From a Boy to Man


I remembered. My body started to change at the age of 13. My tone changed. My face began to change. I began to grow taller day by day. I started to be more interested with gals surrounding me. Boobs started to interests me. I no longer argue with gals. Sometimes I would sit around and observe them. And then my dick with starts to be hardened. I will then feel guilty but yet. I can’t stop. Shit. I was really innocent. Really. I don’t even know gals will get pregnant. I was all curious.

I grew up in an environment filled with concern and love from my parents. After PSLE, I was allotted to a prestigious government school, Express points was 231. I have a younger brother whom is 3 years younger than me. Other than my mum. There is no female figure at my place. My dad works for a battery casing company. German company. He was a production manager. Paid well. Per month probably. 7 k or more with all the allowance. My mother. Is a provision shop owner. Making quite a handsome amount even up till today. 5k -12 k per month. Depends. But still I would consider ourselves well off. My brother. Was then a small boy still in primary school. Later on made it to R I.

Now, back to myself. I was a boy so pure and innocent. I didn’t even know about masturbation, how a pussy looked like even at the age of 14. I can tell u. For one fucking year. From 13-14. Was a year. I had nothing in mind. But fantasy and sex. I was curious about myself. The changes with myself I mean. And then. The changes around me. The gals. Became more like-able. Gentle. And occasionally. They surrounds me. I couldn’t describe them in words then. But now I can. I like the attention. When I play basketball. And when I play piano in the choir.

Yes. Back then, my ECA was choir. I love to sing even till now. I caught my music teacher’s attention when I was playing the piano in the music room during one recess. He asked me to help him. So that he can coach the singing more rather than playing the piano. I agreed. Er no. I obeyed. There were few guys in the choir. Only 5. And I am one of those. The majority was made up by girls. And there is this gal. Whom til now. I still harbour evil thoughts. Her name is Pei Ting.

We came from the same primary school but we were from different classes back then. And when we found ourselves in the same secondary school. And same class. We naturally became friends. I didn’t know her really well back then. But we do talk. Slowly we became closer. As we ended up in the same ECA too. Everyday. After school. Before going to the choir. We will take our lunch together. We will talk about homework and the choir. And then slowly we started to talk about movies. Latest pop music. To fashion.

When we do have no ECA after classes. We not meet up for lunch. But I will continue to stay in school as I am like any other boys. Whom like to wet my body with sweat out in the field or court. I liked basketball. Well u know my time was like Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Phoenix era.

One good afternoon, as usual I have no ECA that day. So I joined my friends in the court to play basketball. That afternoon was cooling. No sun. Was a storm was brewing. But we couldn’t care. Wind blows. We pump hard and run around in the court like no body’s business. After a game or two. We stopped to change team. Cos one of the teams kept losing and some of us were going home.. So that was also a good time to catch some breathe and drink some water. While other new players joined us. And stuff. When I ran towards my bag for my water bottle. I noticed there were a bunch of gals sitting around the netball court, looking towards our direction.

It was Pei Ting and some other gals from my class. I can’t remember every one’s face right now to be honest. But I do remember their names.

Qing Yun, Pei Shan and Simin. They were very close and they were the few that I still remember their faces. Anyway, while drinking my water. Pei Ting waved at me. And I waved back. But continue to drink my water. And then ran back to the court fast to make sure. I still have a place in the team.

After another good 30 mins of playing, out of sudden while trying to fight for a ball going out of bound I charged and saved it while losing balance. I found myself crushing into someone and I landed. On her. She was face was in between her breasts. “Oh what is this, so soft.” was my first thought then. The next thing is. I looked up and found myself on top of Si min. She looked at me and her expression was astonished and embarrassed.

Me: “Hey are u ok? Sorry. I didn’t know u were so close to the court. And er. I didn’t expect to land on u.” (Kinda pai seh)

Simin: “…”

Then the other gals and the boys. Ran towards us.

Pei Ting: Simin are you alrite?”

Qing Yun: “Aiyo. Rob what were u doing???”

Pei Shan: “Get off her. U so heavy u gonna hurt her.” (Pulling me off Simin)

Simin was in a shock. She got up but she couldn’t say anything. Totally speechless. Then the gals started to tells me off. Until my best friend, Adrian Teo came along and defend me.

Adrian: “Aiya. Accident la. Stop telling Robert off. It’s not like he did it on purpose. We were having a game. And well I really don’t know why would anyone come so close. Even if our match was so exciting and entertaining.”

Pei Ting: “Rob u ok?” (She is kinda nice to me.)

Me: Simin are you alrite? I am really sorry.”

Finally she regained her senses. And looks at me.

Simin: “Yeah I am good. Sorry.”

Qing Yun: “Why say sorry to him. Not your fault.”

Simin : “Well. I came too close to the court. Sorry for interrupting the game.”

Pei Shan: “She must have been hurt in the brain. Talking nonsense now.”

Pei Ting: “Since Simin is good. Lets go anyway. It’s going to rain.”

Without further notice. The rain poured. The rain came at the right time. It ended the conversation. The game. All of us ran towards the nearest shelter. And made our way to canteen and toilets.

When me and Adrian was about to leave the school. We again found the gals standing at the direction we are heading. Which is the direction towards the gate. They didn’t have umbrella. So they couldn’t leave. I walked towards Simin. And handed her my umbrella.

Me: Simin. Sorry for what happened earlier. Now use mine.”

Pei Shan: “Hmmm why only Simin. Not us? U like her is it?”

Qing Yun: “Ya lor. Don’t know what u are thinking. Never mind at least Simin and ferry us one by one to the bus stop.”

Pei Ting: “Come. I will ferry Simin first. Then u two. Ok? And Rob u can share Adrian’s Umbrella rite?”

Me: “No. I am the only one here with umbrella.”

Simin: “Then u ferry Adrian first la?”

Me: “Hmm ok. Then I will come back and ferry u.”

Without further talking. I started to ferry them one by one. And eventually I got wet. As I was walking in the rain too much. Anyway. I did that just to shut the gals up. Didn’t want to hear them talking about this in the class tomorrow I thought. Kinda pai seh to have my face on her boobs I thought. Simin feels awkward too I reckoned.

After I got home. I took a shower. And while waiting for my hair to dry. I began to recall the feeling. The tenderness of Simin‘s boobs. Well it’s not big. Not fully developed yet. But well that was my first time experiencing the heavenly fats. Slowly my dick stands again. And then later on. I fell asleep.

The next day. I didn’t go to school. Shit and Yes, while trying to ferry everyone to the bus stop. I drenched myself. And eventually. Fever. Flu. Was the result. My mum took me to the doctor. And I got myself MC ed for 3 days. I was in bad shape. I remembered the first day was very terrible. I only wanted to sleep that’s all. The second day. Was slightly better. I regained some energy to watch tv. At around 3 pm. To my surprise. The gals came to visit me. After class.

My mum invited them in. And told them not to get too close to me. As I was having flu. So I sat far away from them. Qing Yun and Peishan was feeling very bad. They were very mean to me. And now that I got sick because of trying to ferry them. They did not speak at all. Guilt was all written over their faces. Simin and Pei Ting. Brought me notes. And told me what teachers taught them today. But then I could not get them into my brain. And slowly I fallen asleep again. By the time I wake up. It was already dinner time. My mum told me. They left shortly after they wrote down. The homework I am supposed to do.

After dinner. I began to look at the notes Simin and Pei Ting prepared for me. And followed what was written did some homework. Was not hard. Haha sec 1. After I finished doing them. I went back to the bed. Until the next day. I woke up at 10 am. By my mum. She wanted me to eat. So I can take the medicine.

At around 3 pm. The gals came again. Today I am feeling so much better. Therefore I have the energy to entertain them. My mum went to the shop as she knows I am better now. And it’s been two days since she went. The gals helped me with homework again. And I did not dare to sit near them. My mum told me not to.

At 4 plus we were done. With school stuff. They began to make small talks.

Peishan: “Rob, after u fallen ill. U know who is the one whom is most worried about u?”

Rob: “Huh? Er. Miss Tan?” (Our form teacher)

Qing Yun: “No lor.” (Diverting me to look at Pei Ting and Simin‘s direction)

Peishan: “She kept talking about u when in school. Robert here Robert there.” (Kinda teasing.)

Rob: “Who? Tell me ley.” (Well I was really innocent back then.)

Qing Yun: “That gal whom u bump into lor.”

Simin: “WHO SAY!$£. U also mah. Qing Yun. U kept saying to us. U felt guilty. U was too mean and stuff. Rite? Pei Ting?”

Pei Ting: “Haha I don’t know.” (She is a balancer among this group. Always neutral)

Me: “Aiya. Don’t worry la. I am ok now. Tomorrow I can go back to school haha 3 days le. No play basketball.”

Peishan: “Play play play. Play your head la. U just recovered. Later sick again.”

We talked and laughed. That afternoon until my mum returned at around 6.30pm. After all these that happened. We became closer. I meant the four gals and me. We will stay in school together to do homework. And when there are projects. We will group together. And slowly. I notice their looks/figures changed. Er. Well I could not figure out exactly but the more I look at their body, the more. I want to look at them. And occasionally I blushed their breasts. Or they accidentally bump into my brother. I felt excited. That carried on for a few months. And soon year end exam was around the corner. We go to each other’s place almost every day. To study together. Can u imagine how close we became? Rite. Our parents knew each other. Thru our relationship. We end up with flying colours. All of us. That convinced our parents even more that we are good all together. And so during the holidays. We go to one another’s place like our own.

But then. They are gals la. The topics between them and me. Kinda different. Interests also. So I only meet up with them once a week. Or so. Rest of the time. I am always with Adrian. And the other buddies. We play catching. Catch fish at reservoir. Basketball almost every day.

One day during the holidays. The gals chio me go swimming at Peishan’s place. She damn rich gal. Got a pool at her dad’s sixth avenue landed property. So I got permission from her to ask Adrian and Seng to tag along too. Was kinda strange for a boy to swim with a bunch of gals mah. We reached her place at 12noon. Her mum already prepared a table of food for us to enjoy, haha Adrian wasn’t in a good relationship with Peiting. Almost arch-enemy. So they just kept exchanging bad remarks about each other. While me and seng swam like we never swam in a pool before. Eventually everyone got into the pool. But then. Qing Yun only stood at one corner. I was the first one whom eventually noticed.

Me: “Hey. U ok? Why not swimming.”

Qing Yun: “Er no la. Go and swim la. Don’t disturb me.”

Me: “Hmm. U know when I first enter a pool. I was like u. U probably never swam before rite?”

Qing Yun: “Er I forgotten. Last time got learn before” (Btw she damn want face type until today still the same)

Me: “Well. I don’t mind teaching u how to swim. Come la.”

Qing Yun : “No ! No !! Don’t want” (As I speak. I began pulling her off the corner where she was hiding)

Me: “Ok. I will teach u how to float first.”

She was convinced by me and the laughter of the others. That swimming is a very enjoyable thing to do. I then began to coach her. While the others were enjoying the water on a very hot day. By the time Peishan’s mum told us to get up for a rest. Qing Yun has begun to understand how to float. She is quite talented with sports stuff. Which earned her a nickname later.

Anyway. After this session. Qing Yun began to persuade her parents to let us all go to her place. And swim (She lives in a condo. Cashew park) and I eventually manage to teach her how to swim. Till now I am still very proud of this. During the period of teaching her. I felt her breasts and body against mine. Quite a lot of times. But then. Slowly I got used to it. And wearing trunks. I try to control. If not everyone will notice my always harden dick.

Day by day, I find Qing Yun more and more attractive. At times. I would attempt to touch her butt. Or rub her thighs. When we were in the water. That was the easiest place, I could find excuse to touch her. And occasionally her butt might accidentally blush my dick. Then she will ask me. What was it? So hard. But most of the time we would just continue to swim. Within 2 weeks or more. She already learned how to swim. Free style and breast We could just swim together with the others. At either her place or Peishan’s. Well all our parents thought Peishan’s place is better as the pool is smaller and the maid is always watching over us.

Me and Qing Yun became closer and closer. Because she lives closest to me. And because I was teaching her how to swim. From then on. Sometimes I would just stay over her place for a night. Because I was too tired to go home and stuff. Her parents were ok. Well, in fact they like me and the next day, her dad will send me home after lunch or breakfast. Kinda. I did not expect she will become such a close friend. Sometimes she would call me up and talk to me on the phone. And then we can just last for hours. I don’t know. When I was that young. We have so much to talk on home.

Soon, school restarts. We head forward to SEC2. Same class same teachers. Minor changes. Everything was kinda similar except workload increased a lot. Me and Adrian will play basketball after school when we do not have ECA. Occasionally I will go Qing Yun‘s place to swim. By the June holidays. I realised the gals figure completely changed. They become curvy. And looks more and more adorable. The breasts became bigger and bigger. Wow. Of all. Qing Yun grew up the fastest. At sec one. She is 5 cm taller than me. And sec 2. She is almost a head more than me. Which about 15-20 cm. Sometimes they will mock me. Calling me shorty and stuff. >.< I felt inferior. Depressed. But then Qing Yun still plays with me. We still swim together and does our work together. Same thing as Simin. We were in the choir too. And to be honest. Every time at choir. I play piano. I notice quite a few gals stared at me. One of them is Qing Yun.

The closer we gets. The more unreasonable she becomes. There is this incident. My mum invite the gals and my buddies over for a dinner on my 14 year old birthday. She cooked a lot of stuff. But when the gals arrived with their parents tagged along too. I was surprised they brought even more food. Wow. So much. I remembered I had curry chicken overnight bee hoon for 1 week..>.< ”

That day, we sat down and ate and talked. Play with my newly bought playstation and our parents sat around and chatted. Well I loved the old days. Things were so simple. But then. When we gathered around for cake cutting. Something happened. After birthday song. Photo taking. I began to cut the cake. Well I could not really recall the whole incident. But me and Qing Yun argued. And did not talk for a few days all because of her cake share was smaller than Pei Ting’s. Was that jealousy? I don’t know. But now it seemed so.

We will eat together as we are a group. But we did not talk to each other. But after school as usual I would join my buddies on the court. Play basketball. After that. I went over to Adrian’s place one afternoon. Adrian told me his got something interesting to show me. When we arrived at his place. There were no one around. Both his parents were working. He played a tape. Well. Its porno. That was my first time watching porno. From there I learned how to masturbate. How a pussy looks like and er. From that day onwards me and Adrian will go to his place straight after school and watch porno. But one day I was curious how did he manage to find such tapes. So I asked him. He told me that those were his uncle’s. That used to live under their roof. He found them when his mum wanted him to separate room with her older sister. There were quite a few. Got ang moh one. Got Japanese one. Well I like Japanese one more. Girls are cute in school uniforms. And slowly. I began to wank every day when I reached home. During shower. The first time when I came. That feeling is kinda strange. I thought something bad happened to me. But then. After that I realised that was normal.

A week passed. I haven’t talked to Qing Yun at all. At times. I would discover that she was peeping at me. During classes. At times. I would do the same until she realise. I enjoyed watching her breasts. Shit. At 14 she is quite a developed gal. All thanks to swimming. I guess. The other gals. Soon realised its not good. As we continue to drift apart. Further and further. We don’t eat together at recess now. Before choir. I would eat with Adrian and Seng. I no longer talk to the gals after school. I would go home after basketball sessions. And one Saturday I remembered. After our ECA. Simin approached me. And we talked.

Simin: “What happened? Why nowadays u don’t join us for lunch anymore still mad with Qing Yun huh?”

Me: “No la. I am a boy. So naturally I stick more to the boys’ mah.”

(Actually after watching porn. I harbor evil thoughts for them every now and then. But on the other hand. I felt guilty. They were my friends. Best friends.)

Simin: “Look. After this. Join us at Peishan’s place we gonna swim ok? I have asked Adrian along. And he agreed. But He is going home first for the trunks.”

Me: “I don’t have trunks with me too. Maybe another time. I still got a shitload of work. To do.” (Actually. I scared the gals might know if my eyes kept looking at them when they were in swimming suit. I don’t want anyone to see my harden dick)

Simin: “No need la. You left a pair of trunks at Qing Yun‘s place remember? We told her to bring over for u. Come please? It’s been a week since we talked. And I can tell u. All this was Qing Yun‘s idea. She wants to make it up with u.”

Well. Actually deep down I wanted to apologise to Qing Yun. Regarding the whole cake issue. I said mean words to her. Like u so fat. U shouldn’t eat so much and laughed at her.. Actually I was referring to her boobs. Getting bigger and bigger. Haha. She was shy. And embarrassed I guessed. Adolescence? Or how u spell it.

So acting like I am not really interested. We went over to Peishan’s place. That afternoon. Only Peishan’s mother was around. She was in her bikinis 0.0

Doing a suntan. Wow. Her figures were heavenly. My eyes could not resist. But to keep looking at her. I wasn’t concentrating. As in swimming. And soon. Adrian. Came over and splash water on me.

Adrian: “U have been staring at her butt for quite some time.”

Me: “Er. No la. Don’t anyhow say la.”

Adrian: “U better stop before the gals catches u in the act.”

I did not say much and pretends nothing happen and continue to swim. Well was fun swimming with gals. Occasionally I get to ruba here and there. Be it intentional or not. We continue to swim for another hour or 2. Then we stopped. And took a shower. And ate some snacks. Prepared by Peishan’s maid. Shit. Peishan’s mum is so seductive. She sat beside me while we were eating. I could not resist but kept peeping at her thighs. Until Adrian kick me. To knock some sense back to me. That day, till then. I still haven’t manage to talk to Qing Yun.

But well. Eventually she did make the first move. By asking me to look at her neck from behind. To see if it’s burnt. Because she was feeling painful. I then helped her with some baby lotion. And that move. Aroused the crowd :/

Peishan: “Wah. Need to be so intimate or not? Huh? Obviously. After Rob goes to Qing Yun‘s place and taught her swimming. Their relationship has become very different le, Peiting hor.”

Peiting: “Hmm Rob is so short. And ugly. Haha Qing Yun u blind or what?”

Simin: “Hahahaha”

Adrian: “Yar loh. Last week the moment they see each other. They turn their head away. Now. They so close again. Really cannot stand these two.”

Qing Yun: “Well say whatever u like.”

Me: “Er. Don’t like that la. Me and her just manage to talk again. Don’t make her angry again. If not I don’t know for how long she is gonna stop talking to me this time. She is quite xiao qi one. Ley.”

Everyone laughed. And we continued to eat until my dad came along and pick us up and sent my friends home Qing Yun was the last to reach home. And she even asked me if I wanted to spend Sunday together doing homework. I told her I am lazy to go to her place. And she said she gonna come over. Oh well. My maths sucks. And hers good. So I don’t mind someone coming over and help me. So I agreed.

The next day, at around 10. My parents woke me up and told me they were gonna visit my grandma. As she was sick. My mum prepared lunch for me and Qing Yun as they knew we gonna meet up and do our homework.

So around 11plus. Qing Yun arrived. We then started to do our homework. And she was like my tutor. I suck big time with maths. And she patiently taught me. Until I catch the ball.

At around 1 pm. Both of us were done. And famished. So I heated up the food prepared by my mum and had our lunch. Doing things with the adults was called luxury. I remembered. Was fun. To be independent. While we were eating. I switch on the tv and watch some shows as we By the time we finished eating. Qing Yun began to probe me with some ultra-sensitive questions. So sensitive. I almost fainted.

Qing Yun: “Rob. Why were u staring at Auntie May’s butt yesterday while we were swimming? Your expression was so disgusting.”

Rob: “What? U must be crazy. I where got?”

Qing Yun: “Don’t deny. And remember the days u taught me swimming ? U kept blushing your dick against my butt too. And your hands kept touching me. And eventually they will end up on my boobs. Then you will apologise. U are so it curiosity or it’s me whom is attractive?”

Rob: “…”

Qing Yun: “Tell u a secret. Instead of being angry. I actually like the feeling when u peep and touch me.. “

Me: “Er. Seriously u liked it when I touch u here and there?”

Qing Yun: “Occasionally. When I recalls the moments. I will get wet. Actually I am kinda wet now.”

Me: “Er. Wet? How and where?”

Qing Yun: “U wanna know? Can. But u must do something for me.”

Me: “What” (Eagerly.)

Qing Yun: “I want u to take off your shorts. I want to see the hard thing that has been causing me the wetness.”

Slowly. My guilty knocks me. I stopped and warned her not to continue. But guess what happened? The moment we stopped talking she strips me without warning. Shit. I wasn’t wearing underwear. And yes. She saw my cock. For the first time in her life. Seriously my cock was in the steam mode. And she was like shock.

Qing Yun: “Wah so big ar. And so hairy. Eeeee” (Act cute.)

Me: “Fuck la. Now u saw. Can I put my shorts back on?”

Qing Yun: “Come another deal. U let me touch it. And I let u play with my breasts. Ok?”

Me: “No. Not enough.” (Actually, by this time. I want to strip her completely naked. And if can. Wanna act like porno. And fuck her. I thought)

Qing Yun: “Then what u want? Ok. I will take my skirt off to. So u can see the place that gets wet. Ok?”

Me: “No.”

Qing Yun: “Then what u want?”

Me: “If I can touch your breasts and feels your wetness. I will let u play with my didi.”

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