My Encounter with Indonesian Chinese

This happened when I was in Secondary Four and the story goes on…

As my sisters were all married, I had been occupying the whole room to myself since Primary Six. Occasionally I will invite friends up to either play video game / Digimon or watch porn together (One of my friend had access to his dad’s porn collection.). That was when I learned about masturbation and I will do it whenever I had the urge while home alone.

I really enjoyed my private space as a young teen until one day, my dominance was disturbed by the news from my parents.

No news is good news, but little did I know that this piece of news came with a surprise.

(We spoke in Hokkien but I translated into English.)

Mum: “Boy ah, I have friends coming over from Indonesia this weekend and they need to stay in our place until they can find other accommodation.”

Me: “Huh! Who are they? And how many of them?”

Mum: “It is my friend’s wife and daughter.” (It was actually her friend’s mistress, but she didn’t want to expose them.)

Me: “Then they sleep where? Our house so small.” (It was still a three room flat.)

Mum: “Hmm. You have to move out of your room for a while and sleep in the living room.”

I was ranting and cursing while packing the things I needed out of the room. No matter what objection I had, she was the owner of the house and she had the final say.

Then came this dreadful day when I had to move out of my room totally.

My parent were out by noon to fetch them from the ferry terminal, leaving me alone at home. Feeling bored, I suddenly had the urge while watching television, so with the help of dirty magazine (Borrowed from my friend.), I started to DIY in the room.

Just a few minutes into the action, I heard familiar footsteps outside the corridor moving closer to my house. I paused for a while thinking to myself how can it be possible that my parent returned so soon?? But I realized I was wrong when the lock was meddled with. My heart was thumping very fast as I quickly hid my already erected Dragon into my underwear.

For once I thought that I was the flash as every action after that happened so quickly I didn’t even have time to think. In just five seconds, I wore back my shorts, kept the magazine, ran out of the room, and lie on the couch to continue watching television as if nothing happened at all.

Immediately when the main door opened, this cute-looking girl behind my parent caught my attention.

Me: “Eh, so fast returned??”

My mum then introduced me to her friends.

Mum: “Tell you later, come boy faster call uncle and auntie.”

Me: “Hello uncle, auntie, how are you?”

Auntie: “Ahh. What a good boy, come meet my daughter.”

My originally spoiled mood was lifted at the appearance of 惠.

I quickly rose up from the couch, but all this while, my eyes were still fixed on her, she blushed and greeted me in a shy way by tilting down her face biting that pinkish lip of hers. She didn’t seem pleased with my presence so I made my way into the kitchen to fetch them drinks to quench their thirst.

After the introduction, my mum showed them into their room which was originally mine! On the way back toward the living room with their drinks, I overheard 惠 complaining that there was a weird smell in the room. In my mind, I was thinking holy shit! Could it be my pre-ejaculate just now that tainted the mattress? I quickened my footstep to interrupt their conversation.

Me: “Uncle, auntie here’s your drink.”

I let them help themselves on the tray and then I passed the last glass to 惠.

Me: “Hi 惠, you can call me 龙, nice to meet you!”

With a sexy accent in mandarin, she smiled and thanked me for the drink. Immediately off I went to open up the windows in my room hoping that the fresh air will cover up any weird smell.

I retreated back to the couch soon after and continued to watch television.

As fast as they arrived, my parent and her friends had to leave again to settle some matter outside, leaving me and 惠 alone in the house. I bade them goodbye and went into the room to check if 惠 needed any help.

I knocked lightly on the door, opened it and was greeted by 惠 in squatting position unpacking her luggage. Upon entering the room, I then got to slowly admire her from head to toe. She was wearing a pink dress with white pokey dots on it.

The view of her under-thigh and white panties in a squatting position instantly got my blood rushing down to my tool! She was shocked when I entered the room probably didn’t hear my knocks and shifted her legs facing away from me. What a shy girl I thought to myself.

Me: “Hi you need any help?”

惠: “Nope, it’s alright, I am almost done here.”

Me: “Do you want to take a shower? You seem tired.”

惠: “Sure, why not, but do you have a towel? I forgot to bring mine.”

Me: “Sure! I will pass it to you in a second.”

Off I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a clean towel from the laundry. Her 180 degree changed attitude toward me after her parent left got me so excited with her, was she the one for me? Back to the room, I handed over the towel and led her to the shower room.

Me: “Here’s the shampoo, conditioner and facial wash. You turn this for hot shower bla bla bla.”

惠: “It’s okay 龙, I brought my own. Thank you very much.”

She then signaled me that she was ready to take her shower, so off I went back to the living room. Lying on the couch with my eyes closed I can only fantasize what she was doing inside. By then I totally needed to release or I would become a beast and eat her up on her first day here.

Around fifteen minutes had passed, suddenly there was this fragrance that caught my attention, when I opened up my eyes and tilted my face. There she was standing in front of me, in her white t-shirt and FBT, drying her hair with the towel. The thigh in front of my face was meaty and slightly tanned.

For a moment, I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off that pair of sexy leg. She seemed to notice it and saw my tent-age below. She took a step backward and gently nudged me on my head and said…

惠: “Hey, do you have a hairdryer?”

I then awakened to my senses and replied: “Erm. Nope, we don’t use it, but no worries I will get you one.”

惠: “No no no, it is alright. I just use the fan then.”

I insisted and grabbed my wallet, headed down to the neighborhood electric appliance store. Being a student and still taking pocket money from my parent, I tried to find the cheapest hairdryer. After visiting several stores, I finally found one that costed around $10 which was roughly my three day allowance. Didn’t notice I took quite a while so I ran back up. Once back, I noticed she wasn’t anywhere to be seen in the living room or kitchen. So I pushed open the door to her room and saw a heavenly sight!

She was sound asleep on the bed by the time I returned and I crept up near to the bed to admire her figure. My tool got hardened again due to her sleeping position. She was facing sideways with her leg slightly curled up hugging on a teddy bear that I believed she brought along.

Starting from her toes, I slowly glanced up her meaty thigh and try to peek at the ‘Lobang’ whenever the fan turned and blew her FBT. Failed to catch a glimpse of her undies, I turned my attention to her upper chest. Since the teddy bear was in the way, I couldn’t really make up how big was she. Damn my tool was so hard upon seeing this sight, but being an innocent young teenager, I tapped her lightly on the shoulder.

Me: “Hey sleepyhead, here’s your hairdryer.”

She slowly opened up her beautiful round eyes and was shocked to see me sitting beside her. Gave me a sweet smile followed by a thanks and grabbed the hairdryer hiding it under the blanket she just pulled up. I wished her sweet dreams and went outside closing the door for her. How I wished the camera phone was already available during that time, but technology was still far back as I was holding to a Nokia 3310. LOL.

Couldn’t get her off my mind, I decided to head for the shower room to complete my half-finished job. While I was picturing her in her sleeping position and busy jerking off, something caught my attention.

There were these two pieces of clothes I had never seen in my house before hanging on the wall’s hook. I stopped what I was doing and reached for it. Bang! It was her underwear and bra that she left it here after showered. “Ho sey liao.” I said to myself as this was not intended and I immediately flipped to the inner side of the underwear and found a bit of blood stain on it. Swallowing my saliva as I brought it closer to my nose, I took a deep breath and found myself in heaven.

Without hesitation, I continued sniffing her underwear while my right hand stroked the harden Dragon below. I pictured her lying on the bed in my mind with her leg wide open, looking at me seductively as I sniffed her cunt over and over again combined with occasional licking. Was this what teenage girl tasted like I thought to myself as it was my first experience on this. A good five to ten minutes had passed and I cummed on the shower room floor. Using water hose, I rinsed away the evidence of my misdeed and hung back her underwear.

Then I remembered I needed to know what was her tits size! I grabbed her bra and looked at the label. 32B. Good size for a teenage girl just nice for both of my hands. I brought the inner side of her bra toward my face and started to fantasize how close her boobies were to me at that moment. I couldn’t believe it that I felt the urge again upon this action and thus I started to jerk my tool once more. After around ten minutes, I unleashed my load again and I hung her bra back, making sure it looked like no one touched it before.

Feeling exhausted, I retreated back on the couch and fell deeply asleep until I heard some noise.

Awakened by the chattering of mine and 惠’s parents, she was all dressed up in spaghetti strap and hot pants ready to go for dinner outside to celebrate their arrival. I went for a quick shower and got dressed up too. Upon reaching the coffee shop, I did what every gentleman should do like pulling the chair for her, wiped the area of her table using a tissue and opening up the cap of soft drink for her. Her parent was rather impressed and said.

Auntie: “Wow, your son really knows how to take good care of the girls. =)”

Me: “Auntie, it is because it is 惠 that is why I take extra care of her so that she will have a memorable stay here.”

I turned to 惠 and realized she was looking at me the whole time. We both blushed a little as our eyes broke contact. During our dinner, I then found out that her mum had found a job here and her parent wished that she could transfer her studies here. She was having school holidays currently and thus wanted to come over to experience life in Singapore first.

After a filling dinner, I suggested to bring 惠 around the neighborhood for a walk so as to help us with digestion, familiarizing the area and the adults can stay there to smoke and chat. Upon getting the green light, I held her hand and led her toward the market. The touch of her silky smooth hand gave me a semi-erection, but I tried my best not to think of it. She didn’t pull away from me, but instead held on to my arms as she was afraid of the unfamiliar surroundings. The feeling of her tits on the edge of arms blew me away as I thought of her bra and undies earlier on and my semi-erection promoted to a full one.

惠: “龙 I am scared…”

Me: “Don’t scare I am here.”

惠: “I am not used to crowds, can we find some place quieter?”

Me: “Sure. Let’s go to the playground, then.”

Just a few blocks away, we reached the playground (Old school sand type.), within minutes. She let go of my arm and ran toward the swing. Like a five-year old kid, she jumped on the swing and started kicking. Unable to swing higher, she signaled me to get over for assistance. I went over immediately and stood behind her.

Me: “你要飞高高吗?” (Do you want to fly?)

惠: “越高越好!” (As high as possible.)

Me: “没问题, 那你要抓紧哦.” (No problem, please hold on tight.)

After saying that, I reached out for her silky smooth shoulder, her body was all tensed up, but I gave her a quick massage to make her relax. The view of her black bra strap and the touch of her skin was driving me nuts and my Dragon came alive. Behaving like a naughty girl, she hurried me to get into action. I pulled back the chain and gave her a light push on the back, slowly increasing my strength bit by bit, she was pretty high up from the ground and I moved beside her.

Seemed like she really liked the swing and did it pretty well from the forward and backward movement of her legs. Occasionally, she will look at me and give me the sweetest smile ever I swear! As it was getting late, the playground was only filled with her cheer and our laughter. Suddenly! The light went out and we were engulfed by pitch darkness…

Is it 10 pm already I thought to myself as the lamp posts around us were scheduled to be off at 10. The next thing I heard was her scream followed by ‘bang’ the sound of something that dropped on the floor. Still had not adjusted to the dark yet, I ran toward her and saw her lying on the sand. Damn, she must be frightened by the sudden darkness and panicked.

Me: “你还好吗? 没事吧?” (Are you okay?)

惠: “很痛.” (It hurts.)

Upon hearing that, I slid my hand under her arms to help her up, but I heard a soft moan from her as she tried to brush away my hand. Gosh something felt so soft, then I realized they were on her tits! I apologized and quickly shifted my hand, picked her up and brought her to the nearest void deck. Taking a closer look, I saw tears were already flowing from her cheek. I panicked too and started to clear off the sand starting from her foot.

Slowly by slowly I brushed the sand away from her sexy pair of legs, but when I reached the inner thigh, her hand stopped me. She blushed and gave me an innocent look.

惠: “那里不用啦! 小色狼!” (Not there you little lecher.) And she giggled.

Feeling embarrassed, I quickly attended to the wound on her knee. It wasn’t a deep cut, but it might leave a scar if not dressed properly. I asked her to wait for a while and ran toward the ‘mama’ shop at one of the point block. I grabbed a bottle of water, tissue, and plaster and begged for a bit of Proflavine lotion as I did not have enough money.

Learned that my friend fell down and hurt her knee, he agreed and poured some onto the tissue. I raced back to her and ran the mineral water on the wound. After cleaning the wound, I sat down beside her and lifted her legs up and placed it on my lap. She resisted at first, but gave in after learning my good intention.

Me: “会有点痛, 你忍一忍哦.” (It will hurt, bear with it.)

She nodded her head and I carried on with the treatment.

While admiring her legs on my lap, I then used the tissue soaked with Proflavine and tapped lightly on her wound, she screamed and grabbed on to my arm, then I told her that I was going to tap harder to clear off any gem and offered her my forearm to bite if the pain was unbearable. How stupid I was to offer that and without hesitation, when I started to tap harder, she screamed and sank her teeth onto my forearm. Our scream stopped when I took out the plaster to seal up her wound. The pain on my forearm somehow reversed my erection.

With watery eyes, she removed my forearm from her mouth and looked at what she had done.

惠: “对不起, 痛吗?” (Sorry, does it hurt?)

Me: “痛啦! 但是没有比看到你受伤心疼.” (Yeah, but not as hurting as seeing you injured.)

She blushed and looked at me, smiled and landed a kiss on the teeth marks that she gave me. How I wished that time stopped at this moment and this kiss sent all my blood rushing down to my rod again.

惠: “为什么你下面硬硬的?” (Why did I feel something hard below my thigh?)

Awakening to my senses upon hearing this, I switched my attention downward and noticed a tent-age forming, the Dragon wanted to break free from my berms!

I quickly lifted her leg, placed it on the seat and told her it was a natural reaction! She continued to press me about this issue as she had no knowledge of this at all. I tried my best to avoid the topic and suddenly my phone rang.

It was my mum on the line! Answered the phone and she hurried us to get back home. What a mood spoiler!

I signaled her that we were going home, but she remained seated.

惠: “我不想走路, 你可以背我吗?” (I don’t want to walk, can you carry me instead?)

Getting all comfortable with me, she wanted me to piggyback her on our way home. Any guy who refused such offer was a fool! She was puzzled at first as I ran back to the playground to pick up her slippers and returned in a squatting position in front of her, she climbed up on my back and I passed her the slippers. OMG. The contact of her body and boobs on my back felt heavenly! She wrapped her arms around me and I slid my hand under her thighs.

惠: “你行吗? 我有一点重.” (Can you do it? I am a bit heavy.)

I gave her an assuring smile and lifted her up, for a moment she felt worried and hugged me tighter pressing her soft boobs onto my back. As we moved along, I can hear her panting accompanied with soft moans. She was breathing heavily even though I was the one exerting strength. The rubbing of her vagina and breasts with the back of my waist and back caused by my walking pace must be the reason for such reaction.

In my mind, I was thinking of ways to woo her because I couldn’t resist her body anymore! Time passed so quickly when you were enjoying as we reached the doorstep already, I put her down and she thanked me. Unlocking the gate, I rushed to the bathroom after letting her in. Needed to clean off the sweat from the exercise just now and cooled down my dirty thoughts on her. Shortly after bathing, I went out to the living room to join them and my mum reprimanded me.

Mum: “How can you let 惠 injure herself on her first day here?”

惠 jumped up to my defense before I could speak: “No, no, auntie, it was not 龙’s fault, I was being careless, but 龙 took great care of me and attended to my wound.”

Auntie: “Really? Great! 龙 can I ask a favor from you? Can I leave 惠 to your care when I am not around? Please help me take good care of her as she is a clumsy person.”

Me: “No problem auntie, she will receive my utmost hospitality.” (Both mentally and physically I thought to myself. Hehe.)

After the chat, 惠 went ahead for a shower and the adults retreated back to their room while I lie on the couch to watch television. Not long after I fell asleep, but was awakened by someone pinching my nose. “Good night sweetie.” Giggling while she said it and she retreated back into the room joining her mum. I fell back to sleep smiling shortly.

(Her dad wasn’t here as he went back to his actual home instead.)

The next morning, my mum woke me up for school and I went school telling my classmates about this new girl staying at my place. They encouraged me to find ways to bed her and end my virginity, but being naive and inexperienced, I told them to let nature take its course and I really fancied her and not just wanting to screw her. For that week I didn’t really have much time to spend with her as I was busy with my school and CCA and she was busy accompanying her mum to shop for necessities and going around visiting friends in Singapore.

Occasionally we will sit down together for a chat and as we were both in puberty, sex was always the frequent topic. =X

Came one Sunday after breakfast where both of us were free, I suggested taking her to the beach to have fun and relax, she agreed and we told our parents about it. Excitement built up in me as this was the first time after two weeks that we were alone together. Not wasting time, I wore a jacket over a t-shirt and berms while waiting her to shower and get dressed up. Out she came and she was wearing a white sleeveless V-neck t-shirt and super short jeans.

Me: “Wow, you look so beautiful today!”

惠: “So I don’t look good on normal days? I dress up for you idiot!”

Me: “No no no, that wasn’t what I meant. Of course you look great, but I like the way you dress today.”

惠: “You really like it? Okay, I shall dress like this whenever I go out with you.”

Went to my parent’s room and begged my mum for extra pocket money, she passed me $50 and told me to enjoy myself. After giving thanks, I ran out bringing 惠 along. On the way toward the neighborhood shopping mall, I kept trying my luck to hold her hand but failed. Inside the mall, we were looking for drinks and chips to bring along to the beach, as the place was really crowded she was leading while I protected her back. While looking ahead, she suddenly said.

惠: “龙, you know? You should really hold on to me or I will get lost here.”

Upon hearing this, my heart melted and grabbed her hand which was already signaling me the whole time to take it. Off we head to East Coast Park hand in hand after buying what we needed.

Upon reaching East Coast, she suggested renting bikes. So we went to the bike shop and rented two bikes. Rode around the area and we started taking photos using the camera she brought along, we had hell lots of fun together as we tried taking photo in funny positions. I can sense lots of envious eyes from guys in that area and they must be thinking how the hell I managed to get this hot SYT.

Time passed so quickly as the sun set, painting the sky in orange. We rode to Bedok Jetty and took a rest there. Parked our bike aside and sat on one of the stone benches, we had a heart to heart talk.

Me: “…”

惠: “What’s with the silence? Are there something bothering you?”

Still remaining quiet, I looked out to the sea and she saw my teary eyes.

惠: “龙, don’t scare me. What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

Me: “Nope… I am just thinking. Thinking that what will happen after you leave in two weeks’ time.”

Putting her hands on mine, she said.

惠: “Haha, silly, I will always return if not, you can visit me back there.”

All of a sudden, I became very emotional. Thinking of wanting to be with someone, but we were miles apart, long distance relationship wasn’t easy to maintain you know? She then used her hand to turn my head facing her, without saying a word, she wiped away my tears and gave me a light peck on my lips. I was stunned as it was my first kiss. How can she just take it away like that!

惠: “好多了吗?” (Better now?)

Me: “可以在来一次吗?” (Can we do it again?)

惠: “我的第一个吻都给了你了, 你还…” (My first kiss is given to you and yet you…)

Without waiting for her to complete the sentence, I grabbed on her face and pulled her closer to me. We had a very long passionate kiss and both of us were petting heavily. We then realized that we were late to return the bikes, so we got up and rode as quickly as possible back. Upon returning, I suggested to take a stroll on the beach. She agreed and both of us took out our footwear and stepped into the sandy area. Couldn’t believe what we just did, no words came out from either of us as we strolled. Finally we came to a stop and sat down on the rocky area facing the sea.

We started to chat, but soon we started kissing again as we couldn’t resist the adrenaline building up in our body. I lifted her hair with my finger and started to lick her ears, she was petting heavily already and grabbed my other hand and placed it on her breasts. I was rather shocked, but not wanting to spoil the mood, I gave her a good massage on her soft 32B tits.

惠: “Ahhhh… What… Is… This? I… Never… Felt… Something. Like. This… Before. Ennn.”

I whispered to the ear that I was licking: “You like it?”

惠: “Mmm. Yes… A lot… Please… Don’t. Stop. Ennnn…”

As both of us were inexperienced, I tried to recall scenes from AV show. Making sure that no one was around, I slid my hand into her shirt from the V-neck and pulled her bra strap down leaving it dangling on her arm.

I then proceeded to lick and kiss her from her ear to her neck, then to the chin and landed on her mouth. She was enjoying a lot as I can see from her half-opened horny eyes. Her whole body was weakened by my action as if I had taken over her will completely. Moans and breathes that I felt from her kept me going, giving her more than what she expected.

My left hand was kept busy at the same time, caressing the loosened bra slowly exposing what’s hiding underneath. As the area was poorly lit, I couldn’t get a good view of her peaks. But to feel them was like a dream come true. Two weeks ago I can only look at it, but now they were within my reach. Circling my finger around her nips, she was moaning even louder at that moment, but I tried to silence her by engulfing her mouth. I then grabbed her breasts and using the tip of my thumb to tickle her hardened nips.

Our tongue didn’t stop battling inside her mouth, she was questioning me had I did it before as I did it like a pro but all these tricks I learned from nothing else but watching porn and hearing it from my friends. I was amazed by how fast she learned as she pushed my tongue into my mouth and copied what I did inside. I guessed God made it a natural instinct when we ‘hands on’.

Her hands were in a pretty awkward position as she was inexperienced, she had no idea where to place them. I then grabbed her hand and slid it into my berms. She suddenly stopped kissing and looked at me with wide opened eyes.

惠: “好大哦?” She blushed. (So big?)

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