From Gym Buddy to Something More


Since my return to the little red dot, I had been hitting this little known gym regularly near my office. Over these few years, I had seen this gym gaining popularity with the office crowd in the area. From the largely empty gym with just few regular gym buff who forked out the money to sign up for the membership a few years back (Trust me, it was not even cheaper than the larger and better known commercial chains.), the gym secured quite a number of corporate clients who bought memberships for their staff and grew to what it was today.

With gym access paid for by their company, pretty girls who wanted to keep fit and maintain their figure started to turn up. While the gym crowd was still largely male, there was certainly added incentive for me to train harder with the few eye candies around.

I met Ling on this normal weekday. Went to work, looked forward to lunch, looked forward to knock off time, got to the gym in double quick time, changed, warmed up a little at the strength corner and then started the usual routine before the crowd came and competed for the weights.

I was ten minutes into my routine when I noticed this girl walking past the strength area towards the changing room. She was already in her workout attire – body hugging gray tee shirt, black FBT style running shorts and sports shoes. The tee shirt did very little to concede her extremely firm B+ boobs from my trained eyes. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and while she was definitely Miss Singapore material, her looks were pleasant to the eyes and I would consider her very attractive. Her slight tanned skin tone was consistent with the sporty outfit, glowing under the soft gym lighting. Her 1.62m body frame carried her 48 kg weight well, with all the weight in the correct area – perky butt that fitted up the high cut shorts, muscular thighs and calves that contracted with every step, yet her amazingly strong slim waist carried the full B cup top.

If Ling saw me on her way to the changing room, things would not have developed between us. I was giving her the tiko stare and my eyes followed her as she walked across the gym…

In my mind, I was determined to strike up a conversation with her to get to know her. I bade for my best opportunity as I waited for her to leave her bag in the changing room. The first exercise she started with was running on the treadmill. No chance here. People don’t usually like to talk when they are running, and it will be too unnatural for me to walk up next to her treadmill to start a conversation.

I continued with my workout, while keeping my eyes focused on her firm and perky butt as she ran. How I wished to do her in doggie style… The contact with the butt, the resistance from her firm butt as I forced my dick to go deeper into her… Shiok!

As expected, a distracted person hardly achieved much. I was slow with my workout and took too much rest in between. The crowd in the gym started to build up between my workout and my resting / staring even harder at her back as she bounced on the treadmill. Too bad I couldn’t take a clear look at her front and saw how much her full B cups were moving along with her motion.

I finally waited for her run to finish. She came over to the edge of the strength area and sat by the steps as she caught her breath. I observed her from the mirror as I worked on my biceps. Her sweat deepened the color of the gray tee shirt along the cleavage. Her face was flushed from the strenuous cardio workout. Her boobs moved along with her every breath. Her high cut running shoes revealed more of her toned legs. I could almost visualize her naked and catching her breath right after my intense doggie pump. Her firm pointy breasts high up in the air moving along with her rib cage motion.

Still no movement from her seated position when I finished my bicep curls, so I moved on to the bench with straight back next to me that had been freed up by the last guy and passed on my bar bell to the guy waiting for it (I did say the gym was very popular didn’t I?). There wasn’t much weight left on the rack now and I picked the set of 5 kg dumbbells for my deltoid (The next set of heavier dumbbells would be 15 kg and I cannot paiseh myself in front of her right, if not how to strike any conversation later??).

Midway through my deltoid set, I caught her looking at me.

Had I already impressed her with my good lifting posture? Was it going to be this easy?

She straddled the bench next to me as she worked with the lighter dumb bell. Though the shorts now rode further up and revealed more of her tender inner thigh, I could not see anything much from my angle next to her or from her reflection in the mirror ahead of us.

She seemed very focused in her workout, staring straight ahead at her own reflection as I pondered on how to approach her. Decided that I shall return the weight first and then maybe knocked into her as I walked back or something. Lame, but that was the only idea I managed to conceive in that brief moment. As I stood up, she turned her focus towards me…

Ling: “Would you mind passing me your weight?”

Me with a gentlemanly smile: “Sure.”

Ling: “Thanks.”

As I leaned towards her to leave the dumb bells right by her side, I took the chance to lean my face closer to her leg as well. My face was maybe 10 cm away from her smooth left thigh as I placed the dumbbells on the floor and I swore I could almost smell her pussy. The only thought in my mind now was, “I need to screw this tight ass chick.”

That thought gave me the courage and I started the usual gym conversation as naturally as I can.

Me: “Haven’t seen you around here. Are you working close by?”

Ling: “Ya. I am new around here. I just started work at XXX bank.”

In my mind… “Bank chick… I like!”

Me: “Hey, I am quite new myself. I am K.”

Ling: “Nice meeting you K. I am Ling. Glad to be able to know someone here. So not used to working out alone in a new environment.”

Me: “Well, if you want we can continue our work out together.”

Ling: “That’s great! You look quite pro. Must teach me some of the muscle building workout ah.”

In my mind… I was thinking about this Peter Pan’s wife encounter at the gym. Evil grin.

The gym session ended without much drama, as I acted as her supporter as she attempted a couple of new workouts I recommended and did her workout with a slightly heavier weight. Must make good use of her newly acquitted gym buddy mah. I also took the chance to lay my hand on her arm, her shoulder, etc. Nothing too extreme in case I killed it altogether.

I offered her a lift back, but she declined politely. So we exchanged contacts and agreed to meet up for future gym sessions. I stayed on after that for some cardio.

I barely got home when I received her call.

Ling: “Hey it is me, Ling. I had a great workout today. Want to go for a jog tomorrow during lunch?”

Me: “Sure. Do you want to go for Pilates class after work as well?”

Ling: “Set. See you tomorrow.”

Me: “Hey, just wondering. You didn’t mention that you drive, do you have a lot of barang to bring tomorrow. I mean, if you stay close to me, I can pick you up on my way to the office since our offices are practically next to each other.”

Ling: “I am so lucky, started a new job and met such a sweet gym buddy so fast. Come pick me up I stay on XXX road, just ten minutes’ drive from the office only. As long as you come by highway it is definitely on the way for you.”

In my mind, I had already figured out that I was the lucky one.

I saw her at her pick up point right after I turned in. It was hard to miss her. She had her hair down. The body hugging white shirt and slim fitted black pants didn’t do much to hide her tight body.

Me: “Nice shirt. We share a common liking for cuff links.”

Ling: “Haha. I am sure we will get along very well considering our common interests.”

Me: “I hope you share my interest in sex too.”

Of course I didn’t say that out loud. I dropped her off at her office and the rest of the day continued with intermittent SMS between us during our free time. We did get along very well, jogging together during lunch and hitting the gym after work. Even though we only just met each other, for the next one week we were practically together all the time out of our offices.

As she got more comfortable with me, she got more relaxed with her dressing. On a few occasions she wore slightly low singlet and my eyes always managed to feast on her deep cleavage from the ample bosom, or I would let her run slightly ahead of me while I let myself be mesmerized by her swaying butt cheeks, or I just stared hard at her legs and wondered if her legs were longer or mine were.

Soon we started to meet up for healthy meals on the weekends as well. Over yogurt and coffee (That’s our only vice.), we exchanged information about our lives. I learnt that she grew up and study in Australia. Came to Singapore to work with her Singaporean boyfriend whom she met in University. He preferred reading and the likes, plus he worked much longer hours with a consultancy role, so she was pretty much on her own most of the time.

One weekend we decided to do a weekend morning run along ECP. In line with our show off personality, we coordinated to do the run in running tights and body hugging singlet (Sports bra for her.). Unfortunately, it was a wet and rainy morning, so not much people were around. I was not complaining since I still got to admire her toned body right. (Just the bare skin area. No camel toe since running tights are made of thicker material.)

It was a long run and we made a couple of stops to hydrate ourselves. When we finally made it back to the car we were wet and totally exhausted. While cooling down, we became wet and cool and I realized that her erected nipples were showing through her black sports bra. I got an instant hard on looking at her thick nipples. Though my tights were made of thicker material and I wore underwear, it was impossible not to notice that.

Lust and the large dosage of endorphins from running boosted my courage and I decided that I was going to bring things further today.

Me: “It’s getting cold. Let’s get into the car and change before we fall sick.”

Ling: “Siao, you can change lah. How I change in the car?”

As if heaven was in agreement of my plan, the drizzle became a heavy downpour at this point in time. We got into the car double quick.

Me: “I don’t care about you liao I am going to change like it or not.”

With that, I took off my top. Ling remained motionless in her seat, but her sight pulled away from my crotch area as I turned around to face her.

Me: “Hey, you better change if not fall sick le your boyfriend is going to kill me for bringing you to run on a rainy day.”

Ling: “It’s not convenient lah.”

Me: “Your goosebumps all standing already. You can either run out to the toilet and change and then run back all wet, or I can turn around and you can change under a towel or something, or I will help you myself if you still refuse to change.”

Sensing that I was probably right about changing in the car, Ling took a towel and started to change out of her wet clothes. She struggled a bit, but still managed to keep her towel on her body as she removed her sports bra.

In her attempt to change fast fast, she didn’t secure her towel tightly and it just became slightly looser as she raised her arm to remove the sports bra. Not one to pass on such a vulnerable opportunity, I turned around in a split second and before she untangled her arms from the sports arm, I had pulled away her towel.

A pair of huge melons appeared in front of me. My hard on from seeing the shape of her nipples became harder and stiffer, as if all my blood instantly congregated down there and my cock grew multiple times bigger with that much blood. Her boobs were not far from my imagination. The B+ cups did not sag too much even though they could have been there for ten years now. Her nipples were large and dark, especially now they were extremely erected from the cold weather and the cooling down of her body after exercise.

My mouth went down on her right breast at the same instant my right hand went for her left boob before she recovered from the shock. This was a sight to behold, but lucky for me, it was pouring and visibility was so poor that even if someone was walking past, he or she might not even notice the action behind the window.

Ling struggled to escape my grip by moving backwards, but I stuck to her and a moan escaped from her lips so she tried unsuccessfully to break free. Her nips were so erected and sensitive now the pleasure from my tongue and skillful fingers brought about plentiful enjoyment, coupled with the large amount of endorphins circulating her body, Ling succumbed to me completely now…

Ling’s hand uncontrollably went around my head and pushed my head closer to her boobs. The other hand accurately sought out my dick in the midst of our body entanglement.

Me, under my breath and tongue duty: “I want you so bad, Ling, it is so difficult to resist you.”

Ling, not stopping her actions: “We can’t do this, I can’t do this. This is not fair to Wei.”

Me, sensing that she had reached the point of no return: “It’s ok Ling, don’t stop.”

With that, our tongues found each other and we kissed deep and hard for so long, I lost track of time. My hand found the seams of the waist of the running tights and reached into the tight space between her smooth skin and the flawless lycra tights…

No hair, went further down, still no hair, continued struggle down, hey look I reached the slit area.

All cleanly shaved. I guessed sporty people really bothered more about personal care. I gave her clit a good rub while I pulled her closer towards me, my tongue reaching deeper into her mouth.

The physical and mental simulations had their effect on her, as she continued her ecstatic moan, thrilled by the thoughts of doing this in bright daylight (Not that anyone can see us or a lot of cars would pass by this slightly out of the way car park in the heavy downpour.).

Me: “Let’s bring this further.”

Ling, eye shut and enjoying the physical simulation: “Hmmm…”

I guessed the mutual affection started soon after we got to know each other. Otherwise, we won’t be hanging out so often.

Back to that rainy day… (Now that I think of it, it had been raining pretty often these days.)

Taking the silence as consent, I went into turbo and aggressive mode on my finger and tongue, bringing her all the way to close to climate. As her moans got more uncontrollable and her hips moving closely to my fingering, I sensed that she was getting closer and stopped.

“Do you want to help me a little here?” As I took off my bottoms.

Her blowjob was amazing. Probably trying very hard to please me so that I would continue to service her, or she was impressed by the length of my dick. Ok, I added that last part in. She’s probably more impressed by the thickness than the average length of my member.

Her tongue applied good pressure as she rimmed the hole and the mushroom head, and the suction was very good as she went up and down the shaft. The best part was, she kept alternating between the two, such that I was enjoying the entire process, but I did not feel like cumming at all. Every time it felt like I was going to explode, she would stop and change to licking.

This went on and on and on… The feeling of cumming, but stopping then cumming again made me want her pussy so bad. Lust took control of my brain and I did not bother to stop to check if she was dry now since I did the foreplay on her. I lifted her onto my lap.

It wasn’t easy to do all these in a saloon car, but we managed and she was riding me in no time. At the back of my mind, I wondered if this was right, not about us doing something behind Wei’s back, but about me not using protection. She didn’t look like the fooling around kind, so I pushed that thought to the back of mind and enjoyed the experience.

Reaching out for her melons, I sucked them hard as she rode me. Her pussy was tight, which helped to further set my mind at ease as we continued this without protection. It was difficult to resist the simulation on my dick as her pussy gripped it tightly while going up and down. Her moaning got louder and louder as she let herself loose and enjoyed this. Plus doing all this in the open in the middle of the day, very soon I found myself pulling her shoulders down on me and I came deep into her…

We continued in our embrace. Guessed she must have cummed too. So I just allowed her to continue to recover from the double physical exertion (Running and sex.), as the rain got lighter for a bit more.

Tapping Ling on her back. “Hey don’t fall asleep like here, let’s get changed before someone sees us.”

So the two wore out persons got down to grabbing tissues and cleaning up in silence, before I sent her back and headed back for a rest myself. Ling was quiet throughout the journey back and I just let her be. The guilt of betraying Wei must be bothering her.

Feeling just a little bit guilty (Hey, I couldn’t help it if Ling was attracted to the relatively physically superior me, and again this was relative to Wei and I did not have a huge ego myself.), I showered and watched some random television. It was difficult for me to focus on the television as my mind was on Ling’s extremely well maintained body, the firm muscles and the large boobs, tight pussy and the electricity that was in the air as our lips touched. I fell asleep soon on the sofa…

Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring…

The irritating hand phone ringtone woke me up from my well deserved and much needed rest.

I sleepily answered the phone. “Hello.”

“Hey K it is Ling. Did I interrupt your sleep?”

“Hey, don’t worry about that. What time is it now?” I tried to reply her nicely, as irritated as I was from being woken up, but then again it was Ling. Nothing to complain about.

Ling: “Almost 7 pm. Any dinner plans?”

Me: “No plans at all. Do you want to have dinner together?”

Ling: “Are you asking me out for dinner?”

Me: “No, I am asking you over for dinner. And please buy food on your way here, there is no food at my place.”

Ling: “Haha, ok I will come over and just get anything for you. See you later.”

I got up and head for a shower. But in my mind, I thought about Ling’s purpose in coming over. Was it because she wanted to clear things up? Or had she broke up with Wei and decided to latch onto me?

I was glad I took a shower. Because Ling was still not here thirty minutes after I came out from the shower. By now I was already hungry. Very hungry. And toyed with the idea of cooking a pack of instant noodle with egg while watching television.


About time I thought as I opened the door. Ling appeared more fresh and awake than I was. She was dressed in a white spaghetti top that did little to let everyone else know that the bra was white too and black cotton shorts.

“You look great.” I complimented her as I welcomed her into my pad.

“Nice place. First time I am here mind if I look around? You go heat up the food.” Ling said as she passed me the take away food.

I was waiting in the kitchen when she reappeared again to help me bring out the food. We chit chatted a little over dinner and beer, while my eyes drifted just a little bit now and then to admire her well toned legs. Sensing that she had something that she wanted to talk about, but not willing to broach the subject, I decided that I had to man up and talk about the event earlier in the day.

“Ling, I want to talk to you about today.” I started.

“What about it?” Ling started to focus entirely on the conversation and sat more upright.

“I didn’t want to take advantage of you like that. It just happened and I couldn’t control myself.” I continued.

Ling nodded in silence, waiting for me to go on.

“Look Ling, I don’t want to be the person to come between you and your boyfriend. From what you tell me about him I am sure he is a good man and you love him a lot. I hope what happened earlier will not affect our friendship or your relationship.” I waited for Ling to respond.

“Promise me that you won’t mention about us to anyone.” Ling asked.

“I won’t tell.” I agreed, but sensing the weakness I thought I hear, I headed for the killer move by shifting closer to her and gave her a hug.

Ling fell into my embrace readily and we hugged each other tightly for a while, before I moved away and gave her a peck on her cheek.

“Come on admit it now, sex with me is good right?” I teased, trying to ease the tense moment.

“Idiot!” And Ling gave me a playful punch on the arm.

“So… Have you seen my bedroom?”

And so I teased and pushed and shoved Ling into my room and soon we ended up on my bed as I wrestled her clothes off her.

I took off the plain white bra and squeezed Ling’s ample asset with her under me, focusing on the touch on the sensitive nipples. Ling started moaning in a while and I proceeded to kiss her. The french kissing with Ling moaning was electrical and sent my dick standing in no time. Ling removed her shorts to reveal the gray cotton panty underneath. That didn’t stay on much longer as I removed that next.

Ling went for the member in my shorts as we continued our french kiss. I initiated 69 and Ling didn’t hold me back. She took in my dick into her mouth as I went painting. Her pussy didn’t smell too bad (I didn’t know about sweet smelling pussy leh pussy sure smell a bit one mah.), and I was busy coaxing more juice out with my tongue.

Ling didn’t slack on the other end too, as she sucked my dick furiously. The feeling of her tongue curling tightly around the shaft was mind stimulating. The sensation of her tongue playing with the pee hole balanced the mind stimulation by giving me some time to relax and hold the cum in. And very soon we were both moaning and enjoying the foreplay immensely.

I began to up the frequency of the painting and Ling responded by sucking even more furiously and moaning more muffled-ly with the dick in her mouth. Soon she couldn’t take it any longer and spat out the dick and pushing me back to face her. Of course, my reaction was to kiss her and shared the love juice with her. Ling did not back away and frenched me with even more intensity than previously.

I pulled myself away from her to get a condom, but Ling stopped me.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have multiple partner till today and I think you are quite clean too.”

“Hey, I am more worried about pregnancy.” I replied.

“I am in my safe period don’t worry.”

With that assurance I went in raw again. But this time I was not under the pressure to hurry up, so I took my time to go forward and back against her cilt and not enter. This must have turned her on big time with the closed eye moaning and soon she BTH and pushed my dick into the little black hole.

Once again, the tight vaginal muscle exerted its excellent tension on the shaft as I screwed Ling in missionary. Ling’s moan got louder and less inhibited in the comfort and privacy of my home. Encouraged by that, I went deeper and came out till the edge of the pussy, banging my ball hard into her tight ass with each thrust.

“Argh… K… Argh… You’re great.” Ling moaned…

“Better than your boyfriend?”

“Don’t talk about him, please…” Ling pleaded… But judging from her moaning and the hip moving along to make sure I screwed her harder, haha…

Soon I can feel the tension building up between the balls. To prolong the session, I changed position to let Ling ride me. But this time round I made her back faced me so I can touch her ass and along her thighs.

Ling’s exercise regime gave her the endurance to ride me seated and squatted much longer than the other girls I knew. All the while I did not stop groping her ass and playing with that.

After a while more, I couldn’t wait to cum and decided that it was time to give Ling what she wanted. So I screwed Ling doggy style by the edge of the bed with both of us standing and her using the bed as support, pushing my dick all the very way in with the body weight and hitting the G spot. Ling’s moaning became uncontrollable now and she barely had time to catch her breath in between.

Suddenly Ling’s knee buckled as the vaginal muscle contracted as she cummed. I caught her and helped her kneel on the bed as I went for the last burst, pushing my dick and slamming my pelvis into her open ass crack vigorously, holding her boobs for leverage and support.

I came very shortly deep into her. We were both exhausted and laid on the bed till my dick resumed its normal, non-blood filled size into Ling before we took a shower together.

I bet (Almost.), everyone is betting that there is a second round after shower. Sorry, that’s only for fantasy story or young people. I was exhausted, so it was watching a rom-com DVD. Of course cuddling and a little touching here and there came with the DVD package. Ling told me that her boyfriend went for a poker game and that’s how she got away to meet me.

Midway through the DVD, Ling received an SMS from her boyfriend, telling her that he will probably go back late. So Ling took the chance to tell him that she would go to a movie with work friends and probably had a girls’ night together. Of course that was an excuse for Ling to stay over for the evening.

Nothing much happened that evening, except that it was really sweet. I had my package of instant noodle and egg cooked by Ling, and we slept rather early.

The next morning was more predictive. Of course I woke up erected and strong (My blood-filled dicky I mean.), and we had a round of good sex before I sent Ling back. But this time I had my own agenda and placed my phone with video cam turned-on on the study table facing the bed while Ling was still sleeping. Of course mixed it around with the mess on the table so that Ling didn’t notice it. No other intention at that moment, but since this sexual relationship may be short-lived, I may as well try to get a record of it.

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