Having Fun at the Chalet


I used to have an ah beng boyfriend Benson, he was your typical juvenile delinquent who got into gang fights, smoked, scolded vulgarities, drank alcohol and lastly liked to have sex with me. He loved to bring me along with him to gatherings with his friends in order to show me off to them.

Another such gathering took place during December of a certain year, the boys booked a chalet in order to party throughout the night as they so often did. Benson and I arrived at around 5 pm and we began to help out by defrosting the chicken wings to prepare for the BBQ later. I was wearing a white spaghetti strap top with a jean material mini skirt that was quite figure hugging. Benson’s friends will periodically glance in my direction to try and get some down blouse view, although it was never my intention to fulfill their visual desire, but as I was going around helping out I had to bend down quite often much to their delight.

The party started at around 7 pm, it was fun as we blasted music throughout the night and had lots of BBQ food to go with the alcohol. Activity during that night included some of Benson’s friends going to the nearby haunted house to seek some thrill, two of Benson’s friends getting into a fight with each other due to jealousy over one of this girl Mary and some casual game of blackjack.

By 1 am, I was already too tired to carry on and told Benson that I needed to sleep. Benson informed me that there was a room upstairs meant for the girls while the boys will sleep on the floor in the living room. I kissed Benson goodbye and proceeded to the room upstairs. In the room was three other girls, one was the Mary whom the two guys fought over previously, then there was Jane who was the girlfriend of Wei Liang, who was a good friend of Benson and finally Jane’s friend Li Qing. There were two beds, Jane and Li Qing was sharing one and Mary was alone on the other.

I decided not to share the bed with Mary and instead, slept on the sofa. In the middle of the night I was awoken by some familiar sensation in my pussy and somehow my body was rocking. I opened my eyes to see Wei Liang fucking me very slowly in missionary style, his hands holding my waist and his cock was going in and out of my well lubricated pussy…

As I was being pumped by Wei Liang, I realized his eyes were closed and he seemed to be sleep-fucking me! I tapped on his hand at my waist lightly and whispered, “Hey Wei Liang, wake up.” Wei Liang then opened his eyes and exclaimed, “Oh shi…” I placed my index finger on my lips to signal him to keep quiet.

Wei Liang then leaned over with his body over mine in order to whisper into my ear so that we can communicate more properly.

Wei Liang: “What happen?” He still didn’t remove his cock from my pussy and in fact continued to pump me from his new position.

Me: “I… I don’t know, you… You are the one fucking me.” I replied in between moans.

Wei Liang: “Okay… I think I was drunk and… And… And… Thought you were Jane.” He now began to withdraw his cock all the way till it was almost out, then slowly pushed the entire thing back in.

Me: “Ohhhhhhhhh… Please… Um… Please, we need to um… Stop… Um.”

Wei Liang: “Okay, okay. I will pull out.” Wei Liang said.

Wei Liang gave my pussy a few more hard pounds, then slowly retracted his cock, relishing every single moment his cock was in me. He turned me around and made me go on all fours, pulled my perky ass up and removed my panties that was now soaked with my love juice. He then entered me again and began to pump me hard doggy style while grabbing my ass cheek, the room was filled with the sound of us banging piak piak piak, piak piak piak. I thought to myself, “What an asshole instead of stopping he is now fucking me doggy style.” But I would be lying if I were to say it didn’t feel good. In fact, it felt much better than most of the time Benson was fucking me. I looked around frantically to see if any of the other girls were woken up by the sound of us fucking, luckily the three of them slept like a log.

I placed my hand on Wei Liang‘s forearm to signal him to stop carrying on. As expected Wei Liang stopped moving, but his cock was still inside me, I turned around to look him in the eye and said, “Go slowly la… Too loud.” With that the inner beast inside Wei Liang had been unleashed, he hastened his pace and pumped me like a bull on steroid. He was careful in not allowing his crotch to bang into my butt in order to lessen any sound that might be produced from us having sex.

As he fucked me from behind he began to remove my top and bra then occasionally kneading my C cup boobs from behind. I had to use my top to cover my mouth in order to muffle my moans as the excitement of being fucked by my boyfriend’s best friend was too much for me to endure. I moved forward a little when Wei Liang was withdrawing his cock and his cock slipped out of my pussy. I turned around the place and motioned for him to sit on the sofa and placed both my hands on his broad shoulders, I then began to straddle him with his cock inches away from my pussy. I began to lower myself down…

Wei Liang was holding onto my waist while I held onto his shoulder for support with my legs in a half kneeling position on each side of his thigh. Wei Liang‘s dick was able to enter me easily as I was very wet from the kinky experience. My boyfriend Benson was sleeping downstairs while I was straddling his best friend and riding him like my personal sexual rodeo with his girlfriend just sleeping a few meters away from us. Wei Liang was very hairy down there as I felt his pubic hair brushing against the underside of my pussy making me more aroused and increasing my pleasure of riding his dick.

The room was mostly silent except for the sound of our skin rubbing at the crotch area, wet from my love juice rubbing together. I was thoroughly enjoying myself with Wei Liang, his dick grinding the inside of my pussy and his pubic hair rubbing the underside of my pussy skin. I felt very stimulated.

When straddling Wei Liang I did not look at him much as I was quite shy with having sex with him. It had never crossed my mind to have sex with Wei Liang, I did fantasize having sex with some of Benson’s other friends but not Wei Liang as he was not the kind of handsome boy I liked. To hide my shyness, I tried not to look at Wei Liang while riding him, only stealing a quick look at his direction every now and then.

My thigh was feeling rather tired from the kneeling position so I looked Wei Liang in the eye leaned close and whispered to him in his ears, “Change position.” With his cock still inside me, I shifted my leg one at a time to a squatting position.

Time for some real riding! I began to rise and lower my hip rapidly grinding the full length of Wei Liang‘s dick with my pussy.

*Pup pup pup! Pup pup pup!*

That was the sound that my fleshy perky cute butt slamming down on Wei Liang‘s thigh with each rising and dropping of my butt. Soon I began to hear the sound coming from Wei Liang, “Uh… Uh… Uh…” It was a stream of steady moans coming from Wei Liang quite loudly. At first I thought Wei Liang was cumming but he was not shivering uncontrollably and his moans were steady. I figured that was just his way of expressing his pleasure of fucking me. Grabbing his head with both my hands, I shoved my C cup bosom into his face, with my chin leaning above his head. I whispered, “You are making too much noise la… Suck my boobs… Suck me… Lick me…” Wei Liang shifted both his hands from my waist to my boobs. He then began squeezing and kneading my boobs with both his hand and his mouth… His tongue to be precise… He was using the tip of his tongue to lick my nipple…

Using the tip of his tongue Wei Liang kept on flicking my right nipple as if trying to turn on some light switch. It was so nice! Benson had never played with my nipples this way. My left breast and nipple was not spared too, as he used his right palm to grab the underside of my left breast while his thumb twitched my nipple as if my nipple was his PSP joystick. Wei Liang then engulfed right breast with his mouth, licking, sucking, kissing it all at the same time.

Unlike Benson, Wei Liang was not a lazy fuck, as he was playing with my breast with his hands and mouth, he soon began to also take over the job of fucking me. Instead of deriving pleasure from me of bouncing and riding him, he took over and started to thrust upwards with his cock into my pussy. Each time he thrusted his cock into me I would be slightly lifted into the air by the impact and most of his cock would slip out with only a third of his cock left inside my pussy and then I would then slide down with his cock inside my pussy sitting on his thigh with his cock fully plunged inside me. The pleasure was so immense I had to control my moaning by covering my mouth with my right hand. After ten minutes of vigorous thrusting and playing with my boobs Wei Liang initiated a change of position to missionary style.

I lay down on the sofa with my legs facing Wei Liang coyly and spread both my legs and held onto the back of my knee with my hands forming an M shape. Wei Liang went between my legs in a half kneeling holding his cock in his right hand. He aimed it right at my pussy and rammed it in with a loud ‘piak’. “Uh.” I moaned. Wei Liang then used his shoulders to push my legs towards me with both his hands clutched into fists on each side of my shoulders. Wei Liang started pounding his cock into my pussy like an angry piston.

Me: “Uh uh uh! Uh… Wei…” *Piak* “Liang…” *Piak* “Not…” *Piak*

I was trying to tell Wei Liang not to fuck me so hard due to the sound, but was unable to complete my sentence as Wei Liang was not letting a single second by without ramming hard into my pussy. I placed my petite hands onto his broad chest to signal him to stop for a while.

Me, panting: “Uh… Not… Too… Hard… Very… Loud… Oh! Uh uh uh uh uh.”

Instead of going softer, my pleas with Wei Liang seemed to trigger the inner horny beast in him to fuck me harder.

Piak… Piak… Piak! Piak… Piak… Piak!

Wei Liang: “Shirley… I cumming soon… Your pussy very tight! Can shoot inside?”

Shaking my head I said, “Uh… No… Please… Uh… Cannot… Shoot… Inside. Not… Uh… Safe.”

Wei Liang: “Then… On your boobs can?”

Again I shook my head and said, “No… Cannot… Shoot… Body… Uh… No… Tissue… Will… Uh… Get… Caught.”

Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak Piak!

Wei Liang‘s began to increase the speed of his cock thrusting into me. He was banging me hard and fast! Knowing that he would cum soon I had to offer him a solution apart from letting him shoot his cum inside my pussy and on my body I decided to offer him something he cannot resist.

Putting up the most slutty face I could make and using the most seductive tone I was capable of I said, “Uh… Wei Liang… I want… I want… Little Wei Liang… To shoot… Inside uh… My mouth…”

I looked Wei Liang in the eye, stuck my tongue out and pointed my slender right index finger at my playful tongue.

Wei Liang pulled out his cock from my pussy got up from his position, placed his cock right in front of my face. I grabbed his cock and capped his tip with my small mouth. As soon as that happened Wei Liang ejaculated into my mouth while I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum at the same time. I then slowly drew his cock inch by inch into my mouth, stopping when most of his four inch cock was in my mouth. Not wanting to dirty the sofa or my clothes I used my tongue to massage the underside of his cock while his cock was in my mouth and made him ejaculate the remaining cum in his cock directly into my throat.

Using my right hand, I began to push Wei Liang‘s crotch away from my face so that his cock will withdraw from my mouth while keeping the suction strong on his cock so that no saliva or cum will drip down while his cock retreated from my mouth. Wei Liang dressed himself up properly after his cock was out of my mouth, he then sheepishly told me, “That was the best fuck of my life… Heeheehee.” And hurriedly went out of the room to join his friends downstairs. I put my clothes back on and sat on the corner seat of the now sweat filled sofa, I spent about fifteen minutes wondering about what just happened. Should I have stopped Wei Liang? But it felt so good. Should I tell Benson tomorrow? But I didn’t alert anyone when Wei Liang fucked me, so maybe not. After fifteen minutes, I tiptoed out of the room to the restroom to rinse my mouth and head back to sleep on the sofa which was now much drier.

The next morning Benson woke me up as everyone was getting ready to go home. Wei Liang, most probably guilty from having sex with his friend’s girlfriend, did not even once look at my direction. Benson then sent me home by accompanying me to take the MRT back to my house before heading home himself.

Did Wei Liang ever approach me for sex again after that? Yes.

Did I agree? That is another story for another day. :p


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