Customer Relation Officer


Let me start, I bought a condo unit in downtown area few years back during the soft launch. During that time, I got a girlfriend and we were preparing to marry when we got possession of the unit. Somehow we broke off. Anyway this story is not about her. Is about the customer relation officer (CRO).

Last year, I received a letter from the developer that my unit will be handover on a particular day of the week, which happens to be during my oversea business trip. Letter stated that if I am unable to attend on the given date, I was to call the customer relationship officer (CRO), Ms Gin Tan (name changed) who is in-charge of my unit.

Gin’s voice over the phone was very sweet and professional, and told me that if is no problem to change the date earlier or later, and even give me her personal hp number to call should I be able to firm the day of appointment.

After my oversea trip, I call her and the appointment was fixed for next day afternoon. She was to go on leave, which she did not tell me until later.

When I arrive at the condo function room, where owners were to collect the keys, there were several pretty customer officers talking to other unit owners. From far corner there was the real pretty ‘chio’ gal by her computer. True enough, she was Gin. Friendly and professional, she went through all the documentations, and says, let’s go, we will see your new home now. Along the way, passing by the swimming pool, she ask me if my wife will be coming. I answer, “Still single”. She stopped, look at me and give me that look that tell me as if “Am I a gay?” But then she continue and then went up to the unit and show me around, tell me that I should check around and give her the ‘defect list’ as soon as possible, so that she can get the contractor to rectify.

I walk around and say to her, “No defects” and say I can sign it anytime. She stopped and stared at me for the second time today. With almost tears coming out from her eyes, she did not believe it. She later told me that she had ‘hell’ from some owners and even been accused of trying to seduce an owner’s husband into sign the defect list off.

Anyway, I told Gin that I cannot afford the time to come down to open the door for the contractor to do the rectification. With that she says I could pass her the keys and she can handle it for me.

We went back to the function room and then complete all the form necessary for the handover. On my way out, I realized that she was packing to go off too? Then I ask, where she is going and if I could give her a lift. She then told me that she is on leave but come back just for me. I was delighted with such service and insist that I should send her to wherever she is going. She then agree and says she is going for shopping for some present.

Btw, Gin is married, age: “32, give up trying for children, 36b/c, husband is in retail handphone business (always go oversea for products).”

On my insistence, she followed me to the carpark. I lead her towards my Audi coupe and opened the door for her. She stared at me and was silent for a moment before entering the car.

Me: “Okay, where shall I drop you?”

Gin: “Anyplace convenient….any mrt also can.”

Me: “I am going to town, would city hall be fine?”

Gin: “Okay.”

Her reply was short and sharp….and staring at the car interior….

Gin: “Can I ask what do you do? I mean….what is your job…?”

Me: “I am in construction equipment for local and oversea markets.”

Gin: “I see….so you must make a lot of money to afford a house and a car like that….”

Me: “No lah….”

Gin: “Can I ask something…..?”

Me: “Yes?”

Gin: “Why are you still single?” (she was straight to the point….) “Man like you will get any gals. Condo, sport car….what else you have….”

Me: “I am supposed to marry my gf and the condo is our wedding home…but gf run away….”

Gin: “Don’t bluff…” (and she hit me at my shoulder)

The rest of the journey was just normal chats and I drop her off at the entrance to city hall mrt.

I then head towards funan, was looking for some computer accessories for an oversea client. While walking along the balcony at level 3, lo-and-behold, here walks in my Gin at level 1. My heart was pumping…what a coincident. I spied her and she was apparently asking around the acer kiosk for laptop.

Then I hurried down and gave a surprise tap on her shoulder. She jumped and turns back and shows a relieved face after looking at me.

Gin: “Aiyooooo…you shock me….why are you here?” (suddenly her voice turn very friendly and like we are one long lost friend.)

Me: “Oh, I am looking for some accessories for oversea client. Buying a computer?”

Gin: “Yes. I want to buy one for home use but not too sure what to look out for and what is good. Can you help me?”

Me: “Sure.” (then is started asking her what she has in mind. It all boils down to just home use for internet and chats)

Finally, after guiding her and narrowing her choice to a model, she felt happy at least now knowing all the figures meant. We asked for some free gift, and then close the deal. They allowed payment by card. Gin reached into her bag for her wallet. Then she gives a shocking look.

Gin: “I forgot my wallet. Must have left it in office…..” (her voice was full of worry. Immediately she called office and true enough, her colleague found it on her desk. ) “I got to go back office; I don’t have my card here. Could you fetch me back?”

Me: “Fetching back is no problem, but let me pay for this laptop first and we need not come back again.”

I settled the bill and then carried the laptop for Gin and head for the car, forgetting that I was that to buy some computer part for my client. Anyway, Gin’s smile and voice makes me forget about what I was there for. Quickly, I headed back for the condo and waited for Gin in the carpark, while she rushes to the function room to get her wallet.

By then is nearly 6pm and we headed back to town. Without asking her, I suggested a place for dinner.

Gin: “What? You buying? I should buy you dinner for all this help, if today was not my birthday.”

Me: “You mean, your birthday today?”

Gin: “Yep.”

Me: “Then you having birthday dinner with your husband?” (trying to fish out if she is married)

Gin: “No. Outstation.”

Me: “I see. Then I will buy you dinner then.”

Without waiting for an answer, I headed for clark quay. Along the way, called my buddy and tell him that I got last minute appointment and cannot meet up for dinner and drinking. Buddy was upset and said, why I disappoint him again. This is the third time I cancel this blind date he tried to fix. Anyway, dinner with Gin is a good escape for those boring blind date dinner. Gin overheard my conversation with buddy.

Gin: “The girl pretty?”

Me: “What? You can hear?”

Gin: “Yes. Your car so quiet and your earpiece volume is loud enough for me to listen out. Heee.”

Me: “Don’t know. Not meet her before but saw her photo only. But who can be prettier than the dinner date I have tonight…”

Gin: (she looks over and smiles) “You referring to me?”

Me: “Who else?” (by now, Gin getting very relax and comfortable in the car. She starts to stretch out and lean back. After a long silent…..)

Gin: “Why your gf left you?”

Me: “I work long hours and travel too much. She says I neglect her.”

Gin: “I see. Just like him, screws around….” (her hand was folded after she says that)

Me: “Him? Who him?” (stupid me! She was referring to her husband.)

Gin: “Nevermind.”

Me: “Hey, why your husband goes outstation during your birthday.”

Gin: “He forgot and I don’t need to remind him.”

Me: “Okay, sorry for bring that up.”

We headed to one restaurant at clarke quay. Ordered our food and drinks. Gin thanked me again and again for taking her out on her birthday. I thank her for attending to me on her day off. We both talk a lot about work and family and life. Found out she was trying for a child but not successful. Went for iui (or is it ivf, whatever) and still not successful. Learn that she hated her husband for screwing around and stopped all sex with him for last two years, when she found out that his sperm is not productive, probably due to some disease he caught earlier in his days (don’t fume me, this is what she says). Anyway, she sleeps on the same bed but no physical contact.

She took the day off today to go shopping and celebrate her birthday alone. She plans to buy the computer, after saving money for 4 months. Anyway, I told her it is her birthday present from me. Her husband don’t give her any money. She is fed up with her present life.

After dinner, I asked her if she wants to go back home or got time for part 2 (I meant go for a drink). She says, she wants to enjoy today with me and not go home. Wooow. What she means?

We went to this pub with some light music and we sat by one corner and drink and chatted. I control my drinking as I have to drive her home. She started to pour out her life before me. And I share with her my gf and told her that I have not sleep with my gf, becos she is a firm believer of no sex before marriage. (but I did not tell her that my gf caught me screwing some gals and that why she left me).

Gin: “You mean you can control. Are you gay?” (this is the second time she give me that look)

Me: “Tough. But have to beat it out when too high.”

Slowly, reach out to hold her waist. She did not reject. She even put her head on my shoulder several times during the night.

We decided to leave and walk out the pub holding each other’s hand like bf/gf. I miss those touches. I do. But looks like Gin is one girl to enjoy. I ask her if she wants to go back home for somewhere.

Gin: “Somewhere.” (straight to the point)

Drove her to the end of east coast road, stopped the car and walk out to the quiet dark beach. Sat by the bench. She was feeling cold. I hugged her.

Gin: “I never enjoy this kind of romance before.”

Me: “Oh? Then what did you do during courtship.”

Gin: “No courtship. Just quick dinner. He goes back to his shop and I go back home.”

Me: “I see. You like this moment?”

Gin: “Yes. Hope it never ends.”

Me: “I will not. This romance will not end tonight.”

Gin: “Promise?”

Me: “Yes, promise.” (finger cross behind me)

It was about 12 midnight by then, and I am feeling a little sleepy, maybe due to jetlag the day before. But little brother was excited to have some action. Start to hug Gin closer, turn and smells her hair. Slow, I start nibbling her ear, which she seems to enjoy it. Talked to her very softly in her ear and she just nope and smile.

My hand slow and gently caress her arm and move slowly towards her body. Sense slight body movement, swaying in the same momentum as my touch. I know she is aroused. My mouth start down to her neck, and she cranked her neck back for my attack on the soft sweet neck of hers.

My other hand now start exploring the breast from outside her clothing. She did not reject. Instead, hold my hand and bring under her blouse, saying “People can see”. Woow…that was even better. Unhook her bras and go for her soft smooth breast. The feeling was great. She give a soft moan…. I can see that she was enjoy every touch and pinch on her nipples. Her legs cross over and starts to move on every other touch. She must be wet……. In my mind, should I go south to the wet hole or stay north on the mountains.

Suddenly, heard some noise and saw a group of young guys and gals walking towards the beach. We stop all action. Looked at each other and smile. Kiss her in the mouth. She start frenching. She is good. Woow. This sweet chiobu CRO is no simple ‘plain jane’. I suggested we go off as the group of intruders are too noisy. We walk back to the car, my hand hug her waist and hers on my shoulder. Good feeling and body contact….oh, how I miss those times………..with my ex-gf.

I don’t know if I should suggest going to some place for some action, but I was tired and sleepy. I think she can see that in my eyes.

Gin: “Let’s go back, you must be tired.”

Me: “Okay.”

Gin: “Thanks. I enjoy a lot today.”

Me: “Me too. Can we meet again?”

Gin: “Let’s see how…. But if you got any problem with your house, I can help you settle it.”

Me: “I think the house is not so much of a problem. But the computer has to be started up first before you use it.”

Gin: “What? Thought I can use it immediate.”

Me: “You can, but need to do some configuration and updating…”

Gin: “How? I don’t know …..”

Me: “Don’t worry. I will help you on this. I meet you back in the condo tomo? I will start up and get the anti-virus installed for you.”

Gin: “Okay. Tomo, I pay you for the laptop.”

Me: “No. Is my gift to you.”

Gin: “Thank you. You are a nice man.” (she lean over and give me a kiss on my cheek)

Me: “Don’t conclude so fast. I am a ‘colour wolf'”

Gin: “No. You are not. If you are, I am dead already tonight.”

I drove her home. Stop her block away from her flat. Told her I will keep the computer and bring it tomo to the condo. She was happy with that, as she will not need to lug it to office tomo.

Kiss her good night. Drove back home, some 20 mins from her place. Bath and fall flat on bed and gone in 2 mins.

Woke up next morning and saw a text from Gin (timed at 1am).

Gin (text): “Thanks for the time. Just to let you know that I don’t meet anyone like that. You are my first. Good night.”

I replied (text): “Sorry for the late reply. Knock out last night. I know you are not. I treat you well with respect. Will meet up later. I will pack lunch and we eat in the condo. Okay?”

Gin (text): “Good morning. Okay.”

I was busy throughout the morning clearing my emails and work requiring action after my oversea trip. The client who ask me to buy those computer accessories reminded me ‘politely’ again in his email his morning. Aiyo…looks like got to make a trip down to funan.

By 11am, I left the office, head for funan, grab all the items requested by the oversea client and bought antivirus for my Gin. Went down to mac and pack two burgers and headed straight for my condo.

Me (text): “Hi Gin darling, I am on my way. Packed mac lunch already, if you don’t mind.”

Gin (text): “I am okay. Thanks. See you dear.” (woooww….she call me dear.)

Parked my car in the basement carpark, went up to my unit and text Gin. She appears at the door in 2 mins. Told me she was waiting at level 1 already. Quickly, we start up the computer and while the computer boot up, we eat. We joke about last night and talk about what we did this morning. I knew she know nothing about internet, and ask if she have broadband at home.

Gin: “No”

Me: “Then how you going online?”

Gin: “Don’t know.”

Me: “Aiyoooo, why you so blur? Nevermind, I pass you my mobile bb”

Gin: “What is that?”

Then I went down to my car to get my mobile bb usb stick. And quickly install all the updates and teach her how to use it and go online. Her eyes shines as she looks at the computer with such brightness that I cannot help but give her a kiss on her cheek. She kiss back. We hugged and rub for a while and feel high for each other. But the condo is not a place you want to ‘Do it’. If you can do it on a hard marble floor, by all means. Not me. Anyway, she has an appointment with an owner at 2pm. Before parting, I ask her if we could meet for dinner.

Gin: “Sure darling.”

Me: “6pm okay for you?”

Gin: “Sure. I have the last appointment at 4pm. Should be able to settle by the owner by then.”

We kiss and left separately. Don’t want other owners or her colleague to catch us. I rush back to office, got my pa to courier the computer accessories to the client immediately. Emailed him saying the parts are on the way. He is a very important client and big timer for me. His orders are in millions. He could easily buy direct from the manufacturer or agent, but he choose to buy through me. So, I cannot take his request lightly.

Time flies. I nearly forgot about dinner with Gin, if not because I have asked my pa to remind me. Quickly, I text Gin.

Me (text): “Darling, I am on my way. You okay to go?”

Gin (text): “Okay. But need to wash up a little. Can I use your bathroom? Swimming pool toilets got lots of workers. Dare not wash up there.”

Me: “Sure.” (woow. She very open. Anyway good for me….i could peek a little.)

Reaching my condo, I brought my golf bag where I got spare towel, shampoo and bath lotions. Texted Gin and she was at the door almost immediately. She explain that she need to wash up because at handover of one unit, the owner would check every place and she got dirty all over following him. I handed her the toiletries and towel. She went into the master bath. And close the door, but did not lock it. I pretend to go into toilet to wash hands, while she was in the shower. From the shower I see the beautiful body of hers thru the silhouette of the translucent shower screen.

Gin: “Don’t pretend. You peeping is it?”

Me: “No. Washing hand. But you do have a nice figure from where I can see.” (my little brother start to stand)

Gin: “Naughty!!”

Then she came out with the towel wrap around her. Aiyoooo. I almost rape her there and then. She saw me staring at her.

Gin: “Why? Never see a naked woman before?”

Me: (no word could come out)

Gin: “Can you go out and I change.”

Before I left, I grab her from behind and hugged her. She cranked her head backwards to kiss me. We kiss and frenched, while I continue to massage her breast and the towel fall to the floor. Woow!!. She was clean shaved, saw it thru the mirror. We were locked in the hugs and rubs. Little brother suffocating in the pants. (Found out later that she doesn’t shave it. She plucks the hairs off!!!) Then, she push me out and close the door. She dress up and combed her hair. Wooow, she is back as brand new chiobu. What a transformation. We left the unit condo, and headed for hotel along orchard for some cozy dinner. All the time, she chatting away what she is doing, how different house owners behave differently. Above all, she says, I am one stupid dump owner who don’t know his rights. But is by far the nicest owner she came across.

Me: “Why call me dump? Wait, I eat you up then you know.”

Gin: “Heee. See who eat who…..”

Me: “Okay, you win…” (I know what she means. She will eat my little brother up, if I don’t surrender now)

Gin: “Can I ask you something? You have sex with many gals?”

Me: (oh-oh!!! Tell the true or hide????) “Well, told you before, my ex-gf refuse sex. So, I have to ….you know…. So, I occasionally meet with some gals who help me…… release” (wow….this is a hard question to answer)

Gin: “Okay…i understand. At least you tell me the truth. I trust you.”

Me: “Thanks for trusting me.”

The place was very romantic and the music was nice. The seat was those where you can get up close to each other. My hands started to roam her bare thigh. Smooth and nice. Slowly it venture towards her panty and felt some dampness. Yes, she is enjoying and getting wet. The table have long drapes covering the legs and no one across the table can see. I whisper to remove her panty, and she elbowed me. But after some persuasion, she did remove. My fingers got to her wet hole and boy!!! She is wet!!!! I fingered her and she was trying hard to control her moaning…. And begged me to stop. I ask her if she could stay overnight with me.

Gin: “Where? In the condo? How to sleep?” (yes, the marble floor is hard and how to do it!!!)

Me: “No. Upstairs. I go get a room.”

Gin: (silent, which means consent)

I paid for the dinner and asked her to stay while I go check in. I hurried to the hotel reception and arranged for a standard room. Text Gin on the room number on my way up to the room. She came up behind me. Once in the room, we hug and kiss like no tomorrow. Slowly, I remove her jacket and her top. Then her bras. I enjoyed it and slowly walk her to the bed side. I sat on the bed while she stand in front of me. In feel the soft breast and suck the nipple to erect. Woow…she is one sure chiobu. Stripped her to naked (panty was already removed and in my pocket) and she help me with mine. Once both to birthday suit, we frenched on the bed. My hand went south and starts finger her to climax. She came. My little brother was ready for action. I reach out for my rubber, in my wallet. She stopped my hand and says I am safe. (Meaning, she wants it raw). Slowly, I enter her. She was tight. I can feel her muscle playing with my little brother. Slowly, I increase the pumping and she was screaming in ecstasy. She cum again. Then we went doggie. That time, I pumped like rabbit. She screamed so loud that I have to cover her mouth. We both cum together. Reach out for tissue and clean up. Then we lay naked on the bed. Her head on my chest.

Gin: “I have not cum like this before.”

Me: “Not with him (husband)?”

Gin: “No. I don’t like to do with him. He screws around, so I insist he use rubber. But is painful. I never get wet and the rubber makes me painful.” (Those sex sessions she had with him was before she found out that he got disease in his younger days. After she knew about it, they have a big fight and she refuses all sex with him)

Me: “Then why you let me enter you without rubber?”

Gin: “I trust you.”

Me: “Thanks.”

Gin: “If you do it with other gals, I will insist on rubber too.”

Me: “Okay.” (woow…..she means I can go screwing and still have her!!)

We knock off after a while. Woke up around 3am and found Gin doing a blow job. Little brother was ready for another round. We fucked like mad that night. I think she cum around 5 to 6 times, in total. Me, 3 times only.

Next morning, we wash up, went down for free breakfast (part of the hotel package) and I fetch her to office. She seems to have all kind of items in her mini bag to make her look so wonderful. She put back her contact lenses. Don’t know when she removed it. Must be when I was fast asleep. She is back to her chatty mood and chatted non-stop along the way to office. Drop her off and headed back home and change. Then to office. Then sms her.

Me (text): “Darling, thanks for a wonderful day and evening and morning. I enjoy your company and everything.”

Gin: “Welcome dear. I enjoy too.”

Me: “When is he back?” (referring to her husband)

Gin: “Tonight”

Me: “Mean cannot dinner?”

Gin: “Still can. But home by 10pm.”

Me: “Okay. See you tonight.”

Woow. The experience with Gin is never the same with those gals I had. She cummed and enjoyed the sex. She never give me the feeling that she is doing out of obligation or money. Those gals I had was either for money or out for something.

As for Gin, she give me the feeling that she is part of the sex. I am not about to give up on more of her, even when her husband is back tonight. So, I text her if we could have lunch at the condo.

Me: “Darling, you okay for lunch. I grab something and eat it in the condo.”

Gin: “Okay, sure. See you then.”

Me: “Okay. Miss you darling. Want you.”

Gin: “Miss you 2 dear.”

Woow. That is Gin. Her response with such positive reply that makes you wonders why she is not discovered. I left office at 11am, rush to those hdb shops selling furniture and bought two fold-mattress pillows and covers. Then packet some lunch and then head back to condo. She was at the door when I arrive. Told me she was just check the unit above mine and thought she would drop by to see if I am home.

She saw the mattress that I bought and give me that kind of smile knowing what it was for. We eat lunch on the floor, laughed and joke about our crazy sex adventure we had the night before and she says her ‘Bottom’ is a little pain, after all the session we have.

Talk about house and how I want to make up the unit. She pointed out some defects and says she will get the contractor to take a look.

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