I Am the Devil Lurking in My School – Softball Star

Story submitted by: Tom

I was a devil in my JC (Let’s call it FJC.). I was a blackmailer and a serial rapist. My name is Luce, let me tell you how my story began…

It all started with Lisa. Lisa was an extremely athletic girl. She was petite and cute, and had a really nice ass. She was in the softball CCA and had been voted MVP of the tournament three years in a row back in secondary school. She was super popular and I knew I had to have her. The easy part was befriending her. We became gym buddies, frequently going to the school gym together. I enjoyed looking at her ass and cleavage when she bent over.

One day, while preparing our protein shakes, I decided to add a little special something in hers. I brought her bottle to the toilet and unzipped my pants. I started masturbating, the thought of me fucking and destroying Lisa, the most athletic and popular girl in school was too much for me to handle. I leaned over and emptied my balls into her bottle. I handed her the protein shake as I normally would and she drank it all up. I swore I saw that she winced a little.

But it wasn’t enough for me, I had to do more. So, before every match of her A Division tournament I would search through her school bag. Her softball glove was my target. I opened it. It smelled of her sweat and was slightly moist, probably leftover sweat from her previous match. I put my dick inside of it, imagining it was Lisa‘s pussy. It was soft and furry. I moved the glove up and down until I finally came. I shot three loads and concentrated it toward the finger section of the glove. I used her jersey to wipe off the remaining mess on my dick, using the chest area of the jersey and especially the sleeves as I knew she would use that area to wipe her sweat later on.

I watched all of Lisa‘s matches. I watched her wiped her sweat with her cum-filled sleeves and caught balls with her cum-filled glove. After the match, I knew what to do. I bought a bag of chips from the canteen, her favorite brand and proceeded to give to her. She squealed with excitement and took her glove off her hand. I could see the stickiness of her fingers as she ate those chips and licked the dust off each finger one by one. She delightfully said, “Mmmmmmmm thanks so much!” And in my mind all I could think of was ‘Thank you Lisa‘.

It was the day of the softball finals and I knew it was the time. The time to destroy Lisa, break her. G-Hydroxybutyrate Type X (GHX.), or as I liked to call it, ‘Faze’. GHX was a drug that, when consumed, caused weakness and numbness of the body. The user can still see and feel, but became unable to move. It also caused the victim to forget everything that happened during the affected period. It was the perfect date rape drug because best of all, the victim was still susceptible to pain.

Two hours before the reporting time of the match, I spiked Lisa‘s drink with a small dose of GHX: I wanted her to still be able to report for her match. I watched as she became drowsy and weaker till she fell over. I carried her to the stadium bathroom and locked it, this was going to be our playground for the next hour and a half. Lisa couldn’t move, but her eyes showed shock and fear. I slammed her body on the wall like a rag doll and made her kneel. I force opened her mouth and shoved my dick to the back of her throat till my balls were on her chin. Her eyes rolled backwards and tears rolled down her face as her nose started bleeding. I didn’t care, this was everything I desired. I moved her head back and forth using her hair, each time pulling as hard as I could. Her throat muscles were tensing and contracting rapidly, as if it were gagging. As the feeling of orgasm approached, I told her, Lisa you always wanted more protein in your diet, well have some now you bitch!”

In just three minutes, I climaxed, loads of cum went down her throat, my last two squirts were unloaded on her cute face, which was now covered in tears, blood and my cum.

I proceeded to throw her body on the bathroom bench. I took off her school uniform and revealed a sports bra and panties. I took them off too. Lisa‘s breasts weren’t that big, but her pussy was a nice bright pink. I couldn’t contain my excitement. At this point, Lisa closed her eyes in fear. I thrusted my dick inwards violently with no hesitation and Lisa‘s eyes opened with shock. I pumped my dick back and forth and moved it from side to side. She was a virgin and I wanted to make her bleed. She was incredibly tight and her walls were squeezing my dick so tightly. I just wanted to cum as quickly as possible so I could fill her up. As I came, I lifted her legs up in the air and closed them, making her pussy even tighter than before. I shot a few huge loads into her pussy. But I wasn’t finished with her vagina just yet. I pushed her legs forwards towards her face. Lisa was never a flexible person and I could feel a resistance, but I didn’t care and just kept pushing. Her eyes were closed hard like she was in a lot of pain. My dick still in her, I began to move back and forth again till I came a second time. This time it was clearly a cream-pie as her pussy overflowed with my cum and her virgin blood.

I released my grip on Lisa and took my dick out of her, watching my cum flowed out of her pussy onto the bench. “I am not done yet Lisa.” I told her as I walked towards her gym bag, “So this is your prized bat.”

I held her softball bat in my hand. I walked towards her and proceeded to insert the grip side of the bat into her pussy. She winced extremely hard as the bat slowly went deeper and deeper into her. I pushed it in until it hit her cervix. At that point, one third of the bat was in her. “After this, your pussy will be so loose no other guy will feel pleasure as I have.” I told her.

With the bat still inserted I moved Lisa‘s head to the edge of the bench, leaving it to hang over the end of the bench. I then inserted my already hard dick inside her mouth. I could see her throat bulged as my dick moved back and forth. Her eyes were extremely teary. My hands were firmly gripping her small breasts, squeezing them. I occasionally pinched her nose and this forced her to breathe in through her mouth, creating a vacuum for my dick, heightening the pleasure. A third of her bat in her pussy while my dick was in her throat was truly a sight to behold. As I climaxed, I pushed my dick as far in as possible and watched my cum went down her gullet. Some cum even flowed out of her nose, which was a massive turn on.

I took the bat out of her pussy and let her rest for five minutes as she just took two loads in her mouth and pussy each. But of course, I still wasn’t finished. It was time for the grand finale, her third and final hole. Lisa‘s ass was definitely her most prized asset. She always spent countless hours in the gym doing squats and lunges, ensuring her ass was nice and round. Her asshole was small and tight, a fact that I hoped to change that day. I knew I needed some lubricant and what better lubricant than her sun-tan lotion. I rubbed it all over my dick making it nice and slippery. As I inserted the tip of my dick into her ass I could feel its tightness gripping me. When my entire dick was inserted I could feel it trying to push me out, almost as if Lisa was attempting a last ditch resistance but that only heightened the pleasure. Every stroke in and out was like ecstasy. Memories of the first time I saw Lisa filled my mind. I went close to her face and said, “From the moment I saw you, I knew I was going to rape you and break you and the best part is, at the end of this, we will still be good friends and I promise you will thank me.” As I came inside her for the last time, I felt victorious.

As I took my dick out I could see Lisa starting to become more drowsy, due to another effect of GHX. In the last fifteen minutes, the victim under the effect of GHX will fall into deep sleep and wake up with no memories of the affected period. These fifteen minutes were what I liked to call ‘cleanup’ time. I used Lisa‘s jersey and FBT shorts to clean up all the cum and blood and tears. Thank goodness our school softball jersey was a dark green and any stains were basically invisible.

Even after using her to cum five times, I still felt I had cum left in my balls so I unleashed my final loads in her glove (Again.), in her bottle of sun-tan lotion (To refill it.), and her sports bra and underwear. I redressed her and put her in one of the cubicles. I looked at her, all cleaned, dressed and innocent again, as if nothing happened. I walked out of the bathroom, proud of my work.

But my ingenious plan wasn’t finished yet, I had to fulfil my promise to Lisa, I had to make her thank me. I went to the stadium stand and called her with my phone. She picked up.

Lisa where are you? The game is starting in fifteen minutes and all the players are warming up! You said you were going to the toilet an hour ago and you just disappeared!”

Lisa sounded enthusiastic but in pain (Almost as if someone tortured her.), “I am coming!”

In ten minutes, Lisa was at the stadium, limping almost. After a few bad plays she got subbed off and never got put back on. Our school lost the final that year. I felt powerful, evil yes, but powerful.

After the match, Lisa was crying and being her good friend I went to comfort her.

“We lost and it’s all my fault.” She said teary-eyed. (Déjà vu eh?)

“It’s not your fault Lisa, softball is a team sport. If we lost it just means our team isn’t strong enough and needs to train harder. There’s always next year to win the title.” I replied in a soft voice. (I was such a good friend.)

“No, but you don’t understand, it’s my fault.” She insisted.

“Really, why?” I said, genuinely curious.

“I didn’t tell anyone this, but I mistimed my period cycle, I thought it would hit next week, but it hit today and hit me hard. I fainted in the girl’s bathroom just now and when I woke up my whole body ached really badly and there was blood coming out of my… You know.” She told me.

Mistimed period cycle? Is that your explanation? That’s the dumbest shit I had ever heard. But I wasn’t complaining.

“Well, that’s nature isn’t it, you had no control over it. It is not your fault Lisa. You are the best player in our team, no, the whole of Singapore. Next year, our team would destroy any others!” (Did I just contradict myself??? Well, I was not very good at the whole comforting thing.)

Lisa hugged me and said the two words I wanted to hear, “Thank you, you are such a good friend!”

“You’re very welcome Lisa.” I replied. My plan was finished. I felt like a God. I won.

But then: “You know, the weirdest thing is, normally when I am on my period, it really hurts down there, but today, it felt really good, like really really good.” Lisa said while she winked at me.

I was confused, but all I knew was the final effect of GHX. It can be very addictive. But after using it, it didn’t understand who it was addictive for, the victim or the user? You know what they say in Singapore, once broken considered sold. 😉


Source: Tom

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