Every Rose Has Its Horns


Rose was your typical secondary school belle. She had it all. Blessed with good looks and a figure most adolescent teens could only dream about. 1.65m height, full and firm B cup boobs, long shapely legs and a perky butt – all this coupled with the fact that she was on the school netball team, which added tone and definition to her figure, along with a healthy glowing tan. Unlike some of the other netballers on the team, she kept her hair long, which went down to the small of her back. She would’ve liked to have kept it longer, but it proved to be too inconvenient. To top it all off, she was also blessed with the smarts with straight A’s and perfect scores being the norm – she was what you could call a high flying all-rounder.

Being the school belle, she had no lack of available suitors, mostly hormone-raging-lust-filled boys who were doubtlessly spending countless hours jerking off to her image. Unfortunately for them she wasn’t the least bit interested in boys. Maybe she was, but she certainly did not show it outwardly. Some even suspected if she preferred females instead, but the truth was she just didn’t have the time.

Between studies and netball, she just couldn’t understand why anyone would want to waste their time on BGR. What more could one do at sixteen apart from awkward kisses, tentative groping and unskilled hand or blow jobs? At least that’s what it appeared as to her. She had no such needs.

Countless (And constant.), advances from guys plagued her, to the point where she had mastered the art of rejection. Being a friendly sunshine girl who loved socializing – she did not see the need to be a bitch or be outwardly cold just to put off any unwanted attention. Instead, she politely rejected any advances (Which in some cases made it worse.), or friend-zoned any hapless guys who thought they even had a glimmer of a chance.

Secondary school went by without much incident – what was there to go wrong when you had it all? She finished with top grades (As expected.), and went to the top junior college where she continued her passion for netball. Not surprisingly the attention from the guys was as constant as ever, although her rejection tactics and friend-zoning slowly made her male schoolmates regard her as unattainable which eased her troubles somewhat.

The shower incident

It all started one evening, late after netball training. Rose had just finished her shower and was toweling off in the changing area when she heard footsteps and muffled voices. Curious, as she thought that everyone else had left (She liked to be one of the last to leave so that she could have her personal space and took her time to shower.), she put on her clothes and went to check out who it was.

As she got closer to the source of the voices – it became clear that it was a male and a female, though she couldn’t tell who they were yet. Feeling suspicious, she adjusted her footsteps and tiptoed slowly as she got closer. It was then she realized the voices were coming from the male showers! A hint of disgust flashed through her mind as she figured it must be some horny student couple having some after-hour fun, but she was still curious to see who it was. After checking the surroundings to make sure no one else was around – she crept slowly towards the entrance of the male showers and peeked round the corner.

She was shocked to see her netball captain, Serene, knelt on the floor and blowing the guy’s cock. Looking closer, she realized the guy was one of the PE teachers, Mr. Tan. Both were completely naked, their clothes in a pile on the floor. Mr. Tan was seated on the bench, eyes closed and head tilted back in ecstasy as Serene blew him expertly, occasionally grabbing her head and stroking her hair. All of Rose‘s thoughts were screaming at her to leave in disgust, but at that moment something inside her stirred, and she was mesmerized by the raunchy scene in front of her. She crept into the showers to get a better vantage point, careful not to make any sound and hid behind a row of lockers on her knees, peering through a small gap.

From this vantage point she had a fuller, closer view of the action, allowing her to have a clearer look at the couple. Mr. Tan, being the teacher in charge of the gym, was quite well built – his defined muscles and six pack often made the girls swoon over him and the guys immensely jealous. Rose had never seen him this close, and fully nude, nonetheless, and she realized that she actually found him quite hot (She might appear to be unattainable but that did not mean she was too uninterested.). Her eyes moved downward and widened in shock – he had a huge cock! It looked about six or seven inches and it was very thick and meaty, filling Serene’s mouth fully.

She also got a good view of Serene’s naked body. She was tall and lanky, figure not as full as Rose‘s but still toned and tanned with the right curves in the right places. Despite her obvious experience she appeared to be struggling slightly with Mr. Tan’s huge cock as she had a rather smallish mouth. She carried on sucking and slurping for another couple of minutes before she was lifted up by Mr. Tan and positioned on his lap. They kissed hungrily as she slowly lowered herself onto his monster cock.

Mr. Tan: “Gawd girl, you’re tight!”

Serene: “Oh my god Mr. Tan, it is so biiiigggg it’s filling me upppp!!!”

Rose looked on, almost entranced by the sight – it was her first time seeing two people having sex, as she shifted uneasily in her hiding place. After taking a few moments to adjust to his size, Serene, clearly experienced in sex, started to ride on him in a squatting position – bouncing up and down as if she was doing squats, except that it was on a big hard cock. So that’s how she maintained her abs! Rose thought as she watched, fascinated by the sight of Mr. Tan’s huge cock going in and out of Serene’s now dripping pussy.

Serene’s moans and Mr. Tan’s grunts echoed through the showers – Rose thought that these two were very daring to be doing it in such a semi-public place, you never knew who might walk in on them (As she had.). As her mind wondered, something else was happening to rest of her body. She felt an unfamiliar warm feeling down below and her skin was starting to break out in a sweat – perhaps it was because the showers were warm?

Serene got off Mr. Tan and was bent over the bench. Mr. Tan grabbed her slim waist from behind and rammed his cock in with one hard thrust. Serene screamed in pleasure as Mr. Tan began to gleefully pound away at the netball captain. Loud sounds of skin smacking on skin reverberated through the showers, punctuated by Serene moaning ‘Uh’ every time her ass connected with Mr. Tan’s groin. Rose‘s left hand flew up to cover her mouth, stifling a gasp – she was both shocked yet intrigued by the rough fucking happening in front of her. As she watched her captain being pounded through orgasm after orgasm, she felt a slight tingle run through her body – was it excitement?

It was then she realized her right hand had unconsciously moved down to her crotch and was resting on her pussy area. She suddenly felt the intense heat that was now radiating from her pussy. Completely thrown off by this new feeling, she felt lost. Being always in control of her life, this was the first time that she wasn’t aware of what was happening to her. As her confused mind was still trying to make sense of things – she realized that she had taken her eyes off the rutting couple.

*Bang* The crashing sound of the locker jolted her back to her senses – Mr. Tan had carried Serene up from the bench and was fucking her standing against the locker – the loud bang was caused when she was slammed against the locker; her arms and legs were wrapped around his muscular body as he pounded mercilessly into her pussy. They were right next to her! Thankfully, they were too lost in their lust to notice her, and she scrambled frantically (But quietly.), to duck round another row of lockers. She peered around the corner to reestablish her vantage point.

As Serene shuddered with another orgasm, Rose was amazed by Mr. Tan’s stamina – she had heard stories (Mostly from her girl-friends.), that their sex experiences lasted ten to fifteen minutes at most, but Mr. Tan had been fucking Serene for a full twenty minutes now and showed no signs of stopping or slowing down any time soon. In this new position – Rose was sprawled on the floor sitting in an almost sideways position, she could feel her (Now.), burning pussy against the cold shower floor. She couldn’t take the heat anymore and felt really uncomfortable. On pure instinct, she pulled off her shorts, exposing her bare pussy to the elements.

This did not make things any better. In fact, now being half naked, her body was getting even hotter. Despite her confusion, she never took her eyes off Serene and Mr. Tan. Rose struggled to identify this strange new feeling. She felt hot inside yet cold outside from the floor tiles. Feelings of confusion clouded most of her thoughts, but she was surprised to find that within them, were feelings of… Pleasure? Is this what they call getting sexually excited? She wondered. Her body strained against her mind, sending tiny jolts of electric-like spasms through her. She was feeling extremely uncomfortable now, getting near the point where she could not take it anymore.

Frantically looking for a way to relieve herself from the discomfort, she placed a hand on her pussy again – this time as she was not wearing anything below, the feeling of her bare hand touching her pussy brought about the biggest reaction yet. Waves of pleasure (Which she couldn’t identify yet.), rushed through her body as her confused mind took in the intensity of this new sensory assault, that’s when the realization struck her.

She felt good. This feeling was so good that she felt she was going to explode in pleasure – just like how Serene was exploding into spasms and convulsions every few seconds. Another realization hit her, she felt excited. Excited watching two people she knew fucking, excited to be watching without them knowing, and (She felt slightly ashamed of it.), excited to be experiencing this awesome new feeling.

By this point Serene had now cummed herself silly and was reduced to a hot panting mess, unable to control her actions any more as she clung onto Mr. Tan for her dear life. He laid her down on the floor and started to pump her missionary, coaxing (Tired but still loud.), moans from her. Unwittingly, Rose‘s hand had started to rub herself, causing extremely pleasurable vibes which started to take control of her. She bit her lips to stifle her gasps and sharp intakes of breath as she continued the rubbing motion that was making her feel so good.

Though she did not understand the mechanics of it yet, her fingers peeled her pussy lips open, exposing a tiny nub of flesh (Which she found out later was her clit.). Every time her fingers brushed on that little nub it sent shockwaves through her. Excited, she focused her rubbing on the nub, the resulting pleasure being so great that she almost cried out. A short distance away another voice cried out. Serene’s nth orgasm hit her as Mr. Tan initiated a series of high speed, powerful thrusts which culminated in him slamming his huge cock all the way in, shuddering as he emptied his load into her with a loud roar.

At the same time, Rose felt a sudden huge explosion of pleasure as she came hard (Her first time experiencing an orgasm!). She had to bite down very hard onto her bottom lip to prevent herself from screaming out loud from the intense pleasure as her body took over and started to shiver from head to toe. Seeing her captain being cummed in excited her further, bringing on yet another orgasm before the first one ended. She managed to stifle a moan, but not the sharp exhalation of breath as her mouth opened into a big O when the second orgasm stacked onto the first.

Thankfully Mr. Tan’s roar covered the sound of her exhalation (The echo-y acoustics of the shower helped.), so she remained undetected. She watched as Mr. Tan pulled himself up, exposing Serene’s raw, well-fucked pussy. A copious amount of cum flowed out, spewing onto the floor. Serene meanwhile, was still having mini orgasms, her body jerking upwards in little spasms as she felt her teacher’s hot sperm spilling in (Then out.), of her cunt.

Rose collapsed on the floor, her body exhausted from her powerful orgasm. Her mind was also exhausted, having struggled with trying to first identify the new sensations and then trying to cope with experiencing the newfound pleasure. She just lay there breathing hard, moving her body slightly so it would be out of sight to the other two.

She lay there for a full thirty minutes, waiting for Serene and Mr. Tan to clean themselves up and leave – she didn’t have the energy to move anyway. She put on her shorts and went back to the female showers to retrieve her bag. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she entered and saw Serene retrieving her things from her locker.

Serene: “Oh hey Rose! Still around at this hour?”

Suddenly embarrassed at her own experience earlier, Rose fought to maintain composure.

Rose: “Errr… Ya. You know I love to have the showers all to myself! Plus not like I need to rush out to go dating or anything you know?”

Serene: “Oh ya. You’re still the infamous friend-zoner huh? Haha. You know, with a body like yours, you could get any hot guy you wanted. I wish I had your bigger boobs and perky ass!”

Rose: (To herself.) “Yah, right – saying that right after you fuck a hot guy…”

Rose: “Haha, thanks. It is not that great. Plus, you’re pretty hot already as it is.”

Serene: “Thanks Darl! Well… I gotta run… Meeting my boyfriend now… Hehe. See you again!”

Serene giggled as she gave Rose a small hug before she left.

Rose was reeling slightly from the revelation. So, her netball captain was a real slut. Having unprotected sex with a hot guy (Your teacher, no less.), before going to meet your boyfriend? She wondered just how many guys Serene had fucked before – there weren’t any rumors or indicators that she was a slut, she hid it quite well on the surface. Rose decided she didn’t really want to know or care about her captain’s other ‘Activities’ as it might disgust her and affect her team performance.

Her thoughts then drifted back to the pleasurable sensations she felt earlier. There was still a hint of shame in what she had done, but the intense pleasures she experienced made her yearn for more. She decided she would go and find out more about sex.


With the unlimited resource that was the internet, Rose had no shortage of information to fulfill her curiosity. She learned more about her body (The sex education she went through in school, as it turned out, was woefully inadequate.), female masturbation, orgasms, sex, and the whole lot. She even watched a few porn videos and found out just how experienced Serene was – most of what she saw happened right in front of her eyes! Her journey of self-discovery had begun…

Over the course of the next few weeks, Rose dived into her newfound ‘Research project’, slowly but surely being drawn deeper and deeper into a world filled with lust and self-pleasure. She started to explore her sexuality, playing with herself as often as she could. She did not manage to catch Serene and Mr. Tan after-hours again, though she still suspected they were continuing their illicit activities from the way Mr. Tan looked at Serene when he saw her. Serene of course did not give anything away – as netball captain, she was too high-profile and could not afford to have any evidence against her. This was fine by Rose as despite her new ‘hobby’, she wasn’t yet ready to get involved in anything herself; though deep down inside her, there was a slight (But growing.), feeling of disappointment in not being able to see it again. Little did she know how fast and how much things could change…

It was a non-training day and Rose had decided to hit the gym after the day’s lessons as she felt in the mood for a workout. She changed into her gym-wear, a tight fitting tank top which exposed her midriff and tight gym pants which showed off her perky ass. It was late (Her usual shower hour.), so she figured she would have the whole gym to herself. As she approached the gym, she noticed that the glass doors and walls were fogged up – was someone inside? Who else would be here this late? This piqued her curiosity immensely and she slowly crept forward, looking for an un-fogged portion of glass to peer into.

As suspected, it was Mr. Tan (This was his domain after all.), but she could not see who it was bobbing her head up and down on his huge monster of a cock. Careful not to make any sound – he was facing away from the glass so he wouldn’t be able to see her, she tried to peer in from a different angle. She could hear his muffled groans through the glass, though (She was actually disappointed.), she could not hear the sounds of the blowjob.

Suddenly, he stiffened as he came inside the girl’s mouth with a loud groan audible through the glass. He grabbed her head and held it in place as he shot his entire load inside her mouth. Rose was disappointed that the ‘Show’ had ended so soon, but was then given a shock when the girl’s head finally came up – it was Steph, her best friend! Unaware that she was being watched, Steph opened her mouth to show Mr. Tan his entire load before swallowing it, licking her lips as she did so. She smiled as she went down on him again, licking his cock clean, making sure not to miss a single drop of cum.

Rose quickly backed away from the wall before she was spotted – retreating to the nearest female toilet as her mind took in what she just saw. Steph! Her best friend who supposedly shared everything with her including her attitude towards guys. And there she was blowing the gym teacher and even swallowing his cum! Rose had felt a bit guilty that she wasn’t sharing her latest ‘discoveries’ with her best friend but all that was moot now. She was shocked that Steph was doing this and not telling her too! And this Mr. Tan, just how many girls in the school was he fucking!?

The scene, though shocking, did make her horny – and she found herself rubbing her clit vigorously, bringing out the intense heat she was familiar with by now as she came quickly and hard – covering her mouth with her free hand to prevent any damning noises from escaping. As she came down from the high of her orgasm – something inside her snapped. She was no longer content at being just a spectator. If this horny cock monster was banging all the girls in the school (Or so it seemed.), she wanted a piece of the action herself. She changed out of her gym clothes (She didn’t need the workout anymore.), and went home, formulating a plan in her head.

Blackmail and domination

The next day, she exchanged the usual hug with Steph, who was blissfully unaware that she knew about her dirty little secret. Rose thought nothing of it either though, her inner thoughts all focused on herself. As the school day droned on, she found herself eagerly anticipating whatever it was she was going to do – she also gave up planning anything too elaborate, figuring that since Mr. Tan was obviously doing several girls in school, she wouldn’t need to do much to get him to do her. She did have to find a way to get him alone for herself, though – and she knew just how she was going to do it.

She found a spot of free time in between classes and headed to the teachers’ office – making some excuse to see one of the teachers as she surveyed the room. She knew exactly where Mr. Tan sat as it was right next to the teacher in charge of netball. Very discreetly she scribbled a note and stuck it under his mouse, which would ensure that he would see it as he would need to remove the note to use the mouse. The note read: ‘I know your secret. C you @ gym, 7 pm.’

The rest of the day, she found herself distracted and restless – and for the first time ever, zoned out during class. The day ended after an agonizing (At least that’s how she saw it.), long time, and the wait for the school to empty by 7 pm seemed even longer. Even so, 7 pm arrived – and she waited just a little while longer (Sure that if he saw the note he would wait till whatever time she showed.), to make sure that everyone had left before heading to the gym.

Mr. Tan was waiting – a worried look on his face. His face perked up in surprise when he saw her approach. This was the last girl in the whole school he imagined to see – her reputation preceded her even amongst the teachers. He was inwardly excited as she was one of his biggest targets, yet worried because if she was anything like her reputation said she was, she would not hesitate to report him.

Rose had anticipated this and decided to have some fun while she was at it. She gave Mr. Tan her mightiest frown as she entered the gym, locking the door behind her as she entered. Mr. Tan stared at her nervously.

Mr. Tan: Rose… I… Erm… What do you know…?”

Rose got straight to the point, “I have seen you with Serene and Steph…”

The color drained from his face as he anticipated what she would say next.

Rose: “How could you? That’s disgusting! I should report you for your inappropriate actions with your students!”

Mr. Tan was close to panicking, “Please Rose… Don’t report me… I am not… They were all willing participants… I did not take advantage of them…”

Rose smiled to herself as she heard him sputter excuses and begged her not to report him – she was now in total control of her actions (Unlike before when she didn’t understand what she was feeling.). It was when he grabbed her by the shoulders in desperation that she decided to relieve him of his misery.

She put a finger on his lips, shutting him up, as she looked him straight in the eyes and took his chin in her hand.

Rose: “How could you… Not… Teach me… As well…”

Mr. Tan caught himself. What did she just say?

Before he could react further, Rose leaned in and kissed him. Now, despite her ‘inexperience’, she was by no means a newbie at kissing. She had practiced (Innocently.), with Steph before – and she had also been exposed to what she learned during her recent research, though this was the first actual male she was kissing, and it excited her!

They kissed tenderly (No tongue.), for a couple of minutes before she broke the kiss. Mr. Tan took the opportunity to take a good look at the beauty in front of him. She was slightly flushed from the kiss and the confines of the gym were proving to be quite hot (The air-conditioning wasn’t on yet.). He could see the outline of her bra through her school uniform as her sweat was slowly starting to soak her top.

Feeling the heat as well, Rose unbuttoned the top two buttons of her top, exposing her tight fitting sports bra which showed the tops of her boobs slightly. Mr. Tan licked his lips as he saw a droplet of sweat formed on her firm B cups and flowed down into her cleavage.

“Want to see more?” She teased, as she slowly started to unbutton the rest of her top.

It took all of Mr. Tan’s self-control not to leap over and rape her there and then – but he decided to play along with her just in case she changed her mind, he was still at her mercy after all. So he just sat there, admiring the sight, inwardly excited at the prospect of banging the one girl whom everyone thought was unattainable.

Rose‘s mind was racing with both excitement and nervousness, and she, too, had to fight with all her self-control not to just throw herself at Mr. Tan and let him do whatever she wanted. Good thing her dominant, independent character just wouldn’t let her. She decided to torture him some more.

Rose: “That was my first kiss, you lucky bastard.” (She surprised herself with her language.) “Treasure it.”

Mr. Tan: “Oh, I will, my life is in your hands now anyway.”

Rose: “Good that you know.” (She flashed him a grin, just briefly, to tease him further.)

By now her top was on the floor and she set about prolonging Mr. Tan’s torture even more by slowly unzipping and removing her skirt, giving him a full view of her toned, shapely legs. Her tanned skin glistened with sweat droplets, giving it an almost glowing sheen. She looked at him seductively and ran a finger down his chest, stopping right above his shorts.

Mr. Tan was now sporting the hardest erection he had ever had – no girl had teased him this much before, much less an inexperienced one! He wasn’t used to not being in control, but this girl’s potential excited him. If she was this much of a tease as a virgin, what would she be like once he opened her up to the world of sex?

She saw it too – and could feel the familiar warmth down in her pussy starting to build. She shocked him (And herself.), by hooking her thumbs into his shorts and pulled them down, allowing his painfully erect monster to spring free. God, she thought, it looked even bigger up close! She brushed it slightly with her hand as she stared intently at it, causing him to jerk in pleasure, a small droplet of precum oozing out.

She looked at him with a stern yet seductive look.

Rose: “Time for lesson one. But you’re not the teacher – you’re just the learning prop, so be a good boy and just sit still.”

Mr. Tan: “…”

She was loving the control she had over him – the fact that he (Probably.), regularly seduced girls to be his playthings also excited her, as she deduced (Correctly.), that this was probably the first time a girl was controlling him instead.

Rose squatted down on the floor and came face to face with his giant hardness. She glanced up at him and found that he had closed his eyes, letting her have her way with him. Time to put what she had learnt during research to practice! She hesitated momentarily before giving his cock head a tentative lick.

This caused Mr. Tan to shiver and let out a low guttural moan. Pleased at the effect she was having on him, she went further. Imagining his cock as a lollipop she stuck her tongue out and ran it along the length of his shaft, coaxing more moans from him. She then grasped it with one hand and swirled her tongue on the tip, repeating what she saw during her research and from what she saw Serene and Steph did.

She was slightly concerned that she could not take his huge member in her mouth, but her competitive nature figured that if Serene and Steph could do it, so could she. Mr. Tan nearly blew his load when she engulfed him in her soft lips, but he managed to hold on, wanting to save himself for her pussy.

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