Examination Blues


Nicole glanced at the clock in the hall. It was 3.05 pm. She had ten minutes left. This was supposed to be a breeze. She cursed herself for what happened last night.

It was the night before her last A Level paper, but Nicole could not care less, since Biology was her forte. What’s more, it was an MCQ paper. Rather than stressing out about the paper, she felt a need to de-stress. Looking at the clock, it was 11.30 pm. She locked her door, turned off the lights and switched on her computer, but not before moving a little black shoe box from under her bed to her desk. She opened her internet browser – it was time for a shopping spree. Unlike most girls her age, she would rather spend her money on things that brought her pleasure, real pleasure. Pulling up windows to several sites selling sex toys, she wanted to build up her collection and add to her existing pink 5 inch dildo that her friend had bought for her when she turned 16. She glanced at her clock: it was nearly 5am. Hurriedly, she’d checked out several items from the site, and switched off her computer. She tried to sleep, but she could not. Her panties were soaking wet from the arousal of her soon-to-be toys. Giving in to her carnal nature, she rubbed herself to a customary orgasm before finally drifting off to sleep.

“Pens down. Please stop writing.”

Any second now. Nicole tapped her pencil impatiently. Freedom beckoned.

“You may now leave the examination hall.”

A flurry of bodies moving, pencil cases throw in the air in celebration. A Levels were over. Her group of friends came over to congratulate Nicole, and to firm up their plans for the movie they were going to watch.

To her horror, after discussion, Nicole realized that she had gotten 15 of the 40 questions wrong due to careless mistakes. It must have been due to her lack of sleep. She cursed under her breath. If only there was a way to make things right…

As most of the students moved off, the group decided to go back in to take a picture with the Chief Presiding Examiner. While this was going on, she had formulated a plan out of desperation. The Chief Presiding Examiner was pleasantly surprised when the group of girls approached and had a chat with them before taking the photo. As the group was leaving the stage area, Nicole pulled the CPE to one side and motioned for her friends to wait near the exit.

“Yes Nicole, what can I do for you? Do you want another photo?” he asked, taking in the sight of the pretty girl before him.

“No, sir. I was actually wondering if I could take a look at my script.”

“I am afraid that’s not possible,” he said firmly, “That would be against regulations.” at this point, her face sunk. Quickly he asked what the matter was.

“I realized I made several careless mistakes. It must have been because I slept late last night. Please, can I have a look? I really want to study medicine locally, and I don’t want to be denied my dream just because of some careless errors.”

“Well, you’re a young woman, you need to start learning to take responsibility for your actions. It is part of growing up”

The CPE took a step back in shock as Nicole‘s eyes lit up. “How can I take responsibility for that? Surely we can find a way?” she stepped up to him, grabbing his cock through his pants. “Mm. I know what you want. Surely we can work something out?”

The CPE nodded, but stated that he wanted her good friend Qianhui to be included too. “Sure thing.” Nicole winked, and walked off to retrieve her friend as the teacher’s eyes stared at her lovely ass swaying away from him.

She returned with Qianhui moments later. He guessed that she had already explained the predicament to her. The trio moved to the backstage, which was turned into the temporary examination control room. The girls stood there, unsure of what was happening as the CPE flipped through the scripts. All the other teachers had left by then, leaving him to deliver the scripts to MOE. He brought out Nicole‘s script and asked her what she was willing to do for it.

“Can I have my script back, please? I will do anything you ask.” Nicole pleaded.

“Why don’t you fuck yourself if you don’t want to fuck your future up?” he grinned at her. He expected her to use her fingers to pleasure herself, but Nicole had other ideas. She reached into her brown bag and drew out her pink dildo. She hoisted herself onto a classroom table and pulled up the front of her skirt. As she hesitated, Qianhui took over the dildo and pulled her panties to one side, sliding it in. Nicole moaned in pleasure as Qianhui repeatedly thrust the dildo in and out of her pussy.

The teacher stood there, a meter away. His hands slowly started gripping the outline of his cock that was now visible through his pants. The two girls grinned, and decided to up their game.

Qianhui put her hands on the top button of her blouse and undid the first button, “Do you like what you’re seeing, sir?”

The teacher’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

She undid the next button, “What about now?”

He gave her an approving wolf whistle.

Qianhui giggled, tossed her hair back, and undid the rest of the buttons down the front of her blouse. She held it shut with her hands. She was starting to get into this. “Do you want me to take it off?”

The teacher stared at her, clearly excited, his cock throbbing hard, “Take it off, baby, and take it off.”

With a quick motion of her arms and shrugging of her shoulders, her blouse dropped onto the floor. She stood in front of him in her lacy black bra, with her skirt still on.

The teacher couldn’t say a word, his hand now stroking his cock that had been freed from the constraints of his pants.

“I hope you like the striptease so far, because I am not done yet!”

Qianhui fondled her breasts through her black bra, her hands underneath them, “Do they like my breasts?”

“Yes, I want to see your nipples.” the teacher’s voice was now barely a croak.

Qianhui started rotating her hips, “I’ve been told I am a good dancer. I can put on quite a show.” she unzipped her skirt, and it fell to the ground, leaving her in just a match set of black laced bra and panties.

She undid the clasp behind her back, and with her hands covering her breasts, undid her straps, so only her hands held it up and continued moving her hips in sexy circles, “How much are my tits worth to you?”

“What do you want?” the teacher asked.

“Pass Nicole her paper.”

In the midst of the striptease, he had completely forgotten that Nicole was still using the dildo to fuck herself as instructed.

“Not before you cum for me. Show me how badly you want this.” he said to Nicole. She thrust the dildo in a couple more times, before her orgasm overtook her and she squirted all over her uniform skirt.

He handed her paper over to her. She smiled at him, leaned forward to kiss him gently and tell him, “Thanks.” he turned back to Qianhui. Seeing that she had regained his attention, she stood up and dropped her hands. Her lace bra departed her breasts entirely on its own. She turned around, looked over her shoulder, dropped her panties, spread her legs wide apart, and bent over.

Unable to control himself after seeing the sexiest ‘Come hither’ look, he grabbed her and bent her over the classroom table. Without warning, he impaled her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. He knew he would not last long in her tight pussy. Nicole had gotten on her knees and began to lick his balls from underneath as he pounded hard into Qianhui.

Sensing his time was close, he pulled out and erupted all over Nicole‘s waiting face. Spurt after spurt of white hot cum covered her face and lips. As he collapsed back into a chair, exhausted, Qianhui helped lick the cum off Nicole‘s face.

As Qianhui dressed herself, Nicole went to edit her script and submitted it back to the teacher. As they walked out of the hall, Nicole looked disheveled, cum stains on her face and skirt.

“That’s why I stripped. It removes any evidence!”

The girls laugh, and went to find their waiting friends.


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