Editor’s Picks – Top 5 Short Erotica


Short stories are defined as erotica having length of 2 pages or less in this fiction aggregator. If you have your own stories better than the below 5 erotica and you wish to share, please submit your story via the form.

1. Forbidden Fruit – the JC Girl

This is a short story of a junior college football teacher getting involved with a student spectator who attends his training sessions. The incident began when the teacher gave the student a ride back home in the rain. The parents were not home and the teacher got invited in for a drink.

2. Amelia, the Tuition Teacher

This is a short story of a reluctant student attending the tuition lessons of a beautiful teacher Amelia and falling in love. The student started to like the lessons. Amelia discovered her effects on her student and began her seduction.

3. Last Year’s X’mas Party

A fascinating tale about a Christmas party where a sister and her brother squeezed into a snowman costume to entertain the guests. The costume is small and both of them are confined in a tiny space with the sister in front. Passion and lust soon took over both their senses when their skins touched within the costume.

4. Just Now My Aunt Sat on My Lap

A story that took place entirely within a car journey. A crowded car resulted in an aunt sitting on the lap of her hormone-raged nephew. The constant grinding between the skins of the two relatives created an unforgettable journey.

5. Alexis Jie

A tutor pleasuring herself in the bathroom and getting caught by her student. This ended up in a holiday a few years later in Bangkok when they continue their passion.

Top 20 stories in terms of page views, all time up to now:

1. Fifteen

2. My Poly Classmate

3. Forbidden Fruit – the JC Girl

4. Taking Her Against Her Will and Now Aiming for Her Sister

5. My Pretty Tuition Teacher

6. My Short Story

7. Bonking My Sweet Cousin Away

8. Bonking SYTs from Girl’s School

9. My God-Sister

10. My New Neighbour

11. The Tight-Bodied Tuition Teacher

12. Sinful Lust

13. Doing It All Over Again

14. Me and My Sister-in-Law

15. My Melbourne Sexcapades

16. Nurse Story

17. My Auntie and I

18. Blackmailing of a Lecturer

19. My Friend’s Beautiful Wife

20. My Past My Memories

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