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In younger days (About two years ago.), I met a local married couple on CL (Both Singaporean Chinese in early 40’s.). The wife was an attractive woman, looked like a trophy wife, big boobs, but very conservative and shy when we initially met. Both worked good jobs in a bank.

He had fantasies of watching me and another guy in a MFM with his wife. Also wanted to spend time in a public place watching us flirt and ogle his wife.

If bros are keen, I can share the details of the three times we met.

But more recently, I have gotten to know the guy because I wanted to understand why a guy would watch his very attractive wife be set upon by two horny guys. And when I get married, will I go through a similar phase.

Do any other bros have this fantasy about their wives? Or any experience getting shy wives out of their shell?

It was January 2013 and I was still working for a bank and on a short term break from my girlfriend (We would have a permanent break up about 18 months later.). I felt instead of dating, to maybe use this time to explore more of what was out there. So I checked out Craigslist, more just to browse. I viewed a few ads under the MW4M category, just to see what was out there.

I saw one ad, which read ‘Local Chinese couple (40’s.), seek straight man for MFM’. I read on and I recalled something like ‘Educated, sexy wife wants to explore her boundaries with one or two respectful younger men. Hubby will watch and host at a nice hotel. Please reply with pic.’

I sent them an email with my details with a slightly blurry pic. They (He.), replied back right away with a pic of them both.

He said they wanted to try something new and that her sex drive was far higher than his. If I was ok with it, he would watch me and another man pleasure his wife. All four of us would meet for drinks first at a hotel bar and then head up to a room if the chemistry was good. She said the wife (Melinda (Name changed.)), was very shy and nervous, so may not be into doing anything on the night, but that we could at least meet and see where it went.

He suggested meeting on a Friday night at 8 pm at a nice CBD hotel.

It sounded interesting and I replied I would be there. Melinda looked very stern in her pic, but in a hot, MILF kind of way.

So anyway, I was pretty new to this online ad scene, but I sent in my pic (Face blurred out.), and he sent me back a pic of them as a couple. It was at a fancy party, looked like a dinner and dance and she was in a low cut, blue top, her cleavage very obvious, looked like an older (Late 30’s or early 40s.), Hong Kong actress. Totally a ‘trophy wife’, high powered working type, sharp features. He was a pretty regular looking bro, I had to admit though he scored way out of his league (I.e. His wife was way hotter than I thought he could score!), so I gave him some credit.

He said a few things had to happen:

1. It had to appear that the two of us were all good friends and that I was visiting town from overseas (A bit tough to hide my local accent, but doable since I did travel a lot for my job at the time.). The third guy was there in case she didn’t like one of us (Aka a backup.).

2. I would have to host the room, because he didn’t want it to appear that he had set it up (And it seemed his wife ran their finances, so would be found out.). At the time of emailing, he hadn’t found the other guy.

3. Melinda was a Princeton graduate and since I had been there on exchange (Which I told him in my first email.), she would be very excited to meet me.

I was young, horny and a bit excited by this kinky idea of bonking a hot wife while her hubby watched. I was also being a bit intellectual, wanted to understand more about why a guy would send a stranger like me a pic of him and his wife. They both looked pretty successful so I thought it was a bit risky. Me, single, not much cash (Only two of five C’s bro.), hadn’t got anything to lose.

So we agreed to meet at the bar / club in the five star hotel in the Orchard area where I made the reservation. We were meeting for 8 pm and I checked into the room at 7:30, as I came straight from work.

I walked into the hotel bar (I didn’t have time to dress into anything fancy, as I had to go straight from work.), at 8 pm, as we had agreed. I recognized the husband (Lai, name changed.), sitting there with another guy at a table. The guy was also Singaporean Chinese, fit guy. But no Melinda in sight. The lights were on though, just a little dimmed, so easy to make everyone out.

I got a little paranoid. Maybe this was some kind of gay set-up or some bullshit excuse would come up and Melinda wouldn’t come over and I had paid $250+ for a room. But I walked over anyway and if there was some bullshit excuse, I would leave in two minutes and no harm done (I also was going as ‘Michael’, not my real name, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal if I left.).

Me: “Hello, Lai, it is me Michael, we exchanged emails.”

Lai was smiling, seemed very pleased to meet me and got up quickly to shake my hand.

L: “Oh, yeah, hi, hi. Michael, yeah, nice to meet you.” (He spoke with a lot of words, a bit fast.) “Sorry huh, Melinda, my wife, is a bit delayed at work, but she will be here in ten minutes. But meet Melvin, please, he was the other person who she was happy to meet.”

Melvin smiled and shook hands as we sat down. He was in his mid 30’s, married and interested in swinging. (He said his wife and him planned parties with other married couples.). He said he worked in marketing for an agricultural chemical company. He seemed a pretty good talker and Lai said Melvin was very persuasive, so it would be a good combination.

I just took it all at face value for now, as I didn’t share my real name or employer and didn’t expect them to do the same. But I was curious to know how Lai had planned the night to go and what his motivation was about. I was also still not fully convinced if Melinda would show.

Me: “So, what’s the plan when Melinda arrives?”

Lai: (Texting rapidly, probably to Melinda.) “Oh, um, well, when she arrives, I would like us to have a few drinks, maybe get her more social, loosen her up a little and then maybe watch you guys flirt with her in here. I would like to watch her dance with you guys or maybe flirt a little in public, some touching would be nice too. Then maybe we head up to your room.”

I didn’t ask why he wanted two guys there, because three guys and one girl did feel like a crowd. But I was still pretty nervous with anticipation, so I decided to play it cool and asked some intelligent questions.

Me: “How did you convince her to do this?” (Knowing this was new for them from our email exchanges.)

Lai: “Well, I will admit, she and I discussed the idea of swinging, but she is not in favor of another woman being involved. And she asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I just said ‘Well, you did talk about couple swapping. Maybe we could become closer as a couple if you explored your sexual fantasies more?'”

“And she said, initially, no. But… If we find two nice guys, who could be discreet, she would consider it. She said it had been a very secret fantasy of hers, but not something she ever considered actually doing. And if one of the guys wasn’t good, the other would be a backup. Plus, she also said it would probably be a ‘No’ tonight, but at least she agreed to meet.”

That did disappoint me a little, since my cock was already hard under my office pants in anticipation. It got a little harder when an attractive, well dressed woman in a gorgeous red and gold cheongsam almost quietly came and sat next to us.

Melinda: “I am sorry I am late guys, a company function before Lunar New Year for some visiting guests.”

Lai: (Calling over a waiter.) “Shall I get you your usual vodka martini? And here, please meet Michael and Melvin, my friends.”

Melinda: “Nice to meet you both.” (Shaking hands with us.) “Lai said a lot of nice things about you both. Michael, I heard you also attended Princeton.”

I nodded my head, but by now, feeling very nervous about where this night would go, as the waiter brought her a large vodka martini.

We had a table with two two-person couches on either side. Lai and I were on one side with Melvin sitting opposite. Melinda, looking very elegant in her cheongsam, sat next to Melvin in the free seat opposite Lai and me. The tone of the waiter also changed a little after she arrived. When they asked for my drink order it was a fairly casual, ‘What would you like sir’ to a guy out with his brothers. With her, it was a more dignified, ‘Welcome, madam, may we get you a drink?’ in a more polite, deferential tone to our group.

The cheongsam fitted her perfectly and although usually hard to tell, my sense of how it looked around her chest was that she probably had a nice set of neh nehs (Ladies forgive me, after ‘hello’, ‘nice to meet you’, the mind and subtle eyes went there first! I am working on correcting this issue.).

Melinda‘s martini arrived and the rest of us guys were drinking beers. She sipped it politely and we started making small talk, mostly about our plans for that Lunar New Year, jobs and so on.

She was really excited to hear I had gone to Princeton (Not to study, but on a short four week course paid by work.), but she was like an eager SYT / teenager almost trying too hard trying to understand more about what I liked about it, where I stayed, the campus life, and so on and smiling a lot. This was the first part of the conversation and mostly polite stuff. I found she worked for a mid-size financial services firm as the head of human resources, did her Master’s degree at Princeton.

Lai didn’t say too much, but kept praising both me and Melvin. Comments like ‘Wah, Michael, very smart.’ or ‘Melvin, you’ve done very well, make your family very proud lah.’ and so on. To anyone watching, it looked like just a group of four friends or work colleagues socializing over drinks.

Lai also called for a second round of drinks, without asking. I knew the lady had to have first say, but I also was not too keen to get too drunk / too buzzed. I was still very nervous and of course, to see someone I knew. I didn’t have a good alibi as to who these friends were and why we were meeting!

Melinda and Melvin were pretty relaxed about things though. She started on her second vodka martini, although I could tell her face was a little blushed, starting to resemble the subtle red of her cheongsam.

The conversation hadn’t touched on why we were together, the ad Lai had posted. We discussed travel a little more. But the nature of the chat was getting a little more suggestive. Melvin, I had to credit him, had a way of moving the conversation along. We talked about travel:

Melinda: “So Lai and I took a trip to Europe last year, visited Denmark, Sweden, also London and Italy.”

Melvin: “So apart from your handsome husband,” (Lai was a fairly average bro, about 160 cm height, studious look, and a little overweight.) “Which men took your fancy the most, in Europe?”

Melinda blushed and then laughed: “Well of course lah, every girl fantasizes about either the hunky Thor from Scandinavia kinda guy, or the dark hair Mediterranean guy!”

Me being the little bit insecure mid-twenties guy, thought, “Ai-yah, no Rhor or Italian stud here tonight.” Probably not her type, we were.

But Melvin, being the smooth talker (He was about five years older than me and with two years of experience, I learned so much more about women, so I was glad he was there as a guiding sensei!):

Melvin: “What about some local heroes? Princeton Michael and Melvin?”

I was shocked at his directness, but played it cool, laughed and sipped my beer.

Melinda: “Oh, you are a very funny one Melvin! You are both very handsome men, but of course, Mr. Lai is my number one! My hubby!”

Again me being negative, thought, “Ok, finished lah, door closed. I will be sleeping in my expensive room alone tonight.”

Melvin: “But of course Lai is number one. He invited us here today, so he is number one for us all. But how about number two? I think you prefer a younger model from Princeton like Michael and old man Melvin number three right?”

Melinda laughed and tossed her hair back (Which came down to just below her shoulders.). I thought that hair toss was very hot.

Melinda: “Michael, don’t listen to these naughty boys, they are just teasing! Just us Princeton people can be more mature!” (Again, I was only at Princeton for around a month on a course!)

Lai was completely silent through all this, just laughing along, so I wondered if Melinda was seeing double with ‘Boys’. Melvin was the real instigator! I tried to quip with something witty:

Michael: “Oh Melinda, I won’t be jealous if Melvin is your number two. I can be a grown up about it too!”

She laughed again, a flirty laugh, with blushing cheeks.

Melinda: “Oh, you two guys, are both so funny. Be careful, my hubby is just over there, he might hear!”

Lai: “I also can be grown up, and I don’t mind who you have number two!”

By now, the small dance floor in the middle of the bar was playing some clubby music. The bar was empty though, on a weekday Thursday.

Melvin: “Melissa, since I am only your number three, why don’t we go up for a dance? I need some sympathy and I am feeling very hurt lah!”

I was laughing, as this guy was (By himself.), damn funny! Melinda was hesitant. “No, Melvin, I haven’t danced for a long time, I am in heels…”

Melvin: “Come on lah, just a short dance, we won’t go far. Your hubby will see us in plain sight and I promise to behave… A little!”

She laughed and they both got up to dance. She danced well, like your older MILF boss or colleague would dance at a DND. She liked it, but was being pretty restricted in her moves, not slutty, almost half-mocking the guy rather than dancing seriously.

While they danced, Lai turned to me.

Lai: “The room is all set, right?”

Michael: “Yeah lah, of course.”

Lai: “Ok, ok. Great. I will order us one more round and then close our bills. She will be more laid back after three drinks. Then Melvin will ask to see your room just to look see look see how this atas hotel rooms are like. We will all go up together. He will lead the way, so just let him. Can?”

Michael: “Can, yeah, of course, that um, sounds good.”

Melinda was still being very conservative and un-flirty with Melvin on the dance floor, but was laughing and following his lead. She looked great in her cheongsam (If I didn’t say before!), and I was ogling her as Lai signed for the bill and the third round of drinks was set out.

Melinda and Melvin walked back from the dance floor, both laughing. Melvin took her hand for a moment as she returned to her seat, a bit chivalrous, but clearly just an excuse to hold Melinda‘s hand.

Melvin: “So did you guys like our dirty dancing?”

Lai: “That wasn’t dirty dancing! You both so well behaved lah!”

Melvin: “Yeah lah, I knew hubby was watching!”

Melinda just laughed and shook her head while sipping her drink. About halfway through our drinks and banter, her phone rang and she picked it up. Obviously a work call and she stood up and stepped away from the group to walk to a quieter area of the bar.

Lai got back into the special ops mode.

Lai: “Ok, Melvin, I told Michael this is the last round for drinks. As we discussed, you want to look see look see the room of this hotel, since Michael is visiting on work. I will agree and Melinda will come along with me. Once we are in the room, I leave it to you to lead, Michael will follow your lead.”

I nodded. Fascinated to see the plan and I was just an accomplice. I found out later that my ‘Princeton’ trip was what convinced Melinda to consider this meeting.

Melvin: “Yeah, that’s fine lah. But as I told you some intention has to be communicated beforehand or your wife will think it is weird.”

Lai: “But I already told her. She is just being pai seh (A bit shy.), because she wants a reputation intact and not initiate. I also know her leh, tomorrow, no matter what happens, she will say ‘I drank too much lah, cannot remember’. She wants to keep her reputation, save face and remain the good wife.”

Melvin: “Ok, ok. Tell you what. I will ask ‘Who do you think is the best kisser here? This will be after you give her a small kiss on the lips, just like that’. Then in the lift, I will take over. Can?”

Lai: “Ok, ok. And what about Michael? You both also kiss her in the bar?!”

Melvin: “No lah, Lai. Cannot in public or scare her off. Wait till we are in the lift. You just give her a small kiss when I give the signal. Michael, you’re very smart about this, just play along.”

I nodded again, fascinated.

Melinda returned, a little flustered. “I am so sorry guys, a thing at work. They didn’t close the office properly after our function.”

Melvin: “No problem leh, that’s why your hubby is here to kiss and make it all better!”

Lai somewhat awkwardly, got up and fumbled across the table, bent down and kissed Melinda (A small peck.), on the lips.

She laughed, recoiled a little: “Ai-yoh, Lai, not in public lah! These nice boys and public will think we are exhibitionists.”

Funny she said that, based on what would happen later, hehe. Melvin, as always, was in pole position to reply.

Melvin: “Yeah lah, your hubby Lai such a scandalous Don Juan! Who do you think is the best kisser, Lai, Michael, or me?”

Melinda laughed again: “Melvin, you are such a smooth talker, trying to get to kiss me right? Poor Michael, so innocent, nice boy, you are such a bad influence Melvin.”

Melvin: “No lah, of course I am not trying to kiss the beautiful wife of Lai! I cannot do so in public anyway!”

Melinda laughed and shook her head and we all laughed in tandem. I was laughing with a bit of nervousness. Round three of our drinks was finishing and I excused myself to go to the gent’s room. I had to get prepared!

When I got back, all three of them were actually standing up waiting for me.

Melvin: “Michael, I know you are busy, we all have work tomorrow, but I want to see your room. I heard they renovated this hotel and I have many overseas clients I need to book rooms for. Melinda and Lai also want to see.”

Michael: “Oh ok, yeah of course. I am in room 12xx. Shall we all go up now?”

Melvin: “Yeah, lead the way.”

We walked out of the loud bar and it was pin drop quiet by comparison in the lift lobby, which was a few steps away. I could see everyone a little clearer now in the brighter light. Melinda did look the classic director-level, MILF / wife, but with a hint of sexy, slender arms, nice smile, good walk. Her face was flushed a little from the drinks (The Chinese / Asian blush.), but she had a smile as she looked around the lobby.

We pressed for the lift. As I was buzzing my keycard for the floor, Melvin said:

Melvin: “Aiyoh Melinda, you never answered, who is the best kisser?”

Melinda: “Siao lah! Why you say that?” (Her Singlish increased with the drinks hehe.) “I only kiss one of you damn fools!” (Her tone was playfully aggressive.)

I pressed the floor number.

Melvin: “I so sorry leh, very unfair of us.”

And he kissed her, right there, in the lift. Melinda, closed her eyes almost immediately. Lai, her husband, was right there. He didn’t react.

Oh shit, this was so hot, just watching! And in the lift! I have always had a thing for lift kissing, not sure why lah!

For interested bros, it was at this time that I saw Melinda unleashed that inner sex demon. She went from ‘Good conservative wife, competent employee, social flirt, but keeping her distance from dodgy guys’ to shy but still willing to kiss a stranger in a lift, in front of her hubby, with a lot of tongue.

The lift stopped and that broke their kiss. I didn’t look further, I just walked out, straight for the room. I took a quick look behind me to ensure they were following behind. Melvin had his arm around Melinda and Lai was walking behind them.

I got to the room and quickly scanned the card, and it opened with a very welcome ‘Click’. My heart was beating very quickly and I didn’t even know why! Could have been anticipation, could have been the sight of Melinda french kissing Melvin in the lift. But I just knew we had to get in.

The door opened and we walked in. I kicked my shoes off and the others did the same, Melinda was taking a little longer to step out of her heels.

Lai: “Yeah, very nice room, the renovations were very good.” (I was a little surprised that he was thinking about the room just seconds after watching his wife put her tongue into another guy’s mouth!)

Melvin was with Melinda, ‘chivalrously’ taking her by the hand after she stepped out of her heels. He kept holding her hand, while checking out the room.

Melvin: “Yeah lah, agree. They did good renovations.”

I followed my own orders to just ‘play along’.

Michael: “Yeah, and a nice view too.”

I drew the blinds which had a nice view over Orchard Road.

Melvin: “Yeah, I think Melinda would love that.” He took a brief look at the window, though, didn’t go to the edge of the window.

He laughed and turned to her, and kissed her again. This was a harder kiss with a bit more purpose. It was another tongue-y kiss, this time with some heavy breathing and sighing. Melinda didn’t make even the slightest attempt to resist and had closed her eyes.

Lai had gone into the silent observer mode. He just walked around, almost to get the best viewing angle as Melvin and his wife stood in the hotel room in the space between the television and bed (Just a standard double bed room.).

I hurriedly closed the blinds, realizing nobody was interested really in the view and walked over to the kissing pair. My knees were literally shaking. I had never been in such a situation. I somewhat carefully walked over and stood behind Melinda, with Melvin facing me, kissing her.

The kiss broke.

Melvin: “Now you have to compare with Michael, you have already kissed your hubby and me.” His tone was slow, not so playful, but more serious.

For a moment, I felt like saying, ‘Thank you Melvin, that is very kind.’ But I decided to just stay quiet and went on with the moment.

Melinda turned to look at Lai briefly, who took a seat on the room couch, while Melvin and I stood with his wife. He was smiling. Her look was different, one of arousal, eyes closed, focused, almost a different person to the image of a conservative wife we saw at the bar.

She turned and kissed me. I could taste the vodka on her tongue as I eagerly started kissing her. My heart was pounding though, because there were two guys watching us, including her hubby.

I was kissing Lai’s wife in front of him and then abruptly parted my mouth away from her lips. I remembered this was a competition, so didn’t want to be selfish and take all the fun!

But maybe the adrenaline was making me a little blur! As soon as I parted lips from her, I realized nobody else was interested in the competition anymore!

Melvin immediately locked lips with her again as she turned to face him. This was a harder kiss still, with mouths sucking and tongues clearly swirling inside each other’s mouths.

Lai was on the couch and had opened his pants while I had been locking lips with his wife. He lowered his pants and stepped out of them, wearing a pair of white briefs (If bros wish to know!).

He got up, office shirt covering most of his briefs and walked towards us. Standing next to me, while Melvin tongue kissed his wife, he unbuttoned the top of her cheongsam (From the back.), revealing a little zipper.

Lai then pulled this zipper down in front of me. It went down to the top of his wife’s bum. She was wearing a black bra (Which he unclipped fairly quickly and just left open.), and what looked like a very small black G-string.

He left her cheongsam opened in this way, bra ‘unwrapped’ for me and walked back to the couch.

I palmed her ass with my right hand and reached into her cheongsam with the left. I was able to get a hand under her bra and feel a very large, heavy left breast. Melvin slipped the cheongsam off her shoulders, revealing my pervy groping of Lai’s wife’s left tits under her unsettled bra.

I took a quick look at the bra tag that was sticking out. Melinda wore a 36C bra size for bros that wish to know.

Her skin was glowing from the alcohol, but it was clear the snow-white complexion of her face extended to her entire body.

I turned to Lai for a moment and he had already taken his briefs off and was stroking his cock watching Melvin and me with his pretty wife Melinda.

As her cheongsam slipped off, unwrapping her lovely body, she lifted her arms so the sleeves could be removed. Melvin also smoothly slipped the bra off, revealing my hand on her left tits. I began thumbing her nipples though in honesty, it was apparent her attention was very much on Melvin as he faced her and began unbuttoning his shirt.

My right hand, reached around and down her now revealed little black G-string. She didn’t resist, as my fingers felt a small patch of pubic hair and a clearly soaking pussy under her panties.

My own cock was raging hard and I was fully clothed as I pressed it quite perversely against Melinda‘s bum cheeks. It felt so hot given only an hour ago we were discussing such civilized topics. But rather than pulled her knickers down right away, I would follow what was planned by the others and waited to see how things unfolded.

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