bed and looked at Lily… She was still in the same position… Looking at me.

I looked at her sight…

Legs sprawled open… A stranger’s cum on her thigh… And then

She said it again…

“Baby lets fuck.”

After what happened with the room service guy… We were fucking like rabbits. All over each other… It was fast and furious.

As we lay down in bed after fucking each other to the point of exhaustion…

Me: “Baby… It was thrilling right with the room service guy… Did you know he was pulling out his cock?”

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