How I Came to Fuck My Insurance Agent


It all began in University. She wasn’t an agent then. We were studying at the same University and we were introduced by a common friend. To me, she was not very pretty. Looked like a CFM version of Fish Leong and she had pimple scars on her face. She was the chor-lor type, very direct, laughed loudly, and always went around punching people. But her body was to die for. She only wore La Senza, and they were all C cup minimums. We were of the same age, but she looked mature. Anyway, I was single at that time, and she was attached.

Even then, she would come to me for help with her course work. She would come to my room, sit on the same chair with me, in front of the computer, while I helped her finish her project. Our thighs, hands, and hip, were touching constantly, and I would have an erection throughout the night. Sometimes she would get tired of waiting and she slept in my bed while I worked through the night. Why did I do it? Because a lot of times, because of her chor-lor-ness, my arm had bumped into her breasts many times, in various manners and situations, accidentally.

I had apologized, and she would pause, looked at me, and said, “It’s okay if it is you.”

When she broke up with her boyfriend, she would come to my apartment to swim. We would swim or just soaked together and later, she would come over to my place to change and bathe. Sometimes she would just refuse to bathe, but instead just sat in front of my computer in her swimming suit. Or sometimes, she would just drop by to chat and took a shower to freshen up from the hot weather. Before she would take a bath, she would shoo me out of the room. She would undress and went into my attached bathroom. I was supposed to come in after I heard the bathroom door close.

A few times of this, after I gauged that she would be in the shower for at least twenty minutes on average, I took her folded panties and bra and smelled them as long as I dared. The third onwards, I just put her panties on my face and masturbated. I was afraid that she would catch me but I was also hoping that she would open the door and found me with my pants down.

She never did.

Once, because she was moving out of the hostel to somewhere else I couldn’t remember where, she brought a small suitcase of bras and the underwear’s and some tees. She didn’t have time to do her laundry, she would take them from me once she settled down.

“Okay, no problem,” I said, and every night for the next four nights, I locked my room, bathed and got naked and hopped in bed surrounded by dirty bras and undies and tees.

Some of the undies had caked cum stains, some had pee smell, some had little blood stains, regardless what they were, I would smell and lick and put the stained undies in my mouth while I masturbated. Some of the stained undies, which did not have any of her smell left, I would ejaculate on them, smearing my cum to mix my cum stain and hers. Sometimes, I would wear her tees to nap. I had also tried on some of her older or looser bras and panties, but I took them off immediately for fear that it might lose its elasticity.

Those four nights were heaven.

Not sure if it was the same with you guys, but I didn’t fantasize about the girls that I wanted to date. I will feel kinda guilty, like I was violating her. I got no erection from this. But with this Fish Leong girl, I fantasized about her till no end. Anyway, before she broke up with her boyfriend, I was already dating a common friend of ours. A prettier girl, a cross between Denise Ho and Candy Lo. My kind of girl in terms of height, looks, and character.

Still CFM Fish Leong (Let’s call her Fish, shall we?), continued to come over for projects, and after she broke up with her boyfriend, she still came over for swims and chats. I continued to sniff her panties and masturbate, and all this while she was lying to her boyfriend and also some new suitors after she broke up, and I was lying to my girlfriend. Time management and coordination was vital, no wonder I am a project manager now. My parents were kinda confused who was my girlfriend. But they took it in stride when I told them it was kinda complicated. Just don’t mention anything about the other girl to the other girl, I said.

New development came after she broke up with her boyfriend. She came over to chat. Hot and sticky, wanted to shower, decided to swim instead. So with just some old beige cotton panties and a nude color La Senza, she went swimming. I followed suit. I was disappointed when I thought about her chlorine soaked panties and bra that I would be sniffing later. I decided I will just skip it this time around. When we got back, I got a note on my door that my parents had headed out to the airport. Wow, home alone for three or four nights. We both saw it, but we never said anything. But in my head, I was already planning on calling my girlfriend to stay over the next few days after Fish left.

She didn’t.

She sat there in her bra and panties in front of my computer and did whatever girls do in front of the computer. As usual, I just used my notebook in bed or watch television. From time to time, pretending to check something on the PC, I would go over to the table, crouched beside her on my knees so that my head would have a chance to bump into her breast and touched her hand while reaching for the mouse. The other hand would reach for the keyboard, in order to brush against her thighs.

It was really late, I asked her to bathe so that she would not catch a cold. She said she should be heading home and just bathe at home since she had no change and her panties and bra were wet.

I said, “You could wash them if you want. I have a dryer.”

She considered it for a moment.

Ever the gentleman, I said, “You could sleep over. It is too late anyway. It will dry very fast.”

She said, “Okay, but can I use your toothbrush?”

I said, “Okay, of course.”

She went in to bathe, brush her teeth with my toothbrush, and wash her panties and bra. She came out wrapped in her towel, signaling that I was supposed to go out again. While I waited outside the room, I could hear the hair dryer being switched on. All this time, she never blow-dried her hair at my place. After what seemed like eternity, she opened the door with her hair still wet. Puzzled, I went in to find her bra hanging on my bed frame, dripping. I looked around for her panties.

She pointed to her crotch, “No need to find, I am wearing it, this way faster,” she said.

She was bra-less but she was wearing some blouse with some fur like collar. Never mind what she was wearing, the important part was I could not see her nipple poking through the fabric. No luck there.

“Do you have a tee shirt? Large and oversized? I can only sleep in tee shirts,” she said.

I got out an ugly I Love Paris tee my dad bought for me when he was in France. She asked me to turn around while she changed, but as smart as I was, I could only check out her back from the reflection on my monitor. Guess she was smarter. Anyway, when she was done, she was wearing only my tee and her undies.

It was my turn to brush my teeth. I had an erection the whole time knowing that my toothbrush had been just in her mouth minutes earlier (You can catch diseases sharing toothbrushes, don’t do it.). Wanting it to be as authentic as possible, I didn’t even apply toothpaste, and I was brushing my teeth and masturbating at the same time. She asked if she could sleep with the lights on as she was afraid of the dark. I said okay.

“You can sleep with me, you know. I don’t mind if it is you.”


While I changed into my tees and shorts, with her back to me, she said, “You don’t wear underwear to sleep, right?”

“I don’t even wear when I am at home. Only when you are around,” I said.

“It’s okay, you know, I don’t mind if it is you. It is your house. You should be comfortable.”

I said okay, and hopped in bed with her with just my shorts and tees. Now, it was still a single bed. So we were basically touching. She turned and faced me. I reached my head forward to kiss her, but she turned her head away. You will never love me, she said.

“I don’t sleep around with guys, but I don’t mind if it is you. Sleep means sleep, not sex. I will only have sex with you if you are boyfriend.”

She turned away, with her back to me, tee shirt riding high above her waist to show off her panties. After she slept, snoring softly. I pulled down my pants and started masturbating as discreetly as I could, always stopping when I was about to come, turned to my side and positioned my dick at her ass. I wanted to cum on her panties. But I never came. Then I was back to masturbating. I stopped and pulled up my shorts whenever she turned over to face me and continued when she turned her back to me. My bright idea was to blame it on wet dreams. This lasted for hours, I never slept, and I never came.

When it was almost daylight she stirred and woke up.

She looked at me, “Did you sleep?”

I said, no. I had insomnia (My dick.).

“Try to sleep some more, no need to wake up so early,” she said.

With that, she turned her back to me again. I masturbated again, before I was about to cum, I turned to my side and leaned in so my dick was poking her ass crack through the fabric. It was an awkward position, but I pretended to sleep anyway. I didn’t care if she was asleep. But I throbbed my dick as hard as I could against her ass, feeling the pressure of her butt crack against my dick, and I came on her panties. With that, I finally fell asleep.

I woke up first. She didn’t seem like she moved at all. It was almost noon now. I pulled up my shorts and sneaked out of bed. I took a look at my cum stain on her panties and I got an erection again. I went to brush my teeth, with toothpaste this time, and showered. Not wanting to walk out of the bathroom with an erection, I masturbated. When I came out, she was already dressed up and sitting in front of my computer. I looked around the room for her bra and panties. None. I could see her bra strap so I guess she was already wearing them. I asked for my Paris tee, she said she will bring back it back to wash before giving them back to me. I said it was okay, I could wash it myself, but she insisted. And I thought I could finally put that ugly tee to a good use. Put it in a zip lock bag and never wash it again. Take it out from time to time to sniff and masturbate. But no such luck.

She washed her face and brushed her teeth. We said goodbye and she left. I never saw my Paris tee again. I did ask her about the tee a few years later, but she didn’t seem to remember.

It was the last six months in the university for Fish, while I had more than two years to go. A lot of things happened these last few months. For one, I broke up with Candy Lo – Denise Ho, and hooked up with a Korean girl. So during the last six months, it was basically juggling time between three girls. Candy was mostly out of the picture by now. As I got closer to Korean, I saw less of Fish. But when we did see each other, Fish liked to ask about my sex life with my girlfriend. She still does, even today. So naturally, I asked about her sex life with her ex-boyfriend as well.

This was the last time we spent time together while still in university. It was nearing the finals, and I managed to sneak some time-out from Korean to meet up with her. It was at a HDB void deck. It was really late. I brought some notes with me, so I sat on a bench and studied a bit while I waited for her to turn up. The first thing she did when she saw me was to lay high up on my lap. And the conversation drifted to sex within minutes (We hardly talked about anything else.). She asked if I would ever perform cunnilingus on my girlfriend. I said I would, I was not a self-centered lover. By now, I was having an erection through my Bermuda’s. I thought she could feel the throbbing of my dick on her cheek.

Anyway, she said her ex-boyfriend would never lick her pussy, that egotistic bastard. They had been together since Secondary three and she would give him blow jobs and get fucked by him but she never came. I asked why.

“His penis is like a pilot pen,” she said. “How big is your dick?”

And with that question, she pressed the side of her face into my groin. My dick was being pressed through the fabric of my undies and shorts, with her cheek. She turned and looked at me.

With that CFM look of hers, she said, “It is so uncomfortable to lie on your lap. It is hurting my face.”

While still looking at me, her hand reached into one leg of my shorts and pulled my dick out from the side of my undies. With my dick pressed against the side of my thighs, she laid on my lap again.

“That’s better,” she said. She grabbed and felt my dick through my shorts. “I bet I would cum if his dick was as big as yours,” she said.

I never said a word, she started caressing my dick through my shorts. And my erection was getting painful, with the side of my undies choking the base of my penis like a cock ring.

After a while, she reached into the leg of my shorts and touched the tip of my dick. She smeared my pre-cum all over, lubricating my dickhead with my pre-cum. Then she sat up and showed me her wet finger tips. My pre-cum was glistening and shining. With her other hand, she reached into the leg of her shorts, turned and looked at me. Then her eyes rolled back a little, and she let out a soft moan.

She took out her other hand, which was wet with her pussy juice. “Can see?”

My eyes were still fixed on her glistening cum-stained fingers as she stood up and wipe both her hands on my cheeks and lips.

“Good luck in your exams,” she said, and turned and walked away.

As soon as she turned, I licked my lips before her pussy juice dried up. I didn’t care if my pre-cum were mixed in there. I was careful not to touch my face and I didn’t wash it until the next morning. We never met up again after that and we never keep in touch. She graduated while I had two more years to go. And when I landed my first job, that’s when an insurance agent called me.

My Korean girlfriend hated Fish. So when I signed on the insurance dotted line with Fish, it raised a bit of hell. When my parents signed with her too, I didn’t have sex for a month. Then my brother started working, he signed with her too. Korean thought I was introducing clients to Fish, which I was, and Korean left my dick unused for more than a month, it almost turned into kimchi. You would have thought that the logical thing to do was to call Fish up after the finals, since she did spread her pussy juice on my lips. That was like a CFM sign from heaven. But then again, my Korean girlfriend really hated Fish. She thought Fish was the slut of the campus, and she had seen me hanging out with Fish before we got together, and she didn’t wanna see or hear about it again, period. SMS-es and call history were dangerous liabilities (Earlier versions of IOS could not delete individual call from the log.). I loved my Korean girlfriend, didn’t want to risk it, so I moved on.

So how did I come in touch with Fish again?

She bumped into Korean and me in a shopping mall. Said all the nice things to Korean and totally ignored me. Exchanged cards with us like it was the right thing to do. Fish called up my girlfriend the next day, just for fun, knowing full well Korean won’t be needing a Singapore insurance policy. Korean started thinking when Fish was going to call me. A month later, with this thing off Korean’s mind, Fish finally gave me a call in my office.

So, backstory aside, I had just signed the dotted line and she offered to send me home. She did quite well for herself these past years, bought an apartment, drove a City, and got herself a rich boyfriend. Reaching outside my apartment, when I was about to alight, she sped and turned into a dark corner.

“Why didn’t you call me? Were you angry with me?”

I was dumbfounded. I had no idea what she was talking about. Seeing that I was perplexed, she continued.

“Are you angry that I dirty your lips?”

Now, I was already having an erection. I had not stopped fantasizing about Fish throughout the years. And I had saved so much of her photos from Facebook and Friendster and everywhere else I could find. Seeing her and smelling her hair and perfume was enough to give me a hard-on. But this was something else, something more.

I said, “Of course not.”

And I needed to come up with a story quickly. Truth had no value in times like this.

“I was afraid I was going to fall in love with you,” I said.

She kept quiet. Listening. I carried on.

“We were so close and intimate. You are very attractive and sexy and I was sexually attracted to you. You just broke up and you may be vulnerable, and I do not want our relationship to blossom out of my lust for you. I wanted to protect you because I know I could never control my lust for you.”

I thought it was the lamest lie, I had ever said to a girl, but instead she asked, “Do you still lust for me?”

She bought it! And I leaned forward to kiss her. And she kissed back. Her hand reached for my neck and I reached for her waist. She let my tongue in and sucked on it. When her suction got weaker, I pulled away, looked into her eyes for a few longing moments, and dove in to french her again and sucked her tongue. I could taste the cigarette on her tongue. Knowing her little secret turned me on.

Suddenly, she pulled away and bit my lips and cheek. So I kissed her chin and slowly moved down to her neck and behind her ear. She gasped for air with each deep, long heavy breath. My hand grabbed her waist tighter, pushed my tongue hard into her neck as I kissed her. The right strap of her dress was dangling by her side. Her bra strap wasn’t tight against her skin, and her cup, although covering half her breast, gave enough room in between to give me a glimpse of her erect nipple. I started kissing lightly, from her chest towards her breast. Avoiding all parts of her breast, which was covered, I gently kissed all the breast that I could see and touch.

Her breath got heavier.

I reached for her right bra strap and lowered it to her side, and left it dangling by her arms. I grabbed her waist and leaned closer into her, burrowing my face into that opening between her bra and breast, and kissed a little harder, without any tongue. For those few moments, I just kissed around her areola. Her breath got heavier and she grabbed my hair, and I took the cue to reach out with my tongue and rolled her nipple into my mouth and suck it. She moaned and whimpered, and pushed down her cup to give me full access. Not satisfied with one breast, she leaned forward and unhooked her bra. My hand reached for her right breast immediately, her whole breast, full in my hand for the first time, while I gave her left nipple the sucking it had been missing.

City was one of those cars where the dashboard was always brightly lit, regardless if you had the head lamps on or not, day or night, and it was still lit. That made Fish self-conscious. Every time a car passed by, she would hug me tightly to shield her breasts. I would use this opportunity to hold her tightly and grabbed her ass. After several times of these, her dress had rode up around her waist, revealing her white silky panties. Seeing her panties again all these years turned me on. She never wore any silk panties when she was studying, but I was careful to keep this knowledge to myself. She grabbed my hair with both hands and shoved my head between her groins. I could smell her pussy and a little hint of pee. It was heaven all over again. I took a deep breath, smelling the long lost yet familiar scent.

“You’ve made me so wet. How, how can you, you cannot leave me like this,” she pleaded in between her breath.

“I want to make you cum,” I said.


“Let’s go to a hotel.”

She adjusted her clothing and drove to a nearby hotel which didn’t have any hourly rate. On the way to the hotel, I asked her to drop me at a Cheers to buy condoms. She was breathing heavily throughout, if I didn’t know better, she looked like she had difficulty breathing. The hotel clerk was staring at her a couple of times. When we got in the room, she sat on the bed, looking at me.

“I had to pee first,” I said.

Bros would know, it is difficult to pee with an erection, and it took me a while. Then I washed my dick to get rid of any pee smell. I came out, she was still sitting there. I went down on my knees to help her out of her dress and bra. I left the panties on. In the bright lighting, I saw for the first time that she had a huge dark mole on her left breast, starting from the edge of her areola to the tip of her nipple. She caught me staring and tried to cover her breasts.

Blushing red, she said, “It is so ugly.”

“No, it is not. It is beautiful,” I said.

I looked into her eyes while I put her whole nipple in my mouth. She started to undress me, and I stood up to let her. Then I laid her down and raised her arms, resting it behind her head. Her armpit was grayish, and it smelled of dry sweat. She tried to close her arms, but I wouldn’t let her. I started to lick her armpit gently, then forcefully, then I kissed and frenched her armpit. The act turned her on. In the privacy of the hotel room, she moaned loudly without cares. I could smell and taste her armpit in my mouth and on my lips right before I turned and kissed her on the lips in the middle of her moan. It shut her up for a while as she sucked and licked my lips.

One of my hands, then reached into her panties for the first time. Sliding one finger into the fold of her pussy, I could feel her wetness. With two fingers I spread her pussy and reached in with the third. I fingered her from inside her panties for a while just to get the juice flowing. Then I took out my hand and fingered her through her panties while I sucked on her nipple until she cummed. Hearing her cum for the first time was really a surprise. She whimpered like a beaten dog as the wave of climax washed through her. She lay there, eyes closed, exhausted.

I waited for the pussy juice on my fingers to dry, then I slid her panties off. She stirred a little, but she continued to lay there, snoring softly. I sat on the sofa across the bed, looking at her sleeping, the mole on her nipple heaving up and down, as I licked the cum off her panties, reminiscing my university days, and started to masturbate.

The flushing of the toilet woke her up. I was washing my dick in the sink when she came into the toilet to pee. This was the first time I ever saw a girl pee in real life. She hovered over the toilet seat instead of sitting down. I found out later that most girls do that in public toilet.

“What are you looking at? Never see a girl pee before?”

She wiped her pussy with the toilet paper and went back outside. I followed her out. She hopped into bed and pulled the covers over herself and went to sleep. I let her lay there for a while before I slowly pulled away the covers to reveal her naked body. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Smiling. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and kneeled down in front of her pussy. I leaned in to smell her pussy. It had a hint of pee, but it didn’t bother me. She had trimmed her pubic hair short and her pussy lips were thick and bright red in color. This turned me on immediately, compared to Korean’s darkened pussy lips that looked like one-day old oyster, Fish‘s pussy looked fresh.

I parted it slightly and her clitoris poked its small head out. I licked the tip of her clitoris, hearing appreciative moans from her. I looked at the overall length of her vagina. It seemed short compared to Korean’s. From the tip of her clitoris, measuring down to the edge of her pussy hole, it was only about the diameter of two one dollar coin edge-to-edge, maybe smaller. I gave her pussy a few good end-to-end licking before concentrating on her clitoris. Maybe my technique was not very good. It took her about 20 minutes of moaning before she came. Whimpering like a beaten dog as she cummed, she curled her body towards me and pulled my head up towards her, hugging me. My erect penis found its way to her wet pussy by accident and slid its head in. It felt so good and wet, but as soon as I heard of her moans as my hardened cock moved in deeper, and I lost my erection immediately.

I broke away from her and lay down beside her. She asked me, “What is the problem?”

I said, “I felt guilty.”

It was a fucked up thing to say when you were cheating on your girlfriend, but in my little head, putting my dick into her pussy was a hundred percent cheating because with licking pussy, getting naked and kissing and everything, I believed I could still lie to myself that it was okay, I could get away with a technicality. She didn’t look pissed.

Instead, she said, “We should only think of this moment. I don’t think of my boyfriend when I am with you, and you should only think of me.”

With that, she put her lips around my limp penis and dug into my foreskin with her tongue. She stared at me, looking at me right in the eye. This got me even more guilty as the image of her face buried between my crotch, with my dick in her mouth. I laid down my head to concentrate on the pleasure instead. My dick erected a little, but still generally flaccid. I was still feeling kind of guilty.

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