Forbidden Fruit – the JC Girl


I sometimes work at my old JC in coaching football. I used to be a school team player. I was quite useless lah but I played defense and was quite a strong tackler so I got into the team. Anyway I have been a good alumnus for my school and try to take part in a lot of events. About two years back, their part time coach left and they asked me if I was interested. Only twice a week – one Saturday morning and one Wed evening. Pay is nothing much but it was more for fun so I accepted.

The team is ok lah. During my time, we play ITE and Poly but now only jcs so the standard of football is lower. But the boys are decent players and enthusiastic. Surprising to see so many Chelsea and Man City fans. I guess you support who is good during your growing up days right? My time it was all Liverpool, Arsenal and of course Man U.

Well our trainings were at the school and would involve mostly fitness based stuff. Run here and there, do shuttle circuit, weights etc. At the end of the session we play a small 5 aside game or 4 aside game to improve technique. Since it’s in the football pitch, there are a few spectators who are mostly parents or JC students or even a few teachers or staff watching. They would sit in the stands and watch us train.

I noticed that there were a lot of the JC student girls coming to watch. I guess for them it’s still popular to be with football boys. During my time, all the football guys were like kings at the school. Always popular and can have any girl they want. I noticed this one girl who was a real beauty. She was wearing the school PE clothes – short shorts and a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. She had this milky white skin and a fresh face – cute and innocent but really dark fuck me eyes. She had this natural pink blush on her face and soft pink lips. Her hair was just shy of shoulder length and was slowly shifting in the breeze. Since she was sitting, her shorts had ridden up exposing her long legs and milky white things. She was sitting with two other friends and they were smiling, whispering and giggling as I put the boys thru some sit ups and pushups. I didn’t want to acknowledge it but this sweet young thing had put a couple of shocks up my cock. I thought to myself “What age are JC girls…16? 17? Maybe 18?” Yikes better stay away.

As training went on and was about to finish, I noticed the girls stay till the end and started to leave as the boys packed their equipment. I decided to walk over and say hi. “Hey girls, how come you guys come here to watch us train? Don’t you have homework to do?” To which the chio one said “Yes, but we need some distractions sometimes. Keeps us from doing naughty things!” And the girls giggled and got up to leave.

WTF I thought to myself. Did this girl just flirt with an older man? I asked her “Ok girls, as long as you’re not just wasting time. What are your names?” The girls said Katherine, Asha and the chio one said Lilly. Lilly I thought to myself. Nice name. “Girls good to have spectators but you guys can participate next time too if you want!” I laughed off and went back to talking with my boys.

Anyway the girls would come by for the trainings now and then. We would talk a bit here and there. We learned that Lilly actually lived near me in the River Valley area. This is important for later in the story.

One training time, it was raining all day. But it stopped right before we trained so we went about training. Slowly we saw Lilly turn up but no friends. Interesting I thought to myself. Half way thru our training it started to rain. So I cancelled the training as everyone ran in for shelter. Most of the boys decided to leave by calling a cab or taking the bus home. As they were leaving, I saw Lilly standing around by herself looking a bit despondent. So I went to talk to her “What’s wrong Lilly?” I asked.

“My mom is supposed to pick me up. But she cancelled. I am stuck here now. I don’t have money for a cab. She always does this.” She said.

“Hmm…Ok well I can give you some cash and you can take a cab home. No worries” I offered.

She hesitated a moment. And then with her doe eyes she asked “Actually coach, do you think you can give me a ride home? We live close by.”

“Erm,…I don’t think I should. Teachers shouldn’t spend time with students alone.” I told her.

“But you’re not a teacher. And you live close by. It’ll be a waste of money. Please? We live 15 mins away only.” She begged.

I thought it over for a moment and I looked her over. She was standing there in her shorts and her slightly damp t-shirt which was now outlining her bra and tight body. Her skin was moist with the rain her hair had that just right wet look. She looked like this little angel. All sweet and innocent.

“Ok fine. Please let your mom know you’ll be home in 15 mins,” I said.

“OMG! Thank you so much coach. You’re the best” she said.

I walked over to my car with Lilly in tow. Most of the students and staff had already left the school and I kept guiltily looking around as we walked to car park. As it was still raining, I told Lilly I would get the car while she waited under a shelter for me. But she said it’s ok, she’ll run over to the car with me if I didn’t mind her getting into the car ‘Wet’. She said wet with a smile too. I didn’t acknowledge it at first. So we ran through the heavy rain and jumped into my car.

Luckily I have leather seats so it was ok to sit there wet. I looked over at Lilly. Her shirt was now quite wet and sticking to her chest. I could make out the outline of her bra and maybe hints of erect nipples? I wasn’t sure but it looked sexy as hell. Her shorts were hiked up. As it is, the PE shorts are so short. I think the girls get them a smaller size than needed just to have it ride up their butts. Anyway I could make out a faint camel toe. Goodness! And milky thighs were glistening with moisture from the rain. Her hair was matted and she slowly smoothed it out and smiled at me.

“Wow! It’s really pouring!” she said. I leaned over to the back seat to unzip my gym bag and I could smell Lilly‘s fresh hair and a faint scent of lavender. It felt young if you know what that means. It’s just that some perfumes women wear. And some girls wear. And the scent was alluring. A mix of fruity and flowery with freshness to it. I picked up a towel from the bag and I gave it to Lilly.

“Please dry off. I don’t want you to catch cold.” I said.

“Thanks coach. You’re so nice to me.” she said.

As she took the towel, her hand touched mind and she lingered for a while and sort of strokes my hand. I pulled back started the car.

Lilly started drying herself off as I drove. The drive was uneventful. Just minor chit chat. I would steal glances at her thighs and she would talk about school. About 5 mins away from her house, as luck would have it we got stuck in a jam. As we were inching forward, Lilly started talking about the soccer team.

“Why do you guys always pop by watch the trainings? Are you girls all attached to the boys in the team? Or just plain bored? “ I asked.

“Coach, we come to see you lah!” she giggled.

“Haha. Nonsense. Seriously, why do you girls come by?” I asked ignoring her.

She slowly turned and looked at me with her doe eyes. Her face was a little flush and her lips had this soft pink hue to them. “Coach, we come to see you train the boys. We come to see you. Isn’t that obvious?” she calmly said.

Oh no I thought to myself. Danger zone. “No Lilly. That’s not very appropriate to say and besides, I am an old man. Way too old for any of you,” I replied.

Lilly kept looking at me and behind those innocent eyes, I saw a flicker of mischief. She smiled again and put her hand on my thigh “You’re not that old.”

As her hand hit my thigh, I felt this shock of electricity pulse thru my body. Immediately my groin went into alert mode.

I should have removed her hand and scolded her. But I didn’t. I knew where this was going. “Oh fuck!” I thought to myself.

I slowly put my hand on Lilly‘s and felt the soft fair hand on my thigh. I dwelled on it for while feeling the smooth skin before placing it back with her. I tried to ignore what just happened as I pulled into her condo lot.

Lilly, we’re here,” I said.

There was a flash of disappointment on her face. But she quickly smiled and said “Hey coach, actually do you want to come up and meet my parents really quickly? I am sure they’ll want to thank you for sending me home and also I can make some hot milo if you would like. You can change out of those wet clothes.” she giggled at me.

I knew I should have said no. But those doe eyes were too enchanting. And I figured what could go wrong. Just a quick meet with the parents and maybe a drink. So I said ok.

We took the lift up to her floor. She opened the front door and kicked off her shoes walking in. I took off my slippers and followed.

“Ma, Pa…I am home,” said Lilly.

No response.

Lilly said “Gimme a moment coach. Please have a seat.”

I looked around the living room as she slipped off deeper into the condo. I looked around the living room and noticed the large TV, cool artsy furniture and some pictures. Lilly quickly returned.

“Hey coach, sorry but my mom just texted me. They’ll be back in an hour or so. Would you like to wait or I can make you some milo?” she said. Standing there barefoot with her hair now tied up wearing her short shorts and t-shirt with sleeve rolled up and all the while still damp and wet from the rain, she was a vision. I felt my cock shift in my own shorts.

“I think it’s ok Lilly. I should leave.” I said as I turned to head out.

“Coach, you’re here. And it’s raining still. One milo,” said Lilly. She did a half bite on her lips and pouted. It was like kryptonite.

I gave in. “Ok Lilly. Just a milo.” I sat down on the couch as she smiled and ran off into the kitchen. I didn’t hear anything for a bit and then some clanging and glasses clinking.

“Everything ok?” I asked.

“Yup, all ok. Almost ready.” said Lilly.

A few minutes went by and I was growing impatient. I knew I should leave. Alone in a condo of a sweet innocent nubile JC girl. She was ripe you know. Dunno how to describe it but it’s when girls are well into puberty and blossoming. That’s what Lilly was. Forbidden fruit.

“Hey coach, here’s you drink!” said Lilly breaking me from my thoughts. I turned around to face her and my jaw fell open aghast.

Lilly stood there with her arm reaching out holding on to a cup of milo. The only thing was, she was completely naked. Her hair was dry now and lying on her shoulder. Her breasts were a dream. Perky and white like two soft balls and she had pink nipples. Having pink nipples is such a find. Her tummy was flat and pussy was a flower. Clean and shaved. Maybe she never even had hair there. Or it was peach fuzz. Her pussy lips were engorged and pink. Lush. And in the light it was glistening. She was wet. Moist. Her legs stood slightly apart and they were long and slender. In front of me was jailbait.

My cock didn’t twitch. It was at full salute. Hard as a rock.

Lilly slowly put the cup of milo down, all the while keeping deep eye contact. We didn’t say a word. I was frozen. She walked over to me and tip toed on her sweet little feet, placed her palm around my neck and pulled me close. She planted her lips on mine and began tenderly kissing me. I took a deep breath as she did as well. Her tongue forced my mouth open and I couldn’t resist.

I kissed back. Our tongues intertwined. She massaged my tongue with hers and our saliva linked. Our lips soft, moist and one. “What was I doing” I thought. This was crazy. I pushed back slightly. And Lilly stepped back yearningly looking at me “Did I do something wrong coach?”

I knew I was going to a bad place in hell for this. “No” I replied. With that I grabbed her and threw her on the couch. Her legs flailed in the air and she plopped down on it. I saw her pink jewel again moist and ready. I began to strip off. I wanted that cunt. I NEEDED that cunt. I pulled off my wet t-shirt and my shorts. I hesitated for a second at my boxers.

Lilly sensed the hesitation and spread her legs in front of me. Her hand went to her pussy and started slowly rubbing in circles. I could see the moisture on her fingers and even better, I could smell her engorged pink clit. It smelled like a flower sweet and wild. I needed to taste it.

I ripped off my boxers. “Wow” said Lilly. I wasn’t a big man. I didn’t have a huge cock but it was above average and I kept my pubes trim so it made it look bigger. I hadn’t fucked in a weeks which made my cock look bigger. Veiny, full of blood, engorged with a bright pink head ready for warmth and comfort from a young nubile tight vagina.

I knelt down in front of her and put my face on her cunt. I inhaled. Sweet elixir. Good god she smelt great. Young pussy is like cocaine to us guys. Once you taste it, you’re fucked. I dived. I started swirling on the sides of clit. Licking and avoiding her pussy. She let out a moan that pierced the room. With the soft pitter patter of the rain outside, this condo was now filled with heavy breathing and a soft sensual moans of a young girl.

I kissed her around her pussy never touching it. I could feel the warmth radiating from it. The sweet fumes intoxicating. I didn’t live her pussy lips. Anticipation is the best foreplay and I knew she was shuddering waiting for my tongue. I looked up at her from between her legs. My hand had found her way to her supple tit. I was tweaking her nipple and as she looked back at me pleadingly. Her eyes filled with lust and want and small torture.

I placed my other hand on her chest, feeling her heart that racing. I smiled and plunged my mouth into her young pussy. I began ravaging.

When my tongue touched her pussy lips, Lilly let out a soft moan. She sounded so young but it was the moan of a woman. Her pussy lips were engorged. Pink and bright. And glistening. She tasted wonderful. Salty and sweet. I used my fingers to flip under the pink folds to expose her clit. Her young pussy was so tight, so perfect, that even my fingers had tension moving those pink folds.

I slipped in a finger. She moaned again. I slipped in another finger and then another. One more moan and then another. I placed my mouth on her clit and started licking and vibrating her pussy with my mouth. All the while slipping in my fingers and curling them inside her circling the inside of her labia. I started motioning my fingers in a come hither option, two fingers under her clit and my thumb under my tongue circling and rubbing. She was so moist, so engorged. Her pussy juices and my saliva were one. She was so wet and her young body was trembling. I looked up at her from between her legs.

Her eyes fleeted between being closed and watching me. They were filled with pleasure and yearning. But also lust. Her flesh was flushed. Her face and body a soft pinkish hue. She was slowly lifting her back and very lightly grinding her pussy against my mouth. Her body wanted pleasure. Her body needed pleasure. I kept looking at her. Eye contact is everything and she would keep looking at me with this look of bliss. She was deep in the throes of passion.

I kept rubbing and licking. I felt her place her hand on the back of me head and force me deeper into her wet cunt. I knew she was close. I doubled my efforts. My fingers were sopping with her juices. She smelled like roses. And then it happened. Her pussy contracted on my tongue and fingers. The vibrations racked my tongue and all thru her body. She grinded her pussy again my face and held it. I slipped my free hand to her chest to hold her down. I felt her racing heart and I heard let out a primal moan. It was the sexiest sound i’ve heard. She kept shuddering as I looked up at her flushed face. Her eyes were closed and her face was contorted in ecstasy. Her mouth was open and her nipples were so erect. Lilly was cumming.

Her pussy was gushing all over my face and she opened her eyes and looked right at me. Her eyes glistened. Were those tears? Tears of joy and pleasure. Her body slowly stopped trembling and she looked at me and smiled. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy. I glanced at my hard cock and there was pre-cum oozing from my cock head slit. I stood up and looked at her as she set her sights on my penis.

“My turn.” I said. She leaned forward.

Lilly placed her little hand on the base of my hard cock and looked up at me. I was much taller than her and with her sitting on the sofa in a pool of her pussy juice, saliva, rain and sweat, she looked like a lust drunk angel.

“Breathe it in,” I said.

She grinned like a happy puppy as she inhaled the pheromones surrounding my penis. The smell of sex was in the air. The combination of dampness, bodily odors and fluids mixed with the natural oils from our skins plus the different perfumes and colognes are an intoxicating mix. It makes people go crazy. Those natural scents are blinding. She placed her mouth on the shaft off my cock.

Lilly began by licking slowly up and down the length of my penis. She placed her right hand on my thigh to balance herself and used her left hand to massage my balls. I let out a soft grunt. I kept looking at her as her leg bopped down my shaft. Then she moved her soft moist warm mouth to the head of my penis. She licked the around my cock head flicking her tongue on the bulbous head. And then she spit on my penis. It took me by surprise. Her saliva was thick, like a viscous lube. She engulfed my dick with her mouth and massaged my cock with her tongue. My penis was so sensitive, even more so under the cock head helmet. Lilly sucked away while pumping the shaft with her hand. She was a pro. Wow.

She looked up at me as my legs weakened. I needed to sit and I didn’t want her pretty mouth off my dick. So I held her head in place and walked over to the couch. It was sexy as hell being in her mouth as I walked. I sat down as she crawled up and continued sucking. I reached out for her pussy as she hunched over and calmly placed my fingers at the entrance of her cunt. I swirled my fingers on the wet entrance slowly. More affectionately than actually trying to make her cum. She spread her legs more and lifted ass higher by arching her back. She continued slurping.

My cock was getting a wet shower from her mouth. Her tongue was magical and she did not neglect my balls as her hands rubbed and massaged them. She would hold my shaft and lightly jerk the base as her tongue swirled all over my cock. I was so erect and the pleasure was almost unbearable. Lilly looked at me seemingly to ask for approval.

“Keep going,” I whispered. She smiled and continued. I leaned back and looked at the sight before me. A nubile pale skinned angel choking herself on my cock. I could feel her saliva drip down my cock to my balls. I knew my pre-cum was oozing all over inside that wet hole. I couldn’t control myself. I had to cum.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and forced my cock deep into the mouth cave. My body jerked and I came. I kept convulsing and Lilly kept licking away as string after string of cum shot my cock into her mouth. I could feel some of it drip down her mouth but she was choking most of it down. The cum had taken her by surprise but she wanted to please me and was swallowing most of it. I jerked a few more times and I slumped back into the sofa. Lilly looked at me with cum and saliva dripping from her mouth. God, it was so hot.

“What’s next coach?” She smiled.

“Go clean yourself up,” I said.

“Yes coach,” Lilly replied,” Come follow me.”

Lilly got up and started walking deeper into the condo to her room. I followed her wiggling ass. So ripe and tight. Two white half-moons which were perky. She didn’t have a big butt. It was small and cute and just the right curve. My spent cock started to shift again.

Lilly led me into her room, both of us still completely naked. Her room was large. Very simple – a big Queen sized bed, a couple cabinets, some shelves, a tv and a computer desk. She had posters of One Direction, Taylor Swift and Zac Effron on the walls. “Damn!” I felt so old. But I also realized the pussy that was in front of me. Young and nubile. Probably untouched. I was going to be the first man to taste her tight pink cunt on my dick. I wasn’t thinking straight. The lust had taken over and I gave in. I was pussy hungry.

She walked into the bathroom joining her room and I followed her in. She went to the sink to wash up. Watching her slowly rinse her mouth and clean off the cum from her chin and face was so sexy. I wanted to bend her over right there and fuck the shit out of her. But good things come to those who wait. I wanted to savor her. Lick every part of her, smell her, taste her again. And most of all, feel her. I needed to feel this harlot all over me.

“How did it taste babe?” I laughed.

She only giggled. “Looks you’re ready for round 2!” Lilly said as she looked down at my groin. My cock was hard again. Still a bit slimy with her saliva, cum and pre-cum I reached out for some tissue to clean my dick. When Lilly squatted down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth again. She was licking this time and I let out low moan. The little head bopping up and down my penis was making me harder and harder. She slurped and cleaned up my penis leaving it erect and shiny.

“Ta daaa!” she exclaimed. “Just like new.”

“Now for Act 2,” I laughed as I picked her up, looked deep into her eyes and planted a big kiss on her soft lips. I carried her to the bed in her room. She was light and holding her body in mine, I felt how warm and tender she was. I plopped her on the bed and gave her ass an affectionate spank as she turned over facing me with her back on the bed.

“Open sesame!” I said as I slowly spread her legs. Her pussy was engorged and pink. And she smelled like sex and flowers. I kissed her down her leg and paused at her pussy. It was glistening again and she reached out with her hands to rub it but I stopped her. “No!” I said strongly. She looked a little disappointed. Like I was stopping her from getting pleasure. I wanted to draw it out. I wanted to give her pleasure. “This pussy belongs to me now,” I told her. Lilly leaned back smiling.

My cock was ready for this pussy. I held it at the entrance and began rubbing the entrance. My cockhead was so sensitive and I know my circling her clit and rubbing her cunt with my cock was driving her crazy. My pre-cum was oozing and her pussy was so wet. I love the natural lubrication that our bodies make. Your saliva gets thicker, your pheromones go crazy, the smells and tastes are amazing. I slowly pushed my cock head past the soft pink folds. She left out a sexy moan as my bulbous cock head slipped in. Oh god, she was tight. Her cunt was perfection. Untouched. If anyone had fucked her, he wasn’t very good or she just had her teen tightness.

Lilly looked at me deeply. Her mouth slowly opened “Ohhhh!” she softly let out. The skin against skin was intoxicating. I slipped in inch after inch. I knew I should have worn a condom but it’s forbidden fruit. I needed to taste it completely. She looked at me with an expression of lust and good pain. I went in deep. “Coach, you’re so deep. I feel…..oh,” Lilly said. I slowly began thrusting and all she could was let up soft yelps. Her cunt was adjusting to my cock. The warm soft moist vagina around my cock felt amazing. I placed my hand on her chest and pushed in deep. “Ahhhh,” Lilly moaned. I began fucking her.

I looked Lilly deep into her eyes as I slowly pumped. Her mouth was half open and her eyes were a mix of strain and ecstasy. When I was younger, I wasn’t good at sex. I had to learn. In my earlier days, I knew I wasn’t giving the women I fucked pleasure. They were actually fucking me. I had my release and I left. Now I knew how to pleasure a woman. To widen your thrusts so that they’re long and deep. To gyrate and circle my cock into her vagina. I was hitting all the right spots. Lilly kept moaning and she was so wet. I could see her moist pussy.

I slipped my hand down to her clit and slowly circled it. Rubbing ever so slighting as I fucked her deep. Her pussy juices were thick. They were like a clear glue. I put my fingers in my mouth and tastes her. Slightly sour and yet sweet.

“Do you want to taste yourself?” I asked her.

She mustered a nod and I dipped into her cunt and brought my fingers to her mouth. She licked my fingers and swallowed them. Fellating them suggestively like licking an ice cream.

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